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    82 Carico Cookware and Carico Water Filters Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Original review: March 5, 2010

    I have owned my Ultratech II cookware for two week,s and I can attest to the fact that for a smart consumer, the Carico cookware is unbeatable in retail stores. I am extremely frugal, and when my fiancee came back from a bridal fair, and got a call with the same story as everyone else. We won a trip yada, yada. I refused to go initially, but she really wanted to go, and so I caved. I sat through the entertaining but over-the-top presentation, and went into a back room, to look at the packages and see what we could afford. When I previously mentioned "smart consumers", I mean couples who understand what they can afford. The big pitch was a 28 piece set, that cost around $3,000. There was a deal for the first four people to buy yada, yada.

    Carico is a direct sales company. If you've ever purchased a new car, it's pretty much the same thing. Carico makes the cookware, and doesn't want to handle selling it, so they offer it to direct selling companies, at some sort of wholesale price, and then they don't need to employ a sales force, or pay for commercials/advertising. The direct sales company, in our case National Healthstyles Foundation, is pure American salesmanship. They likely bump up the price, to cover the cost of the salesman, and the trips they offer, which I have every reason to believe are legitimate.

    The direct sales company makes their most money through high interest rates tied to monthly payments, when couples "finance" their cookware. If someone takes you for a test drive in a car you can't afford, and then offers you financing with a low monthly payment and high interest rate, which happens every day at every car dealership, you shouldn't buy it. The direct sales company is the same thing. For some reason, people praise their car dealers for ** them, but bash Carico and the direct sales company for doing the same thing with a great product. Yes, it would be nice if you could buy these in a retail store, and if anyone finds a way to buy directly from Carico, do it. It will probably be cheaper.

    As for the cookware, they are awesome. If you read all of the bashing online, it revolves around misuse, and often, people realizing the payments they have committed to and refusing to even open the box. The contract is obviously written to keep people from wasting a salesperson's time and shipping, because they regret their poor purchasing decision. The best way to describe the cookware is a blend of the heft of cast iron, and the ease of cleaning of surgical steel. The pans and pots are well designed, with thermometers that slip into the top, and a perfect pour lip that really does work perfectly. I have been testing the cookware, and I have cooked steak at high heat with no palm oil or butter, just steak.

    I cooked it for about 25 minutes, and yes there was stuff "burnt" on the bottom of the pan. It took about 30 seconds with a soapy sponge to clean it up, without a Teflon coating. Yes, I paid more than I normally would for cookware, but we kept it affordable by choosing only the basic set with only the pieces we needed, and paying for it on my credit card, eliminating payments and interest rates with the direct sales company (what a concept, paying for your cookware).

    For those bashing Carico, relax and use you cookware appropriately, and it will amaze you, and last forever. For those bashing the direct sales company, they are not part of Carico, and yes they are a little untrustworthy. Just be careful with your money, and understand that the smiling salesperson is just like a car salesperson. They are looking to sign you up for payments to make some interest. My experience with Carico was excellent. The cookware arrived in about a week and a half, a little long for me, and was nicely and thoroughly packed. Unfortunately, the handle for one of the pans had snapped off (the handles screw into a welded-on piece, which had snapped) and one of the thermometers was bent.

    I gave Carico a call, and they sent me a replacement right away, no questions. They just wanted some pictures of what had happened. Yes, I paid a lot for cookware, but my fiancee and I also have two vacations waiting for us when we want to take them. So is it too good to be true? Yes, which is why you must consider how much you can afford, before making a decision. If you can find a way to order only what you can afford, then you'll have some excellent cookware, and a few free vacations (minus airfare). I'm guessing very few people take advantage of the vacation, and so the company can actually offer it to the few that decide to take it. I have excellent cookware at a high but affordable price.

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    Original review: March 2, 2010

    Me and my fiance were at hobby lobby and won a free dinner and vacation, from a gentleman named Mr. David ** He tells us that we won this fabulous dinner and show and that his building has a new waterfall and sets a date for us to come to dinner. It sounded wonderful at the time so of course, we take up the offer. Well, we showed up and the building is his home, and the dinner is located in his basement. We both started getting horror movie creepy but we go on with the dinner.

    He seemed nice at first and we really started to get scared when no one else shows up and he tells us that we have to turn off our cell phones, which I didn't, of course. Anyways, he serves us the food and the show was him with his awful jokes trying to sell Carico cookware. We were so disappointed but the worse part is the pushing. He tried to sell us the cookware and when he finally got a hint that we didn't want it, he insulted my fiancé stating that my fiance didn't care about my health or my well-being at one point in the evening when I seemed a little impressed in one piece, he had the nerve to ask if I would purchase the cookware by myself without the approval of my fiancée though throughout the night he highly emphasized that the dinner was only for married couples and the offer was only for married couples.

    He was not only offering the cookware but a chance to make some money by having other people that we refer to him buy the cookware. He stated that he had nine out of ten purchase, then he stated that he has never lost a sell, and when we told him that we weren't interested, he said he's had it happen to him; he was just full of lies. He showed me a book that had letters from people who referred others and was making money, but we caught something, all the letters were typed then signed at the bottom and on two letters which had two totally different stories, the same signature was at the bottom, right then we knew it was bogus!

    Even after we declined his offer, he told us that we would still get the free vacation but we didn't even bother, if we were disappointed in the dinner that we knew we wasted our time on, then we definitely weren't taking chances on the vacation. Please do not fall for this guy's scam and please watch for an older gentlemen who calls himself a chef for an evening, and offers you dinner at Clarksville, TN. The only thing we really lose out on was our time, and feeling so foolish after we found out that we just had been suckered into going to such a dinner. We don't want others to have to go through the same ordeal, or even worse actually buy the product, which I found out is a lot cheaper elsewhere.

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    Original review: Feb. 11, 2010

    A few days ago, I sent a complaint letter which was published. Even though I appreciate it, you guys cut the name of the person who tricked me (Mr. **), and the complaint looks like it is against the Carico company. The Carico company has been very kind and willing to resolve the matter since I called them and explained my situation. Carico and I are close to resolve the matter satisfactorily even though Carico never received the money I gave to Mr. ** when he still was working for that company (remember, he was banned from Carico). So, the complaint is solely against Mr.** who is working for a different company nowadays on the same city of Orlando, Florida. Please include this info or contact me to clarify this issue. Thanks!

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    Original review: Feb. 3, 2010

    I started working with Carico International on May 5, 2009 under the direction of L. and J. C. in the Orlando, FL area under division 510. On July 25, 2009 I made an order to Luis C. for a water filter 15” Deluxe Undercounter with total value of $599.00 USD. The money was delivered in cash to Mr. C. He just gave me the stainless steel container of 15" (pre-demonstration) and installation pieces, arguing that then I would get the cartridge.

    After the lapse of a month, Mr. C. asked me to do a rewrite but only for the filter medium for a total of $112.35 USD because in his words, “Carico had mingled in the distribution he used to have in Texas with its new division in Orlando.” Months after this, Mr. C. argued that Carico had sent the filter media to Texas again, arguing that Carico and more specifically to Carmen ** and his department had sent this article to his office in Texas.

    Mr. C. promised me several times to get the filter media, but until today I have not received. Additionally, I made another order to finance a Compact Air Purifier with total price $585.00 USD on October 29, 2009. In the first instance I gave him $180.00 USD as cash advance, but days later said he had spoken with Ms. Carmen** and I had to complete $234.00 USD to be eligible for credit because my credit score was low, which I agreed to give the difference again in cash. Carico has never checked my credit as I watched him through Bank of America.

    Mr. C. since then argues that Carico has been responsible for that. I have not received the goods. I have asked for the money back, but he claims that Carico has frozen my money along with the money this company owes him. Mr. C. claims to have the deposit slips, but he has not showed them to me. On February 2nd, 2010, I received a call from Ruben P. from Carico to clarify that Carico has no money from me and because of this and another similar issues Mr. C. was banned from doing any business with Carico International, LLC. He also told me, that if we need to quote him in any matter or legal procedure, I will be able to do so. I want either the products with their full warranty from Carico or my money back ($833 USD).

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    Original review: Feb. 3, 2010

    Because of the public viewing of this page, I will reserve myself from expressing foul language, but if I could, I would. I'll make it short and sweet. This guy comes into my house with one of my old friends from high school (she was working for the Carico company and this guy Mario or Marcus was supposedly training her). They tell me I’ll get a free vacation to certain places around the world just for listening (which by the way costs more than the actual vacation, they make you sit through seminars at these hotels trying to sell you even more stuff, otherwise, you’re paying for that trip full price).

    So anyway, she tells me at first I don’t have to buy anything, which is true. I just have to sit through a presentation for her "training". Everything they had seemed like good stuff, but either way, these people just want your money and all those products are available on the home shopping network for better prices and quality.

    Anyway, after 20 minutes of listening to scare tactics, false health information and mindless jabber about pollution which isn’t anywhere close to truth, I want these people out of my house, but not before they ask for a credit card, social security and a deposit on at least one item.

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    4 people found this review helpful
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    Original review: Dec. 17, 2009

    Four years ago, we purchased "Carico Ultra-tech" pots and pans paying an extraordinary price for them, might I add! After two times of usage, the glass lid shattered while being used "properly" upon a Carico fry pan. As a consequence, glass exploded on every kitchen surface imaginable! Luckily, my wife was not standing in front of the lid when it exploded! If she did, she would have lost both her eyes. Do not buy anything from them! For the price you pay, you can go to Williams and Sonoma and pay 1/2 of what they charge you for these pans.

    After cleaning the glass up, we phoned Carico and told them we wanted our money back because their cookware was unsafe. Later on, after speaking with three Carico morons, we finally spoke with the President of Carico. He offered us both a free pan (which the ** never sent) and a stainless steel lid. We threatened to sue and had our lawyer draw up papers when Mr. President did not send what was due us. Not only did these greedy ** not take back the pans, they counter-sued. Walmart and Williams and Sonoma would have given our money back, but these ** are greedy and do not honor what they say! Don't buy ** from them.

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    Original review: Nov. 23, 2009

    We were able to resolve the issue that I posted in regards to and came to an amicable resolution. Natalie from Exquisite Home Products was very helpful with this issue.

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    Original review: Oct. 26, 2009

    I ordered an item from this company while on vacation. My cousin was a distributor and informed me that I had 30 days to return the item. I am no fluent in Spanish so my sister had to translate it for me. I always ask about warranties and policies as I am an Avon Distributor. Since I was still going to be on vacation while the item was being prepared for shipment, I called Carico to tell them not to ship until after 8/10. They failed to do this. When I arrived home (8/10), I saw the box was already delivered to my home. Already upset that the company did not listen, I never opened it.

    I called Carico about this; no apologies. I told them I wanted to return the unopened item because I was not able to pay the amounts on the bill any longer. They said I would not be able to return it for a refund. They mentioned picking out an item I would be able to afford (an exchange). But and this is what pissed me off: if the item is of lesser value, they will not reduce the bill! So, I am paying for the previous item even though it is not what I have! I told them I wanted to have nothing to do with the company due to its policies; they will not issue an RMA. They will not refund the balance of a lesser item that I can afford. I am stuck with a brand new item still in its original packaging that I need to return. I am stuck with a $500.00 bill I cannot afford. I’m willing to take them up on their lifetime guarantee for something cheaper, but they will not refund the balance of the higher priced item. They are very unwilling to help me, whether it is a return, refund or exchange! What happened to their lifetime guarantee?

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    Original review: Sept. 16, 2009

    I, too, purchased the juicer, ten-piece cookware set and the Ultra-Vac storage containers. All I can say is, "I love them" and my reps were fantastic! I would definitely recommend these products. They came to my home and cooked with the products and made juices with the juicer. We had a great evening and I did not feel pressured to buy at all. It cost about $2600 for all and I think it's worth every penny.

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    Original review: Sept. 10, 2009

    In February 2009, I attended a bridal conference with my future hubby for a free vacation with Carico International. We sat through the presentation and decided to purchase the Gourmet Cook Set, thinking that our family could just give money for out wedding gifts to pay towards the product. We received the product a few weeks later. I have a remaining balance of over $2,000 and has never received an invoice. I have no clue how much I still owe or even if my payments are being applied towards my balance. I was told by one of their employees to stop paying for 1 month because they weren't sure if the address was correct since I wasn't receiving any statements and I had placed so many change of address forms.

    So, I didn't pay for one month and I surprisingly received a statement for a late charge. My balance with them is much higher than $2,000 and I am still not receiving statements. The product is junk! Everything sticks to the pans. You think you're getting a complete set but there is only one sauce pan! This product is not worth your time or money! It is probably someone running their business out of their crappy basement. Do not buy into this scam! I am still paying every month to avoid ruining my credit. As you know with today's economy, there is no room for bad credit! Carico International is a scam! Do not purchase! Also, the company's customer service is horrible!

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    Original review: Sept. 5, 2009

    These people hired me for a job and then never paid me the amount they promised. When I attempted to buy the forms I needed, they refused to sell them to me. They had me drive all over South Florida and then refused to pay me. They instructed me to go to new home owners and lie to them about changing the water filter in order to get inside the house, then make them buy something. I spent weeks wasting time in their trainings and I never got paid.

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    Original review: Aug. 11, 2009

    We would like to bring the following issue to your attention, as we have had negative experiences with the following vendors, Family First Foods and Carico International. A year ago, Family First Foods opened a revolving line of credit in our names through Carico International without our knowledge or authorization. Once we became aware of this line of credit, we paid off the financed amount and requested the line of credit be closed. After several requests in a ten-month period of time, we finally received written notice that they have closed the line of credit. To date, execution of this closure has not been fulfilled. Please assist us in addressing these issues to Family First Foods and Carico International to close the line of credit and to fix our credit history as well as in notifying the public of the practices of these institutions.

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    Original review: June 19, 2009

    I bought an air filter from this company, and after they used my name as cosigner, without authorization on my daughter's application, I decided I no longer wanted to deal with them. It has taken over a month and my daughter has not gotten her deposit back. I spoke to the sales guy that said I cannot return the unit, that if I'm unhappy they can replace. That it is company policy to exchange products but that they do not cancel signed sales agreement or return money back after a product was delivered. The unit is loud and basically I don’t want to work with a company whose sales people used fraud to make a sale.

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    Original review: June 4, 2009

    I went to a bridal fair in 2005 early in the year. I wad due to be married in May. I did the drawing for a free vacation. I got a call that we had won and needed to attend this showing for Carico cookware. My soon-to-be husband and I went to the show. They really got you with how they cooked the corn and the fried chicken. We decided not to buy anything but then they told us that we would get a lesser vacation than offered if we didn't at least purchase a pot or pan. So we decided to buy the cheapest thing and gave them our credit card. They told us we could cancel at anytime with 30 days.

    Well, it took almost the full 30 days to receive the package and when we got it, it wasn't just one pan, it was an entire set with a bill charged to my credit card of almost $2000. I called the company and no one would answered so we put "Return to Sender." They sent it back every time which was three times, leaving me with shipping costs and still having an outstanding balance on credit card. They then took to me to small claims court and I lost. So now I still have an outstanding charge and a nice ding in my credit report.

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    Original review: May 29, 2009

    My parents where asked by Peter’s girlfriend’s mother to help him out and didn't think that they would be taken advantage of. My parents don't speak English very well and didn't think that Peter would take advantage of them. And when we called him, he never only picked up the phone once and never returned any calls afterwards. I finally got in touch with Vinicio who said he would take care of everything. Peter never gave him an answer as to why he never called us back and Vinicio also has a habit of never returning calls. I spoke with customer service who were very rude and sometimes even hung up and would ever let me talk and explain the situation. One girl threatened to ruin my parents’ credit if they didn't immediately pay for the air purifier that was never opened.

    On 5/26, I made an appointment with Vinicio to have someone come to help install the water filter and nobody showed up. My father left work early and as a result, he is only going to get paid for half the day. They never return any calls and it’s very frustrating when they say it’s our fault and they just keep repeating "you signed the contract" and don't listen to the customer.

    As of right now (5/29/09), we are waiting for a call from Vinicio and his boss as to what we would do next. My parents are going to lose money and have been threatened to have their credit ruined and the company has only caused headaches. My father can’t be stressed out due to his seizures. I have missed school due to having to try and figure out a solution. We would appreciate any help we can get.

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    Original review: May 28, 2009

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Tuesday night's "dinner show ticket" @ "Chef's" in Clarksville, Tennessee was a huge sales pitch/scam to buy not only a 23-piece set of cookware (costing $3,000) but for several other products and a huge pitch to get us to sell it for them too! He even suggested you use your children to pass out the scam tickets! This guy, David **, is kinda creepy! The "dinner show" was in his basement and was horribly decorated in a Hawaiian theme. There were several "games" in which you won fake money (in order to put down payment on cookware) or a prize (which is a cheap looking knife). One of the questions was, "What was your most embarrassing moment?" He also said that he wanted no talking with the other couples during his presentation unless he said we could. He used his event to quote scripture which isn't a bad thing. It was just "creepy" coming from him and at a dinner show.

    I must say the food was excellent (which tells me he had to have put more seasoning in it than he did) but the atmosphere was "creepy"! We had salad, cabbage, carrots, corn on the cob and chicken. He said he usually did a pineapple upside down cake but his wife wasn't helping him this night so he was cutting the presentation "short" (it lasted over 2 hours as it was!). Then came the "big" sales pitches and only after about 45 min. does he tell you the price of the cookware. He then offers you extra prizes to go with the cookware and shows other products his company sells. They offer monthly payments and also say you can return it if not completely satisfied. Needless to say, I was tempted but also knew $3,000 was insane!

    As it turns out, we did get a form to fill out for a 3-day/2-night vacation "voucher" with different selections on places to go (it can't be somewhere near here within 100 miles of us and for most of them you would have to fly). You have to send a $5 processing fee and they tell you that when you make a reservation at the hotel, there is a $50 "returnable" deposit. I decided to google the company and it brought up the Consumer Affairs site and "wow"! Were there ever a lot of negative/horror stories to read! You can check it out at consumer It seems the biggest problems were with people who tried to cancel their orders or people trying to return the cookware. It seems there is only a 3-day cancellation policy that they were not told about! Read them for yourself if you like. Please warn all your friends, no matter where they live (see all the different cities listed at consumer affairs site) to stay away from this type of event!

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    Original review: May 12, 2009

    Carico is a good company but is mostly about the effort, the attitude and the time that you put to this job. You have to be a positive person with lots of courage because there are some people out there that will spit in your face without thinking that you are just working like a normal person in a regular job. There are too many rude people that us workers at Carico deal with. I love meeting new people. That is the only reason why I work for Carico. But still, people relax, it’s not like Carico killed your mother. Personally, I love the company. I am a student and work part-time only but never make it in the program because I am very into school. It can be a very hectic life, you can’t deal with a family and Carico at the same time.

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    Original review: April 22, 2009

    I'm just reading all the comments, and I differ. I bought my Carico Cookware 3 years ago, in Guadalajara, Mexico. They told me I would have to learn how to cook on it, so I attended the weekly free cooking classes they hold, for 3 times, to learn how to use the pans and that food does not stick to them. I can return to the free classes any time I want. I have been cooking with my set since, and I'm very happy.

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    Original review: April 14, 2009

    It all started when we got a phone call 2 to 3 days after attending a bridal show. They told me that we had won an all-inclusive vacation, $1000 grocery card and a $100 gas card - all of which turned out not true. The grocery card lets us get coupons worth a thousand dollars and I believe there was a membership fee, if I'm not mistaken. The gas card we turned in once a month and got $25 or something like that. The vacation was all-inclusive but we had to pay airfare and hotel taxes. Thank goodness, we didn't go on that trip!

    So we went to this demo they said we had to go to in order to get this trip and they were showing us Carico Cookware. Awesome stuff, I must say but we held strong when we were there. Then I guess my husband had ordered it later on and cancelled it three days prior to the box arriving at our doorstep. Now, they are saying they never received an email when my husband sent one on their website on the Contact Us page! So now, we have $1,800 on the credit card and a bunch of rude, nasty people at Selected Brides refusing to let us return the box! It has never been opened and UPS said we can't refuse the package due to it being signed for. Well, I told the lady at Selected Brides this and she said, "Well, why was it signed for?" and I told her my husband gets a lot of packages and didn't know what it was. "Well, our name is on the side of our boxes."

    Yes, I will say the name is on the box but in small print compared to the size of the box! They are getting very nasty especially Michael **. He said that we signed a contract and that we can go ahead and call Prepaid Legal. There isn't anything we can do about shipping the package back to them. He even said that their ranking at the Better Business Bureau was good. Next step, file a complaint with them. We'll see how long their good ranking lasts! This is just very frustrating and I want it to be over!

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    Original review: March 12, 2009

    I needed a filter for my air cleaner that I had bought from Carico. The man who was my representive changed all of his phone numbers and no one can find him. So, we contacted the company to order a filter. We were on hold forever every time we called and never spoke with anyone. Finally, we get someone, and they took our debit card number and information and said they would get it in the mail. Two weeks later nothing comes. My daughter called Carico and told them the problems we were having getting a filter from them and the lady said she would give this to her supervisors and get it resolved. Two weeks later, nothing. I should mention that we have been trying to get this filter from Carico since Oct. 2008. My daughter got on the internet and found another company that sells the filters we need and she spoke to them on Monday and ordered it. They gave me 50% off and no s&h. I received my filter Thursday. This company told my daughter that I would not have to worry about having this trouble again, that he would call me every year when it was time for a new filter. Now, thats customer service! We will never have dealings with Carico again. We will research a company before we buy expensive products again.

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    Original review: March 10, 2009

    I was in Nursing school and we were told we could win a trip for sitting through a cooking show, and they provided lunch. None the less this show watched was a plot to have us buy cookware, well I was scammed into it. I was told I could return the 3000.00 worth of pots and pans if I was unsatisfied well needless to say I am very unsatisfied!!!! I have had problems since day 1 and have tried to return the products since last year around this time. The do not work everything sticks to them and burns even things that don't stick and burn to my wal-mart pans... There is a finance company they say whom calls me HARRASSMENT Is a better word and tells me how late I am on payments and he is going to file legal actions aganist me. Well KEVIN if you would take your junk back and be a decent company than we wouldn't be going through this. They don't return calls but they can actully call me and 3 references 20 times a day non-stop until you anwser your phone. My bill was received on Feb 7th 09 for 44.30(that mind you said it was due on feb 5th 09.) The same day I get a call form Kevin saying my bill was 267.00 then I call Carico and they tell me my bill is actually 500.00! The back of there bill says if you have a issue write them and nothing will be done to your credit until they let you know whats going on well apparently I think I owe 44.30 and they are charging me from 267.00-500.00, that is a little odd!!!! And still my credit report is being sucked down and they are threatening and rude, my references think I am a fool and hate being bothered.

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    Original review: Feb. 28, 2009

    I do not have a complaint, when my fiance and I first purchased the 23 piece carico cookware i decided that we had made a huge mistake and wanted to cancel immediately, i contacted the person who sold it to us and the next day the vice president of selected brides contacted me to help with my concerns. this is a great company and I really appreciate their customer service!

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    Original review: Feb. 26, 2009

    I purchased the Ultra Vac Food Storage System and when it was delivered it was lacking the pump which should have been included. I have tried for days to get hold of someone in Customer Service and never have reached anyone. I have left messages as well as emailed them and have not gotten a response. This was a very expensive item and I am very unhappy that I can't use it without the pump!

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    Original review: Feb. 13, 2009

    I have had nothing but problems with this company. I received my first bill in January. First of all, it was the wrong amount, they were charging me more a month than what was originally priced to be. So i sent my bill and a letter telling them what my payment should be. I also check marked the back to start automatic payment from my checking account. a week goes by and no payment has come out for january. i call them, they say they havnt received it yet. at that time, the lady i talked to asked me if i wanted automatic payment for the correct monthly amount. i tell her yes. So another week goes by, no payment, i call again. they tell me wait a couple more days. I do, by the following monday its still not there. So i call back and tell them and make a payment over the phone. Its january 22nd, my payment was due on the 5th. At this time, i again reiterate that i am supposed to have automatic payment and they acknowledge this. The lady says my payment should come out around the 5th of february. Well today is 13 february and still no payment has come out. I called them this morning and talked to 3 different people that cannot figure out what is going on. The lady this time said she is going to talk to some people and call me back today. I told her if they can't figure this out and get it right then i am returning my product because pots and pans are not worth this hassle and headache. So, lets see if i get a call back or they just ignore me.

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    Original review: Feb. 3, 2009

    My daughter and Son-in-law attended a bridal show and supposedly won an all-expense paid cruise for their honeymoon. The only catch was that they had to attend a meeting and sit through a demo. At the demo was a representative selling Carico Cookware. My daughter and son was so impressed by the products, they signed up and ordered. At the meeting the representative never told them about a three day return policy or any return policy at all. The next day after the meeting my daughter did research and found out that they had been scammed about the Carico return policy. So immediately the next day she contacted the order department to cancel the order. This is when she spoke to a representative by the name of Carmen. Carmen told her that she could cancel her order and gave her some information and forms to fax back and she assured her that the order would be canceled since she contacted them within the three days. When my daughter called back to verify that the order had been cancelled, the customer service rep. told her that they did not even see an order in the system for her, so she should be certain the order was cancelled. Well approximately a week later to large boxes arrive at our address from Carico. My daughter contacted them immediately and they said that they did not show an order for her in their system. My son-in-law contacted them again and all of a sudden they show that an order had been shipped and when he tells them that they had spoken with Carman from Carico who took them through numerous steps to cancel the order and that my daughter has the confirmation fax forms of the it being sent within the 3 day cancellation, then the sales representative said that the order could be cancelled only through that bridal company offering the trip. We asked why did Carmen not tell us that when we spoke with her and she specifically told us to fax all this different paperwork into her and she would have the order cancelled. The customer service rep. stated that she didn't know and she transferred us to Carman's voice mail which was full and not taking any new messages.

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    Original review: Feb. 2, 2009

    This is not a complaint - just an inquiry. I purchased a set of Carico Cookware somewhere between 1986 and 1989 from my aunt, who was a rep. That was when I lived in New York. I believe there was a lifetime warranty on the product. Overtime, maybe within 5 years, the handles burned on three of the pieces so they're sitting in my cupboard, not being used. I know I should have contacted Carico before but that kind of action doesn't come very easily to my generation. I haven't thrown them out because I really liked the pots and had paid a lot of money (for me) for them. Now that the pots are entirely different, is it still possible for me to get the handles replaced?

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    Original review: Nov. 25, 2008

    I just attended a bridal showcase for Carico products and was amazed by them. I didn't feel pressured into buying anything but we decided we would so we will have to wait and see if their products are what they say they are. I also just looked up their BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating and they have a 'B+' so anyone who has a complaint hasn't reported them or their rating wouldn't be as high. Their products are expensive but like I said, I wasn't pressured into buying it and wouldn't have if I felt it was a scam. There were 8 couples in the showing with us and only 1 couple walked out without purchasing anything and they still got a voucher for their free trip that was promised on the phone. If, when our cookware comes in and we find it is not as we were promised, we will be filing a formal complaint to the BBB and also taking any other legal actions required.

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    Original review: Nov. 6, 2008

    I would first like to say...Do not ever buy Carico products! I received a call about 2 months ago, after attending a Bridal Show, saying that I had won a free vacation and a $1000 grocery card, but there was one catch...My fiance and I had to attend a demonstration show about some nice cookware. When I asked what kind of cookware, they would not tell me. I should have said no right then, but I was not thinking at all!

    We had to sit through a long demonstration, and yes the cookware seemed to be amazing and we were both pulled in. We ended up purchasing the 23 piece set, which was $3800 (after tax and shipping charges). They said we could open up a credit card through their company, because of course we don't have that kind of money laying around. First of all, their credit card interest rate is around 20%, so each month we are paying already about $40 interest alone...oh and they tell you that you have to pay at least $75 a month. After 10 months, if it is not paid off completely, they up the minimum payment to around $150. This is ridiculous!!! They made us initial at the bottom of the contract saying that we could not return the product (that should have been a red flag right then). Well Carico is illegally waiving peoples right to return the cookware. Under the Federal Trade Commission, there is a rule called the Cooling Off Period that says a company that is conducting business in a home, restaurant, hotel, etc. must give the customer 3-days to cancel their order and must include a cancelation form. Well first of all we never got a cancellation form and was not informed about the time period we had to cancel. If I had known about this rule within the 3 days I would have definitely canceled. Every time I try to call I get put on hold forever and they never respond to my emails. I have not opened up the boxes yet and I really don't want to. I have read many complaints not only on this website, but others that say how bad the cookware is. Someone I know told me that Target has better cookware than Carico. I am hoping I can return the cookware, but after reading many complaints, I know they will not take it back. Carico is charging way too much for their products, because their profit margin is insane! I have seen cookware that's quality is so much better than Carico's and their prices are much less.
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    Original review: Oct. 23, 2008

    I went to a bridal show and then received a call saying I won a free vacation and all I had to do was to attend the Selected Brides show. So my fiance and I went and it was a Carico demonstration. Of course we fell for it and bought $1100 worth of cookware. After we received this cookware in the mail we used it. I make and eat potatoes every day and I never burn them because they're my favorite food. Well the first time I cooked potatoes in the cookware they burned and stuck in the Carico pan. I was told you cannot burn in the Carico cookware and food will not stick. I was very unhappy so I called to see how to return my very overpriced cookware. The man I talked to was very rude and told me I could not return it. I was told at the demonstration that I would be able to return the cookware if I was not pleased but the man on the phone swore they do not tell customers that. He then asked me why I wanted to return it and I told him because my potatoes burned. Next he said the pans don't burn food, people do. I told him I cook potatoes everyday and I had it on low heat so it should not have burned and my pans from Target cook better (because they do).Then he accused me of being rude and arrogant and not being able to pay. I told him I was able to pay because I can afford it...otherwise I would not have purchased the cookware. He again told me I was being arrogant because I said I could afford it and then he told me I needed to apologize. Anyway, I am still not happy with Carico because they will not return my e-mails and I have not received a statement telling me how to pay for this lousy overpriced cookware.

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    Original review: Oct. 17, 2008

    This man called us out of the blue and offered us a free Dinner Theater. We agreed to go. He was very chummy and confiding. I thought he was annoying and was on my guard. We had to drive to Clarksville from our place, about 30 miles. Once we got there we entered into the side of his garage into a kitchen restaurant. A very strange little man was waiting for us there. His shameless sales pitch varied between filthy heterosexual innuendos, one time alluding to sex with premature pubescent girls and pitches for salvation in Jesus Christ. The high point of the evening was when he turned and farted loudly in our direction. Was that some sort of sick sales tactic by embarrassing us? We left as soon as we could find an opening.

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