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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2020

Bought some Armstrong laminate floor here a couple of years ago and almost immediately the floor started to deteriorate. They came out with an armstrong warranty person (suppose to be 50 year) and they declined the warranty because we were cleaning the floor with water (very small amount). This was at about two months in. Apparently you can only use a special dry floor cleaner. We have a pool and we had a small puppy who was peeing on the floor and I'm sorry but somehow I don't think a dry floor cleaner is going to clean up dog pee or poo.

We were torn between the vinyl and laminate because of the dog and the pool but were recommended by Speers Broadloom to buy this garbage (it wasn't cheap). A couple of years later and this floor looks like total junk. It cost several thousand and is probably the worst purchase I have ever made. Do yourself a favor and just throw your money in the garbage before buying an armstrong product. It will save you all the hassle of installing a new floor. We had a cheap laminate floor before for years and never had a problem with it, not even a mark. We just wanted something that looked nicer than that yellow orange flat floor. Big mistake. Wish I had of keep it.

Craig **

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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2020

We selected the Armstrong Ridged Core American Elm in peppercorn through our builder Ryan Homes. We took possession of our house at the end of October 2019 and now, just shy of three months, the floor is all scratched and dented. We’ve had two inspectors come out, one from Rite Rug and a “independent” contractor selected by the manufacture, but neither seemed surprised or concerned. Like other customer’s reviews, this flooring will scratch and/or dent with just the lightest of pressure! We cannot pull our chairs out from under the table without leaving a scratch. Heck, the floor inspector left a scratch when he was sliding his level around during the inspection!

My husband and I are so disgusted with this floor and by the fact that we paid so much for it. I would never recommend this flooring to anyone, and Armstrong should be ashamed for passing this junk off as high quality. Unfortunately this flooring is laid through our entire first floor (roughly 2000 sq ft), so we’re stuck with it for a while, but will replace it as soon as we can afford to do so.

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Reviewed Sept. 20, 2019

Beware of the details from Armstrong, their distributor(s) and Alterna LVT in particular. We ordered Armstrong Alterna luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, through a well-respected local flooring store that we have worked with before and set up to have them install it. Unfortunately, within two days, we learned after doing more research that the product has bad reviews, reported problems with premature wearing/tearing and is, according to reviews, extremely hard to get clean and keep clean. We tried to cancel the order before it arrived, or have it returned and restocked (with a willing restocking payment from us. We offered to pay twice the $65 shipping fee), and were told that the distributor wouldn't accept the return of that product even with a restocking fee. (Basically they didn't want the product even if unopened and untouched.)

It was definitely our fault for changing our mind before installation. We understand that, although I wish our local store had told us specifically it was considered a “special order” by Armstrong and their distributor. My wife and I have learned since then that not all flooring companies and distributors have those kind of rules. Basically, there are some that stand behind their product and some that don't. Armstrong and Ohio Valley Distributors, in this instance, didn't want anything to do with something they were still selling on a day-to-day basis. The carpet store manager literally said, "They said they can't sell it." That sends a message. I won’t forget that message next time and am hoping to save others the frustration of paying for flooring you don’t want. Arm yourself with the details before even thinking about ordering from Armstrong and one of its distributors.

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Reviewed Sept. 8, 2019

Worst flooring ever! The top layer of the flooring starting splitting within 1 year of the installation. Armstrong sent out a rep along with the flooring installer and it has been 9 months since I've heard anything. This is also a bad reflection on the flooring installer (Peterson's Flooring, Story City IA). I will never do business with them again and will never buy Armstrong again. My kitchen floor is a disaster and has to be replaced. We have our entire house being gutted and remodeled Summer 2020. There is over 4,000 SF of flooring that is part of this remodel. It will not be Armstrong nor Peterson's. If anyone has recommendations for a better product, we would appreciate them.

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Reviewed June 24, 2019

After completing weeks of research, we selected the Vivero Best Integrilock brand for our recently purchased house we were about to start remodeling. We ordered the product from a third party site, but the order came two weeks late. I had to hire several other seasoned flooring handymen to help with the installation due to the new time crunch. Installation went quick. However, the floor immediately showed that the butt ends were bulging up. This was not occurring just in a couple of spots, but in all parts of our 3000 sq ft home.

In addition, the lock part of the plank in several several butt ends easily cracked and now there are clear breaks in the floor. Being too busy with other remodel jobs in the house, I let this go in hopes that it would dissipate naturally as time progressed. A flooring friend of mine came over two months ago and was appalled at the appearance of the floor. This caused me to start the appeals process. I took numerous pictures, sent in unused flooring samples (which I paid for shipping) and submitted invoices for work. A month passed and a nice man from Armstrong came and inspected the floor. While not saying specifically that the flooring was defective, there were many undertones of that this had occurred. A week passed and I received a letter from Armstrong saying that they were denying my claim in its entirety.

I am not a contractor nor a person who tries to cheat the system for my benefit. I am a public school math teacher who is very handy and wants to make a nice home for his family. Armstrong advertised that Vivero Best is a top of the line product but failed to stand by their line when it failed. To say that the installation is the cause of the problem is beyond ludicrous. I followed every suggestion in the manual to a T. All I want is a finished product that I, and my family, is proud of. I just do not understand why Armstrong would fail to live up to their end of the customer/supplier relationship. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

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Reviewed May 11, 2019

Please do not ever purchase Armstrong flooring. It has been just over a year since we had it installed and 22 panels warped and the customer service and salesman that we dealt with were horrible. The installer has been reasonable but he is a contractor for this product. They claim it is scratch resistant but that is false as well. Horrible product and horrible customer service. If there was an option to give less than 1 star i would.

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Reviewed March 15, 2019

Purchased new home and chose Brazilian Cherry Engineered Hardwood. After a few months, several boards started splitting. Builder's installer returned and replaced split boards, about 60. Months later issue returned, mostly in the master bedroom and a few in the family room. The flooring in the master was replaced entirely as well as the few in the family room. Six months later, same problem. Now Armstrong comes to inspect and claims that there wasn’t enough humidity in the home. Mind you, that we did have the humidifier on and we purchased it as an upgrade from builder and never heard that we needed a humidifier. Finally they agreed to replace the entire floor, about 1800 sq. feet, by this time the Brazilian Cherry Flooring was discontinued, so I chose the Jatoba, which was the closest in color. The new floor is 5/8 thick vs. 3/8 thick and has a 25 yr warranty vs. 15 yr warranty.

After a few months the floor was replaced, I had to move out and remove all my belongings. Not fun. Since the floor was glued down, it was very messy to remove and grind down the glue from the concrete slab. By the time the flooring was ordered, I found out that it too was discontinued, and insisted on having enough spare material for any future issues. After a few months, I started seeing a few split boards, after what I went through, I tried to ignore it, it’s now a little over 1 year, and I have about 65 split boards and a few cupping. I’m now working with the builder, installer and Armstrong. We have humidistat around the house and the levels are always between 35 and 50. Not sure what the next step is going to be.

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Reviewed March 11, 2019

We spent almost $4,000 for installation of this Armstrong flooring in our kitchen. It yellowed terribly after just 3-4 years. Looks dirty all the time. Suppose to have lifetime guarantee, but that is just to replace it will the same bad product. We had to tear it out and put in hardwood for another $4,000. Wish I never installed this product.

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Reviewed March 1, 2019

I would give zero stars if possible. My wife and I spent $9,000 on just under 800 sq ft of Armstrong Alterna flooring. The floor immediately looked dirty right after installation. The floor has marks all over that don't come off with cleaning. An Armstrong representative even came out to look at the floor. He admitted that it looks bad and stated that “the appearance of your floor is not consistent with the quality that Armstrong Flooring expects."

Armstrong states that the floor is covered with a film. The only cleaner that was used on the floor was Armstrong's Once and Done. Even with Armstrong's admittance of a bad quality floor, they refuse to do anything to resolve the issue. Please don't make the same mistake my wife and I did. Please do not purchase any flooring from Armstrong as they do not stand by the quality of their product.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2019

I researched flooring. I went to 3 different stores. They all said they thought this floor would be the best for me and my lifestyle. I told them I have 2 dogs and 2 kids and husband. I complained about the floor that I had at that time would get footprints on it and I didn't want that to happen anymore. I also didn't want the floors to scratch from the dogs. All 3 stores said this is the hardest floor you can buy. So I bought.and I am so sorry I did.

I was having my kitchen redone. The people who did my kitchen installed the floor. Those installers from the very beginning were saying that it wasn't very good flooring. So I'm thinking well how can that be true. So they installed it anyway. There were many boards that they couldn't use. That's what I thought they meant by it not being very good flooring.

In the 1st 3 months, the dog scratched it really bad and the tread for the top step nose cracked. Well thank God for the kitchen guys. They actually came back and fixed the cracked inch thick piece of wood. I had just enough left over to fix it. It's also good that I'm the type to save scrap wood because a new one is $65. I complained to Armstrong before this and they said that it was the installers fault and if I have any other problems to direct it towards the retailer. Well what is he going to do about all the scratches, the foot smudges and cracks in the actual wood. The retailers just says there's nothing they can do. They aren't liable.

I am disgusted by Armstrong's customer service. I thought I was picking a good company because Armstrong has been around for so long. I don't understand how they stay in business and how the retailers recommend this product. You would think because I have dogs of course the floors are going to scratch. Not just something stuck to the bottom of the silicone things you put on the feet of the chairs scratch the floors. These scratches are also grayish in color. The floors are a dark brown. The color doesn't go through the wood at all not even the top layer. I have never seen floors react to scratches like this. Also when I mop away all the smudges, the haze that forms is crazy. I even tried changing the pads on the mop 3xs while mopping. That doesn't matter because it starts happening right from the beginning after it dries. This floor never looks good even after mopping. It's disgusting. Don't waste your money!!

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2019

I bought this flooring when we remodeled our kitchen 7 years ago after doing a lot of research trying to find a product that would last. After spending a lot of money on this floor including professional installation, it started showing defects within the first year that just keep getting worse. This is despite using Armstrong’s own cleaner that was recommended and putting pads under all of the furniture. If anything drops on the floor we get a gouge and under my table looks horrible. I’m going to have to replace it. There goes more money.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2019

We had Alterna installed in our home 5 years ago. Still looks like new. Doesn't have the cold feel like actual ceramic flooring. I saw this tile in my sister's home and decided I had to have it. We had it installed with grout and looks just like actual ceramic tile. Very durable, easy to clean, and can handle lots of foot traffic with no wear.

Saw a review somewhere about it being rough to walk on with bare feet. I totally disagree with that statement. It does have texture, but it isn't rough to walk on, and the texture adds to overall 3 dimensional look. We are presently doing a complete renovation of both our bathrooms and wouldn't consider any other type of flooring. Armstrong has been a trusted name for many years. Highly recommended and Made in USA.

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2019

I am going to start by saying up until I had Armstrong engineered hardwood installed in my home, I had a high-sheen hardwood floor for 9 years. We loved that hardwood and it was beautiful, shiny, rarely scratched or dented, and held up to everyday life. After being so happy with a shiny hardwood floor, we went with one in a beautiful color. We built with a builder, so selection was somewhat limited, but I was pleased with the swatch in the showroom. We have lived here 3 months with the red oak engineered hardwood (we were told by the sales rep (Touch of Color Flooring out of Pittsburgh, PA, not Armstrong) that this was the hardest engineered hardwood we could get). I am telling you, you cannot even barely drop a small wooden spoon while washing dishes without a new dent or scratch. The builders put dents in the floor even with thick cardboard down while finishing the house.

Additionally, you cannot walk on it without multiple smudges showing up on the floor. I know it is high sheen, so was my old floor. This is not a high sheen problem, this is a product problem. Between my builder, the distributor, and Armstrong; I am getting nowhere. They are all quick to defend this terrible product and tell me it is because I am mopping with a slightly damp mop? I was using Bona wood floor cleaner. I have always mopped without any issue. Actually, the Armstrong customer service lady told me to mop with THEIR hardwood floor cleaner and a soft mop. So let me get this straight: mop with a wet cleaner and a mop, but not a slightly damp mop? WHAT? If you are replacing your floor or building a house GO WITH ANYONE ELSE. ANYONE!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 31, 2018

For two years I searched for a flooring tile for my large 15 x 30 kitchen and finally saw the color and style I was looking for. I bought the Armstrong 18x18 tiles. When going to the website on installation and care for the floor I thought I could trust this company and its product. Well...the installation was a nightmare, and when moving furniture back in place after the installation with a towel under any rollers or furniture, it scratched and made large abrasions all over the floor. Not even in for one day and my floor looks like it's been on our for floors for years!!! HORRIBLE... I could just cry! All that money and time down the drain. The Armstrong company should be thrown in the clinker and the key tossed!!! If I could give this product a 0 I would! I also have cats and they have scratched it all over the place. I can't afford to remove it, or I would. I will though be saving my money again, and buying a whole new entire floor. Crooks!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 31, 2018

We are very disappointed that we did not get anyone to come to our house and see how bad the quality wood we have received and the lack of help we did not get from Armstrong Flooring Customer Service. The last correspondence from Armstrong through BBB was: “We received the claim from the Home Depot yesterday, 12/11/18. It was entered and tasked to a 3rd party inspection company due to the dollar value. A determination will be made on your claim once it has been inspected and they have submitted the report to us for review. Any further updates on your claim and the status will go through your retailer. Please contact them going forward.”

I have returned to Home Depot 43 cartons of C138 flooring that were opened and inspected by me and my wife and the wood is unusable. I have also returned to Home Depot 33 cartons of C138 that were not opened, and we have spent too much time going through the cartons to find usable wood that we will not waste any more time on this. This is huge amount of money we have tied up. The amount of time lost, moving these boxes by myself is time and money that I will never recuperate. Originally Home Depot told us to hold onto the boxes as Armstrong was sending out for an inspection. No one contacted us. Home Depot doesn’t seem to know what Armstrong wants to do to remedy the situation. It has been over three months now we have been dealing with this flooring issue. It looks like Armstrong doesn’t care about the lack of quality and the issues with their product.

For over 20 years we have used Armstrong products on our home renovations, from Bruce flooring to Ceiling tile systems. We have been faithful consumers of your products and now we have run into an issue and needed some help and received mixed messages and no help. Looks like Home Depot still has my flooring in storage waiting for next step from Armstrong when I visited it today. I can’t believe how far the quality has dropped since we bought the same wood 5 years ago for our kitchen and living room area. The wood is missing splines, crooked ends, chips, holes, scratches, dents, plane marks, splits, cracks. It is not even cabin grade. It's unusable. 96 cartons bought, only 16 cartons worth of wood was good. Save your money and time.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2018

I saved to have my flooring redone before I retired. Bought it because it was tough and could handle traffic. You have to live with your mop in hand because every footprint is smeared all over your floor. I am going to take it out. That’s how much I can’t stand it. Waste of good money hard earned.

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Reviewed Aug. 16, 2018

You should be ashamed of yourself. I work for one of your retailers, and I spent $3,000 on a flooring that I loved, taking up laminate that I had installed only two years ago that was perfect, because I loved the architectural remnants laminate. My husband is a flooring installer and he said that this was the worst floor he had ever installed. Sadly by the time we had installed it, we had already taken up our floor and no longer had it, so we installed it. We immediately had major issues. Half the locks were broken on the boards as we installed them, which we didn’t use, but as we walk on the floor, we can feel the locks breaking daily. Our boards slide apart every day. I have 1400 sf of this and it does it throughout my entire house.

I filed a claim and do you know what they said? My warranty isn’t valid because my underlayment isn’t an approved brand. That is BULL. I work at the retailer, it’s a great underlayment that we sell to anyone who needs laminate. Your inspector clearly saw the major issues and you said you won't stand by your product because of the freaking underlayment?! That is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I will tell everyone I know what terrible flooring Armstrong and Bruce are and that they try and screw you on technicalities that are not even listed on the flooring you purchase. They expect you to look it up on their website even though you don’t buy it from them. It’s seriously ridiculous. I ripped up perfectly good flooring for this garbage and I’m reminded of this terrible product every single day. Thanks for ALL your help!

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Reviewed May 11, 2018

Almost a year ago we installed Armstrong Alterna Luxury Vinyl tile 16x16 in black and white. We have a turn of the century victorian home and wanted the kitchen floor to reflect the time period of an old farmhouse. Whatever you do don't buy this product!!! Scuff marks appeared the first week under the table where the chairs are moved to sit down at the table even though pads were put under all the chair legs and table legs. The scuffs won't come up even though I tried the Armstrong product "one step". I do not hold the business nor the installer at fault just the product which is junk and won't last 3 years!!

To top it off who would make a black tile where the black does not go all the way through the product. I found this out when I dropped a can of soup on the floor and a big white chip appeared. I couldn't believe it!!! On closer inspection the black is only a very thin coating on top of a white tile. Now I have dings and chips that I cover with a black Marks-A-Lot pen. Armstrong ought to be ashamed to put their name on this junk. I'd call them but what's the use?? I read other complaints and no call back... Don't buy this inferior product JUNK!! Wish I had put down wood!!!

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Reviewed March 3, 2018

I had Armstrong Luxury Vinyl planks installed less than a year ago. Everyday, I wish I had carpet back! It is very difficult to keep it looking nice as it shows every footprint unless you are wearing socks. I literally have to clean the floor several times a day. I contacted the installer as well as Armstrong. Both have said the planks must have some sort of residue in them but where did it come from and why isn't daily cleaning getting rid of it. I've tried cleaner they recommended as well as plain water and diluted vinegar...but nothing so far has helped. I did research and found that others have this problem as well. Very frustrating!

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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2018

I replaced my hardwood floors with Armstrong Residential/Commercial grade floors. After installing I noticed more scratches on this floor than the cheap wood flooring I replaced. This floor retails for $11/sq ft and I paid $6.70/sq ft without installation. They came and inspected the spaces between the boards and blamed it on installation. They took a whole box of leftover flooring and supposedly ran tests on it. What a waste of time, as expected, they said there was nothing wrong with the flooring. Stay away from any products they manufacture. This includes Bruce Floors as well. They don't stand behind the quality of their goods.

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2017

I purchased some 3/4" hardwood flooring model number SAMV5MC from Home Depot (Edwardsville IL location) back in December 2015 for our living room and kitchen. We loved the flooring and decided we would continue it in our hallway/office back on 29 May 17. After having the flooring installed in our office I began seeing small pin sized holes in our hardwood flooring. We called in an exterminator and it was determined they were caused from powderpost beetles. They are very very uncommon in this area and they were only found in our flooring. The exterminator determined there must have been eggs in the flooring when it was installed and as they hatch and turn to larva which bore out the floor causing these holes, the adults then lay eggs on other unfinished wooded areas. He provided a wood destroying insect report.

I first called Home Depot to file a claim and they said I would need to file a claim with Armstrong. 28 Sept 17 is when I first started my claim with Armstrong flooring. They requested the WDI report from the exterminator, photos of the holes and receipts for my purchases. All of which were provided. They came back and said that these were old holes that must have been in the flooring when we had it put in and that their process includes sending the flooring through a kiln that would have killed anything inside. I know that is not the case because the holes were not there when we were installing it! I personally carried the boards into the house and would not have installed the boards if they had as many holes as they do! 2 boards in particular have TONS of holes in it (One board has about 25 holes and the other about 45 holes)!

You can clearly see the unfinished wood in these holes and everyday more and more holes are showing up in our flooring! I requested they look at my photos again because you can clearly see the holes are not old holes and that there is not finish in the holes. Once again Armstrong tried telling me that the holes are old holes. I requested Armstrong send someone to inspect the home because if they were all old holes then I wouldn't continue to see new holes everyday; my request was denied. I asked to be directed to a supervisor and my request was denied. This typically wouldn't be such a big deal, but the treatment for powderpost beetles is horribly expensive!

You can only treat unfinished wood so our options are A: replace the flooring and treat the subfloors, B: sand down the flooring, treat and refinish the floors or C: have a tent set up over our house and pay for fumigation (our quoted price for fumigation was starting at $5000!). I have spent roughly $3,000 just on this flooring (not including paying someone to install it and and the staples required for installation!) and now will have to pay to have it removed within 2 years of having it installed! For the amount of money we have wasted on this company their customer service they have shown was AWFUL and I would NEVER recommend purchasing any products from them to anyone!!

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Reviewed Aug. 12, 2017

We purchased approximately $21,000 worth of Armstrong engineered wood to be fitted in our new home. The quality of the product was extremely poor. There were 137 boxes supplied and every single box had pieces in it that could not be used. The problems included the following: The dyeing process was corrupted such that the wood's appearance was not at all like correctly dyed wood. Random very dark marks appeared in the wood - this was a process problem as dark marks were not a feature of the wood selected. Occasionally the dark marks coincided in a depression in the wood (note this was a smooth surface wood, not scraped finish). Edges of the wood were frequently splintered (as would happen if the saw blade was blunt) making it impossible to get a clean joint. The locking strips were frequently missing sections of wood and were splintered, making it quite difficult to ensure a tight lock when laying the wood.

Delamination was occurring between the layers of backing wood. Complete chunks of backing wood were missing, up to two thirds of the plank area in size. The backing wood contained huge knots which had at some point fallen out, leaving large areas with no wood to support the upper layers. Note we have previously laid an Armstrong floor from exactly the same Premium Plus range, and none of the above problems were apparent, so we conclude that we received our delivery from a different factory or some such reason for creating such a difference in quality.

Even so, if we had had a quick and reasonable response to our complaint from Armstrong, we would have been somewhat satisfied. But NOTHING from Armstrong, 2 months now and absolutely nothing, not even acknowledgment of our situation. The quality and service espoused on Armstrong's website is a complete lie. Do not purchase Armstrong Flooring, you could end up being very disappointed. We have a brand new $1 million home with 3000 square feet of rock bottom quality staring us in the face every day for the rest of our lives.

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Reviewed Aug. 2, 2017

This complaint is a bit late in writing. In Oct. '13, I purchased the Armstrong Better X2500 floor from the salesperson I was purchasing a walk in tub for my bathroom. The floor is white with a pattern through it. I started noticing a slight orange - almost like a smear in one area. I contacted Armstrong, & talked with a rep by name of Joshua **. I sent pictures by email to him.

First explanation was it looked like the orange was part of the pattern. Wanted me to buy their new Beginning stripper & scrub to see if it would come up. I explained I washed the floor with either steamed water or vinegar/water. There was nothing to strip off & I was only person using the bathroom. I bought the stripper & it did not take the stain off. Their "team" then decided I spilled something (no) or an improper adhesive was used. I contacted installer & he said they used the adhesive recommended for the flooring. Then Mr ** decided I had a leak underneath. I purchased 2 of the alarms, they were on floor for 4 days, and neither went off because there wasn't any leak. Neither person will help me with replacing the floor.

At this date my floor 4 rugs covering the unsightly smears. It looks terrible & I'm going to have to replace it I know but I'm 81 yrs old & the thought of putting out that money makes me sick. Armstrong sent out one of their reps who took pictures which solved nothing. The floor is awful & Armstrong should be ashamed of themselves. It would not have been a lot of money for them to replace a bathroom floor just for goodwill. The fact that they are blaming this on something I did instead of admitting the flooring is defective, makes me sick.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed June 29, 2017

We purchased this flooring Antique Linen 8mm Laminate Floor from Home Depot. When we picked it up the packaging was in excellent shape. We opened the flooring to start installing. One 4th of the way thru installation, we started noticing the click part of the panels were flaking and chipping away. The flooring is very poorly made. Seeing as we had already started installing, we picked and pieced together enough fairly good planks. Would not recommend this flooring to anyone.

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Reviewed June 10, 2017

I purchased Armstrong white vinyl tiles. Within 1 week I noticed pitting in 19 tiles. Armstrong sent a photographer who said I'd hear from manufacturer in 2 weeks. I didn't. Contacted them again & they requested I send them some tiles to test. I did. They said, "Nothing wrong with the tiles" and offered no remedy. Now several months later, I have 30 more pitted tiles. I will never buy Armstrong products again.

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Reviewed April 18, 2017

Several months ago we had Lake Hamilton Flooring of Lake Hamilton Florida install a vinyl floor in our kitchen. About six weeks later, we noticed that there was a dark area which coincided with the traffic pattern in the kitchen. We contacted the installer who eventually came out and took photos which were forwarded to Armstrong. At about the same time, I contacted Armstrong and spoke to a young lady who gave me a claim number and to whom I sent photos attached to an email. In the six weeks that followed, we have not had the courtesy of a phone call or any contact initiated by either the installer or Armstrong. Today, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida in the hope that they may be able to get something accomplished.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed March 27, 2017

I spend more than $6.000 for Armstrong Premium Collection Forestwood Ash laminate flooring and the same brand t-moldings, and I was completely shocked about all this product quality. I did install before many different brand laminate flooring, even twice cheaper flooring was 10 times better quality. Base material extremely cheap and small pieces always apart during installation and to prevent problems you have to vacuum it after every piece installed.

This JUNK was made without enough amount of compound, not all planks the same size, t-moldings are the same quality plus top vinyl even not glued to the base and that why almost impossible to cut it without damaging edge. We always think that if higher price is better quality - not with Armstrong product. Moreover - looks like factory designer DON'T care about customers and ONLY think about pushing and advertising their LOWEST quality product - sticker with ARMSTRONG brand very serious GLUED to the t-molding's face side, so you must waste 10-15 minutes for each one to gently remove it. NEVER AGAIN!!! DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK - save you money, time and good mood!

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Reviewed Feb. 4, 2017

We absolutely love our Armstrong Luxe Plank flooring. Two years ago, our local flooring company did a beautiful job installing this product. First they removed the old flooring, laid a subfloor, leveled the floor with a leveling compound in areas where needed. The installer had 30 years of flooring experience but this was his first time working with the Luxe Plank. I came home to a beautiful living room, hallway and bathroom. Looks like real hardwood. Once a week I dust and clean (sometimes every two weeks) and these floors look like the day he installed them. I couldn't be happier. Care tip: Leave your shoes (and dirt) on a rug by your front door so you don't continually drag in dirt, debris and who knows what else. Your home will thank you.

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Reviewed Dec. 4, 2016

I followed the instructions given to me by Michael's Flooring to care for my vinyl floor. I used Armstrong products, furniture protectors, cleaned it with a dust mop and never used rugs on the floor. Less than a year after professional installation, I got an orange stain which became worse. I called the flooring company and the Armstrong company and they did not know how to solve the problem. The Armstrong company was rude and willing only to argue. A representative was going to come to the house and never showed.

I do not know what Armstrong is trying to make, but it is not flooring. I am afraid to use it and put furniture on it because is was so easily damaged. Other reviews say it is a waste of money. I could have easily paid for a tile floor installed. Their warranty is worthless, and I was not warned for easily it can stain. You have to have a empty kitchen and not walk on it to keep the floor looking nice. Armstrong flooring company will be reported to the Missouri Attorney General's Office on Monday. Warnings should be made in writing about the quality of the product.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2016

We have had our flooring for about 8 years and I absolutely have hated from day one. This was the 25 year warranty flooring. Yea, right. Who would want this for a day? It shows every footprint, every shoe print, everything you could imagine. Unfortunately, we had a $300.00 laminate floor on discontinued discount for 9 months prior to getting this crap, but a little water damage happened and here we are. What was great years ago, is no longer. Companies make a name for themselves and go cheap. We pay for it! I would run away from Armstrong flooring of any kind. I so wish I had my cheap flooring back! It didn't show any prints of any kind and was so beautiful. I absolutely hate this floor, which cost the insurance company $3000.00. UNREAL! I feel like they were taken for a ride. Maybe insurance companies need to refuse replacement floors from Armstrong?

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