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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2015

Men’s locker room filthy. Showers have not been washed in weeks. Slacker cleaning guy just watches tv and the clock.

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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2015

I have to say after many visits to numerous amount of gyms, this has to be by far the most cluttered and dirtiest..... One thing, out of the many things I witnessed, was many gym members are completely sweaty and they jump on and off equipment without cleaning it. I know there are Purell wipes to wipe down the machines but it makes the machines completely wet and nothing to dry. There's no paper towels and then they want to charge an extra arm and a leg for towel service. It is a shame because the cardio section is excellent. The steam room smells like mildew, like they haven't cleaned it in years!! It's a shame. The only thing I liked was their cardio equipment.

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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2015

I called the Hoboken North location in November/December of 2013 to cancel my personal training membership. However they continued to bill me (almost $700 a month) through March of 2014, even after I called again in January and February. I called the Hoboken location numerous times to try to resolve and get a refund. They were completely unresponsive to my request.

I then went through the customer service line for Town Sports and was connected with a competent service rep, but she also could not get the Hoboken manager to respond to her requests. They would not give me a refund without "proof" that I canceled. I showed them various emails with me following up with the Hoboken Manager. This went on for about 10 months before they finally refunded me the fees. Complete lack of responsiveness on both ends, the initial cancellation as well as the follow up on the refund.

I called on December 15th to cancel my membership, however they still charged me $41.73 in January for an annual "rate lock in fee." I asked for it to be reversed since my membership was canceled as of January 15th, and they have refused. If I could give less than 1 star I would. Their billing and customer service practices need to be looked at.

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Reviewed Jan. 6, 2015

Worst customer service ever!!! The manager ** at Englewood location doesn't look for solutions for customers, lack of communication in regards to billing. They are not clear when they try to sell you the membership about hidden fees. Their staff seems to have problems communicating with one another when it comes to membership and rates. ** told me to call customer service because he can't do anything about billing (800 666 0808) and they will take care of me, call like 6 times, each time 30 min to 1 hr wait to answer the call. Customer service operator Bryan ID #** told me he can't do anything about my hidden fees even if the sale guy didn't tell anything about it! Stay away from this kind of business. They will give you a hard time!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 6, 2015

When I joined the NYSC 44th Street & 5th Avenue gym in February 2014, I sat in the office of one of the managers and she went over the contract letting me know that I was locked in for one year with the monthly fee of $79.95. Yesterday (1/5/15) I noticed the January payment in my bank statement, along with a "pending" payment of $39.99. When I call and inquired about this extra payment, I was told that it was in my contract--that at the beginning of the year this charge would be applied to ensure that the $79.95 monthly fee was "locked in" and could not be increased. I told the manager that this was not mentioned to me when I joined and he said "well, you signed the contract". I requested a copy of the contract, and behold, in very, very small letters, there it was! I told him that was very sneaky since who has the time to read a whole contract in a lunch hour, and that should have been mentioned when everything else about the club was being discussed. This is a very shady deed, and needless to say, I've given in my one month's notice of resigning my membership.

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2015

I tried calling their cancellation line twice. In both times "Call cannot be completed at this time.” Cancellation requires you to either be there on site or call them at their number. I don’t understand why it’s made so difficult to cancel, looks like they force you to go on their locations to cancel.

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2014

Where to begin! NYSC is a disaster! The customer service is awful. They have been through 5 or 6 managers in the last year. All have been unprepared to deal with angry members who complain about service. For almost $100 a month you'd think service would be better. Believe me it isn't. The locker room is dirty and unsafe. Clipped lockers have sharp edges--I know I got cut by one--they did nothing. The pool is often closed for maintenance or goes unheated because they lack "a part". The steam room is not very clean when it is working. Uncollected towels are all over the place. Many of the workers either don't speak or understand English. I have no problem with someone from another culture but if there is an emergency how will they communicate with the members?!

I once called to see if the pool was fixed and I got a rude response from the guy who answered the phone. I mentioned this to **, the manager, who promised a complimentary month. Later she reneged and said she hadn't promise anything and demanded a payment. When my credit number was changed because the information was stolen NYSC called me 6 times in one day without ever leaving a message. After speaking to them about the complimentary month I was promised by **, the manager at the White Plains City Center club, they told me I wasn't telling the truth and that they'd have to check it out. Amazing. That was a few weeks ago. Today ** called yet again asking for a payment--I told her I had a complimentary month which SHE gave me. She then told me she didn't promise and they needed a payment. There are a lot of other gyms in the area which are cleaner and less expensive. I suggest them over NYSC.

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Reviewed Dec. 24, 2014

I requested that NYSC freeze my membership. They froze my membership at a maintenance charge of 15 per month but did not also freeze personal training. I have called the club, member services and have multiple emails to resolve this issue however my refund remains unprocessed. To cancel I will be charged one month on top of this issue. NYSC's billing practices should be looked at.

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2014

I took over a discounted passport account where I was paying $58.00 a month for the past couple of years. I tried the 23rd and Park Ave location for the first time and decided to try a personal training session. I asked if it was possible to only do a couple of sessions and they quoted me that I could do 4 sessions for $356.00 dollars. They mentioned nothing about monthly charges or commitment time or contract cancellation. I thought it was pricey but I agreed to the price, thinking that this would start my workout regime and then I could continue the moves that I learned at other gyms. I signed the e-contract on the small computer screen where the fine print was so small, that I could only make out the larger print and did see that the larger print had the correct number of sessions and the correct price. (....and that they wouldn't dare conduct the illegal behavior of hiding additional charges in the fine print!) So, I completed 3 of the 4 sessions and was not able to complete the 4th session due to scheduling issues. They billed me in October for the 4 sessions for $356.00, which was correct.

However, they continued to bill my account MONTHLY for the same $356.00 dollars in November!!! Worse, they billed me in December and finally noticed the erroneous charge in December for $356.00. So I immediately called their corporate offices and asked them to reverse the charges for the last two months. That's when they told me that I committed to a minimum of 3 months of sessions as per the fine print of the contract. They gave me a copy of the contract and (1) it had my wrong phone number and address information, (2) my one signature was on lines I never signed throughout the contract committing me to 4 sessions a month for 3 months for $356.00 a month and a $150.00 cancellation fee!!!! None of this was even mentioned by the fitness manager, and they refused to reverse the charges and refund my money!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2014

I was a member of this organization for about 10 years. I worked for them for a few years, I invested when they went public, and I have been a paying customer for several years. Recently I called membership to enroll my wife in a corporate membership. I was placed on hold for almost 40 minutes waiting to speak to someone, that call was disconnected. I called back, this time I only had to wait a half hour.

Finally after over an hour I get to speak to someone and find out I no longer have an account. Turns out my account had been in default for 6 months and it was in the process of being sent collections. I told them that was impossible because the account is charged to a credit card. After a little digging they found out the card had expired, and I never gave them the new information. I asked them why for 6 months they never called, and allowed my account to go into default and to be sent to collections. The woman's responded "We believe it is the customer responsibility to notify us of any payment changes".

I had a promotional membership that is now longer available and my main concern was maintaining the discounted rate. I told the woman I wanted to speak to her supervisor. After being put on hold for 10 minutes she told me they could waive $85 of late fees (this was the first I was hearing about these fees). I told her I would settle the debt but I needed to talk to her supervisor and discuss reinstated my membership. I wanted to explain that I felt TSI was at fault because the billing department failed to take any action to notify me of a past due balance. This is my favorite part! After giving her new the credit card information and charging the outstanding balance she puts me on hold again to speak to her supervisor, and after 15 minutes I am disconnected.

The next day I call regular member services, their wait time was only about 10 minutes. I explain to her what happen the other day and ask to speak to the supervisor. She puts me on hold for 5 minutes then tell she needs my contact information so she can pass on this complaint, and her supervisor will "get back to me". I explained my disappointment and frustration, and that I was originally calling to add a membership and now NYSC is losing two. I told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor to explain my situation. She put me on hold again after 5 minutes she told me in different words that her supervisor cannot do anything and will not talk to me.

In summary I really liked NYSC's facilities because of their amenities, locations, and working staff. However, at the corporate level, based on my two experiences this organization needs a lot of improvement. Being a former employee and member I know how this club operates on the floor, and I was always proud to be part of that. However, dealing with TSI from this angle, my impression of this organization is nothing I want to be part of, or promote to my friends and family. When a customer contacts a company with a complaint and the operators are unable to resolve the issue, and a supervisor is requested; It is my belief that the complaint should be heard and some sort of attempt should be made to make things right for both parties.

So if any shareholders are reading this message TSI has lost (($52 dues x 2) x 12 months) + ($29 fees x 2) $1,306 a year because they refused to hear out my situation accept some responsibility for this problem or make any sort of attempt to reinstate my account. If you haven't guessed by now. This morning I dumped my TSI shares.

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2014

NYSC Dobbs Ferry stole my money, so I email them this: I have been a member of your organization for a long time with no problems nor issues. During the Summer of 2013 I did signed for personal training lessons. There was a problem with my Bank debit card that needed to be corrected. NYS attempted to obtain monthly payments but was unable to collect due to the Bank debit card problem. NYSC cancelled my membership. I was told to open a new account and to speak to member’s services about the private lessons. With the new account I also provided a new valid debit card and allowed them to obtain new membership payment and outstanding balances. I was promised to continue my private lessons by member services, this promise was not in writing so here I am today canceling my current membership.

I am so disappointed of your organization, I was not treated fair and with respect by your personnel. They tell me that my petition to obtain my money or my private lessons was denied by "Corporate" that too much time has pass since the contract was signed. Your organization got paid and did not delivered on their promise. It's really shameful. NYSC owes me $700 USC and I would like it back with a letter of apology. My next email is to Consumer Affairs.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2014

My clothes, wallet and keys were stolen from NYSC in Bayonne, NJ from a locked locker while in the pool. I went to the front desk to report it. The front desk clerk looked at me standing in my bathing suit and towel like I was disturbing him. So I asked for the manager. The General Manager James came and wrote the lost items on what look like a scrap piece of paper in a nonchalant manner. Not even a simple acknowledgement to what happened or to my plight. Thanks to mbrace Customer Specialist at the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Response Center, I was able to start my car to get home in my swimsuit and flip flops.

The next day when I entered the NYSC Bayonne, NJ Club James (Gen. Manager) was in the front and went into the office area like he did not see me. At the end of the workout I asked to speak to the Gen. Manager at the front desk who informed me he is busy in a meeting. I looked through the glass into his office - he was looking at what looked like his phone. I am writing this review because lack of care and after being ignored in numerous incidents by James the General Manager. Horrible Customer Service.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2014

Warning: do not go to this gym. I sign a 1 yr contract with them from April 2013 - April 2014. When you sign up they make you use a credit card which they charge monthly. After April of 2014 I stopped going to the gym they continued to charge my credit card. Every time I called to cancel my membership they gave me the run around. They said I had to speak with a General Manager in person in order to cancel. In the mean time I noticed a charge from NYSC on my card and another suspicious charge immediately after. So I called my credit card company and shut down my card. I then finally located the General Manager who tried to offer me all sorts of free perks to keep me as a member. I told him I wasn't interested. He told me that I had to pay a $99 fee to get out of my contract which had expired in April 2104, it’s now October 2014. I offered to pay cash, they told me they don't take cash and haven't for years.

So I gave them a new card number and I thought that I closed out the account. I was told that he cancelled the membership and charged the new card for $99. However, for the past two months a collection agency has been calling my house two to three times a day, every day, they are still attempting to charge my old card stating that I owe them money since October and the card is no good. Thank god I shut it down. I then went back down to the club and screamed at the manager accused him of harassment and notified the local police. They will do whatever it takes not to let you cancel your membership and will continue to charge your card. Buyer BEWARE. Document Everything.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2014

The club has most of the equipment you need, lots of classes. And if you live or work in or around Soho, is very convenient. It's generally clean, and the staff, for the most part, is friendly. I used to be a member many years ago and I remember loving it while getting buff. In the back of my mind though, I remembered having some difficulty cancelling my membership. I'm on a fixed income and, unfortunately, I soon realized I really couldn't afford the monthly dues. Thankfully, I had signed up for a month to month membership so I could cancel at any time, or so I thought.

When I went to cancel, I was told that I would have to come back during the week as no one was there to cancel on weekends. They said I could cancel over the phone, but the recording referred me only to their website. Strange, so I thought it would just be easier to go back to the gym again on Monday and cancel then. I climbed up those stairs (everyone seems to mention them) and requested a cancellation.

I was fine up until then because I wasn't aware that it was going to cost me to cancel. I asked to have my membership canceled and was told that I would have to give a month's notice (implying, I thought, that it was due upon cancellation). I reminded them that I had paid up front so I wouldn't have to pay any extra fees. That's when they started telling me "it's in the contract," which, I pointed out, was never told during the sales pitch. At that point they called over the manager. Let's politely say he was a bit arrogant. In fact, he talked over my head and repeated "it's in the contract, it's in the contract, it's in the contract." Nothing makes me madder than being corrected and being talked down to. That's not what I was told by the associate who signed me up. I asked to speak to her, and she gave me corporate's phone number. She at least was apologetic, and even acknowledged that she "...didn't know about the 30 days notice."

I then called corporate thinking the manager probably didn't cancel my membership. My hunch was right, he hadn't. I got yet another arrogant NYSC agent, who kept correcting me and saying "No Sir" to my contention that a 30 day notice is equal to a cancellation fee. It's not just semantics, I mean, I paid up front so I wouldn't have to pay at the end. Anyway, she wasn't listening and I finally started saying "Yes Ma'am!" to her so that I could finish what I was trying to say. It should never have gotten to that point and I feel I was treated shabbily and perhaps management needs more training. This is also the worst possible way to treat a customer and as a result, I could never recommend the club to anyone. I understand that other people have had positive experiences and I'm only relating mine.

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Reviewed Nov. 20, 2014

$19.95 Month-to-Month No Commitment "Catch". There will be a one time fee of $140 to sign up, plus $39 annually, plus the $19.95 monthly.

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2014

Over a year ago we moved from the NYC area and canceled our gym membership with NYSC. We had to call several times and even sent letters. Although I signed my husband up I could not cancel his membership. After canceling we still had $35 taken out of our account each month. I would call and would be told it was my husband's account. He would call, they would tell him it was mine. Finally over a month ago we discovered the charges were for child care. $429 later we would be getting a refund. We still have yet to receive a refund. Our refund has been submitted at least twice and were told all they could do is resubmit it again. After several calls to the corporate office as well as repeated request to speak with a manager I have yet to hear from anyone. When I call customer service I am on hold for well over 30 minutes each time and still no resolution.

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Reviewed Oct. 24, 2014

Due to Sande, my husband's and my New York Sport Club (NYSP) location on Water Street, Manhattan, closed and we were transferred to the Wall Street location. Since this location didn't work for my husband, he canceled his membership by simply telling them. So far no problem. I continued to work out at the Wall Street location taking 1:1 half hour sessions. All of a sudden, the half hour private session got taken off the program. I told them that - as a working mother - full our sessions don't fit my schedule and that I had cancel my membership. Everything seemed fine, until months later I discovered that they continued to charge my credit card.

I immediately went back and told them to stop charging right away and to reimburse me. And ever since I have gotten some many promises from all different NYSC employees that they would take care of it. And nothing has happened. On the contrary, they tried to charge two more times my credit card! My bank was alerted and refused the charges. After writing a review on Yelp, NYSP contacted me the same day - again promising to take care of the situation. The responsible for Manhattan scheduled twice a time to call me - he never followed through. I call this theft and will file a police report.

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Reviewed Oct. 8, 2014

I have been a member of NYSC since 2012 and later I had a personal trainer for twice weekly (8 session a month). In Feb of 2014, I got married and had froze my account for unknown return time (as we are allowed for up to 12 months as per their policy). My personal trainer spoke to the manager at that time, Dominique, and said that he will take care of it. I never thought that I need a confirmation as they requested freeze in front of me. They never sent any freeze confirmation. I was going to move to Texas waiting for my medical license and job confirmation. During this time, I checked my credit card and discovered that NYSC had charged me in March and April $632 each month despite my request.

I went back to NYSC and Dominique told me that he will request for the money to be returned and while I was there, I told him that I would like to cancel my account as I do not trust NYSC anymore. He told me that I should wait and again had me convinced to place my account on freeze. I was waiting for the reply and return of the money which did not happen. Well, in May they did not charge me but in June they charged me $632 and as soon as I discovered that I went back to NYSC and personally spoke to the manager James and Dominique. Dominique who was the witness and stated that he will cancel my personal training account and will make sure they do not charge me in July. Guess what, they still charged and that point I have had enough and requested my account to be cancelled and called my credit card to dispute June and July charges while they could not dispute March and April charges and recommended me to talk to NYSC.

I called customer service who kept giving me the run around that they are waiting for the confirmation from NYSC, while NYSC kept telling me that they already did. Meantime, Dominique, Jess and Daniel (all who were involved) have left the company. Now I have no help and apparently their vice president for financial department denied my request. I am upset as this is my hard earned money and I can not get my money back while I trusted NYSC, was their loyal customer. I really need help but do not know what to do. I moved to Texas and my club was in NJ and I have no way to get my money back. I am very dissatisfied with their customer service and their managers.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2014

I have been a member of NYSC (starting at 34/2nd but in the last years frequented Mercer St) for 14 years. In February I was diagnosed with a rare cancer that required surgery. I called the 34th St gym to freeze my account and was told that I would be able to call when I wanted to unfreeze it as I wasn't sure how long recovery would take. Whoever I spoke to apparently did not follow protocol and did not send me a freeze notice. Apparently I also shouldn't have been told I could call to unfreeze my account.

A few months later I was still not able to go back and realized I was being charged the whole time except for the first month. I asked for a credit back and was told that I had no proof that I froze my account (no freeze notice - which was not my error) and that I would only get dues going forward. The membership services person basically made me feel as if this was all my fault. I couldn't believe I was being treated this way. She would not give me the name of a manager and eventually stop replying to my emails.

All I wanted was my $245 credited back to me... after 14 yrs and THOUSANDS of dollars in revenue you'd think there would be some customer loyalty, not to mention that I had to provide doctor's notes from my oncologist. I tried corporate headquarters (no one responded) and NYSC's facebook page which told me someone would be in touch in 48 hours and it's been a week... I can't in good consciousness be a part of a gym that doesn't care about their members and only cares about their bottom line. This has yet to be resolved.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2014

I signed a personal fitness contract at W.62 beginning on May 14 for four sessions a month at $356 per month. The fitness manager, **, did not assign me a personal trainer until almost the end of the first month. As a result, I had to pay for four sessions, but only got one. Later in June I discovered that these sessions, rather than being credited to me, were eliminated. I spoke to **, phoned, left messages and e-mailed. After three weeks without a peep from him, I tracked him down at the club. His reply for not getting back to me was that he was too busy.

I have never gotten a satisfactory response, and in fact, have been given evasive, runaround answers. Each time I saw him at the club, it was a different, non-sensible bureaucratic response. I told him I was going to cancel and he urged me not to, that he would address the situation. He did not, so on August 19 I formally requested cancellation of the personal fitness contract and that no further charges were to be made to my account. I also requested restitution (again) for the lost sessions. At that point he told me it was a 30-day cancellation policy, and I would be charged the $356 fee on September 14. He said "read the contract". I have rarely seen such an arrogant, customer be-damned attitude. I thought you guys were in the service business. Moreover, NY Sports itself abrogated the contract by not living up to its part of the contract in providing me a trainer.

I had told ** that it had been my intention to continue after this month on a pay as you go basis of probably three to four sessions per month. By my estimate the treatment by ** and lack of response by the W. 62nd Street GM, will cost NY Sports - by my calculation about $4200 per year in revenue, since I also intend to cancel my membership. Over five years, that amounts to over $20,000 in lost revenue. I continue to hope this situation gets resolved in a fair and equitable manner. To date, based on attitude and treatment, that does not seem possible. I have already contacted the credit card company about this situation. Why not find an equitable solution rather than continuing down this road. I again request: No further charges for the personal training contract, and restitution for the lost sessions (equivalent to $270).

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2014

A friend of mine, 30 years old, has a student rate at NYSC. Being that I am in a masters program and paying a lot for school, he recommended that I called in advance to see if I was eligible for a student rate as well. I spoke to a sales person, who told me that I am eligible and was provided the rates. Very excited, I came in to sign up. The same person who took my call, was at the front desk, remembered that I called. First, he challenged if I was even in school, claiming that the school that I attend is only located in upstate New York because "he is very familiar with that area" (I provided him with a website to prove that I am in school in NYC). He then took my student id, stared at it, then asked me to wait.

When he came back 10 minutes later, didn't even look at me and rudely told me that I am not eligible because my id said "part time", dismissed me as though I am not good enough for this gym, then moved on to the next customer. Note that the masters program is only listed as part time because the classes are offered on weekends (10 hours each weekend, nothing part time about it). This sales person moved on to the next customer immediately so that there would be no room for discussion. Not being a confrontational person and feeling a little embarrassed because I knew there was another reason, I left, upset with the way he handled the situation as he easily could have asked me when I called if I was a full time or part time student especially since I told him I was calling from work. I happened to mention it to my friend, who then called in to find out that they didn't to give me the student rate because I am too old. What a disgrace and a lousy organization.

First, your sales people should know the rules and regulations and should have been able to handle inquiries over the phone, professionally and respectfully. Second, no one should be treated poorly, no matter how old the person is. This person basically called me a liar and was nothing less than rude and dismissed me as though I am not even human. The end result is that you are getting a it worth it? Finally, we live in a great country where age discrimination is against the law, period. If you offer a program for "students", then a student is a student no matter what their age. Next you will only sign up women who are pretty. I know I don't matter to you in any way and I know that this complaint will go nowhere, because you have already shown that you run an unprofessional organization, but hopefully someone will read this complaint and will not join your gym. Social networks are great in this will help spread the word. Have a nice day.

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Reviewed July 8, 2014

My son's 5th birthday was May 30 2014. I had checked out several places in the area bc I wanted a sports themed party. My son was turning 5 and also has some delays. I let them know bc I wanted the party geared towards young kids and there were going to be children from his special ed class. The day off was a mess. We were told we would have the room at 11AM and there were older men still in there cleaning up from basketball. Fine, let it go. The two "coaches" they had for the party had no clue what they were doing.

Very unorganized and not controlled. At what point they were asking the parents to come join to help them. I was getting very aggravated. By the time it was pizza time there were no drinks set up or the pizza. One of the "coaches" threw the pies on the kids plate and my husband and I had to do most of the work. I forgot to mention the "party room" for food was a storage room. There was a football table there where a 1 yr old got hurt on. Time for cake, they couldn't figure out where the lights were to shut it off. A simple task that ruined one of the kid's fav part of a party. The entire cake was cut up after my husband told them to ask if anyone wanted seconds. She stuck spoons in the extra pieces as well. End of party they couldn't close the cake bc the spoons were sticking out, no one grabbed bags to bag the gifts and they were pushing us out the door. I understand it's a kid's party, but I didn't have to spend that much for something so unorganized. A lot of money for kids to just run around in a big room.

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Reviewed June 30, 2014

I went to the NYSC sports club on 125th street. I meet with a sales person. I asked him for the 30 days for $30 but he said that it didn't exist and it was $69 per month. I was a bit reluctant because I thought it was a bit expensive and I needed to sign both me and my girlfriend up. But the sales person insured me that I could get all my money back if I just came back the next day.

He then charged me for the two first months on my credit card and charged my girlfriend with the first month which I paid in cash - a total of $207. When I got home I was a bit surprised to discover that they actually have an offer of 30 days for $30 and a bit angry. I therefore went back to the club to change my subscription to the 30 days for $30 deal. But the manager told me that deal was only for new members and I have already been a member for about 20 hours now. This does not make any sense whatsoever.

I then told him I would like to cancel both me and my girlfriend’s subscription to NYSC because of this bad treatment. The manager then tells me that is not possible. I have to wait two months before I can cancel. I then tell the manager that his own website says that you can get a full refund within 10 days. He then asked me to come back some other day. I tell him I would like my money back, but he insists that I come back another day.

I then returned to the club today to cancel my membership. And now I could only cancel my own membership and not my girlfriend’s. I finally canceled my own membership, but the manager refused to return all my money. He will only return $69 even though I paid a full $138 because it is only the first $69 that are refundable. I had to go to the club 4 times to cancel my membership and then I can only get ½ of it back? This is no way to treat customers and an extreme lack of customer service. Stay away from this gym!

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Reviewed June 26, 2014

I have repeatedly tried to close this account over the last three years. Most recently I discovered in May that the company was still auto-billing my bank account despite my request to close it in writing 3x previously. They agreed over the phone to refund money. The money has yet to appear in my account. When I called to confirm the refund, the service rep said "we just posted it today." Checking a week later, I was told that the refund was cancelled by upper management because I "declined the refund." I did not decline the refund. After speaking with a service rep today I was told the claim was resubmitted today and would be posted to my account in "3 to 5 business days."

Last week I also made a formal complaint by phone against the manager at Mercer Street after I went to the location and discovered that he was the person with whom I tried to close the account with over a year ago. I believe he failed to close the account out of spite (or incompetence). The Mercer Street facility has a particularly notorious reputation for failing to close accounts and for continuing to bill its customers. With the exception of revisiting the Mercer location 2 weeks ago and meeting Mr. **, I have not used a NY Sports Club gym in over three years. Their own records confirm that. Although I was told by three separate phone reps that upper management would be contacting me by phone, I have yet to hear back from anyone.

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Reviewed June 10, 2014

Upon signing my contract, I was told I would receive a passport membership rate of $69.99. The same amount I paid when I was a NYSC member for at least five years. The gym did not honor the agreement. I have been overcharged for the past 6 months. Each time I call the New Rochelle office, I'm told that it will be taken care of - I will receive a credit and my $79.99 rate will be decreased to $69.99. It never happened. I decided to call Membership services to help me with this request. They said they'd credit my account (hasn't happened); and they would call the gym to confirm the agreement of $69.99. I was then sent an email from membership services saying that they cannot and will not decrease my membership dues -- although I was told at time of signing and contract AND in person AND over the phone for the past 6 months that they would.

This place is the WORST. DO NOT BECOME A MEMBER. A LOT OF MY FRIENDS HAVE BILLING ISSUES. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE. THE GYMS IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY ARE NOT TAKEN CARE OF. ESPECIALLY DOBBS FERRY. THE SHOWERS DON'T WORK, THERE IS COLD WATER AND THE MANAGEMENT IS INATTENTIVE AND INEFFICIENT. I am letting my company know - we have a corporate contract with them - about the BAIT AND SWITCH tactic NYSC used on me at time of signing. I am also going to report them to the Better Business Bureau.

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Reviewed June 5, 2014

My husband and I joined in February 2014 and never went. I called in March to cancel and was told over the phone, ok. Then I was billed for April. Called again, was told ok, then billed for May. Called AGAIN and billed for June. Have called June 1,2,3,4,5, spoke to the supervisor, who said he would email a cancellation form (??!! ), which never came. Was given multiple different "corporate" numbers to call to cancel - no human EVER picked up the phone. Same message, same music played on each machine...I AM GOING CRAZY TRYING TO CANCEL!!!!

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Reviewed May 16, 2014

Watch these guys!!! They said they would give me 1 free month. Kurt, the manager started my credit card payments that month, so now they are saying I only paid 11 months of a 12 month contract and charging me for the free month! Watch the math - the calendar dates and credit card payment dates! My mistake, not making sure the contract info was complete so I proof of the deception. Get everything in writing, or better yet do not join this gym. They know 1000 ways to rip you off.

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Reviewed May 8, 2014

New York Sports Club - Rego Park: The managers at this location are emotionally abusive to their sales force. They treat their employees horribly. How can you be about health & fitness & then demean, insult and badger your sales force? Do you think maybe people at the front desk can hear you yelling? Do you think maybe this demeaning and insulting out loud would affect people around you who are working and working out? Do you think maybe this can have a negative affect on people wanting to join? Join a company that treats people badly? You only received 1 star because there was no option for you anything less than zero. Treat your employees with respect and maybe people will respect this company.

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Reviewed April 30, 2014

Two month ago I step into the club with my fiance to see the prices and what they are offering. I have been rushed in taking decisions and before I knew it I was a member of the club. They offer a personal trainer for free in the beginning. I met Ricardo and he was an amazing, very professional and I said to myself... it is worth the money and decide to sign a contract having him as a personal trainer. A month after when I was looking forward to see Ricardo again... big disappointment. He was not working there. I have try numerous times to discuss with the manager that kept telling me he had someone else I have to work with. I told him politely, "I don't want anyone else." They want me to pay 150$ for breaking the contract... Really??? I do not recommend anyone to go there. Very unprofessional...

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Reviewed April 25, 2014

I have been a member of NYSC for years and have always had a love/hate relationship with the organization. But now I think the marriage is over. There have been lots of problems ranging from overcrowded, stinky locker rooms with broken lockers to lack of morning classes for people who work. What's offered from location to location is inconsistent at best and there doesn't seem to be a clear corporate policy that puts the members first. They take plenty of surveys but rarely have I seen permanent fixes for ongoing problems. Now there is a new problem and they've created it. Children at the gym.

When I joined this club thought I was joining an ADULT gym. The location at 63rd and WEA was an absolute haven - one of the best undiscovered locations in the city with a 25-foot pool where the temperature was perfect and you never had to wait for a lane. It was truly an oasis where swimming was meditation in motion. They had always had family swims on Saturday and Sunday afternoons leaving two lanes for lap swimmers, but it was manageable. Now the kids have taken over and they are screaming in the locker room. Half of all available swim hours are allocated to children and even though there is a designated family change area, mothers and nannies bring the babes into the women's locker room where, after working a full day, paying adult members have to put up with children running around, screaming, crying, or gaping at your naked body.

Yesterday I reminded two women that there is a family changing area. One with her two kids left apologizing that it was a "potty" emergency, but the other woman whose little boy was absolutely kicking and screaming adamantly refused. And accused me of not liking children. When I told her, and yes I was damn angry at the low blow because I like children just fine, but NOT IN THE LOCKER ROOM, anyway, when I told her that I worked all day and paid a monthly membership for a little relaxation and quiet, she responded by saying she worked too only she didn't have to pay anything because my money was paying for her to be able to come to the pool. Um, what? And she said this with absolute glee, damn proud of getting a free deal.

That was when it got ugly, and once dressed I left the locker room shaking with rage looking for the manager who wasn't there. I am and have always been someone who is happy for my tax dollars to serve the populace with programs that help level the playing field for the disadvantaged. This arrogant, entitled woman makes me want to vote Republican and that would not be something I would find admirable in anyone. Apparently the management of this club and of the entire chain have arranged some deal, I don't know, through tax rebates or putting some of my dues money toward funding programs for people who can't pay. Fine. Just keep the kids out of the locker room and get them out of the pool by 6 pm on weekdays. Period. Because not only are you going to lose my membership, but from the complaining I've heard, you're going to lose quite a few.

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Reviewed April 24, 2014

Wanted to freeze my membership from November to April. During a freeze, fee goes from $70 to $15 while frozen. Went with my girlfriend to freeze the membership and we signed papers which NYSC kept. Upon returning in April, I found out that they never froze my account, but froze my girlfriend's. Attempted in person to have someone look at it, and nobody even took a single step away from where they were to look into it. They claim they gave me a sheet of paper, and also to my girlfriend, that we must present or no refund can be given. I never got any paper at all, and neither did my girlfriend. Someone at the club forgot to do their job and freeze my account, and they are basically stealing my money without lifting a finger.

I filed a dispute with my credit card company, but it likely will go nowhere as their documentation will find me in the wrong because I did not present documentation. Their contract is a trap! How can I present a document they never gave me? How can NYSC not be held liable for the mistake they made? How can transactions for billing be solely the responsibility of the client? This makes no sense!

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Reviewed April 17, 2014

I was contacted by a collection agency last week saying I owed NYSC about $60.00. When I contacted them, they said they have a rate lock fee of $39.99 every Jan 1st. So even though I have cancelled my membership, the rate lock fees of $40.00 needs to be paid for previous year. When I signed up for a contract, the monthly charge and joining fees was decided upfront. Where does "Rate Lock" fee apply? They are fraud and need to be penalized for pulling a fast one on customers.

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Reviewed April 17, 2014

I requested to be downgraded to a different amount of personal training sessions (from 8 to 4) July 2013 because I would be traveling that month and didn't want to waste the sessions. When I returned, I was upgraded to 8 sessions and the next month I was billed for 4 and 8 sessions. The gym had a general manager who did nothing to help me even after 4 months of chasing him. He quit in December and someone else has been helping me. March 13, 2014, I received an email that the refund was processed but it's now over a month and the $316 has not been refunded to my account. They are very diligent about taking out money but negligible about refunding it!!! How do we proceed in getting our due refund short of court?!

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Reviewed April 13, 2014

My son signed up as a member. He gave notice regarding not renewing his contract in a timely fashion. He was pressured into renewing as a "frozen" membership for 15 dollars a month. He gave into the pressure and signed. He decided to give notice regarding the termination of his membership. He left with letter in hand that his membership was canceled and no cancellation fee would be required and his balance is zero. Today, my son received a letter from a collection agency saying he owed 39 dollars. Now we must deal with a collection to put this matter to rest.

NYSC went into my account to take the 39 dollars, which represented insurance that his membership fee would not increase - on what membership? There was no more membership. This is one of their surprise fees, which occurs the first week in January each year. We paid it when he was a member and now we are still supposed to pay it even though the membership was no longer in effect. I have documents to prove all that I've said. I am reporting them to the better business bureau and if necessary bringing them to court.

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Reviewed April 11, 2014

I was a member at NYSC for a year and a half and attempted to cancel my membership twice and was told that "computer systems are down" but that I could give notice/cancel my membership. I ended up moving across the country almost a year later and began getting calls after my credit card expired. A new one was sent to me from NYSC saying that they needed an updated credit card number. Apparently, they had been charging me all along - when I told the rep I spoke with I no longer even lived in the area (I live in Texas now) and that I was at work and needed to go, they repeatedly keep calling me. Has anyone experienced this?

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Reviewed April 3, 2014

HORRIBLE- This gym STOLE $712 from my account, charging for Personal Training classes that I NEVER took. I called the Corporate office and they said I signed a contract and even attended the classes for 2 months, neither of which I did. They sent me a copy of the contract that had all my information and SOMEONE ELSE'S SIGNATURE. I immediately went to the managers at this location and was informed it was a mistake and that my account was already being refunded (the refund part, I soon found out was a lie).

After speaking with the General Manager, she informed me that someone with a similar name was taking classes and the trainer selected my name in the system and began automatically charging my account. It baffles me how their systems are so poor that there is no check-and-balance to avoid something like this. They didn't refer to anything that would be more unique i.e., membership ID, address, picture, anything!

She then informed me they will put in a request with the Corp office for a refund. I waited about a week and was told my account would be refunded by the end of the month (by end of March 2014). We are now in April and it has been over 3 weeks since I spotted this and my account STILL HAS NOT BEEN REFUNDED. As this is going on, they have no issues with charging my credit card the monthly fee. It's outrageous that this is something that I had to spot and take all the initiative in correcting. Having to put up with several lies in the process, I am still not certain if they are running a Scam or if it is a legitimate mistake. Either way, they have not corrected this mistake in a timely fashion and I am still out over $700.

I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS GYM TO ANYONE and I was sure to inform all my coworkers, who work in the same building as the gym, what was going on to make sure they do not sign up either. Mistakes happen, it's understandable, but it's the ability of the company to right their wrong that differentiates good management from the terrible ones. And this, I can confidently say, is terrible!

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Reviewed March 28, 2014

I joined NYSC in Astoria in summer of 2012. I can't say anything bad about the gym itself, it's clean, decently maintained, staff is responsive and friendly and I would recommend it if it were not for the billing issues. The first time I had faced this problem was when I decided to change credit card on the bill. They somehow failed to save changes in my account, so when the payment due date came I wasn't charged. I called the billing manager and gave him my info again, but despite of me calling them and drawing their attention to the missed payment they still fined me for being late with the payment and the month after it repeated all over again. It wasn't my fault that they didn't get their payments on time, but I was still charged a late fee which they promised to get refund on. They never did, but as it was less then than $30 total I decided to let it go.

My real problems began when I decided to cancel my private training without giving them a 30 day notice. When I asked my trainer if I can do, that she said that I definitely can, but I'll have to pay a $150 cancellation fee (which I was absolutely ok with). When I called the customer care service the lady I spoke to told me that there is no way for me to get out of it without a 30 notice but she can send an email to my "training director" (what for?) to see if this issue could be solved somehow. She ended up sending an email to my PT stating that I'm refusing to pay a cancellation fee...

Second time I called the customer care rep started basically yelling at me after, being refused to cancel my PT yet again, I asked if I could be transferred to someone who have the authority to deal with that kind of problems. "You want me transfer you to someone who'll tell you that you can waive your services but you just can't!!! I have the authority, and I can't help you!!!'' She repeated over and over again. In fact she acted as if I was arguing with her over her own money that I wanted to take away from her. Ridiculous and unprofessional.

I have neither time nor desire to waste my energy on battling people like that, besides it really was my own mistake not notifying them on time. So I agreed to pay another month of private training ($632 for 8 sessions) even though I have no time for them anymore. But I put in a cancellation notice not only for the training but for the general membership too, and I can't wait to be done with NYSC once and for all (hope it goes bankrupt one day). Also reading all the reviews above, I'll make sure to block my card to prevent them from charging it after I'm gone.

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Reviewed March 23, 2014

I was a member of NYSC (Midwood) for around 1 1/2 yrs. To be fair, the gym was clean and the machines up to date. My issues were with the PT (personal training) membership. When I applied, I was told that I could upgrade or downgrade my membership at any time without it affecting my membership. I downgraded from 4 sessions to 1 sessions per month and they charged me for the 4 sessions for 2 extra months... I spoke to many staff members and was told numerous times I would receive a refund... Waited and waited and then when I canceled my PT membership, the same thing happened... 2 months of receiving charges. I finally got a partial refund yet I am still owed an additional $270 and the staff member I was in contact with has not answered my emails.

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Reviewed March 12, 2014

I visited the New York Sports Club in Matawan NJ looking to switch from my current gym. The first thing I asked at the front desk was about the price. I was told by two employees that the monthly fee was $19.99 and they were all smiles. It wasn't until I asked that I found out there was a $49.99 "processing fee" (presumably for someone to type my name into their database) and a $29.99 initiation fee. I was given a tour of the facility and it was much better than my current gym so I told them I would more than likely be joining when my current membership expired. I was also given a card for one free workout.

Prior to working out I was given a flier with all of the membership options. It wasn't until this time that I was told that the $19.99 was for a "restricted" membership and that I would not be able to workout between the hours of 4:30 and 7:30 PM WHAT?!?!?!?! If I wanted the unrestricted membership I would have to pay them $49.99 per month but they would give me a special rate of $39.99. NO THANKS!! This was very deceiving on their part.

I knew I wasn't joining at those rates but decided to take advantage of the one free workout. While I was on the treadmill I could not change the channel fast enough on the small personal television which was showing Al Sharpton on MSNBC. That station and CNN both came in loud and clear but guess what?? No Fox News. Your read this correctly. The New York Sports Club has blocked Fox News from their televisions. The audacity for them to censor the news that their members watch because it differs from their political views is simply outrageous. No wonder our country is in such deep trouble when you have corporate hacks like this telling you what you are allowed to watch. I will never give this company a single nickel of my money.

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Reviewed March 11, 2014

I joined NYSC (Morris Park) in the Bronx (after leaving planet fitness in the Pelham Bay Area due to lack of parking). I joined late December during a special where my initiation fee was waived. My overall experience there was a good one. It is a great gym. However I learned that LA Fitness was opening a much bigger extension and I was offered a better package. I tried canceling late February early March. Needed a doctor’s note dated 6 months.

After faxing said document to the manager, I called to verify and was told it was never received. I personally got a doctor’s note from my doctor and handed it to the manager. After filling out necessary documents I asked will I be billed next month, manager responded no. Thought that was the end of my worries until I realized that the first of the very next month I was billed. Not for the regular monthly amount I've been paying but I was charged $20 extra on top of the regular monthly fee.

Considering that with a doctor’s note the cancellation fee should have been waived I am uncertain as to why this occurred. I was told I would be issued a refund in 2-3days. After calling the manager back to see if all is well. My calls are forwarded to an answering system. I still have yet to receive word on whether or not my refund came through. When I inquired about what the hold-up was, no one was able to give an explanation. It's been 3 weeks and I am still waiting for my refund. If you join try not to cancel, it’s quite a hassle.

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Reviewed March 6, 2014

I was called 1/23 by corporate sales because of my interest in special founder's member rate for new location in Greenpoint Brooklyn to open 3/1. I was told there was a one-time processing fee and that I had to pay for Feb but would be able to use all NYSC locations for the duration of my membership. Other locations are not near me at all, so I asked if I could sign up later and avoid paying for Feb. I was told that I must sign up because the founder's rate was only available for a short time. The Greenpoint Brooklyn location did not open 3/1 and when I called the same corp salesperson, I was told I misunderstood and the open date was always on 3/24. I was also told that I was not charged for Feb, only for March plus the one-time processing fee.

I checked my credit card statement and I was not charged a processing fee and instead the monthly rate for Feb and March. I called same salesperson and was told again that I misunderstood because I was charged for Feb and Mar but can use any location. I explained again the nearest location is 45 min. away and asked for a refund for Feb as I felt deceived into paying for 2 months. If I had known the gym was opening 3/24, I would've waited until then. The limited time only founder's rate is a scam.

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Reviewed March 5, 2014

I have cancelled my membership in November mid and spoke to lady name Joyce **. I explained her I am travelling to India and I might have stay a little longer not sure till when. She ask me visa copy as proof and I faxed her. They have been charging my account for past 3 month and now I am back. I spoke to them, explained them situation and they have guts to tell me now you have to pay $80 bucks more to cancel account. I am planning to file law action suit, those who also had this experience please email me.

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Reviewed March 1, 2014

Overall, NYSC's Midtown East division, is poorly run. I joined the Midtown East (Third Ave.) club, at which there is zero management or front office assistance available to customers on weekends. NYSC's website is not monitored or updated regularly and as a result, it's practically useless for transactions related to registration or customer service. I recently tried to sign up for a small group class via NYSC's website. Contrary to what was written, registration was unavailable. I called the 800 number... office closed, received automated referral to website. I called Third Ave. club... Astoundingly, the front desk person didn't know what a small group class was. Repeated explanations yielded no understanding so I asked for a manager and was told, "There's no one here, just me." I then called the 34th St. club... unable to accept registration for another NYSC site.

Clearly, NYSC (Midtown East, at least) is unconcerned with customer satisfaction. For an organization of its size, NYSC's customer data management and their information interconnectivity system is woefully inept. Moreover, their attitude exudes: "We're the only game in town and we don't have to work for our customers' business." Fortunately, nearby are better clubs with better service, more interesting classes, and friendlier, more accessible staff. If you're considering NYSC, rest assured, you can do better elsewhere.

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Reviewed Feb. 28, 2014

I do not remember the last time I walked into the Washington Sports Club but it was close to 2008. The membership was a gift and I was getting the charges to my card. I do not have proof of canceling the membership in 2008. The company continued to charge my family and they must have thought I was still attending the gym. When I found out in 2013 that this was happening, the general manager insisted that I still owed money to the gym before he would officially cancel my membership. Since I did not have proof of cancellation in 2008 he was holding me hostage.

He did not offer a compromise or to speak with his superiors. Washington Sports Club took thousands of dollars from my family because I did not know they were still paying the bill. The club must have proof that I have not walked through their doors in years but it did not matter to them. They could not even admit that someone may have made a mistake years ago when canceling my membership. I did not think to keep proof for five to six years. I thought it was a done deal when I canceled. To keep from going to creditors, I had to pay the company on order to get proof of cancellation. They may think they are following contracts but the practice is immoral and they have no customer service.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2014

I think that they fraud me! I had made a membership freeze for December and January 2013 -14 (on 11.30.2013) in Midwood Sports Club. I also did a freezing of a babysitting room for these two month with consultant **. This consultant personally did freezing on computer at the reception. But in February, I was charged twice for babysitting! Once in the beginning of month and second time in 16th of Feb. 2014. And I was told that I frozen a babysitting only for one month! How WAS that possible?! If I did everything at the same time! And I told a consultant ** that I wanted to freeze for two months! So it means that ** (a manager) made freezing only for one month on purpose!

So I required $30 back, but they still didn't refund me and didn't even ask for excuse!!! What if I didn't check this? They would have charged me more and more? Maybe they are charging everyone extra, but customers just don't notice? So except this tiny small fact that they are charging money any time they want from my card so one more thing -

When I came in to cancel my account I was told that I do not have enough documents for cancel department! I said I am leaving the country, but They even told me that my foreign passport doesn't count for them! I told them that they are in another language and they told me they have a translation department (which is a lie, because eventually they forced me to make a delay in two days while I was searching for documents ... And then I canceled my account in NYSC Sports Club. But I was charged (!) for cancelling my account!!!!

On the other day (early in the morning!), I was told that it is the VERY LAST FINAL payment - $58.33 (on February 25). And it is payment because I didn't make 30 day notice! (Did they translated my documents to another language for such a short period of time?!!) But they need 30 DAYS to close account!!???!!! So I wanted to freeze my account for the next month not to pay so MUCH ($58.33) , because I will not be in city and will not use a club ... BUT (!) they told me I cannot because my account has to stay active for 30 days before closing! Also a contract DOESN'T say anything which a manager said! But what can I do? Go to lower?!!!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 20, 2014

BUNCH OF THIEVES!!! I signed up 9/25/13, then cancelled 2 days later. Not comfortable because it seemed like I got a run-around every time I asked the price. Never attended the gym. They promised to refund my $50 deposit. 9/26 they charged my card $49.99; 11/4 they charged my card $39.99; 12/2 they charged my card $39.99. Luckily, the mess with Target stores caused my bank to issue new cards to everyone - or these ** would continue to charge me! I spoke with their office - **, who promised to take care of it and get my money refunded. 1/16/14 I met with Customer Service Manager **, who entered this into the computer and promised to send me a refund check.

2/4, NYSC called me to ask if my credit card was cancelled because they couldn't charge it. I told her the whole story and told her to enter into the billing computer that I have never been a member. 2/19, I (again) drove to the gym. The manager, ** quit or was fired, the guy who signed me up said "I don't have anything to do with billing - don't ask me", and the new General Manager, **, was in her office on a webinar for the next 20 minutes - asked if I could wait for her. I guess I made enough commotion that she came out, copied my information and promised to call me this afternoon. It’s 7 pm, and guess who never called? I guess I will have to take these ** to Small Claims Court.

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2014

I signed on for 30 days for 30 dollars for myself and my son. I was told if I cancel my other gym membership and join NYSC, I would get a great deal. For only $49.99 sign on fee, I am a member for $19.99 a month and I would get my 60 dollars refunded... Sounds great right? Nope! It was $49.99 to join, $49.99 processing fee (per person) and I didn't get a dime back because I did not join within 7 days, which was never told to me by the sales rep ** at NYSC in Port Jefferson. I was also tripled billed for the monthly fee which I was told wouldn't be billed till February 15th. He told me a bunch of lies to get me to join, then once I did, not one promise he made me was real. The sales rep was busy working out during his work hours and was too busy to talk to me, and when he finally sat with me he was smelly and sweaty from his workout! You just can't make this stuff up. I then went to the manager **, she was useless, she also made empty promises... Then I went to the corporate office, they did nothing. I will complain to everyone I can to warn everyone about this company who doesn't care about their members!

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2014

If you like being taken advantage of and being ripped off then this is your gym. They will milk money out of you through misleading contracts and bogus fees. Also the gym sucks. Take your business elsewhere. ** this place.

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Reviewed Feb. 8, 2014

NYSC/Town continues to charge my card. Have called several times, been put on hold with their lovely hold music for no less than 45 minutes each time. When I called again in January they said my membership was cancelled. Lo and behold, my card was charged again February 3 and this time with the additional charge of the annual membership fee! PLEASE CANCEL THIS MEMBERSHIP ALREADY! I HAVE RECORDS OF ALL DOCUMENTATION REQUESTING THIS CANCELLATION.

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M increased rating by 1 star.
After a positive interaction with New York Sports Club, M increased their star rating on Feb. 7, 2014.

Updated review: Feb. 7, 2014


I received a second hang up call at 8.21am this morning from the NYSC 866-634-8221 number. No message was left for me.

I called the number and reached the NYSC "Updating Department".

The woman I spoke to (I'm not publishing her name) gave me the same story I have heard in collection calls from the NYSC since early January: My credit card info needs to be updated and payment made. But this time for February!

I explained, again, that I have exchanged many emails over the last four weeks with the manager of the Cobble Hill branch of the NYSC. I asked her if I could email her a copy of my credit card receipt, the proof of the payment I made to NYSC, and my cancellation of the membership.

She said she could not receive emails.

She said if I spoke to the manager at Cobble Hill, he had not cancelled my membership. She had no record of any of our correspondence.

After I expressed my intense dissatisfaction (with remarkable restraint, I think) she told me she would contact Member Services for me, and would give me a call back to connect me so that I did not have to stay on hold again.

She did this. I was called back by Nadia Robbins in Member Services. She had no record of a cancellation, nor of any of this history. I told her the whole story from the beginning. She seemed genuinely willing to try to resolve this. She put me on hold for 20 minutes and then sent me an email stating:

"I have waived the balance on your account. Your membership is cancelled and you have a $0 balance."

It would appear that this matter is resolved (though I thought that was the case when I cancelled with the Cobble Hill manager).

It has taken 4 weeks, approximately 24 emails and 10 phone calls to reach this point.

The assistance I received today was effective. But based on my experience over the last month, the amount of time I have wasted and the stress entailed, I could never recommend the NYSC to anyone else.

Original Review: Feb. 4, 2014

I have just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Buyer Beware. I had a one-year membership at the Cobble Hill NYSC. It ended at the end of 2013. I moved at the same time, and had no wish to start another membership. On January 8, 2014, I received a call from someone saying they represented NYSC and that they needed updated credit card info for me. The call was unexpected and so rude that I assumed it was a phishing attempt. I called the Cobble Hill branch of NYSC immediately to speak to the manager, and said someone pretending to be from NYSC was trying to get personal info from me, specifically an "updated credit card number." That was when I learned that my annual membership had in fact ended in December, not November, as I had supposed. So I was perfectly happy to pay the extra month I owed - December - on the phone, via the manager.

But the Cobble Hill manager then told me I also owed money for another two months, January and February (bear in mind I made this call on the 8th of January). He said I also had to pay a cancellation fee. For a membership whose 12 months had ended the previous month. I did not understand. News to me: Not only is one required to cancel a membership that has ostensibly ended, but one can only do so one month in advance. So now I was considered a member, in arrears, for January and February. The NYSC had apparently been trying to automatically bill my card. But I had canceled the card they had on record, for an unrelated security concern. Hence the collection call.

I had received no email or phone call at the time my annual membership came to an end to remind me or to inform me that I was automatically enrolled in a monthly membership from then on. I received no notice that I would be billed for additional months. Unless you actively cancel (for which you are penalized), they keep automatically billing your credit card. On the phone that day I paid the cancellation fee, and the month I owed. The manager agreed to waive the additional months for which I had no idea I was going to be billed, after hearing my strong objections. I asked for a copy of that day's billing receipt, and thought that would be the end of it. In the meantime I received two more collection calls, and an email from a main branch of NYSC, demanding payment. Bank records showed that the payment discussed with the manager had already gone through.

I was very upset by the collection calls, as I have excellent credit, and very concerned that this will affect it. It took weeks - and dozens of emails to the manager - to receive a copy of the signed receipt of payment from him, but at last he did inform me in writing that my membership was canceled, and on January 22nd I received that receipt, signed and countersigned by the manager and myself. I thought it was over. But on February 3rd I received an email from NYSC saying they had received "updated billing information" for me but that my card had been returned and that I owed $135. ??? I responded by email immediately, to the address provided, and I cc'd the manager at Cobble Hill, explaining that I had paid an outstanding $78.95 plus $13.99 cancellation.

I have not received a response. On February 4th called the 877 number provided, but after spending 25 minutes on hold, gave up. I am astounded that the New York Sports Club is still allowed to operate negative billing like this after hundreds of complaints, many of which are more serious than mine. Surely this is ripe for a class action suit?

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2014

Cancellation policies are not fair. I put in my request to cancel my account, and the membership told me that this has been done. Weeks later, I get harassed over the phone by the company, saying that I never cancelled my account. After getting ripped off $240, I still have not received the proper cancellation.

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2014

This gym is not only dirty as hell, it is dangerous. I walked out of the men's shower and into the locker room and slipped so bad. I almost fell on my head where if not for another man who caught me. He told me he slipped there and someone a couple of days ago had to be rushed to the hospital because he fell, broke his head and lost consciousness. When I told the attendant about how slippery it was she told me they'll take care of it. Went there today and still dirty and wet. They don't care. I'm closing my membership.

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2014

This gym is the worst gym ever. They are all about scamming and robbing you.. stay away. Go to another gym. I signed up for 10 private training sessions. I had one session with a trainer that was recommended to me. After the first session she text me she was leaving because of management. I agrees with a manager to try one other female trainer. I had one session and again before my second session with the second trainer and again this trainer text me and told me they could not work with management and was sorry. I called customer services and told them my story. I was done with a personal trainer. I got very upset about how unprofessional and how I couldn't finish my sessions. I asked for a refund for whatever the remaining classes were left and was told no. I reached out a few times and was giving a response, "we will get back to you." Which no one DID. Finally I received a response and the customer service was nasty and rude. I will be leaving this gym asap. They are thieves and many have told me that nysc rips off customers.

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Reviewed Jan. 6, 2014

I received a $29 rate stabilization fee on 1/2/13, even though I cancelled my membership in December 2013. Since the club requires a 30 day notice of cancellation, my membership does not expire until 1/7/14. The fee is to ensure that your monthly rate is stable for the calendar year. The manager of the club was surprised that headquarters charged me this fee, since I will not be a member in 2014, so had me call the 800 number. After waiting for 35 minutes, I was told by the representative that the fee was retroactive and that I benefited from rate stabilization in 2013. My only way to address was to email the member satisfaction survey on the NYSC homepage.

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2013

I did the 30 day trial in August 2013 and then I wanted to sign up for the educator discount. The sales person talked me out of it and said it had restrictions. I knew of the restrictions but he said he knew of an updated educator discount that would be available in the next month. Then he offered me the next 2 months (Sept and Oct) for $50 fee which I agreed to. This was to keep me at the gym until the new teacher discount offer became available. Over that time, I discover NYSC was charging me $89.99 Sept, Oct, and Nov. I didn't catch this until Nov when I reviewed my credit card statement. It had been a CC I was paying down and did not charge anything on and I was dealing with a death in my family so I was not focused on CC statements.

The shocker was that on Wed., Nov 26th, a NYSC manager (16 St and 8th Ave, NYC) had shown me a contract with my name and CC info but with someone else's signature. The signature was not even for my name. Can someone say illegal? I plan to seek legal counsel in case they do not rectify the situation but I'm concerned that it will not be corrected due to NYSC horrible reputation. There should be an investigation to see how the contract was falsely signed as this is criminal activity. This is one of the worse experiences I've had as a consumer ever. I will post an update later on.

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2013

I have been a Passport member for a year, following a pleasant Groupon experience. I had no issues until I went to freeze my account this summer. I spoke to the manager and my trainer to freeze, said goodbye to the staff and was told to have a good summer and my freeze was all handled. However the next month a charge appeared on my credit card and when I called to inquire why, I was told my account was never frozen! I was told I was supposed to sign something and get email confirmation - NOTHING that I was told when I set up the freeze in house.

My next issue is in regards to my personal training membership. There was a special going on - a 6-month, 1/month training program - which I signed up for in March. With my one month of frozen membership, that 6 months was up in September. I had an amazing trainer during that time and enjoyed my sessions. In September I had my last session and was told nothing more than, best of luck. However I was still charged for personal training in both October and November. Once I saw the charge in October, I called the manager who told me that was an error. They had no record of taking out $59 from my account, only my monthly membership fee, and my personal training membership was in the system as deactivated.

So I went ahead to dispute the charge through my credit card company, but when November came and I was charged again, it made no sense. I then came across a "membership agreement", my first time seeing it, in which it said that I had to put a 30-day cancellation request - for my "6-month membership special". Besides that being ridiculous to begin with, my signature was nowhere on that agreement and I was never told about it previously. I called membership services, spoke to a very unhelpful and unfriendly assistant, Darcy, and was just told all of the small print details that the club sleazily does not make clearly known. I was also told they had to contact the club to see if a "verbal agreement" was made - which I can assure you was not - but making a judgement of how to proceed with their error based on a "he said she said" policy is just ridiculous. At this point, all I want is my fees withdrawn for the months of October and November. Those were the two months after my training package was completed.

I understand having fees - at the end of the day, this is a business, there's nothing wrong with that. But based on the excessiveness and type of fees New York Sports Club has, it's shocking to me you don't have a pay a fee to use a bathroom once you walk into the club! I pay close to $100/month. I had my membership for a year and tried to downgrade to a core package - "no problem, pay a fee". I'm a 26-year-old dental student paying for school from high interest student loans - but I'm not eligible for a student price because I'm over 25. Wouldn't matter too much now anyway because their student membership deal? Yeah, that's not going on this month - but next month it should be back.

The manager who told me all of these details at another NYSC location was embarrassed even saying this stuff to me! If a manager of a gym sees all of these fees as being excessive and ridiculous, how do they expect their members to feel? I had a fantastic spin teacher which was the only reason I put up with these schemes, but at this point, she's not even worth it. I have submitted ALL cancellation requests to the gym at this point and a promise to never ever ever deal with any of New York Sports Club gyms in the future. To pay the same prices for a gym in New York City that is huge with classes all day as a gym that is small, has maybe 10 people in the gym at peak time, and an average of 5 classes a day, was the first "wow this is dumb" fact I overlooked. But ridiculous fees, nasty customer service operators, and just poor customer service in general just put the icing on the cake. Terrible business practices, New York Sports Club, terrible!

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Reviewed Oct. 29, 2013

The facility in White Plains, NY is disgusting! The women's bathroom on the first floor smells like mold and the women that use the pool wash their bathing suits in the sinks and leave their wet bathing suits on the floor. Before you can even work out, you need to unload all of the weights off the machine because the staff does not clean up. There are dust balls and grease on all the machines and there has been gum stuck to the cable rack for 4 weeks. Managers are allowed to teach fitness classes and train clients for extra money thus taking away from their responsibilities of their managerial position. The fitness classes are monopolized by a handful of trainers who are not great.

I would also check the credentials of some of these people. Several of them know ZERO about Anatomy and Kinesiology. I would be very hesitant before I would sign up unless you have investigated.... Do not join this club if you live in Westchester! By the time you pay for parking and your membership, you have paid at least 150 dollars a month. For that amount of money, there are cleaner and more professional facilities to join and be happy!

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2013

Signed a 4-session package agreement for personal training. This was in person at 62nd & Broadway branch. I was NOT informed that by signing this agreement I had agreed to a 6-month contract. I was hasty and did not read this contract properly before signing. But the manager of club who signed me up never said a word about what this contract entailed. Damages: cancellation fee ($150) and expired sessions fee ($356). NYSC is a fairly cheap gym by NYC standards. Clearly, they've decided to make more money by indulging in some very sleazy practices. Be very careful when you sign anything in that place.

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2013

Nature of Complaint: Being wrongly charged a cancellation fee, neglect to provide customer with necessary information, abysmal customer assistance phone department, being caused an undue amount of inconvenience that has also led to financial repercussions. I was a member of the Mercer Street branch of New York Sports Club. Here is a timeline of events:

May 2013: I registered for New York Sports Club's core membership at the Mercer Street location with ** after being assured that if I were to cancel my membership, I would not need to pay a cancellation fee. I expressed concern about one before agreeing to join as I was just graduating college and unsure if I would secure employment by September 2013. He told me that there would be no cancellation fee if I were obliged to cancel early and I literally watched him calculate how far the home address I supplied that day (**, Riverhead, NY 11901) so I joined. I also remember showing my ID, which included my address.

August 28, 2013: I went to **, the Customer Service Manager of the Mercer Street location of New York Sports Club (henceforth abbreviated as NYSC) seeking to cancel my membership bearing a copy of my resignation notice for my job. He told me I would need to come back with an official 2-weeks or a letter bearing the letterhead of my job. I did exactly that the same day. I asked whether I also needed to prove my home address in any way. I was told no.

August 30, 2013: I went to purchase a train ticket to go to work and my bank card declined. A call to my bank to investigate why I suddenly had no money in my account after having over $140 the last time I checked my balance revealed that NYSC had put a hold against my checking account of all its contents. I then called NYSC and was told I need to submit a proof of address and a scanned copy or photo of my learner's permit. I did just that- but then realized I'd forgotten to attach the attachments. I sent another email noting that attachments were included in the subject line and thought the attachments had attached, but apparently a glitch made them not- and NYSC conveniently waited until after September 1 to tell me this. I called a few hours later when I noticed that I still had not received my refund even though I had sent my proof of address. They did not tell me during this call that the attachments had not attached. Instead, they said the hold would be removed from my bank account within the next 48 hours - which it was. Total time on phone- 32 minutes, mostly on hold.

September 2, 2013: I received an email saying my proof of address was not received and thus they were unable to process my request. September 3, 2013: I opened email from previous day when I checked it. I then checked my Sent folder and was annoyed to notice that the attachments did not attach - likely a glitch with my email server as's server is not known for reliability - not NYSC's fault that they did not attach BUT I should have been told much sooner than 4 days after sending the message specifying there were attachments right in the subject line. Furthermore, when I made a point to call them, they should have informed me the attachments had not gone through at that point. Anyhow, I then checked my Sent folder to confirm that the attachments had gone through this time. They had.

September 6, 2013: I received a very confusing email saying, among other things, that my payment was resubmitting and "Final Payment: ?" By this point, I was highly annoyed and sent an email saying, "It would be nice if you told me what my payment was rather than a vague question mark so I didn't have to take a trip to the bank just to check my balance and make sure my account wasn't messed up by NYSC - again." (That trip to the bank revealed that my account - so far - had been left alone. I assumed that the situation was resolved.

September 10, 2013: I checked my bank balance and notice that once again it had much less than it ought. I looked at my online bank statement and, sure enough, NYSC was the culprit. There was a September 9 transaction where $145.33 was taken by "NYSC Mercer Street" I sent an email to every Member Services and Commit Cancel email I had plus the Customer Service manager of the location I joined. None have replied so far. I also attempted to call Member Services but it was closed. There goes one cell phone minute.

September 11, 2013: I have made three phone calls thus far today. The first one said my proof of move was received but completely denied any bank charges were made. She gave me her email address and I emailed her a screenshot of my bank statement. I haven't heard back yet. The second person denied that I'd ever sent a proof of move. The third person said that I'd sent a proof of move - but after September 1 (problem is I attempted to send it 2 days before the first and they didn't bother to tell me it hadn't attached until the apparent September 1 deadline had passed. I now intend to put a return receipt on all my messages).The third person also claimed that I had canceled my proof of move, which I absolutely did NOT. I never ONCE said I was making it a regular cancellation. I So now we have customer service representatives telling me different things - and actually making things up.

Supposedly I'm getting a refund in "14-21 business days" (an outrageously long time given they have computers) but I do not trust this company. This also means I have to cancel a job interview I was supposed to have tomorrow, which means I have now been cost a job because of this company - I literally cannot afford the transportation there and back because NYSC took all that money from me. If anything else happens I certainly intend to give updates on this situation.

I have saved each and every email I sent and received in regards to this situation and I have phone records available on my various calls to Town Sports International seeking to resolve this situation. Also, it may be of interest to peruse this web site, which has other customer stories- I wish I had checked this before joining.

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Reviewed Sept. 10, 2013

They hire sales people to hustle you and outright lie making promises they cannot keep. Had I not asked to see paper work, they would've had me on a one year contract, I clearly asked for month to month. In addition they didn't allow me to cancel during the 10-day trial basis and said they would freeze my acct for $15/month. I told them I could not afford the $70/month due to my decrease in salary. The freeze for $15/month never happened. Of course, that was another lie. My card was charged $70 on top of the $50 the prior week. They will not refund me money and want to give me credit. This was their mistake. I need that $70. I couldn't even afford a Metro Card to get to work because they took me for all my money!

They have a sign outside the club stating last day of sale for the entire month! When I asked, why? After seeing this sign day after day, the shady sales guy said, "Oh that's bc we had so many people the night before that we had to run it another day to register everyone. 3 weeks later... same sign and I don't see many members which for me is the one and only good thing about this gym. It’s not crowded.

Janet who is the manager at this facility has yet to call me back after numerous attempts to reach her. She is always at a meeting and obviously can’t get on the phone for my promised refund. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had at a NYSC! It's no wonder they hire shady people, they are starving for customers!!! Bottom line there must be a way for me to get the money they clearly owe me for their mistake. Please help, this is very important!!!

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2013

I was a member in the West 94th street and Broadway location and I will never recommend anybody to this gym. Everyday I went in, there was always something broken or out of order and I put up with it for three and a half years. What finally did it for me was there was no towels one day and I thought that was nasty. You're better off going to Crunch Gym. Save your money. Don't bother.

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Reviewed Aug. 16, 2013

I cancelled my membership & personal training sessions. I was setup for automatic debit & upon cancelling they stated my card would not be charged. BULL. They charged me for the 2 following months, and tried to charge me again but I cancelled the card. I’ve had more than 15 calls into the GM and he states he’s sent emails (which he showed me, not that it comforts me) to Corporate HQ requesting my credit, but more than this hands are tied. It’s been 3 months, nothing been & NYSC owes me over $700. FYI: It’s the gym in NYC 48 St. & Broadway.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2013

Probably the most misleading people! They tell you one thing, then the contract says something completely different. If you’re planning to join make sure you read every word before signing!!! I wanted a personal trainer for just one month and asked the guy multiple times if it was a one month fee and he assured me! This month I see another charge!!! Anyone have any good suggestions on what I should do? Thanks.

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Reviewed July 4, 2013

I have been very frustrated and dealing with a lot of issues. If one needs any help with any issue, there is none available - neither at the front desk nor at the manager level. On an average, I have to wait for around 20-30 minutes to meet somebody. Since I was moving from New York for good, I cancelled my personal training membership. I also wanted to transfer my gym membership to my husband. After trying for around a month, I realized that it is the most difficult thing on this Earth. They said it is very easy, they’ll call us, but never happened.

When we personally met them, they said that they cannot transfer the membership (God knows for what). I told him if they cannot, then cancel it. I also told him that I will not pay for next month's fee. They PROMISED that they will get back to us. OF COURSE they never did. And I was charged $128 for I don’t know what. I tried calling them but as EXPECTED, none of them were available. I feel they are highly unprofessional and I was mentally and financially harassed. Customer service is almost negligible. I am willing to speak to higher authorities or their supervisors, but I have no patience to deal with the staff at FOREST Hills. Who would be the best person to deal with this?

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Reviewed June 13, 2013

My wife and I were members for almost two years. Then we moved. Went to cancel membership. Couldn't do it at the club at which we were members. They said it must be done over the phone. We called and they said we would be charged for one more month. Argued to no avail. My wife's account is still being charged a year later. It's as if they make it as difficult as possible to quit just to be annoying. When we joined, we were warned they use a lot of shenanigans when it comes to fees. Should have listened. Contacted them many times by email and phone, but we are still being charged. I know many other people who have the same problem. To me, this amounts to theft. To hire a lawyer would be wasting money, since the fee would cover the amount recovered.

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Reviewed June 12, 2013

They suck big time. I got my membership in May 2012 but stopped using it after 6 months because I moved to a building with the gym in it. I froze my membership since then and when my contract was up last month, they said I still have to pay $150 cancellation fee because I didn't fully use the whole year term. What the hell. I could've cancelled it 6 months ago. They should've explained me that when I called to freeze it. All they care about is how to collect money.

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Reviewed June 2, 2013

I filed a civil lawsuit against NYSC when Housekeeping cut my lock off my locker so the perp could rob my personal belongings. Judge awarded me $825 and they have refused to pay as of yet. What I need is their banking info so the Sheriff's Office can put a freeze on their account. Can anyone help?

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Reviewed May 26, 2013

I received my credit card statement and noticed there was an additional charge of $145 posted on 5/1/2013. I immediately called the club where the charge originated and spoke with a manager for 25 minutes. He tried very hard to figure out why the person took it upon themselves to charge my credit card without any written or verbal authorization. At the end of the conversation, I was expecting an offer to refund my account. It never happened, so therefore, I immediately contacted my credit card company and they took immediate action. Oh, the 800 customer service number is a joke. No matter what time of day you call, it is on rare occasion that they answer.

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Reviewed May 22, 2013

I purchased a deal for a one-month trial to New York Sport Club (NYSC). On March 29, 2013, I went to NYSC branch on 76th Street in Manhattan (349 East 76th Street, New York, NY 10021) to redeem it and talked to 88. He told me NYSC would not honor the deal I had because I was not local and did not have a NYC address on my ID. He convinced me that if I paid $27.99, I could have the free month trial without signing a membership.

On April 16th, I noticed that in my credit card statement, there were two charges, one of $27.99 and another one of $89.99. I also realized I never got a receipt from him with a description of my transaction. On April 17th, I went to talk to **. He said that what I had signed up was that on the 13th month of membership, I will have a month free and again, he assured me that I was not in a contract. When I asked for a receipt, he said he could not give me one.

When I went home that day, I extensively checked the fine prints of my Livingsocial deal and of the NYSC website and could not find anywhere the condition that I had to be local (from NYC) for NYSC to accept the deal. On April 18th, I went again and talked to the General Manager, Ms. **. She heard my complaints and agreed that the reasons that ** gave me for not honoring the deal were not reasonable and that he should have accepted the deal I had already purchased. She also noticed in my account that ** had signed me up for a membership without my consent. I talked to her and got to the verbal agreement that they will use the $89.99 as a credit for me to use the gym in May and that I could cancel the contract I had with them at any time in May.

Again I asked for a receipt and she could not give me one. I went again on April 24 to follow up on my complaint and to ask for a receipt. This time, I talked to Ms. ** and Ms. **. Ms. ** said she had emailed her boss and had not heard back. Again, I was not able to obtain a receipt this time either. On April 30th, I called (212-288-5700) Ms. ** for a follow up. She said she had not heard anything back so I told her I wanted to cancel my membership to the gym. She replied by asking why and after my reasons, she said that it will take 24 to 48 hours for me to hear back from her with a confirmation.

On May 2nd and May 7th, I emailed her back because I had not heard from her but did not get a reply back. On May 14th, I went to the gym and talked to Ms. ** and she assured me that my contract with the gym will be cancelled and that my credit card will not be charged again. However, she checked my account and the fraudulent contract was still in my account. She emailed Ms. ** (using a different email address than the one I had for her), Mr. **, and CCed me in it, regarding my request.

A week later, I have not heard back from them. A gym trial that was meant to cost me just $24 has cost me $142, a lot of stress and a waste of my time. Right now, I am worried they will charge my credit card for the months that remain in the fraudulent contract.

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Reviewed May 13, 2013

If I could give this gym no stars, I 100% would. Horrible customer service. Charges credit cards without authorization (papers signed) and then takes 1 week to speak to someone, and then probably another two weeks to get my money back (still have not gotten it back FYI). Personal training is a joke. I had a shoulder injury for about 2 weeks after my inexperienced trainer had me at the wrong height for 2 entire reps of 10. It wasn't until I said "should this chair be higher" did he realize it was wrong. The facility itself is little to be desired. They would rather spend their money on their lobby renovations where the receptionist sits than where their clients actually work out. Go elsewhere if possible.

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Reviewed May 3, 2013

I was told when I joined on 1/1/13 that due to a special no fees, we're going to be charged until March. In fact, I was charged on Jan. 9, 2013. "Corporate wouldn't allow" was the excuse. My daughter hired an NYSC personal trainer who misinstructed her and started her with a too heavy weight, causing a herniated disc. No one knew what an incident report was. They wouldn't look into it and charged her the next month's trainer fees despite being informed; it goes on and on. I was told after joining that managerial corruption was rampant in the Garnerville, NY gym. No kidding! I contacted customer support by email, no answer. I called a number of times and it seems only 1 complaint at a time can be handled. I hired an attorney who said it is hard to win a lawsuit against NYSC, so be forewarned. I have spoken with others with similar experiences. You can be hurt through the gym employee's incompetence and negligence and have no recourse.

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Reviewed April 22, 2013

I was a member of NYSC for a little over two years and never once did I say great customer service. The spin classes were good and the machines were available most of the time, but that's not the only thing customers should expect when going to the gym. The staff was always awkward and not friendly, usually trying to up-sell you if they could. You would think after being a member for so long, you would at least appreciate the customer for their business. When I cancelled the membership because I was moving to a new home, I was told I would only need a few business days to process the request. Not really. Try 30 days!

After being a peaceful paying client for 2 years, they still wanted to get another payment out of me. I, of course, complained to customer service so they waived 15 days. Really, I still need to pay half and be punished because their associates gave me the wrong information? I'll settle for the fee and never go there again.

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Reviewed April 18, 2013

Not only was this the worst experience of my gym career, I would never recommend this gym to anyone. Where do I begin? I've seen machines broken and left unfixed for weeks. As a person who loves playing basketball, the court has been flooded if it snows or rains; the hardwood floor has been warped and now has dead spots from the water damage. The nets are always broken if there are nets. They supply you with deflated ripped balls; 1 rim is always less than 10 ft. which creates an issue playing full court. Forget about trying to escape this gym once you signed. I am still currently an unhappy member and wouldn't bring this upon my worst enemy.

How all of this is left unfixed is beyond me! You speak with any person in the gym, they all will tell you to run far away from the contract. The membership fee keeps rising as the gym keeps getting worse. It's $55 for a decaying NYSC gym or $40 for LA membership where you can go to any of them on the island? The answer is clear.

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Reviewed April 9, 2013

I signed up for a 12-month membership last January 2012. At the end of the 12 months, I no longer wanted to remain a member so I called them in December to make them aware of my intentions. I was told that I can't. Give them 30 days notice until the final day of my 12-month membership, which effectively means I'm charged another month, making it an actual 13-month membership. When I went into my club to take care of this, the manager Chris (from here on referred to as moron. Scarsdale, NY location) took care of the paperwork and I was on my way. I just happened to look into my bank account today (April 9) to find out I had been charged for March and April.

I called the club and was told by the manager (Sasha) that my cancellation was incorrectly processed. When I inquired what that meant, I was told that the other manager, moron, never processed the paperwork. Further, I was told I had to pay a $20.78 fee to cancel my account. Seriously, what the **? God only knows if I'll see my money refunded to my account. ** NYSC!

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Reviewed March 26, 2013

The NYSC uses misleading contracts; and behind your back, when you think your membership has been cancelled, they continue to charge. That is what happened to me. They continued to charge almost $1,000 to my credit card for a year. I would like to contact the bank they do business with (I went to the NYSC in Bronxdale, NY) and write to them. I don't know if that would help in getting my money back, but I have nothing to lose. Does anyone by any chance know which bank(s) they do business with? I will certainly appreciate this information!

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Reviewed March 14, 2013

This gym charged me wrong so I requested a refund. Here I am waiting since Jan. They owe me $210 and keep on telling me to wait 3 weeks every month. I don’t know what might have happened if I haven’t figured this out soon. I have seen some people stolen by as much as $3000.

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Reviewed March 13, 2013

I have been a member of NYC Sports Club in Rego Park for a couple of years. During this time, I am routinely forced to alter my workouts due to broken machines that are not fixed for long periods of time. Recently, the TV for the cardio machines only receives 2 or 3 channels (used to be several) and the channel selector does not work properly (if you press channel 7 you actually get 9). Also recently, the music is played very loud, so loud that in certain parts of the gym you feel like being at a concert or a club. Music should be in the background and not interfere with the quality of your workout or overpower my headphones. I pay $71.50 per month and the price has gone up from when I started but the gym is not getting any better, actually quite the opposite. I feel that if things do not improve, I may be forced to look for alternatives. Thank you.

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Reviewed March 1, 2013

I'm a NYU foreigner student. When I arrived in NY, I thought that it would be a great idea to become an NYSC member. The first time that I went there, one staff member offered me one week free. But in order to get this pass, I needed to leave my credit card number and my ID. At that moment, it seemed not a big problem at all, since I was really interested about becoming a member. My first day was horrible - lack of staff, the equipment was dirty and so on. I did not even work out and I went to talk with the same guy that helped the other day. He told me that since I hadn't signed any contract, no charges would be made.

I'm not from the USA, so my billing address is my home country address. I went back home for holidays and when I checked my credit card statement, I saw that NYSC has been charging me since August 2012 for a service that I've never used! It's up to 3 months now and until now they hadn't refunded me yet! The manager comes up with lousy excuses; I need to call 4 times per day to talk to her and she never replies to my messages. I'm completely disappointed! This is misappropriation! I foresee that I'll leave this country without the $1,000.00 that NYSC wrongly charged me.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2013

Because of many factors (I had a car accident, the gym is 22 miles away from where I live, the price of gas, etc.), I decided to have a month-to month membership. I pay with a credit card where I need a receipt, and I must sign (required by my credit card because of identity theft). However, they had another card on file and kept double charging me. When I cancelled the other card, they threaten to charge me $6 for monthly transactions if I don't leave a credit card on file with them. However, when I did, they made many mistakes and overcharged me many times. They also charged me a $29 fee to guarantee the price. I don't need that. That is theft. If the price is too high, I will stop going. They are not a bank to have free access to my accounts. I want to be able to have control over what I'm being charged, and this is why I cannot give them free access to my bank account or my credit card.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2013

I cancelled my membership a month ago after my favorite instructor moved gyms. I cancelled with the manager Marta at the union square location. The staff is so rude and incompetent that I called every week just to make sure that I would be cancelled on the agreed upon date, and Marta never returned my call. Sure enough, my credit card has been charged the full amount although I have cancelled. When I called, the rude staff member told me they were having a manager transition and no one could help me. They are thieves and liars. Do not use them.

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Maria increased rating by 4 stars.
After a positive interaction with New York Sports Club, Maria increased their star rating on June 1, 2013.

Updated review: June 1, 2013

The new manager contacted us to resolve the matter. She was extremely professional about the whole thing (which gained back our business again ). Very satisfied as to the level of customer care shown by the new administration.

Original Review: Jan. 18, 2013

Please do not become a member. My husband and I are both teachers. Last July, we wanted to join a gym. We were sold a membership by someone called Andrew at the St. James branch. He said to open a regular membership and then before the end of August, to ask for a downgrade to a teacher membership ($29). We did so and sent in the documents they requested. To our surprise, they begun charging us the regular price, not the one we were told.

After calling several times and going to the gym in person to solve the issue (by the way, in order to be seen by someone we had to tell them that we wanted to open a membership), we have been told to suck it up and that we need to continue to pay almost $60 each until July 2013 or pay a fee of $150 to leave them. The person who sold us our memberships no longer works there. I feel we have been cheated. Do these people work on commission? Do they need to lie to get new members? I wonder if we are the only ones that have been tricked this way! I will advise everyone I know to never do business with them. They are just not ethical.

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2013

I joined NYSC in January 2012 and was charged $49/month for membership. I never ever used the facility. I decided to end my membership and did so as required in person one full month before the contract year was up. The staff person who worked on my cancellation told me that my last payment would be $4.90. After the membership was ended and the $4.90 was paid, NYSC deducted another $29 from my credit card. When I called them, they told me that it was an additional fee they had to charge and that it was explained in the fine print. That was news to me and very sneaky on their part. Do not join the New York Sports Club; they are not consumer oriented at all and lie about their fees.

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2013

Me and my friend have purchased the trial passport for $49 each. When we came to the sport club in October, the manager offered us to exchange the trial passport to the annual membership with the following conditions: 1) contract for 1 year; 2) $79/month; 3) $49 for the trial passport would be returned back to the credit card; 4) the first charge would be in December. We have a lot of expectations to take care of our health.

What we got finally: a) no return for the trial passport; 2) double charge for October; 3) the charge for November; 4) late payment fee for November when the first charge must have been in December; 4) rate-lock fee of $39 that was not mentioned before the contract signing; 5) cancellation fee applied to the account when no cancellation was not requested. A lot of health was lost during nervous conversations with the management. Don't do business with New York Sport Club, Town Sports International.

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2013

The canceling of my account has been painful and extremely time consuming. The two phone numbers provided to me by my local gym to contact member services brings you to a busy signal 99% of the time. If you do get through, you get an automated service and then placed on hold. To get to the correct department to cancel, it took over 45 minutes of waiting on hold. Twice I called on another phone and tried selecting "new membership" from the automated service. Interesting that both calls were answered within the first 5 minutes. The first call tried transferring me and failed because of a busy signal. On her second attempt to transfer me, I got disconnected.

The second call to the "new membership" department also tried transferring me. However, because of a busy signal, was unable to transfer as well. I asked to speak to a manager or another department that could assist. Her response, "Sorry, I am going to disconnect from you now." As I'm responding, "Are you serious?" I get hung up on. Another call, I waited for 50 minutes on hold and I finally got to the correct department to cancel. The representative first stated that I owed for the whole month of January, plus a rate lock fee. I have been trying to cancel for over a month and refused to pay for services I would not use. Finally, she agreed for me to pay just up to the day of today's call. If I hadn't complained, they would have made money from their inability to answer the phone.

It shouldn't take over 20 calls in the span of over a month to get through. I'm home sick today and was able to sit listening to crappy music for a couple of hours. But who has time to do that normally? Why should I have to? Especially when the times to call are during the work week with no extended hours. If I wanted to set up a new membership, I would have gotten assistance a lot faster. I canceled my membership because of a move. But after dealing with the horrible customer service, ridiculous phone waits and unprofessional staff, I would never choose this gym to sign up with again. Sitting on the phone as I write this for 16 minutes so far to log a formal complaint. How long before you think I might get to a representative? Ha!

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2013

I joined for a trial membership with NY Sports Club 2 weeks ago wherein they charged my credit card $120 and was told that if I contacted them by January 13th, I could cancel my trial membership and not be held to a contract for a year. The salesperson, Natasha, had no problem charging my card and taking the time with me, but on January 13th at 1:00 pm, when I called to cancel my trial membership, no one was available to assist me. I called all day 4 more times and was told she would get back to me. I explained this was the deadline to cancel and I needed to speak to someone. Again, the receptionist told me Natasha would call me back.

Five hours later at 5:30 pm, the receptionist told me sorry, but no one is available to help me and she is unable to interrupt anyone and they are about to go home. At this point, I had to get in my car, leave my family for dinner, and drive to the Sports Club to find someone to cancel my trial membership. I was so angry and disappointed in how they treat their customers. Upon arrival, the manager assisted me with a very condescending tone. I am not one to complain or become that angry but I find that behavior unacceptable and I will only have negative things to say about that experience.

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2013

I'm trying to cancel a contract. I put the account on hold and then tried to cancel. You can't get anyone on the phone. I've spent hours on hold. There is no provision to solve the problem online. They are great when they take your money, but try to stop. Don't bother trying to solve the problem at the club. They can only take your money. What they have consistently done is bill my credit card account.

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2013

I interned in Astoria, Queens over the summer and decided to enroll at NYSC. I specifically told Don, the sales rep, that I would like to enroll in the most cost-efficient membership that would last from June-August, which was the length of my internship. He proceeded to offer me a membership which I agreed with and took. In order to cancel in August, I was told I had to provide proof that I was moving and bring it in before I left Queens. All was well during my two months and on my last day in Astoria, I personally handed Don my proof-of-move.

Fast forward three months later, I hadn't stepped foot in NYSC because I'm 400 miles away at college and I got charged $279 out of the blue. I called the Astoria NYSC to speak with Don who assured me that it was a blimp in the system and that he would call me back the next day to refund my money. I received no such call, so I decided to call Member Services. The lady required me to send additional information (lease contract, receipts, etc.), all of which I sent to her. Since she had received my information, I was told to expect my refund in 2 weeks’ time.

It has been almost 3 weeks since speaking to her and 2 months since this whole ordeal started. What type of business is this? I was told my membership would be cancelled in August and, out of the blue, I was charged $279. I provided them with all the information to prove that I had moved and still have not received a refund. This is no different than someone stealing from your pocket.

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2013

Where do I begin? It's best to take it point by point. First, the staff is rude. The only time I ever hear "Enjoy your workout" or "Have a good day" is if a manager is standing in the vicinity of the front desk. Otherwise, they can barely tear themselves away from their cell phones to scan my ID card. Second, the men's locker/sink/shower area is a pigsty especially on weekends. There's no toilet paper in the stalls, toilets that look like they haven't been cleaned in days and towels piled up to the ceiling. Third, sex in the men's steam/sauna. Members don't care. They'll ** right in front of you whether you're into it or not. That whole area needs to be monitored, and if anything looks suspicious, it should be shut down for the remainder of the day. Check “Men's Missed Connections” on Craigslist. Every other post is about men who have had sex in NYS(ex)Cs looking to reconnect.

Fourth, shower curtains that are worn, torn and don't close all the way, so that encourages sex and jo in the showers. Fifth, former trainers who are allowed into the club without a membership and hog up the machines. One of them screamed at me when I tried to use a bench that he was using (even though he was about 10 feet away on another bench and there was no towel or any indication that someone was working there). I know for a fact that he is not a member because I heard him mention it to one of the trainers. Sixth, I have been a member for 16 years. I pay $98/month. I have friends who joined in the last 5 years or so and they pay anywhere from $60-75/month.

When I questioned one of the NYSC membership reps, I was told the only way I could bring my membership down (by $10) was to pay the full year in advance. I declined because I still have dreams of joining Equinox and don't want to commit myself fully to NYSC. Finally, the club sometimes opens late on weekends and the person responsible never so much as offers a good morning or any apology when she finally shows up. So why do I continue working out there? Simple. The place has gone so far downhill over the past decade that it's relatively empty except for peak hours. And I hate crowds.

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Reviewed Jan. 3, 2013

This January, two extra charges appeared on my credit card for the equivalent of a regular membership fee. We do not even have the regular membership. We have one teacher membership and one student membership. When I went to call the corporate billing department, the line was not only busy, it hung up on me. I tried three times. I called the club itself hoping to find the Sales Manager who sold me the membership. I was told that they were not available. I asked to speak to someone regarding these charges.

The receptionist tried to assist me and explained that these are onetime fees charged to everyone to avoid a "rate hike". She said that everyone has the same question. I find it miserable that there was nobody in Sales to be connected to and that the Corporate office does not have a proper hotline for this despicable practice. I have been a customer for years in the club. Perhaps I never noticed this charge before this year. But I am livid! I need a human being in Sales or a manager and I simply want this charge removed for both me and my daughter.

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Reviewed Jan. 1, 2013

I signed up for a membership on December 11, 2012 with Frank at the Broadway facility. Frank told me that they were having a promotion that would only be available until that day, which was not $0 for December but $78 ($29 initiation fee and $49 processing fee). It was my first time signing up for a gym, so I didn't know the lies and gimmicks they use to lure you in. I signed up for a one-year contract. On December 20th, I went to speak with Frank as I wanted to cancel the membership (before the 10-day deadline). He sent me to speak with the assistant general manager, Ms. **, which I did. And although I was very clear in wanting to cancel my membership, she sweet-talked my ear and gave me incentives to keep the membership as she wasn't sure the promotion was going to be offered again. She downgraded my account to a month to month and said that I didn't have to pay for January. I only agreed to try it out as she stated I wouldn't get charged if I changed my mind and I did it before the end of the year.

I emailed her on December 28th informing her I wanted to cancel my account but received no reply. I called today, December 31st, and was given the runaround. The customer service operator, Kathleen, was a rude, condescending ** and didn't help me at all. I went to the club, spoke to Ms. ** and she said that the system was down and she was going to the Wall Street Club and she would cancel my membership and I wouldn't get charged. I get a vm at 7:54pm stating that she cancelled membership but I had to pay $127; otherwise, I would have to deal with collections when I was told I wouldn't have to pay anything. I emailed her explaining the situation, but of course, no replies. I feel so duped and I need help dealing with them and reporting them to Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. Can anybody please advise? They should go to jail for misleading people.

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Reviewed Dec. 31, 2012

I signed up for NYSC well over a year ago for a one-year contract. During this period, because I left the country multiple times, I opted for freeze membership for some of the months in this year. During freeze membership, I was charged $15 per month instead of the usual $49. However, I was not once told that the months my account is frozen do not count towards my contract (even though NYSC still charges me a fee for each of those frozen months!). So, when I cancelled my membership after over one year, I was still charged an early termination fee of $150 even though I have been a member for over one year. NYSC claims that this policy is conveyed to customers; however, I am 100% sure no one ever made me aware of this policy.

Charging a hefty early termination fee to someone who signed up for a one-year contract and wanted to cancel their membership after the one-year mark has passed is unfair business practice. Be warned that NYSC loves to squeeze in hidden charges to their customers and takes absolutely no accountability for not making these clear to their customers. In addition, the club is overpriced and lacks decent customer service.

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Reviewed Dec. 4, 2012

Spare yourself from a sports club that has no shame in taking your money. My daughter was misinformed by the manager on duty and unfortunately, signed the club membership contract. It's the beginning of a long nightmare. She was told about a student month-to-month membership since the university that she attends is 200 miles from home. All she wanted was the availability of the club during the summer and off months when she's home. Little did she know that she is being charged monthly in her absence. Yes, the charges are under my bill. NYSC wants nothing to do with me since my daughter is the member and continues to put through charges. My daughter tried to cancel the membership, but they put her account on "freeze" and charges another monthly charge.

We are still in the process of ending this nightmare with NYSC. No one in the NYSC organization has any good intention to help, but only more ways to come up with additional charges. The NYSC corporate office is a total waste of time to deal with. They are rude and keep digging for more money. Stay away from NYSC at all cost!

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2012

The customer service here is so bad. It’s not fair the way they treat people (once they are already stuck in the 1-year contract, of course). I was given so much wrong and misleading information. Before I tell you the story, I'd like to warn future members that you will be treated badly by the member services and that they do not appreciate or value their current members. It’s really upsetting.

I wanted to freeze my account for the month of December because I really needed the money for Christmas shopping, plus I was going to be traveling a lot anyway. I had to call them three times. All three times, the girl answering the phone sent me to someone's voice mail. The girl answering the phone never told me I'd have to come in person to freeze my account or that I could do it online. I ended up leaving two detailed messages to call me back if there were any problems. I’m a busy person myself and could not keep calling more than that. I expected after two voice mails, they should get back to me.

No callback, but sure enough, there was the $80 charge for the month of December. I called up customer service (on Monday, Dec. 3), and they were so rude to me! They said they would not credit my account. They said it was my fault because I did not complete the freeze correctly, that I would have had to come in to the gym to do this. Nobody ever told me that after all the multiples times I had called. They just disregarded me and passed off my call to someone’s voice mail. If some competent employee at the gym could have told me to just come in or that I could do it online, or would have at the least gave me a call back, then this never would have happened. Now all of a sudden, it’s all my fault and they will not credit my account.

I would have been less upset if the member services person I was speaking to was nice to me, but the girl Kathleen ** was so mean and rude. I expect more from a quality gym like NYSC. It’s too bad because I really like the gym, but it sucks that they don’t value you at all as a member and that the employees are incompetent.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2012

NYSC offered me a free month for enrolling with a friend. After I enrolled, they charged me for the month of November, which was supposed to be free. I called them, and Frank (who is the person with whom I opened my membership) told me not to worry, that payment would be used for the month of December. Today, I got an email from my bank letting me know they took $30 over fee of my saving because I didn't have enough money for NYSC monthly payment, which I wasn't supposed to be charged for. Now, I called the "manager", and he told me to call an 800 number and see what they can do for me (?). I asked him about the $30 I lost because they didn't do their job, and he said, “It’s not our fault that you didn't have enough money on your checking." What?!

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2012

I used to be a member a few years ago, and had to cancel my membership since I moved. I canceled my membership via phone, and I found out a few months later they were still charging me. I called them and they said that I had to go to one of their gyms in person to cancel my membership. Fortunately, I could still do that in person, but what if I had moved overseas and it was inaccessible to me?

They refused to honor my Groupon for a trial membership for 30 days, since I had already been a trial member for 3 days. One of my friends, who was a member, gave me a guest pass. Nowhere on the Groupon fine print does it say this. I've since contacted Groupon and an NYSC associate, and got no response from either. The people are the worst. Every NYSC employee I've encountered is bored, unfriendly, and chats away at the front desk while people are lined up to ask questions.

I returned mainly to try the Zumba classes, and while some instructors are good, I had an instructor at the Irving Plaza 7 PM Zumba class tell me not to watch her (because it made her feel nervous), and kept checking her Facebook in between songs (the songs are 5 min long and class is an hour long). If you are going to be neurotic and self-obsessed, maybe you shouldn't become a Zumba teacher. I've had a few Zumba teachers though, who are good, and this was my 2nd Zumba experience. But if it were my first one, I'd definitely stay away.

I've already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I encourage everyone to do the same if you have issues!

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2012

It happened at 42nd St., Grand Central station Medlife Building. One of the NYSC instructors shouted at me in front of everybody just because I was late in class. This was embarrassing and she did humiliate me in front of everybody. She overreacted and she was extremely rude. She had a nervous breakdown and she yelled like crazy. I felt like I am in the army and I’m her soldier and I did something wrong and put everybody’s life in danger. So she got mad and humiliated me in front of everybody. After I complained about her to the location manager, she said that I was the one who did start the argument and yelled at her.

She is a good liar. NYSC is not an army; it is not a school; it is just a basic sport club and we are paying money to get a good service and get some relaxation at the gym. However, since the beginning of my membership, I have never been treated as a customer. I am a well-educated, high-class woman and the thing that happened at that class was very dishonorable. I don’t know what I have to do, but I know I am so mad and very upset. Whatever happens in the class, instructors have to solve the problems; they don’t have any right to yell at or humiliate their customer. Before everything else, I am their customer. I did not deserve that attitude.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2012

My husband and I both canceled our gym memberships together in writing on the same day. Two months later, I find out that they sent me to their illegal billing collectors. Then, I noticed that they had been continuing to charge my account since we canceled our memberships. I have disputed this and am still in the processes. They only allow credit card for payment and you cannot do anything to dispute this in person. You are put on hold for hours and have no resolution unless you call right when they open at 8 am. I am sending information to the attorney general of CT. If anyone would like to help me in this fight against NYSC, please contact me. Also, if anyone has a lawyer friend that would like to get involved for free karma, that would be great. These people need to be run out of business.

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2012

I was emailed a free one month membership for a family member because once again my membership dues increased. When I tried to bring my 14-year-old daughter for the month of August, I was told that in order to use free month pass, the person must be 18 years old; however, I could sign her up for a paid membership. I spoke to the gym manager through the club membership service phone line. I explained that nowhere in the email or on the free month pass I printed out is it stated that there is an age requirement. I wrote a complaint online and still have not heard from anyone. This is false advertisement!

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Reviewed July 6, 2012

My husband and I were fairly happy users of the Hartsdale facility. We joined in order to participate in Zumba and other classes; unfortunately, the classes became increasingly successful and dangerously overcrowded. We decided to cancel the membership by calling the customer service number where the direction indicated to press # whatever to talk about membership cancellation. After calling repeatedly and getting no answer, my husband finally prevailed after the phone rang for more than 20 minutes. Then he was told the cancellation had to be in writing! You can enroll in the gym, no problem, at the facility. Try to cancel and you will get a runaround like you would not believe. I'm still trying to cancel.

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Reviewed May 19, 2012

Do not join this gym! Bottom line, if they owe you money, it takes forever to get it. I have been waiting for $400 for months and months. There's no way to contact the accounts payable department for the status. Every call goes through customer service and they cannot even tell you when your refund is being paid. They have to send an inquiry to their accounting department and wait days for a response. NYSC takes the monthly fee automatically from my checking account but the refund process is a manual process and they will only send you a check, which should take 14 to 21 days from approval (already way too long) and I have been waiting 28 days with no refund so far after months of contacting everyone under the sun to even get them to acknowledge they owe me money and approve it for payment. There are better gyms out there that are cheaper and are customer service oriented. This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had (and I'm no spring chicken!).

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Reviewed April 3, 2012

I'm very disappointed with Town Sports International (NYSC) because I have been a loyal member for over two years paying the high price of $73.95 as part of the initial one year contract signed in 2010. I continue to pay the price of $73.95 while others I know pay the discounted price for $45 for the same services that I receive. When I contacted Town Sports International, they stated that they can't lower my monthly rate, which I find very ridiculous especially after I found the discount they submitted in Groupon.

The reason I first requested to cancel services was to lower the monthly rate of my passport package as I have been an active member for two years, paying the rate of $73.95 a month. Today I see a promotion in Groupon for $24 for a passport membership that is at a $49 value. How is it that the passport membership is published at $49, yet my same membership is at $73.95 and it cannot be lowered? Lies after lies, I find that to be preposterous.

I am requesting that my monthly membership be lowered at the $49 rate or else I will be forced to voice my issue on the social networking tools at my disposal as well as the NYS PSC (New York State Public Service Commission). I have yet to receive a response from them. How can they offer the same package I have for the "original value" of $49 yet I pay $73.95 a month and they state they can't lower the price?

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Reviewed March 16, 2012

The New York Sports Club at 124th Street and 8th Avenue in Harlem, which I have belonged to since it has opened, has its uphill gone downhill. The locker rooms are loaded with towels and bottles left on the floor. Other members blast music from radios in the locker room and the staff will not tell them to stop, but the worst has been closing down the steam room and sauna at 7pm and not open it at all on the weekends. The explanation they give is, people can't behave in the steam room - not my problem. I work late so I get there late. I want to use the steam room when I finish working out.

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Reviewed March 15, 2012

I've been a victim of a fraudulent business practice by this establishment. In September of 2008, I signed up for a 12-month student discounted membership at the local branch of the New York Sports Club on East 23rd Street.

Nine months into the membership, in May of 2009, I informed the club that I would not be in the city for the next couple of months since the school year had finished and so they presented me with the option of freezing my account. I did this with the understanding that I could unfreeze the account at a future date. What I was not told was that the company would unfreeze my account on their own without notifying me, and begin charging my regular monthly fee of $76.49 from my checking account.

What I was also not told when I signed my initial contract was that after the initial 12 months of my membership, the account would revert to a monthly membership until my cancellation. Since I was overall dissatisfied with the service at the gym and since I felt I was overcharged for my membership to begin with, I saw no reason to unfreeze my account. Only last Sunday, March 11, 2012, did I realize that New York Sports Club had continued charging my account every month. In the last 31 months since the club unfroze my account without notifying me, they have extracted $2371.19.

I have not used a NYSC gym in that period of time, nor have I received any form of contact or evidence from the club (aside from the monthly charges on my debit card statements) that I was still a member there. Since you have to scan a membership card every time you use an NYSC gym, my usage reports show that I haven't set foot in one in this span of time. Predictably, the company denies any wrongdoing and their offers are a refund of 2 months of charges!

I'm enraged and I'm in the process of filing complaints with the Bureau of Better Business as well as the New York State Consumer Protection Board, and the Attorney General's website. If you or anyone you know is a member of NYSC, please have them contact me as I am making a petition of active members to show this company that its members will not stand for these deceitful business practices which include exploiting college students with the fine print in their contracts.

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Reviewed March 13, 2012

I signed up for the 30 for thirty days deal. I usually use the gym where I work and study (I am a pre-pharmacy student), but it was closed for one month so I went to NYSC to inquire about a deal that they may have for someone in my position. I was told that I would be signing up for the 30 for thirty days deal, but was told that they need to have a credit card on file in order to sign me up. I specifically asked to be signed up for only one month and explained my one month situation. This was confirmed by the really friendly woman who signed me up. Then a few days after I returned to my old gym, I saw that my credit card was charged $80. I went back to clear this up. I was apologized to and told that the money would be credited back to my account. I waited two weeks and I wasn't refunded. I went back there three more times, each time assured that it will be taken care of. It has now been almost two months!

I called their corporate office and a woman condescendingly explained to me over the phone that nothing was processed incorrectly. I told her the exact details of the cash transaction that I made and exactly what I was told by the employee who signed me up. I also told this woman that I had repeatedly been assured that no further charges would be made to my account. Her response was that she could not verify the verbal agreement made between me and the person who signed me up. At this point, it seems to me that they say whatever they can to lure you in, even lying until they obtain your cc information. It's also possible that they just need to better educate their employees on their policies, a case for which I should not have been penalized with 80 dollars.

The most she was willing to do was to connect me back to this gym to clear this up, when the only reason why I called the corporate office was because I had already communicated with them about four times. I also did not plan on returning to this gym because on many occasions, the male employees gawked at me while I worked out which made me really uncomfortable (also, perhaps it's necessary to say that I'm not one of those women who dress inappropriately at the gym). Nobody likes to be stared at after running for an hour.

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Reviewed March 8, 2012

Their billing center didn’t update my account when I got a new CC, resulting in late payments and late fees for 3 months (I didn’t t realize my new CC was not charged, but I was never contacted by the gym, they just got denied access one day). Since I didn't want to cancel my membership, I agreed/negotiated to pay what I owed and a few charges to regain access to the gym. Since I am being overcharged, fees keep adding up, and despite many complaints and promises, my account will be back on track, I haven’t been re-accredited ($200), I have been overcharged. I have an email from the billing center detailing the payments I have agreed to. I contacted the general manager. I haven’t heard back from him. He is hiding. I emailed and called the billing center, but when I hung up, it is as if I never called. They didn't respect the agreement for payment. I then filed a complaint with my bank. I don't want to cancel my card "in case" they decide to issue my refund or in case they accuse me of not respecting my one-year commitment, and it ends up on my credit report. I am angry it has been going on for 2 months.

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Reviewed Feb. 29, 2012

I received an email in early February notifying that there was a problem processing my CC for the monthly membership dues for NYSC. When I discussed this issue with the Assistant GM (name is Ashley), I was informed that the balance due reflected a back payment of two months of regular active membership ($89 x 2 = $178) and a late fee ($8). Dismayed at this information, I acknowledged that I spoke with Member Services in October and asked them to freeze my membership until at least March ($15 per month, big difference) since my job has prevented me from returning to NYC at all to use the facilities. Noting this, Ashley said she would be happy to take my updated CC information and clear up the confusion with Member Services, making sure my CC would be billed appropriately for the two months back payment of $15/ea, plus the upcoming month freeze (total $45 + late fee). She said she would be happy to contact me if there were any issues in getting this understanding approved by management.

Three days later, my bank assessed a charge from NYSC in the amount of $185. I was absolutely shocked and angered that this occurred and contacted Ashley immediately. She claimed that she wasn't aware that NYSC would immediately charge this amount and said "it was likely disapproved by her manager.” This contradicted her original claim that she would make sure if there were any issues before processing, she would notify me at once. That clearly never happened.

She supposedly went and spoke to the GM about this, returned and basically denied any wrongdoing in this matter, citing that they were allowed to charge me the $185. I did not accept this decision and demanded that the appropriate difference be refunded to my account ($125). Ashley agreed to request the refund from management and notify me when was processed.

Instead of honoring a bank refund (where the difference would be refunded to my Chase Checking Account), NYSC decided to refund the difference to my internal NYSC account and $125 was refunded and available for credit for upcoming dues billed after February 1st. This underhanded action caused me enormous frustration. After learning this, I demanded that the money be refunded back to my bank account. Ashley responded with "Sorry, we cannot do that, bank refunds can only be processed unless you cancel your membership." I couldn't believe I had to consider cancelling my membership as the only option. But knowing that they had $125 which I desperately needed, I had no choice but to request a cancellation, which would grant me the bank refund I demanded.

The initial call to NYSC took place on February 6. The $185 debit from my account went through on February 8th. It is now February 29th and I still have yet to receive my refund. According to NYSC, the cancellation went through on the 13th, and the refund request went through on the 14th. Ashley informed me that the bank refund would process between 2-4 business days. She was wrong. When Feb. 20 came around and the refund still hadn't been reflected in my account, she then apologized and said "sorry, it's really 2-4 weeks." At this point, it would be hard for anyone to imagine that I was not beyond frustrated and angered at this series of misinformation and underhanded activity.

I now had to demand that the refund be expedited. The debit of $185 compromised my Chase Bank Account, and all my other automated debits continued, causing my account to be overdrawn. I have since been assessed $50 in Overdraft and Extended Insufficient fees. Chase Bank agreed to honor a refund of these fees, but only once the $125 refund takes place. It has been over 11 days now. Numerous emails and phone calls have gone unanswered and unattended to, after a multitude of late responses "apologizing for the inconvenience".

I am currently awaiting a follow-up from Ashley in which she was awaiting the status of the refund from the General Manager. There have been many road blocks for me in being able to speak directly to the refund department. I have threatened to make this a larger consumer affairs issue and this is the first step. As a member for over 5 years, this has been a huge headache. I always enjoyed going to NYSC and I am very disappointed that its personnel handled this so carelessly, incorrectly, and with no sense of urgency in rectifying the matter.

I continue to wait until the money is back into my account. My bank is overdrawn by $62.02. I have other bills that will now be delayed as a result of this ordeal. It is my belief that the Asst. GM is the major cause of this error with her lack of attention and thoroughness in helping me with this problem. Additional responsibility falls onto the General Manager (whom I have been denied contact with) and the refund department (who I have also been told responds to email inquiries by NYSC personnel only). If there was a way to hasten this matter, I would have been allowed to contact the appropriate people directly and had my questions answered.

I hope they resolve this matter by the end of the week. In my opinion, if they were able to remove the money from my account within such a quick time period, they should be able to refund the money just as easily. My patience has officially worn out.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2012

Hello, I joined the NYSC Gym located in Princeton, NJ in January. Then, I had to move to NYC. I decided to cancel the contract. (The fella who helped me initiating the membership explained carefully about the process) In accordance to what he instructed me to do, within 10 days after I signed the contract, I came by the gym and said I'd like to make the cancellation as my new address in NYC and the gym will not work. The fella whose named Alan said, since he has no authority to go though the process, he is going to leave a memo to his boss then he added, the money (initiation+membership fee) should go back into my bank account soon. Before leaving his office, I was assured that everything is gonna be fine.

After I moved to the city, I went though the history of my bank transaction for February then I found out NYSC charged me for the February membership again and, I didn't get the refund either. I got a hold of a manager in Princeton NYSC and he said he will be in contact with me very shortly. Of course, I didn't hear back from him nor could I ever get a hold of him ever again for some stupid reason.

3 weeks ago, I emailed and rang the fella, Alan, and he said he will make sure his boss will give me a ring regarding this process and I was assured I've got nothing to worry about. However, since I'm a college student and living on my budget from the money my parents give me (unemployed), I was kinda going low on my budget. Since they owe me over a hundred something dollars for January and February membership, I asked him to pass it on to his boss. I rang Alan again after one week because the loser hasn't bothered to sort this problem out. The fella goes, even though he left a memo about it, his boss has been super busy.

Its been nearly a month since the problem occurred. To be precise, Its been 1 month and 2 weeks since I demanded a refund. What the ** has been up till now? Hence, despite the fact that I've been desperately getting a hold of the manager more than 5 times and never get to hear back from him? this is total nonsense. I'm actually raging over this ** at this point, I'm pretty sure they will charge me for another membership fee on the 1st march. Is there anything I can do at this stage? I don't live in Princeton nor do I have time to go there again, I never get to get a hold of the manager. Could you guys please help me about this situation? I'm very close to contacting consumers rights association. I'd highly appreciate your feedback.

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Reviewed Feb. 22, 2012

Excessive Late Opening During Business-The New York Sports Club on 115th Street and 5th Ave. has excessively late opening during business hours. On an average of 2 to 3 times per week, the club does not open until 2 hours later than it is supposed to. Members wait outside in the cold to get their workout in before work only to return home without a workout because the club fail to open during the schedule time. Despite members on-going complaints, the problem continues to happen all the time.

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Reviewed Feb. 22, 2012

My complained with the NYSC located on 72rd and 3rd avenue is with the trainer Tyrone. Besides him not being reliable and professional, he wanted money under the table instead of buying from the club. I wanted to set my schedule with him, but all he preferred was personal time with me. He wanted the money and instead, I got half ** sessions from him. I always had to chase him. He wanted to make time outside the gym, but in the gym was a different story.

I’m sure I’m not the only woman that has, is or will be going through this. I've helped him out with his personal situations expecting respect back, but he is very selfish. It’s been a while, but the more I thought about it, I needed to complain because I’m sure there are more women that are getting used for his personal gain. All he wants is a sexual experience.

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Reviewed Feb. 8, 2012

My husband and I have been members at the Clifton NYSC since it has opened about 3-4 years ago. Lately, it has become very unkept. There is so much dust on the floors. I know they vacuum because I have seen them; but it is still so dusty. I find my self sneezing a lot, and I know I don't have allergies. I think it is just so much dust around. They really do need to do a better job like moving the machines around if possible to get underneath. A lot of the equipment is physically following apart, and I found that there a number of machines that are broken and never get fixed.

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Reviewed Feb. 7, 2012

Today, I decided to write about the not so good conditions of the NYSC in Clifton, NJ (member number **). I have been a member for six years, and I have never had the need to write to you. However, today pushed me over the edge. To start, last Thursday, there were no towels in the entire gym. When I went today (Tuesday, 2/7) the four vertical bicycles were in various stages of disrepair and the monitors did not work for two of them. Then I went to the rear of the gym, where the weight lifting is done, and the entire floor was covered in dust balls! My allergies went berserk. Please have someone clean and repair the place ASAP. Please!

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2012

I have been a member of NY Sports Club for the past 10 years. Last week, I went to the gym and saw a sign that indicated there were new steam room hours that indicated the men's steam room and sauna was going to be closed on the weekends and at 7 pm on weekdays. I called NY Sports Customer Service and was informed that this was a decision made by the general manager and approved by the regional manager. They indicated that the new hours were a result of health concerns but could not specify what the health concerns were. They indicated that this was a final decision and that nothing can be done to reverse this decision. I rarely use the steam room but I would like the option of using it after 7 pm and on the weekends if I decide to use it. Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2012

I had been a member at NYSC for several years and when going through my divorce my membership expired and I did not renew immediately. After a few years I talked to a membership person and said I may be interested in rejoining. I never filled out any paperwork and did not sign any contracts but noticed fees on my credit card. I called my card and they reversed the charges and informed NYSC.

I thought everything was resolved. Now, I am getting calls from a collection agency saying that I signed up from June to October '10 and I owe them money. From the complaints I have read here, this seems to be a pattern. This company is to be avoided as their business tactics are deplorable. I have always had a stellar credit score, what happens to it now! I'm in on the class action! They should not be allowed to get away with defrauding people and ruining their credit.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2012

I paid for a trainer for one year, Roxanne ** at the NYSC Sheridan Square, and went twice a week. By the end of the year, I had had five injuries the last doing an exercise I was bullied into doing that I had tried to refuse to do. That injury left me with five months of PT and recovery. When I called in January 2011 to cancel my membership, they said they would put it on hold for me. Later I found out I pay $15 a month to be placed on hold. But, I didn't fight it.

Instead, I have taken NYSC to court to protest the poor level of training that left me in worse condition than when I started, and thousands of dollars poorer. These people sell dreams to gullible people. After about six months on hold, suddenly with no notice my credit card is billed at $61.25 cents a month, which is more than my dues were initially. Now I am fighting that. It is endless. NYSC is like the roach motel. Once you join, you can never get out.

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2012

I was robbed at NYSC on 76th and 1st. A woman broke into my locker - which was locked with a Masterlock padlock. She robbed two other women at the same time. She stole all of the money out of my wallet. The three of us called police, filed police reports, NYSC reports, etc. I was told I would be fully reimbursed for what was taken from me. This was a month ago. No one has bothered to return my phone calls or emails. I have called corporate almost every other day since the incident occurred. I can't get an answer from anyone. This is very aggravating and extremely unprofessional. I am going to cancel my membership when this month is over.

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Reviewed Jan. 2, 2012

I took a spin class in NYC Broadway.