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About TaxSlayer

TaxSlayer is a tax company that offers four tax preparation plans, including a free option for simple tax returns and paid options for more complex returns. Active military personnel can file their federal and state returns for free without restrictions. Each plan comes with some tax assistance, but the higher levels come with dedicated tax expert help.

    Pros & Cons

    • Free filing for military
    • 100% accuracy guarantee
    • Limited tax expert help

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about TaxSlayer?
      • 4,463,492 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Reviewed Feb. 15, 2023

      I created an account. Put all my personal info in. I was told it was successful. When I attempted to log back in, it said, "There were no records matching the criteria I provided." I was linked to the software through...there you have it.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupSales & Marketing

      Reviewed Feb. 10, 2023

      Just like in last year's return, Taxslayer is filling in random numbers for Line 38 of the Michigan Home Heating Credit. They are not using Table A from the instructions as they should. I was the first to bring this to their attention last year and again this year. So their 100% Guarantee is false advertising. I claim 2 exemptions for State as my adult son lives with me, but he is not on the lease and does not share in the rent. If someone else DOES share in the rent, then this line needs to be recalculated. Taxslayer is assuming that just because I claim 2 exemptions that we share rent and we're all on the lease. It's a wrong assumption.

      Also, I have 3 Federal Schedule C's for being self-employed and none have any inventory and so I select "Not Applicable" to answer "Method Used to Value Closing Inventory." Yet, after submitting my Federal return, it was immediately rejected because I'm suppose to change it to "Cost" method.?? If I have no inventory, why would I select this? Taxslayer claims it's the IRS that's rejecting it and requiring me to change it. I doubt it, but I will contact the IRS.

      Online & App

      Reviewed Feb. 4, 2023

      I've used a variety of electronic filing services before and TaxSlayer is by far the worst one. If you'd like all of your deductions and credits skipped out on, then this is the one to pick. Sure, the UI looks good but the user experience is awful. None of it makes sense. You can't even find the stuff that you're looking for/need the reason why you're filing taxes in the first place. The biggest irony is this program will say congratulations, even when it fails to do the simple things that you'd expect from any sort of tax filing service. I would never recommend this company and their program to anyone. Unless they don't mind not receiving the tax return that they deserve. I would give it -1 Stars.

      Rae increased rating by 3 stars.
      After a positive interaction with TaxSlayer, Rae increased their star rating on Nov. 18, 2022.

      Updated review: Nov. 18, 2022

      I finally received a clear explanation from TaxSlayer about what they believe is the error involved, and it was not on their part but on the part of the IRS. They also explained that their "IRS Inquiry Assistance" is only to "research, review, and suggest next steps". I did have to ask, after 4 emails with unhelpful responses, for my inquiry to be bumped up to a supervisor; after that is when I got the very helpful, clear, and very prompt responses. I did reach an IRS agent today after multiple attempts, and although it took over 4 hours on the phone, he did finally determine that the extra tax was indeed a mistake on their part and will be corrected.

      Original Review: Nov. 16, 2022

      I used TaxSlayer Classic for my 2021 1040SR return. I am an experienced filer, but did not catch that the tax calculation on my AGI was wrong (because in the past 2 years my tax owed was very low) - in fact, it was too low by over $1000. I actually did not receive notice of this until October, when I was able to speak to an agent about the delay in processing my 1040X (another issue, correcting my mistake about a credit that did not impact the original tax calculation error). I was told verbally by the agent about the tax owed mistake, and how much I needed to pay, which I promptly did.

      Once I received the official IRS letter, nearly a month later, I submitted it to TaxSlayer asking for an explanation of the error and a refund of the fee paid. They state that they have no evidence that the taxes in arrears to my account BEFORE the 1040X was processed was due to their mistake, despite the fact that they have access to the original 1040 and could manually check the calculation (which I have done myself). They state that since the IRS letter only mentions the interest due (because I had already paid the outstanding tax), despite the fact that the letter clearly shows the date and amount of tax in arrears, they cannot conclude that it has anything to do with them. They also state that if I have any question about the letter, I need to contact the IRS myself (in fact I have no questions, it is perfectly clear to me.) So much for their promised "IRS Inquiry Assistance" and "100% Accuracy Guaranteed".


      Reviewed May 17, 2022

      I’ve used TaxSlayer for my past two years' tax returns. My returns are very simple, no additional forms, just 1040. Both of my returns had errors that resulted in me owing money (plus interest) to the IRS. The first time, I was able to see what the error was, I made a mistake that could have easily been avoided with more detailed info about the entry. This year's error, I cannot explain at all! I have no idea how the amount entered on my return was calculated. I will not use it again.

      Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPrice

      Reviewed May 11, 2022

      I filed my taxes and agreed to pay a fee of $40. It took months to get my refund, the program never calculated it correctly, and there were constant errors and delays when trying to do my taxes. By the time I got my return, they had already been hounding me for the money they said I owed which was supposed to be taken from my tax return. What they don't tell you is that they are charging you $40 extra dollars to have a third-party bank deposit the money into your account as well as another $40 for whatever state taxes I had to do and other fees.

      This company is a scam and a fraud, it is not worth the money. They claim you can file your taxes for free but once you get started and you have more than one W2 or any other tax document needed to file they charge you excessive amounts of money. I had negative income this year and still had to pay $125 just to get my money deposited into my bank account. I will never use this company again and they will be reported to any federal agencies as well as the Better Business Bureau due to their horrible customer service and hidden fees. I hope what happened to into it happens to them and they have to return all the money they have stolen from people. Do not use this company ever.


      Reviewed April 21, 2022

      I had no issues last year with Taxslayer, even though it was harder to use than TaxAct, (which cost more). This year Taxslayer was a nightmare. The site kept crashing around 4:30 pm, on 4/18, after I had spent an hour inputting my information. Finally gave up and tried the next day. I was able to finish filing, paid, and efiled. It keeps getting rejected, because of a PIN number, which I had written down in 3 places. I've tried everything, but no luck. They tell you not to worry, that you can print and send your return, but even that's not clear on how to do that and my refund will most likely be held up for months.

      Punctuality & Speed

      Reviewed April 19, 2022

      Seems like a well laid out site, but it is slow and cumbersome. What’s worse is that it constantly encountered unexpected errors or various sorts. It recommended closing all browser tabs/windows to fix the issue which is ridiculous. I finally tried this and it kept happening. It forced me to login each time an error happened and kept having me verify my identity, but 80% of the time I did not receive the verification code. The whole process was incredibly frustrating, I kept trying because I had time invested in setting up my account and tax returns, but eventually gave up and went with a site that turned out to be an A+++ site experience, FreeTaxUSA.

      Reviewed April 19, 2022

      Four stars on your preparation for the busiest day in your business. I thoroughly enjoyed the three and a half hours of trying to file an extension while gently being “timed out” and having to log back in. Great fun Tax Slayer! Unfortunately I had to take my fun to another company - who by the way had me on my way within 10 minutes.

      Reviewed April 16, 2022

      I'm trying to file a federal tax return using the simply free version of TaxSlayer, and every way you turn, they attempt to trick or force you into upgrading to a paid version. I have a very simple W-2 and that's all. I first tried to file free, but somehow ended up with the premium version. In order to switch to the free version, I had to delete everything I had entered and start over.

      Then, once I had the free version, I wanted to claim the standard deduction, but the only way it would let me claim the standard deduction is by going through and entering an itemized deduction, which it then compares to the standard deduction, determines the standard will get me a larger refund, and goes with that. But by entering in the information for an itemized deduction, it automatically "upgrades" me to a paid edition, and once again, the only way to get back to the free edition is to delete everything and start over. If I don't enter anything into the itemized section, it doesn't apply a deduction at all and the refund I would get is only half of what it should be with the standardized deduction. I am more than fed up with their ridiculous and predatory tactics.

      Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaffTransparency

      Reviewed April 15, 2022

      Due to faults in their programming, I had to file an amended return. Their own representative said it was odd that the program did what it did. They offered to escalate my problem to management. However, I was told the whole process would take several weeks and then they would make a decision if I had to pay for the amendment. Fine. I just wanted it over so I paid.

      Everything went fine. A screen popped up and told me my amended return was successful. I paid $500 through them to go to the IRS and moved on. Logged in today to make sure everything was fine. It wasn't. I learned after calling Tax Slayer that there is a very confusing thing with banking that is not explained clearly on their website. The customer service representative knew exactly what the problem was. Great! Except when I asked her to stay on with me for less than one minute I needed to make sure it worked she said she couldn't and hung up. I sat on hold for 34 minutes. She literally could not wait for less than one minute to make sure it was okay. NEVER AGAIN! The whole experience has been a nightmare!

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

      Reviewed March 25, 2022

      I tried to file with them this year. Don't expect to be guided through your issues. If you don't know it try another company. I went through the my whole tax return, filled it out correctly and was ready to file. I was told that it was correct and to e file only to have it rejected. So I went back to my return to fix the problem and there was no help to tell me what was wrong, after 3 weeks of phone calls and emails and chats with them they could not tell me how to fix it.

      They had a glitch in their software and refused to admit it. So I went to another website, filled out a new return with their software and filed. It worked fine and that was that. After all of that I contacted them to get a refund and was told in no uncertain terms that they would not refund me because I had looked at the pdf file. I asked how I was supposed to file without paying and that they had assured me that it was all correct. So long story short I had to pay them for something I couldn't use and I was told that my issue was fixed. They basically called me a liar. Please do yourself a favor and don't use them. They can not help you or they will not help you. I paid for using something that didn't work. Nowhere else would this work. Bad company!


      Reviewed March 8, 2022

      I have used TurboTax for 7 years. I am a CPA with extensive tax experience but I really like the way TTax helps you along. I tried TaxSlayer for the first (and last) time yesterday. They DO NOT HELP YOU. In fact, they expect you to know what you are doing and what you want before you can complete your own return! Who knows all that stuff? Not even me and I am brilliant...sort of. OK maybe not brilliant but I do know how to do things like taxes. BTY - They ended up charging as much as Turbotax! So. I am going back to TT. To be clear I am self-employed, retired, over 70, not blind, and have a very simple return.

      Customer ServicePriceOnline & App

      Reviewed March 2, 2022

      By far worst experience with Taxslayer this year. DO NOT file as Married filing separately with taxslayer. They say it is free for federal and state all the way up until you are ready to hit "file", then blam a $95 charge?! Seriously $95 for a simple married filing jointly with no deductions, no dependents, no unemployment, on schedules nothing. Nowhere does it say on their website that married filing separately denotes charges (at least not easily findable). When I asked for a refund as I never intended to have my credit card info used for a fee, the answer was "nope, so sorry, your taxes are filed, no refunds". I will be disputing this with my credit card company, and will definitely be taking my business elsewhere! Such a shame after using taxslayer for the past few years, they seemed legit but obviously something has changed in the culture there. Buyer beware.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed March 2, 2022

      This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. They filed by state tax incorrectly so I paid $384 in taxes that I do not owe and charged a hefty fee to do it. I called their customer service for a refund of their fee because they did not file it accurately as they guarantee and I will have to file an amended return to get my money back. They said no refund and offered no assistance in checking the return to correct it. They tried to blame me for their error. We were forced to dispute the bill with our credit card company and wait for the results. This company is raking in fees for shoddy service and should not be in business. They know most people will not question their results and will be paying taxes they do not owe and being charged a hefty fee in the meantime. I would like to see a class action suit filed on them.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Feb. 26, 2022

      Let me preface this review by telling you what TaxSlayer advertises. They advertise that they can get your refund and that you can pay to get a tax professional's help if you need it. Well, let me tell you what; both are not true. My tax returns kept getting rejected after I paid over $50 for a simple tax return. (Which by the way, I don't know of a way to ever get a free tax return because even with 1 W2, you have to pay the $54 and change - that right there should have been the first red flag). Moving on, after 4 rejections, I pay an extra $20 for a tax professional to answer my question (it was regarding the Recovery Rebate Credit that I had to answer even though I was not claiming my child this year).

      I proceeded to ask Customer service. A few questions while waiting on the tax professional, and get this, they told me TaxSlayer HAS NO TAX PROFESSIONALS, just CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSONNEL like himself because this is [do it yourself software]. Of course, I asked him why I paid an extra fee for a tax professional then. He tries to back track and tell me that he misspoke and that those are tax professionals, but they would have to get ahold of me first. At this point, I am wondering if I am going to get someone licensed to assist in Tax preparations and what kind of help I would be getting when they reach out. I suggest everyone ask if the person responding to them is a CPA or has any financial licenses to even be authorized to give Tax related advice.

      The customer service portion is literally someone who has no business giving anyone Tax advice and I learned that after they told me not to report the Recovery Rebate Credit. Then the Rep continued to interchange the EIC, Childcare Credit, the Recovery Rebate Credit, and the stimulus packages. I was beyond confused at this point. After I tell him I cannot ignore an IRS letter, he tells me that I cannot input the Recovery Rebate without putting the child's info in. I once again tell him I am not claiming the child this year and so he tells me to take the child's info out. I literally had just told him that it tells me something is wrong whether the child's info is in there or not. Still cannot get an answer from them and we are on person number 2 at this point.

      Person number 2 is not a CPA and has absolutely no reading comprehension skills. I am on week number 2 of taxes not filed and NO ONE at TaxSlayer who can tell me what to do with this damned Recovery Rebate. Also WTF Biden for this god-awful stimulus plan for the advanced child credit. I never asked for it and now I am having problems filing since I'm not claiming my child. Perhaps if it wasn't for that document, my taxes would have been done by now. On top of that because I'm not claiming my child this year, I HAVE TO PAY IT BACK!

      So after TaxSlayer cannot help figuring out why I cannot seem to get a successful tax return filed (which btw they say that they have done their part in filing it and that they cannot control the IRS rejecting it. They recommend sending the documents in by mail..did I not just pay to e file? Oh, but they don't give refunds even though their tax professionals cannot help either) but now I have to find someone who can help me get paper documents so that I don't get penalized because you cannot use another tax software company once you filed a rejected return, AND I will likely have to owe $1500 back to federal for Biden's stupid "Recovery Credit". Thanks for the wasted $75+ TaxSlayer, you are completely useless and misleading.


      Reviewed Feb. 23, 2022

      Filed "free" edition and paid triple digits for filing on "free" edition. Waited longer for my return than people who filed after I did. Unreliable updates on tracking refund. Still waiting for any kind of update to the status of my return...

      Reviewed Feb. 22, 2022

      I filed with TaxSlayer last year and the IRS said that my processing was being delayed. After about 4 months I got a letter from the IRS that said I would have to travel 3 hours to Knoxville to the Federal Building to prove my identity. Come to find out TaxSlayer had changed the routing number on my return which put up a red flag to them. 12 weeks later I got a direct deposit from TaxSlayer minus the $90 they charged me. Guess What, I am such a genius that I used TaxSlayer again this year and you guessed it. Same Problem.

      Contract & TermsSales & MarketingStaff

      Reviewed Feb. 16, 2022

      Their "free" service is just lure and never have been received. They're just playing terms and definitions. Simply free is never simple. Just profited by confusing poor people and charging them after. Fraud, shady money under the disguise "free" tax preparations. This people are scam, bait and manipulation.

      Reviewed Feb. 4, 2022

      I qualified for a Free Simple Tax Return - that is not what I got. I am single with no children, support told me that I had claimed Earned Income Credit for children! I did not enter social security numbers or dates of birth for children because I do not have any. I am single with no deductions! I was looking for an alternative to TurboTax but ended up paying the same. Also I had to sign out and sign back in a few times for it to accept my Florida Driver's License information. I would not trust this software! If I have issues with the IRS, I am going to be livid!

      Sales & Marketing

      Reviewed Jan. 20, 2022

      I signed up for the simple Free return, because Social Security is my only income. I filled out everything giving all my personal information and then at the end they showed a charge of $54.95. I will not pay this and it seems like a bait and switch to me. So now TaxSlayer has all of my personal information and I cannot find any way of canceling or removing my account.

      Reviewed Nov. 28, 2021

      I was unable to get my return for months, then it was all wrong, didn't get my refund, got a recovery rebate, I didn't file for it nor ask for it, now Uncle Sam wants it back. They screwed up and overcharged me for their service, never again will I use this service, they need to pay for screwing up. They will pay, I'm just warming up. I Highly don't recommend...


      Reviewed Oct. 30, 2021

      They stole my refund & changed the automatic deposit to their bank account! The IRs is investigating this in their fraud department. They also calculated mine incorrectly. These people are thieves! I will get this information out to the public AND whatever consumer review I can!

      Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaff

      Reviewed Oct. 20, 2021

      I am absolutely livid. When filling out my forms, there was one field that kept not saving every time I tried to fill it out. I went back to that page 100x, I tried to close and restart my browser, I tried to use a different browser, I tried to use different devices. At this point, it was 5 pm and their customer support line was closed. So I submitted my taxes as they were. I called the following business day to ask how I could amend the return. There is a charge of $45 to file an amended return. So I called back and asked if they could waive that fee since the glitch was on their end - I wouldn't need to file an amendment if the service had worked properly.

      I was told that the TaxSlayer website does not work on Safari or Internet Explorer - only the most updated version of Chrome. I have a brand new ipad I was working on, in Chrome. And it wasn't working. The support person told me it says on their homepage that you have to use Chrome. It does not say that ANYWHERE. Not on the account page, not on the main website. They refuse to do anything to fix my issue. The second support person I spoke to tried to make it seem like my fault. I have never been so angry with a company in my life. I've lost days of my life and hundreds of dollars to this nonsense at this point.


      Reviewed Oct. 10, 2021

      Taxslayer is pretty good. But, it's not like Turbotax, where you *KNOW* it's foolproof. I'll talk about Taxslayer first to be clear. I take responsibility for math errors EVEN THOUGH I've NEVER had MATH errors on a return before using TAX SLAYER. (I either hired an accountant or used TurboTax.) Using TAXSLAYER the past 4 years, the IRS has adjusted my math -- either kicking me another $1, or requesting I give them back $5. Seriously. So the IRS is actually really nice and accurate about fixing math errors.

      This year the TaxSlayer error caused more of a hiccup. Something about filling in box 30 (regarding the stimulus) caused me to owe $200. Basically, another math error. TurboTax might cost $400 but you never ever ever receive a letter from the IRS. Seriously foolproof. TurboTax is a bit shady though, as like you make $1, and somehow they work out a $2000 refund for you. So, yeah, that's why I stopped using them. That and the price was a bit steep just to file some taxes. So I don't know what to do next year. Anyone know a good accountant? LOL.

      Customer ServicePrice

      Reviewed Oct. 1, 2021

      I choose TaxSlayer due to their ad for FREE filing. Was I ever WRONG. After giving all my info they said it was going to cost $100! I was stuck so agreed. They even took their pint of blood BEFORE IRS sent out the refund. Later to find out IRS sends the return to a 3rd party bank (theirs) which charges an additional $39. Even though my bank info was on the return! When I called they just ran me around saying it is just the way it is. DO NOT USE THEM!! THEY DONT CARE AS LONG AS THEY GET THEIR MONEY.

      Reviewed Aug. 25, 2021

      I've used TaxSlayer's tax services for two years in a row. My wife and I have a very simple tax situation: almost no investments and we took a standard deduction for both years (just like we do every year). Both years we expected a $600-$700 return. Instead we got a letter from the IRS a few months after we filed saying we owe $1100-$1400. Tax Slayer took our fee but never took responsibility for any of the mistakes we made in filing. Our tax situation is a simple one. Any mistakes that we made should have been picked up on by Tax Slayer before we filed. I now am convinced that Tax Slayer only wanted our money and couldn't have cared less if our paperwork was correct or incorrect. All they wanted was their fee. I will never use this company again.


      Reviewed Aug. 3, 2021

      In the past, we used a CPA to do our taxes. Now that our taxes are more simple, I shopped for a high-quality and affordable tax software company. We found Taxslayer! Taxslayer was simple to use and worked exactly as advertised.

      Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

      Reviewed July 20, 2021

      Was referred to them by ..Their promo code didn't work . ** Nor their offer of points per dollar. I paid 70 bucks when it should've been around 45.00. plus my incentive. After calling and spending 10 minutes on the phone they tried to tell me they weren't an affiliate..It is their paid advertising.. Will be challenging it on my credit card..and filing a complaint with the IRS...Scam artists.

      Reviewed July 5, 2021

      Taxslayer incorrectly calculated my return. They included EIC which I was not eligible for. Besides getting $300 dollars less, it delayed my refund while the IRS corrected it. Very poor service and they won't give me a refund of their service.

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