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Avant provides personal loans and credit cards with no hidden fees. Its personal loans range from $2,000 to $35,000, with annual percentage rates (APRs) between 9.95% and 35.99% and term lengths from 12 to 60 months. Many customers receive loan funds the next business day. Avant credit cards have an annual fee of $0 to $59 and a credit limit of up to $2,000.

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    • Flexible loan terms
    • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
    • Fixed payments
    • High administration fees and APRs

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about Avant?
      • 4,465,432 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Customer ServiceLoan ProcessRates

      Reviewed Dec. 1, 2020

      For the whole entirety of my loan (3yrs) I only had to skip one payment. Which they told me the late fees would be waived. But the interest would still occur. Ok, I get that. Then covid-19 happened and work slowed way down. So I called to see what help they offered. They said we can defer 2 payments onto the end of the loan and waive the fees. No mention of any interest this time. My payoff was 802 but my last 2 payments only came to 600. I called to see why. They said all skipped and deferred payments accumulated a DAILY interest charge! So just everyone knows Avant charges interest daily and not monthly. I would not recommend them at all.


      Reviewed Nov. 20, 2020

      When I first signed up for Avant I was a little leery but they have proven to be very professional and SECURE. If I had any questions or issue It was handled efficiently. I'm definitely staying with AVANT for Life because they really protect and notify me if there's fraudulent activity suspected. I REALLY RECOMMEND AVANT TO ANYONE especially if you're trying to improve your credit status.


      Reviewed Nov. 20, 2020

      I have used Avant several times during short-term pinches. Loans issued through WebBank, which is a member of FDIC. Rates and Terms for Unsecured Loans: Loan amounts range from $2,000 to $35,000. APR ranges from 9.95% to 35.99%. Loan lengths range from 24 to 60 months. Administration fee up to 4.75% which are all reasonable for debt of this kind which in most cases is an immediate infusion of $ to one's bank account.

      Punctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Nov. 12, 2020

      Hack Company, Scam to collect late fees and membership fees. Payment due on 1st, which was on weekend, went to make payment on Monday and they charged a 20 late fee, damage credit rating also. Canceled.

      Reviewed Oct. 25, 2020

      If you have a bankruptcy on your credit you are basically like a criminal. No one ever asked you why you did it. You submitted everything for nothing, you're are going to be denied even if you have the credit. Bankruptcy is not a crime, what if you lose a job!. Need it Karma matches you with them, but don't even try!

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Oct. 14, 2020

      My advice to you is stay clear of this credit card at all costs. I recently opened an account. They advertised up to a $1500 credit line. I was approved for $300. I have other credit cards with limits as high as $30000. I went ahead with the deal anyway. When I got the card I called to change my payment date because the payment date was 3 days before I get paid every month. They told me that they don't do that. I told them to close the account. I had already received a statement and had paid it off. They refunded a portion of the fees which left a credit in the account.

      I contacted customer service several times to have the credit sent to me. Two statement periods came and went with no responses to numerous inquiries. I finally sent them a certified letter demanding payment. No response. I filed complaints with my State's Consumer Affair department and the Federal consumer affair department. Three months...numerous contacts with customer service, a certified letter and two complaints to get $7.31. The certified letter cost almost that much. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

      Customer ServiceLoan Process

      Reviewed Oct. 1, 2020

      I was assisted by customer service answering all my questions with great feedback and I’m able to feel the decision was a secure one. While having me feel secure they also kept me informed on every step of the process.

      Customer ServiceStaffLoan Process

      Reviewed Sept. 19, 2020

      Applying for a loan takes time not only for the paperwork but also to weigh options on payment options. Most importantly is that no prepayment penalty so that when your finances pick up you can pay the loan down faster. Customer service was another important factor. Better to talk to an actual representative than deal with automated device. Avant is a company that seems to care and puts a little more effort to help customers. I like to borrow only short term except for long term loans like mortgages.

      Reviewed Sept. 18, 2020

      Avant- advertises all credit, even bad credit, can qualify for a loan. Not so! Tried it and was referred to Spot Loan from there referred to another site. I have tried many sites, even Credit Karma's suggestions. Avant- makes it seem as though you may qualify with them but, in reality, bad credit is bad credit. So raise your credit score is recommended and then perhaps Avant will take another look. No Bankruptcies for sure.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedOnline & AppLoan Process

      Reviewed Sept. 17, 2020

      I applied for a personal loan from Avant when I was really struggling after I lost my husband. My world crashed, but Avant came to my rescue with high praise. The application process was easy and quick. They rushed to assist my needs and the payments were just right. They are the best in professional quality service and do their best to answer each/any questions you may ask easily. I enjoyed working with their company!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Sept. 16, 2020

      The company is okay. However, this company runs your credit too many times to get approval. Even after, pre-approval. I don’t recommend this company as customer service is not professional about the credit inquiries they run.

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      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Aug. 15, 2020

      Customer service is extremely poor. I am currently on hold for nearly 1 hour. Agents do not help. They refuse to use a secure method of sending another card. My PO Box is legitimate. They refuse to mail it to my box or by certified mail. I was just hung up on. I have informed customer service agents that all mail boxes in my city are being robbed and I have had three different credit cards stolen from my mailbox. They do not want to deal with the importance of this issue and are therefore ensuring Identity Theft.

      Punctuality & SpeedLoan ProcessRates

      Reviewed July 22, 2020

      In 2019 I applied for a loan through Avant. There was no jumping through hoops. It was cut and dry. My credit wasn’t great but I was approved for a 7200 loan. Great. Paid it off early. Now I apply for a 2500 loan. I had to send in 3 tax year filings, voided check, and bank statement. We earn great money. We built our house cash, so no payments or rent. It’s off grid so no electric payment or internet. Virtually we have no payments except our cell phones. They denied me!!!! What? A third of the first loan request, make the same money, have no payments and they deny me? I guess it’s best because their interest rates are sky high. If you’re going for a loan try someone else because this company makes no sense.

      Customer ServiceRates

      Reviewed July 17, 2020

      This place you do not want to take a loan at there interest rates are extremely high. I was going to pay it off with a credit card and wouldn't let me how ridiculous. Will never use them again. I also was not impressed with there customer service.

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      Customer Service

      Reviewed March 25, 2020

      RIPOFF-DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS COMPANY'S PROMOTIONS. Signed up because of $50 Amazon gift card offer on the radio. Never received and when i called and e-mailed multiple times they only ever accused me of an invalid offer or non entry of promo on sign up. I even called them before sign up to confirm the promo and wrote it down with the time and date of the offer on my Samsung Note.

      Customer ServiceRates

      Reviewed March 4, 2020

      This company obviously will do anything possible to take your money. I applied for a credit card and was approved, I then received an email with info on how to activate the card once received in the mail and how to setup an online account. Along with this email they attached a PDF file, stating it was the Terms and Agreement Policy. For me to read it and save for future reference. So, I immediately read the entire policy. The policy was a joke!!!! It clearly stats that they have the right to charge you higher interest whenever they want, they have the right to wait as long as they want to post to your account any payments you make. They have the right to change, delete any and all on the policy. Etc... Etc... It truly blew me away. It did stat that if you do not agree the Terms of the Policy, You have the right to Cancel your account within 30 days of receiving the card in the mail.

      Well, I immediately sent an email Canceling my account. Keep in my that I haven’t even received a Credit Card in the mail yet, nor do I have an online account setup with Avant. I got a threatening reply, stating they will cancel my account only if I agree to pay my bill in full. So, I asked? What Bill? I never even got a card yet!!! Now they won’t reply. I wish there was a way of posting screenshots on here. I would love to post a screenshot of my conversation with AvantCard. I know got an email saying your monthly statement is ready, and to log onto my account to pay. ???? Seriously????

      Punctuality & SpeedLoan Process

      Reviewed Feb. 29, 2020

      I will keep this short and sweet, do not use Avant- for a loan, you will never pay it off, it’s a revolving loan. I took a $2500, 3 year loan in 2016, have not missed a payment ever, always on time. Payments were $200 a month! I went on this week to see my remaining balance was $2000! Do that math on that, $200 a month for 48 months and it only knocked $500 off? What happened to the 3 year loan? Please learn from my mistakes and DO NOT be suckered into this money scam! Happy to say I sent a $2000 payment to get them off my credit!

      Customer ServiceRates

      Reviewed Feb. 16, 2020

      ***BUYER BEWARE. I applied for a consolidation loan and was told after one year if my payments were on time, my rate would be lowered. I had concerns but the person over the phone assured me it would be lowered. I also signed up for automatic loan repayments. I followed their instructions and my incredibly high interest rate was not lowered. The rate remains incredibly high. I called and was told they could lower it but my loan would be extended. To me this is illegal and usury. Do not get a loan with this company at all. Go with someone else. Avoid the headache. This company is based in Chicago and we all know the history of Chicago.

      Customer ServiceStaffRates

      Reviewed Feb. 6, 2020

      Do not do business with this company, the customer service & management is horrible. Please read the fine print. They charge a $118 admin fee for this loan and the interest is very high. The customer service is horrible. The agents are very smart mouth and sassy. Customers are not valued. I talked with a young man of Latin origin by the name of Brain, he was the supervisor, his attitude was not friendly & very sassy. I spoke with a young lady before asking for the supervisor, and she also very sassy. The supervisor would not give me the name or number to his boss. The Avant Twitter & Facebook page does not allow you to leave bad reviews. We are also unable to leave comments on their personal web page. The company does not communicate well and it is difficult to get the help you need.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Feb. 6, 2020

      What these clowns did is go into my account without permission and take money from my account. Now mind you I only use it for direct deposit of my work checks and since I've been off sick my balance was low, but I paid that's fools already from another account this putting me in the negative. I called and they got these non Americans on here who can barely read a page from a kids books assisting me. Long story short I had to get the bank involved and I'm in the process of filing a class action lawsuit. This isn't the first time the idiots did this. Do like Forest Gump and Run Forest Run!???

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Jan. 31, 2020

      I WISH I COULD GIVE NO STARS!! RUN. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! I was told by a customer service agent that I had to make a payment by today to prevent my account from being charged off. I called to make the payment today then I was told I had to pay a higher amount than what I was told 4 days ago. I was then put on hold and offered a discount settlement amount after letting the agent know that I just wanted to pay the amount I was told was due 4 days ago and then pick up my normal monthly payments next month. Again I was put on hold.

      She came back and told me that nobody put in any notes and insisted that I pay the higher amount. After telling the agent again what I was told I had to pay 4 days prior by today she put me on another hold. Then she came back on the phone and told me they charged off my account today as of 12 am (when they're not open) and that I was suppose to make the payment yesterday so that it would've posted today (this was my 1st time hearing this). I asked to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor told me that she couldn't reverse it and she would have to listen to the call. She never offered to listen to it while I was on the phone. I'm just going to have to dispute this with all 3 credit bureaus asap. I'll never do business with this company and wouldn't ever ever ever recommend them to anyone.

      Customer ServiceStaffLoan Process

      Reviewed Jan. 15, 2020

      Obtained initial loan a year prior, they emailed me about Re-Fi or adding additional funds. I opted for additional funds as I had a retainer due for Lawyer cost, the approval date they gave me wouldn't fit the date I needed to submit retainer so I canceled the application while on the phone with Avant. They pulled my normal payment from prior loan from the wrong account as I had canceled the loan with them again while I was still speaking with them on the phone. I asked to have the money refunded to the account and pulled from the correct account and they instructed me to cancel the payment with my Bank.

      I asked to speak with a "Manager" Jen or Jenny and she was ridiculous, reading of a Quo card and I recorded our conversation and informed her I was recording after I realized she was lying to me about correcting the problem. I asked her to send me email stating what she was doing to assist me and she said she couldn't do that...WHAT??? The only correspondence I've received regarding this issue is aggressive emails demanding the payment I stopped at their advice. I've emailed different customer service emails instructing the money be pulled from the initial/correct account and have heard nothing. This is BAD business and they need to be investigated.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Dec. 28, 2019

      Apparently from what I could gather from the people I talked to over the phone that even though I paid the bill on time it wasn't counted on time until 5 to six days later. No other cards have I had this problem with! I only owe about 750 dollars thank God so I canceled my card and plan to make paying off this card a priority! What a bunch of creeps! They want money! And they will mess you up anyway they can! Stay away!

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedLoan ProcessRatesTransparency

      Reviewed Dec. 6, 2019

      DO NOT USE THIS SHADY COMPANY!!! Took out a loan, was approved and process was OK. It was a three year loan. Was never late on one payment. Dec 2, 2019 was my last scheduled payment. I went onto the dashboard and it's showing the loan is not paid in full, but doesn't show any amount due. Just says N/A. So I call and speak to a rep, "BEN" was his name. I explained everything to him. He tells me that because I moved payments around on several occasions, THAT THEY ALLOW YOU TO DO, There were fees. I asked where does it say I have to pay fees. He put me on hold. Then came back and told me to go onto the contract and read section 3a, which I did on the phone with him and nowhere it said anything about fees. He put me on hold again, no stuttering and rambling. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

      Supervisor "Jenny" comes on. Once again I explain everything. No she starts telling me it interest that accrued. I asked interest for what? For changing the date of my payment by a couple of days, again which they allow you to do. I asked why it doesn't say anything on the dashboard and why have I not received a bill and why did "Ben" tell me they were fees? She told me she will email me one now, but interest accrues each day that its not paid. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? NOW IM PAYING INTEREST ON INTEREST. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told she was the highest I was allowed to go. But she will put my request to resolutions, but it will take fourteen days to get back to me. So there is fourteen more days of interest on my interest. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE SCAM ARTISTS. I am making a complaint to the Better Business Bureau as well.

      Customer ServiceLoan Process

      Reviewed Nov. 12, 2019

      I applied for a loan with Avant, received a total of 6-8 calls from this company requesting documents, I provided all of them with the exception on one request, they requested on 3 different calls to convince me that I needed to give them my login and password to my personal banking/savings accounts. When I refused to release that data I was denied immediately for a loan. My credit is in order with my history and score and nothing is in delinquent and I was still denied. Not only did it take multiple phone calls but took several days to deny my loan request. Now I have a hard inquiry on my record (for 2 years) and a denial of funds for a loan. If I didn't feel comfortable with my credit that I would receive an approval I would not have applied. This is unfair and very misleading. I'm sure this is just another scam. This was a mistake to trust this company, very unhappy!!!

      Customer ServiceOnline & AppLoan Process

      Reviewed Nov. 11, 2019

      This is has by far been the worst lending experience. Every time you call customer service you get the same exact scripted conversations. I called to cancel my loan which they told me I had to call and cancel by 2:30 cst. Which it is not listed on the website. It’s November 11, and I still have no resolution which it started October 23. I sent all of the funds back but still being charged a $500 administration fee.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Oct. 16, 2019

      I applied for a personal loan with a 691 credit score. No derogatory accounts, had to send pay stubs numerous times and finally went through employment verification and I have been at my job 13 years and after about a week of all of this I was denied. The customer service was fairly nice but process aggravating. Don't fall for the 600 credit score nonsense, it's deceptive. I personal wouldn't waste my time applying for a loan from some bank that I cannot walk into again. They put you through more aggravation than a regular bank. I can't see how people who have credit issues can get approved from them, I believe some of the reviews that are giving are frivolous. Don't waste your time.

      Punctuality & SpeedOnline & AppTransparency

      Reviewed Oct. 8, 2019

      I could not believe how fast and easy it was to apply and receive my deposit! Went on the website and I could see all my info and payment dates, auto pay is great and I can change it anytime! 4 months in now and all is well, very transparent as of now, very happy!!

      Punctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Oct. 3, 2019

      I was approved for a loan paid in time every month. I paid it off early thinking this was a good thing. Tried to apply maybe 6 or 7 months later denied.. Why? I paid in time then paid it off early so why wouldn't you give me another loan. I guess cause the company didn't make the extra it would have if I would have made monthly payments. Shame on you Avant..

      Reviewed Sept. 25, 2019

      This company is a scam!!! I would not recommend them to anyone EVER.... I paid my account four days before the due date and they went back into my account and charged me twice which I couldn’t understand. I will be reporting this Company to the Better Business Bureau. Please stay AWAYYYY.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Sept. 24, 2019

      Do not use! They are either scammers or incompetent. Gave them everything they asked for and after 3 days they said my application had expired because it had been 7 days. Have the emails to prove that is not true. Now I can't re-apply because my credit score is jacked because of the hard credit check. Thanks for nothing. Be warned.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedLoan ProcessRates

      Reviewed Sept. 6, 2019

      I don't understand all of the bad reviews. I had a quick and easy loan process with no hiccups. Yes, the interest rate is high but is on par with most of these personal loan companies. The website and customer service is customer friendly and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend this company for a personal loan. Always read carefully the loan documents with any company before accepting. I have not had any issues with Avant and would use them again.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedLoan Process

      Reviewed Aug. 8, 2019

      I applied for a loan through Avant a few years ago. Thankfully I was approved for 3000 that was more than enough and received my funds directly into my account. I have been reading some horrible reviews that doesn't reflect my experience. So I decided to write my own experience. The customer service were always polite when I called to make a payment. My payment was always on time and I honestly would rather get another loan through them Than any other place. I felt they were honest and I was able to make payments via phone instead of direct deduction from my account. I never felt they were screwing me over.

      They didn't have to give me a loan because my situation at the time was not good. But it made me so eagered to pay them back because I was so grateful. I would highly recommend Avant for a loan. Just make your payments as agreed and guess what if you aren't able to make a payment just call their customer service number and they will be willing to help you. I am a real customer.

      Customer ServiceStaffTransparency

      Reviewed July 16, 2019

      All I have to say is don’t miss a payment. I had some difficulties making a payment last year and I was offered the chance to change my last payment to July 2019 instead of June 2019. I made the last payment in July 2019 and still have a balance. Little did I know that the balance I have now is larger than my monthly payments. However, the rep stated that my last balance would not accrue any interest and that I could pay it off whenever I wanted. This is bull. This was not mentioned to me at any time during the conversation I had with the rep who recommended that I push back my last payment. Now, I still have a balance of over 500.00 when July was supposedly my last payment. Guess I should have read the reviews first. Now it will take 14 days for a rep to call and explain this to me. Of course...gotta get that lie in order first. Definitely will never recommend this company. NEVER!

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed July 13, 2019

      They call a lot for the same thing. In a call I overheard someone complaining that their employees are not able to use the bathroom when necessary. They over charge us and they treat employees bad. I don't want business with a company that treat their employees like slaves.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed July 6, 2019

      Husband attempted to pay off balance of loan. Website wouldn't allow it (nearly at end of loan) and telephone staff were insisted on ONLY talking with me when he attempted to inform them of the website problem.

      Customer ServiceLoan Process

      Reviewed June 30, 2019

      I had a good experience with Avant. The only glitch being communication. They would call me while at work leaving a message to call them. I would call them back and the automated message would refer me to my dashboard at the website to complete a task, but there were no tasks to complete. I sent an email giving them times when they could reach me but they continued to call while I was at work. Finally, I found a way around the automation by punching buttons and got my problem resolved. It would help if they would ask best times to call.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed June 29, 2019

      So the first part of working with Avant was great. They were easy to work with and I had my bills on auto pay. The problem was when I was at the part to pay it off. I paid whatever the home page of Avant told me to pay and some how I got stuck with a 14 cent bill after paying it off. So I logged in and paid that bill. Then 2 days later I got a 25 late fee. Mind you I paid this bill off 3 or so months before it was actually even due. I called them and was told give them 3 days to hear back, 2 weeks later still nothing so I called them back and was told they are still working on it but she would escalate it to the right dept and I would hear back in 3 days.

      Needless to say 14 days later and still nothing from them but now I have another 25 fee and as I called for the 3rd time they have no idea what's going on. The 14 cents that I paid a month ago to pay off the loan someone never even went to the balance but instead to my 2 round of late fees. Again this after paying the entire loan off early. So I would stay clear of Avant unless you want to pay more than what you agree to and keep getting fees added to your loan to affect your credit after paying the bill off.

      Customer ServiceStaffLoan Process

      Reviewed June 26, 2019

      I requested to cancel my application this morning, just sick of the shenanigans.. I began to feel like they were toying around with me when I thought I had completed all of their tasks in order to proceed only to wait 3 business days for them to decide they need more information. Okay no problem done! Only to wait another 3 business days for them to request something else. I don't understand why all these expectations are not set upfront. Every contact to Customer Support was a joke - all of their responses are scripted and they literally have 1 template response for all of their email responses no matter the inquiry. Even when I requested to cancel my application this morning the rep attempted another scripted save that didn't even apply to me among other triggers like "all you need to do is sign this for final approval" aloof to the fact that I signed the document she was referencing the prior week.

      They hide behind a system - the rep yesterday told me that the final decision is made by a computer. They send you emails requesting phone calls for more information only to direct you back to their online dashboard which in my case showed that all my tasks were completed. I can only move in circles for so long and consider myself a very patient person and understanding if expectations are properly set. I have a 730 credit rating and make decent money - all of which they verified. The process reminds me of those bad credit payday loan processes I would endure in college. It's suspicious and at this point all I can do is hope they do not solicit my information to other parties - they have everything except my shoe size and DNA.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed June 23, 2019

      Be aware. This company is a joke. They offered me 10000 loan at 14.5% after I was their client twice, one time for 2000 $ paid off before time and a second for 4700$ paid off before time and also I never been late on my payment. I have a good job, a good credit and own my house. After Avant gave me the amount I could borrow and the rate they ask me to upload my paycheck and my bank statement which I did and was waiting for the funds to be deposited in my bank account. Every day for almost a week I will be receiving phone calls about my paycheck verifying the same information over and over until yesterday when I receive an email just after a phone call that my application was denied. Why did you mislead me telling me I’m getting 10k at 14.5% and a week later you denied me? Be aware of this company. They are dishonest.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed June 20, 2019

      I got the card for vacation, when I went to use it, card was declined! Called them. First rep said, everything was OK. Try the card again. Tried again. Card was declined, call Avant Card back. Talk to another rep who said the card was deactivated for non-payment when I sent the payment 14 days earlier than due date, and was charged a late fee Of $25. I sent off the other payment the next month. Same thing so I had to pay them over the phone and pay them through my bill pay through my bank. They hold your payment to make it late so they can collect a late fee. This is a horrible company. Do not ever do business with them. I am going to close my account and never ever do business with them again.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed June 17, 2019

      Nowhere was I advised when I applied to this account (and was approved) that they only will ship your card to your physical address. I cannot receive mail to my physical address only to a P. O. Box. I got the runaround since April and was told that I would not be charged the annual fee unless the card was activated. Well, lo and behold guess what showed up on my credit account today? Yep the annual fee! Getting someone on the line who clearly understands you is absolutely impossible! Now my credit is going to be more jacked up than before because now it’s going to show a closed account that was truly never opened!!! Worst company ever!!! Worst customer service ever! Just don’t do it!!

      Reviewed June 17, 2019

      I paid my payment on time and I have to wait 10 days for them to credit my account that bill. I would not recommend this card to anyone. You should not have to wait until your next payment is made to get credited for the payment you already made.