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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Florida Virtual School?
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    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Customer ServiceProcess

    Reviewed Feb. 10, 2022

    I was one of the first students enrolled when FLVS first launched in 2010. Reading through old reviews, I feel justified in NOT listing FLVS on my job Applications.

    The program lacked Communication with Local schools to allow me to attend ANY events, I was SPECIFICALLY told that I could do the following. I never got the "Walk" experience, I was denied entry to prom and participation in Clubs and Organizations, so my extracurriculars didn't count towards anything. I didn't qualify for Scholarships due to this. The curriculum was the same recycling of dates and facts as any school, but the lack of options as far as what can help you build for your future career was abysmal. Why does a Virtual High School need to use Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing or even have a class called "Computing for College and Careers" when all it was was glorified Typing Tests, I felt like I was being trained as a 1960's Secretary.

    By far the worst experience was in Math. I have Dyscalculia. I struggle with Math. I needed help from the instructor, and when we FINALLY did have a call about my struggling in class, the teacher refused to listen to me ask for her to tutor me, and instead thought the best thing for her to say was "you don't need help, you're lazy. I have a student working 3 jobs and raising a baby that needs more help than you." Yes I remember her Exact words 10 plus years later, I NEEDED HELP AND WAS INSTEAD SHAMED FOR NEEDING HELP! I honestly worry that my Diploma is fake.


    Reviewed Dec. 7, 2021

    This is an amazing school. But there is one issue that has made me talk about finding an alternative with my children. I know, getting behind pace is a really bad thing. But the teachers, just OVERREACT. It's like it's the end of the world if the students "don't get it all done in ONE DAY". Kids shouldn't be expected to shove in what in some cases could be months of work in ONE DAY.

    Reviewed Nov. 7, 2021

    From what I have been explained kids sit at the computer for more than five hours per day. This alone is not healthy for little persons. Students are over loaded with so call work that suppose to be curriculum. The expectations from kindergartners and first graders is non realistic. None of this learning go hand in hand with any of the Theories to learning. Seem like another way to gain more funding for certain schools. That's all.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 14, 2021

    COVID-19 forced our family to find alternatives to brick and mortar schools. At first the advertised “self paced program” seemed to be appealing for our situation with special needs students. What a huge mistake. The FLVS system is NOT self paced at all. Your child will be badgered to finish 3 assignments per class per week without fail. If your child falls behind in any class, heaven help that poor kid. You will receive emails, texts and phone calls from that teacher as if you are being sold something. You will constantly be reminded that he or she is BEHIND PACE or has not turned in an assignment for the past two weeks.

    I don’t know how that is possible since my student does turn in something for each class each week but that is the most common phrase I hear whenever I am brave enough to answer the phone. “Your child hasn’t turned anything in two weeks. I am worried about your child. Your child is behind pace. Is there anything that I can do to motivate your child to finish? What time frame do you think your child can be done?" Etc, etc…

    This is very stressful. ADHD? Autism Spectrum Disorder? Aspergers? Forget it. IEP accommodations? Nope. But FLVS does accept government funding for IEPs somehow. Teachers use DBAs as a way to slow down and lord over stressed out kids who are trying to “stay on pace” for their FLVS overlords like good little slaves. You cannot advance forward and take any exams locked with a password without taking a DBA. DBAs are discussion based assessments aka phone calls with teachers to quiz them over the phone and make sure that they know the material. These can also be nerve-racking for kids with disabilities or just plain shyness issues. Even if you schedule one or attempt to attend a DBA drive through, the DBA isn’t always guaranteed to happen. Which puts the poor kid even further behind.

    Kids can’t skip around in their coursework or they get penalized. So the kid has to wait for a DBA before moving ahead. It is a system. A broken system. All while the other coursework for other classes piles up into an avalanche of assignments and stress. When I tried to talk to the teachers about these issues or even the school guidance counselor, guess the advice that I received? Go ahead guess. “I understand your frustration. Maybe your child can work on these assignments over the weekend to catch up?” Are you kidding me? When are they allowed to be an actual kid? Students aren’t worker bees! Students aren’t employees in a call center! How are students expected to keep up this PACE system? I don’t know if adults could accomplish it. My student is in middle school, not college.

    The phone calls, texts, emails, reminders, welcome calls, live lessons, recorded live lessons, collaboration projects, writing assignments and exams will make you want to pull out your hair and find ANY OTHER SCHOOL than FLVS. I highly suspect that any 5 star reviews on this website were from FLVS staff, family and friends trying desperately to raise up their horrible ratings. I write this to warn other potential parents and students to avoid this school. I hope that accreditation agencies and government agencies take notice before funding this place. Lastly, I feel sorry for the staff, they must be job scared and stressed out to be forced to push through such a horrible system through bullying and spam just to keep their jobs during an overcrowded attendance due to COVID. Or maybe that’s the ticket? Maybe it’s to decrease attendance numbers?


    Reviewed Sept. 30, 2021

    I have been having a bad experience with these people since Aug. It has been a nightmare. The principal is a liar and a joke even his assistant. I have filed numerous complaints against the staff and wonders how this school is not getting investigated for conduct. Maybe a class action lawsuits against this school need to be starred to get some elbows greased and issues addressed


    Reviewed July 5, 2021

    I've taken over 5 courses on FLVS and have had terrible experiences with all of them. The lessons don't make any sense and they teach you as little as possible and then ask you to watch a crappy review video with the easiest problems imaginable. Then when you get to the test, they give you the hardest questions that they didn't even teach you how to do. It's very frustrating and the teachers are always hard to get ahold of plus they take like every other week off leaving you with some substitute who is clueless about your progress in the course. Overall it's just so dumb and frustrating.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 21, 2020

    FLVS is absolutely wonderful! My son did Flex for a few classes in high school a few years ago and we loved it, so when we moved back to FL due to family emergency and with COVID were seeking a virtual option and decided on FLVS Full-time. The teachers, counselors, everyone - have been amazing, patient, and so very helpful. Easy to reach teachers via text, email, or phone call when needed. They kept in contact with us to review progress constantly and helped her through a very tough transition from brick and mortar school to fully virtual. She loves it and we have all decided she will continue with FLVS to finish middle school and likely high school as well! Thank you so much FLVS! I am highly impressed with the caliber of teachers and staff they have, and the wonderful Advanced Academics/Gifted program!


    Reviewed Dec. 7, 2020

    We were under the impression the school would provide the tools to teach our son how to access assignments, save the assignments on his MAC Pro, and learn to work with the applications used by the school; i.e, Google Documents or Microsoft Office products. A teacher was assigned to provide what we call Study Skills but the class never happened. Hopefully Florida Virtual School will set up orientation classes to teach students how to use these tools before immersing the student into their studies.

    There seems to be an assumption students can use and create presentations with the expectation that they can provide critical essays and illustration in History and Science while learning how to write. In the sixth grade language and arts curriculum our son was learning how to gather ideas, create topics, develop themes and create a thesis statement. During this process, he was expected to write paragraphs on the development of human civilization across the fertile plain in Mesopotamia, understand the development of society, technology, religious, economy and other sociological factors while developing an understanding of geography and the fundamental principles of maps and then apply that study to the development of the countries in Egypt, India, migration to North America, South American, followed by Greek History and the onset of democracy.

    By the near end of the first semester the language and arts class was going over how to compare and contrast and build transitional statements between sentences and paragraphs. This is an example of a poor curriculum with lofty goals. 11 year olds need a safe and friendly environment to write and express their thoughts and understandings with guidance from a teacher. There was no guidance, only and hit run of going through Google slides.

    Teachers need to have the time to teach. This is not happening at Florida Virtual School, except in the I-Ready Reading and I-Ready Math. There should have been an I-Ready Study Skills with an opportunity for a student to express the difficulties and fears faced throughout the school year. The school program did not want to hear our advice. We believe every student deserves an education. I wish Florida Virtual School will examine their program and make the necessary changes. There is a lot of potential, but they are not there, yet.

    Customer ServiceStaffProcess

    Reviewed July 10, 2020

    When trying to determine if my high school son should take a FLVS Flex class I read all the reviews and found myself more confused than ever. Most of the reviews were not good. But we decided to jump in because it was the only way for my son to take the math class he wanted in the summer. I am SO pleased we went this route. We have been blessed with an amazing, well organized and involved teacher. Mrs. Cathy ** is truly a blessing. She spent time with my son and I on the phone prior to the class starting. She wanted to make sure she understood his goal and make sure we understood the requirements. She also told us what to expect every week; DBA's, scheduled calls if needed for assistance and she would text me with regular updates.

    My son is almost finished with the Geometry Honors and we can't be happier. Yes, the class is tough. Yes, it requires daily work (my son prefers to do two or three lessons a day, Monday through Friday so he can have the weekend off). Yes, it takes much self control and structure. And I can see why it would not be for everyone. But as far as the quality of the material, the quality of the teacher and the principal -neither match the review we found. We are beyond pleased with the program and know that if needed there are plenty more classes available for my son.

    Reviewed May 28, 2020

    I am just trying to sign in my son at Florida Virtual School amid coronavirus, they are not accepting my proof of residences, I sent them my utility bill, my bank account statement, the lady from registration says it is a credit card, obviously she never took the sweet time to read the bank statement that says clearly DEBIT CARD. I have been sending them all paperwork that I have. Judging from the start, I do not think I want to continue at all, They are not willing to accept Social Security Statements as proof. They mistrust all institutional paperwork. I do not recommend this place, right from the start.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed April 15, 2020

    They said we could work at our own pace. They said the teachers are helpful. They said I can "take a break" whenever I needed one. I find that all to be a lie, because when I wake up at 9-10AM in the morning, the first thing I do is start my work. I rarely take breaks, and I still end up working until after 11PM. That's not fair! I have a life, and I don't need this level of stress in it. I have ADD/ADHD, and I may be a slower worker because of this, but even the average idiot would know that this is too much work to be assigned and due the week after to ANY student. Right now I have a bunch of assignments that I'm struggling to finish because everything is so darn complicated!

    Then the teachers expect us to sit there and watch 30 minute videos on an explanation of what to do. Nobody has time for that! By the time the video ends, I'll have forgotten everything that was said before the last few minutes. Even if we got this much work in school, we had a lot more time to do it, and it wasn't this complicated. The directions are so difficult to find; I literally have to go on a hunt to get the full directions when they could stop wasting my time and put everything in one place!

    Even asking my teachers for help is a struggle, multiple times have I asked my teacher the same question over and over, and they respond with "don't stress" and "take a break." It's like I'm talking to bots, not my teachers. I go to sleep with a headache every week just from online school. The breaks I rarely take don't help with the fact that my work is too difficult to complete. And I have severe social anxiety, so I can't just talk to my teachers over Zoom or whatever like they expect me to. It's like they threw us into an active battlefield, and they're expecting us to fight with no training or armor. This whole situation is utterly sickening, I can't even spend time with my parents anymore. My parents can't even help my situation. I feel helpless!

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2020

    FLVS Flex is a scam. They tell you that it's a "self-paced" option that you can work on your own pace — Sometimes, there were days on end where I didn't feel well, and the last thing I want is to get spammed with text messages and calls from teachers. Teachers are mediocre and incompetent at best. They only care about the money. I had one teacher kick me from a course after I had told her that I was going on vacation and could not do my assignments until after I got back. She completely ignored what I said, and told me the reason why I got dropped from the course, was because she "called" my dad and didn't get a "call back", but he never got a call from her in the first place. Another "teacher" started talking to me in a rude manner in a WELCOME CALL. Please don't take any FLVS classes unless you absolutely have no other choice. I only recommend Drivers' Ed and HOPE if they are required because they are the easiest and shortest.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffEase of Use

    Reviewed Dec. 30, 2019

    FLVS IS GREAT, and this is coming from a 6th grade student who isn't very fond of school. The lessons are educational, but enjoyable and fun. They are so easy to understand. The assignment are really fun! The courses that I'm taking are easy to navigate in, and you can find things fast. The teachers are wonderful! When needed they give helpful feedback quickly. And they answer your questions quickly. They will help you with literally anything. SOOO glad my parents chose FLVS for my sister and I. FLVS is literally the best!!! Hope this helped! Have a fabulous day!

    ~Lola, 6th grade FLVS student.


    Reviewed Dec. 19, 2019

    It is beyond explanation just how incredibly horrible FLVS is at doing absolutely anything. Every lesson is incredibly convoluted and dense, with little to no explanation on how to do the actual questions in the assessments. This program is so incredibly bad at teaching anything that if you asked what I had learned from the program I honestly couldn't tell you. FLVS is by far the worst online learning program in existence and needs severe review.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 30, 2019

    I have taken seven FLVS courses throughout my high school experience to get ahead of the rest of my class and I am currently a junior in high school. I take eight classes in school each year and have taken one or two FLVS courses alongside them. Each teacher claims to have "schoolwide" rules when, in reality, the teacher makes up their own rules and changes them when THEY want to.

    The motto of FLVS is "work at your own pace." Great! Sounds very appealing. However, when homework gets hefty and I have a concert or a bowling match approaching, and I go three days without turning in an assignment, I get harassed by ANY FLVS teacher. If I try to contact their principals to report them for this harassment, they forward whatever email or call I send to the principal to the teacher themselves, and nothing ever happens. I even received a rude text message from my Chemistry teacher on EASTER asking me to submit an assignment within twenty-four hours. Sure, let me drop everything with my family and my delicious dinner to tend to the queen's wishes.

    Again, work at your own pace. When I submit assignments, it takes the teachers more than a week to grade something that has a simple answer key and anyone with a third-grade education could grade within an hour. How is that I am harassed if I go a few days without turning in an assignment, but if the teacher takes unusually long to grade such assignment, it makes ME look bad if I harass them about grading.

    The teachers get paid based on how long a student takes to finish a course. The teachers do not care about you or your child and simply want the money that comes from your learning experience. Here lately, I've been taking my sweet time on my courses. If the teacher is rude and commits actions that should really get them fired. If you want a better education and to get ahead, please, for the love of God, find a different online program than FLVS or just dual-enroll in high school. Do not pay these rude, greedy teachers anymore.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaffReliabilityProcess

    Reviewed May 20, 2019

    We've done private Montessori school, K12 (another online school) and years of public school. We've had great experiences with all, the best of which was homeschooling using another online program - not FLVS. FLVS is so incredibly bad it defies explanation. There isn't one thing. It's a thousand things. I'm writing this in May 2019 and it feels like this is version 1.0 of the program and it's 1990. The login itself is needlessly & stupidly multi-step as if the programmers are new to the World Wide Web. The whole format is like that. Needless clicks from page to page.

    My daughter just finished taking one - ONE - test in Language Arts. It took her 3 hours and tons of tears. The program required her to scroll down for pages to find a teeny little box where she had to write an entire argumentative outline using pages of arguments and data that she had to keep scrolling back up to see. She couldn't leave the page and open a second page to make it easier or it would give her a zero and log her out.

    To add to the stupidity, the teeny box that she tried to write in for 2 hours only offers font in pale gray so she now has a huge migraine from trying to see what she was writing. All the FLVS font remained black, but the document she had to write is light gray. Try writing and editing that for 3 hours. There are no online videos helping you out, begging the question, "Why the heck is this called Virtual school?" It's like they put text books from 1988 onto computer screens and call it virtual.

    Hang with me as I walk you through just one lesson. You bounce around to various pages signing in then looking for your next assignment, pick a subject, find your next assignment in Gradebook, then get out of Gradebook to go to the corresponding lesson in the Assignments tab... After a few more clicks, you find the lesson. You click through the cumbersome lengthy lesson - reading EVERYTHING, EVEN PE, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO ONLINE TEACHER INSTRUCTION VIDEOS, then go to your Word docs.

    Open a new Word doc. Copy and paste the FLVS lesson into a Word Doc, do your assignment in Word, clicking back and forth to FLVS as needed... When the assignment is complete, get out of your Assignments area and go back to your Gradebook where you started earlier. Scroll way way way down past all of the work that you already submitted, the Honors assignments you don't have to take... Flip back and forth between your homework and FLVS to try to match up the assignment name to the FLVS Gradebook entry, click on the Word doc title you saved... a few more clicks and you've submitted your assignment. You now have strained neck and carpal tunnel and you've just submitted... hey! A PE assignment. Yep, you'll spend hours hunched over your computer for PE.

    For Advanced Algebra Honors, try to create a roller coaster where the coaster intercepts on the x-axis twice using only polynomial equations. Now do it with no video instruction. And submit it in a Word doc. For both of our kids' math, we spent 90% of our time googling Khan Academy to figure out the lessons. You could ask your teacher but they ALL work full time during the day. With our kids' sports activities, we aren't available in the evenings, so you are mostly on your own. Through no fault of the teachers. It was almost 100% reading. Even with electives like Photography and PE. And even with those classes, you'll find your kids spending their days writing needlessly long essays. Our entire family agrees, it was the worst, most needlessly stressful few months of our family's life.

    **The one thing that deserves credit... Some of the classes (Math and Civics come to mind) offered tests where the student has 3 changes to take it. Found that to be great. The kids would take the test, get a 78%, review the chapter, retake the test (not the exact same), improve their grade, review the chapter AGAIN, take the 3rd test... Then they would really understand the material AND get better grades. Made so much more sense than taking the test then never going back to really learn the areas where they have trouble. Smart. Again, I'm posting this Spring 2019 so this program may improve. But we would never do it again.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 14, 2019

    AWFUL, RUDE TEACHERS WHO REFUSE TO COMMUNICATE & PLAY CHILDISH GAMES. Ms. ** Language Arts played dirty games with us, not accepting our calls on our scheduled DBA's. If you do not have an Apple don't use FLVs because you will be unable to view any of the class videos. AWFUL to the nth degree, sincerely awful. I have home-schooled my son in California and nothing is as horrible as the 'teachers' and this entire program. You should try to take a math test over the phone without seeing the math problem and having a ** spoiled brat be impatient with your child and say, reschedule your DBA. Once you have one issue with a teacher all of them team up on your child and close you out of their homework. That means all work prior to the date and after you are unable to access. FLVS IS NOT HOME-SCHOOLING. There are no books and it is hell for our children!


    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2018

    My son was one of the first students to graduate from FLVS in 1999. Now his daughter is a student. She has been attending for 3 years. She started in 6th grade, jumped to 8th grade, and is a freshman this year. She has thrived more than she ever would have in a brick and mortar. All of her teachers have been amazing. There is a lot of reading in any class you take, so be prepared. Definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for online school.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed May 11, 2018

    True it's hard at times to get callbacks from FLVS staff but that changes from year to year depending on the staff, but we have also had great success. So don't be discouraged. The staff will most likely change by the end of the year.

    Installation & SetupOnline & App

    Reviewed May 10, 2018

    Everything about FLVS is terrible. Their website isn't setup well so logging in takes way longer than it should. The teacher's hard to contact, and the course materials are not very good at explaining the subject. Course videos often neglect to explain important parts of a process and they say if you need help just go to Khan Academy. One of the most frustrating school experiences ever, I would give it negative stars if I could. Also, the teachers don't actually explain out concepts to you, they just send out texts about how you need to do 3 assignments a week, even though it was advertised as a "self-paced" course. They only care about that 3 assignments a week, not that you understand the unit. And the so-called collaborative lesson is a nightmare! It's very hard to hear the teacher, there are no captions, and the whole setup is terrible.


    Reviewed April 30, 2018

    4/29/18 WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! So being a homeschool parent with a daughter who refuses to go to a B&M school I let her do it again. Fl gives you NO OTHER choice for high school except FLVS so I figured, "Well at least I already know the system. How bad can it be," and boy did fate deal me a crappy hand. NOW MY DAUGHTER'S IDENTITY HAS POSSIBLY BEEN STOLEN ALONG WITH MINE BECAUSE FLVS LEFT A PORT OPEN!!! This is the same as leaving your front door wide open and a treasure chest on the porch!!! Their story is they were hacked. This is a LIE. I have seen proof of the open port online. No worries though FLVS mods I have screenshots of your outright negligence.

    All they offered her was a single year of ID theft protection through a credit reporting agency who has also been hacked Experian. They will do nothing for my daughter if someone uses her identity in commission of a crime. Instead my daughter would have to foot the bill of her defense and only if she is acquitted would she get reimbursed for her legal fees. What about the time she would spend in jail, or bail money if she even got bail depending on the crime her identity was used in? What about her credit? Once your info is out that's it is out forever. She has 3 years until she goes to college. How is a college going to look at bad credit if some jerk decides to use it? Oh and they are not offering the parents any protection at all.

    So if you decide to go with this school with their substandard teachers' horrid classes and terrible protection of your family's personal data I wish you the best of luck. I have been supplementing her classes from day one. Thank God I am moving out of this state and she can commence learning with Connections Academy again. They would have never put my daughter's data in jeopardy. They have great teachers who all are required to have a master's degree in order to teach and if you go with their private system you will only be out 4k dollars for the two years until the state of Florida starts paying their contract. So for the 2021-2022 school year for high school and the 2018-2019 school year for K-8. http://florida.connectionsacademy.com or call 888-410-6502.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed May 31, 2017

    Not only did they have me retake the second segment of the course after I finished it to tell me I cheated on all my work and that I was to be failed for the whole thing. Then when I'm doing the course again they make it incredibly difficult not picking up calls or even calling back. They kept me from graduating on time. I wouldn't recommend anyone take any Florida Virtual School classes!


    Reviewed Feb. 16, 2017

    I am a supporter of Online courses, but I am a believer that we need to attend classes and interact in order to be successful. With that said, I dislike the fact that as a parent, I hate to see my child struggle with information that is not relevant. If we need to get in contact with other people on an assignment, to share notes, and worrying about who, and how this is going to get done, is extremely frustrating. We need to make assignments that are relevant. Is already hard enough on a child to have to learn while at school, and then have them try to turn in an assignment that has to be research and then depend on someone else online. If this is tough on me, and I am the parent, imagine my Daughter. We don't all learn the same way, but I can guarantee you that my Daughter tries hard, and she stays up until late to study and learn what is asked of her.

    Can you please explain why we need to cram so much in so little time, and then expect our children to succeed? I hate to be the future generation, and see myself struggle in an environment that is set up to make me fail. The whole idea is to learn, and make it easier to understand. I don't see that happening here. And then asking a child to take this FCAT, which in its own is a disgrace, is trouble waiting to happen. I challenge any teacher out there to take that test, and remember everything they taught, plus whatever else someone else taught, and try to make a passing grade. I can bet you I would fail! I think it's time we revise how we can teach better, and not overload with subjects that are not going to be used ever. And then when you have a practice quiz, and the information is loaded incorrectly, how do you dispute that? That is something else that is wrong with these courses.


    Reviewed Sept. 30, 2016

    We had nothing but a good experience with the school. My kids always performed really well on the FSA and EOC. I worried about it being as good as brick and mortar after reading reviews. However, my kids switched to brick and mortar schools and are top performers in their classes. I'm considering having my daughter come back to FLVS FT next year since we liked it better. However, we are giving the local school a shot to be just as adequate?


    Reviewed March 11, 2016

    The fact that the students cannot communicate with their teachers as needed, speaks for itself. Teachers simply seem not to care until the time the last grade has to be submitted. The lessons are a failure to provide students with any substance needed in a given area of studies. Lessons simply do not meet the level of education our children should be provided to succeed. That combined with the attitude of the staff is simply a very bad combination. My two sons have attended the school quite few times over the years and need more that stack of writing to publish their experience. Even though, both of my sons received not a grade lower than an "A". The substance they were suppose to receive simply was not there. The way the teachers conduct their work is appalling.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2016

    This agency is a extremely absurd in the same moment that they decided to open was only to steal the money to the government, my son is taking a English class I, and the teacher name Christine ** never help him. Several time I called her and she never respond me back and the dates that my son set up an appointment with her for help with assignment she never call him - not even answers the phone, and when I called the counsel for that grade leave a message where it said that if I have a question about that teacher I need to contact her or contact my son school. They are irresponsible, they don't take that job serious, they did not support my son ever, and never send us the grades for each assignment. I don't recommended this agency like a real course for no one student, completely deficiency in general.

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