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Reviewed May 23, 2022

I bought my car used from another dealership and they were happy to show me the features of my car. They also helped me figure out the original warranty that was purchased for it and make sure that my services were covered by it.

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Reviewed April 27, 2022

I purchased a brand new 2014 Toyota Corolla Feb. 26, 2015. I also bought a seven year/75,000 mile platinum warranty, that states that repairs to the engine will be made even after the warranty expires. My car has only 59,000 miles on it. On April 20, 2022, my engine suddenly failed. Both Toyota Inc. and the dealer, Thurston Toyota in Ukiah, CA, had the discretion to honor my warranty and they would not. These companies are employing unethical business practices to the consumer. I have maintained my car by the book and can verify that. Is there a way that I can get my warranty honored?

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Reviewed April 5, 2022

I purchased a Toyota Venza March of 2021. Love the car -- it is a Hybrid and gets great gas mileage. As we are approaching the 1 year mark, I have received notification that the Toyota App will now be an $8 monthly charge to use the Remote Connect. I am shocked. My husband has a Ford F150 and the Ford app is free to remote start his truck. I can afford to pay but that is not the point. I am not speaking to a person (who has a salary) but using technology, which should be free. I am very disappointed and wish I had looked elsewhere for my vehicle.

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Reviewed March 8, 2022

Like to file a complaint. I want to pay in full for the past 1 month and they will not tell me how in need to pay. The car was 29,000. I put 5000 down payment and after 1 month I told them I would like to pay in full. They are saying I owe the 29,000.

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PricePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed March 7, 2022

UPDATED 03/07/2022: I purchased a new 2017 Rav4 from Toyota of Rock Hill. One of the freebees we were offered was “free oil changes for the first 30,000 miles”. This was really an oil change at 10,000 miles and one at 20,000 miles. At 10,000 miles I took my new Toyota in and had the oil changed. I was working for the public schools at the time and the automotive shop teacher told me I did not want to change the oil on the recommended 10,000 miles, that I should change the oil at 3,000 or 5,000 miles as I had always done.

Toyota of Rock Hill refused to change the oil “early”, so at 15,000miles, I changed the oil myself. I drained oil and I removed the oil filter. The oil filter was packed, I repeat packed with dirt and sand! I’m not sure how this could have happened by accident. I could not have offended anybody in the shop. I did not come into contact with anybody at all… At 20,000 miles I again changed the oil and the filter was very clean. I do not know why this happened, but I will never let any Toyota service department touch another vehicle of mine again.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I have purchased many new Toyotas over the past 25 years. The autos have been great. 2004 Solaria, 2006 Solaria, 2006 Rav4 and a 2017 Rav4. I drove the Solaria for 450,000 miles total and the 2006 Rav4 is coming up on 200,000 miles. The newest Rav4 will turn 40,000 miles soon. No mechanical problems of any kind on the older Toyotas. The new 2017 Rav4 had some issues.

The one major problem has been with the new tires that came on the two new Rav4s. The tires were manufactured by Yokohama and have had a number of problems. On the 2006 Rav4 the tires did not last. Maybe 30,000 was all. After several calls Yokohama I was told by somebody on the executive staff that “We can manufacture better tires but we manufacture these tires to Toyota’s specifications.” The Toyota dealer would not stand behind the tires even though we purchased a warrantee package which cost the equivalent of a set of four tires $600. The 2017 Rav4 had a flat spot or broken belt on one of the four tires. The dealer would not stand behind the problem. Four years and 40,000 miles later and the Rav4 still makes a loud vump, vump, vump noise. It has really gotten under my skin!

A second major issue with the 2017 Rav4 is the automatic radar braking.
• Moving through traffic at speed limit speeds if you try to pass a car and come close to the vehicle, sometimes the radar will engage the brakes unexpectedly. It may even brake very hard.
• Trying to pass a car on a two-lane highway when you come close to the vehicle, the brakes may come on unexpectedly. It may brake very hard. This is very dangerous if there is a car coming at you in the other lane. You can’t pass the car you were trying to pass and you may be stopped by the oncoming car as well.
• If you are going around a curve and there is a guard rail next to the road the brakes may come on unexpectedly. If you are on a slippery road the back end will kick out and the car will spin!

• If you are on a hilly road the radar may see the hill as a solid object the brakes will come on unexpectedly. Unexpected braking in heavy traffic may get your Rav4 rear ended.

The problems are even worse if you use the cruise control. I never use the cruise control at all, it is just too dangerous. I talked with the dealer many times about the problems and the dealer pooh poohed the issues and refused to write up the problem.

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Punctuality & Speed

Reviewed Jan. 22, 2022

After 500 miles of nice quiet motor started to notice slight ticking/rattle noise. The more miles that were driven the louder the noise /rattle become, especially when it's cold. Pulled up to my bank drive-thru and they asked what the noise was and did I buy a diesel. Truck only has 2800 miles on it and already took it to 2 different Toyota dealers only for them to say that it was a high-pressure fuel pump and no way to fix it. Why if this is how it's supposed to be was it such a nice quiet truck when I 1st bought it. Almost 3000 miles later and I'm totally ashamed to drive it. If a fuel pump comes into my repair shop sounding like that I replace them and customer is happy. I've owned Toyota's for over 20 years will never buy another one. Buyer Beware!

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Reviewed Nov. 26, 2021

I was denied service. I need a copy of my tire replacement warranty FROM YOU because it is different from what you claim it to be. I will NEVER purchase another extended warranty or any type of additional insurance/service ever again!

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Customer Service

Reviewed Nov. 9, 2021

In my life I've had Chevys, Fords, AMC and Nissan along with Toyota. Today's cars and trucks are not made to last. You would be lucky to get 75,000 to 100,000 miles of trouble free use out of America cars. Very sad. Seem we made them for the masses. But Toyota is incredible for what you pay, as long as you take care of it maintenance wise. You can very easily run it for 300,000 to 500,000 miles. Which is why I buy them, I got 350,000 mile out of my last Corolla and now I have a Tacoma that has 130,000 miles and still runs great and along with that everything still works on the truck.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Nov. 8, 2021

Reliable, is easy to drive, includes updated features and safety features. Adequate space. I have been Driving Toyota Corolla for many years and have been very satisfied. My next car will be a Corolla.

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Customer ServicePriceReliability

Reviewed Nov. 7, 2021

Toyota went out of their way to make their cars more affordable. I was offered a First Responder Discount. Then they also had a $1000 rebate. Their vehicle is extremely reliable. I have traveled extensively with it and put it through its paces and been very happy with its performance. I also tow a 3000 lb camper with it and it doesn't feel like it's back there. Highly recommended all around vehicle. For reference, I drive the 2018 Toyota 4Runner.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Nov. 4, 2021

The motors are really good. They last a long time. The drive train is really good. The body will rust off before the motor goes bad. Get good gas mileage around 20 miles to the gallon on most. The seat belts are strong and the air bags don't burn you when they hit your chest. Well already mine didn't. The storing is perfect. It will take a curve like it's out of this world and the brakes will stop you on a dime. Parts are really cheap for the most part and the motors if you ever have to work on it besides regular stuff the motors are very easy and simple to work on. I had mine for 15 years and never had any major problems and the motor was still running good after 15 years and I put it through a lot. I mean a lot.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Nov. 3, 2021

I leased a 2012 Toyota Camry in 2012. I was not able to make payments so they took the car. Then after they sold the car there was a balance of $4,689.28 which I was not aware of. 2019 comes in and they hired Rubin and Rothman law firm and this law firm of crooks is trying to charge me $11133.56 with interest fees and according to Toyota interest fees are never charged on a closed account. Shame on YOU Toyota!!! For not doing your due diligence and hiring a bunch of THUGS to misrepresent YOU!

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2021

So back in 2017 I had an auto accident where I was found not at fault and I was given a large sum of cash from my insurance to help pay for a new vehicle. During the time of obtaining the funds I decided to try to head back to Toyota and get another Toyota Camry Hybrid as this was my all time favorite vehicle and to this date and time still is.

Well needless to say me and my wife head down here and I was approached immediately which I told one rep I was here to buy a new Toyota Camry Hybrid. He attempted to ask me sales pitch questions like what's my number or figure I am looking at with cash down and what kind of payment. I immediately told him to give me time to go over the features in the vehicle, colors available, and pricing.

The sales guy agreed and showed me the lot and long story short he once more once near the vehicles asked me again about price, down payment, cash or financing and I cut him off and said, "Look I won't say that right now, because I need to see the vehicles and colors." Once I located the one I wanted I simply asked what is the overall price of the vehicle I found. He then tried to gain more information on what I wanted and again cash flow.

I told my wife we were leaving. I am not going to waste my time with this guy. I simply never dealt with this before as this must have been a new tactic by this particular person, but the last sales guy I dealt with was not even close to being this ignorant or pushy. I went to another dealer which was not the same model I wanted, but nonetheless I did not deal with any of the aggravation I dealt with here.

The reason I kept this information from the sales guy was simple. They use that information against customers. Colors, features, cash down, and financing is easy to push a higher valued vehicle with more features than I wanted or needed. I know this, because my Uncle was a Salesman and taught me what they do. All I simply wanted to do was point out the vehicle I wanted to explain all the details afterwards.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Sept. 19, 2021

They are very accommodating with my hectic work schedule. They always come and talk to me to let me know what issues if any need to be addressed especially in order of importance before doing any further work.

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Reviewed Sept. 7, 2021

40 plus years of buying nothing but Toyota. 4 in my driveway right now. But no more! They used to be excellent about addressing defects in their vehicles. No more - they refuse to correct flawed HID headlight systems short of paying them about 4,000 for replacement with the "improved" headlight assemblies. They were always on top of safety issues in the past regardless of whether your vehicle was still in warranty or not. Even when recalls were not mandated. Obviously when they won't take care of widespread randomly failing headlights, that policy is no more. So I say - Toyota no more!

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2021

They took the DVD player out of their new minivans. Worst mistake ever in a family car. Don’t pay for the expensive rear entertainment package because it doesn’t work. Just trying to get more money out of people I guess. Not everyone can afford or wants to pay for streaming services. Give me back the DVD player I paid for.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2021

OK, at first I loved this car bought it used with only 29,000 miles on it. It's very attractive and pleasing to the eye. Love the Sea Glass Pearl color. Now, having driven it 15K+ miles, I feel it is important to share some observations. Great mileage, you bet. Easy maneuverability, yes. So what is the issue? Visibility!! It is poor. The back door split design stinks. The car is low and with the little mini windows in front of the regular windows, it is a challenge to see some things that a higher car with single windows allow for.

If you bump into anything, you are talking a major repair as the entire bumper needs replacement. That costs almost $800. And, it has happened to me twice. Once backing up at dusk with a ships anchor in the dirt along the fence, not visible because of being too low. Second, hitting a part of a broken wall that, again, was not visible due to being too low. I AM a good driver in case you're wondering but my height and the cars proximity to the ground make it a quick victim of any really low edifice even parking concrete bumpers. I thought this was going to be great but the visibility has changed my mind. Other issue, the cockpit design with the raised storage between seats is very inconvenient. This was obviously designed by a man and not a woman. Toyotas in general are getting a bad rap since assemblage in the US of A. Used to be great cars. I'd say try something else!

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Customer ServiceCoverage

Reviewed July 16, 2021

Lets examine how Toyota treats its customers. Helped my 76 old mother purchase a new Corolla Hatchback as my dad suddenly died before they could go car shopping. I needed to wait for the state license plates to arrive so as to replace the plastic dealer branded plates. I find that the the rear dealer plate had been attached to the rear bumper cover using two shorter self-tapping screws. There are two 2" x 2 1/8" holes completely through the bumper cover, exposing the internal aluminum structure of the bumper. Just above these are screws holes with metal clips. These are for mounting Japanese license plates, but are not even usable for that as the metal clips have no internal threads. Toyota's solution for attaching American plates is to attach the plate directly to the bumper cover large screws that are typically used here to secure metal siding to a farm building.

The front license plate bracket has snaps to the front grill along its bottom edge. Toyota's solution for attaching the top of the license plate bracket and the top of the plates is to use even two larger screws through the front of the grill. The front license plate bracket is not a Toyota part, but something one of their distributors or dealer put on. Likely one of their distributors as it has holes for American, Japanese and Australian plates, which are are screwed into the front of the grill. Even if this had been an official Toyota part, it would still attach to the front grill in the same manner.

This not only damages the car, but prevents the use of any aftermarket license plate brackets as these rely on machine screws that fit into internally threaded screw holes. I have used aftermarket license plate cases for year as they protect the license plate from the environment and protect the car from the license plate. Toyota instead expects you to screws the plate directly onto the back of the bumper cover where it will be unprotected and scratch the car.

Toyota has gone out of its way to hide this fact form potential buyers. Every single photo of this model on their website, printed materials and inventory searches has a simulated license plate over the rear bumper cover so you can see the two large holes and metal clips for Japanese plates as well as four small circles indicating where to drill holes for American plates. Every single photos of this product does not show a license plate attached to the front of the vehicle at all. They have also digitally removed the small "drill here" dots from the front grill.

Upon searching Google I find that the company has been engaged in this fraud for a number of years and did nothing to address consumer complaints. The company and dealer response is that you were dumb enough to be suckered by our fraud so it's your problem. They refuse to do anything. I encourage you to contact your state attorney general and a law firm engaged in class action lawsuits to make Toyota pay for its fraud. **

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Reviewed April 29, 2021

I was pretty much pressured into buying an extended auto warranty for my new car. I never needed to use it; it expired and I haven't had any major repairs in 16 years. Consumer Reports advises against buying the warranties. I bought my daughter one, and canceled it to get my money back.

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Reviewed March 26, 2021

Vehicles that have soy based wire coverings and companies not telling customers is awful! Especially when you purchase a brand new one and you have to replace out of pocket $4000 before it's a year old! Also I was told after the fact that there's some kind rodent tape I could put on it after they replace the harness at my cost or turn it into our insurance and we still pay our deductible! Toyota should be a shamed of their self. I had a used 4 runner for 7+yrs and never had any major issues. Which is why we purchased the new one. This issue many people are having and toyota doesn't want to cover it under warranty is ridiculous! So disappointed! Get the rodent tape before your wires are bare!! Beware vehicle owners!

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Reviewed March 18, 2021

The front driver seat's edge of my 2019 Toyota Highlander is completely smashed and it makes driving and especially getting out of the car very uncomfortable (not even talking about the look and value of the 3 year old car). I noticed the problem almost a year ago, since then it's been getting worse and I asked for the seat replacement last December, when the car was 2 years 8 months old and still under the full warranty. I went to the Desert Toyota and a manager there found my complaints reasonable and submitted a claim.

We got a response from Toyota in about a month and they refused to replace or fix a seat under the warranty saying that it's simply an "outside influence". I believe that it's ridiculous since I weigh 120lb and have less than 30,000 miles over those years. Moreover, this is my THIRD Toyota Highlander. I've had the previous one for about 10 years and no problem with any of the seats with the same usage. Obviously something was wrong with that seat from the beginning and it should be replaced under the warranty.

Otherwise, if it's just normal wear and tear according to Toyota, what kind of garbage was it made from if it won't even last three years with average usage? I'm not even talking about other minor issues that we've been having with that car. My previous Toyota started having more serious issues but only after about 7 years of usage. The first one was almost perfect. It looks like the quality of a Highlander is going down the drain. Definitely, it's going to be the last Toyota that we buy.

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Reviewed March 1, 2021

My son bought an used 2006 Toyota Avalon last year. The dashboard is cracked. After doing some online search we found a recall for this problem. I called Toyota today to learn they don’t honor this recall anymore. The word I received is that because the recall is expired, they don’t repair the problematic dashboard anymore. My conclusion here is: don’t buy Toyota, they don’t stand by their products. Competition here we go. There are other companies out there that stand by their brand.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2021

I called them up and complained about the dealership where I bought the car from. They pretty much told me I got a deal with them by myself to calling the dealer and solve the problem myself. I talked with Whitney and Randal my case # **. If they cannot help you why they are there for? Calling the dealership it’s like throwing the rocks on the wall. I did call. They never called back. This is how Toyota care about their customers. I would never ever buy another Toyota and I would never recommend a Toyota to anyone and I will tell everyone else stay away from Toyota dealers. I feel like like I’ve been discriminated by them because my accent in my language. I’m immigrant from Europe. They take it advantage on me because they thinking I don’t understand. Shame on you Toyota. Shame on you.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2021

I am really grateful that Toyota carries them warranty but I also think that it shouldn't cost anything. I'm disabled. Ain't get no stimulus. Has no nothing. No help and I can't afford to pay for a warranty on my car any longer so I think that you guys could be helpful with that.

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2020

It’s through the dealership and I trust that it will get fixed correctly. It is not from some third party company who I have no idea is legitimate or not. You never know till the first time you need help.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2020

The warranty covers trip interruptions paying you up to $150.00 a day if the car is in the shop. Also $0 dollar deductible on all repairs with towing included to the closest Toyota dealership. 10 years or 125000 miles of coverage.

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Reviewed Dec. 26, 2020

Haven’t had to use it yet but it covers everything bumper to bumper. It’s the platinum level so no deductible, seems very good so far and it’s with Toyota so I feel it’s a good coverage. Will let you know at a later date if and when I get need it or use it.

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2020

The 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid only allows for Apple Play compatibility when using the GPS system. I don't have an Apple phone. I have an Android phone. Toyota refuses to update GPS system for compatibility to Android. They only did this in 2020 to include both Apple Play and Android capabilities. They refuse to update my 2019 that I purchased October 2019 and I feel that they are favoring Apple. Not everyone has an Apple phone, me included. I feel this is discriminatory towards those owners of Android phones and that Apple has paid off or done a deal with Toyota to exclude Android Users.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2020

My 2012 Highlander. The roof is peeling! I was told that Toyota would pay to repair and now they say they won't do it! How can this not be a paint defect! I've been a loyal customer for 40 years or more! Very unhappy??? Shame on you Toyota!

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2020

The worst company ever!!! If you plan to buy a car, don't even go to Toyota. They are all total jerks. I called them in March to postpone my payments due to pandemic because I was not able to work and make money. They postponed my payments and they said that there was not going to be in any interest charge. Looking at my August bill, seems like they placed $398 interest fee on top of my $400 payment. I called them and explained everything and they acted like they are not from Earth and they were not aware of Pandemic. They were talking about my contract and which line of the contract indicates that I am still forced to pay interest charge if I don't make any payments. I mean are they stupid? I know if you don't make payments there will be interest fee and that's why I called them so we can extend the payment period. They did not care at all.

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