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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about TomTom?
    • 4,479,812 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2019

    Not fit for purpose, appalling product/software. Repeated resets, repeated downloads, repeated updates that don't work, patronising FAQs, I could go on and on but am going now to buy a Garmin, absolutely appalling product, avoid avoid avoid.

    Reviewed Oct. 18, 2019

    The updates on my TomTom 620 have only made the device worse than how it was when I first bought it. With new updates, several settings & options stop working. In the last month, many central US highways have been blocked for trucks. For example, from Winnipeg to Chicago the GPS directs me to go through Thunder Bay, Ontario. Nearly every central highway around Chicago is blocked for trucks. Using the device at the moment is basically impossible. Three weeks ago, I got a reply from TomTom, that this roadblock issue is a known issue and that they would resolve it. It has been three weeks. Roads are still blocked. Before these problems, I was happy with the device. For the moment, I have demanded that I get my money returned, and give back the device.

    Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

    Reviewed July 25, 2019

    I used to be their best customer. I have spent over $1,000 on their devices over the years as I have a small delivery business. When they were the only product available they seem to work really good many years ago. However, as more and more competition has entered the market, their sales and profits have probably dropped, and so has their budget on customer support, updates, and upgrades. They are complete junk now and I will never buy another one. I bought several of them months ago and not one of them works now, updates won't upload, and I can't get a response from customer service. I feel like I've been robbed.

    Ease of Use

    Reviewed June 15, 2019

    I have owned and used my Tom Tom GPS for about seven years. It came with lifetime updates, very important to me or no purchase. I love the functionality of the device, always there, always accurate, reasonably easy to use. However, updating the device is another matter. The biggest problem is updates take forever if I can get them to work at all. I have a very powerful Mac and high speed broadband internet yet downloads and installations are slow, in the order of one to two hours. Because of this, I doubt I would buy a Tom Tom again. I also find the internal management of storage in the device confusing. I added a 16GB card in addition to the 4GB internal memory, but I still have issues assigning storage.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed May 5, 2019

    Have a TomTom GPS, that I've had for some time. It's never been up to date with road trips, no matter how many times we've updated. Had some problems with another TomTom after updating so very leery, when the latest email came in for offering a last time update. My worst fears were realized and even worse, as it is now useless, with not being able to find any satellites, at all.

    Customer service gave me a link to follow and when that didn't work, they said that they couldn't fix it or help me, except to offer another unit at a discount. Can you believe it, with this being the only alternative for something that was entirely their fault? I told them that I would never buy another TOMTOM, at any price and would do this review, but they don't seem to care, about that, either, with not answering my mail. Maybe this is the way that the Dutch conduct business in general. I have since ordered a used Garmin from eBay with the latest updates. I also have an old Garmin that still works fine, but its maps are outdated. Also found another in the trash, that still works and am in the testing stage of it's capabilities, now. Story short, I'm done with TOMTOM, for good and suspect that many others are, as well, judging by the reviews!

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupReliability

    Reviewed May 5, 2019

    I have a TomTom GPS device. Recently, with the 6 April rollover event, an update was required to keep the device optimally performing. TomTom actually sent out an e-mail to inform me of this event and update. Unfortunately, the update utterly failed to update, and the device is borked. The update software will not work with a Windows 64 bit operating system. It won't even install. I sent several messages to Customer Support, and failed to receive any response whatsoever other than offers of discounts on new devices. If they cannot support the existing device, what is there to entice me to buy a new one, which will obviously fail to be supported in the near future? I won't buy a new TomTom if they won't even stand by the product I have. Instead, I'll buy one that is anything other than TomTom.

    I've sent one last message to Customer Service, inquiring whether they even HAVE a customer service department. If I get a satisfactory response, I will update this post. if not, you won't see any update, I will have a GPS unit from a different manufacturer, and I will continue to spread the word around the internet that TomTom is not reliable. In the event that I can't get satisfaction, I will buy a new device from ANY other manufacturer than TomTom, and continue to spread the word. Also, I hate that ConsumerAffairs forced me to give this product any rating at all. It so far does not deserve the single star that I was force to provide in order to post this review.

    Reviewed May 4, 2019

    Had 2 TomToms. Unless you spend $$ for the updates sooner or later you lose the signal. The updates are no bargains either. I use my GPS for work going to different locations. Recently lost GPS signal so bought a Garmin GPS with free updates... Good Bye TomTom.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 1, 2019

    I was trying to get help with updating my device. I spoke to 4 agents and all of them - one after another hung up on me. When I asked for the manager he hung up too. This people are very rude and unprofessional. I will never buy TomTom again.

    Reviewed April 9, 2019

    Upgraded to a GO620 from a 10 year old TomTom GPS. Only advantage of the 620 is a larger and brighter screen. The 620 has started randomly turning off on its own, and also randomly changing from 3D to 2D views. No north arrow on 3D view. The north arrow on 2D view doesn’t work correctly if heading east or westerly. 2D map always stays oriented to the north, won’t follow your direction of travel. Overall I am disappointed in the lack of features and device not working correctly. Will attempt to return unit for refund but I have had it for more than 30 days.

    Reviewed April 7, 2019

    Will never trust TomTom again!!! Bought this unit with lifetime maps and updates. Now there is no longer support for it. What a load of crap. Very disappointed from a gps that worked so very well for me.

    Customer ServiceOnline & App

    Reviewed March 1, 2019

    We were forced into the newer GO520/620 series since our lifetime map GPS was no longer supported. First the good: 1] FREE lifetime (not really, but addressed by others) maps of THE WORLD. Great for travelers. 2] 'THE' best window mount ever. 3] My Places and Record Route in the app is a nice addition. 4] Computer mapping to GPS is another great feature. WiFi is interesting.

    The bad: 1] Screen is glossy, and not recessed. Glare from sun reflection early mornings and late afternoon... Very hard to see. 2] Colors are inspired by baby toy makers, to add insult to poor visibility, the screen has washed out pastel colors, and poor fonts. 3] Need to swipe the screen, previously it was 'poke'. Screen gets dirty and greasy very easily, adding to the poor readability. My previous Tomtom were very clear, bright colors, and a frosted screen that did not show finger marks. 4] VERY IMPORTANT. When wearing polarized daytime glasses, the screen is half obscured due to the plastic being polarized in the opposite wave. You have to tilt your head to the left 30+ degrees to read the screen.

    5] Sound is mushy, and not crisp. Poor voice selection. More choices, but all goofy. This reflects childish designers on board. 6] Phone link is awful. Today most cars have Bluetooth phone connect, so this feature is redundant. Maybe for the basic cars, but the sound is awful, and the other party will not hear you well. Will create distraction and accident prone. Good luck... the value is in the no extra fee global maps for the next ~5 years, all else is poor.

    Reviewed Jan. 30, 2019

    Bought TomTom device with lifetime updates. Go to update and the company says that it no longer supports older device but you can get a discount on buying a new one. Hope this company runs itself in the ground as all the others have done due to lying. My next move is go to social media and give the public my side of being conned. Will be satisfied just to get some people not to ever buy from this company.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Nov. 18, 2018

    I bought a TOMTOM GO60 a few years back with lifetime maps and traffic. I hadn't used mine in quite a while but upon firing it back up, charging and updating the maps I learn that it no longer can connect to the internet through my phone. These things weren't cheap but are virtual garbage now. The updated maps aren't really updated on older models. Just go with your phone and waze. Their maps are currently being updated, support traffic and won't give you BS lip service about lifetime this lifetime that. TOMTOM and Garmin are on life support anyways.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

    Reviewed Nov. 14, 2018

    I purchased TOMTOM VIA 1530M, July 2018. Occasional use. I live in Albany, NY area. On numerous occasions it failed to direct me to specific locations. In fact, with my family in car, the device on two occasional directed me onto dirt roads that ended on private land on which warning signs were posted. Everyone including children in the vehicle were afraid. I called the company to complain. I was asked to hook the device up to my computer and TomTom rep helped update maps and reviewed my settings. I thought, okay. Through this process I was instructed to program a specific route onto the device. I did as requested.

    A week later I traveled that programmed route. Halfway to the destination, with family following us, in their vehicle, the device indicated that I make an programmed turn... Off of the programmed route? I didn't. So the device then showed no route. It was night time, raining, on a secondary road. Now I had to figure it out on my own. Very difficult to read country road signs. As I neared the destination, it suddenly returned and advised me to make the turns as I made them? It was a white-knuckle drive, very anxious for all concerned.

    I called a few days later to report what had happened. To end this review, all l heard over and over was that the company would investigate further. I attempted to negotiate a remedy, maybe return for different device but after 30 days of purchase you have no rights. This is a dangerous game TOMTOM is playing, people safety in balance.

    I don't know if it is the device malfunctioning or deficient maps of the area or if this is deliberate attempt to gin up sales, screw things up on GPS thinking customer will buy another device from TOMTOM. I conclude TOMTOM thinks I am an idiot that is either incompetent in operating their device or I am misleading my facts for some unknown reason. Please think what you will buy. Why take a chance with the lives of your loved ones. Purchase a different GPS...

    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2018

    I own 2 TomToms with lifetime maps. Just found out my older one is no longer supported by TOMTOM. It operates well but TomTom no longer supports map upgrades as advertised when I bought it. I would go with Garmin if you are considering a navigation device. I have owned Garmins in the past and have never been told by them that my device is no longer supported.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 22, 2018

    I wasted 2 hours trying to find a way to deal with the voice control not working. It says it won't work in selected country, the US. I wasn't able to find a phone number, email or anyway to contact the company. Just rerouted over and over to never-land. I bought this TomTom, Via 1350 because I had had TomTom One for over 10 years before it died and loved it. I will not buy another TomTom. I don't support companies that sell products especially with a warranty and then make it impossible to get help. Purchased in November from Amazon.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 9, 2018

    I purchased a TomTom car navigation with a lifetime update of maps. When I went to update the latest map, it wouldn't fit. Then it said, "No longer supported, but put your email address here and we will offer you 30% off a new one". I never received an email. Did it again, again, no email. I called customer support, couldn't understand their English, but I tried very hard. The person explained my device was no longer supported and my "lifetime" purchase of maps has expired. What an oxymoron! I asked for a supervisor, he said, "They won't talk to you about this". I then called back and got another rep that was extremely hard to understand.

    I repeated my dilemma, she said she would send me a 25% off coupon code on a new purchase. I said, "Wait, online you offered 30% off, but I'm not getting the email." She said, "Just order it and then call me back with the reference no. And I'll give you 30% off. Or you can download a partial map on your existing nav." I was also told that I received emails telling me my device was no longer supported. Not true. I never received any emails other than new maps. Yet, I immediately received emails of my calls into the support center right away. This company should not be in business. They are deceitful and their service and offers are untruthful. I would NEVER buy a TomTom again.

    Sales & Marketing

    Reviewed March 21, 2018

    Purchased the TomTom GPS largely based on the "Free Lifetime Map Updates" feature that was heavily advertised. Now that I need to update the map, TomTom says they no longer support the device and consider its "lifetime" to now be over! Maybe TomTom needs to say "Free 1 Year Map Updates" as opposed to using "Lifetime" in their statement. But then the consumer wouldn't buy their products if they were forced to be honest. TomTom advertising "Lifetime Updates" is a SCAM and they should be prosecuted for SCAMMING the public. Where is our State Attorney General and Public Service Commission? Why is TomTom still being allowed to do business in our State/Country!!! Never purchase TomTom again, and will use all available avenues to make others aware of TomTom's deceptive business practices.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Feb. 27, 2018

    Two years after I bought my START 60 directly from TomTom I tried to conduct another update. However, I could not connect to MyDrive. I contacted TomTom Customer Service and they advised me to reset it to Factory Settings and charge it for 4 hrs. I did both and found out that: my battery is dead and not chargeable anymore, I cannot connect to MyDrive if battery is dead, I lost all updates I've collected over last 2 years. TomTom offered me 25% discount to buy a new device saying that replacement of battery is not recommended. I complained again to TomTom and they have not responded. That's a very poor CS and I'll never buy or recommend TomTom.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed Feb. 26, 2018

    Do not buy a product from this company. I purchased a TomTom GPS for my car and paid a higher price for the lifetime maps update. I just received an email telling me my GPS is now obsolete and to remain current I can buy a new device from TomTom! What a scam. I'm sure glad lifetime doesn't mean my lifetime (or my dog's for that matter). This may not be illegal, but it is certainly highly unethical. Do not believe any guarantees from TomTom, and by all means check out other GPS companies before subjecting yourself to this horrible company.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 12, 2018

    I purchased a TomTom Via1505M that was supposed to have free lifetime maps. I've had it for 5 years under the best of care and I must admit it served me somewhat OK until yesterday when it lost its mind. I tried to go online and reload/update the maps to get going again but what a miserable 5 hours lost. I used the chat line and a rep contacted me by phone to address the issue and took over my computer (which I sorely kick myself for). Everything was fine with the unit but it would cost me $99.99 USD for a 5 year license or $129.99 lifetime. When I told them I had lifetime free maps I was told the maps were free - however I had to pay a software fee. Also it couldn't get a valid GPS signal. WHAT A PILE OF CRAP! I will never buy TomTom ever again and will tell everyone far and wide that they are a scam. Looking at Garmin but who knows if they are any better. I hate getting screwed over!!!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 13, 2017

    Purchased a TomTom GO 6200 in Italy for use in Europe. Upon starting up the system in English language the message appeared that for this language there was no computer voice available. I tried German and Dutch with same result. How is it possible that in 2017 a Euro 400 GPS cannot function completely in English??? You have to call the service center (weekdays office hours only), make an account and then they then put the required language voice available for downloading. This is ridiculous, I have returned the system to the shop immediately and replaced by a good old Garmin.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 5, 2017

    Last year I tried to update my maps using the discount code they sent me. When it didn't work they told me to buy a new device, as it came with unlimited updates. This year, when it didn't work, after 10 days of useless email suggestions, they decided that since they couldn't help me, they'd just deactivate my account. "Please be aware that once the deactivation has taken place, you will no longer be able to access the following: Any of the services you might have bought in the past. Open transactions such as repairs and orders. Your TomTom Discussions user account. It is not possible to reactivate disabled accounts. If you would like to register a new account in the future, please do so on our website" I'm now wondering if anyone can use the discounts they send out.

    Reviewed July 6, 2017

    After purchasing the TOMTOM, I tried to update the maps on the device. For two years, I continue to get errors and cannot update the maps on my device. I am throwing this GPS away and relying on my cellphone for navigation. I would always use this device and found it worked better than cellphone directions, I even would offer it after others tried to use their phones. I HATE THIS PRODUCT. I HATE THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT! I hate their internet website! I HATE THE LACK OF INTUITIVENESS EXHIBITED BY THIS COMPANY! Done!

    Customer ServicePriceOnline & App

    Reviewed July 2, 2017

    I think TomTom is scaling back its business - if not folding. I have owned two TomTom VIAs - one of which I broke myself. My current TomTom (24 months old) rarely connects with the GPS satellites anymore and I am looking for a place to recycle it. I suspect this is planned obsolescence. I initially connected my device to their website looking for updates more than a year ago. TomTom wanted to charge me $60 for updated maps after I owned the device for a year. The initial device only cost $120. Many of my friends have Garmins, so my next GPS will be a Garmin. Their website broadcasts "LIVE Customer Service is not available after 12/31/2016." Simply put, the device is not supported anymore by real people over the phone. When my TomTom functioned, it was adequate. However, it was not as accurate as a Garmin.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 26, 2017

    For the past 3 days, I have been trying to fix the failure of my TomTom Rider to work. After responding to a company email to update my maps, the touch screen failed completely. After searching the web, I found the problem was very common. However, succinctly, there seems to be no fix once the software has corrupted the internal computer. Three different customer service reps were unable to make any headway. Since the unit is only 10 months old, I asked them to replace it. They said "against warehouse policy". They said, "Warranty no good because unit was manufactured two years ago". However they did offer me a 25% discount on a new unit. When I pointed out that the warranty was from date of sale, not date of production, they said, "Their error."

    I am supposed to leave on a 5000-mile trip this coming Saturday. I will be doing so without any GPS because TomTom will not ship a new unit until they get mine back. Remember, this all started because I downloaded their update last week and it destroyed my GPS. If you want to buy a brand new TomTom cheap, call me. I am going out to buy a new Garmin or something else today. In my opinion, TomTom GPS units are crap and their customer support is a bit worse than the IRS.

    Sales & Marketing

    Reviewed April 26, 2017

    Internal memory of my TomTom is 1 gig, that memory was beginning to become full, so I put in a 2 gig SD card expecting to use the device for a several more years. To save on memory I wanted to purchase the US only map since I never leave the US, I essentially never leave Colorado. Not expecting to be able to buy a Colorado only map I was ready to buy a US only map, but my device is what TomTom calls an end of life product and tries to sell me a new one but TomTom Software made the decision that I can no longer buy anymore maps for this particular device, therefore, the lifetime map updates is a lie.

    When you buy a new one then you can't believe what they say. They literally cut the life short on my TomTom, they should say almost lifetime map updates, or free map updates until we decide to pull the plug in their advertising. But by cutting out countries I never go to and cutting out POI that I never use, deleting hundreds of voices I never use, etc etc then I had control over deleting such things to save memory and get a much longer life span. I get it that they need to always be selling new devices, I just hate being lied to. Not good for business.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed March 3, 2017

    I paid for overnight shipping and they lied to me about it. Charged me for overnight shipping but now tell me I will get it 4 days later. Order it on a Thursday for a weekend trip, they said it would be here Friday. When I called they said it did not go out in time, so I would not get it until Monday, what a screwed up outfit.

    Installation & SetupSales & Marketing

    Reviewed Dec. 28, 2016

    I tried to update my Tomtom go 2535 live and received a message to update my tom-tom connect which I did; it immediately came up with a message that it did not install correctly due to a library conflict. IT DID NOT RECOGNIZE MY TOMTOM so after doing a complete uninstall three times and reinstall there was no change. So now onto technical support (What shame that is) after three so-called technicians I was told that something is wrong and I should buy a new cable but he did not know if that was my problem. So Tomtom I think this is one big scam as I paid big money for this unit with free lifetime maps. You have lost another customer. I will never buy another tomtom product again. This is typical of the world of business today with these big money hungry greedy must make more and more and damn the consumer.


    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2016

    I have TomTom XXL. I get updates from TomTom all time and it takes forever to update and usually with nothing of use after done. Map updates with TomTom are too expensive as can buy new device with free updates for very little more. So I think I'll just use my iPhone Google maps which is free!!

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