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Tires Plus Reviews

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Reviewed June 30, 2022

NEVER EVER EVER take your car here for tire repairs. I in this evening 06/29/22 at 6:15 for a tire plug. The extremely rude lady at the desk did not speak when I spoke to her first. I asked to get my tire plugged and she stated in a very nasty manner "Where is yo tire?" I stated the tire on the wheel of my car. She then brushed past me in a very negative manner, walked outside and turned back around and said "I can't plug yo tire tonight because I have plans to go out tonight." I was taken aback and repeated what I thought I heard her say. She repeated very loudly, "I can't plug yo tire and neither can Deanthony because I have plans to go out tonight." I was completely taken aback and had my 3 year old granddaughter in the car with me. My granddaughter started crying after seeing this rude individual mistreat her nana.

After Deanthony seen how distraught we were, he kindly stated he would be happy to patch my car especially since I arrived prior to 7:00pm. Deanthony was very apologetic and stated I am welcome to follow up with the manager in the morning and express my concerns on how we were treated as potential customers. I will definitely be calling and stopping by the Tires Plus Newnan in the am to share our horrific experience we had to endure from such a rude, mean, darn right nasty receptionist who gives Tires Plus Newnan a extremely bad reputation.

I sure hope after my review along with the other horrible reviews I read on Tires Plus Newnan's about the same ** female receptionist, that executive management will take our experiences and choose to fix the issue which is not us as the customer. The issue is the rude, mean, darn right nasty receptionist.... I WILL MAKE SURE THIS REVIEW IS POSTED ON CONSUMER REPORTS AND EVERY REVIEW BASED SITE….

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Reviewed June 8, 2022

I made an appointment for a tire rotation and alignment. 3 hours later they hadn't even TOUCHED my car! Why did I made an appointment? And why did they make the appointment if they couldn't honor it? I sat there quietly and patiently waiting (I swear) in front of their faces for 3 hours. They have 0 system for keeping track of the what cars come in, in what order, appointment or not, and what they're coming for. They even had to search for another customer's paperwork for a good 2-5 minutes before they found it.

My car is an older car and while I sat there they took in a brand new shiny Tesla and Jeep! Why? Because my car is older and I'm probably not going to invest as much money into it? I hate to throw the female card, but is that it? Because I'm a "helpless" female? They had the nerve to give me some BS excuse about having only 2 mechanics. Then why did you make the appointment? That didn't stop you from taking the other cars that came in after me!

I left there after absolutely wasting 3 hours of my time almost in tears, angry and feeling totally ignored. If that's your idea of a good time, then sure, go ahead, go there. I thought what I went in for (a simple tire rotation and alignment) surely wasn't asking a lot. I guess I was wrong. I guess being a "helpless female" these guys thought they could treat me like crap. DO NOT go there and do this to yourself! Go someplace that appreciates you as a customer and someone with intelligence!

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Reviewed April 8, 2022

I got the credit card to get tires from Tires Plus and I noticed my balance kept going up. Just miss one day not setting your payment they will have a fee already. No grace period at all. Interest is also high. I guess I won't be getting tires at tires plus in the future because of the credit card they give.

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Reviewed April 5, 2022

Often times when a person is given a bit of power they expand it to the point of being overbearing and end up being ridiculous. The sad part is the Company who they work for may have no real feedback on the actions how this employee is having a negative effect on their business. In this case we have a 22 year old with some manager status telling a customer they can't buy a tire. Yes Mr. President of Tires Plus your employee "Manager" would not sell a customer a tire.

I arrive at Tires Plus on Eau Gallie in Indian Harbor Beach Florida, I have been here before for an alignment and was treated perfectly and while there were some issues with the process it was corrected perfectly. This time I had a screw on my tire and needed a patch. The "Manager" a 22 year old came out to the car and quickly told me the tire was not repairable. I have heard that story before but it was located in the middle of first set of threads from the outside. Truthfully, I didn't question this because I am happy riding at highway speeds without patched tires.

So sell me a tire. Quickly the Kid Manager tells me I have to buy two tires as I need to replace both because my other tire is worn and not the same height as the new one and the computer will go nuts and the transmission will destroy itself. I said I understand but I just want to buy one tire for now and I am not concerned about damage which he claims will happen. Then he notices it is a 4matic drive car and announces I need to buy 4 tires. I laughed and said just sell me a tire and I will be on my way. NO the sniveling little creep says, I will not sell you one tire as you may come back and hold me responsible if damage should occur. I said I just want to buy one tire and that is all.

Having said that repeatedly to this moron he decides that since I am not agreeing with him I am calling him a liar. Liar? Just sell me a tire Man! Oh no you called me a liar and I never want you to come back here again and went back in the store. So I left with a screw in my tire he wasn't concerned about that. Went to Tire Kingdom around the corner and had a new tire installed in 30 minutes. The idiot was more worried about my transmission than my safety letting me leave with a screw in my tire. He needs to be fired Mr. President.

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Reviewed March 10, 2022

Location on Davis Hwy in Pensacola FL falsely diagnosed my vehicle twice and did unneeded repairs. 2nd appt I made I was told my vehicle would be done around 1pm I arrived at 1pm and waited an additional 5 hours with no reason as to why. Later I was told that the tech left on an emergency and put my car to the end of the line. Next, I made an appt with Brittany for a 3rd diagnosis that I was told to be charged $110 for.

Showed up for the appt and the GM had no idea who I was or my vehicle specs even though I have been taking my vehicles there for the last 4 years. Told me I did not have an appt and that he may be able to fit me in but no guarantee. Brittany admitted that she made a mistake and they still did nothing to accommodate me. Next, my tire was losing air and I brought it in to have them plug the tire as I have a road hazard warranty and they proceeded to tell me that will take 5 hours to plug the tire. Knowing full well I have only 1 vehicle and needed to get to work.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2021

The 3 times that I've taken my car into Tires Plus (3 different locations), my dashboard light "tire pressure low" has come on. Because I knew someone that worked at Tires Plus, I decided to purchase my tires from them this time. For budgeting reasons, I purchased 2 tires and was going to purchase 2 more tires in 1 month. But as soon as I leave, my tire pressure warning light comes on and I have a slow leak in one of my (previous) tires which forced me to buy 2 additional tires earlier than planned. Then when I've taken my car in for rotate and balance, both times my warning light comes on "Low Tire Pressure" AS SOON AS I DRIVE AWAY. Now, again, I have a slow leak in one of my tires AND my alignment is messed up when I just had that done 6 months ago.. Take your business to another tire place.

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2021

Tires Plus is a very professional and clean business. I came in and got two tires. The staff is very friendly very professional. I was in and out in a reasonable time. Outstanding prices and service. I am very satisfied with my tires.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2021

I took car for 2 tires and oil change. Well they pulled off 3 and around the oil cap they didn’t clean the excess oil off then the alignment. I was told that toe on 1 wheel wouldn’t line up and now my steering wheel seems to be off center. Beware they don’t read work orders very good I guess. Dealership trip this week for me.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2021

Tires Plus canceled my credit card. Turned my account over to a credit agency when I missed two payments (total balance under $30) due to lung surgery and recovery. When I contacted them they said that there was nothing they could no about it. This still shows up on my credit checks over 2 years later.

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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2021

I took my 2014 GMC Acadia to them to replace a cv axle on the passenger side. When I went back later on to get it my traction control system didn't work and I got home thinking I could turn it back on that didn't work. The steering wheel was off to the left. The next day I took it back they told me it was a spring in the airbag system. I had to take my car to a Chevy dealership and pay 300.00 for additional work they messed up. By not having traction control I had bad gas mileage. The manager was a big LIAR. Air bag sensors have nothing to do with traction control as he suggested.

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Reviewed July 30, 2021

Stopped to buy a Firestone tire and have it mounted. 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5i, all wheel drive. 225 45r18. Manager Andrew ** told the tire size was wrong. I disagreed and pulled it up on my phone. 2010-2018 Subaru legacy used 225 45r18. My comment "aw **". Now he turned belligerent, offered to punch out and leave the property and settle this... lol I agreed, he pushed out and we proceeded to walk across the parking lot.. I stopped at him if he was willing to have assault charges pressed. All was witnessed. I reported this to their corporate office... I'm awaiting response. Not going to let go.

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Reviewed June 26, 2021

I've use this company for installs because they install through Tire Rack. My wife took her Highlander in for a rotation and they estimated $1600 in additional repairs needed. I took this estimate to my local shop, they checked and non of the repairs were necessary. I took my Tundra in for an alignment, tire rotation and balance. They told me 3 hours. I waited, and after 3 hours returned to find they had not even finished the alignment, let alone the rotation. They said they couldn't adjust a tie rod to complete the alignment. They said their printer was broken and couldn't give me a printout of the alignment data, but still charged me for a incomplete service. The following day I stopped by my local shop for a rotation and balance. Done in 15 min. and they said that neither tie rod had been moved. I will contest this on my credit card since they did not complete the service. I will never return. I recommend a different vendor for servicing.

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Reviewed May 24, 2021

A couple of months ago I had 2 flat tires on consecutive days and I got them fixed at Tires Plus at University Avenue west des Moines iowa. I took it to them because I assumed they are tire people. My vehicle had no issues with alignment or tire pulling to one side before the flats. After flats were fixed and installed vehicle started pulling to one side terribly. I took it back to them and they said the alignment is off and would cost over $100. For a second opinion I showed it to Meineke at Weston Parkway west des Moines iowa, they did tire rotation based on wear and the issue fixed. How unknowledgeable the staff at Tires plus are. I'll never again go to them for anything.

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Reviewed April 20, 2021

I got a brake job done. And end up driving my car out of the shop the next day and my brakes went out on me while me and my kid was in the car. I was forced to swerve on the grass dodging the back of a car. They're supposed to be certified. I trusted them to do my brakes right. Turns out after that they said didn't know how to bleed them right. And took my money anyway and said they finished it. And they me drive off with faulty brakes. I want my money back.

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Reviewed March 10, 2021

Worst place to go. I had the truck rebuild on suspension components took in for alinement. They break my pins front control arms. And bent the hosing that holds the control arm on a 2005 gmc. As I drove off with my 3 kids in the rear. On 200 in Ocala my tires drops in on camber and almost makes me crash. As I go back and look at it I see it was broking.. Mind you I have pic before they took it in. Anyhow the guy that did the alignment said it was like that. Stripped my bolts that cost me $35 for two. They call the cops on me and have me removed. I call high above to complain. The manager calls me ask me to come in as I do show him all my proofs. he gives me back my 105.00 back but won't pay for any parts that was repaid for. Or wouldn't fix my truck and put back how it was. So now I'm over 250 in repairs.. Anyhow I'd advise everyone to stop going there before they end up killing someone for 105. dollars.. SMH.

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Reviewed March 3, 2021

It is 2021 isn’t it?! Tires Plus is a complete joke! They literally have tires in the name, but they only sell new tires not service or repair them. Tires Plus can’t even plug a tire, which any gas station garage can do. The worst customer service, left me sitting for 80 minutes when I had called the day before & scheduled an appointment, then finally decided to look at the punctured tire I came to have repaired and spoke to them about in detail the previous day, then saying they aren’t skilled enough to repair the tire but recommended a 1-man gas station garage on the corner. So the gas station fixed my tire in 5 minutes, but Tires Plus achieved nothing in 1hr 20min?!

If Tires Plus is only qualified to do only the most basic tire repair and can’t keep close to their schedule, maybe it’d be a good idea to quickly check the vehicle you claim to be qualified to repair first before leaving a potential customer sitting there for absolutely no reason at all. I was treated as though I should be grateful I wasn’t charged, even though Tires Plus did nothing more than waste my time & embarrass themselves by not being equipped to repair the very same product they use in their name. Perhaps it should be called ‘Only New Tires Plus’ or ‘Sit & Wait Needlessly’. TIRES PLUS IS A JOKE, JUST GO TO PEP BOYS WHERE TRAINED TECHNICIANS ACTUALLY WORK!!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2020

Had a tune-up done on my Hyundai Tucson at my local Tires Plus in East Lake FL. It's 18 months later and my Tuscon is idling rough and having acceleration problems. A local mechanic who I trust has informed me that the tune-up was not performed properly. Wires were left exposed and now my engine coils need to be replaced! $500 for the tune-up and now $800 to fix the damage caused by their shoddy workmanship. But wait .. there's more!

I bought new tires from the store several months after my tune-up. Then I needed to have the ball joints replaced and the tires are now trash! Couldn't they have diagnosed a potential problem with the ball joints BEFORE they put the new tires on? Wouldn't the wear on my old tires have been a red flag?! So now I need a new set of tires too. This store has cost me SO MUCH money. It goes without saying I will never take my car to Tires Plus again. But it remains to be seen whether anyone will take responsibility. I've contacted the company. We'll see how it all plays out but I'm not holding my breath.

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2020

After discovering a flat on my vehicle, my brother used a portable pump to air it up and drove it to the nearest Tires Plus because it was less than a mile away. They later refused to remove the spare from under the vehicle with the excuse of it being "a liability" and quoted a price of $850 for four new tires (about half the vehicle's worth), citing that I could open a credit card with them to pay for the expense. My brother returned the following day, removed the spare himself, and asked them to replace the damaged tire with it. Later that day, he was notified that the spare was also leaking air. He then made arrangements to have the vehicle towed to a local shop where the replacement cost was half that quoted by Tires Plus.

When the tow truck driver arrive to pick up the vehicle the following day, he was told there was a $24.99 labor charge to be settled. For what? They did nothing but refuse service, quote an outrageous sum and attempt to sell a credit card to pay for it! At this point, I have been without my vehicle for four days because of one flat tire and getting the run-around from Tires Plus! Never Again.

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Reviewed Dec. 14, 2020

For 3 years I visited the Tires Plus in Buford, Ga off Sardis Church Rd. I started questioning the service and honesty after having brakes replaced multiple times. Each time they told me something else was wrong. So I had rotors replaced, brakes were still bad. Went back they said now I needed new calipers, brakes were still bad. Went back again, they said one of the calipers was faulty and needed replacing. My brakes were still now working properly but at this point I had given up assuming it was just old car.

Once I started having tire and brakes problem not long after this I went to another shop. I also began looking up my tires plus history to share with the new mechanics. They showed me that not all the calipers were changed (despite me telling tires plus repeatedly that my brakes were not working). And that everything needed to be replaced again. They took me to the back to show me.

As I looked at my service history not only did feel I was scammed on work done on my car, but I had purchased a total of 8 tires in 2 to 3 year span (with road hazard) and was now on tires again 9 and 10. Not only is that a ridiculous short time needing tires but they never once gave me free or discount for the road hazard. I have contacted their corporate office. I received one email saying someone would be in touch with me. I have yet to hear back from them. I will say the manager at the location eventually offered to repay the calipers but since the job was not done fully and properly as well as the tire situation I didn't feel this was fair.

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2020

I placed an order online for four new tires on my 2019 Toyota Corolla, gave them the specific information they requested. I went to the store in Stockbridge at 9am, spoke to Larry, customer service, and I was under the impression that everything was in placed. The cost for four tires came out to $343.00, including the labor charges the price was $371.70. I waited in the lobby, until Larry told me they didn't have the specific tires needed for my car. I already paid 371.70. I had to paid additional $100.00. If the order was placed online everything should have been prepared before I arrived. I felt disrespected by Larry and how the situation was handled. I recommend no one get service at the Tires Plus store located on Mount Zion Parkway, Stockbridge.

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Reviewed Nov. 18, 2020

I have been going to Tires Plus for years. I have been a mechanic for 46 years. My U-joints need to replaced. Brought it in and first thing they did is road test. Put in on a lift and said nothing's wrong. Never tested the u joints. The mechanic said they were all tight. That's great. I already knew that. They are binding. I asked if the shaft was removed to see if the play was ok. They said no, and again said it was tight. Tried to tell me that it's ok up to 40mph. I told them that the problem was between 65 and 80. They ignored that. In Summary: I asked them to change the u joints. Not diagnose what I already knew was bad. They drove it and said nothing's wrong. They refused to pull the shaft and test the joints. They refuse to believe that a customer may in fact know what they are talking about. I will never return to Tires Plus.

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2020

Thanks to the positive buying experience provided by inside salesman NICK ** and garage mechanic GAUGE. I felt appreciated from the time I walked in the door. I was treated with the highest of respect and regard. The level of professionalism was quite refreshing. Nick ordered my tires, Gauge put my spare on and I was given an appointment. When I arrived the next day, Nick met me at my car, GAUGE took it right into the bay and 26 mins and 2 brand new tires later I was on my way. Nick & Gauge exceeded all of my expectations. The service excellence these guys exhibited went above and beyond. They should definitely be commended. I will, without a doubt recommend TIRES PLUS on Hwy 40 E in St Marys Ga to all of my family and friends! -Sincerely -DIANA

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Reviewed Oct. 28, 2020

My wife had an appointment yesterday for an oil change. She got there at 330 and left at 630. Service here in Okeechobee has gone downhill, and it's NOT from Covid. It's from poor planning by the manager wanna be. Sad.

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Reviewed Oct. 18, 2020

** Above is the video I made at 4:45 am after taking from 6:30 PM when the Firestone tire blew up with only 50 miles on it forcing me head on into the lane of a semi truck I skillfully avoided by less than a second. Then had to change to my weak spare in about 6 minutes total not to miss my appointment. Tires Plus Sebring said they could not help me. I was given a roadside assistance number to tires plus and it said they were closed. Walmart was kind enough to sell me a Douglas All season 185 60 15 for only $46 and I bet you it doesn’t explode. Then I had to purchase $150 in supplies to change the tire at a car wash which took hours into the night. Looks like Firestone is still a killer!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2020

I purchased my tires through Tire Rack (recommended). I made an appointment for 10am. Dropped the car off at 08:00. Tire install balance and alignment. First they couldn't find the tires. I had a UPS receipt they signed for. I got the car back at 18:30 at night. They claimed the guy couldn't properly align my car properly without alignment kits! Plus when they installed my tires (supposedly the correct ones). They needed to change the valve stem kits I have pressure monitoring system that didn't have any problems. Talk about padding the bill! Don't trust Tires Plus!

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2020

If you are a woman and they can see you don't know much about cars, they will take advantage of you and tell you that you need a thousand things done and charge you up the gazoo. I used to like them but my last few experiences have not been good ones. Yes, it's my fault for letting them do what they said was needed, but the fact is, they knew that I did not know about cars and that they could pull one over on me. I am very angry. I am now in debt but I guess that's my fault. Why can't auto repair shops just be honest? Is it really that hard?

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Reviewed Sept. 7, 2020

I went for the first time out of Lexus dealer to do an oil change service to my Lexus GX460 to the store located at 15907 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines, Fl 34027 and under manager **. I told him to check all over my car since I need the car in great performance to do my job. He said he was going to check everything and let me know what it need to be done. After an hour he called me back and surprise me with a necessary change of Pads, rotor, struck, flushing of the coolant, air filter, oil filter, alignment for life, oil change and rotation all that for $2217 dollars. I had already spend $1000 on tires with them so I asked why so much if I was always taking my car for service and checked with Lexus when it was time for service and I just need oil change.

I took my car there because they supposed to be good and cheaper than Lexus (WRONG I PAID MORE TO THEM THAN WHAT I SPENT IN LEXUS FIXING THEIR MESS) and due to Covid 19, no job I couldn’t afford it to take to Lexus again, so then he explain that it was best to have the car in perfect condition and those changes needed to be done. So I used a credit card from them and did the job. WHAT A TERRIBLE MISTAKE!!!! They ruined my car completely, they left my car with oil spilling, burning always, smoking while driving, went back the very next day after been in the workshop for 5 days work due to oil spill and horrible noise while driving, they never drove my car after completing the job otherwise that terrible noise was noticeable once you start driving, it was just unbearable.

My car was picked by my mother and from the store to my house she didn’t notice the noise, but I did next day once I start driving and it was even worse. They left piece of iron friction and that was the noise, the cover they put for oil was not the appropriate one for my car type and that is why oil was spilling, breaks were very long, since they use very low quality replacements pieces, even changing the air filter they spoil a piece in the system because it sound and still does a terrible eco and turbine noise if I use maximum flow of air, all this I told the manager and for all he has an answer of course the one that is good for them not for me.

I went back three times regarding the oil change and the third it was the worse. I was stopped at the back of his store and the oil drain out completely to the floor, I immediately call the manager ** and he took my car and sent one of his worker to Lexus to bring the original cover for the oil. Once they finish they call me and I realize Once they open the front part the coolant wasn’t till the limited to be fill, All cover were without the taps... ALL A MESS. I got into a crash since the change on pads they did were low quality pads, breaks didn’t work and run out very fast.

Finally I went back to Lexus and have rotors and pads change again, that is the reason I got into a crash because of the low quality of pads and rotors put in to my car, I couldn’t break since rotors were run down. I went again back and explain what had happened and he asked why I change with Lexus and not with them? What a funny question after they mess up all my car they pretend me to go back. I went back for my money back since everything was done wrongly, very, very bad and this guy just deduct from the account what I paid in Lexus and left me square. He left me with all the debt for a very bad performed work, took the pieces I Change with Lexus from my car without authorization and now I am Asking him to give me the pieces back and he doesn’t want to give to me, pieces that I double paid And belong to me.

I am demanding my money back and they refused and I had a call from the area manager && and he was just shouting at me and not letting me talk. Asking me mechanical questions I direct him to talk to the person in Lexus that did my job and of course they did not want to talk to an expert about their mess. So if you do not want your car ruined do not take it to Tires Plus in pines blvd. They just ripped you off and pretend you to go back to them to refix and still fix back again their mess. I want my money back.

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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2020

Purchased 2 new front tires. The next day I noticed vibration that we could feel in front seat. I figured I definitely needed new back tires as well. I took the car somewhere else for the other 2 tires because, of the customer service and overpricing. Well I was told that the 2 tires put on by tires plus was not the recommended tires. But with my permission they did match the tires that tires plus put on. Unfortunately it did not stop the vibrating. I took the car back to tires plus they balanced the tires again for what I don't know and they stated one of the weights had come off the front so they retighten those as well. I was told when they test drove they didn't feel any vibrating and if I did then bring back. Well of course get up to speed of 60 and back to vibration.

I took the car back. They inspected and now they are saying its the struts. My question how does struts go once you put on tires? There was nothing wrong with the car when I brought in. (No Vibration). Now here we are a couple weeks later I have vibrating even within the steering wheel! 2 tires alignment and balance $$$ and now stuck with another bill on a 2006 vehicle. The same service at another company $$.

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2020

8/11/2020 10 am, I pull in with a flat tire on my truck. I’m on the way to a funeral in my suit and ask if they can help me out to change my tire. Told me 2 hours. I said, "I’m going to a funeral. Can you help me out? We are firemen." He said, "Do you have AAA." That was all I to hear. I did call AAA and missed my buddies funeral. Unreal as garage looked pretty empty. Aren’t people great? I could and would not ever do that to someone.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2020

Took my 2000 Ford Taurus in as it was misfiring. Top mechanic took 45 mins to locate the (so-called) problem because he couldn't get his computer tester to hook up to my car's computer...BECAUSE IT WAS BROKEN! His tester read it was my coil which was replaced & cylinder 3 & 4 which was not fixed. I was charged just under $400 and NOTHING was fixed!! IT WAS THE COMPUTER that was broke & the 'Top Mechanic' didn't take the time to search out the real problem! Now, I'm out that money & my car is in the shop again, but with a reliable mechanic. I will NEVER trust another Tires Plus! BEWARE!! TiresPlus on McCarran, Reno, NV. People are nice, but I think their 'top mechanic' needs some more schooling. USE CAUTION!!!

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