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Outdoorsy is a rental marketplace that lets you rent RVs and trailers by the night. It offers a great selection of rentals, from popup trailers to fifth-wheel campers, that you can rent directly from vehicle owners.

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Customer ServiceReliability

Reviewed Aug. 4, 2023

My experience with Outdoorsy was initially smooth. We rented an RV and had an enjoyable trip. However, our experience turned sour after returning the RV. We did a thorough walkthrough with the owner, and everything seemed fine. The owner even asked us to leave them a review, which we gladly did—a wonderful and appreciative one.

But then, Outdoorsy hit us with an unexpected $600 charge for supposed damages! We were taken aback, as nothing was wrong during our rental. We disputed the charges and went through a back-and-forth email battle with Outdoorsy. Eventually, we managed to get only half of the money back (keep in mind that they take an extra $1000 deposit for future damages).

The most frustrating part is that we contacted Outdoorsy to remove the glowing review we left for the RV owner, as it no longer reflected our experience. Outdoorsy, unfortunately, refused to remove the review. This means that our positive review is still misleading other potential renters who deserve to know the truth. Outdoorsy's review process is deceiving and flawed, enabling hosts to exploit the system. This was not the first time we've felt that a host abused this system. It leaves us questioning the fairness and reliability of the reviews on their platform.

As a caution to others: Outdoorsy requires a $1000 deposit for damages, so be prepared for that. Take detailed pictures before and after your rental to protect yourself from false claims. Do not write a review until you get your full deposit back, as you won't be able to edit or remove it afterward. It is simply unjust and not ethical to refuse someone the right to edit or remove their review, especially when the circumstances have changed. Numerous other review platforms allow such modifications, so it is surprising that Outdoorsy does not offer this basic courtesy. I strongly advise future customers to be cautious when dealing with Outdoorsy. Their deposit and review system needs a serious overhaul to ensure fairness for all parties involved. It's not right for customers to feel cheated and misled by misleading reviews and unfounded damage claims. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Don't let yourself fall victim to Outdoorsy's flawed practices! ⚠️⚠️⚠️

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingStaff

Reviewed Aug. 3, 2023

March 2023 - July 2023 $1019 CAD The company promotes private vehicle owners to rent out but do not provide protection to consumers when there is an issue with the host or the quality of the vehicle that is being rented. The host was extremely rude and Outdoorsy did absolutely nothing to provide any assistance. I rented the use of a camper van for July 2, 2023 to July 7, 2023. The van that I received was not even close to the description given by the website and had significant safety issues.

For one, you will notice the huge crack across the entire windshield along with two big divots where rocks have chipped at the windshield. Though it does not interfere with your line of vision, any rock or stone that hits it next has the potential of breaking the entire windshield while you're diving. 2. There is no rearview mirror in the van so you only need to use the side mirrors which the driver’s side is also cracked. 3. The main door of the van does not open from the inside causing a significant safety concern. If you need to get out of the van you need to climb over the cabinets behind the front seats. 3. When braking you will notice a sound when the brakes are “engaging” according to the host. The steering wheel will also shake significantly. If traveling through the Rockies you will be going down some very steep roads and the brakes and shaking will make anyone uneasy. 4. The van provides no privacy.

The host will provide you with a curtain that you will need to hang up using binder clips. I stayed at several campsites and when the lights are on in the van, you will see right into the inside from both the back windows and the window on the main door. Again making anyone uncomfortable when needing to change or sleep. Other minor issues 1. The van offers no ventilation, therefore you will need to crack the windows open for any type of air to circulate through. 2. There are wires just left scattered on the floor creating a trip hazard. 3. Your drive will not be quiet as there are drafts coming from the windows and doors. 4. The heat/cool work intermittently.

Review of the host: 2 days before my departure the host emailed me to let me know that the main door of the van did not open in front of the inside. I shared with them my concern regarding safety and they assured me that the van would be “fixed” for my arrival. Hours later they submitted a cancellation via “outdoorsy”. I explained to both the host and “outdoorsy” that they have left me the option of not canceling because there were no other rentals for my travel period. I had all my campsites reserved and leaving me with only 48hrs to find an alternative put me in a very bad position of potentially having to spend thousands of dollars more to change my car rental and accommodation, if I was even lucky to be successful and booking anything last minute. “No bad days” has several people running their rental that seem to not have good communication with one another. The day of my arrival my flight was delayed by 2 hrs.

I notified the host 4.5 hours prior to let them know that I would be there at said time. When I landed I was greeted by the host being annoyed because that is not the “time that was agreed upon” When I told the host during my 2nd day of the door “still not” working, they suggested that I interfere with my trip so that I can drive the van back to them 1.5 hrs away so they can see it. Not once did they ask if they could come to me to check it out. The day prior and day of my departure really goes to show the type of host you will be dealing with. My rental agreement stated that I was to drop off the van by 1pm. The day prior I messaged the host to confirm drop off time. They mentioned to me that it would be 9:30 or that they can rent the van for an extra night.

I mentioned that I did not think that was an option because I was told they had a renter that evening and needed the van back by 1pm. They then just responded with “oh yea, we need it back by 9:30”. I told them that the rental agreement stated 1pm. Even with the messages regarding fixing the van door, there was a lot of contradicting going on. The morning of my departure, I was notified that my evening flight was canceled. I made arrangements with the airline to get on an earlier flight. I informed the host that I would have to drop off the van at 10:30 due to the change of flight. The response by the host was, “It does not work that way, you need to drop off the van at either 9:00am or 1:00pm”.

I again explained the situation I was in and that I had no control over the airline canceling my flight and that I needed to take the next available flight home. This was not taken with any ounce of understanding from the host. I understand that this creates an inconvenience to the host but again you would think that there would be some empathy shown by the host and that they would try to accommodate meeting you at the time you can drop off the van. Unfortunately, the conversation escalated to the point that Outdoorsy needed to be contacted and really didn't provide much assistance. The host made me feel so nervous that I would either miss my flight home or that if I just dropped the van off they would report it stolen if they were not there to receive it. Fortunately, the host was there and to say that the exchange was less than pleasant is an understatement.

I was called a “Karen” and that my life must be so miserable because I was inconveniencing them with my situation and not doing as they wanted me to which was, “You have until 9:30am to bring back our van” I informed them I was 2 hrs away and that I messaged them as soon as I got off the phone with the airline. Their response was, “Stop making excuses and start driving” Again, I understand the current situation puts us all in an inconvenient position, however the lack of understanding and mistreatment provided by the “young” host is completely unacceptable. Outdoorsy always took the side of the host. Even when I put a dispute to my credit card, they submitted their contract stating that are not responsible for host vehicles. OK, so you as a company are okay with advertising vehicle that are in poor quality and have significant safety issues. Please do your due diligence before renting a vehicle from this group.

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Customer ServiceOnline & App

Reviewed July 31, 2023

Beware Outdoorsy will reply to this message and say that I was not a customer, this is not true and they are just trying to avoid responsibility and make you think that this review is not genuine. They have been accused of massive manipulation of the Apple App Store rating system and my family and I after our experience believe that this app has a very inflated score and should be rated much lower than it actually is (they have been accused of suppressing negative reviews, hiding problems with the app, and defending owners of RVs and never siding with the customers… Buyer beware) ... On to the story. Outdoorsy is the worst app you could ever use. We rented through them and received an RV with damaged tires we had two separate blowouts and the owners said they would cover the damage after we returned. Mind you, these tires were 16 years old, had sidewall damage, and would never have passed a real inspection.

Outdoorsy has done everything to defend the owners of the RV and have left us responsible for over $600 in repairs that we made to the owners RV in order to get home. The owners are claiming we were responsible even though the blowouts happened on separate axles on separate sides of the vehicle on separate days. The owners were negligent from the very beginning and the spare tire had less than 20 pounds of pressure.

The air conditioner was disgusting. It was filled with filth and it ran at less than half capacity before we repaired it ourselves. The black tank was filled with weeks of human feces from the previous renter. On top of that the owners sent us out in a death trap of an RV with 13 year old tires, Had never been replaced, were bald, and had visible sidewall damage before we left. The owners tried to blame us from the damage from the beginning, saying it was our driving that caused the issue. These Gaslighters couldn’t except responsibility for even the simplest thing with their RV. Outdoorsy never stood behind us. You should expect the same, if you have any issues with your rental you will be screwed do not rent from outdoorsy under any circumstances, just rent from a traditional brick and mortar they will be much more professional.

This venture is receiving a lot of venture funding and it doesn’t deserve to because they aren’t operating at industry standards of customer satisfaction. I attend Harvard Business School and I will be telling everyone about my experience in the coming semester. My family and I took a trip and we were left high and dry by outdoorsy and the owners the entire time. Besides waiting for over 22 hours for service calls and missing two days of our trip, we were left personally responsible for the repairs to two tires that were damaged before we took the RV out, the owner said they were fine and we trusted them assuming that everything would be OK. However this was not the case.

Outdoorsy is so favorable of the owners that you will never get your money from them. Even if they are clearly in the wrong and even if they leave you in the lurch and screw you over. Buyer beware. I would never recommend the service and will be telling everyone to avoid it. Outdoorsy has not made anything right and the owners have left us high and dry. We are out over 600 extra dollars for our rental out of our pocket on top of missing two days of our vacation waiting for repairs that were due to deferred maintenance on the owners negligence. Outdoorsy will invariably respond to this message with an automated response. You can look at their other reviews and they are copied and pasted, there is never any resolution after these messages and do not expect that your issues will be resolved because ours were never resolved and they still have not been resolved. If I could give zero stars out of five I would.

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Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

Reviewed July 28, 2023

Total ripoff! Do not get sucked into their scam! After 3 weeks of the reservation 3 days before my scheduled trip, the host Sonya ** told me driver verification took 48 hours. Then Outdoorsy required ANOTHER submission of a selfie with license info. Then they requested my passport. Then my insurance info was required by the host. The host said it wasn't needed, outdoorsy is covering it. Back and forth on that without confirmation that we were all set. So 2 days before my trip, the host messaged me that the $1,100 deposit needed to be made. No way am I authorizing that, I cancelled my trip, they scammed me out of 25% of my payment! They took the entire payment upfront. The host was rude with every communication and outdoorsy said, "Fine, cancel, we'll just keep your 25%." I have a screenshot of everything and I'm going straight to my bank to dispute the charge. SCAM.

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Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

Reviewed July 18, 2023

Just before I completed the booking, I noticed that there was a free 28 hour generator included in my booking. I contacted the host to book more hours, and he said "no to the free advertised amenity" and that I'll have to pay $30/day plus fuel for a generator starting day 1. I called Outdoorsy and explained the issue, and I literally told the guy that this is false advertisement. His answer was: "just cancel the reservation" and then hung up on me. Worst customer service. False advertisement and lots of hidden fees. I am thankful that I caught it before paying.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 10, 2023

We rented an RV and this was a horrible experience. The trip itself was ok, but once we returned the RV owners took all our deposit for scratches. I could not believe they took the whole $1,500.00. Outdoorsy is a complete rip off and one should think twice about renting an RV. Outdoorsy will not help and when you call their resolution line, they send you to the Philippines and the person on the other end can do nothing to help you. If you do rent an RV, make sure the deposit is minimal because you will not get it back. Also, when we tried to write a review we could not write one. I think that is due to knowing the reviews will not be positive and they ban bad reviews from their website. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!

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Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaffEase of Use

Reviewed June 22, 2023

Outdoorsy has a lot of "default fees" that they hope the customer won't catch. Their website is difficult to navigate and it is hard to figure out the myriad of fees when booking, especially when flipping through several options. Answers from Customer Service are inconsistent when trying to get more info. For example, customers are automatically billed for "Roadside Assistance" even when the vehicle is delivered to a campsite and the customer will never drive it. (In fact, the stationary insurance package is voided if you move the vehicle.) After a lengthy conversation with a polite but powerless Customer Service rep, I found out that it is an automatic fee that I could have had waived IF I had caught it early enough, but if not, I'm out of luck. (We paid almost $1,500 for a $850 RV rental after all of their fees and markups, to give you an idea.)

Unfortunately, Outdoorsy is not transparent about their fees, and it is up to the customer to catch the overcharges. It took me a chat session, an email, and a long phone call to even get the real story on the "Roadside Assistance" charge. The story changed several times and they still refuse to waive the fee. I resorted to filing a dispute with my credit card company and will see what happens. Obviously, we will not use Outdoorsy again.

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Reviewed June 15, 2023

The experience with my actual rental was good, that's the only reason I give 2 stars. The owner was nice and easy to contact. But Outdoorsy wasted a lot of my time during rental process because too many rental options showed available when they weren't for various legit reasons. The operation is like AirBNB if children ran it. But most importantly use caution when paying for services. Mine was relatively cheap for a 3 night rental at $700. But of that, the owner is getting something South of $300. Aside from fees they offered insurance for exterior damage and a separate one for interior.

I had an awning collapse from the rain, you could argue whether it's my responsibility but that's why I bought the outside damage insurance policy for $200 with a $500 deductible. No brainer, I pay $500 and walk away. BUT they informed me on the 6th day after that it's an excess policy, and that I have to file with my insurance 1st, and do so within 5 days. They claim to review it if my insurance denies the claim. Had I known that I wouldn't have paid the original $200. And I don't know if they would have found another excuse if my insurance denied the claim. So basically the insurance is worthless and I'm sure the same with the inside policy. Just be aware. The other $200 was various fees.

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Reviewed June 6, 2023

Outdoorsy reached out to say they would waive their fee. I appreciate that very much. I would've appreciated the service rep I spoke to in the first place take care of it instead of all this additional hassle. Again, not trying to avoid paying any fee for having used the service, but they def overcharged for cancelling over 2 months in advance. Thank you Outdoorsy for making it right.

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Customer ServiceCoveragePriceStaff

Reviewed April 12, 2023

I signed my RV up with Outdoorsy after reading mostly good reviews. The first rental was a struggle as the renters did not understand that they needed to get verified prior to departure. We both were on the phone with the customer support (in India) for hours. They got verified and for days after they already had left my RV still showed not insured. Renters came back and all was good. The renters were charged almost exactly double from what I got paid. The second rental was a disaster. The renter came, signed without any listening or questions and went.

Only 4 days later the rig came back damaged in multiple ways inside and super dirty. When contacting support they said that they are not responsible for interior damage and that the tenant had not selected that option. It had to go to a different division. It took a long time but luckily the damages were within the deposit amount and we got almost all the material cost replaced leaving us only with hours of our own time and a compromised trip of our own.

When I tried to close my account after that experience I found no option on the site so I contacted customer service twice and after a week they confirmed that my account was gone. NO, it was not. They simply took my profile off the site but my account was still there. I had to send an email to another division again to get my account deleted. It felt extremely uncomfortable to have to asked several times to get my info off their platform and not being able to do that myself. I'm happy I pulled out when I did. If you love your RV do NOT rent it on Outdoorsy.

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Contract & TermsCoverageStaff

Reviewed March 12, 2023

We have rented our RV on Outdoorsy for 2 years and were always told that our RV was protected from damage regardless of the Insurance package purchased by the renters. We had renters that returned from their trip and did extensive interior damage. When confronted they said we sent it out like that, which there was absolutely no way they could have gone anywhere in that condition, plus they signed all the departure papers stating that the damage was not there. They became so verbally abusive and intimidating to the point of feeling unsafe that we just let them walk away.

When we called Outdoorsy to make a claim on the damage we found out the renters declined interior insurance which we never knew was an option. The renters turned it around and made a claim on us with Outdoorsy. Instead of Outdoorsy having our backs, they made us jump through hoops to provide proof that our RV was not what the renters stated it was. We had text messages and pictures from the renters that said they were having a great time. If the RV was so damaged then why were they smiling at the beach and campsite telling us how awesome it was. Outdoorsy continued to ask for more proof then after over a month of going back and forth, they finally sided with us and said that the renters owed us for the damages. By the way, we continued to tell Outdoorsy that they weren't following their own contract because it clearly states if the renters do damage then the renters pay. .

We weren't even asking for the lost income because of the future rent that we lost because the RV was so damaged that it was unable to be functional. The renters refused to pay so Outdoorsy sent us to "mandatory" arbitration. In Outdoorsy contract for Canadians only, which Outdoorsy neglected to tell us, is that if you are Canadians, which we are, then you can opt out of arbitration. The renters discovered that clause and opted out. We had to go to 2 trials and give our statements and send in proof while fully aware that the arbitration never should have happened in the first place. Both trials the renters didn't show up, and our case was dismissed. So now we are 6 months in with Outdoorsy not taking any responsibility for any of this. They have not had our backs, especially if you are Canadian.

This company can not be trusted to follow their own contract as they will make one excuse after another, whenever you tell them that they are not following their own contract. The final straw was when asked why we weren't told about the option to opt out of interior insurance and why they always said "rest assured that your RV is protected no matter what package they choose". Outdoorsy said in an email that the insurance is not for our protection (owners) but to protect their guests (renters). So basically they are lying to the owners that our RV is protected because they are siding with the renters who are able to damage our RV and walk away freely. So what's the point of renters getting insurance when Outdoorsy will just let them trash your RV and not hold them accountable.

Outdoorsy didn't even give us back the renters deposit. Which should have at the very least come back to us because that's what the deposit is for. The renters got their deposit back too. So let me summarize how Outdoorsy works, renters don't need to take insurance, renters can damage your RV, Outdoorsy makes the owners show proof and then win but when renters don't want to pay, Outdoorsy returns their deposit and tells owners "too bad so sad" we aren't here for you and don't care about you. Outdoorsy needs to remember that without the owners of RVs there is no Outdoorsy. They definitely don't have your back especially if you are Canadian. Please stay away from Outdoorsy!!!

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

Reviewed Jan. 16, 2023

It was unseasonably cold during our rental in Live Oak, FL over Christmas 2022. Saturday, the first night we stayed in the RV, there was no heat, and the inside temperature dropped to about 50. We called the owner (Charles **) the next morning and he did finally come to check it out and realized that he had not turned the propane tank on after filling it. The electric heat was not working, which he said he would "have to figure out later." He opened the propane tank and switched the heat source to propane rather than electric. We called him again later about the oven not working, and his response was they don't use it very often and he said we should read the owner's manual. We never did get it to work.

The propane ran out on Christmas Eve night. He did not leave the keys for us, so we had no way to refill the propane tank. We called him on Christmas morning and told him we were going to cut our trip short by one day as the internal temperature had again gotten down below 50. I actually expected (and requested) a partial refund since the RV was uninhabitable due to the cold and we had no option but to give up the last day of our trip. I was absolutely shocked that he withheld $190 of the deposit because we "used up the propane." The contract said nothing about us being responsible for refilling the propane, and he was the one who changed the heat source to the propane because the electric heater wasn't working. It should also have been his responsibility to ensure everything was in working order prior to renting the unit, particularly since we paid extra for delivery and setup, and it was advertised as "turnkey."

I expect sufficient heat/livable indoor climate conditions to be provided as a "cost of doing business" for any lodging, unless specifically stipulated otherwise up front. Bottom line, what was hoped would be a happily memorable family Christmas camping trip turned into a miserable experience, underscored by the addition of insult to injury by the rental owner. He made the decision for us to heat with propane, since his electric heat was not working. Outdoorsy sided with the owner, who refused to consider refunding our full deposit.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Jan. 1, 2023

I have rented my camper out with Outdoorsy for over a year and in that year my camper has been damaged two from the renters. One of which took 6 months to repair. Communication is extremely slow with their claims department and it seems like you have to re-educate each representative you speak with, system glitches and has issues from the owner app platform, the screening or vetting they handle with their renter was inconsistent. Where I think this is a great concept in theory. Obvious in practice they are not doing it well based on my experience. What is frustrating most is that there are so many positive reviews (which is what I was hoping for in my experience) and in speaking with other outdoorsy owners in the Texas area. They have experienced similar issues. I will call action to those to write their review cause I do not believe it to be ethical or best business practice for a service like this.

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2022

Completely dissatisfied with the Outdoorsy web-based service having experienced two cancellations literally hours before start of our Christmas vacation 12/24/2022. The RV that we were able to find, and rent for a fee of $1,309.32was substandard on not safe due to an electrical system that was wired with reversed battery polarity. The backup camera, USB charging ports and electrical outlets within the vehicle are not in working order. Safety equipment was inoperable for the entire rental.

I purchased a replacement deep cell RV battery for $135.13. I returned to the RV and replaced the battery attaching the positive leads to the + terminal and the ground to the – negative terminal. The electrical system did not work, the generator would not start nor would heat come on. I researched and found where the fuse box was located and examined the two 40 amp fuses and found they were both blown. I returned to the auto parts store and purchased a package of 40 amp fuses which cost $5.45 and returned to the RV. I attempted to replace the first fuse and it arched and burn out. I tried a second fuse and the same result. It was then That I read the OEM warning statement “if fuse sparks and burn out, battery polarity is incorrect.”

No RV power in freezing weather. I went back to the battery and disconnected the positive leads (x3 wires) and connected them to the battery negative terminal and connected the RV ground to the battery positive terminal. At this point electrical power was restored. This was about 2 PM in the afternoon. At this time I was able to start the heating system (propane powered) and was able to heat the RV. Given that we departed the next day at 9 AM we were able to utilized heat and some power for 19 hours out of the 4 day entire rental period. Renter beware of the Outdoorsy screening capability.

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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed Dec. 7, 2022

I rented an RV through Outdoorsy back at the end of August. I previously shared my story and wrote a review regarding the lack of customer service and the company continuing to charge my card for something that should have been charged through a third party insurance of someone who backed into us. We had someone back into us at a gas station, very minor damage but we opened a claim with their insurance. Outdoorsy automatically kept my $500 deposit, and then charged me an extra $1,500 for a deductible which should have never been taken from my account. That should have all been collected from the insurance claim of who backed into us. Anyways, 3 months later and after I took this on as a second full time job, I finally got my $1,500 refunded that should have never been taken out of my account. But here I am, once again for a NEW matter of these crooks charging my card without my permission, now for $2,200...4 months later!

I got an email from Outdoorsy a couple days ago (4 months after the rental) saying "The host has noted that there are additional charges for damages in the amount of $2200" and that the charge would be processed in 48 hours. I got this yesterday, and I clicked the link stating that I do not agree with these charges. What do you know, today I wake up and the $2,200 charge is posted on my credit card, without my permission! They attached the receipt for what I was being charged for, and they're charging me for ROUTINE MAINTENANCE! An oil change, filter, and slide out maintenance? The slide outs never had ANY issues during our rental, everything worked perfectly fine and the RV was fully detailed upon return. So I am absolutely shocked that they are charging me for this!

This company is a bunch of CROOKS, they keep charging me and keep trying to take more money than they should from me and I can't imagine how many other innocent renters are having this happen to them. From the looks of these reviews I'm not the only one. Once they have your CC info they have charged overall an extra $4,500 in total to my card. That is more than DOUBLE of what our total was for the entire rental for a whole week! I have been reading reviews and I am not the only one, it appears this company does this ALL THE TIME and RV owners are charging renters extra for things they shouldn't so they can make upgrades to their RV.

I will NEVER in my life use this company again. The customer service SUCKS, no one wants to help and it takes them MONTHS to refund your money back...if they even do that! So here I am again, sharing my story...and wondering for how many months after my rental will they keep charging my credit card without my permission. I just had to cancel my credit card in hopes that they can no longer charge me any more absurd charges that are not my responsibility. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! You have been warned.!

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsCoveragePrice

Reviewed Nov. 8, 2022

The camper in tow blew a tire and caused minor cosmetic damage. They would not speak over the phone and only sent an email stating the terms of their contract allowing them to charge the $1500 deductible amount. They also charged another $580 to my card without permission for tire related repair. The owner then claimed that the interior was damaged and not left clean for another $800 until I sent them their own listing picture showing the pre existing damage so they dropped it to $200. Outdoorsy just continued to charge my credit card based on the owner's word. Make sure you take pictures of absolutely everything even if it doesn't look like it would be an issue to cover yourself. I will buy another camper before ever renting again.

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsPrice

Reviewed Oct. 25, 2022

Outdoorsy is terrible. I rented a motorhome for a vacation and was surprised with a bill of $3900 for alleged damages. Instead of supporting us they just kept sending emails saying they would charge my credit card without my consent or agreement. Beware of scammers wanting to fix/renew their old rigs on user's expense.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2022

Requested rental of an RV, but owner canceled because he needed more preparation time (this was for a week out), even though the Outdoorsy site indicated that his RV was available. Despite the cancelation, Outdoorsy had already charged my credit card, instead of waiting until the RV owner had confirmed the rental. It took 1½ weeks for my refund to be credited to my card, and this was not an insubstantial amount. If they were an ethical firm they would have waited until the owner confirmed the rental before charging my card.

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Reviewed Oct. 14, 2022

This company seemed great at first. If things go wrong, initially they seem like all they want to do is help. But they do nothing to make sure the vehicles on their site run well or are even safe. The vehicle I rented had rusted out wheel wells, couldn’t steer well because the steering column joint was being held together with wire. The owner originally said he would give a refund, but then refused.

In the dispute process through Outdoorsy, in spite of the pictures I sent they sided with the owner. Their reason for doing so was because the owner sent them a blurry copy of a safety inspection report. Problem is the year and vin on the inspection wasn’t the same as the vehicle I rented. Outdoorsy did nothing to follow up to make sure the document was legitimate. And they obviously didn’t have anyone look at the photos I sent. CVSE took one look at the photos and said the vehicle shouldn’t be on the road. I sent that info to Outdoorsy, but they’ve done nothing. They offered me a quarter of what I spent for a vehicle that lasted 20km.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2022

Very shady operation. We purchased the "peace of mind" insurance, and it turned out to be anything but. We were charged full $1500 deductible for damage to vehicle, despite clear language that the deductible is $500. We booked the trip thru Adventure KT in El Cajon, insurance was thru Outdoorsy.com. The claim was run thru the owner insurance, not policy we purchased, so likely they pocketed the money we spent for insurance and we were unwittingly bare of insurance for our trip. Outdoorsy was in cahoots with this company to rip us off.

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Punctuality & Speed

Reviewed Sept. 1, 2022

We rented a sleeper van out of Denver and needed to return it early due to mechanical problems so we only used 40% of the original trip duration. Outdoorsy would not refund any of their commission (20% of the original trip cost) or taxes because "that is their process". It did not matter that the van was not functioning per the contracted specifications... I still had to pay for most of the rental.

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Sales & Marketing

Reviewed July 19, 2021

Recently rented an RV through Outdoorsy.com and found it to be the biggest SCAM company ever! Better hope you don’t have to file a claim as YOU will be left paying the bill regardless of being forced to purchase insurance upfront! Conveniently, the deductible is MORE than the cost of the claim!! No repairs allowed – just FULL REPLACEMENT COST charged to us in the amount of $2331 for a $200 part! BIGGEST SCAM COMPANY ON THE PLANET!!!

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