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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2012

I purchased my vehicle at Plaza Automall. I had beautiful chrome license plate covers that say Plaza Automall. The service department at Bay Ridge took off my chrome license plate covers and replaced them with a cheap, white plastic "Bay Ridge Honda" license plate covers. I only took my car in for a tire rotation and wheel balance. What kind of people are working there? They didn't leave my license plate covers in my trunk. They trashed them because they had the competitor's name on it. I took it to Honda because I trusted them. I am beside myself at the audacity of their mechanics. Absolutely disgraceful service department.

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Original review: Aug. 9, 2010

Got a leased car through them and they clearly did not do a proper work up on the car before sending it to the consumer. The DVD player did not work at all, within three days the automatic door was unable to open. I called to complain and was told I could bring it back for service. When I asked how this could happen with such a new car, the answer was that they did not need to do a full work up as it was a lease. I called Honda of America, and this is a full lie. A dealer does not know to whom the car is going when he does a work up. This outfit was simply lazy and a bunch of liars. Do not purchase anything from them!

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Original review: Sept. 2, 2009

Dealership: Bay Ridge Honda, 8801 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209

On Saturday, August 22, 2009, I went to Bay Ridge Honda in Brooklyn, NY. I had originally wanted to purchase a 2009 Honda Fit. I had called their dealership the evening before and was told they had Honda Fits available in three colors. When I went in on that Saturday, they informed me that they were no longer doing deals for Fits, but was interested in a Honda Civic. I said that I was on a budget and hoped to get a Fit because it was the most inexpensive Honda automobile. They asked me to sit down and offered to sell me a Honda Civic for about $15,100 net. This would be the total cash outlay by me. It would include all fees and taxes. This was the price after sales tax, destination charge, etc. I told them I would get back to them.

I went to another dealership. They had Fits, but were charging full sticker price, including full destination charge. This was the policy for the Civic. After looking at their numbers, I realized I could get the more expensive Civic, at a lesser cost than a Fit if I went back to Bay Ridge Honda. I called the salesperson, Anthony **, and told him I was on my way.

I had chosen an "Urban Titanium" Civic. I sat down with him and we went over the clunker stuff. First, he brought up the website and confirmed that my car and the Civic met the initial requirements. It did. I was eligible for a $4,500 credit. I provided him with the registration card, title and insurance letter confirming the car coverage. Initially, he had a problem with the registration. My registration expires on 08/15/10. It was a replacement, ordered on 08/03/09 to replace a missing registration card. After examination, they confirmed it was good since New York has 2-year registration periods. If it were new, the registration would have an expiration date of 08/15/11. They made a copy of it and of an old card I had which expired on 08/15/08. They asked for the insurance card. I presented them a letter from State Farm Insurance confirming my coverage since 05/16/08. It was dated 08/05/09. It satisfied the one year insurance coverage requirement. I then gave him the title, and signed it.

I signed a contract for the following: 2009 Honda Civic $17,995.00; Transportation $ 0; Sales Tax $1,517.05; NYS Waste Tire Fee $ 12.50; State Inspection $10.00; License Fee $80.00; Dealer Fee for Reg. Documentation $ 45.00 for a total of: $19,659. Under credit, the contract lists the following: Salvage: $ 100.00;

Card - AMEX $ 500.00; Cars - Rebate $ 4,500.00. The net cost at delivery was to be $14,559.

After going home, I looked at Civics on the net. I had thought that the color I saw in the showroom was Urban Titanium. It was Polished Metal. I had hoped for a gray, and it turned out to be brown. I called the dealership and left a voice mail. I went down to Bay Ridge Honda on Sunday, and told them. I was informed by Anthony ** and John ** that the paper was submitted 10 minutes after I left the showroom. The color could not be changed since there no more Civics for sale, and that once the car and purchaser's information was entered into the system, it could not be re-entered. After leaving, I saw a Honda Civic CR-V in the brown color parked on the street. I realized that it was a nice color. It had usually been used on more upscale cars, and the first year Honda was using it.

At about 9:30 am Monday, Anthony ** calls me and leaves a message on my voice mail. He says there was a problem with the insurance documentation. He claims that the letter was dated 08/05/09, and it stated that the coverage was confirmed to the date of the letter. Before calling him back, I contacted my insurance agent, told her the problem. I got the fax number from the dealership's website and gave it to her. She was to fax a new letter confirming coverage. I called Mr. ** back, and told him what I had done. He thanked me.

Sometime after 4:00 pm, he calls me again and says I need insurance cards. I told him that according to the program, that letter was sufficient. I didn't have the insurance cards, that is why I provided a letter. I gave him the number of my agent in order so he could explain exactly what he would need. Later, I spoke to my agent and she told me that Mr. ** also wanted a binder. However, a binder and other documentation he requested could only be processed by State Farm's corporate office, and it had closed at 5 pm. I looked at the time and it was 5:03 pm. I asked her to get whatever it was for him when the office opened the next business day.

On Tuesday, 08/25/09, I again talked to Mr. **. "I need insurance cards. Everyone has been completed but you." I told him that the agent would be faxing documents. It turns out he had asked the agent also for insurance cards. "These are temporary cards," he tells me. I told him, "you have letters faxed from the company." Again, I referred him to State Farm. I heard nothing further. On Wednesday morning, 08/26/09, I called the dealership and left a voice mail. I stated that I hoped the documentation was okay. "If there was anything else, please call. Let me know you have gotten everything." My insurance agent had left a similar message. He never called her.

On Friday, 08/28/09, at 10:34 am I get an urgent voice mail from Mr. **. He tells me to call as soon as I can. When I speak to him, he tells me that the "deal was dead." I was shocked. He stated that since I didn't get the proper insurance documentation, the deal was over. The system won't let anything else be scanned into it. I said that the program allows changes. I didn't understand what he meant. He told me to come in and speak to a manager.

I called the C.A.R.S. Hotline. I tell the representative what the salesman said, about the "dead deal. " She tells me, "We cannot make a dealer enter into a deal or contract." I tell her that the contract was already signed. She tells me that there was no way a dealer could have gotten a rejection from C.A.R.S. so fast. An application submission on Saturday would not have triggered a rejection so fast. Any problems could be fixed with resubmissions after rejections. The initial application had the Tuesday noon deadline.

On the way there, I stopped at my insurance agent. I wanted to see everything she faxed. She stated that ever since the C.A.R.S. program had begun, customers were furnished with the same letters as I was. I was the only person to have had a problem. On the drive there, I noticed that my middle initial was missing from the insurance letter. I though that maybe that was the reason it was being kicked back.

When I got to the dealership, I told them about the missing initial. They told me that it wouldn't make a difference in the system. I stated that the hotline had stated that resubmissions for any document problems were allowed. I figured, let's try. That's when they dropped the bombshell. The Senior Sales Manager, George **, told me that the paperwork had never been entered into the C.A.R.S. system. He tells me it shut down on Tuesday. I was shocked. I was told that the paperwork was entered into the website 10 minutes after I left dealership on Saturday. Mr. ** tells me, "I thought it was. I gave it to the guys in the back office." They never entered it.

The Sales Manager, Hank **, tells me, "you didn't had insurance cards." He tells me this even though he signed a statement stating that I conformed to all of the necessary requirements of the program. This was signed by him and I when the contract was signed. Mr. ** said, "We will out the $4,500 if it got rejected." I told him that now I have to be. I wanted to look at the paperwork. They gave me the file. I saw that the insurance gave him much more than was necessary. I wanted everything I had signed. I know how these documents "disappear" when parties go to court. Mr. ** tells me that the $500 deposit will be refunded to the credit card. I told them, "So this is it, no car? " They would not honor the agreement. I told them, "I would weigh my options."

After exiting, my salesman, Anthony **, follows me out. He wants there to be no bad feelings. He tells me to come back after all the dust settles and he can give me a great deal on the car. I already had a good deal. He tells me that the dealership makes $1000 per Civic. "I can save you $2,500 off sticker." I was already saving $4,500. To go further, I was paying about $1,200 under the sticker price because they didn't charge the destination fee. He tries to tell me that the dealership doesn't want to lose its money.

I have the documents from the dealership, including the statements stating that the dealership acknowledgements about the required C.A.R.S. documentation.

Please advise.

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2008

I just recently bought a new car from Bay Ridge Honda, Brooklyn. Our original amount for the loan was supposed to be $17,000. However, the contract I signed had some expenses that the car salesman did not fully explain to me. They snuck in additional insurance fees that I had no knowledge about and now my loan has increased to $25,000. Also, after signing the contract, the dealer did not give him a full copy of his contract.

The only copy we received was the bottom portion of the receipt. When we went back to ask for the receipt, all they said it would be mailed to us within two weeks. Two weeks have passed and we have not received the contract. All I want is the customer copy of my signed contract and my original loan amount of $17,000. Please help us! Thank you.

All I want is the customer copy of my signed contract and my original loan amount of $17,000.

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Original review: Aug. 14, 2008

I brought my car in for motor mount broken. I told them, what was wrong and I told them I need the car for work the next day. If they can't do let me know

and I will come and get the car. I hear nothing from them for about 4 hours, I call they say they are looking at it. I hear nothing. They are open late til 11pm. Nothing still. Next day they tell me they are testing it. Trying to find the problem, I told them check the motor mounts. I told them I need the car for work. 2 1/2 later its the motor mount and they cut my fuse box clips and attached it with tywraps.

At the end of this

car fix days later and I lost my job . I was fired because I couldn't get to work. Then like 6 months later the same mount is bad. The worst workmens ship ever. I now moved to Az, but would not go to the dealership again

My fuse box under the hood the clip where cut. When
all one had to do is squeeze the clips and release.

So I get tywraps to hold it in place , which is shaky

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Original review: June 3, 2008

Left dep. 200.00.Told I would get back.Called 2 days later,changed my mind.Told come in and get my dep.After waiting one hour was told sales manager would review my application and to return the following week and I would probably get my money back.I do not see why I have to keep going back.I did not prevent

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2007

I was told by this financial manager that in order for me to get a good interest rate, I will have to buy all kind of packages from them (extended warranty, window etching, low jack and remote start alarm). Turns out that I don't need all these, and when I want to cancel the service, they told me that I can't. After calling Honda America to complain, they offer me to cancel the warranty package and the remote start, but not the window etching service. I believe the package for window etching is like $130 from other dealers, but they end up charging me $1300.

The total scam amount is $3400, I got $2100 back. The remaining $1300 they said is "uncancellable" for the window etching. The contract did not state that I can not cancel the service. The also make me sign a stisfactory form before they refund me my $2100. I am so upset, because the window etching service is suppose to be very cheap, and I end up paying $1300 for it. The maintence department also scratched my car when they put the body side moulding on. The did not offer and service. After going back to them 5 times they still haven't fix it.

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