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Mercedes-Benz Reviews

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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 24, 2023

I unlocked my new 2022 C300 and put my groceries on the passenger seat along with my purse (my key fob and cell phone inside and closed the door), I was locked out, 50 mins on hold for roadside assistance, no show.

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Reviewed April 18, 2023

Anna or Honastasia is the absolute worst Executive Manager ever. This is one person who will avoid doing her job. I have called over 15 times and she refuses to take my calls. She makes her employees give no reason why she won't take my calls or return my calls. She makes the company look like a complete joke. I feel bad for the agents who work under her and having to deal with bad management. This is why you have good agents leave the job. My case number is **.

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Reviewed March 22, 2023

I have driven a MB since the mid 1980s. They have consistently gone downhill in quality, reliability and service since mid 2000s. I current own 2 of their “better” level vehicles (highest level E and GLE). I am DONE! Will not buy another one of their pathetic over priced worthless autos. You’ll get more from a Hyundai than these fools! Whoever is running MB… you have run it into the ground! Goodbye!!

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Reviewed Feb. 18, 2023

I've been driving MB for nearly 30 years. While my favorite model was the R-Class which was sadly discontinued, my current and perhaps my last MB is the E450. It's a nice size and fits between the two cars I traded in for it, a GLS450 SUV and a E400 sedan. As I age, too many models are either too high or too low for me. My sister-in-law said after driving it, "It drives like butter". I thought it was an odd statement, but I understood she liked it better then her Audi. I have several physical issues and the 360 degree camera system overcomes them all. I still have not let the car park by itself as I refuse to read the 500 page manual to learn how. I can still park easily with the camera system assisting me.

I have only ever had my cars serviced by my dealer. I might be out of touch a bit, but service prices are a bit high in my opinion. I put on about 9000 miles a year and, it will be really hard to justify replacing it with an EV. And I am sure my driving patterns will no longer include long road trips to see the grandkids. But flying is such a hassle. It's unfortunate because the hands-free highway driving feature is actually enjoyable and fun.

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Reviewed Jan. 22, 2023

I brought my 2017 GLE350 in as the rear brakes were metal to metal. First question is how does this happen when they are supposed to have sensors to tell me I need pads? Why did the rear brakes go out before the front one? So when I learned the estimate of the total cost I said I can get brakes done for less money. Of course I was told that if they found something wrong, the other place would not fix it under warranty. I was clearly thinking this would be covered as the sensor didn't work. Well, I was told I was wrong and they gave me a bill for $1210 for Rear brakes. That was with a $100 discount.

I went home and looked up the prices of the parts. They upcharged me for parts by $166.31. I was not having it. So I went back to show them on their own website the pricing of each part. They told me they can charge whatever they want as they are privately owned. I argued with them I should have been told I would be upcharged and that I should have the option of going to their website and purchasing the parts myself. Both men were Rude and I felt totally embarrassed as to how I was being spoken to.

As a woman walking in and being spoken to like that - they should be ashamed. The service Manager told me that was the way it was due to it being privately owned. I then said I would contact the BBB and he said go ahead! he then told me he would refund me $150 and I said it was $166.31. He said OK to that and then said, you are NOT welcome back here. Did he think I would go back there anyway? He was completely unprofessional and rude. I already changed one person's mind about going there for a car. It's not worth it. I feel MB likes to take advantage of their clients thinking we have money trees in the yard. They are a disgrace and treat clients horrible!! During this incident with me, there was a commotion out in the service area and they came back in stating a "Disgruntled employee" HMMMMMM....I wonder why....If they treat customers bad, I wonder how they treat their employees? I am literally SMH!!

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2023

If you are going to purchase or lease a Mercedes Benz, you better carry a tent in your trunk as their Roadside Assistance takes many hours and in some cases days to respond. This is not isolated but extremely common.

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2023

I have purchased Mercedes since 1975 and over the years contributed millions to service and buying your cars. Recently I experienced the worst service I have ever experienced since 1975. I had no idea Mercedes had gone so far downhill. Not only did you have my car in service for an entire month because you had a shortage of laborers and could not get to it but you had no loaners either. So I spent a fortune on a car rental just because you had no mechanics. Also you would not honor my extended $3600.00 warranty which I still pay $50.00 a month for in my contract and have NEVER used. You wouldn’t cover a measly $1900.00 fuel pump. I will never buy another Mercedes again and since I am still paying for this one I may have you repo it and quit payments…I was treated like garbage. No one was nice, no one returned my calls no one gave a damn. Deplorable service…I could get more from a sleazy used car lot.

I won’t need Mercedes Financial again because this was the worst experience of my entire life in dealing with Mercedes. I am seriously thinking about quitting payments just to get somebody to pay attention to my dire situation and that is pathetic. When you bless someone and they curse you. You then become the cursed. I have blessed Mercedes for years investing in new engines (my 82 is still on the road). I have overpaid for cars over and over because I was so happy with the service provided. But this experience on 12/6/22 has been a nightmare beyond my wildest disappointment. I have been treated like garbage….after being a loyal customer all over the world since 1975. and I can't get anyone's attention. Everyone in your customer service are liars and do not return calls and frankly don’t give a damn. Well then neither do I. I may have you repo it just because I am so upset and infuriated.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 16, 2022

When I purchased my Mercedes EQS580 all electric vehicle a few weeks ago, I was ecstatic. I was told the first 30 minutes of charging are free. So I do the math, on the Mercedes website they tell you, "Cost of Ownership", about $540 a year less than a conventional vehicle. This is great. Let's go electric. Heck a bonus is Mercedes is paying for the charging, the first 30 minutes are free, did I say the first 30 minutes are FREE. Well for those purchasing electric, read the fine print, the very very non existing fine print. Maybe it's on a website that the sales associate sets up for you. Mercedes gives you a Mercedes Me Connect Charge Point RFID card reader. THis card will allow you to charge at Charge Point stations. The sales person will show you on your car computer where to go. Did the sales person tell me that I would pay a parking fee to sit in the spot to charge, NO.

Does Mercedes application on the touchscreen in the vehicle tell you which charger you connect to will be free or pay for, NO. Is there a way to talk to a Mercedes person at Mercedes USA, not a store, NO. Mercedes does not even have their email or chat on their website active. How long has this been. Buyer beWare, this is the country we live in, even when buying one of the most expensive cars on the market. I am not happy at all and if I were a lawyer, the right lawyer, I would see if this results in a class action, not just for Mercedes, but for all electric vehicles. I guess Tesla maybe the way to go. I bet I do not pay to sit in their spot if I have a Tesla. Do your research. I did not and now I am very displeased with how Mercedes is purporting their FREE 30 minutes of Charge. It is not FREE.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2022

My Mercedes was too dangerous to drive when it was 71,000 miles, and had completed 6 routine services. I wondered while my car was in the service why there wasn’t any mechanic or service advisor informing me about the rust problems until the brake lines and sub frame were rusted out and close to failure. During the period of my ownership, my car had several mechanical issues and was towed several times. You wouldn't expect that a prestigious car like Mercedes would have to go in and out of the service so often, especially since I always park my car in the garage and never get submerged in water. The last advice they gave me was sell it to the junkyard or commit insurance fraud. They told me that there wasn’t any customer service for me to complain about, instead they persuaded me to buy another Mercedes-Benzes!

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2022

My MB S550 with 76000 miles developed a "Check Engine" warning light. My local MB Dealership is quoting more than $11000 to fix the problem. Fault Code 1200 and 1208. No engine with 76000 miles should require a balance shaft, and exhaust cam repair requiring the engine to be removed from the vehicle.

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Reviewed Oct. 14, 2022

My brand new Mercedes had <1000 kms on it and it dies at a set of traffic lights with the error 'Transmission Malfunction'. - Slip ring came loose in the transmission. Not great but failures like that happen in many products. It's now been 11 days without a vehicle and not even a loaner from their service department available. Very likely the last Mercedes I will purchase in my lifetime.

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PricePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Oct. 11, 2022

Within two months and driving less than 1200 miles I have had to take my 2013 Mercedes GL 450 to the service department to repair the same complaint that I initially brought the vehicle in for. The service department told me that all of the repairs would be resolved with a bill of 14,000.00 (for an engine leak and rear lift and suspension). I figured that since my car is paid off that I would charge the money on my credit card and pay it off within a year. Within three weeks and less that 1100 miles later, I brought the car back to the shop for the same issue that I initially brought it in for.

Instead of resolving the issue for free, they charged me an additional 2100 dollars. I had no choice but to pay it because the local service departments do not have the parts for this car and would have to order it through Mercedes anyway. So I paid an additional 2,100 dollars. Within a week, I had to bring the car back to the service department and now they want to charge me an additional 3,100 dollars for fluid related to the engine. I will lodge a complaint for sure but the fact remains that I keep getting charged for repairs that should have been taken care of when I was promised that ALL issues would be resolved.

This SUV only has 110,000 miles! I can't afford another surprise and will have to go with a Ford, Toyota or an SUV that will not cost me these types of expensive and unresolved repairs. When the GL 450 is running, it runs really good but unfortunately the parts and the repairs are so expensive it only makes sense to acquire a car payment with a vehicle that lasts longer with parts and labor that the average American can afford.

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2022

I have 2016 Mercedes GLA45 with 21000 miles. I drive the car less than 4000 miles a year. The funny thing is that as soon as the warranty expired last year, everything started to go wrong. Not even 2 months after expiration, the speed sensors in the back wheels went bad causing me to be stranded on the highway because the dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree and becomes dangerous to drive. Had it towed to the dealer where I was charged over $800 to replace the sensors. Keep in mind these sensors cost $23 each. MB dealers nowadays think they can charge whatever comes to mind leaving you with not too many options. Fast forward 6 months and this time the sensors from the front wheels failed. Leaving me stranded once again.

This time I took the car to an independent shop and to my surprise the cost of replacing the sensors came to $203. Not to mention how much dealers charge for maintenance. They charge almost 3 times more than independent shops. Apart from these inconveniences, the build quality is not even close to other brands. They now use cheap plastics and sourced part. The gaps on doors, hood and hatchback are not symmetrical. Car is noisy while driving. Passenger airbag activates and deactivates whenever it feels like it. Cheap leather is used. Sound system is the worst. In conclusion, the build quality of MB has gone down the drain. Any Japanese or Korean car has better build quality and service. Will not buy another MB from now on. I truly regret getting this car.

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2022

My father leased Benz GLE on 3 year term in March 2022. Sadly, he passed away in July. I returned the car to a local dealership instructed by Benz financial customer service on promise that the lease would be terminated without any penalties or further financial obligation. Two weeks later, I found out that the Benz will hold us responsible for the remainder of the lease term which is over 32 weeks remaining over $45,000 and the very car we turned has been on sale at the dealership for $65,000 exactly same price my father contracted in March.

Shocking and unbelievable yet nobody at Benz Financial finds it ridiculous. You can go to jail if you steal a pack of gum at a store. Benz somehow repossesses the car by misleading the customer and is not willing to give the customer apology, money back, nor car back and is going to sell the car to someone else to double the profit and still police is not going after him.

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Online & AppReliability

Reviewed Sept. 12, 2022

The only way to remote start a Mercedes is with their app. This app spends more time down than any consumer facing app. They should rename this app to System Error. Mercedes used to be the brand of exceptional luxury and quality. This is the new Mercedes. The only part of this program that works without bugs is the billing. They don't miss a single month of drafting their 30 odd dollars and ensure that part of the app always works. Nothing else is reliable. Sadly this is the only way to use remote start too, so Mercedes is now basically the only car on the market with no remote start. Sadly their quality control had left Mercedes in the dust even falling behind even brands like Hyundai and Kia. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2022

Very very bad experience. I would suggest no one ever to buy this car. Super expensive. I'm only driver. Have little mileage on it since I'm stay at home mom. Still it made weird sound and they say wheel bearing is gone. No reasons why. Nothing explained that too. Only one side. Charged my 250 only to tell me this and 1400 for new wheel bearing. Mind you cost of wheel bearing 200 only so charging 1200+ for service still no sure. No explanation of anything. Nobody answers anything. Just say sorry and rip your pockets. I wish I could give less than one star but no option. NEVER NEVER EVER buy Mercedes.

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Reviewed July 8, 2022

I've had a subscription to Mercedes and me for 8 years and have spent $2,280 for the security and services it provides. I have no problems with the service. But last month I received a letter from Mercedes & me stating after December 2022 the service will no longer be available to 2014 MB models because they are converting to g5 and my 2014 MB is not compatible with G5. This is totally unacceptable and a flat out lie "If you're among the 86 percent of the population who are concerned that the recent rollouts of 5G networks will make your 4G equipment obsolete, there's no need to worry. 4G will still work on a 5G network, they just won't get 5G speed." So why is Mercedes Benz throwing their G4 customers under the bus? It's all about money forcing customers into a lesser grade service that doesn't offer the same level of service or options.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 3, 2022

Leased a brand new 2020 AMG GTC Roadster 2/2021. On the drive home got first error message and noticed busted subwoofer. After that engine lights. Then engine lights again. Then 4(!!!) simultaneous error messages. Multiple knocking sounds. Overall, $189k car has been in the shop with 10 different issues for about 70 days. Customer service from MBUSA is truly disgusting. Ignoring multiple calls and messages and multiple emails. Asked them multiple times to take car back and they refused. Have to thru lemon process to get rid off this piece of junk. Never offered apology or any sort of mediation for the experience. How in the world they are allowed to sell products they cannot support is beyond me.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 28, 2022

My Mercedes Sprinter is 6 months old. It has given me nothing but problems. I live in Florida. This vehicle has broken down twice for the same problem. I am currently in Utah. It has been in a Mercedes’ dealer for repair for over three weeks. No one is helpful or has a clue how to get a part to get the car on the road. The dealership nor anyone else can tell me when the broken part will be in stock. It is just about impossible to talk to someone at Mercedes customer service without being in hold for at least 40 minutes on hold if anyone answers at all. I get no timeline or satisfaction on when I can expect to get my vehicle working again.

This is a lesson in frustration. I previously had several Lexus vehicles. The difference is like night and day. Lexus customer service is exceptional. With Mercedes’ it seems like an oxymoron. There is no customer service. I’m am going to continuously blast Mercedes in any site I can until this matter is resolved. It takes at least 40 minutes on hold until a useless rep has no clew about resolution.

Steer clear of Mercedes. Lexus Is top notch from start to finish. Mercedes Please contact me at ** to help get this resolved. It’s been in the Three shop for over 3 weeks. No person that I encountered is any help with assistance. It’s been pass the blame down the road. You all deserve better. Ditch Mercedes. Buy from a brand that cares about its customers. This experience with Mercedes has been hellish.

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Reviewed June 15, 2022

My name is Tia, yesterday myself and a friend of mine went to the Benz dealership in hopes of purchasing a vehicle. She was more than interested in the above vehicle. We worked with salesperson Mike, and he was pleasant and knowledgeable. I was doing most of the talking because as you can see, I’m in the industry. My husband and I have purchased and serviced a few vehicles from and at the BMW dealership, so we have relationship with your dealership. We loved working with Jackson who referred my friend to Mike at Benz. After speaking with Mike, I asked if there was any wiggle room for negotiation on the selling price of the vehicle. He stated he’ll ask the manager. I told Mike, "Have the manager come over. Maybe I’ll be able to ask nicely."

Joe ** came. Overstated he willing to negotiate the price and he stood on that. Ok I understand. Again I’m in the business and things have changed for all of us. He then noticed I crossed out the VIN etch fee and nitro fill fee. And he told me that I HAD to pay for this optional service. Now I’m stunted!!!! I said to Joe, "No I don’t have to pay for this and that it clearly states on your purchase order that it's optional meaning I’m not obligated to purchase this." He then straight up told me we he wasn’t selling me the car if I didn’t take this service. I know and you know that illegal to tell a customer. Now I feel like it's discrimination!!

I am a woman of ** decent and he was discriminating against me. One I’m a woman, 2 I’m a ** woman and 3 I’m a ** woman who he thinks isn't knowledgeable. I’m so very disappointed that Joe ** felt the need to tell me that my friend couldn’t purchase a vehicle because she is refusing an optional service. I really feel like this had everything to do with my skin color and gender. I believe in my option Joe ** is a racist and bigot!!!!

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Installation & SetupEase of Use

Reviewed June 8, 2022

I have had the car for a few months and I'm very unhappy with it. I was overcharged at Mercedes of Knoxville. I would not recommend this dealership. This car was misrepresented to me. I'm very unhappy with the voice activation. All these technological Innovations designed into the automobile have a number of problems them. I would not recommend the car to anybody. When the voice activation is so far behind what Google has to offer makes it difficult to use all of the built-in technology. You cannot get all the advantages of the technology that is built into the car. The service was awful and they're not able to understand the technology themselves. Overall the E450 is highly overrated and would not recommend to anybody.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed June 2, 2022

I purchased a vehicle last April from out of state. I traveled to the dealership in Denver to inspect the vehicle and make sure everything was ok, which it was, so I paid up, signed the papers and returned to my home state, with the promise by salesmen John ** and Dmitri ** that they would handle the collection and transportation of my car two days later with the utmost professionalism.

When the transportation company arrived to this dealership two days later to pick up my car, the truck driver recorded numerous scratches on body and windshield, and what's even worse, they ENTERED A FALSE ODOMETER READING ON THE COLLECTION PAPERWORK! The truck driver inflated the odometer reading by adding 120 miles, I found out later that this was done so the truck driver himself could drive MY car for his personal use here in my home state before delivering it to me (Crazy huh?).

The vehicle was recovered a couple of days later by me from the truck driver himself, with damage but yet it still had less miles than what it was picked up with from the Westminster dealership. –imagine that. Sales Manager Eugene ** washed his hands from this, even though Mr. ** signed and authorized the legal paperwork pertaining to Bill of Laden of the car with a false odometer reading and “allegedly” non-existent damage on the car. When I confronted Dmitri about this his response was “Well, we never really check that paperwork when we sign it...”. I was speechless… Transportation company alleges that this damage was already on the car at pick up from Denver, and well, Dmitri DID IN FACT sign the paper with that "alleged" damage and the over-stated odometer reading, so... If this is not gross negligence then I don’t know what is. I’d stay away from this place.

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Reviewed May 28, 2022

Mercedes Benz of Plano and Mercedes Benz Warranty mislead me into thinking they replaced my transmission when they rebuilt it. I've been paying for a car that is parked in my garage since January, because it now puts my life and others in danger of an accident. Mercedes Benz of Plano drove my car out of warranty while claiming they could not diagnose the issue.

After returning the car multiple times, they finally said they diagnosed it as needing a new transmission and wanted me to pay almost $9000 at the time. I refused and protested, because it was a warranty issue that Mercedes claimed they couldn't find. So, Mercedes Benz of Plano and Mercedes Benz Warranty agreed to do a good will repair which as we last spoke prior to thre repair was to replace my transmission.

All this time, I thought I had a new transmission until December 2021. I'm not a mechanic, and I never would have known they deceived me until I started having transmission problems again. After having major car problems and being told it was my transmission, I was confident Mercedes Benz of Plano would back their repairs especially with them putting in a "new transmission", but they didn't.

Through the interpretation of an independent mechanic listening as I spoke to the service manager, I was informed Mercedes Benz of Plano rebuilt my transmission instead of replacing it. The service manager was insisting to me that Mercedes doesn't rebuild transmissions but replaces them when the repair is in the main cavity of the transmission due to labor cost. However, when I brought my car back for repairs, I informed me that they replaced my K1 Clutch. I didn't know what that meant. Since then, I looked up how a K1 Clutch is replaced in a Mercedes transmission like mine, and the mechanic disassembled the "entire" transmission to get to the K1 Clutch which is a rebuild.

Instead of Mercedes Benz of Plano protecting their reputation for honesty, integrity & quality and professional service, they told me I should have looked at my receipt when I picked up my car! I thought I was dealing a shade tree mechanic! Again, it took an independent mechanic to interpret the repair for me. I was shocked to hear this from Mercedes!

BUYER/CONSUMER BEWARE! According to Mercedes management, you the consumer has the responsibility when picking up your car to know that they have repaired your automobile according to what they said. Why would I need Mercedes if I can diagnose and repair my car myself! To date, they still refuse to replace my transmission, and I'm paying for a car I can't drive.

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Reviewed May 22, 2022

I bought a new GLE only to find that the 2022 premium plus models have had 45% of their options removed. This includes memory seats, electronic steering adjust, no sub-woofer and selling their cars with no public charging cables.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed April 27, 2022

My car won't start, it's cold, and I have a dog in the car. Luckily, I'm not on the side of busy highway with semis roaring by. I simply cannot get connected to Roadside Assistance. I've been through 2 incompetent customer service reps trying to get one of them to contact Roadside Assistance for me. I'm on hold with the 3rd one so we'll see. One of the worst customer service experiences ever. Puts a serious dent in my customer loyalty. We consumers don't forget these experiences.

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Reviewed April 26, 2022

My Mercedes GLC 200 Car’s Steering is not in center of the seat (it is on left side from center of the seat). I am experiencing pain in my right shoulder and right upper arm while driving and after driving the car. So, I stopped using this car. It is essential that steering wheel should be on center of the driver seat.

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Reviewed April 4, 2022

I have had my 2015 C300 W4 since 2018. Here are the facts to my car and experience. I purchased the car at the Rallye Dealership in Long Island, New York. I purchased it at 12,000 miles. As of today, April 4th, 2022, I have a total of 36,000 miles. My warranty had expired in April 2019. On March 9th, my dashboard had a check engine light sign come on in so I took it directly to the Foothill Ranch service center in California. Again, I have had this car since 2018, barely drove or had any miles on it, and always received the A and B service maintenance at a certified Mercedes-Benz dealership. After checking out the engine light, Benz told me I had a positive crankcase valve and needed to replace it. The costs? $1,900. Plus, I had a diagnosis where I would need about $10,000 in repairs. I thought this was absurd being that I did not have any miles on this car or that my car would need such a costly repair plus $10,000 worth of other repairs.

I reached out to the customer service team at Mercedes-Benz where I was assisted by a man with the initial S. He came back to me reading off a policy script saying they would only cover 50% of the total repair costs of $1,900... Imagine hearing that Mercedes-Benz wants to cover only 9% of the total costs of repairs my car needs. I reasoned with him letting him know I would cover up to $2,000 of other repairs needed if and only if Benz could cover the replacement crankcase valve. In return, he again reads the same script saying Benz can't do anything else. It was just so disappointing to work with someone who acted as if it was his money that I was asking for. He didn't even empathize or try to advocate for me being that I hadn't even driven this car. Yes, my warranty expired but again, I only had 35,800 miles when I initially brought the car in to check out the engine light.

This experience with "S" really changed my perspective on this company. I am selling my car because I can't believe a brand like Mercedes-Benz couldn't even offer to cover a $1,800 repair out of the $10,000 costs of total repairs I was recommended to fix... Think about that and let it sit with you. This experience has confirmed and affirmed never to buy or support a company where although factually this car has issues and it is a quality issue WITHIN Mercedes-Benz, that you've amounted to a single percentage.

It's incredible that I who have made all my payments and paid for all my maintenance services, was told no and that Mercedes cannot offer anything else. Even as a courtesy, nothing was provided. I hope that in the future whoever speaks to anyone or an "S" who works as Executive Referral Manager will note that they won't help you or will only cover a small percentage. I cannot wait to get this car out of my hands and provide my money elsewhere and not to this company. I am looking forward to the day this car is out of my hands, my sight, and no longer affecting my pockets.

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Reviewed March 23, 2022

Worst SUV ever! I purchased a GLS450 in 2021. At 900 miles, malfunction of the 48V battery, had to be replaced… Again at 3900 miles, same issue, battery had to be replaced! Stay away from Mercedes! I have a 2002 Toyota Sequoia with 365,000 miles and never an issue! I’m going to stick with Toyota! Sorry Mercedes, but you are far from being the “BEST”!

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2022

2016 Mercedes Benz GLC 300 49K miles. Cracked piston. Should not happen with an engine at this low of miles. There are hundreds of posts on the issue over several years of this happening. MB corporate refuses to be proactive and recall. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who has this happen just out of warranty expect a 14 to 24K repair bill. If you are still in warranty have compression checked and research issue.

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Installation & SetupPunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Feb. 17, 2022

We bought a 2021 Mercedes Sprinter RV and my one concern is that the cassis was Mercedes. About 8 months of owning this something is wrong with the turbo, dropped this off at Mercedes Melbourne FL after making an appointment 3 weeks out and this still has not been looked after 5 weeks now. Do your homework on service centers prior to buying, in Central FL there are only 3 service centers for sprinter. Go with a ford or Ram for an rv cassis they have hundreds of services centers!

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