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Reviewed July 21, 2018

I purchased a beautiful 2011 Lincoln MKX with approximately 28,000 miles on it in October 2014. In September 2017, 2 mechanics said that my 2011 Lincoln MKX (74,000 miles) needed an engine replacement (total $7,200) due to coolant mixing with the engine oil. What led up to this was a light coming on to add engine oil. I did. I added oil (in the correct part) and the next day, car stopped quit, chugged around the corner into the gas station driveway and that was it. Had it towed to the Lincoln dealership... couldn't believe without any kind of warnings, overheating, NOTHING symptomatic occurred, all of a sudden it needs a new engine??!!

I had it towed to a mechanic (family member uses and trusts), said the same thing. Now I read about the Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX 3.7L V6 engine complaints and apparently this is common. Can you shed some light on this matter? 1 month earlier, I had the car in the dealership service for an oil change... is there any way someone (i.e. a new mechanic) might have mistakenly added coolant to the oil... could it have run for a month, driving it just a few times a week, not far. Or, could someone there or anywhere else done this intentionally??

Update: I wound up having to pay $6,900 to replace the engine due to the water pump failure because of the design and inability to simply replace the water pump. AND it was only 74,000 miles... this is NOT acceptable. And after this happened to me, I read on numerous sites of this same issue with Fords and Lincolns with the same engine. What can be done??? I will never buy another Ford/Lincoln product as they do not stand behind their vehicles when what shouldn't have occurred actually happened.

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Reviewed June 8, 2018

I leased a MKZ in Jan 2018 and a month later it was in the shop. I was returning from the hospital with my wife she had a procedure that day and the car overheated on the highway. It had 1000 miles at that point. We waited hours for tow and dealership to get us in a vehicle. The car was in the shop for over a week and they replaced the fan and relay and radiator among others. When I got the car back I DO NOT FEEL SAFE IN IT. I even went out of state and because of my fear rented a different vehicle.

Well not even 1500 miles later I was driving on the highway with my grandkids and the same thing happened. So stuck on the highway with my grandkids had to wait for hours for the car to get towed. Now the car is in the shop for over 2 weeks and nothing done yet. I called Lincoln and they won't do a BUYBACK for me... Never thought I would spend all this money to have a vehicle I won't be safe in. It's ridiculous that LINCOLN won't stand behind their product and support their customers. I will be trying to sell this vehicle or trade back in and go elsewhere and never come back to Lincoln. If I ever get my vehicle back. I won't drive it... It will sit in my driveway till the lease is up.

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Reviewed May 9, 2018

Lincoln MKC is comfortable to sit in which, if the vehicle doesn't fit your body, it just won't work. It has enough power to get you moving in a hurry when necessary but in my opinion, the mpg is only fair. I went in for scheduled maintenance and less than a week later get a discount reminder in the mail. That timing was poor and I will be going in to talk to the service department about it. I was told I had a right turn signal light burned out which I could not contest but seems strange for a vehicle having 27,000 miles and to the best of my memory, I have never replaced a turn signal bulb in any other vehicle I have owned.

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Reviewed March 22, 2018

After purchasing, I heard a sound when Zi entered the car. It was like a thump in the rear tailgate area. When thump was heard, the tailgate warning did not sound. My car has now been in for the fourth time... new latch, new latch regulator, new shocks in tailgate, and still same safety concern. Did research on subwoofer and sent to Ford dealership. Documented the site and professional information. Not fixed. In now for new subwoofer. If this doesn’t Fix, will pursue lemon law since a major safety concern related to warning sound affected when tailgate goes down.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed June 26, 2017

On January 27, 2017 I purchased a 2016 CPO Lincoln MKX from Gregg Smith Ford/Lincoln in Clinton, Missouri. I purchased my 2016 CPO Lincoln MKX because of the Lincoln Promise and Guarantee "before" your Lincoln vehicle is delivered, the following checks and inspections are performed. Any item(s) that does not pass our unique 200-point inspection is replaced or repaired with a factory-authorized part. After being in the car for three days, I started experiencing "extreme agonizing pain from my driver's seat"! I met with the owner on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 and expressed my concerns about my seats, transmission and extreme robust road noise. I went on to tell Mr. Gregg Smith that the seats were so uncomfortable that I was losing sleep. My car was taken back Gregg Smith Ford/Lincoln on February 7, 2017.

My car was delivered back to me on February 10, 2017. I was told by the service manager that my driver's seat was "severely broken down" and my work order read "verified customer concern found driver's seat bottom OM cushion deformed". This area had been marked, checked and passed on the CPO checklist. I would have "never" purchased this vehicle had it been disclosed to me "before" my purchase that my driver's seat was "severely broken down and my driver's cushion OM deformed". For the past five months I have suffered physically and financially because of the extreme horrific pain I experience from my driver's seat. Physically I have to limit my daily commute and errands in this vehicle to about 20 minutes a day. I cannot sleep. I am awaken each night by the excruciating I suffer and in my bed and pray, read Bible Scriptures and ask God for His Mercy Favor and direction.

The third week into having this car I had to find an alternate source of transportation to visit my family because I could not bear the pain of driving two hours to visit my elderly mother and aunt. Although my work order states that this was corrected "after" my purchase, I am still 5 months later unable to drive my car even after another attempt to correct my "severely broken down deformed driver's seat". I have a $36,500 note on a car that I cannot drive! I am in the process of trying to gather resources to have my 14 year old vehicle fixed while my 2016 CPO Lincoln MKX sits in my garage. During this time I expressed to the owner that three days after taking ownership of this car, when I put my car in park, it would put itself in neutral. This area had been marked, checked and passed on the CPO checklist. I would have "never" purchased this vehicle had it been disclosed to me "before" my purchase.

But "after" my purchase, my work order reads "customer reports: check trans seems to go in neutral when in park at time performed and corrected". Again, if the dealership had accurately completed the CPO process, and I was made aware that there was an issue with my transmission, I would have not purchased this car. On Wednesday, February 22, I took my car to my local Lincoln dealership after calling and expressing other concerns that had been marked "passed" on Lincoln's Extensive 200pt CPO checklist. When I arrived at my local dealership, a porter was available to ride with me to assess my concerns. He stated that the extreme robust road noise that I had mentioned was coming from the tires. It was later determined that my tires needed rotating and I needed a wheel alignment. This was also an area marked, checked and "passed" on the CPO checklist. Sadly, I had to pay for this service.

I had also brought to the attention that my illumination on the driver's handle did not work, so the entire handle had to be replaced. Which had been marked "passed" on Lincoln's CPO checklist. I have reached out to the owner, salesman, sales manager, by email, text, phone... I was told by the sales manager that nothing else was going to be done about my seats and if I had any other concerns, I could drive the 400 miles/4-hour round trip to discuss any further concerns. How can I drive there. Being in this car for longer than 20 minutes is pure torture. I am unable to continue my daily regime of errand running, commuting my family. I no longer enjoy my daily walks and exercise after being in this car because my body is in total turmoil.

I have contacted Lincoln Concierge, Lincoln Motor company and their executives by email, phone, and postal service. I was listened to and given many apologies. At the end I was told that there was nothing Lincoln could or would do for me. The Lincoln CPO promise is "If a vehicle doesn't meet our strict criteria, we won't certify it." It's that simple. I questioned the certification process of Gregg Smith Lincoln Ford AND Lincoln Motors. The CPO did not provide me with "The peace of mind that comes with every Lincoln Certified Pre-Owned vehicle". Along with the other benefits mentioned, I did not receive a Carfax report.

My rating is the lowest rating possible. I was/am not given the opportunity to enjoy and drive my vehicle. I only asked that Gregg Smith Ford/Lincoln and Lincoln Motor Co take responsibility for the inaccuracies of the CPO checklist/process that has denied me the privilege of knowing what it is like to experience the serene peace of owning a CPO Lincoln and provide me with comparable Lincoln MKX that I can drive to meet the needs of me and my family.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2016

3 thousand dollars worth, is a very efficient vehicle and recommend it. Has a good design, allows you a good brand exclusividad and attracts the eye of many. There are few family style and individual. As gasoline prices continue to rise, increasing fuel efficiency is the best way to protect your pocket for that vehicle. Keep the tires properly inflated and auto. My car is very well painted blue, has a low profile wheels with a very good tapiceria - not have dings, has a sound of last generation with docking stations for electronic equipment. It's a good vehicle wheel - is estimated about 320,000 kilometers.

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2016

It got good gas mileage and did not require significant maintenance while I Owned the car. It was fun to drive, comfortable and practical. The Lincoln MKC reacted well to my commands and made me feel safe driving it. It performed well in all weather conditions and different types of commutes - highway as well as back roads. The Lincoln MKC was an Attractive and sleek car, with clean lines and a good body. I could always find it in a crowded parking lot - it stands out. Because we owned a dog we needed a car that could stand up to messes and a good beating and this car did exactly that. I drive rough and my MKC Kept up with me.

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Reviewed Dec. 6, 2016

I got the car at a used car lot and the person before me really took care of the car, it had some issues with the brakes but overall it's a great car. Like I mentioned before the car had some issues with the brakes but overall the car was worth the money spent. The car itself runs very smoothly and you don't have to put much pressure on the gas when accelerating or turning, the engine isn't loud when you start it up and I love the dark grey color. The interior is a beige color very luxury type of style and the exterior is a dark grey, you can easy mistake the color for black when it's in the sun but because I bought the car used the left side back seat is missing its seat belt holster, but there's cup holders in the back and front of the car.

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2016

Family and friends enjoyed spending time in my car. Also was great for road trips as it was roomy and extremely comfortable. Would recommend to any other consumer that is looking for luxury vehicle in the future. The navigation system and safety features were extremely easy to use and top of the line. Fuel efficiency for the size was also surprisingly above average. When I was younger, lincolns seemed to be a very old and boring car company. The newer lines of Lincoln are extremely beautiful, sleek, sexy and modern. The safety features made sure that I was always aware of my surroundings and therefore never had an accident in this car. When my family turned it in, it looked brand new.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2016

I really think it is a great value for the price. It lasts long and has been very reliable. Great vehicle and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice ride. Very comfortable and perfect for any type of family. Very nice performance, I love the way it rides so smooth and quiet. Great car, good deal. It really can get up to speed very quickly as well, love how it has just the right amount of power. Really nice on road trips or as just an every day driver.

This car is very appealing. I love the way it is shaped and the whole overall look. The outside is very chic and pretty, and the inside is comfortable and spacious. The interior is very nice and love the whole overall look of this car. Very durable, has held up in all different types of conditions and types of weather. This car has been through a lot with me and has really done a great job at staying very durable and being a very reliable car.

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2016

It was very stylish and roomy. It also gave great gas mileage and was very easy to drive. I would like to drive a car similar to this in the future. It had excellent performance. It was very fast and was very comfortable to sit in. I liked everything about this car and I would recommend it to others in the future. I liked the color of the vehicle very much. It was very large and looked very elegant and stylish. It was a very durable car and it was very easy to drive for me. I would definitely like other people to drive it because it was an excellent car to drive.

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2016

Best ride ever! If you want to ride in Luxury, this is the ride for you. Smooth and quiet, feels like you are an important person behind the wheel of a sophisticated beast! The performance is better than any other ride I have driven in. It accelerates fast and goes around curves very smooth. You will notice that you hear no sound because it has ultra quiet technology behind the wheel of this bad boy! The appearance is like your favorite vacation destination. You have what you want, and when you want it. The look is sleek and refined and as classy as you can get. You won't be disappointed at all! The durability is top notch among all vehicles in this class. It can handle rough roads and still provide the smooth ride you are looking for. The durability is better than any other ride I have been in.

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Reviewed Nov. 27, 2016

This was a great automobile and would get one again when I am ready. My husband really enjoyed it also. My neighbors were really impressed. It has a great pick up and really handles very, very nice. Would recommend this car to everyone including my family, my friends. Thank me for the info about this car and will probably recommend it to their friends. This is a very, very, very shape looking car and everyone that seen it seem to look at as I do. My friends really enjoyed looking at it and riding in it. Very, very, very durable. It seem that it handled very nice and took the curves very, very nice. I would recommend this car to everyone that I talk to about this car.

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Reviewed Nov. 26, 2016

Great car. Never had any problems with it. Loved it. One of the best cars made. Well built machine. Lincoln took brief in their customer satisfaction. This car very poppy. Had the power when you needed it. It was very smooth riding. It holds to the road very well. It was very roomy. Had a lot of leg room. This was a great looking car. Very stylish and luxurious. Its inside interior was very stylish and comfortable. All leather inside. It had AC auto control. And the best sound system I ever had. The durability seems to very high quality. Didn't have to be overprotective with the interior. The whole car was very durable. The paint had several coats of topcoats that it looks like a mirror.

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Reviewed Nov. 25, 2016

Luxury for a reasonable price. I think it was less expensive than I would have imagined. Like being able to buy American and get luxury. Very powerful and smooth. No problems at all. More powerful than I had thought it would be. Good size engine. I would buy again. Not the best on gas but smooth ride. It's a beautiful car. Nice and sleek and unusual features inside and out. When you see the car you know what brand it is. Different from foreign car makers. Put a lot of miles on the car and rode really well. The inside never had things break or scratch. Nicely made seats and no engine problems.

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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2016

It has brought me a happiness that I never had. It made me feel that life would finally be okay in my worst moments. This Lincoln was a lifesaver. It had made my life easier than what it was at the time and that is something I will never forget. It was great because it hardly gave me any problems. It had good engine performance and a high quality motor. I tried to keep maintenance on my car up to date because I knew if anything went wrong it would cause a lot to get the car done.

My car was sort of a metallic green. It had 4 doors and it also had rims in it. There was a navigation system and a cd exchanger. There were also leather seats and a big trunk which was enough when I had to go buy things in bulk. It was modern and up to date for its time. It was very durable and it could run for miles. I liked that it could get through bad weather and it had very nice tires. I also liked that the engine wasn't harmed. I also liked how it had nice trekking and could ride in any type of weather. I would recommend this to anyone who is rugged and loves to travel.

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Reviewed Nov. 23, 2016

I THOUGHT OF IT AS a luxury car to me. I no longer have it but would consider leasing it again in the future for sure. MY family loved it too. We drove it to Florida and back. It drove super well. Very smooth. Never felt bumps at all. Safe and highly rated reviews. Can't wait for deal on it. I would definitely recommend to others. I would suggest leather interior if you have small children, plus it gives it better look in my opinion. Durability rating is a 5/5. Tough on the road with an exceptional smooth ride. I really loved it. Will lease again for sure. My next lease.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2016

Great mileage. Haven't needed to fix anything with the car yet. Would recommend to others. I'm not a fan of the seats in the car though. Satisfied with the price. Have some hiccups here and there otherwise fantastic performance. I would recommend it to others. Very good price for performance. Very nice appearance. I would like a more modern approach but the appearance is fantastic. Otherwise inside of the car is very nice. Seems very durable. Have had a rear end while I had it, hardly a scratch. Surprisingly I haven't need to get a touch up on it yet. Wheels are in great shape too. Haven't needed replaced.

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Reviewed Nov. 18, 2016

If I were to be asked about the value of this vehicle I would have to say that it is highly valued to me. It is beneficial to me in my everyday life. It is the best performing vehicle that I have ever owned. It is very attractive and professional styling and has great interior as well. It is very durable and extremely strong and of high quality.

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2016

This car is a little pricey but if you can indulge yourself, you would be very happy. It is well appointed and very classy with a very comfortable ride. This car is great as far as get up and go. It is very responsive and can handle any road and any weather very comfortably. I really enjoy driving this car. This is a very good looking car, it is youthful and classy and sleek. It stands out from all other vehicles as it has a very distinctive sporty look. It has a great deal of detail both inside and outside that reflects high quality. This vehicle is well made and gives you a feeling of confidence with its handling. There is a lot of quality to be found both inside with its well appointed interior as well as outside.

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2016

Good for the price. It's a good car. Needs a tuneup but overall really solid 4 running wheels. Also it has burrito holders - my personal favorite and it has cup holders too. It has really good gas mileage and runs on low eco so I'm very happy with how solid this turned out to be. To be completely honest I need to get a oil change and someone to look at windshield but that's about it. This car is beautiful. It has a sleek white finish to it with black stripes. A really good car never to say the least but I really like and enjoy it. So if you have the money I suggest you go and buy one because it's worth it. Very durable. I took it on hike, walks and it stood up fine against a rock. But it was very interesting how it's so durable yet really light in weight it makes no sense.

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Reviewed Nov. 15, 2016

I will buy this car again. Roomy and very comfortable on road trips, gets pretty good gas mileage and has all the bells and whistles I enjoy. It has real good get up and go. I get asked about the performance of this vehicle all the time. I put bigger tires on it and new rims recently. This is the best car I have ever driven. This car is sleek and beautiful. I get the most compliments on this car, especially with the new rims I just purchased. Would like to get a custom paint job here in the future. This car is smooth as silk, and I can't get over the turn radius it has. I work only a mile from my house, so I don't get to drive it as much as I like. I like when you shut the door, it feels substantial.

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Reviewed Nov. 14, 2016

It was always enjoyable to drive the car and I'd always be the one who would want to take the long car rides with my car. Made me feel good and comfortable and as well as safe. I only had it for a short period of time but I'd get it again. It was an amazing and awesome performance. I could not complain about anything. It was always entertaining and fun to take it out and was extremely very smooth and a good ride. The appearance was probably one of the top points to why I really enjoyed this car as well as how it ran but the design made it ten times better as well. I felt good in it. Very very durable car. Nothing to complain about that. Never had any issues with it from the time I had it so it made the experience much better. Not worrying about that as well.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2016

It has changed my life for the better. It is so comfortable, stylish and unique and all my friends love it or are jealous. My favorite part is the gas mileage...very good. It preformed very well in the suburbs and in the city. It was a force to be reckoned with. The stereo system really helped me on long car rides. It is such a pretty and stylish car, inside and out. Lincolns always look so nice. Mine was a black one, so it looked very sleek day and night. It is pretty durable. It lasted the years I had with it, and I'm still driving it, even after one accident I had with it. Very long lasting car.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2016

I found it was reliable not needing any undue maintenance...comfortable ride, value for the money and a great riding car for the money. Easy to handle...replied to driving commands without effort...reliable when needed more power...required low maintenance, reliable performance. It was a beautiful car and well designed. It was sleek looking with all the touches of luxury inside and out...modern and up to date look. I had the car for 12 years with no trouble. It was still running well when I went to turn it in. It was a well-made car and needed very little maintenance.

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Reviewed Nov. 5, 2016

This car was reliable and comfortable to drive. We had no problems with the car just regular maintenance. The gas mileage was adequate. The car handled well in city traffic and on the highway. We had no mechanical problems during the time we owned the vehicle. It did not get the greatest gas mileage, but it was satisfactory. The car was well designed and easy to drive. This car was beautifully designed both inside and out. The interior seating was comfortable, easily adjustable for both drivers in our home. Heated seats and a well laid out dashboard made this car a pleasure to drive. We drove this car for three years and it looked like new when we turned it to the dealership. It was driven in summer and winter with a wide variety of challenges and maintained its showroom look.

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2016

Lincoln Mercury is one of the top rated cars in the world. I was comfortable everywhere I went. Ferry ride I took it was relaxing. Fuel efficiency was great. I would recommend it to anybody I've been thinking today. Would recommend to anyone today. Great mileage, comfortable ride, stylish. I enjoyed the car tremendously. I would recommend buying Ford Lincoln Mercury. Highly recommended. Just an all-around good vehicle to have. Dependable, good gas mileage, all around stylish, good-looking vehicle. The appearance of the Lincoln MKC is breathtaking. There's a beautiful piece of machinery. Recommended anybody to buy. Even the price is very reasonable and the warranty is unbelievable. Excellent gas mileage. Tire wear is minimal. Durability is great, dependability, fuel efficiency. Couldn't ask for a better vehicle and it is very comfortable, good-looking. Lincoln MKC from Lincoln Mercury.

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2016

This is such great model of car, easy to handle, smooth ride and beautiful look at and the price was great. Would buy this model of car again and again. Worth every dollar. What wonderful car to drive. It is so easy to handle and so far easy to care for and the ride is amazing and the motor is so quiet and but strong sounding. Wow what beautiful car. Love the sleek gorgeous design and the leather interior, comfortable seating and roomy leg room and the overall design of the car. While I have not had it that long I know people that have had this brand car and have drove it for years and so I am sure it will last long time.

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2016

Car runs like a champ, floats like a boat and the seats feel like a couch. It's like riding first class, the steering is smooth... Shocks make it so I don't feel a thing. Low maintenance and cheap cost of repairs being American. Says it tops out at 85, but you can feel it still gaining a ton of speed... Quick off the line, makes merging no hassle if you got an 1/8 of a brain. Gas goes quick in the V8 but the power is worth it in my opinion. Mine needs a paint job, but off the line these are beautiful. Texas sun will fade the factory paint job. Tires and rims looks nice. Got the rag top, that's a plus. Keep it conditioned. The car has ran great for me the whole time, pushing 175k on it. Still going strong. No tranny slip, all is golden. Just replaced the shocks and struts but they were cheap. Valve cover gaskets are good. Seals good.

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