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AARP offers roadside assistance through Allstate. AARP members who sign up for roadside assistance can get help 24/7 if they have a flat tire, need their car towed, run out of gas, have a dead car battery or lock their keys in their car. Members are covered in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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AARP Roadside Assistance Reviews

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Reviewed Jan. 1, 2019

Please read fine print! ON an annual superior membership they only cover four calls in a year! Normally one does not break down that often but in my case I had series of unfortunate incidents and I have a relatively new car 2008 MB AMG with only 24878 miles. When I called them they said they won't come because I have called them too many times. That was also fine so I said, "Ok. Cancel my membership as my insurance covered it anyway." On January 1st 2019 I get an alert from my credit card company that they charged me $94.00 despite cancelling. They make it really difficult to cancel a membership!

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2018

Seeing that the price was very slightly lower than AAA, I paid in June 2018, thinking it would be at least similar. My first call for service was for towing on December 8, 2018, about 2:00pm. They estimated the tow would take 2-and-a-half hours. I told them okay because I needed to get my car to the repair shop, about a half hour away from me, by 6:00. When 5:40 came, I called to cancel the tow. I called for service again on Monday morning Dec 10. They told me two hours. This time they actually came.

Then today, December 17, 2018, I received a letter from them saying I had used my limit of four service calls and that any further service would be at my own expense. Even if they counted the Saturday December 8 call that never came, that would only be two. For all the years I used AAA, they always came in less than an hour and they never told me I had used four service calls when I had only used one and they never told me I had a limit of four calls.

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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2018

Signed up for AARP in May and need the immediate tow from breakdown to home. Was not issued membership number and told I would need to pay out of pocket, then get reimbursed by AARP. I immediately began requesting reimbursement through Roadside Assistance. They dropped ball throughout summer - they never sent my claim to proper department or filed it in the round file. I kept having to call to find out status of claim. In early September I received an unprofessional form letter paragraph from Allstate saying my claim had been received from AARP, but they had not included my membership number. I immediately sent the form back with my membership number.

Today, September 23, I received letter stating my claim has been denied as it has been over 60 days since the date of service. Yes - because AARP has futzed around all summer over $109.95! Now I am expected to gather all of the correspondence, including postmarked envelopes, as well as any notes I may have taken from phone calls. Well, being that we were in the middle of moving, I made the mistake of trusting AARP, after all, they market themselves as the protectors of senior citizens and their wallets. Ha! I have just enough to prove what has been going on, but I did not copy the most recent Allstate correspondence - I responded and sent the form back to them. And who keeps envelopes? And most mail is no longer postmarked anyway!

I was going to look into AARP for auto and life insurance once we moved. I have also been looking forward to terminating my cellular contract with Sprint and signing up with ** through AARP. Scratch all that. This company is gangster just like all the large greedy corporations claiming they are looking out for our well-being. For roadside assistance, AAA would have been the better choice. Stay away from AARP!

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Reviewed Sept. 17, 2018

I wish I had read these reviews before being duped by a "reputable" organization like AARP into signing up for Allstate roadside assistance. I signed up/paid my money in March 2018. It is now mid-September 2018 and I have yet to receive my ID card or the two (2) "free" watches promised as an incentive to sign up. I have called multiple times and each time have been told "it will be another 6-8 weeks". THAT IS RIDICULOUS! I told Allstate today that I either wanted my money returned or that the Roadside packet with watches be sent via UPS or FedEx SO THAT I HAVE A TRACKING NUMBER to verify that it was actually sent. After reading all these reviews, I want to know why AARP hasn't severed ties with this company?

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2018

Folks, when shopping for a roadside assistance service, you can believe these one star reviews. Called last night at 8:50 for assistance, father-in-law hit a curb and blew out both passenger side tires. Friendly face on the other end of the line promised a tow truck would be there in 50 minutes. We explained to them that the truck was on a dark road with no shoulder and the driver is a 75 year old disabled vet... while I don’t expect immediate service, I expect timely service, and 50 minutes I thought was reasonable. Received a text from AARP 15 minutes later... Service truck was going to be late, somewhere between 10:40 and 11:00 pm. To AARP’s defense, they did call a few times to see if the tow truck had arrived. When they called we indicated no and they in turn tried to contact the tow company and could get no response. With no response from the tow company AARP told us another 10-15 minutes or so.

This went on and on with calls from AARP until midnight (a full 3+ hours after the first call) when I finally unloaded on the representative and told them in no uncertain terms that I was greatly dissatisfied and they need to get someone out here NOW! The representative explained that they would first have to cancel the initial towing provider (that they could not reach by phone since 9:00) and call a new one which could take longer. My response was, “do what you need to do to get someone out here as quickly as possible.”

Finally at 1:20, a nice fellow (dispatched from AARP) from Colonial Towing in Upper Marlboro, MD showed up for service. He quickly loaded up the truck and was on his way. Even though it wasn’t his fault, he was genuinely apologetic for us having to wait over 4 hours for a tow. Long story short, save your money and patronize a better service like AAA... AARP/Allstate was horrible and left a 75 year old disabled vet and his family stranded for over 4 hours in the middle of the night.

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Reviewed Aug. 24, 2018

In June of 2017 I purchased a van conversion in preparation for a trip from Florida to California. I was 72 years old and traveling alone. I spoke with a sales rep of AARP's road service who asked a lot of questions about my vehicle which I provided along with the VIN. Two months later, in August, My vehicle broke down in the middle of the Gator Alley Bridge in Alabama. I called AARP Roadside Assistance and was told that they had sold me the wrong insurance and they weren't going to send anyone out to help because my vehicle was too heavy. I was devastated. I had no choice but to call 911 and the bridge authorities sent one of their bridge vehicles to guide me off the bridge, when I was once again alone with a broken vehicle. I had to find a tow company myself and paid over $300 for two separate tows, once to a hotel and then to a Dodge repair shop - I was in a strange state, strange town, on a strange road and completely helpless.

All I have received from Allstate/AARP is a letter apologizing for the "inconvenience" and telling me that my $58 premium will be credited back to my credit card (which they know no longer exists)!!! I can't call anyone because they will not give me a phone number. I've made over 30 phone calls all over the country trying to find addresses and/or phone numbers. I finally found one address in TX, but was told that they "cannot give a phone number." I was defrauded not "inconvenienced" and could have been killed, so this can in no way be deemed "inconvenience." I see many, many complaints similar to mine from people going back many years, so nobody is doing anything about this. Somehow a class action should be brought to put a stop to this.

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Reviewed July 20, 2018

On 7/12/18 we attempted to get assistance in Pearl City when my daughter's car would not start. We thought it was the battery and requested a jump start. The provider here in Honolulu, Hawaii is Pop-A-Lock who can only jump start the car. Pop-A-Lock service personnel drive a compact car and do not provide services such as battery replacement for a fee (as does AAA) nor are they able to tow the car. For unknown reasons, the service request was cancelled and my daughter texted back to advise service was still needed. One hour later, still waiting and a followup call the service person claimed they called 4 times, circled the area and left for another call close by but would return after completing that call.

An 90 minutes later, the service person calls and claims since he was not able to contact her, the call was marked cancelled and he would not be able to come until he received a new call. He indicated he left to respond to another call in Haleiwa (north shore, 40 minutes away) and now stuck in Lanikai traffic (other side of the island) and did not know when he would be able to come. AARP Roadside service was called again. The operator said she could put up a call but could not request a provider but it would be handled by whoever responded to the call first. Almost two hours later, message rec'd from Pop-A-Lock sent a message saying service person to arrive. My daughter attempted to contact Pop-A-Lock directly, calling 5 times, but the phone was busy and there was no option to leave a message.

In the end, a friend had to be called to pick up a new battery and replaced it. AARP Roadside Service is WORTHLESS!!! DO NOT GET IT!!! Below are my daughter's notes on the specifics: Thursday, July 12, 2018 At 4:39 PM, I called AARP Roadside Service to report that my car battery was dead and to request assistance. After waiting on hold for about 10 minutes, I spoke to a representative who asked for my location and a description of my car, and said that she would send a service provider to help me. I received a status update via text message from AARP at 4:59 PM that said they have confirmed with Pop-a-Lock of Honolulu and that they should arrive between 5:56 PM – 6:11 PM.

At 5:19 PM, I received another text message from AARP that said they received a service cancellation, and to text “service” if I still needed assistance. I had not cancelled, so I texted “service.” At 5:30 PM, I received a call from AARP asking about the cancellation, and I explained that I had not cancelled the service call. She said she would contact the service provider and call me back.

At 5:45 PM, the AARP representative called back and said the service provider had sent someone out to my location, called me 4 times, and circled the location before leaving to respond to another call. I told her that I did not receive any missed calls and that no service provider had come (I was standing next to my car in a parking lot.) She asked me if I was sure that I was standing near my car, and I responded that I was. She sounded like she did not know what to do at that point, gave me the phone number for the service provider, and suggested that I call them myself.

When I spoke to the dispatch center at Pop-a-Lock, the representative repeated the same story of how the service person had called me 4 times, and had left when I did not answer. I explained to her that I did not receive any missed calls, and she said she understands that the area has “spotty” reception. (It does not.) She said that the person assigned to me left to take care of another call close by and should be at my location shortly.

At 6:08 PM, I received a call from the service person who was assigned to me, and he said that he tried to call me 4 times and that I did not answer. I told him that I did not receive any missed calls, and he continued to insist that he called me. He mentioned that my service call was marked as “cancelled” so he wouldn’t come until he received a new call. When I told him that I never cancelled the call, he said that he had left to respond to another call in Haleiwa, was now stuck in traffic, and did not know how long it would take for him to get to me anyway. I told him I would call AARP to straighten out the situation.

At 6:15 PM I called AARP again to explain the situation and ask if they could send a different service provider to me since the current person was stuck in traffic. She said she could put in another request, but the service provider to respond would be whoever responded to the call first. At 6:25 PM I received a text message from AARP that said that the same service provider, Pop-a-Lock, was sending service, and that they were set to arrive between 7:25 PM – 7:40 PM.

I tried to call Pop-a-Lock to request a different service person, since the one initially assigned to me was stuck in traffic. I attempted to call them 5 times over the next 10 minutes, but their phone line was busy, and there was no option to leave a message. By that time, I had been waiting for a total of 2 hours. I decided to call a friend, who drove to me with a new car battery and changed it for me. After I got home, I called Pop-a-Lock to cancel my service call. Ten minutes later, I got a call from the service person who was responding to my service call. I guess the dispatch center had not informed the service person that the service call was cancelled. Poor communication and service!

Updated on 08/01/2018: This is a followup response to earlier post: FRUSTRATING MAIL TOO!!! Got a letter in the mail from AARP Roadside Assistance to let me know that we have used two of our three opportunities (For this year) to call for Roadside Assistance. First of all, we got NOTHING but had placed two calls (which were cancelled since we got no-shows from the Pop-A-Lock, the provider). So the cancelled calls still count!!! WHAT THE **? We have CANCELLED AARP ROADSIDE Service and signed up with the old reliable AAA!! AARP has not yet responded to what POP-A LOCK's excuse was!!! GOOD RIDDANCE to AARP which makes my blood boil every time I start to think about the NON-SERVICE they are providing to poor Seniors!!!

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Reviewed June 13, 2018

On Feb. 23rd of 2018 my partner and I broke down going up a hill on a snowy back road between 2 and 3 miles from our NW Montana home. I immediately called the AARP Roadside Assistance program, my first ever call after signing up in October of 2017. I had signed up for the service for the sole reason that I didn't want my partner, a cancer patient in active treatment to have to deal with this kind of situation. It was late afternoon on a Friday, and in Mt. that means near dark. The temperature was below freezing. The operator was quite helpful but after an hour was unable to find anyone local to come tow us home. She suggested we leave the vehicle because she thought she could get it towed in the morning. This was not feasible, not only too long and cold a walk for my partner, but also a danger to leave the vehicle on a narrow, slick road after dark as well.

I told the representative that I could not leave the vehicle unattended and that I would walk for help and take care of it myself. She was very apologetic and gave me a claim number and instructions to write up the details and submit a claim for $120 since she could not get help for us. She said she would include all the details in her report as well. I walked home in the dark. I brought jumper cables and a tow rope back in our small car. My partner and I had to roll the stranded vehicle down the hill backwards and use the car and tow rope at the bottom to pull the pickup backwards and forwards until it was turned around, in order to hook it up and tow it home. It could not be jumped and the small car could not tow it up the hill. It took well over an hour and was pretty arduous.

I did as the rep had told me and submitted a claim in the next couple of days to AARP Roadside Assistance. I never heard back. On April 16th I called and asked about the claim. After being passed around and put on hold I was informed the claim was denied because there hadn't been a "proper invoice". I went over the whole situation with the phone rep and she assured me they would be in touch within 2 weeks. I never heard back.

I called again on May 1st and got the same spiel. I got a little cranky and ended up speaking with a supervisor of some sort who said I absolutely would be getting some kind of response in the mail within 2 weeks. I never got anything in the mail nor did I hear from them via the phone. I called AARP to report this complaint and they called Roadside Assistance on my behalf. Within a few days a rep called and said that they would be sending me $60 for my claim. I told that rep the whole story and my frustration at being ignored and then jerked around. I then received a check for $60 on 6/12/2018.

I am not trying to get more money from AARP Roadside Assistance. I am writing this review so that anyone who might be thinking of trying this program has the chance to know beforehand that it is a rip-off. I am surprised that AARP has continued their affiliation with it after all the other negative reviews I have since read.

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Reviewed March 22, 2018

Last week, my tire blew out while I was traveling on a busy interstate. I immediately called for roadside assistance for a tire change. I was told that a truck would be there in 45 minutes. An hour later, I am still waiting so I called back and was then told the driver was stuck in traffic and be there in 20 minutes. ONE HOUR LATER, I called AARP Roadside Assistance AGAIN, only to be told “the driver says it’s too dangerous for him to change a tire on the interstate”. Hello?!? Not too dangerous for a female senior citizen (AARP is for seniors, right?) to be stranded on the interstate??? Exactly what IS Roadside Assistance if NOT for Assistance on the road??? I’m searching for another company and WILL NOT renew my membership!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2018

When our daughter's car went down a ditch, AARP Roadside was UNABLE to find someone in their network to tow her...and she was 20 minutes from a large city! We had to find someone who hugely overcharged us and am now waiting on AARP to reimburse us, and I doubt it will be for the full amount! This is the second time that we've been told they can't find anyone in their network to tow us... What is the use of having a roadside assistance plan if it can't be used? Despite the large difference in cost between AARP Roadside and AAA, I'm switching to AAA!

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2018

Well, I finally got a letter from AARP motoring plan (premier) confirming that they did NOT feel they owed me anything - even an apology. I had to pay $95 to have the car towed four miles to an exit, and a parking lot where AARP was allowed to tow me my free hundred miles. I paid $240 for 66 miles towing (over the hundred) and $95 for the first four miles. They would NOT admit that I had been deceived. Their "free towing" only works on SOME roads. Not toll roads, something like that.

Do not, I repeat, do not, get the AARP motoring plan! Go to AAA and get real service from a company that does not have a hundred negative reviews. Fair warning. And speaking of fair, Farewell, AARP motoring plan! I would NEVER sign up again, and would advise anyone to avoid it. Fooey. They did not care enough to want my membership to continue - and I'd been with them 11 years! Such is the loyalty of a corporation. Don't be on this ship when it goes down.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2018

My wife hit a big pothole on a dark highway along with about 15 others and blew out a tire at night in the cold rain. She called me so I called AARP Roadside Assistance. This was at 5:30 PM. At 7 PM still no one. Then I get a call from Florida (I'm in RI) from someone telling me the driver can't find the car, turns out he drove past the 5 cars near her and cruiser thinking I don't know what. I gave him specific directions again. At 7:30 still no one yet other wreckers came by for other people there.

At 7:30 I received a call from the service provider who was 6 miles away (very apologetic). Tells me the Auto Club cancelled the request. WTF. He says he's going to help anyway. So I directed him to my wife's car, now she's been waiting over 2 hours in the dark on a busy highway in the rain. The service person arrived in a car not a tow truck or wrecker. With a pothole large enough to blow out 15 tires there could have been frontend damage, fortunately not in our case. By 8 PM 2.5 hours later she was on her way. Stay far away from this one.

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Reviewed Dec. 10, 2017

Called AARP Roadside Assistance by Allstate for a dead battery at 8:00 AM. AARP indicated that someone would arrive in 90 minutes. After the 1.5 hour wait with no service, we were told it would be another 80 minutes because all of their service providers were helping others with a greater need than ours. At 11:30 AM we still had no help and called AARP to tell them we had a noon appointment and asked to reschedule for 3:00 PM. We were assured that would be no problem.

We called when we returned at 1:30 and asked about service. The rep indicated it would arrive at approximately 3:00 (as we had asked she reminded us). At 4:15 PM, the rep called to say it would be at least another 75 minutes. 30 minutes later, she called back and indicated she had found a service provider who could come in 30 minutes and she named the make and model automobile. Although we own a vehicle of that kind, she had the wrong automobile registered for service! A total nightmare! I will be cancelling our AARP membership tomorrow morning. Pitiful service!

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2017

I needed roadside assistance and waited for service to arrive for 3.5 hours. I sat on the side of the road in the middle of the summer, no utilities, no water, a diabetic which I had stated on first call. The service provider was two towns over from me, never made contact even after several calls to AARP. My last call to AARP was less than stellar but service finally came. Once home, I called and cancelled my service immediately and went back to Triple AAA. Horrendous experience.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2017

My 80 year old Mother in Law had a dead battery in Fort Lauderdale earlier this week. She waited 4 hours for someone in the hot Florida heat to even call her back. They told her they had no one to even come jump start the car which was in a supermarket parking lot at 10:45 am. A tow truck finally came after 5 hours and took her to her mechanic which was closed. They wouldn't take her the six blocks to her home so she had to walk. I am really shocked that AARP was a company like this. Their response to me was lame. I wonder how the CEO of AARP would have felt if this happened to her 80 year old Mother in Law? I bought her AAA and got it for us too.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2017

When I needed a tow last Saturday August 19 , the fellow I was talking to at AARP could not speak clearly or understand English. I told him I needed a tow truck because my pickup would not start. He said I needed to drive to a filling station where they would jump-start my vehicle. I told him that I didn't need a jump start. I needed a tow truck. He finally said he would send help. I asked when I could expect help, and he answered, "Between 6 and 9." I said that's a 3-hour window! Then he said, "6-0-9."

Anyway when the fellow called in a little bit from the roadside service company, he said that AARP told him that I needed a jump start and had not authorized a tow. It cost me $135 out of my pocket. I just got off the phone with AARP to find out about a reimbursement. They told me they have a $130 limit and they have no quick response to problems like this. I'm considering dropping AARP coverage and getting one of those smart phones that I can ask where a local roadside service is if I happen to be out of my local area. The cost of the phone and the service help would be much cheaper that the $100 a year I'm paying AARP.

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Reviewed June 10, 2017

Do not ever get this AARP ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE JUNK!!! THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER. Your loved ones deserve better. This all started when my 16 year old daughter broke down and needed a tow about 10:30 on a weeknight. I called for a tow after about an hour was told no one could come get her and she needed to wait till in the morning at 9 am to call back, but the kick was when the guy said she needed to stay with the car till that time. WTH. Of course I lost it and he hung up on me. Next morning still trying to get car towed, I call at about 9:30 am to get the tow. They told me that they would be there in 1 hour 10 min.

After hanging up with them the tow company called said they would be out in 45 min but they had a different name from who the AARP so I asked if they were sent by AARP and he said yes plus that it would be no charge for the tow. So 1 hour goes by again I get a call from AARP checking to see if service had been done. I said no. I said the towing company called, said they had some problems but would be there in 45 min. I told her what towing company called. She confirmed it then put me on hold to call them. In the middle of talking to her the towing company called me to say that the driver was still about 30 min out. Click back over to AARP REP for her to say, “Yea. Driver is 25 mins out.” Now it's 11 something. AARP calls again but this time they’re saying another company is coming so now I'm mad as hell at this point.

After arguing with them for 30 min they finally called the tow company. Put them on the line so they could tell me and them that it was the same two companies. How you as a roadside assistance don't know who you send out. Not only that I paid the over mileage fee that night on the phone and then that morning they made me pay again. If I had not gotten a deposit that night I could have not paid for it that morning because they took what I had that night. This happen Wednesday and as of Friday I still have not been given my credit back for that and was told it could take 10 days.

It's so much more to this but bottom line. I'm going back to AAA. AARP SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THIS PRODUCT AND CUT TIES WITH IT. This is the worst service I have ever had. Tow got there at 1 pm after 9:30 am calling and by the way this was my second encounter with them and the first was bad too. Never again. Plus my card says AARP ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE by Allstate but State Farm is what was calling and taking out my account.

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Reviewed April 28, 2017

I have been faithful for 15 years to AAA and Mercedes Benz Roadside Assistance programs. They have given me superb service in times of need and even when I proved to be just absent minded by locking my keys in my car. At the end of my policy period with these providers, 3/1/17, I allowed an AARP representative to elude me into believing that AARP Roadside Assistance Program from Allstate could do as great a job and save me a little money. Having just reached the 50 milestone and being wooed by the thought of saving, I decided to give AARP/Allstate a try. WRONG ANSWER!!!

Today, April 28. 2017, my car malfunctioned and stalled on one of the busiest stretches of intersection in Louisiana, the Manchac Bridge. As five Louisiana State Troopers passed me by without any acknowledgement, I, without hesitation, called the toll free number expecting assistance. Instead, I was told that my payment had not been received and there was nothing that could be done for me.

Knowing fully that the $58 charge had processed on my AMEX, I called the credit card company to scream at them. As I knew, the charge had processed over 2 weeks ago. The only peace I had was knowing that AMEX would recover my funds immediately. But I was instructed to call ARRP/Allstate back and dispute their position. Upon doing so, I lost another 30 minutes speaking to foreign representatives who had no understanding of the English language. After 3 tries, I demanded an English speaking representative.

The representative, an alleged supervisor, stated there was nothing she could do to correct the improper posting of my payment. She gave service referrals only after I read to her the back of my membership card which stated that she could assist me by requesting roadside assistance and allowing me to pay on the spot and be reimbursed once the posting was corrected. All the dispatchers at the referral businesses were very polite and insightful.

Unfortunately, the attitude was very different with the actual towing company owner who dispatched the service truck, Touch of Class Towing in Albany, Louisiana. The owner, Joe, pretended to be empathetic and helpful. He insisted that he would come to assist me, he stated there was no need to call any other towing services and even recommended a repair shop. I was told that a tow truck was headed to me to take me home or to a repair shop and that I could pay when the service was performed. The driver, Gaven, was very polite, kind and calming.

My car was loaded on the wrecker and off we went. To my surprise, the owner instructed his driver to take me completely out of the path toward my home, he then insisted that he could only take cash, could not write a receipt because "there was no one in his office", and wanted to dump me at a McDonald's to try to find transportation in a town where I did not know anyone and was nowhere near my home. I requested that my car be taken to the repair shop with whom I had scheduled an appointment. The owner refused to allow me to be taken to the repair shop and attempted to take my car to his impound yard for the weekend. Mind you, today is Thursday. I disagreed and told him. I would rather be taken to a local police station if he was not going to tow me to my requested location. The driver was then instructed not to allow me access to my car. So I had to call police.

As I attempted to call, an officer drove up. Thank God, he was familiar with this company and their less than honorable nature. If the officer had not shown up when he did, I could have been stranded in an unknown area and my car would have been STOLEN!!! The Albany Police Officer was exceptionally kind, he instructed the driver not to leave with my car, waited with me until my sister made it, and assured that we received verification of the payment. The driver demanded had to be cash, $150 quoted, $54 extra dollars charged for waiting on my sister to get there. But mind you, once the Police Office demanded some for of receipt of payment, the owner had us wait another 20 minutes for him to arrive with a receipt, no discount as given for us waiting. I am an auditor and have traveled the highways for 17 years.

This has been the worst experience I have had in my 15 years of dealing with roadside assistance services. AARP roadside assistance from Allstate is the worst roadside assistance I have ever had. I would not recommend this service to my worst enemy's dead, decaying, stinking dog!!! Because of Allstate and AARP, my car and my life were placed in an extremely unsafe situation tonight!!! I have already called and reestablished my AAA Service!!! To God be the glory for giving someone the vision to form AAA!!!

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Reviewed March 18, 2017

Waited on hold for 37 mins at 2:45 am with flat tire 9 degrees outside and 30 mph winds. When they finally answered they called a company to change my tire that was located in TX (I'm in CT and 1 mile from my home). Waited 45 mins and no one showed up. Called this company and they stated that my call was cancelled by allstate because they "couldn't pay" and the guy on the phone sounded somewhat amused. Called back roadside, another 17 mins on hold, told the csr what happened and she said "oh they have done this before, they are not very reliable" (then why the hell would you use them?) Told her about a tow company.5 miles from me. She put me on hold for another 10 mins, came back and said that they were on the way. 1 hour later I called the tow company to ask them what the hold up was. They stated that they needed a fax with the paperwork to come through, and once it did he would be right there.

So once again I call roadside to find out why the paperwork had not gone through. 15 mins on hold, I hung up and called the tow company and paid them $100.00 to tow me home. I have sent the receipt to allstate but have not heard anything yet. I have since cancelled, and went back to AAA. Stay away from this company. And with all the bad reviews, I am amazed they are still in business.

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Reviewed March 16, 2017

Needed a tow first time since getting service over a year ago. Very unimpressed with customer service! Was put on hold 15 minutes, then told would need to call me back. When I was called back was told would be 2 hours to get a tow! Told the rep to cancel service. Will have to reschedule in morning as the repair shop would be closed by the time they arrive. I don't live in the middle of nowhere! Am seriously considering changing to AAA. My mother has them, much faster service.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2017

My car broke down in the middle of a busy intersection. When I called for assistance, I was directed to a woman in India who spoke very broken English and understood even less. I tried to tell her how I needed help urgently, but for a half hour... 30 minutes, she insisted on asking me the same questions, and never connected me with a towing company. I finally had to hang up on her and find someone who had another roadside service so I could get a tow truck to remove my car. At first I was alarmed by the lack of help, but now I'm just disappointed and angry. I've canceled my subscription and joined AAA. At least I know when I call for roadside service now, I won't have to talk to India to get help from around the corner.

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2017

Me and my stepdaughter with my 3 year old grandson were in Nashville Tn at the airport where my stepdaughter had forgot to gas up. As we were waiting with car running it ran out of gas. I called AARP roadside assistance at 12.23 pm, told them my problem, where I was and I knew a Shell station was 1.1 mile away. I have the app Gas Buddy so I knew a gas station wasn't far. After 3 phone calls for each representative who had me on hold for a long time just to come back on phone to tell me they couldn't get the driver to answer phone.

By this time it was an hour and 40 minutes. Which by now my stepdaughter walked to get the gas herself. My 3 yr grandson was getting restless and good thing it wasn't real cold or I probably would contact a lawyer over their service. I would not recommend this roadside to anyone. I told them I'm discontinuing their service still the same as before. Don't waste your time. I'm going with AAA. I had it before and had a flat tire once and someone was there in 15 minutes. So for a woman it's best to go with the service you can depend on and it's more safer than to sit for help an hour half.

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2016

Every year I start receiving near weekly "renewal invoices" from these guys, and every year it's the same deal. They appear to be intentionally vague about EXACTLY when the renewal is due (usually 2 or three months later than the "renewal invoices" start coming), and always "assume" that I want to "renew" at what appears to be their most expensive plan, whatever that might happen to actually contain. It seems nearly impossible to get straightforward WRITTEN answers out of them on any of these issues. I get the very strong feeling that their business model is pushing the "old and feeble and slow of mind" idea, which could not be further from the truth. The one time I needed some assistance I pounded sand and resolved it myself. This is just a nice word for "alleged" theft. I'm gone - beware AARP Motoring!

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2016

I am writing this for my 88-year-old mother. Around 10:00 pm, Thanksgiving evening, my mother was driving home from our family dinner. She always carries a cell phone and has AARP roadside assistance, so she has always felt secure and safe should an emergency arise. While driving home (she lives in a rural area) she had a flat tire. The call to roadside assistance immediately took place and she felt confident someone would come and help her. After waiting 45 min for a return call, she received a callback and the man informed her there was nothing available because it was a holiday.

My mother asked him if people did not have emergencies on holidays? He told she would have to call someone else. She did not know how to do that, she does not have a smart phone to look telephone numbers up. She called my brother-in-law for help. After hearing of this, the family is outraged! This is a service they offer "SENIOR CITIZENS". We are advising my mother to change insurance. We are just thankful she was not injured and made it home safely, no help from AARP.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2016

Thanksgiving morning, 11/24/16 we went out to our car in the driveway and found that the battery was dead. No problem, right? We have AARP Roadside Assistance. I called and got someone who I had trouble understanding, (maybe from India?) and he told me we had no coverage. We have been with the company since 2009 and always paid. He told me to call Customer Service, which I did. Guess what their voicemail message said - "We are sorry but we are not open as it is a holiday. Please call back on Monday." Now, we live in a senior mobile home park and had no neighbors that could physically push our car out to even jump start it. So - - we could not have our Thanksgiving dinner and were trapped in our house for the day. When I called Road Assistance on Friday I was told I did have coverage, there was no lapse of any kind (he also spoke like someone from India and said his name was Kavi).

He then transferred me to "Roger" who set up the service call with a very nice tow company who arrived within 25 minutes, manually pushed the car out of the driveway and jump started it. My husband told him he was driving it to Pep Boys and the driver volunteered to follow him to the next freeway off-ramp to make sure it was still running. The name of the towing company is Quality Towing and I highly recommend them. I DO NOT recommend AARP Roadside Assistance if they continue to hire people who can't speak good English and give false information. I did receive an e-mail from the manager, Phyllis **, apologizing for the recent "frustration and inconvenience" we experienced. Did she suggest they send us a check for the Thanksgiving dinner we missed? No. They will immediately identify and address the circumstances that resulted in this level of service. Nice idea.

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2016

The AARP Roadside Assistance Plan working through Allstate is a very poor choice of service provider. Our most recent bad experience with them was calling for a tow, fortunately from our home, to a repair shop. The first estimate was 85 minutes. The auto-dialer called back at 90 minutes to see if the service had been completed. The next estimate was for 20 more minutes... Still no truck. Long-story-short, it took over 3.5 hours to get a tow.

This is not the first time we've have excessively long waits for service, it's just the longest so far. Fortunately, it was daytime, we were safe at home and could wait it out. If this had been at night on a rainy highway somewhere, it would have been much worse. Added to the long waits for service is the foreign call center being used. The operators are clearly all English as a second language people who are reading from their script cards. They have very little knowledge about the services or problems people are calling about. Cancelling our membership and returning to AAA. If anyone at AARP who considers what service plans to offer AARP Members is listening, please find a new provider or better yet, join up with AAA.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2016

I experienced a great deal of added frustration when I placed a call for service for a dead battery. The service dispatcher was unable to understand my English and I had to repeatedly and repeatedly spell words that were very basic, such as College. This added to the delay in service and when roadside arrived, he was directed to the wrong address. I will change service companies.

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2016

Called for a tow (fortunately from my house on a nice day and not on the road in bad weather), and an automated voice put me through to the towing company, which then called back to say that Allstate says they have no record of me calling. Called to a live person (from India) and had to painstakingly and slowly give him all of my information. He conveyed it to the towing company, but it now said that Allstate said I was only covered for $100 rather than 100 miles. So called again, repeated this slow process, and another Indian agreed that it was for 100 miles. Called to confirm with towing, and they said they were getting two messages, but at last it was all confirmed. However, now the truck can't come for another two hours. This would have been intolerable if we were waiting on the highway waiting for three hours.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2016

I called them for emergency Roadside Assistance and I was told 85 min. I said that was unacceptable. They called again and said 105 min, it wound up to be 6 hours. Then I complained to customer service and they said would refund some of my money. A measly 15 dollars. I never received or heard from them again. AAA IS BETTER.

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Reviewed Aug. 29, 2016

Since no one has given this outfit more than 1 star, and that one probably only because it's required, this is a redundant rant and I could probably find a better use for my energy and time. It took a day and a half to get help with a flat tire on 8/27/16. The dispatcher at the AARP service took my phone # incorrectly and didn't fix it even after I corrected her. I corrected the number again on the second call that I made after I had been waiting twice the estimated time (that was only on the first day!). A day and a half later, when the tow truck finally arrived, he still had been given the original wrong phone number! Since my car was parked at my house right where the driver could see it exactly where he expected to find it, this guy had the intelligence to ring my doorbell when the wrong phone # didn't get me!

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2016

I have paid for this service for over 2 years, used it once successfully though had to wait a considerable amount of time. I am now trying to get assistance with a battery charge and it is over 2 hours and they have not found a provider to come to help. This service is awful and I will attempt to get a refund on this year's membership since the service is not provided.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2016

AARP roadside assistance sucks. My car was damage in a tow, July 2, and I'm not getting nowhere. Made 5 complaints, nooooo one has called me back from July 2, and now it's August 2. Stay away from AARP roadside assistance.

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Reviewed June 10, 2016

I have paid into AARP for 16 years and "donated" when I thought it was a bill. They are a huge corporation with lots of MONEY and resources and I thought their roadside service would be like triple A BUT NO IT IS NOT! It starts out with the annoying blah blah blah you have no way of shutting up and it's a "give us some more money crap" you sure don't want to hear if you are me almost 70 with so many health issues and a brain tumor and have a DEAD BATTERY! I called with my loaned flip-flop phone with almost no bars and me with a dead battery. When he answers it's like he is on the other side of the world, LANGUAGE issues and the phone blanking out because it isn't a land line and I'm getting really pissed. It is a scary place to be when you're old and sick and parked legally in the disabled parking at the goodwill in Shoreline, WA.

I never really understood what he was saying because of his lack of English! It was about 6 PM when I first called and when I asked after being put on hold and then not and when again "When will they be here?" he said about 10 pm. I said "WHAT THE **". Yes I swore and then he hung up on me and cancelled my service. It isn't AARP anymore. They use ALLSTATE and they farm it out to people all over the USA and outside the USA. This same scenario happened to me 4 more times with the "NO ENGLISH SKILLS" and I had to listen to the annoying sell for AARP crap to get to the people that don't speak or understand and I have a brain tumor. This is for old people. It's the biggest ripoff ever and I will notify the attorney general of the state of Washington and the insurance commissioner!!!

I'm still so darn angry. The 6th person that was in New York could speak English but by this time, 2 hours later I was so mad and I said, "Don't hang up, please or you won't have a job". She laughed and said, "Oh, you don't get it! I will have a job, hahaha". So they farm it out to Allstate who farms it out to anyone with a cellphone. I'm SURE anyone who reads this will decide I'm not reasonable but I really am. It was a terrible situation and they are a JOKE!!! The really nice guy that came to my rescue said he couldn't understand why they kept cancelling. He could see I had been trying to get help for hrs but then they AARP cancelled me!

I don't care about being nice when what you get when you need help the most is a nauseating lady fake voice trying to sell you AARP PRODUCTS you must listen too. I was going to go to their office in Seattle but decided to instead file a complaint against them with the attorney general whichever is most appropriate. Again I don't care what kind of language I used after the first call that was it for me. I am not kissing their butt that service is misleading, insulting and we are all old with problems that was the original program not this attitude of arrogance from idiots with cell phones. I am not a fake review, this just happened to me. I'm not a robot that has no emotions. NO WORRIES, IDIOTS ARE EVERYWHERE! I'm responding to their guidelines of how to write an effective review. They are cheating people out of their money!!! Personal opinion.

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Reviewed May 14, 2016

Called roadside assistance, hard time understanding operator. He put me on hold 4 times, could not make him understand where I was located. I was 1 mile east of the Wabash River on highway 64 in Indiana heading east, simple enough and he must have asked me 5 times what is the ZIP code there was so he could look me up on the map. I GOT SO FRUSTRATED, AFTER 20 MINUTES OF THIS KNOTHEAD, I FINALLY FLAGGED SOMEONE DOWN TO HELP. When I get home it's back to AAA.

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Reviewed April 25, 2016

I have been a member of AARP roadside service-premier plan since 2008. I pay 114.00/year for the family plan. Since we have four cars in the family, we previously used the towing service at least three times. All of those tows were local tows and, despite AARP never being able to find us an authorized provider, they were reimbursed in full. The plan I have claims to pay all towing costs up to 100 miles at no additional charge. (From the manual, "Towing will be limited to 100 miles from the point of disablement at no additional charge. Any expenses incurred beyond the 100 mile limit will be your responsibility"). I called for help on 03/08/16 and needed to have my car towed approximately 45 miles to a car dealership. (The car had a cracked block and was under factory warranty. Honda paid ALL expenses for the repair.)

On the phone, the assistant said he could not find any tow services in my area to help. They NEVER can. I always end up calling for a tow. Therefore, he said he would leave it up to me to contact a tow truck and have my car towed. Then I would need to submit the receipt and claim under the claim # ** for reimbursement. I called Stanley Wrecker Service. He charged 335.00 to tow my car 45 miles to the dealer for dealer-only warranty service. On 04/04/16 I received a reimbursement check from AARP roadside for 130.00. This is 205.00 less than the actual tow amount.

I looked in the AARP roadside assistance manual and website for clarification. In the manual, under a heading entitled 'Special Equipment' is the paragraph, "Roadside Assistance coverage includes one normally equipped service vehicle, one driver, and one service call per disablement, up to a maximum cost of $130. Any costs for additional personnel or special equipment are not covered, are at the members expense, and are not reimbursable."

Further down in the manual under the heading, "Roadside Assistance Includes Towing", is "The service provider will tow your car if it cannot be started or driven without causing damage. Towing will be limited to 100 miles from the point of disablement at no additional charge. Any expenses incurred beyond the 100 mile limit will be your responsibility, payable directly to the service provider at the time of service, and are not reimbursable. Service is limited to one tow or service call per disablement." The website repeatedly makes statements that the Premier plan covers 'Towing up to 100 miles at no charge'.

Further down in the manual, under Dispatch Guarantee, is the statement "If we are unable to provide roadside assistance when you call, we will reimburse you up to $260 for covered services you locate yourself. Reimbursement for Lost/Stolen Key Replacement is limited to $25. Reimbursement for lockout service and accident towing is limited to $130." My tow was NOT an accident tow. My complaint is that AARP Roadside Services uses deceptive practices by repeatedly making statements that they will tow a car 100 miles at no charge, but then they only pay a maximum of 130.00 for each tow.

I specifically asked AARP Roadside to send me names of any Towing service that would accept 130.00 as payment for a 100 mile tow, but I never got a response. I doubt seriously that ANY towing service would do that, so why do they advertise it? And, why wouldn't they pay for my 45 mile tow if service providers in this part of the country charge that amount? I want to be fully reimbursed for my tow and I want these deceptive practices examined.

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Reviewed April 8, 2016

This is the first negative review I have ever posted about any business. On 3-4-16 I was stranded in the middle of the night with a dead battery, in a closed up business district, a mile’s walk from any kind of help. I called for roadside assistance. A half hour later the operator called me back and said “No one is available. I suggest you call the police.” I got on the phone myself and found a tow truck. I did the work that this service was supposed to provide. Afterward I attempted to cancel my AARP motor club membership and asked for a refund. I immediately signed up instead with AAA, because I do need a service like this, and I further need it to actually work. My request to cancel and receive a refund also has been ignored. As a senior woman, I expected better from an AARP affiliate. In posting this review I see this is business as usual for this company. AARP, you need to do better for your members.

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Reviewed March 19, 2016

I marked my calendar as to when my emergency road service expired. No renewal paperwork or phone call was ever received, so I called them. Renewal paperwork was to arrive in 7-10 days - nothing ever arrived. I called again - there was no info in their system of my previous call. Beware people - this is the caliber of service you will get with this company.

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Reviewed March 7, 2016

Called for a tow truck. They said they would call me back in 10 min. I waited 30 min. then called them back. They said it was not logged that I had called, then said it would be a 2-hour wait for a tow truck. Long story short I never did get a tow truck. I called one and paid out of pocket. Tow truck was there in 15 min. This service is no good. Save your money or go with AAA.

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Reviewed March 1, 2016

My son broke down on the highway with his newborn infant on a below 0 night, he called the number on his card and after many question and comments and being put on hold, he was told there was no one available to come at that time, try again in the morning. By the morning they would have been frozen solid! After this any other petty problems, I tried to cancel. The non English speaking operator refused to cancel offering excuses for all of my problems and talking loudly over me when I objected. I finally said I'll call back and speak to someone else and hung up. He then continuously calls my number back like a deranged animal. I'm so upset because this is while I'm driving I have to pull over and block the number from my phone.

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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2016

This is nonsense that I have an allstate-approved-towing 1 mile down the road and one has to come from 45 min away and it turns out this driver has a number of cars to tend to before he sees me. It's been over 1 1/2 hours and he's just now starting to my house. I called the towing 1 mile away to see if he had an answer to why he wasn't dispatched since he's close and he said that's how they do it... They have a list of 'preferred' towing and they start at the top of their list.

So why did they need my info 100x to get someone close to my house... Turns out they really didn't because they weren't sending someone close. Do these towers pay to be at the top of the list? They must because this makes no sense for anyone involved. It's ridiculous. Allstate rates #1 as a roadside provider but aarp (allstate) roadside is low on the list of good providers... What gives? Is it aarp at fault for such shoddy service or is allstate just giving older people less than average service when they are with aarp? Don't know which it is but I'm cancelling today.

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Reviewed Nov. 22, 2015

Run away from this service with extreme prejudice. They advertise peace of mind with 24 hour roadside assistance, but all they are is predators preying on senior citizens with their false claims of help and security. They are completely ill equipped to handle any kind of road side emergency that you may have.

On Saturday, 4.19.15, at 11 PM while traveling on the turnpike in South Miami (very, very bad neighborhood) my wife and I had a blowout. We had a spare but I couldn't budge the lugnuts and called AARP roadside. 10 minute wait on phone then we got an operator who put us in touch with a tow guy, who spoke such poor English I couldn't understand him other than we were 6 blocks out of his zone and he didn't have the equipment to change a tire, then he hung up on us.

Another ten minutes, and we were transferred to India, frigging India, where they going to send an elephant or what. After another 5 minutes of the poorest English imaginable which I could understand less than the first rude person, we were transferred back to an operator who finally determined that they didn't have anyone would could help us because it was too late and everyone was closed. They obviously didn't get the memo about 24 hour assistance.

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Reviewed Nov. 18, 2015

I have an old car and have been under my mom's account since 2009. I have had my car towed twice this year and twice last year. The last time I had my car towed was 5 days ago. Last night my car broke down and I was stuck on the side of the road. I called AARP roadside assistance like I always do and as usual, was sent to someone who spoke like a robot and was so unhelpful. All he told me was my name wasn't on the account, over and over. I screamed at him that I was broke down on the side of the road in the dark and I need a tow truck. All he did was repeatedly tell me my name was not on the account.

I asked for a manager. A replica of the first guy come on and does the same exact thing. After 30 minutes of begging for a tow truck I finally hung up and found other means of getting my car and myself somewhere safe. I will NEVER use or suggest anyone use AARP roadside assistance! I could be murdered in a bad neighborhood while I'm on the phone with a robot representative who doesn't care at ALL about my well being.

Also, the other times I was successful in having my car towed each time took more than 20 minutes on the phone with representatives who clearly did not speak English well and giving the directions/addresses was stressful and difficult. You can add tow truck service to your car insurance for cheaper and much less hassle than this joke of a service!

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2015

This service is included in my auto policy. I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER USE AGAIN!! You better listen!! I'm warning you!! The customer service, not the actual people who come out to assist, the people on the phone!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 15, 2015

Got off a 4 hour flight at SFO and found my car battery was dead and needed a jump (was at the San Bruno BART station). Still needed to drive 3.5 hours to get home. Call AARP Roadside Assistance at 2:45. Was told it would be about a 1 hour wait but the tow driver would call 15 minutes before he got there. No driver, so I called back at 3:45. At that time, I was told that the driver was stuck in traffic on 101 and would be there in 50 minutes. So I walked to Starbucks so I would be fully caffeinated for the drive home. Called at 4:50 because no one had showed up. Found out the dispatch agent was in New York state (?). They put me through to the local tow company who said the driver was on another call nearby and would be there in 30 minutes. After we hung up, I called AARP back to find out my options should the local company not show up and was told I could find my own tow company and get reimbursed.

When I called at 5:30 because still no driver, I was told that I had cancelled the service??? I insisted that I had not. They insisted that my inquiry into other options was a call to cancel the service. I then called a local service who was extremely helpful. While their driver was not able to make it there for another 1:15. Due to high call volume, the local tow company kept calling me back to keep me updated and apologize. Finally, got on my way at 7:00, over 4 hours after I first called AARP. The kicker is that I received a call at 8:15 from the AARP tow service asking if I still needed assistance. It's just insane that the AARP roadside assistance only has ONE service operator in the San Francisco area. It makes no sense. I'm giving a 3 for coverage. Only because they said they would reimburse me for the independent service I obtained.

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2015

I called AARP road service for a flat tire. They never called back and never showed up. I called twice. I finally gave up and called a road tow service... for over $70 I had to pay out of pocket. Now AARP will not reimburse me. They are a foul company. I'm going to file complaints now with the BBB and attorney general's office. What a bunch of losers at this company. I am a disabled senior and not servicing me could mean life or death if it's very hot or very cold, not to mention stuck on a road in the dark with loonies out there.

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Reviewed Oct. 23, 2015

45 minutes on the phone and no one available to give service. First call, disconnected. 2nd call, the guy said he couldn't hear me. 3rd call, took 45 minutes only for them to tell me there is no one the area to help. This is the 2nd time I've used the service and neither time did I get help. Absolutely the worst. Do not waste your money!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2015

I am writing this because I paid for all of my kids to be under my plan. Last night my daughter's car died. Turns out she needed a tow. We have the premium plan. She called the Roadside Assistance number and said she needed a tow. The man on the phone (which she also had a very, very difficult time understanding) said he would send her a text to let her know what time the tow truck would arrive. 25 minutes later, after not receiving the text, she called them. They said they were having a hard time finding a towing company. They said she should find her own tow company. She indicated she would appreciate them helping her to find a towing company as well.

We were able to find a company on our own, had to pay out of our pocket for the tow. Now the fun begins to be reimbursed. These people have absolutely no business being in the business. She never received a follow up call to see if she was okay, got a tow, absolutely nothing. I am going to demand a full reimbursement and go back to AAA. I changed because AARP was half price. It's true what they say, you get what you pay for. A very dissatisfied former customer.

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Reviewed Oct. 1, 2015

We were on a camping trip and needed our Motorhome towed. We finally got someone who told us we needed to upgrade, which we were willing to do. After much time we were told to call back and upgrade another day. Then they couldn't find a aarp tow truck so we had to call our own. We were told we would be reimbursed. Today I called and upgraded and was told we may or may not be reimbursed, depending on the claims department. We also had a very hard time that night understanding our operator, and well as today with the supervisor I demanded to talk to. Can't AARP hire Americans?

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2015

Dead car - restaurant parking lot, highly-traveled, well known area in Austin, TX, i.e. not hard to find. I called AARP roadside assistance, and spent over 1/2 hour with a customer service rep who barely spoke, or understood, English, trying to explain who I was, and where I was. It took 5 minutes for him to even get my first name, which is not a difficult one. I waited over TWO HOURS, in 100-degree temperatures, when they said they would be there in 20 to 30 minutes. I called the service provider AARP had dispatched, several times, and was repeatedly told "10 more minutes".

During my long wait, I received a 'robotic' call back from the AARP Roadside program, asking if I had received service.. if no.. press 2 - so I press 2, and get yet another service representative that barely speaks, and does not understand, English, and AGAIN have to go through spelling my name, over and over; my address, etc. etc. even though they had called me. When I finally got through to them that I was STILL waiting for service, all they did was tell me to call back, if no one had arrived in... wait for it... "10 more minutes".

And to top it off - they charged me over 70 dollars on my card for a tow that I did not need. Turned out I only needed a jump start. Of course I did not know that when I originally called, being ignorant about cars (which is my error, not theirs). However, I again had to go through dealing with terrible customer service this morning when I called to try to get reimbursed for the towing charge. Needless to say, I am cancelling this service and I recommend that anyone considering AARP Roadside assistance, look elsewhere.

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Reviewed Sept. 15, 2015

I had a horrible time understanding the dispatcher!!! Horrible and Frustrating. Foreign accent. Very thick. Also, did not put the address down correctly. Very poor communication skills and no concept of abstract thinking other than what was on the script. The actual service was great!

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2015

On February on about 5th or 6th the weather was very bad. I called customer service because I had a flat tire. They tried to get a tow company and the customer representative said he could not get anybody. He told me if I get the tire fixed they would reimburse me. Well the bill for my tire was $92.32. I sent in the bill - they sent me a letter saying they could not reimburse me. They told me unauthorized service. After the representative told me I would be reimburse It says in the membership material under Dispatch Guarantee "if unable to provide roadside assistance we will reimburse you up to $260.00." Well this charge was only $92.32. Well I'm not a member with them and never will be.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2015

Was broke down 21 miles from home. Thank god our mom had AARP to get us towed. Yeah right people were foreign-- call us back in 10-15 min. Called them back half an hr later will an hr -- will call back in 15 min. Never called back. Called them in half an hr ---will take an hr still never called us back!!! Anyway waited 3.5 hrs in hot sun with 79 yr old with heart condition. Tow driver said they keep looking for lower prices and they don't pay any extra after 5.30 so not many companies will use them after 5:30 pm! They don't care and are hard to understand. Save the time and misery and get AAA!

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2015

I spent 4 hours the other night waiting for Godot (that would be AARP). I later found out 2 hours were waiting for nothing. The poor English speaker (understood about 30%) had just discarded my call. A third call found a supervisor who decided that something had to be done about it. They could not find me on their map (no cross street or address). The first person just said since they could not locate my car I was out of luck. The second did not do any work to find me. The third referred it to his supervisor, and the fourth decided I was 40 miles from where I really was. I told each one of them what city to call for service and then I could tell them where I was. But that was not good enough, they had to know before they called where I was.

The real kicker was about 10 minutes after I finally was back on my way. I got a robo call asking for my grade of their service (one good thing about them). I replied poorly for all of them, so they referred me to customer service. The gentleman on the line wanted my member number, he could not locate me from my name or the fact they called me not I them. So he wanted me to stop the car (after 4 hours of being stopped) so I could tell him how bad they were. He really wanted to inconvenience me to find how what they did badly. I hung up on him! I will be not renewing. Paragon looks good to me right now.

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Reviewed July 29, 2015

This service takes too long to respond. I almost froze to death one night waiting for them to fix flat tire. Someone happen to stop by and got me rolling. Called them twice to my home once for flat tire and once boost. The Servicers do not represent the roadside service well. Nothing to identity them like AAA. They just look like someone off the street with dreadlocks and any kind of clothing. Won't be using this service any more - not professional. Will switch back to AAA. They are more professional looking and I feel safer when I see them arrive with identifying vehicles.

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Reviewed July 25, 2015

My car broke down right near the garage that services my car. I was lucky, for it had to be pushed. Two days later the garage told me they could not repair the car and to take it to a dealer. They said they would tow it. I said fine, I would contact AARP motoring. To make a long story short, I was told I could not have them tow it. I think that is what they said, I had a hard time understanding the person, so I hung up and tried again. Same results, could not understand what they were saying other than I could not have the garage tow it. I hung up in a rage. The next day I called again and asked to speak to some in the USA. They told me all I had to do was for the garage to talk to the person. Well it was too late for that the car was already towed. So they told me I could file a complaint and gave me the address. So I did and the complaint was returned no such address. I am trying to find the correct address and resubmit. I probably going to cancel.

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Reviewed June 10, 2015

I was previously happy with the service and response AARP until the car I was in broke down in Maine. We live in Massachusetts. I called AARP to arrange for a tow. The representative I spoke with (I think he was in India) told me that he couldn't find anyone and would continue making calls and get back to me. The call never came. After about 40 mins, I called back. They said that they would get back to me, they never did. We ended up calling the police... who in turn called AARP. They were told someone would be there in "100 minutes" (really?). They (AARP) later told the police that it was not going to happen. Nothing they said made any sense. I called to complain and was told the home office would contact me within 14 days... another lie... no one contacted me. The police helped us out that day so all turned out well but NO THANKS to AARP.

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Reviewed June 6, 2015

Car broke down. So to make things easy, went back to it Saturday morning. Called the service and they couldn't find a tow company. After two hours I found a tow service and paid out of pocket. I used the internet from my phone. It took five minutes.

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Reviewed May 31, 2015

Stopped my car in a local Pet Veterinarian's office (a free-standing house) on Main Street. Car just seemed to have an electrical short. Nothing working. Contacted AARP/Allstate Roadside Assistance for help and jump start. 1st woman to answer the phone was fine & helpful. Thereafter about 5 or more calls between AARP and myself and these people were barely understandable. One even said the guy was in the parking lot but couldn't find me. I said I am the only person in this parking lot and he is not here. Next call I was asked what shopping center I was at. I said I am not in a shopping center. I told you I was at a house on Main St in the parking area. These people are abominable and foreigners with little knowledge of English. I will say that the guy who finally got to me 2 hours later, which was 1 hour over the estimated time, was helpful and knowledgeable. Guess I finally got lucky there. I am now looking into AAA.

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Reviewed May 13, 2015

During a 26 minute phone call and given a sales pitch to drive my car to Pep Boys [they forgot why I called... I needed a tow] they could not find anyone to give me a tow. This was in May at 4 pm. I will be giving AARP a call getting my money back. You get what you pay for, going back to AAA. Unbelievable.

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Reviewed April 21, 2015

My mother noticed a low tire in the morning. I told her to call her AARP roadside assistance number. A scruffy guy arrived with no identification, claiming to be an AARP contractor. (Scary!). He proceeded to tell my mother that she didn't need the tire changed that it was the wind & weather that made the tire leak air. He refused to change the tire, and said he would air it up. Needless to say the giant bolt that was in the tire caused all the air to leak out within an hour, so the "fix" made it 10 times worse. I would hate to imagine what would have been the results if she was on the side of the road or driving; his actions could have lead to a major catastrophe. I would never, ever, ever recommend AARP roadside assistance to anyone that I cared about. He left no receipt and no name. We called the local Phillips 66 full service station who came out and aired the tire up enough so she could drive it to the gas station to have it fixed.

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Reviewed April 21, 2015

Do not bother purchasing this policy, even with RV coverage. We called this morning for a flat tire and they refused to come out. Save your money, buy AAA. If you call to complain, you get connected to somebody in Dubai India who does not speak English very clearly.

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Reviewed April 7, 2015

We locked keys in our car. We called and they were very nice and had someone here with 90 min. We told them that there was no hurry because this happened at our house. The towing service was friendly and professional. We have the premier membership and love it. We have had it since 2009.

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Reviewed March 28, 2015

On Feb. 1st my husband and I returned from a cruise. When we got in our car in Galveston my battery was dead. I called the toll-free number and was finally put in touch with a male who stated it would take him 2 hours to drive down from Houston to jump us. We found a maintenance man at the hotel who assisted us and we were gone in 20 minutes.

On March 18th my husband and I had a flat tire on George Bush toll road. I pulled off the first exit and called the toll-free number. After 20 minutes on the phone the male in India couldn't find the George Bush toll road on his map. I called back and the female operator wanted to know if we were in Garland or Rowlett- I kept telling her we were at the first exit past Ray Hubbard Lake, she couldn't find us on her map either. I finally said just give us a service person in Rowlett and I will be glad to tell him where we are.

In the meantime a gentleman from India stopped and helped my husband change the tire. 30 minutes later someone called to see where we were so he could come and assist us. I explained we had already fixed the tire and thanked him. Yesterday I received a letter from Allstate roadside assistance explaining to me that we have now used 2 of our 3 claims for the year!!!!

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Reviewed March 5, 2015

Last Saturday I called AARP Road & Tow to take me to my garage 18 miles away. They were updating their computers. I didn't get my tow. The following Tuesday I called. I waited about 2 hours and they came to my location. I have a small problem with my rear suspension. The air bags are shot & with a flat tire in the back of the car is very close to the ground. I needed a standard tow truck to tow it from the rear. When I called again, they said they couldn't get me a tow truck.

The next day, Wednesday, I called again for a tow truck. I wanted to get my car to the garage. First they told me it would take 2 hours. I agreed on waiting. They looked up tow companies and an hour later called me back telling me they couldn't find one at all. I merely needed a standard tow truck to take me 18 miles. It didn't happen. I will try again Saturday. I will update my review then.

I think AARP Road & Tow is the worst roadside assistance company in the United States. I can't even get them to tow my car 18 miles. BTW, I'm not out in the boonies, either. I'm about 2 miles from an old military installation, Weymouth Naval Air Station. I'm so furious I want to scream. I wrote an email telling their customer service & they knew they were so wrong that they sent me a check for $35. I should be happy about that but all I wanted was to tow my car to the garage.

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Reviewed March 2, 2015

It was ten below zero. I put my key into the car door keyhole. The key wouldn't turn. The door was frozen. I called AARP Road Assistance, from Allstate. The call center told me it wasn't a lockout, 'cause the key wasn't in the car. They charged me seventy-four ninety-five, to my Visa, in order to get service. They called an hour-and-a-half later, to tell me they couldn't find someone. I told them not to keep trying, when they asked about pursuing it any further. I called someone local, nine miles away. They came right out. The charge was forty-five, plus tax. AARP Roadside Assistance is not worth your time or money, and, the service is poor.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2015

After calling and inquiring yesterday about my benefits from AARP/Allstate roadside Service, (I was told that after 5 miles I would be charged $4.95/mile), I called back today to be towed to a service shop. After the initial call, I was told they could not locate an available towing service within the network, but they would get back to me in 5 to 10 minutes. 55 minutes later, I received a call saying that they are still working on finding a service. I was livid already, after not getting a return call for almost an hour.

10 minutes later, I get a call that I can get towed from someone outside the plan, but it would cost me $43, because the cost is actually $163, but AARP/ Allstate will pick up the first $120. Far cry from the $4.95 for the extra mile. They also gave me some BS number of record for this bogus "refund". I needed the car so said "OK." While speaking with the driver and/or assistant, I asked a few questions and found that they are a contractor for Allstate. When I asked for my receipt so I can get my "refund", it was written out, but only for the amount of my $43, which was the only charge shown. Where is the Phantom $120 and what is the purpose of the number of record? The big question is, How many seniors are getting ripped off daily by this misleading service?

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2015

I am a 63 year old man and broke down in single degree weather on the side of the road. Called AARP road side assistance. Got a run around and finally got through to a gentlemen that did not listen to me but acted like he was reading from a script! Said he would text me back with a service provider, 2 hours later I am still sitting in my car and very cold. I started the process all over again and got a woman this time that said nothing had been done because of lack of information. If I could have talked to an American who listen to me this might have got resolved! So broke down at 2:30pm and finally got a tow truck by 5:00pm. I am going back to AAA as this never happened with them. I had AARP telephone as well and finally went back to Verizon. AARP has never really been able to help me with anything so will be dropping my membership.

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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2015

I have the roadside assistance plan by Allstate. Called February 11th at 6:30 pm for a tow. I lost my keys in snow bank couldn't get in car. I was told by roadside assistance they had no one available and I was on my own. I called the tow company they said didn't answer, they answered my call and subsequently towed my vehicle which I had to pay $75.00 + tax. Tow company told me they won't tow for AARP after 5:30pm because roadside assistance by Allstate will only pay $35.00 a tow and they can't dispatch a truck and drive for what Allstate pays. Goodbye to AARP roadside assistance by Allstate.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2015

In all the years I had this service, this was my first call. Car was locked and needed to be towed to dealership to make a new one. Started this process at 8 am -took 8 hours to get tow there that could do the job. All the while I am trying to communicate with these people in India over a lot of static from a bad line. Half the time I could not understand a thing they said. Volvos cannot be pulled up on a tow truck because the theft protection will not let it be put into neutral from park without a key. He had to open the car to attempt to do this. Needed another type of tow truck that lifts the car up and on.

Now today, I get a notice telling me that I have used two of my services and have one left! Turns out they charged me for opening the car and another for the tow!! Not my fault they sent the wrong truck. What made this experience so ghastly was not being able to communicate with those guys in India. I am done with this outfit. Would gladly pay more for competent help on their end.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2015

If you have this company for towing services you are sadly mistaken. They don't care about you at all and don't expect to get picked up on time. I called them to let them know that my car needed to be towed because the engine blew out. I was told that the tow truck is on its way and will be there within a hour. After I waited an hour and no one showed up I called them back to figure out what was taking so long. They told me to wait another 20 minutes someone is in route to pick me up.

After a hour and a half and no one showed up I called again. This time they said the tow truck broke down, it will be another 25 minutes. I could tell they were lying and just trying to buy time, that's the oldest trick in the book. After 2 hours of waiting they told me the tow truck was on its way and when I asked about the tow truck breaking down they had no clue what I was talking about. This company is a joke. I had to wait three and a half hours to get a damn tow. Drop AARP like a bad habit!!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 22, 2015

I called with a lock out from a WalMart parking lot in Biddeford, Maine. The dispatcher transferred me to a local service provider, but no one answered the call; it went to an unattended voicemail system. I tried this several times before breaking into my own car. Calls to the main AARP number were equally useless. When I called to cancel, my call was answered by someone in India, who cut me off while supposedly transferring me to the cancellation department! I'm afraid they just don't have the volume to compete effectively with AAA on roadside assistance and their customer service is horrible.

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2015

After ordering food at a drive through I drove over a curb and got high centered which according to the manager was a daily occurrence. The curb was in fact was the responsibility of the neighboring mega drug store. After 1 1/2 hrs the tow truck driver showed immediate aggressive rudeness. With no instructions for me he started pulling me backwards. I noticed my car was in park so I put in reverse to help me get over the curb. Evidently the wrong thing to do and wound up backing into him twice. At this point he became extremely agitated and downright hostile. At this point I heard him say "IF YOU LEAVE I'LL" at which point, feeling physically threatened I fled the scene to find a policeman which happened to be very close, thank God. The entire experience was nerve shaking and I will do what I can so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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Reviewed Nov. 20, 2014

My car broke down at a shopping center at 11PM at night. I called the AARP Roadside Assistance, the dispatcher couldn't verify my membership# so they transferred me to membership services who verified I had a membership and transferred me back to the dispatcher. I told them I was in Sacramento and the cross streets. The dispatcher said he was in India and asked if I was in California, and where is Sacramento near? He said he didn't know where Sacramento California was. He had me on hold for a very long time and I finally gave up waiting. I found a tow truck on my own and paid them myself. This membership is worthless in an emergency.

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Reviewed Oct. 1, 2014

I was traveling from the Las Vegas, NV VA Hospital when my car started to overheat. I pulled over and waited 20 minutes. I got another mile and pulled over again. Called AARP Towing Service and got some individual who needs a bunch more training. I told him we were in the desert with nothing around but sage brush and cactus and he asked me what address I was at. I told him we were over the mountain closer to Pahrump, NV than Las Vegas and he wanted to send me a tow truck from Winnemucca, NV - round trip some 400 miles when we were only 32 miles from home.

I finally hung up and called again. The second individual, who may have been the first individual again, finally understood that there was nothing around except a mile marker and managed to get a truck from Two Star Towing sent out from Pahrump to tow us home. I called at 2PM and was home at 4:45PM. Had I not wasted the first half hour trying to make the first individual on the phone understand we had no address for the nearest sage brush I am sure we would have been home hours sooner. While the service saved us hundreds of dollars in towing fees, the frustration of having to deal with someone who doesn't know that the middle of nowhere actually exists is extreme. Thankfully it was in the mid-80’s today (Sep 30) and not the middle of July and 110+. Please note the guy from Two Star Towing was quite pleasant. No complaints there.

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Reviewed Sept. 29, 2014

My car broke down in a rural area of Athens, VT. There was no phone service. A woman drove by who seemed harmless (she was in fact the wife of a local minister). Brought me to her house to call AARP Roadside service from her home phone. After 5 minutes going thru an automated system I talked to a person who was following a script. I told her repeatedly that I was calling from a stranger's house a mile down the road because there was no cell service where the car broke down. She kept asking me if I'd like a text message sent to my phone. Why? I won't get it. I told her repeatedly that I was in an unfamiliar out of state area, yet she wanted me to tell HER which garage I wanted her to call. How the heck would I know? She called a place and said they'd be there within 70 minutes. Asked again if I wanted a text message sent (Really?). Waited with my car for 2 hours.

The nice lady came back to let me know AARP had been calling their house because they were looking for me in Athens, GA rather than Athens, VT. The lady explained that we were in Athens, VT, to which the customer service rep replied, "I don't see a Vermont, GA. (again - really?) We ended up calling the state police who had a tow truck out there within 20 minutes. The fee was $275 and I will be fighting with AARP to make sure they pay the full amount due to their mistake. If not for the minister's wife I might still be standing on the side of a dark country road waiting for a tow truck from Georgia. This happened this evening. Fortunately I am safely back at my hotel in Brattleboro, VT, no thanks to AARP roadside assistance.

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2014

It was very late (midnight) and we got a flat tire on an unpopulated area in Michigan on 75 north, miles away from any town. I called for roadside assistance and gave them my information including my phone number. At some point I was rerouted and had a very hard time hearing. I asked where they were and was told Malaysia. And then I was hung up on. They never called back to check on me or find out what happened. Luckily my Mother was there and had AAA roadside assistance. They contacted someone and we were taken care of. We got the tire fixed and made it to the next town. We were called back from AAA roadside to make sure we were taken care of own ok. I contacted AARP when I got home from my vacation and got no response to my message. It was time to renew so I went with a different company and hope to have better service.

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2014

I had an emergency that required towing at about 6 p.m. on a week day. I was told there was no service available in the area (a town of about 7000 on a state highway). They gave me options: find your own towing and request reimbursement or call back tomorrow. Really! How a company can be in the business of emergencies and not be able to handle one is beyond understanding. And leaving an elderly lady (thus AARP) stranded is just wrong. Do NOT keep your day job!! I will be cancelling my service with AARP and RUNNING back to the experts for roadside emergency assistance: AAA!!!

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Reviewed Sept. 3, 2014

Around noon, mid-week in a small city, our car wouldn't start. My husband thought it could be the battery, or maybe he'd let the gas get low. I called AARP Roadside Assistance. First, the call was agonizing. They outsource their calls to India and I had tremendous trouble communicating with the rep. He didn't understand that Oregon was a state. He kept asking for my "make and model" -- but couldn't understand what I meant by "Toyota Prius." Finally he asked me what kind of help I needed. I said we thought that it might be as simple as gas or battery and if it wasn't that, we needed a tow. He told me to pick one. No, he insisted, a garage could not send a gallon of gas with their jumper.

Those were two completely different services. I argued for a long time, to no avail. I finally picked 'gas', figuring I'd sort things out with the repair people when they showed up. Five minutes later, I get a text saying that it would take the garage almost two hours to send help. I called them up and canceled. Said I'd take care of it by myself, which I did. AARP was less than useless. It aggravated me, wasted my time... and in the end, I had to fix the problem myself. I had AAA for years. I switched to AARP because it was cheaper. Well, I found out why it's cheaper -- and I switched back to AAA. I want roadside service I can rely upon. AARP isn't it.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2014

I have Premier AARP Roadside Service because I have a wife and two sons. My son recently locked himself out and was serviced within one hour. I like having the peace of mind that my entire family can utilize Premier coverage no matter whose vehicle they may be in. I hope I do not have a negative experience like these other reviews portray. I am happy so far.

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Reviewed July 18, 2014

On Tuesday July 15 at about 5pm, my daughter’s car broke down on Interstate 15 North of Las Vegas between mile marker 98 and 99. She called AARP roadside assistance. I called they told me it was taken care of. A policemen called about 10 min later and also was told it was taken care of. It took them almost 3 hours! I called and spoke to a supervisor that night to complain they told me they would look it to it and get back to me. I never heard a word. I called back the next day and I still have not heard ONE WORD! Leaving 2 teenagers stranded on the interstate IS INEXCUSABLE! I expect a call.

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Reviewed June 4, 2014

I am handicapped. I was hit by a drunk in 2008 and he left me with a spine that's collapsing. He got a year. I got life. As such, I need to take drugs that make me do stupid things, so for the third time in the past year, I locked my keys, phone, wallet, medications, walker, etc. in my car at 9:45 in the evening when getting out to use an ATM. Having done this, I was forced to limp precariously and painfully across a 4 lane hwy to a restaurant that was closing, but the lovely people at the restaurant allowed me to look up the number for AARP Roadside Assistance (ARA) and call them. I spoke with a very nice woman in India, told her my car was in the lot of the bank across from the restaurant I was in and I gave her the address of the restaurant. The ARA rep then gave me the phone number of the person she was sending to help me.

I wrote it down on a napkin even though I assumed it would be useless as my cell was locked in the car with everything else. I then dragged myself back to my car to wait. About a half hour later some very nice cleaning ladies arrived at the bank. They checked on me repeatedly, offering me water and the use of their phone, which I graciously declined. An hour after that, the ladies came out of the bank and were on their way to the second of three banks they clean each night. At that point, I accepted the offer of their phone and called the number the woman at ARA had given me. I spoke with a nasty, arrogant Russian man who said he'd gone out to the address he was given (which he kept repeating to me) and that there was no one there and no car matching the description of mine.

He kept repeating the address as I tried to describe my location and at some point one of the cleaning ladies gave me her key fob with the address of the bank. The woman in India had given the man from Russia the wrong address. His demeanor and the fact that from the beginning of the conversation he repeated the address over and over made me question whether he'd actually left his house. He may well have been just an opportunistic, belligerent jerk who kept telling me that he'd come out "again" if I had a credit card and was willing to pay him $69.95 to break into my car. I called ARA back, got a nice young man in India, who left me on hold for 20 minutes as he attempted to find "someone available in [my] area."

Each time I called, I had to go through the entire rigmarole of the lead-in electronic female voice that said, "Sorry, I didn't catch that" slowly, in fourteen different ways while asking me to provide and/or repeat my account number which was on a card in my wallet in my purse locked in my car, BEFORE they would even patch me through to a rep in India at which point I would ask to speak with someone "stateside" or "in the United States" each time to no avail. Aaargh! These poor women had 2 more banks to clean and by now it was after midnight. I hung up and called ARA back, got another woman in India and after running through the history of my evening, I told her that I was going to let the nice cleaning lady have her phone back so she could get back to work, so I just wanted ARA to send someone out to unlock my car.

The ARA rep then told me that she couldn't send a service provider out to me if I couldn't provide a call back number. By then I was feeling rather victimized and was screaming and crying as I told her that I FAILED TO READ THAT PARTICULAR STIPULATION IN THE CONTRACT WHEN I SIGNED UP FOR THIS STELLAR LACK OF ROADSIDE SERVICE, SO CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!" She hung up on me. I'm in constant global pain due to the nerve chaos caused by my spine and anxiety doesn't help. The fact that my meds were locked in the car made me want to dig up one of the binks pavers (that were cemented in place checked) and smash my window to get in the car. As it was, I hung up, called 9-1-1 and explained my situation, thanked the nice ladies who wanted to stay with me to make sure I remained safe and shooed them away.

I'd held them up long enough. A nice, young officer named Eric arrived shortly. He listened to my saga and offered an apologetic mention that the police didn't carry lock-out kits anymore. He then called ARA on the phone for me, going through the needles to my brain chaos of trying to get to a rep who spoke English when lo and behold up pulled a wrecker. Officer Eric said, "Maybe this guy's here for you." I said, "I don't know. Usually it's just some dude in a car, but if he's just here to use the ATM I swear I'm gonna throw myself in front of his truck and force him to get out to help me before I let him leave this parking lot." The wonderful young man in the wrecker was indeed there to help me and between his expertise and the focused precision of Officer Eric's flashlight, the two of them got the door open enough to hook the lanyard attached to my keys and fish them out of the door.

I was Dorothy and I'd reached the Emerald City. The young tow truck driver explained to me that before calling someone who's more expensive like himself some of these roadside assistance companies go down a list, calling every ** with a lockout kit, because they work for nothing when compared to a real roadside assistance professional. Made sense to me, especially in light of how busted up the plastic was on the interior of my car from the first two ** ARA had sent to break into it for me the other times I'd locked my keys in the car.

ARA sent me a letter arriving on June 3rd, but dated May 22, 2014 stating that I'd exhausted my annual limit of 4 claims per calendar year. The letter went on to say, "As a reminder, upir membership year begins on each anniversary of your roadside assistance enrollment date, 05/30/2014 and your service claims would reset to zero at that time." Excuse me? They had charged my account for 2 service calls on that fateful night when I had told them to cancel my service. They may as well have sent a letter saying, "Head's up! We're gonna tag your credit card again. Aren't you happy?" I called, rooted around until I got the right department and cancelled immediately.

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Reviewed May 10, 2014

On 3/13/14, as a 12-year member of AARP, I called them to sign up for roadside assistance & paid, by debit card, $48 for a year's membership. I needed immediate help to come to my house to change out my flat tire & put on my spare & was told by AARP that I wouldn't have my membership number for two weeks & to tell the Allstate rep that I just enrolled & that I would need to pay out of pocket for this service but would be reimbursed. The Allstate rep confirmed that fact & I paid by, debit card, the $59.95 charge upfront for the tire change & she told me to mail in to the Claims Department the invoice for DFW Auto Rescue, which I already paid by phone, who they dispatched to help me, & that I would receive the $59.95 in a few weeks.

I mailed the invoice original, & kept a copy, along with a cover letter describing the whole scenario, along with all pertinent facts but, after six weeks, I still hadn't received or heard anything about it so I called Allstate Roadside Assistance & talked to several people, none of whom knew anything about it. I couldn't even find anyone who had knowledge of my documents I sent either & weren't interested in me showing proof of the charge on my bank account, so I called AARP & I talked to several people who also didn't know anything so I asked to speak to the supervisor. She couldn't help either so I offered to fax her the copies of what I sent Allstate, along with the copy of my bank statement showing AARP & Allstate withdrew $48 & $59.95 on 3/13/14, & she said that wasn't necessary & would open a resolution report to get my reimbursement processed.

Here it is, two weeks after I spoke with her & two months since I furnished Allstate Claim Dept. with proof of payment for reimbursement & there's been no credit to my bank account, no check in the mail, nor email or phone call. I went to the AARP Roadside Assistance website & tried to enter my account number & email but an error box kept coming up stating there's no record of my membership number or my email. I tried calling them & it's the weekend so you can't talk to anyone. Any suggestions??? Thanks.

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Reviewed April 17, 2014

On Apr 1, 2014, I requested a tow. My car would not start. I received the car back on April 2 from West Auto located in Stockbridge, GA, a company we have done business with for over 15 yrs. I checked my trunk and the items were missing. My husband called John at West, asked if anyone had to use the jack - NO. I then called the AARP Roadside Assistance. I asked for a supervisor, not available, but they would call me back within an hour. 2 1/2 hrs. later, I called back, spoke to Kashif. He gave me the name and phone number of the towing company, R&M Towing service. I called the towing, asked for a owner or supervisor, Rochelle ** who stated she was the owner. She said for me to contact the dealer and fax a quote for replacement of the jack and tire iron and she would have it sent to my home.

Mr. Aaron ** from Dyer and Dyer Volvo did. I called back two days later to AARP, complained what had happened. I was told by David, AARP that he contacted the towing company also. Ms. ** was rude to him and told she actually was not the owner; Rick was at 678-614-2381. I called Rick who was extremely rude and he stated he will not pay. Of course I tried to call David back (did not give a direct line phone number), so then I got Malcom on 4-11-2014 supervisor Allstate Roadside @ Corporate. He stated he would call me that evening. I am still waiting! Aside from the routing of phone calls via India, and the Philippines, I am not so happy when so many people are unemployed in the US, our dues to AARP (mostly collected by Seniors on Social Security) are going overseas with no follow thru and truly terrible customer service.

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2014

January 3, 2014. The situation was this: I was driving home about 1 p.m. after a morning of errands. Coming up a small hill I was edged into a ditch by a FedEx truck. My road, Lost Mile Road, Vermont, is one of many many back dirt roads in Vermont. And sparsely populated. What with the snow they have become even more narrow. The FedEx driver tried to push me out but unfortunately he was not able to budge my car, a 2010 Subaru Forester, So he left and I got out my cell phone.

When I connected with the number on my Road Assistance membership card I was unhappy that I then had to get out my AARP membership card and give that number, and then again, and then again as the operator couldn't get it. Next I had to give my name and spell it, and then again. And where was I? Etc. Finally I was told I would be put into touch with someone who could help. Next a voice comes on the phone and AGAIN I have to give my number, give it again, then my name, then the kind of car, etc.

Now I am 76 y/o and I have atrial fibrillation. It was 4 degrees F out. I could see that there was going to be more and more nonsense, more time wasted before I could actually get HELP to get out of the ditch. I could not keep the motor on b/c of the danger of carbon monoxide. Next I was asked for the name of my road and then the nearest cross section, as though this was a city or town. The voice says Lost Mile Road is a very long road Which it is not. It is a country road that connects to another country road. I assumed that with today's ability to zero in on an address that I could be located. At least located enough so that a tow truck could be pointed in my direction. Time was wasting.

That was when I asked the voice, "Where are you located?" The ans: India !!! Clearly this man was reading from a script and clearly he had absolutely NO knowledge of Vermont, Vermont roads, Vermont snow, etc. I was getting colder and colder and I realized that this was not going to get me any help at all, NONE! More and more wasted time talking with someone who didn't have the least sense of what Vermont roads were like. BUT AARP Motoring Service SHOULD be knowing this. Isn't that what I pay for? I gave up.

Bottom line. I paid for Roadside assistance. I expect that when you connect me with someone who can help, that someone is someone who is familiar with the different geographies of different states. I am not angry b/c the voice was Indian. Outsourcing is part of the issue when the outsourcing placement is from an entity that hasn't a clue what the real problem is. The constant questioning and re-questioning appeared to be complete incompetence on every level. Turns out what I paid for is nothing but frustration. It could have been tragic. What if I had been coming home in the dark?!

I hung up and called 911. A trooper came and got a tow truck. The charge for that was $75. I see that bill as solely your responsibility and I enclose a copy so that you can reimburse me as soon as possible. As a senior citizen I do not have a lot of money. Switching to AAA - this was a horrible experience and a rip off.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2014

Locked my keys in my car. They claimed they called everyone within a 35 mile radius and said no one would come. Asked me to find any company on my own and they'd reimburse. Called the SAME COMPANY that they sent out just two weeks prior? He said no one called him at all from their company for a lock out. Horrible liars. Made a quick situation instead take hours and stranded me, making ME do THEIR job, and now I have to wait weeks for a check? SKIP them. Never had this happen with AAA. Will be switching back to them in the morning.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2014

I was traveling to North Carolina on Pennsylvania Turnpike on Dec. 8th, 2013 when it started to snow.I reduced my speed to 39mph from the posted 65mph. The roads were getting slippery and I hit an ice patch on the highway. The car spun around and headed down the ravine into a ditch and off the highway. So here is my complaint. I called the 800 number listed on my roadside card, after holding on for about 10 minutes, I get female caller asking me my location, Telling her that I spun out off the Pennsylvania Turnpike and could not see an sign or road marker and I needed towing assistance. She said she could track me by my cell phone?

Well after waiting for several minutes and she could not locate me, I felt this service was useless. A state trooper saw my car lights flashing and called a tow service for me. They insisted for cash, another great state to break down in. I called the AARP Allstate motor club and insisted on a refund. I was told I could not get it. Now the price for the year's service is 48 dollars which is not being refunded but they would reimburse for the towing bill of $82.00. And you wonder how a company this well-managed could stay in business.

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Reviewed Jan. 13, 2014

Here is the reason why everyone has a problem with this company. They use Allstate Signature Motor Club. This company Allstate Is the worst company on paying their service providers. They nickel & dime them and make them jump through hoops to get paid. And when they do pay they almost always short the providers on their pay. Also they started a new policy on NO en route mileage pay if call results in a G.O.A. So these types of calls like (fuel, jump starts, lockouts, tire changes) are more likely to end up in a GOA situation. So the service provider will NOT get paid to drive there. So with that being said. A lot of providers are quitting service to Allstate. My suggestion look into Geico roadside service. They treat their providers like Gold not TRASH like Allstate (the mayhem provider).

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2013

It took three hours to get a tow of about 3 miles. I phoned three times before getting someone to respond with a tow truck. Since I had to phone three time they sent a letter stating that I had used all three tows for the year. I have been a member since 2009 and this was my first call for any service. I believe the call was routed through India. I will be looking for a new roadside service company. They will not let you talk to anyone or give any phone number to complain. I contacted AARP and they gave me an 800 number. AARP should let their members rate the service provided by these companies on their site.

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Reviewed Dec. 17, 2013

I have had this service for 10 years and never filed a claim. This snowy morning I got up to a flat tire on my car in my driveway. I called Road 'N Tow. After many computer voices and waits, I hung up after 5 minutes of dead air. I called again - same thing only this time I got a rep, I think from India, and was put on hold and then hung up on. Again, same result. On the fourth call I elected the option to cancel my membership and finally got a lady from George (I'd bet - don't know).

After venting my frustration over the non-service, I was told of an Illinois box number I could write to - but no official's name available - to MAYBE get a refund for providing my own service, which I did. CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS SCENE TAKING PLACE IN A CAR WITH SMALL CHILDREN ON A SNOWY, WINDSWEPT INTERSTATE?

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2013

On Dec. 13, 2013 as I tried to go to work, I found that the battery was dead in my car. Called AARP Road Service. After a lengthy time on hold, finally got to give my information to the computer and then wait some more. Finally, was able to speak with someone who directed my call for help to the service provider for my zip code area. Then was told that provider did not service my area and was redirected to someone else. Again, that provider said they did not cover my area and was redirected to a third party. After explaining my situation to her, I asked that someone come and just bring me a new battery which I would purchase. She explained that they would only come and jump start the car but would not bring a new battery. I cannot believe that I switched from AAA to this horrible company and will be cancelling my membership and also the membership to AARP. WORD TO THE WISE: Don't waste your money on this plan.

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Reviewed Dec. 10, 2013

My car would not start. After numerous times of trying to get it started by jumping it, I decided to call AARP. I told them I needed a jump or a tow truck. They informed me that it would be two different vehicles. I said just send the tow truck and if he couldn't get it started, we would tow it. AARP informed me tow trucks don't provide jumps. So if I had the jump car and he couldn't get it started, I had to call back for the tow truck. I would be charged 2 claims. Does that make sense??? I said if you want to waste some money just send the tow truck and tow it the 25 miles to my repair shop. That was 12:00, they told me the tow truck should arrive around 2 pm. After several calls back and forth, the tow truck finally arrived 5 hours later.

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2013

I ran out of gas and called for road service at 9:30pm. I was told that someone would come in 45 minutes to an hour. After an hour and 15 minutes I called the number the service provider gave me (with their name) and asked where the service was. I was put on hold. After 5 minutes I hung up and tried to call back. Busy. And busy for several attempts after that. I called AARP again, complaining that no one had come. They tried to tell me that the provider couldn't get to me because they did not have all the information they needed. BOGUS!! I had given them everything they asked for - name, address, make and model of my car, my phone number. After they finished asking for their information, I asked for their number and the name of the dispatcher I was speaking with. If they needed more they had my number.

I have been a member for over 15 years. In that time I have called them a handful of times. My recollection is that the service was mediocre to poor, but this was the limit for me. I cancelled the next day. This is the worst road service you can buy. I was told by the fellow who finally came with my gas that they also work with AAA, which demands that their agents respond within 15 minutes of a call. Now that's service and that's what I've heard from friends who have them. Do not trust AARP road service!!

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Reviewed Oct. 7, 2013

At a restaurant in Miami Beach, not during busy season and not very late at night (10:30), I had to call for roadside assistance for dead battery. I made the call to AARP but was disconnected several times after lengthy waits on hold. I continued to try for the better part of an hour with the same results. My dinner companion decided to walk to the nearest convenience store and was able to purchase battery jumper cables. By the time he returned, I had finally made it through to AARP and had been told it would be a lengthy delay before a truck would arrive. We were able to secure a Good Samaritan to assist in the battery boost.

I then tried to contact AARP again to cancel the call and again experienced the hang-ups. I was finally contacted by the tow truck driver who was now on the way to me. I relayed my apologies to him and let him know not to come. I received a call from AARP so I relayed my information to the representative of the events described here. The entire ordeal took almost 3 hours in a busy metropolitan area. I have not heard back as of yet from AARP to explain the lapse in service.

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Reviewed Oct. 5, 2013

On 9/13/2013, my car had a blowout on the front passenger tire on US 1 near exit 114 S Smyrna, Delaware. I called Allstate road service through AARP and was told that there was no one that would be able to help me. That there was no service in Smyrna or Dover, Delaware, which I found hard to believe since Dover is the capital of Delaware. I had the $81 policy, which I believed was the best road service coverage. I am from Maryland, so there was no one I could call to help me.

I am 67 years old and with me were my grandson and my boyfriend, who is very ILL and is on the transplant list for a liver and my 3 little dogs in the car. I was very upset while talking to the man from road service on the phone who I believe DID not understand me that good. He may have been from India not sure. I told him that this was a life threatening situation, that cars were driving at over 80 miles an hour and I was only a few inches off the highway. I had to repeat myself when talking to him. I had called the state police and told them I was in a life threatening situation broken down on the highway and asked if they would send a police car and they said they were very busy that they would send someone but I would have to wait. So now, I have no road service and the state police were very busy elsewhere.

After being disabled for 2 hours and it's starting to get dark, my grandson said we had a better chance if he tried to change the flat than sitting on the shoulder in the dark. So my grandson and my boyfriend who is very ILL changed the flat tire and we made it to exit 114 off the interstate. The next day, I called the AARP Allstate road service and told them what happened and how upset I was, and cancelled my service with AARP Allstate road side service. They refunded my money and told me they were sorry and would look into this that this never should have happened.

I got 4 new tires even though my tires only had 18000 miles on them and I got AAA road service. I had never been so scared in my life sitting on that highway with everyone I loved in that car. Not knowing if we were going to be hit and everyone could have been killed especially changing the tire. This was why I had kept the road service on my car in case I needed it.

I am very thankful that I was not alone. There is no way I could have changed the tire by myself. What would I have done? I cannot believe that there was no service available in Dover or Smyrna, Delaware. Dover is the capital of Delaware. I am very upset that this happened and the results could have been fatal had we been hit by a vehicle traveling at such high speed on Route 1. No one or their family should ever be put in this situation. This is why you buy road service not to be told there is no service or no one to help you. What terrifying words to hear, when you are broken down, elderly and in need of help.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2013

Our car broke down in a Chicago neighborhood where towing services and repair shops are plentiful. But AARP's service rep (I'm guessing their call center is in India) was clueless. She insisted that our car be towed to a facility some 20 miles away (and closed for the day), and made us wait 70 minutes for the tow truck, which she dispatched from west suburban Maywood. Abysmal service. We're switching to a different motor club.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2013

Middle of the Central Valley heat and smog, the car I was in blew the clutch. No water, middle of nowhere, we called the number. Long story short, the driver showed around 45 minutes with Gatorade and A/C in his truck. We snagged a free year and 10 percent off of the next two for the truck being "late". His truck was actually clean but the diesel fuel leak he had caused severe nausea. Or was it the Central Valley?

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Reviewed June 21, 2013

My daughter and I were stranded for an hour after calling AARP 24/7 Nationwide Roadside Assistance. The representative, Martin, was ineffective saying he couldn't get a tow truck to assist us due to the late hour (11:05PM), but would keep trying. By the time he called back 30 minutes later (I had already been on the phone with him for about 30 minutes), my daughter had looked up tow truck services in the town which is 41 miles from our home. In this call, Martin had finally found a tow truck for us and it would arrive in one hour and 40 minutes. We decided to use the tow truck that my daughter had contacted. He was there in 15 minutes! And she only made one call!

I have been with this assistance plan since 2008. They were not there when I needed them. Very ineffective and worthless in aiding me in this situation. They certainly were very effective in charging my credit card in order to provide me with the non-service. After checking my cc account, I found they had charged me four times at $140 per charge... $560. Disappointing.

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Reviewed Nov. 12, 2012

On Friday night, coming from work I had a flat tire. I called AARP Roadside Service and got an Indian (whatever she was) operator. When I told her my situation, she asked me to hold. When she came back on the line, she informed me that no one could be reached at the time which was only 5:20 pm and that I would have to wait until Saturday morning to get any assistance. On my card, it plainly shows 24-hour service, so I called my husband. I had to leave my car out in the country on the roadside until Saturday morning. When I called Saturday morning, a very nice American young lady apologized for the inconvenience and promptly got me help.

When the young man arrived, he was very disturbed by the fact that I was told no one could be found to come assist me on Friday night. He informed me and my husband that he was only about 15 minutes away from where I was at 5:30 and that no one tried to contact him on Friday night to help me. I was thankful for the young lady on the phone and the gentleman that came out were there. I was not at all happy with the Indian (whatever she was) that did not try to help me on Friday. It may have been daytime where she was but it was dark where I was and I was alone on a back country road headed home. Weekends are just as busy as weekdays, so there should be someone who understands this and is willing to get you help when you need it. Thank you, AARP, for the wonderful service you did provide me when I got someone who cared.

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Reviewed Sept. 17, 2012

I sent in a payment to renew my service on Saturday, Sept. 1st. The following Tuesday when I checked my bank account, I discovered my unemployment had run out and I did not receive my expected unemployment. I immediately called AARP Roadside and spoke with someone and told her not to renew my membership, not to post the check because there was not any money to cover it, and to return the unposted check to me. I told her if I had to, I would pay and put a stop payment on the check. I was told that the membership would not be renewed, the check would not be posted and would be returned to me, and there was no reason to do a stop payment. Everything would be okay.

On the 10th, I checked my bank account to see if my last check had cleared, which I had just enough money to cover. I found that AARP Roadside had done an electronic withdrawal from my account for the $71.00 check, overdrawing the account, then the last check had come in and was also overdrawn, both at an overdraft fee of $64.00. Money I did/do not have.

I called and spoke with a supervisor and all I got was "I'm sorry for the inconvenience", then cut off. I called back and could not get a supervisor and told that my request for a refund could not be done until my membership was cancelled! Transferred and got it cancelled then transferred back to billing. No supervisor available. I wanted to get my money back and wanted to know what they were going to do about my $64.00 overdraft that they caused! I was told it would be sent to a supervisor and I would be called about the refund.

Two days later, no call back, so I called again and got a supervisor in billing. I started telling her the problem and zip - we were cut off. I called back again and told the person who answered that I had been speaking with a female supervisor, did not know her name. She put me on hold and then came back and said she had no idea who I was talking to. I ended up talking with her about the problem. She said a check was issued on the 10th and the $64.00 was under discussion. She asked me if I would like to have a supervisor call me. Yes, I would.

Today is Monday, 4 days later, no phone call and no refund check, so I called again asking for a supervisor. I was put on hold for 15 minutes, no one picked up. I called back again and the person on the line again told me a check was issued on the 10th. I asked him how many supervisors did the billing department have. He put me on hold and 15 minutes later, I was still waiting for him to pick back up. I hung up! I was lied to by that agency 3 times. When my unemployment shows up tomorrow, it will be going to cover the overdraft for my account instead of bills. This company is nothing but a bunch of fouled up idiots and liars!

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2012

I was at a local hotel here in Las Vegas. My car was parked in their parking lot and I had locked my keys in the car. The 800 # on my card was only for AARP services and was not open on Sunday, but I was told when I paid for roadside assistance that was the only # I needed. After spending over an hour going to every person in the hotel trying to get the correct phone #, I contacted someone who could not speak English and spent 30 minutes trying to give him the info needed to send someone. If I had known AARP’s roadside service was so lousy, I never would have switched from CSAA and will probably return to them for future service.

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2011

I went to the doctor and left my keys in the ignition when I got out to go in for my appointment. I have been a member since 1994. When I asked for someone to open my car, they said I had used all my free trips. They told me to call a locksmith, or for $70.00 they would send one. I have just renewed my card for this year. I am disabled and it was about 40 degrees outside. If I don't have any calls left, why do I get it renewed? This really makes me angry after paying since 94. I was lucky enough to have a county police officer open it for me. If I don't have service, then send my $101.00 back, and I will not have to worry about not getting a service call when I need to.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2010

On August 23, 2010, I had a flat on Interstate 49 between Natchitoches and Alexander, LA. After much discussion to make the person in India understand my location, it took him 1 hour to inform me that he could not provide service and I would have to obtain help myself. The only help I could get was American Towing & Recovery out of Alexander, LA. After waiting about 2 hours they were able to provide service. Attached is the invoice for $180.00.

For your information I was dissatisfied with AARP Roadside Assistance for the following reasons:(1) Talking to someone in India; we could not understand each other,(2) He could not find my location on his map, (3). He could not spell Natchitoches, (4) He asks me, "are you sure you are not in CA?"

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Reviewed June 23, 2010

I was the victim of a road rage incident, scared for my life. When the police arrived, I stepped out of my vehicle to talk with them and inadvertently locked my keys inside the car, along with my wallet.

After the police left, I called AARP Motoring for assistance and had a difficult time with the woman from AARP due to her heavy accent. After thirty minutes or longer, I finally got her to understand where I was and she said help would arrive within thirty minutes.

Almost an hour later, she called me back saying that no help would be coming and if I wanted to hire my own locksmith, they (AARP) would pay the claim.

It was a small town on a Saturday night and I was far from home with little cash and no credit card, no phone book, no access to a phone book, and little time left on my phone. Unable to locate help, I finally allowed a man to break the back vent on my car so I could leave.

I have emailed AARP motor club, the main office in Washington, DC, and customer care and a week later, AARP still refuses to acknowledge my existence.

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Reviewed March 3, 2010

Locked out of my car with keys in. Called AARP, went directly to India, where after talking to them for at least 15 minutes, was told that someone would be there in 1 hour. I asked who was coming and I was refused the info. After 1 hour, no one came but some one from India called and asked me if I was satisfied with the service. They never came and I had to get another towing company. I wish I could cancel and get the balance of my money back. I just signed up in December 09. I am a senior which really doesn't matter when you need help even if you paid for it. You should get help from people in the USA, not some foreign country. Give the jobs to the Americans.

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Reviewed Jan. 22, 2010

When the water pump went out on my car when I was in another state, I called the number on my card and I could not understand a non-English speaking person. I was never able to get her to even understand where I was. I was helped by a very nice person, but they could not understand her either. I took care of it myself and sent the proper papers to the designated address. My later correspondence has been ignored and I have not yet received anything for my tow bill. Why do I need roadside assistance when it is no good? This happened on April 8, 2009. I was stranded in another town for a whole day.

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Reviewed March 31, 2009

Contacted AARP Motoring club for jumpstart at University Outer Parking Lot. I was told they would be there within the hour. 40 Degrees and raining...told to wait at the car..getting colder...2 hours later.. getting REALLY show...repeated calls to AARP and THEY don't know where or when help is coming.Put on hold and almost no charge left on cell phone..Putting on every spare piece of clothing in the car, trying to keep feeling in my fingers..Three hours later, dark and as a female getting scared and very upset ...use last of cell phone battery to call parents who drive 1 hour into town to jump my car. When we get home, and call AARP , their only comment is that it must be late in Seattle and hope we are still not waiting. We want to cancel policy right there on the phone and told we cannot.
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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2008

An AARP Customer Service Representative refused to help me when my car broke down because I could not give her an exact physical address. I was north on State Road 9A intersects with Hecksher Drive, Jacksonville, Florida, but at the time could not specify more clearly.

The AARP rep put me on hold and never came back on the phone with me. I was not sure if she will do the process of sending me a road assistance. If the AARP rep had been considerate and helpful, the processes will be at a normal pace. I will not be left wondering if I would ever get a road assistance.

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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2007

Our car became disabled on the Hutchenson Parkway on the way to JFK airport at 7PM on 8/11/07. We were towed off the highway by an a police authorized towing service for the parkway. We spent the next 14 hours trying to get service from AARP-GE Motor Club. We needed to be towed 63 miles to our home in CT. Each time we called only the same representative answered per shift and we were told the name of a contracted towing service and a time several hours later and a number.

When we called the towing service we either got an answering machine, a refusal, a no show, or on one occassion we were told to walk home. The motor club representatives Rose hung up on us several times and by 6AM we were dealing with another rep. Sebastion. Both representatives had foreign accents and we were not even sure if they were based in the USA. We were stuck in the Bronx all night and waiting for service that never showed up. Fortunately the staff at the highway towing service allowed us to sit in their office all night and were very kind. We might have been left on the street. We were finally picked up around 8AM and towed to CT.

We have the following issues with this service:

1. What kind of road service has only one person anwering their 800 # at a time and assisting emergency service.

2. The representatives were not very professional and difficult to understand and even hung up on us.

3. Towing services contracted were no shows, had us waiting, declined after agreeing and even insulted us.

4. No one should be stranded for 14 hours anywhere when they pay for a service called AARP Motoring Plan from GE Motor Club PREMIER ROAD 'N TOW.

We were stranded 63 miles from our home for 14 hours because of non-responsive service.

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