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About AARP Roadside Assistance Reviews

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AARP offers roadside assistance through Allstate. AARP members who sign up for roadside assistance can get help 24/7 if they have a flat tire, need their car towed, run out of gas, have a dead car battery or lock their keys in their car. Members are covered in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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AARP Roadside Assistance Reviews

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Reviewed March 10, 2021

Member since 1992. Engine on car would not start. AARP RSA sent truck from Towing company to jump start battery. After some difficulty was able to start engine and get out to road. Engine then failed completely. Could not get Towing company back even though they were less than a block away. Stranded in middle of highway with no electrical function at all functions including emergency flasher lights were inoperable. Used emergency brake to prevent car from rolling backward. Speeding traffic on both sides and horns sounding from the back of my stranded vehicle.

Called AARP back at least four times on my cell phone. Each time I was cut off. Each time they requested my membership number. Several times they said the number did not exist. Asked for my telephone number and was told once that this was not my telephone number. Gave other numbers but all were unsuccessful. Could not keep AARP personnel on the line to help resolve the difficulty. Personnel were very curt and unhelpful. At one point was instructed to connect with website but I do not have internet in my car. Was also at one point sent a non-functioning number. Police finally were able to push me to the side of the highway. Finally I called the original towing company (which AARP had initially sent out) and was advised that they had no authorization to tow car and the cost would be my responsibility. User's recommendation: Get another roadside assistance company.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2021

This roadside assistance is supplied by Allstate, it's great, fast service and the best price for what you get. The unfortune thing is you need to be with AARP, a liberal moron outfit. I am now trying to get on Allstate without going through AARP.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2020

We live in a rural area so naturally we chose the additional tow or premium package that included up to 100 miles of free towing. In the two years we had them, 3 times we called for help and they could not locate anyone that was willing to come to our aid. Said that it would be up to us to find someone to respond and then we would have to pay them and they would reimburse us.

Once broke down on the interstate, I was maybe 35 miles from home and wanted it towed home. The tow truck driver said I would have to pay an extra $14 which at this point I had no other option. I immediately called AARP which uses Allstate road service and they told me to submit the bill and they would reimburse me. They did send a check for the $14 but counted this as one of my calls for help! So for this one breakdown on the interstate they showed I had used their service 2 times. They allow for 3 times in a year. Not a good company. The one I switched to now is fast and reliable and has no problems getting help.

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Reviewed Dec. 24, 2020

My vehicle would not start. I was at a cemetery, the weather was perfect where I was. Asked for tow truck to take my vehicle to dealership. After 2 1/2 hours of AARP Roadside service saying still trying to find a tow truck service for me I decided to try myself. Immediately got ahold of tow service. They were there in 15 minutes. Cost me $95. Told I would be reimbursed, now can’t get ahold of them for reimbursement. Service was worst ever.

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Reviewed Oct. 28, 2020

My husband waited over 4 hours in a metro area for towing. They actually said they couldn't find anyone. He is still not home, takes medicine on a regular basis. I called for help, and got none. They haven't helped in seve

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2020

We spent 1/2 the day today trying to forget our past poor experience with this roadside assistance US customer service and was going to give them another try after being away a few years. Two hours wasted on the phone with people that couldn't do anything right, which was only to transfer. They wouldn't answer where they were located, they were snippy, lied to us, kept us on hold forever on multiple calls - and this is AFTER we told them that we had been unhappy customers that left due to "customer service" and wanted to try again. The US representatives were good but prices still too high... Had wanted to talk to customer retention/service...what a joke. We'll keep looking!

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2020

During the renewal of membership, I called the customer services and gave the credit card#. I was promised an amount as annual fee and was overcharged. This is unethical. I called customer services twice and they took down the information from me and said they do not have the means to refund me the difference and said some one from back office (billing) will get back to me in five business days to fix this issue. This is a blatant lie. After one month and two calls nothing happened. I called for the third time today and I was told someone from back office will get back in five business days. How much time it is going to take for a representative to issue a credit for the difference? Consumers, AARP Roadside is a bunch of cheats. Please stay away from them and save yourself time and money. You have choices... Unfortunately zero stars is not an option and hence I have to go with one star.

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Reviewed July 14, 2020

I was traveling out of state (4 hours away from home), and my water pump with only 50K miles failed about 9:30 AM. I was able to find a pull-out before overheating the engine. I called Allstate Roadside Assistance to send a tow truck and get my car to a repair shop that could get me going no later by noon the next day. A reasonable wait for a tow to the right shop may have even gotten me on the road by 5:00 PM that same day. After spending an hour on the phone with someone from India that sounded like he was talking from inside a culvert, it was almost another hour before finally getting a text telling me that a tow truck was arriving in 90 minutes! After waiting 105 minutes, I call the tow company at the number provided. They had never been called by Allstate. I wasn't on the schedule. It would be a minimum of 5 hours before they could come get me at all.

I call Allstate again, and tell them that an additional 5 hour wait was unacceptable and I wanted someone that was local to the area and not 45 minutes one way from me. After another hour on the phone on hold and repeating myself multiple times, they finally tell me that they might have someone. The tow operator was awesome. He got my car on his flatbed quickly and we got my car to a shop a couple hours before closing time so they could take a look while I grabbed some chow. The waiting on the side of the road for four hours in the hot summer sun was completely unacceptable. Had they got me into the shop by noon, I might have been able to salvage my weekend, but, instead, when car was ready at noon the next day, I drove 4 hours back home.

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Reviewed March 3, 2020

This has to be the worst company to deal with. They offer assistance as soon as you sign up for membership....wrong. They can't find your membership for up to 48 hours. If you love talking to idiots in Mexico and India then these people are for you! NOT ME! I cancelled my membership after talking to 6 different people that did nothing other than giving me the runaround and refusing to give me a full refund! I suggest all people that experience these problems file a complaint with the Attorney General of their state. Allstate needs to be stopped from having billing and call centers in India. This is unacceptable! I will never use this company again! How can AARP allow their name to be associated with such a SCAM? Run don't walk away from corrupt Allstate!

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Reviewed Feb. 29, 2020

Tire blowout on very busy I85 S south of Atlanta, GA on a weekday afternoon. Contacted service by phone app. We were told it would be an hour and a half until help would arrive. (We were near the city of Union Springs.) After an hour, was told that it would be another 2 hours. When we contact for help while we are at home (dead battery), help arrives in a few minutes. When our life is literally threatened because of traffic at 70-80 mph just a few feet from us, it takes hours. In other words, when we really need the service, we cannot depend on it. Totally unacceptable. Luckily, a good samaritan who had the proper equipment, stopped and quickly helped us.

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Reviewed Feb. 20, 2020

First time I called I waited over 4 hours to have a tire changed, ended up changing it myself. Last year had an accident, police wanted car moved. Called. Had called for roadside assistance needing a tow, could not get through to them so police said to get someone else to tow vehicle or they would have it towed, they suggested some close. I called them and they were right there and towed my auto home. The charge was $215.00 and I tried 5 times to get reimbursed and they kept denying my claim.

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2020

Great service if you don't mind waiting 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours and then having no one show up. Use at your own peril. No way to run a business. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Sign up at your own peril.

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2020

I will no longer use AARP Roadside service. I have been a member for years. I have not needed to call them for 3 years for any service. I received a phone call last week asking if I wanted to renew my membership, they stated it would be same rate I paid last year. I accepted the offer, and gave them my credit card number. I checked my credit card today and they charged me $94.00 instead of the $83.00 I paid last year. I then called and was transferred to a call center. The man I spoke with told me I could cancel but they will prorate it and only give me back $74.00 because they were back dating my coverage to November! I am challenging my charge with the credit card company and going on social media to let people know how dishonest this is!

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Reviewed Jan. 7, 2020

My car broke down & I called AARP. I have had AARPRoadside for years. I was broken down on I-20 in Arlington Tx and needed TOWING. It took them 4 calls & over 3 hours to come get me. It was very dangerous. I did not expect this terrible service. I will not renew with AARP. I believe their other benefits will be awful also. I finally gave up & called my own wrecker for $100. AARP has yet to reimburse me. Or even contact me after I sent in my receipt & documentation. Don't waste your money. Customer service was a smart aleck & played dumb. I'm cancelling my policy and advising ALLSTATE, My insurance company.

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2019

I would give this company ZERO stars if possible! 1st: Car broke on the Interstate, they send a "link" that doesn't work. Someone on the phone hangs up in the middle of the call. Got towing company myself. 2nd: sent in claim, they misread the date as expired. Sent explanation with original receipt, and they say they didn't receive the letter. Sent everything again (address confirmed!) but they even didn't receive that second letter! Cancelled membership.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2019

My daughter was robbed at gunpoint and they stole her car. We actually got the car back one hour later in a really bad part of town. The Harris County Sheriff's department was there and we decided to drop the case so they CLEARED the car from being stolen and I needed a tow. I called the number off my AARP card and they said they could not tow it since it was involved in a robbery. So, I asked for a supervisor and the Deputy got on the phone and told them the car was cleared and they still would not tow my car. I bought this membership for my two daughters and literally in our darkest hour of need when we were in a bad part of town, they stranded us there. Luckily, I had the money to pay for a tow out of my own pocket.

I called today (7 days later) and spoke with them and said I need a copy of that policy of why you would not tow my car. They apparently don't have one. The supervisor claims that if I mail them the bill they will reimburse me. So, what was the point of even having this service? There is none and I suspect they are a scam. AARP and Allstate are scammers. Save your money.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2019

I had a flat tire on a Monday and used the app to report at 2pm. It said it would take 130 minutes. I waited (in the heat) watching the minute countdown until it said 70 minutes to wait, then it stopped!!! I called the customer service number and they had no record of my app request but said they would find a provider. After holding the rep came back and said the nearest provider didn’t have the equipment to change a tire. Huh???? She offered to try try another provider, but I told her I would contact my insurance company. Now, I sit in my scorching hot car writing this review and Googling how to cancel this worthless service.

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2019

I called on 8/10 for help with a dead battery. After 4 hours, yes 4 hours, I finally cancelled the call because I had other commitments. I called again on 8/11 and finally got a jump for my battery. A few days later I got a letter from AARP Roadside Assistance saying that I had used two of three allotted assistance calls. I called customer service and asked for the two dates of receiving assistance, and was told they were 8/10 and 8/11. I was furious and explained they were the same and why I had two calls and the rep finally agreed to cancel one. I am very happy to join the long lists of reviews that rated a one star, and I only wish I had the option to rate at 0 stars. I will cancel my service as soon as my existing term is completed.

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Reviewed July 30, 2019

Apparently AARP and Allstate don’t read these reviews or don’t care! I have been trading for over a month to be reimbursed for an out of pocket towing expense. I was told the claim is in their system but it would take 10-14 days for them to “figure out” why it hasn’t been paid! When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told it would take 5-7 days for one to call me back!!!! Unacceptable!!!! Worst customer service ever!!!!

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Reviewed July 24, 2019

AARP Roadside Assistance from ALLSTATE is the worst company to do business with!!! I have just been on the phone with a supposed supervisor with this company who gave me only the name Michael, refused to give me a last name or a phone number or employee number or a manager. I had a $40 claim from April 26, 2019 that I paid and was requesting reimbursement for. My battery had died. I called the roadside assistance number for help and was told it would be at least 2 hours before help would arrive. I was in a small town, and was told the help was coming from a local provider. I looked up the provider's phone number I was given, and they were actually 55-60 miles away. I called a local company who were there in 5 minutes. They jumped my battery and only charged $40, and I was on my way. I submitted the original bill with a letter explaining the circumstances and waited for my reimbursement.

I received my paperwork back stating I failed to include my membership number. My name, address and phone number were on the paperwork. I included the information requested and returned the paperwork in the envelope they provided. I received a bill for a 1 year renewal and paid it in good faith, believing they would give me good service in the future and reimburse me for my claim. This company has done nothing but lie to me. They told me the company responding to my call for help was local, and it was not. I called inquiring about my reimbursement and got someone who spoke poor English in India who said she had the claim on the computer but it was denied. I asked why and she said because my name wasn’t on it. My name was on it on every page sent to them. I asked for a manager and she said no one was available. BS. I’ve worked insurance most of my life and I know there are managers in every office.

I hung up and called again, got India again and requested to speak to someone in the USA. I was transferred to someone who sounded American. She said my claim was never received. Who is lying? India saying it was denied or America saying it was never received? Asked for a manager. I got Michael who refused to give me his last name, employee number or phone number where he can be reached. He refused to give me information so I could contact the corporate office.

He was going to forward my request for the reimbursement for my claim that he said they hadn’t received and my request for a full refund for the $59 I paid for the current year. I have had no claims since the renewal, yet they will not give me a full refund so I can go to another company. I trusted AARP and ALLSTATE to be reputable companies. I never dreamed I would get this runaround and poor service. DO NOT BE TRICKED INTO USING THESE DISREPUTABLE COMPANIES. Sent from my iPhone.

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Reviewed July 8, 2019

I called to get help adding a vehicle to "My Vehicles" list. I wanted to add my F-350 pickup truck to my list. After a rather short hold I was informed that this is a Heavy Duty Truck and that is is not coverable under the "Premier" plan. This is the most expensive plan offered and the RV plan is actually cheaper. Just an FYI for anyone considering the AARP Roadside assistance Plan by Allstate. I promptly cancelled the plan but was only reimbursed for the months not covered although I never used any service. The App is useless as well as you end up having to call anyway.

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Reviewed June 24, 2019

Our first use of this product turned out to be our last. Our vehicle broke down in a suburb area. We called the service and it seemed to run smoothly. The person we spoke with was courteous and the call was short. We were told it would be a 70 minute wait. That was shocking because we're in a very populated area, not in the middle of nowhere. But we figured that was the cost of using the service, our time. We receive the text telling us the company selected and their phone number so we call and confirm that we are on their list. Yep - all seems good. So we wait 70 minutes then call the tow company back to check on the status because they're late. That's when we find out that AARP cancelled the tow request.

We call AARP back to find that they cancelled the 1st wrecker and scheduled a 2nd wrecker only they never called us back for the $30 payment, so they never actually scheduled the tow. So now we've been waiting for 1.5 hours only to be back at the beginning of the wait. We're told that they will have to charge us a second $30 charge, reimburse the first charge in 4 days, and schedule the tow which will take 70 minutes. The round and round to figure this much out took about 30 minutes. Then after a second 70 minute wait the wrecker service was 15 minutes late. So in total our first experience with AARP Roadside cost us $65 (for the extra 3 mile tow) and a little over three hours. Thankfully it was just my husband and myself that day. If our four children would have been with us there is no way we could have been stuck on the side of the road for 3+ hours.

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Reviewed May 21, 2019

Shame on me for not reading these reviews before I enrolled. I figured, "AARP"-"ALLSTATE".... What could go wrong? This may actually be a scam. I had a dead battery and needed a jumpstart. I went to my phone app and after completing the required information I watched the screen telling me "locating a provider" for about 3 minutes. Then a message came on telling me to call in. I did.... And guess what? I got someone in INDIA that was going to try to locate a provider for me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? She said she would call me back when she found a provider in my area. SHE NEVER CALLED!!! SURPRISE, SURPRISE!! Fortunately about an hour later a person stopped to ask me if I need help. He had a jump box and started my car for me!! I was on my way NO THANKS TO AARP ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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Reviewed May 7, 2019

When I called for roadside assistance from AARP Roadside Assistance I had just blown out two tires on my Motor Home, I was asked for my GPS coordinates. I was not able to determine my coordinates. I was able to provide that I was at Mile Marker 138 headed North on Interstate 45. They should have been able to locate me with that information. Roadside assistance then asked what town I was in. Again, I didn’t know where I was at. I was then told that I would be receiving updates via text messages, and phone calls. I did not receive any phone calls, and the text message just stated that someone could not come out for two hours.

I called the Texas State Highway Patrol who in turn was able to forward my call to the Madison County Sherriff’s Department. The Sherriff’s Department contacted Madison County Tire Service to bring me two tires to put on my motor home. The Sherriff’s Department then came and waited for the Madison County Tire Service to arrive with my two tires, and for the installation of both. When I called back to AARP Roadside Assistance regarding my initial call, I was informed that they cancelled the call because there was not anyone within eleven miles of my location that could assist.

Overall, I am VERY disappointed with the AARP Roadside Assistance. I was actually NOT provided any assistance from AARP Roadside Assistance. I had to make all the necessary calls myself, in a broken down vehicle, on the shoulder of a very busy highway. I signed up with the AARP Roadside Assistance program for peace of mind while traveling. Not only am I disappointed in the level of service I received, but I no longer have the peace of mind I was hoping for. Unfortunately AARP Roadside Assistance has already received my payment for the year, but I will not be renewing in the future. Furthermore, I will make sure to mention to everyone I know, including internet reviews as well.

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Reviewed April 22, 2019

One of the benefits touted by AARP's Roadside Assistance program is trip planning maps. The member website includes a link to order custom trip routing and maps. After waiting a week after placing my order on the web, I called, talked to a person who seemed to be in India. He verified that my membership is active and transferred me to the department handling the map request.

The person I spoke with in that department explained that they don't send maps. I asked to talk with a supervisor to explain why their membership site took my order and confirmed my maps would arrive in a few days, but their phone rep refused to connect me to a supervisor, saying there was no supervisor. I gave up talking to this inarticulate person and logged a case with AARP at their central customer service number. They contacted me and confirmed that the Roadside Assistance program no longer provides trip routing and maps.

I explained that trip routing and maps is touted as a benefit of membership and there's a place on the web to place an order. The person I spoke with explained that this is an ongoing issue between AARP and Allstate and that they need to fix the advertising and website. This issue, along with the numerous complaints of poor or no service, makes me want to cancel my membership and go with Good Sam or AAA. I will see if Allstate reaches out to me to close the issue. I suspect they won't and I will cancel. I'm also very unlikely to ever do business with Allstate after this ridiculous situation.

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Reviewed March 17, 2019

On Feb. 16, 2019 we signed up online for a family membership. Received confirmation emails that our sign-up was successful along with a Membership number. We were told that cards and membership packet would be sent within 14 days. On Monday, March 11 I called to check to see where our materials were... spoke to a person who could barely speak English and she indicated they had no record of that number!! I was transferred to a person named Traylon who confirmed that there was no record of us. He said he would forward the issue to the “Investigations Dept.” to find the problem and would get back to me within 3 days.

On Friday, March 15 I called again to find out what was happening... again... call answered by someone not speaking English and asked to speak to Traylon. They said there was no one there by that name! Asked to speak to a supervisor, had to explain the whole issue over again. He had no record of my first call or an “investigation” into the matter. The good thing was that when we checked our credit card statement it had not been charged even though our e-mail confirming our membership said it was. AARP should look into this service immediately! We were under the assumption for 3 weeks that we had coverage! Thank God nothing happened that we needed to call for service! Stick to AAA... more expensive but better service. We should not have fallen for the AARP offer!!

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Reviewed March 15, 2019

We have been trying for over 6 weeks to get them to update their mobile app database to show we are not expired. Their customer service reps do not speak English very good and understanding them is quite difficult. We were told it would take 10 to 14 days to get the mobile app expiration date corrected. That did not happen. Two more calls (again communication issues) and we are no closer to getting resolved. I am really surprised AARP is still associated with them.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2019

I had to change my credit card info for billing, and I get an east Indian that can barely speak English to take my info. We have two american names here, AARP and Allstate. I am angry, where's the America first? I'm not paying good money so these two so called american companies can make a fortune using either Visa users or out of country. Where's your loyalty? Support Americans, as we are supporting you.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2019

I had an awful recent experience with AARP Roadside Assistance on Monday February 18, 2019. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have experienced an issue with getting service from AARP Roadside Service. On Monday, February 18, 2019 just before 10:45 am, 3 of the bolts that connected my tire sheered off and my tire went rolling past me, leaving me on my rotor on the side of a back country road, 8 miles from any gas station or service. I called AARP Roadside Assistance right away for a tow. At that time, I informed the representative that I had a dog, a Border Collie in the vehicle with me that would need to be transported in the tow truck with me. I received a text saying that my tow was supposed to arrive in about 2 hours.

I waited for my tow and 2 hours later received another text that they were looking for a provider. I called in and was informed that the first provider canceled. I informed the representative that my battery on my cell was low and I had no way to charge it. I was told that the new provider would be there in about an hour. The new provider, Merced City towing showed up and would not transport the dog, left me on the side of the road. I called in again and told the representative to send another tow truck that would transport the dog with me and my battery was going to die because I was at 1%. I told them I was hanging up in case I needed to call 911.

Guess what? NO ONE CAME!!! Luckily, my friend in Monterey, CA 150 miles away knew that I was stranded in the middle of nowhere and when he couldn't reach me anymore by cell phone, drove 150 miles to find me. He arrived just after 11 pm. I was stranded on the side of the road for more than 12 hours with NO HELP from AARP Roadside!!! They should be ashamed of themselves, claiming to provide roadside services to AARP members, obviously that would mean elderly because you must be 50 or more to join.

I emailed AARP, AARP Roadside Assistance and Allstate asking them to review the frantic phones calls I made that day so they can explain to me, why a tow company that would also transport my dog was not dispatched and why a 3rd provider was not dispatched in the 12 hour period that I was stranded. My call and their notes, clearly stated that I have a dog with me!!! I will be reporting this incident to AARP, Allstate, and any feedback sites I can to let people know of the issues I experienced! I'm waiting on their replies.

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2019

I noticed my tire went flat in the garage. It's kind of tricky changing these tires, so I called AARP for assistance which took forever, difficult to understand the guy. He would ask questions but talked over me. When completed, he told me I would receive a text, being my go between. I waited and waited, finally changed the tire myself. On the thread of the text I wrote, "I won't need service anymore," waited then text again. About an hour or so later I received an automated call from AARP, with options. I picked the one that service has not been provided. I spoke with a man, telling him about the text I received and my reply to the text. He put me on a very long hold, meanwhile the service guy showed up while I was on hold. I sent the serviceman away, I didn't need it anymore.

When the guy on the phone finally came back, he got really angry with me. I tried telling him about the text, what I did and where it came from and he replied, "we would never send a text." The text came from Allstate, but he didn't care. He wanted me to pay $200 in a service call. I just googled AARP and sure enough Allstate is used by AARP. I decided to go with AAA and I won't be renewing with AARP. My wife has had bad experiences with AARP as well. Good thing I wasn't stranded in the snow on a freezing day or this would of been an ambulance picking me up instead.

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