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American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc
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American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: June 7, 2012

I purchased the Wheelz Warranty through American Auto Guardian through the dealer I bought my car from. Within the first year I had transmission problems due to an internal failure. The warranty company took a week to come out to the dealer and when they came out; they simply denied my claim saying "it was poorly lubricated" even though the adjuster saw that the transmission was full of fluid. And also, he would not listen to what the service tech was saying.

Another week goes by and we got them to send another adjuster out and he says right away that it will be covered and that the other adjuster should never have denied the claim. The warranty company had insisted on finding a used transmission that they would send to the dealer to install. After three weeks of their dragging this repair out, they call me and say that they will only cover 7 days of my rental, even though the delays were on them. When I called back to them to try and work this out they were downright rude to me, expressing very poor customer service. I ended up having to pay 19 days of rental due to their delays, and lack of being able to help their customer.

After talking to a manager there, his response was that this is my problem and on me. This warranty company sucks, their service sucks, and I would strongly recommend finding another warranty company if you need one. They are not willing to work for their customers or even talk to them in a respectful manner. There are plenty of warranty companies out there to deal with that are so much better. Just don’t use this one.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: March 22, 2012

There is a place out of Dell City that financed my vehicle and stated the only way that they would give the loan was if I purchased the warranty through Guardian. What a mistake. As I traded in the vehicle, Finance Point told me I would get back the whole refund minus $50.00 and that is what Guardian warranty told me as well.

I cancelled the warranty prior to 6 months, and the lady at Finance Point in Dell City used the date of the trade in, so it shortened my term and tried to say that the dealer never sent the paperwork of cancellation. I called the dealer, and they stated that they sent it. But it was funny how an agent at Finance Point told me it was there but the lady Sherry stated she never received it.

So I went back to the dealer, got paperwork, and faxed back in because I paid $1600.00 for the warranty and received $600.00. And I never used the warranty before, and it was cancelled prior to six months to receive what they told me! To top it all off, you call this warranty company, and they can't give information about your warranty and said to contact the finance company!

Well, the lady at Finance Point, Sherry, has no clue what was going on and wondered why people are frustrated. Well, when you purchase a warranty and want to know the terms and conditions and the two companies have no clue, then there is a problem. How in the world can you purchase something for so much money and nobody can tell you what you have purchased? Exactly!

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 12, 2011

I purchased an RV and a three year extended warranty from American Guardian. I have had the vehicle for about 15 months, during which their service was terrible. I've only had two valid claims. I finally got restitution on the first claim, and the second paid $600 of a $1,500 claim, but only after much complaining. I sold the RV after 15 months, and filed for reimbursement for the remaining premium. When they reimbursed me (three months later), they withheld the $800 that had been paid on valid claims. They said they could withhold paid claims, if the policy did not run a full term. In other words, they take your money for insurance, but you get no coverage if the policy does not run a full term.

This is not industry policy. When I tried to get and answer why, the lady I was talking to lied about the withholding, and I only got a straight answer after talking to the agent,whom I bought the policy from. He said it was a rip off too. I got a threatening letter from their attorney, when I informed them I was planning to file a Deceptive Trade Practice suit for treble damages. They have ignored three requests for arbitration, that is called for in their contract.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 1, 2011

I/we never purchased any type of extended warranty. But with this being our first RV, we decided to. American Guardian has never paid a claim by us. They did cover a dealer claim. The turbo blew. They informed me it was because I drove the unit in the rain and snow. I'm a retired truck driver. Never in 40 years has anyone told me not to drive a diesel in the rain and snow. American Guardian is just plain rip off. I’m still waiting on a pro-rated refund for 3 months with nothing from them. No good insurance good for nothing people that run the place.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 10, 2011

Here's what happened to us. We purchased a Jeep Wrangler from Park and Sell with an extended warranty in June of 2010 and March 11, 2011. Not even a full year later, the jeep broke down on the side of the highway. We called and had a tow truck come; thinking it was going to be covered, and had the jeep towed to the Jeep dealership to be worked on. The warranty that we purchased was supposed to cover all of this. The mechanics met with the Wheelz inspector who agreed with the damage found. Then we found out Wheelz wouldn't cover the damage. The damage was a transfer casing that basically exploded under the vehicle causing some other damage.

Wheelz tried to tell me that they wouldn't cover the damages because there were “modifications” to the vehicle, which there weren’t any. We bought the vehicle the way it was. Apparently, they were saying that the tires were too large for the vehicle. How were we supposed to know they were too large (they were sold to us that way)? The mechanics told us that the tires had nothing to do with the damage that occurred. We even got a second opinion, and they said the same thing.

Then what Wheelz told us was that we had to go back, and talk to the dealership that sold us the warranty. The dealership said they had to talk to the warranty representative, which took forever. Apparently, he wasn't returning their calls; he was always busy, but finally he got back to them. Then the dealership called us back, and said to tell the jeep dealership that they could start on the work. All they needed from us were the receipts to get reimbursed. This whole process took almost a month for the vehicle to even get started on repairs. We are still trying to get paid for the repairs, and they don't even want to talk to me about it anymore.

Once we paid for the vehicle repairs, we went to give the receipts to the dealership, Park and Sell. When we went back to the dealership, which apparently was doing something illegal because they were shut down, we couldn't get a hold of anyone. I called up Wheelz and asked them how they wanted the receipts sent in, so I could get reimbursed. Their response to me was that the damage wasn't covered; they would not be reimbursing me. When I told them that their representative said that it was going to be covered, they told me they would call him and find out. So, again the process of the phone game is never ending. Then when they called me back they said that the representative never agreed to reimburse us for the repairs. Now we are down to $3,000 for the repairs, and Wheelz still won't cover the damages.

Then to start the next problem, I told them on May 20th, 2010 that I was cancelling our warranty. They told me to fax in a cancellation letter with the bank information and other items, which I did. When I went to make my jeep payment, the warranty was still on there. I told the bank we had canceled it. They said to call Wheelz, so here we go again. When I called they said they never received it. I said I would send it again, so I did. I even got a confirmation back saying they had received the fax. Then again it was still not taken off when we went to make the next payment. So, this time I called again, and they denied receiving it. This time we faxed all the information from the bank, with the tellers. STILL the warranty has NOT come off.

We did nothing wrong. These people had horrible customer service. Every time I call and leave a message they don't return my calls. Then when I do actually get a hold of someone, I ask to speak to a manager or someone higher up and it doesn't help. There is no cooperation with the Wheelz warranty company.

I still need help figuring out what how to get my money back, and get paid for all the time and hassle they have cause d me and my husband.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 10, 2011

I purchased a 2-year, 24-month premium warranty through Wheelz of AAGI. I had my rear end completely locked up while driving. Now AAGI doesn't want to cover it.

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2010

We purchased a travel trailer and took out an extended warranty through American Guardian. The term of the contract was 7 years and expires September 2010. We observed a leaking roof in August of 2010, and were not able to get it serviced until October 4, 2010. We did not know the extent of leaking until the service personnel were able to examine it. We were notified on October 4 about the damage. We contacted American Guardian, who refused our claim over the phone in a confrontational rude manner.

The fairness and reasonableness of refusing our claim is what is in dispute. The damage clearly occurred during the warranty period, and should be honored by American Guardian. They do not dispute that the damage occurred during the warranty period but will not honor the claim. We seek American Guardian to honor the claim for the warranty item to repair the roof.

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Original review: Oct. 4, 2010

I have an extended warranty through this company. I have a magnet "advertising", a construction company (commercial company) for a friend on my truck tailgate. But on page T3, it states not for commercial use. Advertising does not mean I work for the company. I have been denied coverage on my vehicle for transmission work due to advertising. I even had the VP/owner tell the warranty company that I do not work for them and on top of that, the business just finally got approved to open on 10-01-10. The warranty company is assuming I work for the company I advertise for, which is a friend and is considering my vehicle a commercial truck. It is only used for me to go to school and for basic use. I do not haul anything but a 15" boat with it as I explained to them. They are refusing to work on my truck due to advertisement for a commercial business which is not in the policy they sent me.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2010

I bought a mechanic warranty policy,where this company said that they are going to cover any mechanical problem especially the transmission or engine, but when I got a problem with the differential of my car they said they declined it because it was not covered. I hope you can help me out with this situation because most of the insurance refuse to pay under any excuse. Thanks.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2009

On June 26, 2006, I purchased a used 1997 Volvo S90 and at the same time, paid $2300.00 for a 36-month or 125,000-mile warranty from Guardian Warranty Corp. through the used car dealer, Quality Plus Auto. I paid for the comprehensive or full coverage on the vehicle. During the summer of 2006 when temperatures rose to 90 degrees and over, the air conditioning unit did not work. I took the vehicle to a repair shop who contacted Guardian, and they were told the air conditioner was not covered under the insurance plan that I had.

A few months later, I took the car to a Volvo dealership for repairs and handed them the card plus the brochure for repairs as stated, and they again were told my plan did not cover the repairs. I immediately got on the phone to Guardian Warranty, and I was told that my coverage was for the standard and not comprehensive plan, even though I paid for the comprehensive or full coverage and I should contact the used car dealer.

I did contact the used car dealer, mentioning what had transpired with Guardian. The used car dealer apologized to me for the error on the paperwork, as I had dealt with him directly. But his employee, who also admitted that he had made an error, and he (the owner) would contact Guardian to have the matter corrected. The used car dealer then telephoned me and said to me that Guardian wanted me to contact them in order to make the correction. When I contacted Guardian, they told me the used car dealer would have to straighten the matter with them. Both the dealer and my self met at the dealer's office and called Guardian, who then informed us that they were not aware of talking to the dealer or my self and refused to make the correction to the policy.

I paid out of my pockets to have whatever repairs were needed on the Volvo. This past April, the air conditioning unit started acting up; and when I took it to the mechanic, it was diagnosed that the car had a faulty compressor. The standard plan provided repairs for the compressor. The mechanic's shop then called Guardian, who then informed him to provide a list of all the repairs that were needed.

At the end of May, I made my mechanic's shop aware that the policy was expiring on June 26, 2009. He contacted Guardian, who informed him the claim was reported before the expiration date and they would honor the repairs. Given that assurance and the mechanic being backlogged at the time and the repairs not being urgent, I was asked by the mechanic to bring the vehicle into his shop so that the repairs could be done. When he contacted Guardian, he was told that my policy expired months ago and they had no record neither were they aware of any such conversation. I was in the garage standing next to the mechanic when the assurance was given; therefore, I am aware that such a call was made.

I had the insurance included with the purchase of the vehicle there. In addition to the premium, I had to pay interest. I have seen many cases of this fraud being incurred by companies who claim they sell these insurance policies, and when it's time for repair, they do not honor their obligations. At this juncture, I do not know what I could do to be reimbursed for the expenses that I have incurred, when I discovered the dishonesty by Guardian. And I asked to be refunded, and they claimed at the time that no refund could be given as the policy was almost one year in effect.

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Original review: July 28, 2009

I purchased an extended auto warranty with American Guardian. I have had this policy for 5 years and have never had to use it until this year. I put my vehicle in the shop at the Mercedes Benz dealer. They informed me that my ignition coil was bad and that I had an engine leak. The warranty company was contacted which took two days only for them to tell the dealer that neither part was covered. This company has very poor customer service and something really needs to be done. I went to their websites only to see that a few customers who were pleased with this company. I will never use this company again.

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Original review: July 6, 2009

Land Rover engine was replaced by the company with a very old engine, which was sent after a two week delay and a wrong engine sent. Rebuilt engine leaked oil and coolant through gaskets, which was confirmed by Land Rover. However, company was unwilling to fix their error. I am now out $4,050 share costs and unreimbursed rental and still do not have a car that works.

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Original review: June 24, 2009

I purchased a service agreement on Dec 2008 and cancelled on Apr 2009. I haven't received a refund check yet. I called company two weeks straight recording picks up every day, left several messages and no response. Also, I contacted the administrative claims office.

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Original review: June 24, 2009

I purchased a service agreement on Dec 2008 and cancelled on Apr 2009. I haven't received a refund check yet. I called the company two weeks straight recording picks up every day, left several messages and no response. Also, I contacted the administrative claims office.

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Original review: June 1, 2009

I brought my van in on Wednesday morning. The shop did a diagnostic and called American Guardian to file the claim. They proceeded to make an inspector come out. Thursday, the inspector didn't come out so we had to get a rental thru American Guardian. Friday afternoon, the inspector came out. He didn't fax the information to the adjuster until Monday afternoon after 3:30. I was informed that I wouldn't be authorized a vehicle but for only 3 days. But it took 4 days for the inspection to be complete and the adjustor still didn't approve the claim on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, I have to return the car and have 4 children that I am now unable to transport. To make things worse, my 1yr old had surgery on Wednesday and I was unable to drive him there due to their delays. I have called several times to speak to someone to authorize me more days because I didn't do anything and the shop has not been able to work on the vehicle because of American Guardians delays. I was hung up on and told that they would authorize the vehicle until Tuesday only but that they were sorry that my son was having surgery but they will not give me an extra day.

I feel that this company is a rip off and does not work in a timely manner and they do not have their customer’s best interest at heart. I am going to cancel my policy with them and get another extended warranty company. No one should have to go thru this. I had to postpone my son’s surgery due to their delays and them not authorizing me a loaner car for an extra day.

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Original review: April 8, 2009

I'll keep updating this as the story unfolds. After reading the previous reviews, I'm a bit worried now that I need to file a claim with Wheelz. Two months ago, I purchased a used 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX Sport Wagon. I also purchased the Ultimate Used contract from Wheelz for 3 years/36,000 miles for $1,700. Early this week, my car stopped boosting, lost a lot of power, and the cabin started reeking of fuel. After reading through the contract and noting that any ASD or dealer repair shop is acceptable to bring my car in for covered service, I opted to take the car straight to the dealer. It turns out my new-to-me car requires $2,781.81 worth of new parts. Most of these parts fall under the list of covered parts in my service contract. Wheelz is sending over an inspector today to make sure the claim is valid. I'll report back after I hear from the dealer again.

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Original review: March 28, 2009

In August 2008, I purchased a 2001 Chevy truck from a local used car dealer in Anchorage. We decided to get an extended warranty at a cost of $1200. In February of 2009, I discovered a transmission leak and took the truck into a shop for repairs. I have used the same shop for all of our vehicles and they have done a superb job of fixing the problem and getting the vehicle back in a timely manner. I gave the shop the warranty information and they took it from there. After several days, the repair shop called me and stated that Wheelz Warranty/American Auto Guardian Inc. were being difficult and unwilling to authorize the work needed in order to diagnose the problem. They stated that the authorization would have to come from the customer. As I see it, if I authorize the shop to perform a particular task and afterwards they cannot find the problem, then that cost would fall on my shoulders and not the warranty company.

My truck has been in the shop now for one month. The shop has gone through the entire transmission and they have found a part of the front pump that was not functioning properly. They have received a second opinion from a transmission Tech who agrees that the problem lies within the front pump. The shop then called Wheelz back to have an inspector come out to verify their findings. Now, Wheelz is stating that they will not cover the cost of repair/replacement of the front pump because there is no visible damage, even though the mechanic showed the inspector what the problem is.

I have spoken to another individual who is having similar problems with another warranty company. She stated that she is filing a claim with the BBB, the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney Generals office. I will be doing the same thing in order to get what I paid for. Word of advice: Check out the warranty company before you buy. Don't do business with American Auto Guardian/Wheelz Inc.

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Original review: March 25, 2009

OH, NO!!! I was without my car for 14 weeks, and got the rude, uncooperative, incompetent service advisors. Then, they gypped me out of a legitimate claim. This is a company whose representatives argue and swear at you when you initiate a claim: a company that does not do what they promise, a company that is slow to respond, a company that hassles the mechanics, a company that does not pay a claim which they have authorized and a company that takes weeks to send you a reimbursement (short hundreds of dollars and without an accounting).

Without too much detail, for my first claim, they couldn't find my contract. The repair took 10 weeks; I did not rent a car. The mechanic complained about American Guardian. They sent a used part which failed in 525 miles. I paid for my own towing both times. A new repair shop took a month for the replacement repair. The mechanic complained that the company was only paying him for four hours of work, and he spent three hours on the telephone with them alone. I called to authorize a car rental the second time and the representative told me to deal with the supplier of the part, as it was under warranty. When I insisted that it was their job, not mine, the customer service rep said ** unbelievable to me.

I then called the sales agent for assistance. I rented a car for 2 weeks and two days, getting prior authorization by the boss and the senior customer service rep. The check they sent me was short two hundred dollars and five weeks late. There was no explanation of the deduction on the check.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2009

So far, I have had a good experience with American Guardian. I bought my warranty in Aug. and had a breakdown in Oct. They replaced my water pump and lower motor mounts, upper ball joints and sway bar. The only sticking point was that the shop rate of $149/hour. They would only pay $100/hour. The dealer was more than willing to lower their rate. They paid $1,165 in repairs. Before I bought this policy, I knew about some of your issues here on this website and told the salesman. He told me to google any company and I will find complaints. It made sense to me. So far, nothing else has gone wrong with my Pt Cruiser since then. I will report my next claim and how it was handled. I paid $1,680 for 36/4000 miles.

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Original review: Jan. 15, 2009

We purchased a used motorhome at 10,000 RV on August 16, 2008. They convinced us to get an insurance package from American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. 800 Roosevelt Road,Ste. E-100, Glen Ellyn IL 50137 (Tel: 800-579-2233 or 830-790-5000). When we returned home, we realized we are insured by Good Sam (a very legitimate RV organization) who told us we don't need that insurance company and they advised us to cancel immediately and request a refund of $2,524.00. We did this on 9/29/08 by telephone AND FAX. 10,000 RV stated it may take up to 45 days and the policy would be pro-rated. We have heard nothing and phone calls to Guardian claim they do not have a policy with us. When we attempt to contact 10,000 RV, everyone seems to have a "day off" and can't be reached at that particular time. So far, American Guardian Warranty doesn't seem to take this seriously, along with the RV company.

We are senior citizens on a FIXED income. We saved a long time to get a used RV so we could travel from Nevada to San Diego to see our daughter. My husband cannot drive as he is a heart patient. I do all the driving. He is getting quite upset and that is something he does not need to be. We are paying storage on our RV, and are afraid to drive it out of the area in case something happens to it. This is another cost to us, along with the insurance we do have with the Good Sam people (a very GOOD organization). Numerous calls to 10,000 seem to go unanswered and Guardian tells us they do not have a policy with us. This is an unacceptable reply from both companies and we need someone to help us get our money returned. Thank you.

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Original review: Oct. 24, 2008

I purchased a warranty from William ** on or around August 28th, 2008. When I purchased it I was told by him that my wait time was 30 days and 1000 miles. William called me about one week later to confirm my address and send me my contract. I called him back and gave him my address. However, I knew that he had it because he had sent me a confirmation statement in regards to my purchase. Well I still didn't get my contract and when I needed it, I called American Guardian Warranty Services (I guess this is who my contract is with) and had them fax me a copy. When I spoke with them on the phone, The person that I spoke with told me that my warranty was a 90-day wait.

When I told her that this was incorrect according to William, she put me on hold, and came back a minute later and said okay. I got my contract and sent my car to a repair shop to be serviced. They called me back a few hours later and informed me that my warranty was not valid yet and that I would have to wait a full 90 days. I called AG back and asked what was going on and she told me to call NWS back. When I called them and spoke to Dave, He told me that he was sorry about what had happened, that William no longer worked with the company and the only thing that could be done for me was a refund of my deposit and one monthly payment.

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2008

I bought a 2003 Freightliner Columbia from American Truck Center. With the purchase of the truck, I purchased American Guardian Warranty Protection for 2,750.00. As per the contract: my warranty covers motor, trans, diff for 2 years or 240,000 miles. September 19, 2008, I called and spoke to agent Giomar at AGW, she was unable to start my claim due to my mechanic not being fluent in Spanish.

I was told the only person in their company that can speak Spanish was out of the office for the next 2-3 business days. Once again, I called AGW September 24, 2008; my claim was opened. My claim amount is 9,225.74, AGW won't cover even half of that. They allotted me 3,800. Customer service at AGW practically ridicules you when I expressed concern over my claim. Bouncing back and forth between agents and supervisors has been my daily task going on 3 weeks now.

Once again I called AGW, and was finally told that the claim will be processed and payment will be received 3-5 WEEKS from now. I'm a small business owner, so I go the the friendly economical mechanic. He can't start major repairs without getting some sort of payment. I offered to have my truck towed the nearest Freightliner dealership at my expense.

They can absorb the cost and wait the month or two for the company to pay up. AGW refused to hear of my truck being moved. Their excuse being my friendly neighborhood mechanic is cheaper than Freightliner. John ** (highest supervisor available) advised me to pay the full claim to my mechanic, then AGW will refund 3,800.00 in the mail--once again in a period of 3-5 weeks. In the mean time, who is going to pay my 2000.00 a month truck payment, not to mention a driver that I have sitting in the office waiting for me.

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Original review: Aug. 22, 2008

My wife received an unsolicited telephone call from someone with American Guardian who claimed to be with Mercedes Benz USA (MBUSA). He stated that he was selling an extended warranty through MBUSA for our mercedes automobile. When specifically asked if the policy was through MBUSA, he replied yes. After checking with MBUSA we found out that American Guardian was not authorized by MBUSA and that MBUSA had absolutely nothing to with American Guardian.

The same day we contacted American Guardian to cancel the policy we had paid for by credit card. After stalls, lies, and American Guardian refusing to cancel the policy, we called our credit card company and cancelled the purchase.

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Original review: July 16, 2008

My experience with the Guardian Warranty on my 2001 Blazer has been very different than those posted on here. We purchased the warranty (the $1200 one) when we purchased the truck in 2005. In the beginning of 2006, our transmission would not go into reverse. I called Guardian, told them what was going on. The woman I spoke with was polite and knowledgable. She immediately gave me a listing of several places to take the truck in our area. Once I decided on the transmission shop only 2 miles away from my home, she offered to give me tow truck information. We declined a tow truck, and drove the Blazer to the shop ourselves. Since all this happened after normal business hours, we simply left the keys and Guardian information in the shop's drop box.

By the next afternoon, the shop called us with what the problem was, how much Guardian was paying (approx. $2800), and what we would have to pay (the shop fees of $450). We had the truck back within a week, with a rebuilt transmission (guaranteed through the shop for 3 years). When we picked up the truck, the shop owner had said he was paid by Guardian two days after he faxed them the repair cost info. Guardian never asked for maintenance records or anything else from us. If we hadn't had the warranty, there was no way we could have afforded to have the truck repaired.

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Original review: June 18, 2008

2003 chevy malibu 06/18/08 I dont even know where to begin.This has got to be the worst company in history. I purchased the PLATINUM package warranty from NATIONAL WARRANTY a subdivision AGWS for $2,300 + tax. This package supposedly covers everything but normal wear and tear parts. For two months now my vehicle has been at my local dealership with the top of the engine ripped apart. I had a head problem with one of the lifters pulling out at 60,000 miles. The dealership contacted this warranty company and for 4 weeks sent out three different inspectors because the cost of the repair was high. I ahd to fax numerous copies of repairs to this company and spend countless hours making phone call and leaving voice mails just to find out the status of my vehicle claim.

When AGWS finally said they would finally cover the repair they lowballed the parts cost from the dealer. I had to wait two more weeks for AGWS to ship reconditioned parts to the dealer. Now they have lowballed the labor as well. The car has now been finished for two days aftet two months of waiting and now they are stalling on paying the dealer for the work done. I cannot even touch the car yet. After numerous calls to AGWS they asked me to fax even more information to them. Documents that they already have had since I have started this two months prior.

The stress has been overwhelming. Buyer be ware of this company. The NATIONAL WARRANTY company is a joke as well. They tell you anything to get you to buy this coverage but when you call them for help they tell you its not there problem and transfer you back to AGSW...

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Original review: May 13, 2008

In late January of 2007 my 1998 Dodge Durango started having transmission problems. I took it to a transmission shop and called AGWS to let them know. They told me to give them the shops contact info and they would take it from there. So I gave them the info. The had the shop tear down the tranny to find out that the clutch pack in the tranny was burnt up and the torque converter had malfunctioned as a result. These are all things covered by the warranty. They had there inspector come out and takre a sample of the fluid in the tranny to verify whether or not it had motor silk in it. They took over a week to get the results back from this. While all this is going on, I am scheduled to deploy to Iraq on Feb 24th of that year. Do time is running short.

I'm out of state when all this happened and my wife just had our second child. I'm having to pay for hotel stay and vehicle rental. The repair shop asked me what was goin on because the vehicle had been there a week and nothing was being done. I called AGWS and asked if I pay the repair shop for the repairs, can I be reimbursed. They told me that yes you can, all you have to do was submit the paperwork showing prrof of payment and they would review it and it could take up to 30 days before I get reimbursed. So I called the repair company back and told them to do this. I go get a loan for $2400. I go pay the repair company. After That I try to get the information needed to send the paperwork to AGWS. They tell me you paid before we made a decision, we arent goin to reimburse you. They then tell me well we didn't find motor silfk in your tranny. Then they said they did find it but the fluid level was low causing failure. I told them that the receipt from the repairer says fluid level ok and the guy hung up on me.

After that I had to deploy. So I did and spent 14 1/2 months in Iraq. I came home in Apr 08. I have tried to get the warranty company to do something about this and they were telling me they wouldn't. Now they are saying well submit you paperwork and someone will review it and try to make a decision. I then asked how to cancel my warranty. A warranty i paid for and have every right to decide i don't want anymore. They told me to fax them paperwork and that they will review it and make a decision. Hello I paid for it I want to cancel it, that's not your decision to tell me if I can cancel it.

I will send my paperwork to them. If they tell me again that they will not reimburse me for my OUT OF POCKET expense then I will be filing a civil suit hear in GA and in IL. All total I paid 1445 for the warranty, 2373.21 for the tranny, 400+ for the vehicle rental and 400+ for the hotel I had to stay in.

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Original review: May 8, 2008

My experience with this Company is very different than what I have been reading on this web site. I have had the warranty in place for three years, during which I have had three claims; an Alternator $400, an A/C compressor $800, and today a starter $275. All claims have been approved promptly, paid pretty much in full, and per my repair facility paid very promptly.

So far I haven't had to produce service history or any other documentation. I have had several other service contracts from other companies, and I think AGWS is superior to the others. Probably not perfect, but pretty darn good. When I buy a service contract on my new Subaru, I will go with AGWS.

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Original review: Jan. 22, 2008

I have been trying to cancel the warranty payment of $88.00 a month. I have been paying this since June 2007. I cannot talk to a live person. I have called six different numbers and have not received any assistance at all.

I don't feel I want this service any longer. I feel it is a scam and honestly got into--I'm not sure how. I believe I thought it was a warranty through Ford.

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Original review: May 20, 2007

I purchased an extended warranty from American Guardian after solicitation over the phone in 2005. The seller made their plans seem so much better than everyone else's. Thinking that since I always took care of my vehicle anyway, and that this was the last vehicle I wanted to buy for a long time, I bought the extended warranty. I thought it would be good to have 'just in case' something happened.

I spent roughly $2400 for this plan (Silver plan). At the end of April of 2007 my 'check engine' light came on unexpectedly and I pulled off the road as soon as possible. I did drive approx. 1 mile-- it was rush hour, bumper to bumper traffic, so I was getting off the road as safely and quickly as possible. As I turned in to a public parking lot, my vehicle cut off. I lost steering ability, etc. since the vehicle cut off. I (ironically) was on the phone with the dealership when the light came on. I was freaking out with the person from the dealership b/c I knew this shouldn't be happening. This occurred on a Mon. and I had just had an oil change the Thursday before.

And at the end of March I had a complete inspection and about $200 in 'preventative services' performed at that time. When I got out of my vehicle there was something wet entirely covering my right wheel well. Under the hood, there was liquid all around the radiator. I thought it may be coolant but I wasn't sure. I had my vehicle towed to my dealership, where I found out the next day that an 'internal part' specifically listed in my policy as 'covered' had failed. Dealership said the water pump failed and the engine overheated. Cylinder 1 and 2 had no compression. (My vehicle is a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.7 L V8 with 78,000 miles). I was given 3 estimates by my dealership-- brand new Mopar engine with installation for $7800, brand new Jasper engine installed for $6300 or a used engine with 70,000 miles on it installed for a little over $4000. I freaked out at first-- how was I ever going to afford even the cheapest of these options?? But then, the gleam of hope...

I remember purchasing the extended warranty from American Guardian. Well, little did I know that the next month of my life would be a total nightmare. I'm sorry, but this company, American Guardian Warranty, made my life a roller-coaster of hell. My dealership said the water pump failed, which therefore CAUSED my vehicle to overheat. The warranty company then sent out a supposed 'independent' inspector (which I believe to be a complete load of bull..) to inspect my vehicle. He said that the water pump failed however he added 'with subsequent damage to the engine due to continued operation'. So basically, he was saying that, yes, my water pump failed, but that I drove it too long causing the engine to be damaged beyond repair. I fought this with the company and the next week they sent a second supposed 'independent' inspector to look at my vehicle. The company never had the decency to let me know what was happening along the way or anything. They would just verbally say over the phone 'oh, it's not covered. Your vehicle overheated'. It wasn't until I DEMANDED that they fax me every copy of every inspection report that I found out that the first inspector agreed that the water pump failed (which is covered by the plan) and that the second inspector said he couldn't even conclude what happened-- he said that definitely an 'internal part' failed but he could tell which one, and that even if further tear down would be completed, he may still not know what caused the malfunction. When the second inspector went to my dealership to look at my vehicle, the lady that normally takes care of me over there called me and said this guy was (for a better use of words) a jerk. She said he was tearing my vehicle apart and incesantly rummaging through all of my paperwork there. It sounded to me like American Guardian basically 'lit a fire' beneath this guy to MAKE him find ANYTHING NOT covered by my plan.

They again stuck with their story of 'it overheated' and denied my claim yet again. I was denied a rental vehicle. Evidently American Guardian is a branch of National Warranty Division b/c my paperwork lists both names. National Warranty is the sales rep. aspect of the business (I think). The homepage for Nat'l Warranty says under the 'coverage' section that 'our policies do not exclude damages due to overheating'. Well isn't that interesting??!! LUCKILY, I had an older backup vehicle to use in the meantime but I don't know what I would have done without that! It has been 1 month now! This company has been rude and underhanded. I have an extensive history with my dealership. My dealership faxed my entire maintenance history to American Guardian which they didn't even comment on.

My dealership said I have about the biggest maintenance record they have ever seen. I have done EVERY preventative service possible to ensure something like this would not happen. I always thought that if I took care of my vehicle I wouldn't have anything to worry about. I surely thought that this 'malfunction' would be covered by my insurance. What a joke. I have filed a civil warrant to sue this company. I am dropping it off at the courthouse tomorrow. I pray I get justice.

After one month, my vehicle is sitting torn apart at my dealership. I am in the process of suing this company for everything I can get. This has been an immense burden- financial as well as emotional. I am married, work about 30 hours a week but I am also going back to college to get my bachelors degree. I have had to place a lot of phone calls during my work hours to American Guardian that just ended in frustration. I can't tell you how many days I've cried at work but still had to do my job. I've still had to work and I've still had to get my college work done as well. It has not been easy. Unfortunately, resolution is still far away-- I'm not sure what will happen with this court case. I do already have an attorney.

The company responds:

There are two sides to each story and here are the facts in Karens case for which AGWS paid $4,000.00 for her engine claim. The engine was locked up when the Jeep was towed in. Upon disassembly it was discovered that the engine was severely overheated to the point that the #1 cylinder-exhaust valve seat dropped out of the cylinder head. Damage included a warped head and low cylinder compression in the opposite cylinder bank.

A 2002 Jeep Grand-Cherokee is equipped with both a Check Engine Light and Temperature Gauge. In this case, coolant leaking out of the water-pump making contact with other hot engine parts would cause vapors and burning odors to blow back into the vehicle as it was driven, not withstanding the loss in performance as the engine became hotter. Most if not all experienced mechanics and machinists would agree that it takes extreme heat for an exhaust valve seat to drop out of a cylinder head. Also, two separate appraisal companies were employed by AGWS to insure that objective information was provided before the claim was declined. We concluded that the operator drove the vehicle to the point of complete failure rather than turning the vehicle off and calling a tow truck.

AGWS is presented with more than 48,000 claims annually resulting in payments in excess of $20 Million Dollars. Continued operation circumstances where a vehicle operator has caused catastrophic damage due to neglect is a condition that no vehicle service agreement provides coverage for, not even the manufacturers underlying warranty. AGWS believes that all claims should be weighed on their merits and the terms and conditions within the service agreement. We appreciate this opportunity to explain the other side of Karens story as AGWS paid a considerable amount towards her repairs.

Daniel Lievrouw

Director of Information Technology

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Original review: May 25, 2006

I purchased an extended auto warranty on line from Warrantybynet after I purchased a 2001 Turbo VW Beetle. The warranty was to cover up to 100,000 miles or 6 years. At 80,000 miles I have suffered a breakdown of the instrument cluster and the fuel pump - both of which are supposedly covered by the insuring company - American Guardian. All documents claim that parts and labor would be paid on such covered items minus a $50 deductable. Documents did state that labor would be subject to national standards and that after market parts should be used if available.

I have always brought my car to the dealer because of its complexity and I did the same in this instance. I have not had to submit any other claims to this company and just assumed that since these were covered conditions, the cost of repair would be covered. Not so. They seem to lowball the labor, they lowball the labor hours to do the repair and they search on line for the lowest possible part they can find and then that is all they will pay. Therefore, for these two covered failures, I am stuck with more than a third of the costs. Warrantybynet claims they just sold the policy and have no interest or ability to help me in any way. American Guardian couldn't have been ruder. it is clear that customer satisfaction is nowhere on their agenda and couldn't have been ruder.

So that leaves me stuck in the middle of the insurance company and the dealer which means I pay - but I will never do business with either warrantybynet or American Guardian again.

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