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About American Guardian Warranty Services Inc.

American Guardian is an extended auto warranty company that offers warranties for cars, recreational vehicles, powersport vehicles, marine vehicles, and medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses. All warranties from American Guardian are potentially transferable, and the company provides a 100% part replacement guarantee.

    Pros & Cons

    • Variety of plans
    • RV and powersport vehicle plans
    • Specialty coverages available
    • Low customer ratings
    • Doesn’t sell directly to consumers

    American Guardian Warranty Services Inc. Reviews

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc?
      • 4,464,628 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Customer ServiceCoverageTechSales & Marketing

      Reviewed March 1, 2023

      Literally set up this account just to write this review. So shady. Got random email solicitations from this company posing as my Subaru dealer telling me my car warranty was expiring and they were offering me extended coverage.
      A) My warranty isn't expiring for another two years.
      B) They aren't even Subaru affiliated but a 3rd party provider.

      C) When I jumped onto ConsumerAffairs and saw the horrific reviews I had to make my own contribution to help others avoid these scumbags.

      The sales rep on the phone was constantly upselling, and when I asked for detailed paperwork on the plan he dodged and weaved, until I told him I wouldn't sign for anything until I received paperwork to review to understand the coverage and plan, at which point he finally conceded to doing sharing in writing. The email was a dumpster fire of non-professional nonlegal looking information on their "plan".

      I went back and called Subaru (also shame on you in the C-suite for partnering with a scumbag 3rd party like this to outsource "coverage") and confirmed this was a recurring issue other customers have due to confusion and the aggressive upselling on the part of American Guardian Warranty Services, without disclosing their relationship...or the fact that they're blindly contacting customers and carpet bombing with them with offers without knowing anything about their actual coverage plans, or lack thereof. Put these people out of business, and DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR MONEY. Good luck, stay safe.


      Reviewed Feb. 9, 2023

      Where do I start? Upon buying our RV we were coerced into buying this policy for over $9000. We took our RV to Florida 1400 miles away from home. Our transmission started acting up and our RV start smoking BAD! We took it to a licensed repair facility on January 16th and it’s been there since. We have been stuck in a hotel for over 3 weeks with no end in sight. They have been giving the licensed shop a run around for pictures upon pictures. Now they sent an inspector to take the same pictures! I don’t know if there will be any resolution to our problem. But so far we have a month of hotel food and rental car to add on top of it all! We will keep you posted.

      Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

      Reviewed June 17, 2022

      We have an extended warranty for my 2013 dodge journey. This company will not approve our transmission replace because we can not find 2 missing receipts for oil changes. This is absolutely stupid for that fact that a oil change has absolutely nothing to do with the transmission going out. It has been 2 plus month with very little communication from them I have set multiple email and have called multiple times. They don't respond and I call and get the run around. I will be contacting a attorney. I advise everyone who is think of using this company to do research. This company is a scam and a rip off

      Customer ServiceClaims Handling

      Reviewed April 29, 2022

      Submitted warranty claim for transmission issue. Provided American Guardian with service records for transmission services that had been done on the vehicle which had been done based on the timeframe stipulated in the contract. They then requested all service records with regards to oil changes, which have absolutely nothing to do with the transmission. Claim was denied because a few of the oil changes were not done in the time frame stated in the contract. Customer service then said that the oil change time frames/mileage are based on the vehicle maintenance schedule from the manufacturer for that vehicle, which is different from what is in the contract. It basically comes down to this company has no morals with regards to doing what is right for the consumer.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingTechSales & Marketing

      Reviewed Nov. 10, 2021

      The transmission line on my motorhome broke, sheering the metal line and dumping the fluid on the ground. The vehicle was never driven beyond the point that the line exploded. I reviewed the warranty and followed the instructions to authorize the repairs so that the shop could diagnose the problem. I contacted the warranty company and got the information so that the service center could begin to initiate the claim. Once the claim was initiated the assessor went to the shop. He asked why they had to replace the line and the technician explained that the line had to be repaired to determine if the issue was with the transmission. He was told that it was a failure within the transmission.

      I called every other week trying to get status updates to the claim. No one ever contacted me, not even the assessor. No one asked me what had happened or if there were any prior issues. I asked for the name and contact information several times and was told they wouldn't provide me with that information. They told me three times that they would email him for a status update. The company who pulled the transmission apart said that the pressure switch or pump had gone bad within the transmission and that it had to create an excessive amount of pressure to blow that line. Four weeks after the assessor had inspected the vehicle neither myself or the shop had heard back from the warranty company.

      I called and asked if I could get an update and they told me that the claim was denied. They never told myself or the service center why or informed either of us that the claim was denied. I see from other complaints that this is common with this company. I encourage others to DM me on Twitter at ** to explore legal recourse. Leave reviews with dealerships selling their warranties to warn their customers that they are selling a deceptive and fraudulent product. Contact your state Attorney General. This company should not be allowed to continue this scam.

      Claims Handling

      Reviewed March 23, 2021

      Do not buy this warranty. I had a claim a couple months back on my RZR. They required service records and said they was good and paid the 900 dollar repair bill. Then a month ago it had another transmission problem. They required my machine maintenance records. I used the same records I had from before. This time they denied my claim because the invoice numbers on the receipts wasn't correct. 2 of them matched.

      Granted I have the same records of maintenance used last claim then they said because I told the repair shop to fix it cause it had been being drug out and wasn't going to have be paid for by my pocket or American Guardian because it had been taking so long for them to approve the repair or my maintenance records. I told the repair place to fix it before I had to start paying storage on the machine. American guardian then denied doing any more to resolve my claim and stuck me paying 3600 dollars for the repairs. This absolutely the sorriest company I have ever dealt with.

      Claims Handling

      Reviewed Feb. 12, 2021

      Do NOT use this company. They will rip you off. Take your money and when you need them they will do everything in their power to deny a legitimate claim verified by a reputable and well-known dealership. Save that money for your children, instead of giving them a dime. They will not look out for you...


      Reviewed Jan. 12, 2021

      PLEASE PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY SCAM! If I could rate less I would. We bought this insurance in 2018 when we bought our 2015 Tiffin. We have had to use it 2 times. 1st on a air condition fan blade and motor being repaired. This company would only pay for a little over 200 dollars of a 550.00 dollars invoice. The last time we broke down in the middle of the country, motor home (43 ft) had to be towed. This company only paid 300 of a 900 dollar tow bill. The problem that happened was 3 freeze plugs came out of the head. American Guardian will only pay for 2134.40 of a 3525.42 bill. By the way the work was done at a certified Cummins dealer! Part of the problem they say they don't pay for reprogramming the ECM although the ECM is what told the motor to shut down. So I don't have to get in details. PLEASE PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. SCAM.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverageRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed Dec. 14, 2020

      If you are buying a vehicle and they offer you GAP coverages from American Guardian Warranty Services RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!! Hands down the WORST company I've ever dealt with. When my new car needed a repair, they DENIED my claim and then when I got into an accident and the car was paid off by my insurance company, they stated that Progressive did not give them enough money and denied to cover the rest. I paid $900 for this GAP coverage only to get denied twice and have them NOT pay for the "GAP". The customer service reps are rude as hell, and they use this INACCURATE pricing website called ** to OVERVALUE my car so that they have a reason not to pay the remaining $1700.00 on my vehicle.

      They told me it "wasn't their problem" and that I would need to call Progressive to give them more money. Then I requested they email me a letter.... It took 4 calls and a month to get a denial letter. Before I purchased their GAP coverage, I read the reviews and they were HORRIBLE and I still purchased their plans. Biggest mistake ever! I am warning you to NOT make my same mistake and use this company. I've learned that most online reviews are pretty accurate and I am sure you have read a lot of unsatisfied reviews in addition to mine.

      Save your money and pay out of pocket or find another GAP company. This company is just SHADY as hell. You probably have scrolled down and seen a bunch of 1 star reviews. I bet you the 5 star reviews are all FAKE. Take my word for it and PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Before you go to a car dealership, ask them what company they use for an extended warranty and GAP coverage. If they state it is American Guardian Warranty Services, then ask them if they have another company and if not, FIND ANOTHER CAR DEALERSHIP. Trust me, the reviews you see are ACCURATE.


      Reviewed Aug. 13, 2020

      This company does not pay diagnostic fees, though you the customer are required to have the diagnosis done to diagnose the problem(s) needing repair. This company denies coverage for manufacturer defects when non-related maintenance [like an oil change at the suggested number of hours] isn't done - though no proof exists that the manufacturer defect can be directly related to routine maintenance. The bottom line is that this company provides policies that apparently they do not fully honor, and we found out too late it's a waste of money and they are NOT consumer-friendly. It is not recommended to purchase a policy with this company for any reason.

      Sales & Marketing

      Reviewed Aug. 7, 2020

      Do not go here. Why:

      •NO NEW PARTS OFFERED IN REPLACEMENT. Only want to replace transmission with a junkyard part. LITERALLY.

      •Somehow justified not paying ANY LABOR COSTS. Also, their limit is a pathetic $100 per hour and you'll be hard pressed to find a legitimate shop that had that low a rate. YOU WILL PAY FOR LABOR ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

      •They send out an inspector and take their sweet time so YOU WILL BE CAR-LESS FOR DAYS. WEEKS FOR ME PERSONALLY.

      Scam scam scam. Don't end up like me, go somewhere else.

      Refunds & Payouts

      Reviewed Feb. 25, 2020

      The engine in my Hyundai Tucson needed replaced. After 4 WEEKS of them arguing with a Hyundai service garage, they finally approved the repair. ...But, they would only approve the repair based on aftermarket prices, knowing that a Hyundai repair shop is not going to order aftermarket parts when the entire engine needs replaced. In the end, I was forced to pay ALMOST $2,000 out of pocket (and my plan had no deductible). Stay away from this garbage.

      CoveragePricePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Dec. 5, 2019

      I bought a newer truck and got the extended warrantee for the truck. They covered the turbo with me paying a portion of it. Then they got a rebuilt turbo. Which nobody that gives a damn about their reputation. But they found someone back east that rebuilt them and two months later it is worse than the one they replaced the first time and now the company they bought it from won't stand by their crap. The warrantee company said they aren't responsible for the crap they put in my truck. So now it's going to cost me thousands to fix their mess.

      Claims HandlingCoverage

      Reviewed Nov. 21, 2019

      They will never pay any claims no matter what level contract Agreement that you purchase. Please stay away. No matter what part it is ... it will not be covered. My dealer service department explained to them why it should be covered. They are disrespectful thieves.

      Claims Handling

      Reviewed May 28, 2019

      I was new to RV and decided to buy. What a costly mistake!!! I have a generator issue with the carburetor and my claim has been denied with a cause that does not make sense. We maintain and take good care of our RV but it is ludicrous the expectations. Save your money for when you need it.

      Customer ServiceCoverage

      Reviewed May 13, 2019

      Do not expect your total loss payment to cover your total loss. Interest accruing after payment sent to wrong address for finance company. It will be your responsibility despite paying your premiums and after insurance payment. TOTALLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE even MANAGER NOT HELPFUL!!!

      Customer ServiceTech

      Reviewed April 2, 2019

      We experienced a power converter failure in our motorhome whilst traveling and had to get emergency repairs in order to continue our journey. This all happened over a weekend so it was not possible to get prior approval from AGWS. I wrote them a letter explaining this and also sent them a copy of the invoice for the repair/replacement. Since then I have had nothing but trouble getting reimbursed. Firstly they rejected the invoice because the model number, year and mileage was not shown, so I hand wrote those details on the original invoice, signed it and sent it back.

      Then they rejected it a second time, saying I had to include the VIN number, so I added the vin number and sent it back a second time. Now today I have received a letter from them (almost 3 weeks later) asking for exactly the same information again! Needless to say I rang their Customer Service Dept and was told that the invoice was not legible because it had been handwritten, and they totally denied receiving a second copy with the VIN number clearly printed on it.

      I have now had to go back to the RV repair shop owner and ask him to completely re issue the invoice complete with full details of the failure, part numbers, labor costs etc etc. This company does not want to part with its money, and treats its customers with disdain. We paid a considerable amount of money for this "Platinum Coverage" and I am now regretting ever having anything to do with these people. If a dealer tries to sell you this package when you buy a new vehicle/RV, tell 'em you want to go elsewhere.

      Customer ServiceCoveragePrice

      Reviewed Oct. 19, 2018

      Purchased the best extended warranty from Finance Manager when purchasing my car. Thinking I have peace of mind, I thought wrong. Compressor and some other AC related issues came to 3000. Warranty will not cover OEM parts or the cost of labor because they think they are getting ripped off on price. Are you serious? They will only cover list price of after market parts and a labor cost they agree to. I am always paranoid that something like this might happen and I don't remember every fine detail of the Contract I signed 4 years ago which is why I called before I went to get repairs done and they said I could take it anywhere I wanted. THEY DID NOT TELL ME TO SHOP AROUND AND CHOOSE THE CHEAPEST MECHANIC I COULD FIND. If you are ever offered insurance by AGWS or compass don't do it.


      Reviewed Dec. 26, 2017

      Here is the issue. When filing for warranty coverage regardless of what it is. This warranty company will tell you they can get their parts cheaper than the dealership or your local shop. Then you have a problem. If you can wait to have the parts shipped to your repair shop then you may be OK. However if you can’t wait and need your car this warranty company will charge you an extremely high cost for the parts. This happens all the time and it is very frustrating to have to make that decision. Mine’s about to run out after 36k and several hundreds of dollars worth of parts that I had to pay extra for. I also wanted to drop the coverage somewhere in the middle and was told you have to do that at the dealer where you bought the car and that is a ** in itself… Merry Christmas.

      Refunds & Payouts

      Reviewed Dec. 22, 2017

      I purchased my plan for a 2014 VW CC on which manufacturer warranty just expired. I was hopeful as the American Guardian agent was very knowledgeable about potential cost of repair of German cars. I ended up purchasing a 5 year bumper to bumper option, pre-paid as I was promised that once I sell the car I'll get refund for months which I didn't use.

      That's where the problems started arising. Apparently, Guardian is just the operator and they outsource their finance to another broker. This means it was an absolute nightmare to cancel the contract (written notice with infinite amount of details). What's the most important - it's been over 4 months and I still haven't received the check for the money they owe me. I contacted them numerous times and always hear the same story - "the check is on its way". DO NOT BUY WARRANTY from them! They are thieves and purposefully make the sign-up process super easy while the cancellation process super difficult so that people give up eventually.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverage

      Reviewed Aug. 4, 2017

      I have a recreational vehicle that I purchased extended warranty coverage because the finance person sold me the policy. In the wording there so many exceptions that hardly any items will be covered. I had a refrigerator that the rollers broke and the fridge fell backwards and damaged the wood trim. The cause and effect was that the fridge caused the wood trim be damaged and the American Guardian refused coverage. The second claim is that my air conditioner unit failed and my septic broke and because of both the unit had to be taken to the shop.

      I spent a total of 14 nights in a hotel because of both incidents and today the customer service person stated that because it was repair was not 100 miles away from my location that the claim would be denied. These are examples of companies selling you a policy only to find out the small print reveals all of the limitations. Yet if I had taken the time and read the policy and had taken exceptions to the terms and conditions I would not have been sold a policy.

      Customer ServiceRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed July 13, 2017

      I was sent a letter offering me an extended warranty. I had purchased an expensive car and wanted to make sure that if anything went wrong I would be covered. I called and set everything up and was ensured I could cancel the policy at any time and if I never used it. So I thought great! I never received my agreement and never knew anything about this place until I found the original letter and called them up. So no I couldn't cancel at any time. It had to be within 45 day I was told. If I never received the paperwork so how would I know right? Aside from this the customer service representative, Dominique, was extremely rude and was demanding why I wanted a refund.

      If I pay for something it is none of your damn business why I want my money back. I hung up on her and called for the manager, he was nice and assured me he would send over my policy, which I received. He also told me to email him whenever I had a question since emails are convenient for me than calling since I live in a different time zone. Well let me tell you 3 emails and nothing. At this point I will no longer bother with this company and take it as a lessoned learned. I will never recommend this company to anyone and people stay far away! Learn from my mistake!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed June 19, 2017

      This company, American Guardian Warranty Services has twice now sent letters to our home to our minor trying tell him his warranty is up and that he needs to renew it for a 2011 Chevy Tahoe. Our son is 13 years old and doesn't have a vehicle and doesn't drive. I called them up and reamed them and told them to take his name off their mailing list. The young guy that I got to speak to, didn't waste any time and took the pleasure of asking me if my wife or I had any needs to extend our warranties on our vehicles. Are you kidding me? Stay far away from this company. They are sleaze balls and are up to no good at all. I plan to report them to the BBB and possibly to the authorities...

      Customer ServiceRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed March 9, 2017

      I was coerced into agreeing to extending my 4 year warranty over the phone with the urgency from the manager to say I had to buy today otherwise the offer would expire, she promised I could cancel and get a full refund if I changed my mind. Once I received the paperwork with the full breakdown of the warranty I called to cancel as it was not what was promised on the phone. That was in early Jan. This is now March 9th, three calls to the same person "Bernie" and still no refund and no explanation as to why we have not received a credit. All he could say was he would process the claim and that was all he could do!!! They are holding my $499 hostage, need to wait for another 7-10 days to check in again! Unacceptable.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingTechPricePunctuality & SpeedRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed March 2, 2017

      I purchased a new RV in Arizona and bought a service contract from AGWS Inc for several thousand dollars. I had slideout problems and could not take the RV to a dealership. I called a certified mobile RV service to come out and diagnose the repairs. The repair man called American Guardian start the claim and while going over the repair order, they refused the service call charge because they said I didn't select the option? Keep in mind that I purchased the Platinum policy and paid top dollar, and it doesn't include service calls? So then the price of the part needed was given to them, and was the suggested retail price from the distributor, and they refused it and said they found it "online" from some bogus place that didn't even warranty the part.

      They also refused the labor time requested and said they had "their own labor manual" that they go by! When the mechanic asked them if they had ever seen how long it took to perform this type of repair, "Rocky" their adjuster said, "We went to a training seminar on slide outs". BS! I was ripped off by this warranty company and people need to spread the word that they are not legitimate and will not do what they claim in their brochure. I am going to cancel my policy and pay for the repairs out of pocket and get my money back on the refund, unless they rip me off on that too.

      Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

      Reviewed Feb. 27, 2017

      I was sent a letter from this company, which concerned me. Upon reading the letter sent, I called the number to verify exactly what the letter meant. All it was, was an offer for an extended warranty on my vehicle. After speaking with one young man who gave me some information in case it was something I was interested in, he offered to transfer me to someone who could give me a breakdown of the pricing, and see if I was interested in one that was offered.

      After transferring me, instead of offering a package, the young man assumed I was going to purchase one and immediately began asking what type of card I would be using and my card number. Is this a huge issue? Of course not. BUT, I work for a car dealership, and I have NEVER just assumed that one of my customers were making a payment because they called. I've never ASSUMED anything. Very unprofessional.

      Please make sure next time someone speaks with a customer, they ASK if it's something they're interested in. I immediately hung up the phone once he started asking those questions, because I felt as though it was a scam. Seeing all the reviews, I see that it is not. But still very uneasy when someone goes right into asking about your bank account and card. Please address this issue. Furthermore, I will not being doing business with you guys. Good luck to anyone who does!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed Jan. 6, 2017

      I purchased the Silver package from AGWS in 2016. While driving my car in 2017 heard a noise, had taken car to Volvo dealership for an inspection. I was told that my wheel bearing had gone bad, contacted AGWS for repairs but was denied. AGWS claimed that I had only been in the warranty for 22 days was reason they used to deny my claim. I reminded them I had been in warranty for 52 days past the 30 stipulation for pre-existing conditions... Despite the truth staring AGWS in the face they "lied" to me and never honored the agreement.

      After multiple phone calls made to management none of which was returned, I concluded that AGWS is in the business of selling bad paper with no intent of living up to their agreement. I'm in the process of seeking a refund which has turned into a three ring circus as well, AGWS not wanting to give refunds. Unless you like headaches and bad treatment as a paying customer stay away for these snake oil salesmen and charlatans.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceTechRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed Jan. 5, 2017

      My husband and I purchased an extended warranty when we bought our 2015 Fifth Wheel. We paid $2866 and when it came time to replace a large item (refrigerator cooling unit) they were terrible to work with. The RV dealer that sold us the warranty also has service. Our camper spent months being in for service so the warranty company could "observe failure" of the refrigerator. The service department observed the refrigerator temperature going up to 49 degrees on multiple occasions. The warranty company said that they would not take the word of the service department and had to see the failure for themselves. Unfortunately, they would come to look at the camper at least 24 hours after the work order was put in and the refrigerator was back down to 35 degrees by their staff arrived. This warranty company does not even trust the companies they contract with!

      I also sent three pictures with the thermometer reading 49, 51 and 52 degrees. The customer service staff were rude and did not change their script from "we need to observe failure". I offered to bring the camper to them, wherever they are located and they refused. I am asking for money back at this point because it is clear that they are not providing the service I paid for. I have no reason to make up that the refrigerator is not working, I just wanted the camper to work the way it was supposed to - that includes a refrigerator that keeps my food cold. I had to throw out groceries and cancel reservations/trips (paying a cancellation fee) because the refrigerator didn't work. I will never purchase a warranty from this company again and would advise others to think twice before wasting their money. Up to this point, six months after the first service, this warranty company still refuses to do the right thing.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverageSales & MarketingPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Sept. 1, 2016

      I purchased a used car from a reputable dealer in Washington state and thought since it was a fairly new car that I would purchase an extended warranty from AGWS called the Compass Protection Plan. I purchased the highest caliber paying over $2000 extra just in case something went wrong in the first year or so of ownership. Well lo and behold after a few months the sunroof ended up getting stuck in the open position. I contacted the warranty company as directed but they decided that this was going to considered an "adjustment" not a repair and therefore would not be covered. Considering I live in Washington I obviously could not leave the sunroof stuck open. I took it to a local mechanic where they found that a screw from the mechanism had gotten loose and jammed in the track preventing the sunroof from closing. The mechanic called the warrant company directly to explain the situation to no avail.

      I then contacted the dealer who stated that one of their warranty reps would call the warranty company. Long story short the warranty company agreed to pay for half of the repair. Now, six weeks later, still no payment to the repair place and no help from the customer service reps with the warranty company. In fact, in all the CSR I've dealt with AGWS have been downright rude. If I had to do it over again I would never purchase ANY warranty from this company. They say that their warranty covers things but when you go to start a claim they word it in a way where they don't have to pay a dime. It's not even bait and switch but plain thievery. Someone needs to investigate this company and their dealings.


      Reviewed Aug. 15, 2016

      I bought the $1500 Platinum plan from Bill Kay Pontiac and Jeep in Downers Grove, IL. I was given a brochure that states everything is covered with this plan except normal wear and tear. Just had to service my Patriot for a faulty throttle body and lower control arms. The warranty company offered to pay only a portion of the control arms because they "found parts cheaper online" and deny the throttle body altogether because they determined it could be cleaned. Meanwhile the repair specialist at Anderson Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, told them it could not be cleaned, it was electronic. I will never buy another warranty from this malicious and outright lying company. They said they don't honor anything on the brochure and on page 12 in fine print it says it's not covered. It just reminds me of Willy Wonka. This company is a sham and should be closed.

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