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Reviewed March 28, 2017

I was told "it's an investment" - my children when adults could use my membership at no additional fees - maintenance fees would only go up slightly yearly if at all and that these monies would ensure beautiful, clean resort with up-to-date accommodation. This place is a DUMP! The accommodation haven't seen an update since they were purchased. They reek of urine and cigarette smoke with broken fixtures, leaking when it rains and infested with ants and roaches! The employees are rude and hateful and the Resort's Owner has not put forth any effort to resolve these issues - instead he raised the maintenance fees over 80%. We don't even go there because of the deteriorating conditions.

The main lodge burned over 9 years ago and still isn't opened. Then the recreation center burned - twice - what did the owner do with the money? Sure didn't reinvest in LVL. They will not allow me to quit claim my deed back - instead they want another $7,0000! I can't even give it away - no one wants to pay the fees on a dump. Save yourself and your $$ - don't walk but RUN from this place and the pack of lies they will tell you to get your money and take it and take it and never get anything in return. Biggest mistake I ever made and had to hire an attorney for help getting out.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2017

Absolutely horrible business practices. I am a member and boy is that a curse. You are stuck once you buy in and miraculously can't even give back your membership that Lost Valley values at around nine thousand. You'd think they would fall over themselves to take your membership back for free but that's when the face of the SCAM shows itself. You see, your membership has zero value. They call it an investment... I don't know about you but I always thought a investment should bring some kind of return.

This is a timeshare with all the downsides of one and none of the few upsides of a normal timeshare. For example, if I cannot find the time to stay at the resort I cannot rent out my time to another person or party in order to cover that year's maintenance fees or to bring in a RETURN on my "investment". I would also like to point out how very racist some of the staff are towards people of color. Looking at your photo ID camera man. Just a little info for Any people of color that enjoy Lost Valley. I'm ** and got a long lesson in ** power at the last upsell meeting. Thanks for reading and God bless.

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2017

Yearly dues were $109 a year when we bought in and was told at time of purchase they could gradually increase with the cost of living. They jumped up to almost $500 a year and here we are a month before it's time to pay up and we get notified they have doubled it to a grand. "Surprise!!" The owners have been jerked around so much and picked up on the tab for crap. They don't save back for so much that nothing is a surprise anymore... Scammers.

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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2017

I have been a member of Lost Valley Lake Resort sine the 90's. When we joined we paid several thousand for the membership (or as they call it a permanent ownership). However this ownership gives you NO rights except to pay them more money every year. I have lived in a subdivision for 25 years and our road fees have stayed the same and only one time did we have to vote a special assessment to pave the roads. Lost Valley's maintenance fees have gone up three fold since we joined. We started paying about $300 per year. Last year they were about $600 and this year it is now close to $1,000. They say it is for improvements but I was out at Lost Valley in Oct of 2016 and I have not seen any improvements. The Condo my daughter stayed in was old and run down. The indoor pool was so small it only allowed a small group to swim.

There was a charge for everything. We were going to go on the Halloween hayride and that was going to cost $5.00 per person. With the whole family that was going to cost $40. I think Lost Valley is a scam because you can't get out of it unless you pay an outlandish fee to Lost Valley. They don't care about people they just care about money. I was told that last year by a representative for Lost Valley. The representative told me a story of a person who lost their parents in a car accident and did not have the money to continue with the Lost Valley Membership. According to the representative he was told that was too bad that it was now his and they would take him to court to get the money. It is best to stay away from Lost Valley and find a safer less expensive way to enjoy camping.

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Reviewed Feb. 9, 2017

This is the worst ran place I ever did see. We paid 500.00 maintenance fees. Now this year it has double. What a scam. I can't afford that. I email them through Facebook to it and shove it. They can have it. I don't want it. Now I'm trying to get out of it.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2017

My parents bought a membership to LVL in 1998. They used it maybe 5 times. In the meantime the cost of ID cards went up, maintenance has gone up astronomically and the rules which they bought under are totally changed. They live on a fixed income and could no longer afford the yearly fees that went from $159 to $600 this year. They just want to give the membership back to the company but LVL wants them to pay over $6000 just to give it back. People do not realize that they are tied to this deal for life when they buy a membership. They certainly don't expect the dues to skyrocket to a point that they can't afford it. It is wrong.

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Reviewed Jan. 26, 2017

What is the common denominator with all these replies? Rude incompetent staff. In addition they are ripping off the owners after the sale. They have a board of directors who are also employees of LVL. Of course they vote in favor of what the owner tells them to vote for. Their job is on the line. The latest rip-off is increasing the annual dues for all members from $600 in 2016 to $1050 in 2017. What a scam. Their excuses are the pool is in need of repair and the water supply won't pass QC with the city. Them raising your dues is no guarantee it will be fixed. Based upon how they have operated in the past they will take the money and then leave the owners holding the bag, probably either closing down the park or turning the water over to Gasconade county or the city of Owensville and the owners will get stuck with a surcharge every time they camp.

As far as I'm concerned they can fill the pool in with dirt and turn it into a parking lot. I know it's a big thing to others but LVL knows that maintenance is due and if they aren't smart enough to allot for this kind of thing it shouldn't be taken out on the owners by doubling their dues. If you're an owner DO NOT pay this increase until you have it in writing what these scam artists intend to do to fix the drinking water and be careful of how LVL management words it. They are all compulsive liars. I feel sorry for some of the employees at LVL. Some are great people. However the girls at the front desk are rude and ignorant and don't have a clue how to treat the owners that make their pay day possible. I would not recommend a purchase at LVL to anyone. The management is incompetent. Just look at what kind of a mess they have created for the owners.

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Reviewed March 16, 2016

I've been to Lost Valley Lake Resort many times over the years since my childhood. And have many friends with memberships. I would recommend it to anyone with a love of nature in a safe, fun country setting. There are numerous activities for your entire family to partake in. The staff has always been kind and helpful when needed. Very welcoming resort!

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2015

Do not get involved with this resort. Have had membership for over 30 years and it used to be great. Now it is overcrowded with permanent residents who live in RVs on the property. Most of the help is very rude. We decided to get rid of our membership and talked with their office about it. They would charge us thousands of dollars (about $5,000) to get rid of it. We decided to give it to a friend and had the title company transfer the deeded ownership ($105). Title company said we also had to contact Lost Valley to change membership. I called and got a very rude woman who said we have to pay $1600 to transfer membership.

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Reviewed March 11, 2015

2/4/2015 - reported I had not received yearly maintenance fee for 2015. Upon research I found the billing was sent twice (January and February) to wrong address so I reported this and requested a bill be sent to me immediately for payment to avoid a late fee. Was first threatened that I had to pay a late fee. Instead of providing good customer service (understanding the situation and waiving the late fee automatically), I had to demand no late fee and only after I called several people and reached a manager was that matter settled. Wanted to contact the manager via email and was given a wrong email so couldn't send to her. Have tried to reach her again by phone but no success. Rude staff members for such a large resort.

Second issue was that I had noticed no minorities in their newsletters/calendars. Was told they did have some and I replied had seen only one elderly black couple. I received no answer or concern about that issue. 3rd issue is regarding the maintenance fee charged to us every year. We have used the property only once since July 1990 because the one time we did go with the family, found mites in the room and some red bug on the toilet. Not clean and we did not go back. We cannot get out of this agreement now because we are now owners. Seems like there should not be a maintenance fee charged since we have not used any of the facilities since we moved from St. Louis to Georgia and now are in Alabama.

Have researched this resort and have been alarmed at the many complaints lodged against Lost Valley on various areas, cleanliness, rudeness of staff, difficulty in getting out of contract. Filing this complaint because of dissatisfaction with the organization. I will never ever ever recommend this resort to anyone. Wish we had never dealt with them. Resale of property will be a feat since we have been gone from St. Louis for over 40 years and still paying for something we don't see as fair - especially if maintenance is not good. What have we been paying for? If we can't visit Missouri for facilities and children not interested in visiting Missouri and wife is disabled, where is the value of that? Signed frustrated.

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2015

My husband and I wanted to join this really bad. I was so excited to finally be a member. (I love the indoor pool or did.) The first visit I was able to swim for like 10 minutes until I was ask to get out so they could clean the pool. It had a lot of people there. So we decided to take the kids to the sports area where we were rudely kick out by a bunch of other kids that had a major basket ball game going. Not to mention that they were using very vulgar language. I was thinking it was just a bad time but then the second time I was told I couldn't swim in the pool due to it being cleaned again. This place is over populated and you never can seem to get a spot. Keep your money and go else where.

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Reviewed July 23, 2014

Trying to enjoy Lost Valley Lake is impossible. We have been a General Membership owner for 20 years. Our children loved going there when they were small. Now they are grown with families of their own and we cannot go there together unless they purchase their own membership during "in season" time. We can rent several RVs with approval but only during off season and only if Approved by the board. $500 per year maintenance fees buys nothing and family time is not encouraged at all! Why pay for what you can't use?

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2014

I have a owned a LVL resort membership for over 12 years. Worst investment I have ever made. It's so bad you can't even give it back to the resort. If you they try to talk you into purchasing, RUN, Run and don't look back.

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2014

On Feb. 21, 2014, my wife and I visited LVL for a 90 minute presentation and then were to receive vouchers for a free 7 night cruise and 2 airline tickets. We did receive them after the 90 minute presentation. Our agent, Kate, was very nice to us, although she showed us areas that we said we were not interested in. At the end, a strong seller pitch was given by her boss. We did not bite as my niece has a membership out there a few years ago and did not like it. This morning, 5 days after visiting LVL, I called about the vouchers to get cruise info. I received a recording which stated what was on the voucher. There was no person to talk to, only this recording. I got suspicious and called the Better Business Bureau in Florida, where the company, Cruise Advisor, is supposedly located. They had no such business, no address and the phone number was for a different travel agency than Cruise Advisor and they had an "F" (worst) rating.

I am glad I didn't send in my $300 to register this voucher and would never go back to LVL since they tried to scam me. Cruise Advisor is a fake company, so don't go to LVL if they offer you a free cruise or anything else other than cash, like Branson does. At least there, you get cash.

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Reviewed July 22, 2013

Lost Valley is a very fun place to be at and has a lot of pretty places. However they will sell you 110 lies to get you to buy in. Most of their administrative/sales staff is rude and doesn't work with you. They pressure you to get others to buy in. It is the worst investment that we have ever bought into. They told us that we could go Coast to Coast, but failed to tell us that you have to have a RV. The pool closes too early. They over charge you for a membership and then charge you to stay there on top of the $1000's that they charge for their membership.

They have VIP condos and trailers, but then when you try to bring guest to do the tours you’re told that they don't have them for June-August. Even though they called my referral and offered to let them stay a weekend during their peak time. The resort is over packed. Lost Valley is only about the SALE and not the already existing members. As far as the guest or associate guest... This resort is like the Employee staffing side on the movie Dirty Dancing... Not the actual Resort side. If Lost Valley offered to let me walk away today and just be out the money I've already paid, I would gladly accept their offer and never go back.

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Reviewed July 6, 2011

I pay 500.00 a year in ownership fees and my family and i go there on vacation once a year. when we try to reserve three trailers for four or five days they tell me that i can only reserve one trailer until two days ahead of time. i figure that since i am paying for my time and only use this once per year i should be able to at least reserve what i will need to accomadate my family.

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Reviewed May 13, 2010

As a child, my grandparents would take us to LVL Resort and those were memories I carry with me all through my life. My grandparents passed away last year and I felt it would be a nice memory to give my children as well. I purchased a Lost Valley Lake membership from a colleague, paid full price for it last year. The seller and I needed to go to the resort to transfer ownership. The staff that handled this had a jagged schedule that did not work with my work schedule. We had to make arrangements to meet with the staff at different times. The seller signed all ownership over and also delivered the revised deed to me at work.

A few days later, I met with the Sales office to sign appropriate paperwork regarding transfer of ownership. This process was to be simple although as soon as I arrived, I was approached by the manager (which just happened to be the lead salesman, I didn't know this at the time). I signed the transfer of ownership documents which indicated I paid in full and zero balance membership. The salesman discussed religion and that he was a man of faith, that was something I could relate to. I began to feel at ease that this was a simple process and I was all finished.

Next thing I know, he was telling me how beautiful I am and what a pretty smile. I didn't have a clue on where those comments were coming from but it made me feel uneasy. Then came the pushiness almost intimidating before I realized what hit me, the ownership was up to $5000.00, for a Great Escapes / Lost Valley Lake Advantage Membership. He showed me this beautiful binder with all full-colored pictures and said that I could take my boys all over the US for just the transportation to get there and he said that was a discount too.

It all happened so fast before I could react, there were hearts drawn all over this new contract and he instructed me to sign where the hearts were. This was totally uncomfortable and I just wanted to escape myself. Now I am getting harassing phone calls for just being a month late. When I explained that I had been on the website several times to pay online, it always says I owe a zero balance. When they called and I inquired about paying over the phone, I had to pay a $16.00 convenience fee. This membership doesn't discount vacations or save you any money.

I bought my ownership in full and all I am asking for is to just get what I bought. Not what was pushed upon me because I am a single mom. LVL will not agree to anything nor work this out which is a shame because of my fond memories. At the beginning of 2010 I had to pay $1200.00 and then every month I am paying $60 along with the annual membership dues of $500.00. I need some help with this and retrieving hopefully some of the unnecessary costs.

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