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Blue Cross of Illinois Reviews

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Customer ServiceCoverageOnline & AppStaffEase of Use

Reviewed Aug. 11, 2021

I recommend BCBS Community as their coverage is great as my secondary to my Medicare. It seems everything is covered. Their customer service is also good. Nice, competent people who are patient, knowledgeable and kind. I also feel confident traveling as I have not yet found a place that does not accept it so that's comforting, too. The website is easy to navigate and the verbiage on their site is simple which I am sure helps a lot of folks who are overwhelmed at the thought of insurance and bills.

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Reviewed April 14, 2021

My wife had an endoscopy due to low blood cell count. After this, the doctor said a capsule endoscopy was needed. The doctor got the okay from BCBS to do the procedure. They denied the claim. Bill $2300.

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2021

I have my health and dental through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. I have had the same dental plan for the last 2-3 years, which I have to renew every year (along with my health insurance). I paid my monthly premium through the automatic payment system for both dental and health, which I have done in the past, BUT for some reason, Blue Cross took my money and put it all towards my health insurance (so I had an over-payment/credit), then cancelled my Dental plan, because they said I didnt pay it!

I have been on the phone with them numerous times, (1 phone call lasting 1 and a half hours!!!) ...and all they do is give me the run around to different departments, and blame me for not paying my dental premium! There was no apology, and no way of fixing the cancellation because they said it was my fault for not paying! (Why on earth would I send more money towards my health and nothing on my dental?)

Their customer service is a joke with no one knowing what the hell is going on! They put you on hold numerous times, for long periods of time, and have no answers or apologies, especially when THEY CLEARLY MADE THE MISTAKE! So now I have no dental insurance, and am forced to look elsewhere! I definitely DONT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!

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Reviewed Jan. 22, 2021

I just changed over to BC/BS for 2021. The main reason was pricing. When I called the CS line to check up on payments I was treated with respect and was given the information I needed. So far, so good. What happens this year, remains to be seen.

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2020

I have been harassed from Linda ** from Blue Cross Blue Shield for a number of months now. She has Integrity issues. Consistently lying and flipping words around. Accusing me of lies and throwing out all Evidence of the truth. I know I am not the only person that she has been harassing and lying on. This woman should be disbarred. I have proof of everything I say in emails. If this lady is harassing you please come forward and file a complaint against her.

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Reviewed July 29, 2020

I trusted Blue Cross to review/vet the providers that they resell to their customers. I am a BLUE CROSS customer and I expect BLUE CROSS to be responsible for the quality of the providers/plans they sell. Their function in the marketplace is to use their expertise to ensure that I get my money's worth. I have a laundry list of legitimate complaints ranging from full mailboxes, long wait times for treatment approval, over-stretched staff that forgets to forward info to specialists, etc. and the contribution from Blue Cross is to transfer my call to an overseas "case manager" who is only authorized to apologize and cannot provide remedies.

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Reviewed July 9, 2020

I work in a Doctors office. The treatment for patients and the public in general is priority. We work hard to help everyone that walks thru the door or call the office. That's why it is sooo hard to come across with an organization that is "there to help" and get treated like this. I feel bad for the patients that has to deal with these people, I really do, I've been on the phone since 10am, my first call, is now 12:25PM. They hang up the phone, they put you on hold without notice, they ask for a call back number but never call you because they hang up, the worse customer service. I cannot believe the health and well being of the patients are in such hands.!!!

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Reviewed June 22, 2020

Company switched to BCBSIL to save a few bucks. This next year is going to be a nightmare as every claim submitted is denied as "not medically necessary" or "the doctor's office submitted it wrong" or some other lame excuse that denies payment without hours and hours of phone calls/writing letters. Plan documents show one thing and their EOB benefit determination show something else. If you call to try to straighten it out, be prepared for an ENTIRE day on the phone, speaking to different people who do NOT have a clue about what they are doing.

This process has made it very difficult to get any screening services done. PPO is no better than an HMO, and prior auth is required on ANY and ALL services you do, or expect to pay out-of-pocket. If I had a choice to use a different insurance, I would in an instant. I have 4 dispute letters to write and we have had this plan for 20 days! I have lost 7 hours of my day today on the phone with this company. RUN from BCBSIL!!!

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Reviewed March 14, 2020

Apparently a change was made on 1/1/20 that the insurance company did not notify me about that has left me without my blood pressure and Cholesterol meds in the middle of this Coronavirus outbreak. I pay 15k per year for my plan and here I stand at the pharmacy having my covered prescription denied because of an unannounced plan change that required me to have a 90 day subscription. REALLY!! This government constantly talks about how they can do better than Obama did. I can say this I NEVER had this happen to me before. Good riddance to private insurance. It is too expensive and inadequate.

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2020

My husband was to have surgery and called to ask how much of his deductible in network and out of network had been used. It has been going on a couple of weeks and they still are unable to give us that we would know how much we will have to pay out of pocket. They have lied and given us the runaround. They say they will call back and do not. I have never ever had such a bad experience with a health insurance company. And they charge a lot for their coverage but their back office is completely a mess.

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Reviewed Jan. 3, 2020

I have never been so frustrated trying to reset a password. It took an absurd amount of time to reset because it kept denying all my new password attempts saying when I was CLEARLY following the security guidelines. It kept saying foolish things like "you can't use this special character" or "you can't use the first three letters of days of the week" and I WASN'T EVEN DOING THAT!! So frustrating almost to the point of tears.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2019

I started with my new company year end of 2018, and was eligible for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO mid January 2019. Had a plan with $1000 Deductible and $1000 out of pocket. By October 2019, I had met the $1000 Deductible and was $455 from meeting the $1000 OOP. November starts and I receive a new Insurance card with the same I.D. Number but a new group number. It turned out the Company's Blue Cross Broker made a mistake and put me on the wrong plan, when I should have had a $500 Deductible / $1000 OOP for the year.

My Blue Cross portal was reset to $0 for both items. After numerous phone calls to Customer Service, I had to have the claims migrated over to the new group number, but I should be owed $500 as the plan I was put on in error by the broker had a higher deductible, which I met for 2019. After speaking with Blue Cross Customer Service multiple calls, they stated they would not re-reimburse me the difference for the error made by their broker. Horrible company to deal with.

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Reviewed Oct. 27, 2019

I have been very satisfied with the Blue Cross FOR years until 2019 when I started to get premium bill showing nonpayments and threatening me with cancellation of my health insurance. After calling and writing to Blue Cross showing them that my payments were made on time and sending proof that I have been paying on time, this month, October 2019, the same threats continues. Not only is the bill wrong (with threats !), it was received by me on 10/26/19! My payment is due by 11/05/19.

I am a very healthy 87 year woman, seeing my doc only once a year for annual checkups. I am not complaining about the very high monthly bill, although it should be lower based on my health record. I know that, we old but healthy are not afforded Blue Cross's "health records review" to determine premium amount. Yes, I am old so anything can happen even if I am very well today. Sabina **

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2019

My Doctor ordered an MRI for a painful back condition. The test was denied. Last year I switched from United Healthcare to Blue Cross Blue Shield because it was a little cheaper. In retrospect that was a BIG mistake. It is benefits election time at AT&T and I will be sure to tell as many of my 300,000 coworkers to avoid BCBS and stay with ANY other medical insurance provider.

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2019

In 2019, dental claims processing can and often has taken months. The claims handling people don't seem to pay attention to anything your provider sends and things that used to be handled and paid easily are now routinely denied or multiple requests for more information are sent to your provider and then seem to not be looked at or considered at all. In fact, we even had a denial on a procedure for a tooth that BCBS claimed was missing (it is absolutely still in my mouth lol). We're waiting to see if calls to correct the mistake result in a correctly processed claim or another denial in the near future... So underwhelming experience to say the least. I wish we could switch to a different company because BCBS dental claims handling is so incredibly frustrating and poorly run.

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Reviewed Oct. 2, 2019

A bit pricey, but top notch service and coverage. Am looking into mutual of omaha as their rates are significantly lower. Service and coverage are purported to be the same, so why pay more if you don’t have to?

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Reviewed Sept. 30, 2019

I had Blue Cross Blue Shield for well over the past thirty plus years. The coverage is really the best. Especially, for a skin cancer removal for coverage with a specialist Dr. ** and staff at park ridge illinois, and Presence team for the day too, the care, the overall cost was 13,000 i was responsible for 1800. A Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage representative contacted myself and my sister Lena, for a preview of the plans and questions of our senior living. That really was heart-warming.... Thanks.

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2019

Waste hours on the phone. Unable to accurately tell me if I am covered. Quick to pass the buck. ** and in the end run me around without any help. Bleeding out the bowels but I know you do not give a rat's **. Say 'go to the ER', but the ER has also been very indifferent, more concerned about their liberal social agenda than medicine. I am dying, but not at the hands of you scum.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2019

Another insurance company driven by $$$ with no regard for its members health and well being. I recently started a new job, I had to switch from BCBS of Minnesota to BCBS of Illinois. Several important prescriptions that I need to take routinely were covered previously for a very low copay, mostly $60, $30 or $15.. These same medications with BCBS of Illinois are "covered medications" however the cost is 100% the responsibility of the member. Prescriptions that were very affordable with my previous insurance are now over $400 and $500 out of pocket.

This insurance company has NO regard for the health and well being of its members, it's all about how much money they can make. It's a joke.. our healthcare should not be loading the pockets of insurance companies with billions of dollars while we suffer with ridiculous amounts of money coming out of our paychecks just to be covered and then to find out the services and medications we need are priced so high we cannot afford them. This is the country we live in!!! When will someone stand up!!! They should be ashamed. But they're getting rich and that is their only concern.

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Reviewed Aug. 7, 2019

All my previous Health care providers have helped cover the cover cost of ** nasal for migraines. This is a med is absolutely something that must be taken immediately when stricken with my type of migraine. It costs $512.00 for 6 vials at Walgreens. I tried a generic brand they covered and had awful side effects for several days. I called BCB Sheild today and since I read on this site earlier about a woman that wanted her recording of conversation and they told her she would have to get a lawyer, I announced to each rep I spoke to that I'm too am recording the conversation because "My husband isn't home and he needs to hear it."

Could tell they weren't happy to hear it. But what's good for the goose is good for the gander! They asked me what the Procedural Code is for a shot I now need. I'm like slightly stunned because they are the ones that set and have those billing codes are they not? Anyway I feel screwed over and have been quite ill without my med. So let them know YOU are recording them. Makes it a bit harder for them, and YOU have proof.

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2019

My daughter had dental implants done in May and our dentist office mailed in the claim shortly afterward (there were Xrays included). I called to check on it and was told they never received it. I found this odd because that happened to me twice earlier this year when I submitted large claims through the mail (I don't have a fax machine) and they "never received them".

I asked my dentist's office to resend the claim and they did. I called back weeks later and was told they didn't have anything for that claim. I made a 3 way call with my dentist's office manager and BCBS claims department and BCBS said the best way to submit a claim is electronically. The dentist office got the information, which they already had, and filed it electronically. Again, I called two weeks later to see if it was received and I was told it had not been. Of course, BCBS asked if my dentist office had the correct information on where to send it. Yes, they got it from BCBS and sent it while the woman was on the phone! I got the dentist office on the line with them again, and the BCBS rep said it's really best to FAX the claim. So the office faxed it right away and it is now a week later and they still don't have it. At this point, I don't know what I can do to file this claim. It's extremely frustrating!

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Reviewed July 31, 2019

My experience with Blue Cross was never good, it was terrible. Endless calls, customer service disconnects you all the time, you need to call numerous times and maybe, just maybe you will be in luck to find somebody who will actually pay any attention. So frustrating that you can have a nervous break down just to deal with BCBS of Illinois, at least. I was denied more than twenty claims for a treatment because they stated that I did one which required preauthorization which I actually did not, I did the standard one.

Their mistake... but my time, endless hours on the phone lines trying to talk to customer service of BCBS. Hundred times explaining, faxing materials, proving my point, no help. Got the call from debt collector. They just do not care to actually hear what you have to say. Until unfathomable miracle happened... When I started the appeal there is. In a matter of a week everything was straighten up and paid. Now I am at the square one, with one claim omitted in the appeal. Today I did call three times.

First call I got disconnected and nobody called back (even if they beautifully take your phone number, so you, silly, are hoping that they will call back), than called second time, was transferred to somebody else, supposedly higher with rank but ended up at the starting point, automatic voice command , just at the beginning of your call to regular customer service. Third one I spoke with after long holds, finally, told me to do another, external appeal. Lost another couple of hours today but it is nothing comparing to the previous Gehenna. Worst of all is that there is no hope that this will improve. There is not enough competition.

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Reviewed July 5, 2019

As a person who has take ** in order to stay healthy, BCBSIL Blue Advantage with Advocate has routinely and thoroughly rejected my referrals, my prior authorizations, and "lost" records of their documentations so as to prevent necessary medical care. This is the third year of experiencing this in their customer services and medical services. This year alone, they have lost 4 prior authorizations since the beginning of January. The ineptitude is frankly astonishing, and they should be ashamed that they charge people for this kind of non-service. Still not approved, still waiting.

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Reviewed May 30, 2019

I spent 2 hours on the phone and could tell the Indian man had been given a scripts of things to say. It was horrible service and not helpful at all. The same thing happened the day before but that woman gave me incorrect information. I finally called back and talked to an American woman who was helpful and compassionate. They need to move their customer service department back to the states.

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Reviewed May 29, 2019

I have used some out of network providers and BCBS IL has a terribly slow process for responding to claims - taking up to 7 weeks to reimburse what they owe you under the plan. Additionally when you inquire it is clear they lie about their processing times. They only log the claim as the date they enter it into their system - not the date it actually arrived. I have proof of every delivery of a claim's arrival at their office and yet their claimed arrival dates is always 4-6 weeks after USPS confirms delivery. They refuse to acknowledge this or provide any indication of their process, instead using customer service jargon and avoiding any actual response. If possible avoid them.

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Reviewed May 3, 2019

I have a PPO Blue Choice plan through the Marketplace. The problems began in the fall of 2017 when a scheduled outpatient in-network specialty visit and outpatient test showed up on E.O.B.'s Service Descriptions as "Emergency Med Visit" & "Emerg Med Test." I was not treated in an emergency setting, nor an emergency room. My medical condition was not treated by my provider as emergent. Since these first 2 incidents, I have had 5 more with "Emerg Med Test," "Med Emerg Visit," "Medical Emerg Labs," appear in the service descriptions on E.O.B.'S.

Working with my providers, we discovered together that my medical records DO NOT INDICATE EMERGENCY CARE. The medical coders with the providers looked at my chart, coded everything correctly (meaning no emergent care nor emergent testing) and still mysteriously once the UB04 form reaches the hands of BCBS-IL it all becomes emergent with me paying more than the calculated 40% per plan booklet for these scheduled outpatient visits, labs and testing. It all rest in the hand of the Illinois Attorney General's Health Care Bureau at this point. BCBSIL reasons have always been inconsistent. The worst experience was when a BCBSIL customer service rep on a conference call with me and the provider billing rep stated that I had a medical emergency, a severe medical emergency and that my doctor ordered speech therapy. Bit codes 205,206,228.

What? My response, "Do you have the right patient?" I am a retired emergency medical technician in the state of Illinois and someone not licensed to practice medicine is telling me that I had an emergency! Not only that, I asked the BCBSIL rep if I sounded like I needed speech therapy! The provider billing rep had never heard of BIT CODES. The now 7 incidents of this are still under state review. Upcoding medical care, testing and conditions to emergent is fraud. The outcome has yet to be determined. What a nightmare. Until I was on the ACA, I never encountered this.

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Reviewed April 29, 2019

Started having severe tingling, numbness and pain (sometimes debilitating) in my left arm, hand and 2 fingers. The orthopedic doctor I was referred to ordered a MRI to find out the cause. The MRI showed disc bulging at my C5 and C6. 2 steroid packs and daily pain medicine did nothing to help the worsening pain. He ordered a steroid injection. Blue Cross Blue Shield is DENYING the claim for the injection as MEDICALLY UNNECESSARY! I don't know who these asshats are that decide which claims to okay, but they are absolute idiots!!! The large company my husband works for unfortunately switched from United Healthcare to BCBS of Illinois this year. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Reviewed April 17, 2019

What a freaking ripoff. I'm paying almost $1000 a month, getting little for it. People are getting ** in this country, all so the fat cat insurance execs (parasites actually) can make mega bucks. It is a disgrace. It is immoral.

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Reviewed April 12, 2019

Making several attempts, On January 14, 2019, Blue Cross Blue Shield stole $738.03 from my checking account without my consent or authorization. Blue Cross Blue Shield was my health plan for one year, plan coverage was $29.27, THEY WERE NEVER AUTHORIZED TO STEAL $738.03 from my account, the last payment of $29.27 was 11/30/2018, I cancelled the coverage because I now receive Medicare. There was not a payment to them December/2018. The plan was cancelled November 13, 2018. Blue Cross Blue Shield has given several scenarios regarding this theft.

On March 19, 2019 I spoke to "Bonnie" who informed me that the plan was cancelled and that a refund was sent to my Bank on February 6, 2019; she put me on hold and came back saying that "we sent you a letter". The money was not put back in my account. She put me on hold, returned and claimed "you used the insurance in January/2019". I informed her that I did not use the insurance because it was cancelled in November/2018, I asked for information regarding any claims made in January/2019, Bonnie refused to mail or give information and refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor. I called back and spoke to another person who could not speak English well, I did not understand his name.

I asked him for a supervisor, he also refused and would not send information on any claims that were made, he accused Marketplace, for taking the money. I called MarketPlace, spoke to Greg, he transferred me to his supervisor 'Damarius **'. Mr. ** said that the account was terminated via my email at on January 14, 2019, this is the same day that $738.03 was stolen from my account. He then said that the insurance was "automatically renewed" for $738.03 without my authorization or consent. Not one person I spoke to would give information or documentation authorizing them to steal monies from my account or to 'renew' a health plan that was cancelled. I am currently waiting for the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau to settle this.

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Reviewed April 12, 2019

Finished my blood pressure medicine and insurance company is forcing me to mail order. Why do they have to control all the time? We keep on paying each year more and more and get less and less each year.

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