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Reviewed Dec. 17, 2021

I purchased our unit about a year ago, it does not require ventilation so I was unsure what to expect. Turned out to be a great investment, the washer spins so fast on the rinse cycle that you could actually air dry most of your clothes in a timely manner. The dryer is self ventilating so it does blow warm air into the room it is situated in, so in very hot weather I could see that being an issue. I live in Tucson AZ so I'm no stranger to warm weather, even so it's really not that bad if you have an AC going, or willing to hang your clothes on a rack/line. Otherwise it's a great set, I put essential oils in the dryer when doing loads sometimes and it freshens up the house! If anything changes I'll update the review.

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2021

I bought an Electrolux washer and dryer, not even two years old, washer stopped working, followed repair protocol for a E11 signal, replaced 500.$ of new parts, still not working. Company declines any responsibility, tells me I will have to pay for my own repairs, and that is too bad for me! Offered a rebate if I wanted to buy a new machine! Can't believe this Electrolux fraud, stay away, I am outraged with them and strongly recommend to steer away from Electrolux.

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Reviewed Oct. 6, 2021

I have owned two sets of Electrolux Washers and Dryers and have the same problems with both sets. The dryer went out within 3 years of purchase. Both times, I supposedly had a warranty that was to last up to 3 years for parts. I called two weeks ago with the Platinum Star Warranty certificate in hand for this latest set. The service department was unable to find a service provider in my area initially and elevated the issue to another department who in turn was supposed to call me back with a resolution. I also suggested during the call that maybe they could just send us the part since we had an error code indicating that the problem was with the control board. I was told they could not do that until THEY determined what the issue was. Needless to say no one called me back.

I have tried to contact the number on the certificate several times since and finally reached someone today. That individual said I did not have the Platinum Star warranty coverage any longer as my warranty expired last year (2020). My certificate clearly states the effective date was 10/08/2018 through 10/09/2021 which I explained and was abruptly told that it must be through someone else. Again the contact number on the certificate is the number I called and have been calling. In addition, the individual argued that I hadn't called until 09/23/2021 so there was nothing they could do.

The funny thing is I have been trying the same contact number almost daily since no one was calling me back and was constantly directed to an extension with a message that stated that they were too busy with other customers to take my call and that I should feel free to call back some other time. The line then proceeded to disconnect with no option to request a call back or leave a message. So, this was the first day since the my initial call that I was actually able to talk with someone (after being on hold for 45 minutes of course). Bottom line is that it is not worth the price you pay for an Electrolux dryer. Based on my experience they don't last more than three years and the ability to get it serviced is nonexistent. My only recourse (for the second time) was to buy another washer and dryer set and trust me it isn't an Electrolux.

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2021

Four-year-old Electrolux washer (LuxCare Wash and Smart Boost) and dryer were in a house I purchased. My 10+ year old appliances in the previous house did a better job and had more choice in the controls. The washer doesn't allow me to decide which spin and soil settings I want with cold water, for instance. The dryer never cools off during the last few minutes; clothes come out warm and damp. Low heat might as well be no heat--I have quite a few things that are supposed to be dried on low but take hours in this machine. Again, my choices are dictated by what's already programmed in. I look forward to the day when I can buy new appliances and would never recommend this brand to anyone.

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Reviewed Sept. 3, 2021

Going on 85 days without the use of a washer purchased in March 2021. Clothes are locked inside, E21 flashes. 4 repairman have worked on it, 3 sent from Electrolux. Electrolux is hard to get hold of and does not want to address the problem! They scheduled another worker to look at it on 9/20. Washer turned itself on, locked door and flooded laundry room, leaked to cellar below. Room and washer reeks of stagnant water, clothes have been ruined. Need Electrolux to make it right and replace this lemon of a machine!

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2021

We purchased this washer/dryer stacking set in 2018. The rubber seal on the door of this front loading washer is now filler with mold. The seal is designed so water gets trapped in the folds of the rubber seal. The interior of the seal is difficult access or clean. We were not aware at the time of purchase that Electrolux has a history of producing washers with this problem and that they have consistently refused to offer repairs or rebates. (Google Electrolux + mold.)

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Customer Service

Reviewed Aug. 21, 2021

We have the Electrolux ELFW4222AW washer, it is 8 months old, it displayed 2 different codes, 1 code the instructions in the manual are to call for service, the other code was for not draining and we corrected this ourselves by cleaning the pump filter, the other code relates to flooding and requires a service call. You can phone the 800 # but you can't get through to a person, so we emailed twice and auto reply states someone will get to you in 3 business days. No contact after 8 days, needless to say this will be my last Electrolux/Frigidaire appliance.

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2021

The electronic components were defective and the dryer didn't work after 18 months. They sent service people out 4 times, none of whom could fix the problem. When you call them, their customer service people keep transferring you to someone else. Nobody you talk to has the least interest in solving your problem, only getting rid of you. Their protocols don't permit you to ever talk to a supervisor. We have been without a dryer for over a month. We have given up and will replace the dryer.

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2021

We purchased top/bottom high end Electrolux washer and dryer, sold as no-shake good for second floor use. From the beginning, the spin cycle shook the house. The washer required 2 repair visits in the first year. But the real problem was year 2 when the dryer steam valve failed and water poured out overnight. By the morning, the brand new second floor flooring where it was installed was ruined, the kitchen ceiling underneath had partially collapsed and the kitchen floor was ruined. There was $35,000 of damage because we had just finished renovating the kitchen the year before. We called Electrolux which is impossible to reach. We had 40-50 minute online waits, promises by them to call back, and then nothing. I would never again buy Electrolux products.

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Reviewed June 16, 2021

I have had my Electrolux washer and dryer for approximately 5 years now. About a year later, I had to have my first repair when the lint trap filled up and there is no way to clean it out without tearing the washer apart because there is no exterior access panel. Don't ever buy a washer without an exterior access panel to the lint trap. It cost me $300 to have someone come out and tear the washer apart just to clean the lint trap. At about 3 years old, my display unit shorted out, and every now and then it will display something and then go out again. If I bang on the display, it flickers, so I know it is just shorted out. I didn't have the money to get that fixed and the washer still worked so I just used it the way it was, but I could not get to any of the specialty functions and that is where the function to clean my washer is.

Now I am at 5 years and the lint trap is plugged again. I spent an entire day trying to get the water out of my washing machine and had to finish my load of wet clothes at the laundromat. I get home with my wet clothes and put them in the dryer and it turns for about 1 minute and then starts buzzing and shuts off. I try to turn it on again and just get the motor buzzing. I tried to manually turn the drum and was not able to budge it. I heard a clunk, so I am assuming that the belt snapped, at least I hope that is all it is. So back to the laundromat, to dry my clothes and I live 22 miles from the nearest laundromat. I am not even doing laundry for a family, it is just me and I only wash a few loads per month, averaging 1 load per week, maybe. My first repair cost $300, so I am assuming with both the washer and dryer both needing repair at the same time and 3 things that need to be fixed that this repair will be about $700 at a minimum.

Four repairs needed in a 5 year period with 2 of them being the same repair is just unacceptable. I had a Maytag washer and dryer for 21 years and during that time, the washer only needed repair once and the dryer never needed repair and I had 2 kids and a husband then and did about 10 loads of laundry a week. The lint trap on that machine never plugged up. Those machines were metal enamel instead of painted plastic that scratches easily anytime you put something on them. I purchased Electrolux because Maytag did not have a front load washer for sale at the time. Electrolux was a name that I grew up with. They made quality vacuum cleaners that we had in our home forever. When I saw the name Electrolux when I was searching for a washer and dryer, their name went to the top of my list because I associated the name with quality, but this washer and dryer set is just junk; I would never buy it again.

They clean and dry my clothes well, when they work, but they are not reliable. Four costly repairs within a 5 year period is just not reliable in my eyes. I paid $2400 for my set and now these repairs, are going to take me to over $1000 in repairs and that just is a not quality product as far as I am concerned. They used their well-known brand name to put our cheap inferior products that they sell at a premium because of their name. Because of that, Electrolux is a brand name that I will stay away from in the future.

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Reviewed May 17, 2021

Machine broke, its is in service centre for past 17 days. Today they're telling me they need 10 more working days excluding Saturdays to check the prob. That's 1 month with no replacement machine. Customer service is changing story and won't allow me to talk to anyone who can help.

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Reviewed May 1, 2021

Manufacturing defect - NOT corrected. DO NOT BUY. I bought this dryer, with its sister washer, at Lowe's in New Westminster in mid-March. Within ten days (and fewer than ten loads), the dryer started to make a clicking/knocking noise. I checked Electrolux online, and they stated that it may be a clogged blower - that is, lint has gone through to the blower and is causing it to malfunction. I had installed a new vent system for it (direct solid steel, not a coil vent which you are advised to not use), and the outgoing air only travels two feet to the exhaust; thus it was not an improper exhaust problem.

I called Lowes, because I had also purchased a four year warranty extension, but they said I had to call Electrolux and that Lowes only covers it after the manufacturer warranty expires; fair enough. I called Electrolux, eleven days after purchase; they said they would call back with a referral to a warranty service provider (WSP). Nearly two weeks later, they called, and said the WSP would call to set an appointment; one week later, the WSP called, and set an appointment for two more weeks later.

Thus, the service technician came yesterday, April 28 - now 45 days after purchase. He immediately confirmed that the problem is lint in the blower, and advised that he gets repair calls for this issue for Electrolux dryers six times per week. He said the dryer is faulty, with no permanent solution, and that I will need to have the blower cleaned every few months for its lifetime. He said that I should take it back and get a different make. Too late now, of course, because it took Electrolux a full 34 days to get a technician to me, and I cannot return the dryer to Lowes.

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Reviewed April 5, 2021

I am beyond angry! I purchased an Electrolux washer dryer stacked system April 20th last year. July 2nd, the dryer quit spinning. Direct Appliance (where I purchased them) was called, they came out July 6th. It was determined that they clothes were getting stuck between the long fin (bad design and the front of the dryer). They determined they needed to replace the fin, belt and back panel (due to it being burnt). They could not get parts until I called Electrolux and explained. Electrolux shipped me the parts, and Direct Appliance fixed the dryer on July 21st 2020.

Down 3 weeks. Nov 8th 2020 dryer quit spinning again, called service tech came out Nov 19th, ordered parts. 12-8-2020 came out finally replaced belt AND IDLER PULLEYS. Down 1 Month. March 8, 2021, dryer quit spinning once again, called service tech. Came out March 9th, unable to confirm (the belt had cooled and it turned, but made a thumping sound). March 17th called again, because it stopped spinning. March 18th tech came out and found a broken belt. Ordered parts. I called Electrolux to begin a LEMON replacement - as a new dryer should not break 3 times in the first year. I do not want to be stuck paying to have it fixed as the 1 year warranty will be up soon.

Electrolux said they wanted their tech to evaluate it. They had one to come out a week later - turns out same day as Direct Appliance had parts and tech here to repair once again. While I was on the phone w Electrolux, they put me on hold and told Direct Appliance they had to stop fixing my dryer!!!! (They literally had the belt in hand!) While they could determine if they would replace it or not. So they made Direct Appliance leave, before finishing the dryer. They said they would determine whether it would be replaced or not by April 1st 2021.

April 1 comes, and I get 1 email asking how Electrolux did on their call. Not a word about whether they were fixing/replacing or anything. It was Easter Weekend - so I did not call. Today I call, and find that Electrolux determined not to replace, they want to repair. BUT now they had to order parts!!! I am so angry - this has been horrid. I have had no dryer for almost 3 months after purchasing a brand new supposedly "QUALITY" system from Electrolux. Down so far almost 1 month - with no end in sight! I can not begin to tell you how disappointed I am in the quality of both service and equipment from Electrolux.

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Reviewed March 23, 2021

Purchased the washing machine new in 2015. Began making a loud banging noise recently during the spin cycle. It almost appeared to be out of balance. We took the machine apart and thought the problem might be with worn shock absorbers so we replaced them at a cost of $184 (not counting our labor). Put it back together and that did not solve the problem. Explored deeper and found that the cast metal spider support for the drum had a cracked arm. The parts would cost about $400 so we decided to buy a new Maytag and scrap the Electrolux. It was only 5 years - 8 months old. We will not be buying another Electrolux and recommend avoiding this manufacturer.

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Reviewed March 7, 2021

I bought a new set of Electrolux front loading washer and dryer. Never again. The dryer is supposed to be top of the lone and it has been nothing but trouble. It burns your clothes or doesn’t dry. Had it serviced, they keep replacing parts and it hasn’t made any difference. At this point they are going to the scrapyard after a year. Save yourself the headache and STAY AWAY from this brand. The company doesn’t support the products very well. They just want you to buy extended warranties.

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Reviewed March 6, 2021

I have had the Electrolux dryer less than 3 years and it is still under warranty. The dryer has been out for over a month and the repair tech has been here 3 times. He has replaced every part in the dryer with the exception of 1. The remaining new part is sitting in my living room waiting on the repair tech to make his 4th visit when Electrolux can actually get him to return. I have never not had a dryer repaired on the 1st visit and this is now going on the 4th visit. I don't believe Electrolux is even capable at this point. DO NOT BUY AN ELECTROLUX UNLESS YOU CAN GO WITHOUT A DRYER FOR 2 MONTHS! I owned a Bosch previously and never had a repair that they couldn't fix.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2021

So after having to refuse 4 of these malfunctioning dryers and forced to keep the matching washer we are extremely disappointed in Electrolux. The first dryer never powered on, so we paid an electrician to come out and check the power outlet which turned out to be fine. We also had the power company come and check the incoming line to the house which we were told was very good. The second dryer came a week later and had an error code when delivery guys turned it on and it couldn’t be cleared. We sent the second dryer back. At this point we had our doubts and wanted to return the washer, but it had been more than 48 hours and we were told it would not be possible. The third dryer showed up a week afterwards and it also had an error code so we sent it back.

We were told while on the line with our Big Box home improvement store and Electrolux that because of all of our troubles that on the 4th dryer we would have "White Glove" delivery and the 4th dryer would be tested before it was put on the truck. So here comes the 4th dryer for delivery still in the box and the delivery guys laughed and said, "They told you that it would be tested?!" When the box was opened the 4th dryer had a large dent in it and the exterior of the box was not dented, so the dryer was boxed with the dent on it so it was not a delivery problem. So much for having a nice washer and matching dryer.

Now we are stuck with a washer that will never have a matching dryer as we had wished. My laundry room will look terrible with an unmatched set of washer and dryer, because as of now we are cutting our losses. Also, you can pretty much forget getting through to customer service, as well. Believe me I tried. For a high priced dryer, it is really insulting to be treated in such a manner by Electrolux and our national branded Big Box home improvement store.

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2021

I hate my Electrolux dryer - EFME617SIW. If I dry a full load, it's fine, but if I dry sheets or a small load of t-shirts, it's awful. Sheets completely ball up into each other, even with dryer balls and tennis balls. Shirts get caught in the ledge at the front of the door and wrinkle terribly. I had a service call - nothing they could do about it. I even put a level on the top of the dryer, thinking that maybe it was pitched forward - it is perfectly even. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, please share how you were able to solve it. I'm so frustrated!

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2021

I purchased my Electrolux Washing Machine (model EFLS627-UTT) in April 2019 and subsequently started noticing bleach stains on some of my items. I initially thought I had accidentally put a colored item in with the bleach load so chalked it up to my mistake. Then it happened again and again and I was being VERY careful that all items were white when I used bleach. So in July 2020 I called the store where I purchased the machine. They came out and as I suspected said they couldn't find anything but they suggested that after I do a bleach load to take the drawer out where the bleach goes and rinse it out. Additionally, if I want to be super careful they said I could do a load afterwards with rags or something that I don't care about. On top of this I could do a 15 fast wash or spin cycle.

Since I was so tired of having ruined items I did ALL of the above and yet I was still having items with bleach spots 5, 10 or more loads after the bleach load. For some reason the bleach that remains loves towels the most and second after that is sheets so I have many of each with bleach spots. Many brand new towels and sheets that were washed for the first time so you can imagine my frustration.

Next I called Electrolux and they sent someone out in 8/20 who told me, "There is nothing wrong with your machine." In 10/20 with the problem persisting I called Electrolux again and I had to pay I believe it was $150 only to be told no fault found again. Called Electrolux in 11/20 and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on with a supervisor who told me "Sorry we can't do anything because what your describing can't happen" but yet it is happening.... Mind you I didn't do a lot of bleach loads (only about one every 6 weeks). In the end I had to stop using bleach all together and now that I've done that no more issues. Other than this one very frustrating issue the washer works great. I had no motivation to lie about this and I wasn't asking Electrolux to refund my money and my machine is perfect cosmetically but I did want them to swap out my machine for another one and pay for my ruined items.

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2021

I bought Electrolux washer, It is working okay but the washer easily developed disgusting molds especially in the rubber seal and one of the water outlet which I believe where recycling water comes out. I always clean my washer every week because I don’t like seeing molds. I don’t think the recycling of water in this machine is helping to save water when you see a disgusting filthy slime on water outlet.

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Reviewed Dec. 31, 2020

Purchased top of the line Electrolux washer December 2018. Leaking water. Had boot, door hinge, glass, door lock all replaced. Still leaking water. No one from Electrolux has the decency to return emails and phone calls. Would not recommend this overpriced machine.

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Reviewed Dec. 14, 2020

This is the worst washer I've ever owned! After a couple of months I noticed my clothes were becoming dingy. I added an extra rinse to every wash which helped a little, but not much. You have to remove the whole dispenser unit after every wash and manually empty it, because it does not drain. It will not spin fast unless the load is perfectly balanced, so forget about washing even small throw rugs.

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Reviewed Dec. 10, 2020

I would never purchase a product from this company again, poor short lifespan product. Terrible support. The core part, squirrel cage fan fails, is very expensive to get repaired and fails again. Save the stress, buy somewhere else.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2020

We purchased an Electrolux dryer from Home Depot last February (2020). Since our purchase, we’ve had 5 service calls for this thing. They have yet to replace it or offer a refund. So disappointed in this company. Today the customer service rep said she didn’t know why it hadn’t been submitted up for a replacement. We aren’t rich and are unable to purchase another one at this time. Hopefully, they will resolve this because it can’t be cheaper for them to continue replacing it for the next two years.

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Reviewed Nov. 27, 2020

I have had to get my Electrolux dryer repaired twice since I bought it in 2018. It still made a lot of noise, but it worked after the second repair. I checked on the washer Thanksgiving day and the steam unite in the dryer was gushing water. At least two gallons had collected in the bottom of the drum and the overflow filled the drawer below and ran onto the floor. A dryer did this! Thankfully I was at home. Tossing the damn thing and trying another brand.

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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2020

I purchased the Electrolux Perfect Steam Front Load Washer with Lux Care in 2016 after reading positive reviews across many websites, I now wish I had read them on this site. I replaced a set of 11 year old Whirlpool front load machines that were far quieter and gave me good performance for many years. This machine started out noisy on the spin cycle, then started jumping all over and now when it spins it makes a whiney sound when starting up. I had a tech come out last year and after spending another $300 was told the machine was level and operating as it should - he said it was normal that it jumped around and was loud.

My dryer door was also rattling and he said it was a common problem with these machines and ended up fixing it with a BandAid - no, I'm not kidding. Now I just had the latch break on the pedestal drawer, probably due to the constant vibration from the machine. My floor is strong and level, my Whirlpool washer never did these things. I'm so disappointed in the brand and the product as I remember my mother using Electrolux appliances as a child and the reputation for quality was high. I will never buy another Electrolux appliance and hope this review helps someone avoid making the expensive mistake that I made.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2020

No exaggerating, I have had 10 service calls in 9 mos. Bought in November 2019, installed early January. The softener dispenser quit about third time we used it. Didn't buy on Amazon, wish I did then I could see the 1 star reviews, called Sears. Sent out someone to repair under warranty. They said they could not. It was stacked... By the way the dryer sucks too but the washer is so much worse. Third person that came out replaced all of the dispenser thingy in March. One month of use and it failed again. Okay so my 800 washer doesn't dispenser the softener. Irritating but livable. Then slowly the soap dispenser quit emptying all the way.

Door locked itself shut in June. Called sears, out of the 90 day warranty referred us back to Electrolux. Sent email and called, again, they wouldn't work on the lemon washer cause it's stacked. Being disabled I can't unstack.... kinda gave up. Thee unit decided to unlock about a week later. So we thought it was ok. Then end of July it quit dispensing soap again. I saw a YouTube where someone washed the whole diaphragm in dishwasher. That seemed to do trick. Until beginning of August. Locked door again.... On its own. Didn't ever open. Called and got my 3rd or 4th service visit. This guy unstacked it. Called the Electrolux tech line. Read them my multiple error codes he got to in some type of diagnostic mode. They said it needed a new motor and motherboard. Gave him the part numbers....

Weeks pass by. Finally the backordered parts ( never a good sign ) arrive. He installs. Same thing. Locked, won't open, won't spin, dead in the water. Electrolux gave the wrong part numbers! Not one, but both were wrong. Lucky me the real part numbers are on backorder. Several more weeks pass. Get a call from the servicing place. Can't get motor 4-6 weeks. I call Electrolux, which is a one hour even everytime. They said maybe they can replace it. Why I would want a washer that can only work for a few weeks at a time I am not sure. But.... Since this one is a lemon we try that. Denied. It's a fixable unit. They send another service call out. God bless this guy he's been here 4 or 5 times. No parts get sent to him so no fix. Fast forward several more one hour calls to electrosux. No solution. No compassion. Nobody cares. I've had it running for 8.5 months. It has had limited or no function for more than half that time.

Nobody at Frigidaire/Electrolux cares that I have to go into a covid filled laundromat and have spent as much as I have on the purchase doing laundry with my brand spanking new washer out of service. More than half the folks I talked to are rude. Make appointment times. Nobody is dispatched. Lose a half day of wages missing work because you expect someone to do what they say. The "call backs" they promise don't come. The emails go unanswered for weeks. I will never purchase an electrosux product again.

The only "win" I have had is that at my property management job I did dissuade a property owner from outfitting his 13 units with frigidaire or Electrolux. That was stoves, fridge and washer dryer. If I can't get a fair shake Or even a civil exchange at least I could prevent them from 20k in sales. I don't write many reviews but the fraudsters really this one and more. I will continue to dissuade clients from buying their inferior products and I will shout from the rooftops how terrible it is to deal with a company so inept and uncaring. Get ya an LG or Samsung. I am putting the review everywhere it will let me. Run from electrosux!

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Reviewed Aug. 31, 2020

I recently purchased a washer dryer. The dryer never worked properly-- saying it needed the lint removed even if it had just been cleaned and was empty. When I finally called (the pandemic had me a bit tied up), I was told it was out of warranty so I bought a two-year service contract and it's been nothing but misery! No one can fix the problem so the dryer times out after a few minutes. You've got to pull out the lint trap and try again. It runs for a few more minutes and then starts beeping. Oh, if you don't hear the beep and leave it there for a while your clothes then stink! The first service company said they couldn't help.

The second company said the mother board had to be replaced, they'd order one and schedule another call. That was back in early July. It took me weeks to get them to schedule an appointment to install it (kept saying the part hadn't come in). The board was replaced and the tech said that if it didn't work then there was nothing more they could do. Guess what??? It didn't work! Adding to my frustration. You have to call Electrolux to get an approval before you can schedule another visit.

That takes at least a half hour just to get through. (BTW, the recording even tells you to call back at another time... really?) Then they couldn't find another appointment for at least 2 weeks. They also keep sending another company so I have to explain the whole thing each time to someone new. Honestly I'd love you to take back this awful dry but I'd be happy with just a REFUND for the service contract so I can go back to my repair company and not have this hassle and aggravation.

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Reviewed Aug. 24, 2020

In June 2019 I bought an Electrolux washer model EFLS210TIW00 and dryer model EFDC210TIW00 from Costco with 2 years warranty. The dryer broke down in June 2020. Costco referred me to Electrolux and Electrolux referred me to one of their service contractors. The service contractor replaced the condensate pump and the heater but the dryer is still not working. I have been taking my laundry to laundromat for 8 full weeks. Electrolux have refused to replace the dryer, because they still think it is repairable. Now the service contractor is suspecting a third part to be replaced, which is the control board. Electrolux have refused to replace the dryer, because they still think it is repairable. Very poor product and very unprofessional costumer service.

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2020

We bought our Electrolux washer in December 2019. We have been pleased with the many options and quality with the exception of mold and mildew forming so quickly in the folds of the drum area. I tried bleach and also mold/mildew remover, and it did not work. So I ordered a new part which I had to pay for because it wasn’t covered under warranty. We only had the Electrolux washer for 7 months and this happened already.

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Reviewed July 16, 2020

I bought an Electrolux dryer from ABT in late 2015. The dryer has required service a few times, and now the boards need to be replaced. With service charges, the replacement of the boards will cost almost as much as the amount I paid for the dryer.

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Reviewed July 7, 2020

Wash machine is less than 90 days old. Year in the seal appeared. Called for repair. Customer service set up appointment to have repair man fix. Told me he’d be there on July 1st. Never showed up! Called customer service again, evidently the woman I spoke with days prior didn’t even bother to schedule a time with the repairman. No record of an appointment at all. Earliest day to fix is the 13th! Three weeks without a wash machine!! NEVER AGAIN! 90 day old machine shouldn’t need ANYTHING FIXED! Worst customer service I have ever encountered!

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Reviewed June 29, 2020

I bought my Electrolux front loading washer four years ago based on the recommendation of the owner of the privately owned appliance store we have shopped at for 25 years and have been very pleased since the new Kenmore Elites are no good anymore (obviously we didn't buy those there). It cleans my clothes very well and I like the way that the soap, etc, gets mixed before it goes into the tub. Like every other front loader I have tried, there are times with a very small load where it doesn't drain well, but we don't do those as a rule, so it's not been a big problem.

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Reviewed June 17, 2020

We purchased an Electrolux large capacity washer and dryer. These machines as per sales are the top of the line for size and quality. All this means is they were expensive. The day the washer and dryer arrived the delivery company trialed the washer. They removed the washer on delivery day as the washer was not working. Several weeks later (we are a family of six without a washer) a new washer arrived. The machine is just over a year old and we have had it fixed a multiple times. Each time it was a different problem and we had two different companies come and repair the machine. I was without a washer for 2 months during Covid and I am a front line work, who finally had to go and purchase an used washer until the machine could be fixed as all Laundromats were closed. As of right now I am still waiting for my washer to be fixed. I do not recommend buying Electrolux products.

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Reviewed May 31, 2020

I love my Electrolux washer. No problem over a three year period so far. It does a great job on washing all our item from delicate to heavy duty. Especially love the fast sanitize cycle which does a great job with a shorter cycle than the full sanitize.

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Reviewed May 27, 2020

I cannot believe what I have had happen with Electrolux. Apparently common courtesy and customer consideration have become relics of the past to Electrolux. I bought an Electrolux dryer, Model #?EFME617?STT0, in September of 2017 and the motor burned out on it this weekend, barely 2-1/2 years old. I contacted Electrolux to see what they could do about it and was met with some of the rudest, most condescending customer service I have ever come across. The customer service agent, "Bethany", refused to even allow me to speak to anyone else!

I spent well over $1000.00 for this dryer and would expect it to be made well and last much longer than this. I also expect a company to treat its customers in a professional manner and not basically tell me too bad, so sad! I put a call into corporate headquarters in an attempt to see if this is Electrolux's prevailing attitude and, of course, was given voice mail. At this point, I do not expect to receive any response to my call. If I do, I will certainly update this post. But all I can say right now is if you are buying an appliance built to last and are looking for professional, caring customer service, Electrolux is NOT the company for you!!

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Reviewed May 26, 2020

Electrolux products AND customer service deserve ZERO stars. The WORST product I've purchased. I bought a stackable Electrolux washer and dryer set February 15, 2020. 2 days later the dryer started buzzing, clean lint filter. Only thing, lint filter was completely empty. By the morning of day 3, Home Depot informed me that there was a 2 day return policy. I had to call Electrolux/ Frigidaire. They have replaced parts three times and I feel like I bought a janky bootleg dryer. I called the customer service and they want to replace the parts again. Even though this dryer is clearly defective, Electrolux is doing nothing to remedy the problem and is not taking any responsibility for a defective and useless LEMON that they have sold us. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ELECTROLUX. The worst appliance purchase yet.

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Reviewed May 24, 2020

Clothes come out really clean and have Never experienced any damage to items washed. The wash cycle time seems appropriate. I rely on the signal to alert cycle complete. Unless I overload clothes are not unduly wrinkled.

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Reviewed May 22, 2020

The machine has worked very well for many years with only one breakdown. I would recommend the brand to anyone. It has performed very well and good. Thank you. I like the matching dryer also and recommend.

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Reviewed May 17, 2020

I love this washing machine. It has everything needed to make washing easy. The XL capacity drum allows me to do as much or as little laundry as needed. The delicate cycle has never ruined any of my good clothing or undergarments, the clean cycle makes it easy to clean every few months.

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Reviewed May 16, 2020

I wanted a very simple and basic machine; wasn't looking for lots of "bells & whistles" - features that I would pay for but never use. I found it in the Electrolux. It has the cycles I need, the wash temperatures I want, is easy to use, efficient, and I plain love it!

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Reviewed May 15, 2020

Experience with a 2019 model Electrolux front load washer has been very positive. It is relatively quiet, much quieter than the top load it replaced. It also provides a door that can be switched from conventional orientation of opening to the left to open on the right. Clothes are cleaner than with the top load washer it replaced and water consumption is a fraction of what it was. And the spin cycles seem to always be very well balanced without manual intervention. So far it hasn’t had any reliability issues and were I to buy a new machine, I would look to Electrolux first.

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Reviewed May 14, 2020

The Electrolux stackable washer/dryer is energy efficient and water efficient to save you money. I live above someone so an important feature was that it is also quiet. It is front loading, so there is a lot of room to do everything from a comforter to towels to dog blankets. My laundry room doesn’t vent to the outside, so it can get heated in the little closet. The Electrolux has an auto-shut off so it doesn’t overheat on you. I can’t complain in the two years I have had it.

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Reviewed May 13, 2020

I have a 10+ year old Electrolux Washer. Great wash choices and performance. We LOVE IT! I would highly recommend the brand. Very reliable, great quality machines. I have the matching dryer also.

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Reviewed May 12, 2020

It has never cleaned my clothes properly, it never drains properly, it wrinkles everything terribly and the steam function *adds* lint not removes wrinkles. I spend an hour per month cleaning lint from behind the flange and within the flange.

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Reviewed May 9, 2020

Electrolux front loader is sturdy and dependable. Commercial size capacity for big loads - even my bedspread. You can customize the selections to fit each load. Max spin cycle section cuts down drying time AND it's quiet.

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Reviewed April 10, 2020

Updated on 04/11/2020: In an earlier review, I mistakenly said that the problems began in March 2019 and should have said March 2020. The machine was less than 2 years old so it was beyond the 1 year warranty and we did not purchase an extended warranty.

Original review: We purchased an Electrolux front loader washing machine in May 2018 on the recommendation of the appliance shop salesman (great, local shop - we trust them). In March 2019, the bearing assembly failed and it sounded like an airplane was taking off in our basement. Called a repair service who said it would cost $650-$700 to repair (after a $135 fee to look at it), which is about what it cost new. Called Electrolux who said they would cover the part but not the labor (guess where the major expense is).

Only after writing a negative review on their website did they belatedly reach out to me to offer help towards paying for the repair - but we had already bought a new machine. Email responses were slow and felt like they were robot generated. Phone calls were extremely frustrating. Don't buy an Electrolux - if their machines won't last 2 years and their customer response is dismal at best, look elsewhere. We replaced it with a Speed Queen, which comes with a 7 year warranty and is made in Wisconsin.

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Reviewed April 8, 2020

Excellent Performance since Sept 2016. I love my Electrolux washer and dryer. They had a slight learning curve for me as they are my first digital and front load. They fit beautifully in my closet side by side but I believe they are stackable too. I have never had an issue and my clothes are treated gently by these machines. Google sent me here when I asked about getting a warranty since they are almost 4 years old. When I read some of the negative reviews I had to speak up. I guess only people with issues want to vent. If there isn’t a problem we don’t need to complain.

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Reviewed April 4, 2020

I am disabled. I bought a Electrolux dryer, 6 months ago. The dryer caught fire because of faulty electrical in the dryer. The fire almost melted the dryer. And the fire and smoke were so bad I could not breathe. Fire dept gave me oxygen and said the unit was faulty. I called Electrolux, they said to call a lawyer and won't replace it. I can't give them a serial number because it burned up in the fire. So they said since no record of it they don't have to replace it... and didn't care that was disabled. I have nowhere to turn.

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Reviewed March 16, 2020

We purchased an Electrolux front load washer & dryer a little over a year ago after being sold on the fact that the quality is top of of the line... It is 18 mos old and we had water all over our floor one morning and it had filled up with water. The door was locked and we could smell something burning. When we tried to open the door, there were lights blinking and it it shut down/wouldn't turn on/off. We unplugged it and called Warners' Stellian where we purchased.

We have had THREE service calls on it under the extra warranty we purchased and they still cannot get it to work. We have three little kids, both work full time, and are going on over a month without a washing machine... Our $1300 washer is sitting dead in the laundry room waiting for more parts to arrive. Warners' Stellian told us to call Electrolux direct to explain the situation and Electrolux told us Warners' Stellian needs to recommend a new machine.

Warners' Stellian says they are 'waiting to hear' on an approval for a new machine, but meanwhile Electrolux said they have more parts sent for them to try to fix it again and refused to get on the phone with us and Warners' Stellian to all get the same message at once. The customer service person was rude at Electrolux and offered no apology. Don't waste your time or money buying an overpriced, crappy quality brand that doesn't stand behind their product. Will NEVER purchase anything Electrolux again and am equally as frustrated with Warners' Stellian and the mixed messages and lack of urgency.

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Reviewed March 5, 2020

So happy that I stumbled upon this site. I purchased an Electrolux Front load washer (627) in Oct, 2018, after doing my research and checking reviews. On Feb 8th, 2020, I washed a small load and the washer would spin, but not enough to expel water from my clothes. I reset and it worked fine. The next load worked ok, then I put in another load. Well, all of a sudd3n there was a banging noise coming out of the machine. I immediately stopped the machine and called Electrolux. A technician was scheduled for 5 days later. This was on Feb 12th. Parts were under warranty, but the service call would cost me $300.00.

Person on the line said that if I purchased a new extended warranty that the service charge would be waived, so I spent $289.00 on a new warranty. On 2-19-20, the service technician showed up and did his analyzing.. said the circuit board and the motor board were bad, so he ordered the parts. He started up the machine and it started violently shaking and was dancing around the laundry room. Once it was powered off, the front gasket was mangled and the floor was flooded. He ordered the gasket, said that he would be back in a week and darted out the door. The parts arrived at our house and the technician arrived the following week, 2-26-20.

We showed him where one of the springs was not attached, a broken part where the spring was to attach, along with various pieces of plastic which we found on the floor. He attached all of the parts, turned on the machine and viola, Water poured out from under the machine. He looked underneath the washer and said the boot had a hole in it. Another week, another part. Service scheduled for 3-4-20. Tech arrived, while attempting to attach the boot, he discovered the pump was destroyed. It was cracked and had missing parts. Same story, another week, another part. So, service is now scheduled for 3-12-20. I had contacted Electrolux after each of the technician’s visits and updated them, each time requesting a new washer, with the same response, we can’t do that. So, here I wait...another trip to the laundromat. I will never again purchase another Electrolux washing machine or any of their products.

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Reviewed Feb. 16, 2020

Rubber gaskets leaking at the solenoid and the company won’t sell the $3 part. Only wants to sell the whole housing with four solenoids and a bunch of other plastic components for $151.00. Also a similar situation with the main bearing. They won’t sell the main seal and bearing. They insist on selling the entire drum for $350.00. Other manufacturers sell these parts separately. But the worst thing I discovered is when I removed the gasket it had a part number stamped on it and is made by another appliance company and is available from the competition! This corporate policy seems to me to be wasteful and greedy. Never again will I buy from this company again.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2020

I purchased a front loader Electolux/Frigidaire washer and stackable dryer on May 24, 2017. This week the washer started making a grinding noise during the spin cycle. A service man states the main bearing is ruined and will cost as much for parts and service as the washer is worth. But, the real kicker is that the dryer is attached and a replacement washer will not line up so we are now looking at a washer and dryer costing more than 2,000.00. A call to Electrolux and they are willing to discount the parts by 20%. This is terrible that we are filling our land fill with new appliances and costing families a fortune to buy junk manufactured in Mexico. I have been told almost all washers are now made in Mexico. Are we not thrilled with free trade.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2020

I bought the high end Electrolux washing machine model EFLS517SIW just over two and a half years ago. It started making noises, and when I called Electrolux customer service I was told that because I did not purchase the extended warranty, I was out of luck. Then I was told it would take a month to get a repairman scheduled to look at it. I had an independent appliance repair service out and they told me the bearing had gone bad. I was told there was no reason this should happen. It will cost more to fix than to replace. Hence, I give this product one star. $800 down the drain!

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2019

We had a washing machine delivered over a month ago which leaked the moment it was hooked up. We called and emailed Electrolux and they would not replace the machine and sent a repair person to look at it. The repair person came and one of the pumps leaked and had caulking on it like it was a used pump that was installed in a new machine. It was replaced and the machine still leaked because one of the other pumps also had a crack. We have had the machines for a month and we still don't have a machine that works.

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Reviewed Dec. 17, 2019

Do not buy appliances from this company. They do not stand behind their products. They sold me a washer with five defective parts including the pump and motor and still would not replace it. They only use a few repair persons or you wait for months for the repair to a new defective appliance. A totally bad experience!!

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Reviewed Nov. 27, 2019

We bought Electrolux washer and dryer from Famous Tate in Tampa FL 2 years ago on the guidance of our sales associate. These "super quiet high end appliances" are suppose to be the "best" on the market. HA! We've had the repair guy out once after fighting with Famous Tate that even though the appliance were bought up front for our new home, that we didn't move in until months later and then began using them to wash/dry clothes. The service gentleman replaced some bearings and then a few months go by and now it is worse than ever. I can only do laundry during the day because it will wake the kids up. My husband found a way to damper the noise of our costly dryer.... A roll of paper towels in between the washer and dryer. Thanks for all of your support with this "high end" lemon Famous Tate! So glad you stand behind the products you sell! To all potential customers.... Stay away.

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Reviewed Nov. 27, 2019

Just called the service tech for the third time in three years. This dryer just limps along. It is better than hang drying your laundry but I know you can do better. Avoid this machine unless you are getting it for free. From what I understand the main flaw is the lint trap. The lint trap does not trap the lint. It builds up in the drum somewhere. Overtime the noise becomes deafening. The tech was just here last Thursday, he recommended buying an air compressor to force the lint through periodically.

This morning less than 1 week later the dryer was giving off the faint odor of burnt rubber, it started to make a thumping noise, like a shoe was in there, culminating in the barrel no longer turning while the machine is on and producing heated air. It is a holiday tomorrow, Thanksgiving, so maybe we will be able to dry laundry in our house again in a week or two? (It took a week to get the tech out here the last time.)Oh well, do not make our mistake. Find a more reliable machine!!

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2019

I purchased these appliances in August of 2016. In less than 6 weeks I had to have a repairman come and fix the gasket on the dryer door and replace the detergent dispenser on the washer. That was just the beginning! There were multiple calls for the same gasket on dryer plus a hose on the washer. The water pump goes out on occasion with a service code of E13 but the tech refused to replace it unless he saw it happen.

The dryer still does not dry laundry very well unless and only on high. I have lost count of the number of service calls for these appliances over the past 3 years for a variety of problems. I will NEVER buy another Electrolux product again. I purchased these appliances because Electrolux was supposed to be a very good quality product, they are not!!!! They are expensive and not worth the money I spent. I gave 1 star only because I couldn't give zero.

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Reviewed Sept. 15, 2019

I would not waste my time on these appliances. I have trashed mine after two years. They do not live up to the hype. I purchased these from Sears and purchased the extended warranty. It takes a long time to get them serviced. The door leaked, clothes get caught in the filter in the dryer and twist and are hard to get undone. The washer finally would not spin and the steamer leaked in to the dryer and would not dry my clothes. Bad product.

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2019

Within 3 years have had 7 repair calls..It takes a week to schedule a repair person, who never has the parts on hand so it requires another week to get parts, reschedule and hopefully fixed. All repairs have been done under warranty and extended warranty (thank god I got the extension). The service call center is nice enough as long as there is no problem. If a problem occurs they are of no use. The last occurrence is the pump going out leaving a washer full of water and clothes. 4 days to get an Electrolux repair person out who can't fix the washer nor can he get the door opened to at least drain it. The repair person told us he would be back in two weeks leaving the washer full. Stonewalled by customer service. I have filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs California.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2019

I purchased a 500 series model washer in February and now in September it is not working- apparently a problem w/ the computer, I will not know for another four days (when the repair person is scheduled to come). From this experience I would be very concerned about the reliability of this brand. When it works the machine does clean the clothes well. Just be aware that the brand may not be reliable. After 7 months and not heavy use I would not expect problems.

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2019

We bought an Electrolux Series 5 Washing machine in April of 2019. It worked beautifully for 2.5 months. Now no hot water or warm water goes into the machine no matter what cycle you choose. I called Electrolux which is owned by Frigidaire and they sent out a "certified" Electrolux repairman. He worked on the machine for over an hour and finally told me it need a new control board. After 10 days and not hearing from anyone I called both Electrolux and the repair folks for an update, came out but in the control board - still no hot or warm water.

Long story short - they have been out now 6 times - still no hot water or warm water but now Electrolux has taken the stance that the machine doesn't really have hot or warm water it's more like lukewarm water (WHAT???). The machine worked exactly like the manual said for 2 months and now I'm being told that there is no hot or warm water because that is the way the designed it... REALLY? Then why is there a "hot" and "warm" water temperature selection. We spent a lot of money on a machine that the company flat does not stand behind or is willing to repair under warranty. And when I did a review of the machine - Electrolux moderated my review and wouldn't let it be posted because they said it drove business away and asked to revise. I bought the machine based on the reviews and now I know that they don't allow any honest reviews to be posted. Beware of this brand.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2019

I have had my Electrolux washer and dryer set for only 2 years and I am trashing the dryer. I had parts replaced last year under warranty, but the same parts failed this year. It will cost me $450 to repair it and the technician didn't think the repair would last more than a year or two. The squeaking and rattling are driving me nuts.

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Reviewed June 24, 2019

Pauses and powers down midcycle. Company keeps sending out techs to find a faulty part but refuses to share previous tech and parts already replaced details. Time on warranty is quickly running out for an expensive purchase like this. You definitely do not get what you pay for. My previous Kenmore set ran for 20 years.

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Reviewed March 11, 2019

We have had 3 different parts break on our gas dryer, and we have only had it 6 months. The company has been good about sending people out to fix it, but they are required to since it's under warranty. The warranty is about to expire, and we are nervous. $300 to extend the warranty, but a new machine is $700. We have buyers remorse.

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Reviewed March 4, 2019

Super easy to use. Love "Nest-type" dial to selection options. Love spin dry. Love appearance. However, I would find it highly improbable one could place a stacked unit on a second floor without vibration. Steam option great in dryer, but unnecessary in washer (although I have a steam model for both appliances).

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2019

They are HE and front loading. I couldn’t be any more pleased with the condition of anything I want to wash or dry. When I found the Electrolux brand, I was sold. They are a very old and reliable brand in vacuums. I knew I would be pleased owning other appliances of theirs.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2019

Machine does not live up to hype to get things clean. Does not ever seem to have enough water in cycle to clean clothes. Has eaten clothes due to pounding of clothes in tumble: zippers or catches rip articles, create holes.

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2019

The Electrolux is a beautiful set in my opinion. It does a very good job so far but I have only owned them for 3 weeks now. I like the touch button on-off and the different settings are easy to read. Overall I like the set.

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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2019

I was talked into this machine by salespeople promising that their wives loved it. It had all the bells & whistles steam, settings for Pet accouterments, a big

sell for me, large drum size (for a single person?) and promised I could exchange if it wasn't right. It arrived as a set. From day 1 I regretted this purchase. But because it fit and was on sale I bought it and after the first exchange and a trip from "Head of Service" with more promises- never put into writing as promised, later denied then reneged upon, I'm stuck. The "Energy Saving" feature is a joke when every load must be especially washed and rinsed twice. TODAY I must call in an outside service tech - now it won't spin after rinse.

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Reviewed Feb. 18, 2019

This is the best front loader washer we have ever used, we replaced our Whirlpool Duet after 13 years of use. The Electrolux out cleans and outperforms by a very large margin. The secret it seems is that it premixes the water and detergent before it enters the cleaning drum. Wow, less soap is used and cleaner clothes.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2014

I purchased an Electrolux Dryer a few months ago and it worked well, until it broke! I have been waiting for about 1 month to have it fixed, yes 1 month. It is obviously still under warranty. The parts are not on backorder. The company they use to service their appliances initially told me it would be a max of two weeks and now it looks like another two weeks. Electrolux finally agreed to ship me the part directly. Now their service company won't put me on the schedule until the part arrives, meaning that I will have to wait another week once I even have the part. I will never, never, never, never ever purchase another Electrolux.

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