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Custom Remodelers
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Custom Remodelers

Lino Lakes, MN

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39 Custom Remodelers Consumer Reviews

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Buyer
Original review: May 26, 2015

My ex-wife (who owns the home) is unemployed. She was approved for county assistance to replace her roof and windows. When CRI Remodelers came by, we told them point-blank that she had no income and could not pay, but she was approved for County assistance to pay for the roof, so if they were going to do this work, the county would have to pay for it. They went ahead and later said that she was approved, so in good faith, she signed some papers for the work to go ahead, not realizing that they hadn't done anything with regard to the county assistance and she was actually signing a loan from a bank.

After the work was all done, she got the loan information in the mail and now CRI says they are all paid in full and are not responsible for this situation, so they have washed their hands of it, and my ex-wife is stuck with a loan for $9,700 with no means to pay. We hope that the county will come through and pay this bill, but we don't know yet.

In any case, CRI has earned itself a huge black eye with their behavior in this situation. While the roof work appears to be good quality, and I'm not faulting them for that at this time. They knew very well that she could not pay for a loan and yet went ahead and deceived her and myself into thinking that everything with the county assistance was in order when it was not. She signed a loan without even realizing it, especially because there was no application for credit; just a general document with no questions about income or anything about a loan on it. We are considering our legal options at this time.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2014

NEVER AGAIN!!! Had a problem with siding melting. Husband called Luke, the salesman, he never calls back. Over a year now. He indicated that the problem was with the windows they installed. The sunlight reflected off window and went to siding and that is why siding melted in that area. FINALLY, husband talked to Judy in customer service (which Luke should have sent us to her in the first place instead of stringing us along for over almost 2 years!!). She knew nothing about the problem we were having, nothing noted in company computer. She sent a man out to the house this morning, and he IMMEDIATELY stated that our house faces north and does not get enough sunlight to reflect off the windows onto the siding!!! Asked if we used our grill in front of house by front door?? I told him that I have a new grill sitting on the patio in the back that I have had for OVER 2 yrs and have never used it!!! He was very nice, but said there is nothing he can do, cannot replace affected area of siding, gave me warranty and suggested I call them. ALMOST 2 YRS DEALING WITH THIS AND NOTHING CAN BE DONE!!! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON LUKE, THE SALESMAN!!! LIKE I SAID BEFORE - NEVER AGAIN!

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2014

We had siding and windows put in about 4 years ago. One of the screens was already ripped when installed. The guy that was putting the windows in said he would be back to replace it. After countless calls and 2 and 1/2 years, the screen was finally replaced. When the siding was done right after the windows were installed, the section just below the roof was done wrong. After countless phone calls and 3 years, it was finally fixed. Last year, some of the side was damaged by a man pulling a dumpster out. We called and kept getting the run around. After 2 months of calling, we finally got a hold of a gentleman that came out and looked at it. Since then, we have been getting one excuse after another why the siding has not been replaced.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 26, 2014

We purchased energy efficient windows from Custom Remodelers in Lino Lakes and we had a great experience. Our house is no longer drafty and cold and we're saving money on heating bills. The windows are beautiful and the installers did an excellent job. I would highly recommend this company.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 9, 2013

The first time we dealt with CRI was September 2010. We were in the market for new windows and they happened to have a solicitor walk past our "no solicitor" signs at the end of our driveway at just the right time. Fortunately for them I was in a good mood at the time. A few days later, "Luke" came to give us an estimate on windows for the whole house. I'm in sales, so I wasn't surprised with the "closer" showed up about the time Luke would be finishing with the demo part and start talking numbers. (The "closer" helps talk the customer into the sale.) The original estimate was for $35,000. We do have a lot of windows in the house, but not $35,000 worth. We talked them down to $14,000. The windows were installed in November 2010.

Two of the windows are quite large, and the removable screens were installed improperly. It took several months but finally, one year after the windows were installed, someone showed up to check the problem with the windows. Somehow this requires a sales person to come out instead of one of the installers. We didn't realize until later this is one of their tactics to get a sales person back in the door. This sales guy came, checked the problem with the screens, started chit-chatting a bit.

At some point, while sitting at our dining room table, he had the audacity to use the word "**". We have four kids with Down syndrome!!!! My wife gave him a bit of a lecture on the use of hate speech. Lucky him! Anyway, we had one large window left to replace, as well as a patio door so he took measurements for those and gave us an estimate. Somehow the topic of attic insulation came up, something we have needed for a while. He would send someone out to take measurements.

Sometime in winter 2011 the large window was installed. We opted not to do the patio door because they wanted $8,000 for that door which was way overpriced. We ordered the insulation but told them the insulation would have to wait because we had started a kitchen remodeling project and they couldn't access the attic during that time. The guys showed up with the insulation anyway, but "needed to go rent a blower". (These are professionals and they needed to rent their equipment?) My wife told them no, they couldn't install. There wasn't a ceiling over the kitchen! They put all the insulation in our garage. We completed our remodel in April 2012 and informed them they could blow the insulation in. They didn't show up until late summer 2013.

In late fall 2012, we got a phone call there was a problem with our contract. That we had ordered a patio door and the paperwork was messed up and we would need to redo it. The guy came saying we had signed one part of a contract, but not another. My wife was adamant we were being taken advantage of, and I should NOT sign anything else. The guy said "We've had this patio door in our warehouse for over a year but we didn't know what customer it was supposed to go to.

Finally, we went through all the files and found it is for your house. “It's already built, and these are all custom made." We were told all the various sales guys we'd dealt with were no longer with the company so they couldn't go back to check where the problem happened. We argued about this paperwork for a couple of hours, finally saying "screw it" and signed what he wanted us to sign. Oh, but the door that was originally $8,000, he would do us a "favor" and sell it to us at cost of $5,000.

That door, that was supposedly sitting in their warehouse, wasn't installed for several MONTHS. It finally went in March 2013. On November 9th, 2013, we received a phone call from "Luke". He was the original salesman who sold us the windows back in 2010. Interesting that we were told he was no longer with the company. Anyway, he claimed there was a "problem with our paperwork." He said our contract for the patio door (that was installed 9 months ago had "expired" and we would need to resign it.

So we have supposedly had two problems with contracts that have either "expired" or would need new signatures for whatever reason? This just reeks of wanting to get someone back in our door again. We're done with them. They are high-pressure salesman and these "contract" issues, if they are true problems, are representative of a company who either can't manage its paperwork, or are looking for ways to screw customers out of another few thousand dollars.

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Original review: Jan. 11, 2011

We received a quote for a garage door from them. Despite being asked repeatedly to stop calling us, they will not stop the high pressure sale and harassing phone calls.

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Original review: March 31, 2010

We have BBB and AGs office that have addressed all issues involved, and found us compliant and in good faith. Jason is venting after the fact and not even close to the truth; see attached documents from both the AG and BBB. Custom Remodelers and this customer have neutrally agreed. We thank the Better Business Bureau for their help in this matter. We have documents from the Better Business Bureau, the customer that give the details about what happened.

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Original review: March 20, 2010

On June 15th, 2009, my wife and I had a representative from C.R.I come out to our home to give us estimation on installing a new patio door. We were only looking for an estimate but instead we were pressured into paying for a service that we did not want at the time. We are a younger couple and felt like the representative pressured us into signing up for work that we really didn't want. We were told that we would have 3 days after the final measurements were taken to cancel the order without any problems. We were told the patio door and other windows were going to be custom made, so we could wait on canceling the order.

On Friday, July 31 a representative came out to take the final measurements. They came later in the afternoon. We decided on Monday August 3 that we didn’t want the order anymore. We were told that the custom door was already made and we couldn't cancel the order. We were told that the fine print said we had 3 days after the initial order was placed and that’s not what the representative told us when we first placed the order. We were lied to and they claimed that we were in the wrong because of the fine print.

I didn't understand how they could have finished in that short of time, especially over a weekend. We were told that the only way to cancel the order is that we had to give them $1714.00 or 25% of the order to cancel. We reluctantly paid. We compromised on them delivering the door but we had to put the door in ourselves. When we received the door, we unwrapped it and tried to place it in the spot where the old one was. This new door didn't fit. It was not long enough. I had to put insulation in to cover the gaps. Also, the "new" glass in the door has a sticker on it stating that it was made on 06/08/2006. It was 3 year old glass, not a "new" one as we were led to believe.

I then called up C.R.I and told them about the door and glass and they argued that we signed a document that stated that we were receiving the new custom door as is. We have been repeatedly lied to and feel that as a younger couple we were taken advantage of. They showed us no respect during this ordeal. I called the company and expressed that I wanted to speak to one of the owners and repeatedly I was forced to talk to Mr. B., one of the managers. So I feel that they know they were in the wrong because none of the 3 owners would talk to me. We are late on sending this to small claims court because we sent letters to both the Better Business Bureau and Minnesota Attorney General and we were waiting for their responses on the situation. They told us to contact the small claims court for some action to take place. That is why I'm sending this in now. We are out $1714.00 plus $54.00 from a deposit fee. Also, we have a patio door that doesn't fit and is not even new. We can't afford another door or to have someone come out and fix their mistake.

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2008

We had a sales rep. with this company come out to give us an estimate and check for storm damage of our roof. His name was Burt Blackwell. He told us we had wind damage to our roof. He failed to actually go on top of our roof because he said he just had hip surgery or something to that matter, but he pointed out to us from the ground where he could see the damage to our house and garage.

When our adjuster from our insurance company came out to do an inspection he found hail damage NOT wind damage to our roof and window wraps, but NOT our garage. He gave us an replacement value cost for $5406.88. When Burt came back over to draw up a contract with us I explained to him what our adjuster found and that we also have two rubber roofs on our house and there was no storm damage to either of them and he would have to deduct the square footage off for them because they were not covered by the insurance, so the price of there estimate came down to 3200.00 Burt offered to replace both of the rubber roof for the full amount that I was getting back from the insurance company, but instead I ask him how much it would cost me to replace my garage being that I had money left from my claim and I rather have my garage done to match my house then worry about the rubber roofs. He quoted me $600.00. So we agreed to that, which brought our total to 3882.00. This is the amount that was agreed upon by both parties and was signed to on the contract.

It took them about a month in a half before they stated on my roof, but two days after they started I received a call while I was at work from another rep. stating that Burt Blackwell was no longer with the company and he was going though his paper work and found a problem with our contract saying that we signed a insurance claim contract agreement and we needed to pay the full amount that we where getting from our insurance company plus our deductible. I told him the amount that we agreed upon and was in the contract is for 3882.00 and that is all I had to pay. Then the owner of the company got on the phone with me ( Mr. Craig Carpenter) and started to go off on me being very mean saying I will pay this amount our he will take me to court and put a lien on my house.

I told him a contract is a contract and this is what his company agreed on. He wanted me to sign a new contract that evening and pay 1/2 of what we owed. I refused. As of today 1/18/2008 I received a certified letter which contained a lien on my house. In the amount of 5406.88 and they haven't even finished the job. The roof of my house and garage was completed around 12/20 but no one has been back to do the wraps on my window. And according to the lien they had finished the work! There is also damage that was done to our screens in the back of our house from their ladders and from them throwing matireals off from the roof. They left a mess in our yard making it unsafe for our kids and our car because there was a numerous amount of nails left on our driveway and yard and equipment.

They threw off the shingles from our garage onto our glass top patio when they could of just moved it aside. The pulled down our Christmas lights leaving them dangle from the house. They did however put them back up, but they just threw them into the gutters and now they are frozen in and we can't get them out.

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