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Reviewed Oct. 11, 2019

I used a guest pass today with a member. When I filled out their waiver form they asked to hold my driver's license. I said I did not like that idea and asked why that was necessary. I was told it's "policy" so they know who is in the club. Well the waiver form has more than enough information for them to "know" who's in the club so this is nothing more than a thinly veiled method of forcing you to speak to membership before you leave.

This type of "used car lot" tactic to force you to talk to an "associate" is already a red flag to me. After reading many many one star reviews discussing the tremendous difficulty of cancelling their contract I have decided not to get involved with this organization. It's a great facility but signing up reminds me of "Hotel California" by the Eagles. You can check in but you can never check out. No thanks.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2019

I paid $$$ upfront so I only have to pay $98 a year. They have incompetent staff as I asked many times if I owed money (including last month) and was told no. So apparently this is the main scam in this industry. I specifically asked when I paid my wife's membership in March if I owed money for my membership and I was told I did not. Then my wife and I started going again a few weeks ago, no problem getting in (went 3 times) until tonight. The very first time back last month I specifically asked again if I owed money because I said I thought my membership fees might be due and I was told I did not. Tonight they say my membership is inactive and I haven't paid for two years??? I finally get the manager after talking to other people who couldn't do anything and he can't do anything either.

I show him the person who told me my membership was good and he acts like he isn't even in the same company, totally bizarre. My credit score is over 800 and I ALWAYS pay my bills when I get them. I called the manager on the scam and he says it was MY responsibility to make sure my account was paid. Sorry, if I ask your staff if I owe money and they tell me I don't, what am I to do? Unbelievable that the manager of the facility said he doesn't have the power to do anything, I'd have to call corporate. Well, I called corporate and the lady said they wouldn't be able to do anything and when I asked for someone else, she sent me to voicemail.

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Reviewed July 18, 2019

When we first joined, we were told that if we had to cancel it would just be $35. Unfortunately, it was not until now that we read the 2 year contact and saw that it says $50 to cancel and we are not allowed to cancel unless we move very far away. We are moving out of state but they require that we submit proof of utility payments or something?!? We are unable to do that since we are traveling to different Airbnb’s for the next 6 months (across the county) then relocating to a different state afterwards. They will not allow us to cancel since we will no longer be living in this state, this is ridiculous!

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Reviewed Feb. 7, 2019

I was previously with LVAC and used my 2-year contract up and then canceled as I left town. It was an awful relationship during those 2 years but I made it work. When I came back to town I signed up again. I was told I could cancel for $50 (I was also told this my first go around so I did not misunderstand or hear incorrectly). I called to cancel because I never go because it is inconvenient (location wise), overly crowded for when I can go and the people have gotten rude (employees not gym goers). I was told I had to pay my contract in full less 25%. I brought up the 50$ thing and was told that is not anything they do and to review my contract. If it is not something they offer why did I get told it twice and it appears a ton of other people have the same issue. My younger sister canceled her contract for $35 and she was about 8 months into it. Complete BS.

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Reviewed March 23, 2018

In an attempt to lower my monthly membership costs by $8 a month by switching from $35 a month that included a poor towel service, one size and coarse feeling against your skin. A body fat and training in person guide that was useless in my case. Reducing these 3 amenities to $26 a month was then going to incur another charge of $35 just to switch it. This is after 3 weeks of being a member in total. I paid the $99 to not have a contract because who signs a contract for anything anymore (26 months is theirs).

Do the math yourselves if you must. My complaint is simple. Like many companies try to overcharge naive customers by including it into a contract no one would read nor understand and not explaining it during the initial sign up. My goal is to stop Las Vegas Athletic Club from overcharging all members. Including American Veterans with Disabilities. This review will be sent to BBB,, YELP, FACEBOOK, and every other online review possible.

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Reviewed March 9, 2018

Some guy made my husband sign a contract and told us that it's just 5 dollars and you can decide within a month whether you want to continue coming, but after that day we did not go to the gym. After 2 months we get a call saying that you are into a contract that has your sign on it and we cannot help it. Either pay the amount or we will send it to collections. Ridiculous behavior by the management when we told them the situation. I don't know where to make a complaint about this.

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Reviewed March 5, 2018

Unbelievable. This place is fraudulent. They will continue to charge your credit card, and refuse to reimburse. Total crooks. And the customer service people basically laugh in your face about it. NEVER CONSIDER JOINING, regardless of if you like the facility (way too crowded), or expect to just keep paying whether you use it or not. Sucks I have to give it a star, it deserves a zero. Absolute worst management you could ever imagine, they must not have souls. If an attorney is considering class action against these crooks, please feel free to contact me.

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2018

The gym is nice, but it is often overcrowded, so after our two year contract was up, we switched to a smaller gym. Oddly enough, we're still getting aggressive calls about renewal. It's ridiculous honestly. I blocked their number but this morning the blocking app reported 7 calls from them in like a one minute time frame. Our last payment was in November so we only had that one month left and when it was over we left. I'm not sure what's going on with them but it's annoying.

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Reviewed Jan. 2, 2018

I've been a member of LVAC since 2011. They have always had the newest equipment and strive to keep it in good working order. As an example, last year they replaced ALL of their old spin machines with brand new ones. Their classes are top notch... HEAT, the Les Mills classes, Kettlebells, all really well run with good strong instructors. Is it busy sometimes? Yep, just like every gym, but if you want a great gym at a great price, this is the place.

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2017

I joined hoping that swimming would help my multiple sclerosis. I am unable to lift weights or run/treadmill. I used the membership for 9 months but my MS has progressed and I can no longer swim. I went to cancel and brought a doctor’s note that said I was disabled. The very young woman behind the counter kept saying the word "contract" and then said "I never heard of multiple sclerosis. Is it serious?". Really. I am disabled and they refuse to cancel my account. I am close to having to live in a wheelchair. Should I bring that into the gym and then drop myself into the pool with dead legs and no lifeguard? I take 3 pain pills per day. I cannot utilize this gym anymore and they don’t care about disabled individuals.

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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2017

I read through the reviews on LVAC. Most of them were negative. Quite a few of them mentioned the used-car-salespersonish vibe of the staff at LVAC. Many focused on what appeared to be the underhanded and unethical tactics LVAC either tacitly tolerates or actively encourages with respect to their contract terms, esp when it comes to cancellations. However, the newest LVAC in North Las Vegas on Decatur is closer to my house than my current gym and looks nice from the outside. So, I went to visit with all of that in mind. On my first visit, I can confirm that the salesperson giving me the tour, in my opinion, very much fit the bill of a high-pressure salesperson that I'd expect to encounter on a used car lot. The gym, at about noon on a weekday, was very crowded. I told the salesperson that I thought the gym was very crowded.

He laughed and said "this isn't crowded". I replied, "Dude, this is super-crowded. I've gone to gyms all over the country for the last 30 years. This is crowded." It was odd to me that the salesperson attempted to brush off the idea that an obviously crowded gym wasn't crowded. If that wasn't crowded (according to him), I'd hate to see it when it is crowded. No thanks. After he departed, I did a shoulder workout there using dumbbells for a portion of it. There were so many people that it was difficult to even approach the dumbbell rack and even more difficult to find a spot to perform my exercise (forward dumbbell raises in this case, for example). The crowding made me appreciate that maybe belonging to a gym with a slightly higher price point (I currently belong to 24-Hour Fitness) is a positive because it tends to reduce the crowding to a more manageable level.

I went back a second time yesterday because my girlfriend wanted to check it out. When I left LVAC after my first visit, the salesperson on the way out, gave me a one-day pass for two people (they force you to visit the sales office after your trial work out because they take your driver's license while you're working out). This time, the salesperson, Dawn, who "greeted" us, also proved to be shifty. I told her that I was concerned about the cancellation and auto-renew clauses in the contract. I explained that I had read through quite a few LVAC reviews and many of them complained about LVAC's apparently unethical conduct with regards to the contract.

She rolled her eyes and explained that she had worked at LVAC for more than 20 years and that "all you have to do" is physically go into the downtown office and present your papers, pay the $50 fee, and you're canceled - easy-peasy. She went on to assert that the people complaining about it must have tried to cancel after they moved and did not physically go to the office. Regardless, she said, she had never heard of anyone being concerned about the cancellation policy or the auto-renew feature. Hmm - another LVAC salesperson attempting to brush off my concerns and make me feel a little off for having concerns. Not cool. In the world of psychology, they call Dawn's tactics "gaslighting": "it attempts to destabilize the target and de-legitimize the target's belief".

So I told her not to do that. I raised my hand and told her those are my concerns and if she hadn't heard them before, she's hearing them now from me. I told her that if I was going to sign a contract, I would want to write in my own language clarifying the cancellation and auto-renew policies. She laughed under her breath. It took everything I had to not lash out verbally. That about did it for me, but I figured since I was there, I'd get the free work out in. This time, a Sunday afternoon at about 3 pm, the gym was not exceptionally crowded but even then, it was a little bit difficult to find space to do a couple of exercises - deadlifts, for example. The cardio equipment there is LifeFitness. It is nice. And they have Hammer Strength, which is a plus in my opinion.

On the way out, we again had to retrieve our driver's licenses. As they were pulling them from their file, I asked if I could have a blank, voided copy of the contract to take home to review. The salesperson (a different guy this time) told me that they were not allowed to do that. He said I could review it there at the gym. To me, that is absolutely sketchy to not allow a potential customer that opportunity. And with that, I was D - O - N - E with LVAC. LVAC very much matches the tone of the negative reviews I read about it. LVAC - sketchy, shady, unethical, unprofessional operation that is too crowded. But, if you don't mind any of that, they have some nice equipment. My recommendation - avoid LVAC.

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Reviewed Nov. 20, 2017

Updated on 11/09/2020: I joined LVAC in 2016 and used the services only once. I found it uncomfortable and stuffy. I moved from Las Vegas to Hawaii in 2017 and tried to contact them before I left several times. I finally got ahold of a human and tried to submit my new lease to cancel and they wouldn't accept it. They said I needed 2 forms of proof. So when I arrived in Hawaii and renewed my drivers license I submitted that and my lease and they said that wasn't I send it again with my utility bill and heard nothing. 6 months later I received a phone call from a collection agency telling me to pay them because LVAC sent my account to collections. It's been 3 years and 3 different agencies have tried to collect. I just keep telling them my circumstances...They sell it to another and it starts all over again. This is what you get with LVAC...bad customer service and credit problems. Go there at your own risk, and financial peril.

Original review: I recently moved out of Nevada and before I left I contacted LVAC to cancel my membership. I went to the gym and was given a phone number for the headquarters. It took several tries to get a human that would not transfer me to automatic information that kept telling me what I needed to cancel. I am still trying to cancel this waste of money... Does anyone out there know a way to get these crooks to actually stop taking your money. It's bad enough that when I got the membership I told them I didn't want a membership contract and 4 times they told me I was only signing for my gym card... Now I can't seem to get them to STOP taking my money... Any help would be appreciated.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2017

When I signed up for LVAC I was told by the sales representative that I could cancel for $50 at any time if I did not like it. I went there to try to get in shape by swimming but the chlorine level extremely stung my eyes and I wanted out. When I tried to quit they told me there is no such policy and I would have to pay off the membership. I am currently looking for other people who have gotten screwed by these people and I am up to 3. My phone number is ** if you are another person who has been frauded.

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Reviewed July 18, 2017

Corporate incompetence. The employee who puts in the website, class schedule and their rooms is not doing their job! Thereby wasting my time and energy, very frustrating. And some of the employees are rude. I've asked for a refund as this is not working for me, answer, NO. So I've wasted $150.00.

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Reviewed May 21, 2017

I have read the previous reviews and 3/4 of them are assorted complaints about the attempted cancellation of two-year contractual memberships. Personally I think it is obvious to anyone on the day they sign up that the membership is a two-year membership of $10 to join and for $23 per month for two years which I feel is a reasonable price. There are other shorter term memberships at other prices, but the reviewers chose to buy themselves a two-year membership and then write a hostile review when it couldn't be easily cancelled after one month or two. The solution to that is not to sign a long-term contract if you don't fully intend to follow the through.

One reviewer said something about equipment being occupied or the parking lot being full. I go to the Maryland location near Karen in the AM hours, and I have not personally had that problem, the parking is plentiful, the gym is not particularly all that crowded. Someone said something about teen staff cleaning equipment, and I will state that this is true, a young staff member does hover about with a wet rag wiping here and there, but neither is the equipment dusty, grimy or sweaty, so pick your complaints wisely.

Someone said something about the pool or steam room being closed for repairs and for servicing. That only happened once for 48 hours, and it was only the hot tub. There is no chronic problem of many things being down for lengthy repairs during my time there. Also, you can get a free pass for 24 hours online, so try it out for one day, or take a free tour. When in doubt don't sign a long term deal, get a short term deal until you're sure. At the end of the day, $23 a month is less than $1.00 per day, billed to your bank card gradually each month, so if you have to finish the contract, it isn't going to break the bank. Most of us can handle that kind of financial obligation.

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2016

Do not join this gym, you will wait forever for a machine to workout on. There are signs and even in-house CCTV ads saying not to make sounds while working out or you must not smell... lol. What about CELLPHONES!!!! There are so many people hogging up a machine by sitting there texting for like 10 minutes straight. LVAC says NOTHING about this. The only way to get on the machine is to verbally threaten the person texting, which is easy to do because it's usually a girl or a small guy.

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Reviewed Dec. 22, 2016

Be careful with that gym. In my experience they cheated me, they told me that I could cancel at any time for $50 and it turns out that it is a lie. Now they want to charge me $385. They're not serious. They're some delinquent liars, thieves who deceive the customer. I do not speak English well and I said I do not understand English well. Then I return with my friend to translate me and they told me not to go you we are looking for someone to translate. I thought that kind people are going to help me, but no, it was to cheat me and I was cheated.

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2016

This gym shut down the entire pool area for a 2 week renovation. Manager says the steam room has knee pumps and works better than before. Never shut down in last 3 years I've been coming here. Since renovations in April 2016 it's been shut almost every weekend minus 2 or 3 tops. Now into September still closed and they will never tell you why. No one says if it's broke or anything. Just keep putting up signs. It's a joke.

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Reviewed June 8, 2016

When I first moved to vegas about 4 years ago I got a membership for my current fiance at the time and myself under my name and my bank account. After trying to cancel when she was moving (she only lives there a month before she left) They told me they needed proof of address change etc. This was impossible as she didn't even have a NV id in the first place. Anyway I drove all the way down to try to pay the cancel fee of 50$, the lady gave me the runaround and refused. So I unauthorized it from my bank so they couldn't draft anymore. I was still willing to keep and pay for my membership before this. This resulted in them charging me an absurd 600+ dollars and putting me into collections. Now they do not respond with my emails trying to work it out and come back. An absolute miscarriage of customer service all around. There are plenty of other good gyms in this city. I regret even considering coming back to this one.

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Reviewed May 31, 2016

It is ridiculous that while I am using a machine that the cleaning lady literally cleans underneath my seat and all around on both sides of me. I have to be careful not to hit her with the machine as I use the machine. All weekend they have another cleaning lady in the prime Saturday and Sunday packed hours steam cleaning the floor while everyone tries to edge around so they can walk through. I hate this place. On top of this, the spin instructor banned those from her class that wear their own headphones. This place is ridiculous!!!

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Reviewed April 26, 2016

I was a member of the Las Vegas Athletic Club for two years. I had 22 years in the military and I am retired, 19 more years working for the Government and retired. I am 62 years old. On April 1, 2015, I wrote an email to VP Bill ** about several issues I had while working out at LVAC. I have talked to several of his managers, Joe and Vince, at LVAC several times about these issues before writing Mr. **.

While working out I kept on receiving derogatory comments about my military service and my age. The people that made the comments made it easy to hear because they nearly shouted their comments out. Comments like POPs and derogatory four letter words that accompanied POP. I don't know how but everyone knew my first and last name. I thought that was very strange because I never talked to anyone in the club, I kept to myself. The only way they could of got that information is if an employee gave it to them, I would think that is a privacy act violation. I hope no other information was given to everyone. An LVAC employee named Lilly, made several comments about me which she made sure I would hear. Her comment "forget him he is mean" to several customers in the gym. I told her supervisor about her comment and I can surmise that it fell on deaf ears.

One night, several people made some comments about me and I shouted out stop making those comments. That's when a manager talked to me in his office. After the talk I went back and finished my workout. I went home and emailed the VP of LVAC, Bill ** about the issues I had in one of his clubs. Mr. ** responded back to me cancelling my membership. The reason he gave me is basically I did not fit in with the crowd at LVAC. I never received a warning letter in the two years that I used LVAC and after making a complaint my membership was cancelled. I believe that is discrimination. I called an attorney and he said I did not have a case. I feel very upset and very slighted on this situation. Never even a warning letter the two years I used the club and paid my dues every month on time. I make a complaint and get cancelled.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2016

Well I just cancelled my LVAC membership after weeks of terrible experiences. I've been a member for 12 years. The gym is extremely overcrowded and filthy. The front desk employees are always on their phone or talking to each other so it takes far too long just to check in. I ordered a protein shake and had to wait 15 minutes because the girl went in the back room and forgot I ordered something and I was the ONLY customer. None of the employees will help with anything because they either don't speak English or are too busy watching TV or on their phones. Last but definitely not least and this is a big problem that they play the same 5 crappy old songs that are way too loud. None listens to it. We all have our own music that we can't hear because LVAC terrible music is so loud. I'm officially done at LVAC!

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2015

The 215 & Flamingo location in Las Vegas, most of the greeters are teenagers. They are very unprofessional. They have no supervision at all. They always talking to each other. They check you out expecting to found something wrong with your membership... Looks like.

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Reviewed Oct. 8, 2015

I moved to a new state where there were no LVAC clubs. I called to cancel my membership and was directed to email supporting new address documents. 2 months pass and I called to ask why I am still being billed for membership that was cancelled. They informed me they never received my documents nor had they received the $50 cancellation fee. When I told them I was not directed on this they said they would review the audio tapes. I called my bank to dispute the charges as I had the documentation trail to support my dispute against LVAC. 3 months later they were now trying to collect past due amounts as they were still charging me. Knowing that I had disputed and gotten my rightful money back I paid the $50 if this is what it would take to get them out of my life.

Fast forward to today, 7 months later I get a call that the bank will not pay them and they are now going to reinstate my membership along with the disputed amount. If I do not pay, I will then go to collection. I told them they are now harassing me with this call yet Patti said this was a courtesy call. I explained that I had the documentation to support my actions as well as the receipt of my cancellation payment. I then said I need my $50 back as this is cancellation funds that were accepted on their behalf. She refused to give me back my money and said they will reinstate my membership.

How can this be legal as I paid the cancellation and got confirmation of cancellation? How can a company legally reinstate a cancelled membership in which they collected a cancellation fee? Is this not their "written" acceptance of my cancellation? There has to be some legal recourse that can be pursued. I like the idea of a class action against this company as I see there are many more individuals who have had membership and payment issues with this company.

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Reviewed July 31, 2015

Several years have been subjected to rude, loudmouth and lack to correct through proper hiring, training with non-offensive basic customer skills happens all too often at the 215 and Eastern Las Vegas Athletic Club. Too many memberships sold, no occupancy followed overcrowded, ignoramus using pool facilities as a locker room. Dirty Street apparel and footwear lined up outside Sauna, Steam Room and a General Manager who is grossly out of shape that creates problems for select members. A liar who is mostly likely dishonest as the two go hand and hand.

This wrong one for the job has and without notice, in a communist fashion, harassed several members, including now myself without any basis. With bad procedure and an employer that has failed to remedy as they rob the public with 30-day suspensions. No notification, random and without any checks in an acceptable timeframe. Nazi business tactics, unchecked and unfollowed up by the owners and the incompetent upper management. My health and wellness has been compromised. My time to get a reasonable response still not answered, my schedule and rights as a paid up member.

Time for a review of what employees can do while the supposed leaders/management/ownership operate with an imposing, offensive and possible criminal dishonest decay. No young adolescent should be in an environment with the unawareness of the few mentally delayed thieves of time and funds of the membership. Victims of idiot asleep at the wheel with dereliction of simple for most job duties. Don't waste membership time with imagination and lie to back it up. The numbers are growing and the complacency is more obvious than ever. Time for a thorough or continue to fail, not my problem. Straighten up and leave respectable, hardworking customers alone. Without corrective action you remain in substandard and declining with lack. - The terrorized member.

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Reviewed July 15, 2015

I love the club and been a customer for 9 years total, which makes me feel so upset that every time I've had to call them I feel so (pardon my language) screwed over by them. I called them on the day my bill was due. ON THE DAY my bill was due I had to give them my new billing information so that they could process my payment. They still charged me a fee despite my payment not being late. Out of 9 years I've had to call a total of three times. I seem to be getting a fee those few times I had new information.

I was not late, I've been a customer for almost a decade, this time I spoke to a manager who made those 3 times in 9 years seem like I do it often but with new jobs/life changes. Updating my new payment information 3 times seems pretty normal and considering that my payment wasn't late and I'm not trying to avoid my bill, I expect more from them when it comes to dealing with long time loyal customers. They are a bad representation of the people that work within the clubs. Shame on you LVAC!

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Reviewed March 25, 2015

DO NOT SIGN UP!! Nothing short of a doctor's note saying you can never use the gym for the rest of your life will get you out of this contract. Even then, the fee costs too much! I would select negative stars for this shady gym. When I signed up I walked in with a new co-worker, turned out she was not 18 yet. I had no idea until we were talking with the scam-artist/employee. Instead of being happy with one shady deal with my own sign-up, he told us I only had to sign my name on her form for her to come when I am there. I even asked “what would happen if neither of us worked at our part-time jobs anymore, how could we close our accounts?” He said “that would be no problem” we only have to call corporate and I would have nothing to do with this girl's account.

Two years later I toughed out the contract and NOW I AM BEING SENT TO COLLECTIONS FOR THIS GIRL'S ACCOUNT!! I don't even know her! First off I was told this was not what I was signing for, I ASKED. And second since I obviously was lied to, WHY WASN'T I INFORMED WHEN SHE LEFT AND THE BILL WAS THROWN AT ME WHEN I ENDED MY CONTRACT!? They were going to let me believe everything was fine until I decided to end my membership and NEVER NOTIFY ME OF THIS MONEY "OWED", I canceled my membership one month ago and I have just received this collections notice from an outsourced company WITHOUT NOTIFICATION FROM LVAC.

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Reviewed March 20, 2015

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. THIS COMPANY IS A TOTAL RACKET. Wrote a letter into corporate to cancel my month to month membership and 2 months later, I was STILL being charged. When I FINALLY got through to customer service on the phone, they were EXTREMELY rude and completely unwilling to help resolve the situation. The lady claimed she was a manager but refused to give her name for future reference, and eventually HUNG up the phone on me intentionally before I could finish the conversation. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY BUSINESS, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO (a quick Google search on reviews will yield countless customer reviews with similar results who had a nightmare dealing with this awful company). I've never encountered service with a company this bad before, and that says a lot. Just say no.

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Reviewed March 18, 2015

My daughter went in to join for a temporary amount of time because she was moving out of state in several months. She was told that she can apply for a month to month membership and that she can cancel at any time without any fees. Just give a month in advance notice which she did. So she trustingly decided to join. As soon as time came to cancel, she was now told that she would have to contact member services to handle it. Understandable. A 50.00 cancellation fee plus several documents to prove she left was needed. Train your sales people to know the process before they start improvising and lying just to get a sale. Nice facility, but I would never recommend to anyone. LYING IS BAD.

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Reviewed March 16, 2015

About a year ago I thought it would be nice to buy a friend a gym membership. I used my card and paid the total lump sum for 6 months. I explained several times to the salesperson this was a 1-time payment, if my friend liked it they would renew themselves, this was a gift not a lifetime thing, and the salesperson was like, "Oh yeah, great idea and no problem, that's very nice, we do things like this all the time. " blah blah blah.

Literally the entire basis of the purchase was that I could make a one-time non-recurring payment in case my friend decided they didn't want it. That was the whole conversation. Well predictably judging by the complaints I've seen with the BBB, they had other plans. Several months later I get a letter about late payments. I assume it's a mistake and contact them explaining I already paid, it was a one-time thing, non-recurring etc. They were rude. Treated me like I was a thief, and were condescending saying something to the effect that "well if you can't afford it you shouldn't have signed it." I then made a complaint to the corporate office and they emailed me a copy of a contract that I NEVER SIGNED! I was baffled and floored.

Then I remembered. After our agreement and after swiping my card the very polite salesperson said to me, "We just need your signature here, and we usually just leave these areas blank for a one-time payment and I'll make a note in the system." Are you kidding me? Obviously they went back and wrote in whatever they wanted, in this case a contract for several years.

I know some may think, "well you shouldn't have signed it" but I never for a second imagined a business this public would do something so dirty. That's how the mafia operates, not an athletic club. I assumed this was the exact contract every person signs and so OBVIOUSLY there would be places for long term monthly contracts and since these didn't apply to me it was no big deal leaving them blank. I mean, I'm not paranoid, I don't generally assume a business like this is looking to rip me off in such a blatant and dirty way, maybe I need to be more cynical.

I explained all of this to their corporate office and didn't hear back, so I hoped it was resolved, but after all of this I sort of doubted it. Sure enough, yesterday I get a letter from a collections agency saying I owe over $700 (Keep in mind I paid like $200-$300 upfront for 6 months, this was not cheap). Here's some additional background: My friend used this once and got very sick close to that time and spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital, unable to workout. LVAC basically got $200-$300 from me for 1 gym visit WHICH I'M FINE WITH BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I AGREED TO!

Sorry for yelling. But it's not like they are out money on this. They already made a ton for 0 work and 1 gym visit. What I refuse to do is give them another $700 for something I did not sign and for something never used. Any help is appreciated, and others with complaints, we need to get the word out about this company. Apparently they do this all the time. Is there some kind of collective lawsuit we can do maybe? They should be shut down, let another gym that runs their business more honestly fill their spot.

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