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Reviewed June 20, 2022

I have used the guys for a very long time. Worst company ever. I want to switch banks, but I can't change my direct deposit. Very frustrating to say the least. However, I would highly suggest not to use this company. It isn't even really truly associated with PayPal.

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Reviewed April 12, 2022

I have had this card for about 3 months now, my tax return was deposited on it and I deposit cash daily because I have a small business. No problems at all, being a small business owner this card is very handy for daily deposits and no line waiting like at banks.

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Customer Service

Reviewed April 9, 2022

I have had nothing but struggles with this entity from the start. First, they sit on your money when it goes into the account. I have had to file multiple disputes when refunds or deposits have been issued taking upwards of 60 days to have access to those funds. Still have one pending even though I closed the account. Very slow response times to message service. Unable to communicate effectively over phone due to language barriers. State they do direct deposit but it has never worked for me. Applied for a replacement card a month ago and still haven't received it so I closed the account. Horrible experience. Do not do it.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Jan. 28, 2022

I bought PayPal prepaid card on CVS and added $40.00 plus fees, I only bought it to use it one time within three weeks but I had to activate it first in order to be use. I called PayPal and I was told that I need to pay a monthly fee and I said no I’m not going to continuing using this card as the only reason that I bought it was just to use it as a gift card. I requested my money back, I asked to deposit the money in my PayPal account & they said that the only way is sending the money through mail and I haven’t received my money back and has been 3 months. I’ve had called them back so many times and last time I got to talk to someone they told me that the check is on its way.. What? That’s just the same thing that customer service has told me every time I talk to them and I still not received my money back.. They should have let me withdraw my money from the card from from the ATM or drugstore, Publix that give cash back when you make a purchase.

Also last time I asked to talk to a supervisor as I’m really mortified of this lousy prepaid card customer services and the person or agent that spoke to me said that he’s going to transfer me to the manager left me waiting for over an hour on my phone and nobody picked up or answer the phone. After this last time talking with a representative I can’t get to talk to any other representative because PayPal prepaid phone number automated system bot ask for my card number or other information and it says that I’m not in their system and so the automatic phone system bot hung up on me & when I get to talk to someone always hang up the phone after me giving all my information. This the worst prepaid/gift card ever! STAY AWAY FROM PAYPAL PREPAID CARD. Is not the same as the real PAYPAL platform 3rd party to shop online and make or receive payments!

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Reviewed Jan. 9, 2022

This card is an ABSOLUTE waste of time. I cannot wait to throw it in the trash. Say for example you buy $120 worth of items for a store online, you then receive an email saying “One of the items has been refunded. You haven’t been charged. Your new total is $117.” When you check your prepaid card online, your account will say “$120 pending” and “$117 pending”. They will HOLD/take away those 2 amounts for about 24 days. Their whole “we'll get back to you in 48 hours” is laughable. 9 days is when they finally messaged me something completely unrelated. And don’t you DARE get gas with this card. $80 will be taken out, along with 2 separate transactions of however much money you actually pumped. So you’re looking at spending $200+ on a $60 gas charge. That you won’t receive your money back from for about 29 days.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Dec. 28, 2021

I purchased a prepaid card back in Nov 2021 in the amount of $60 and called customer service to activate the card. I was told right away that the card was unable to be activated with no explanation. They were supposed to be sending a refund check that I waited 30 days for to receive. The check never came so I called customer service and was told they were going to issue another check. I asked if I could have them deposit into my PayPal account and was told a check refund was the only way to receive my money. I have been waiting a little over a week and now I'm on the phone for the 3rd time for resolution. I was told another check would be sent and I demanded to speak with a supervisor. I was told no supervisors were available for 20 mins. I advised I would hold and currently still holding as I'm typing. Bottomline, stay away from this prepaid card and use your local bank.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Nov. 30, 2021

I had my phone stolen & they got my account numbers. My account was hacked, so I called PayPal Prepaid Mastercard customer service & cancelled my card. However before doing so I asked if we would still be able to access our money using my husband's card. I was reassured that wouldn't be a problem beings they have different numbers. I ordered a new card. So it begins, I loaded my husband's card with money for a hotel room, I wasn't able to use it because they also froze his card now.

I called & was told they understand but can't do anything about it that I have to send in a copy of my ID & social security card, ok no problem right? Wrong. They accept my social security card. Ok now my monthly social security check, along with my son's is loaded onto this card & has been since 2012. I have now called about 25 times resending information that they want to verify that I am me. In the meantime I received my new card.. I'm thinking yes finally I can get my money... Well no! They won't activate my new card! Now all of my bills are behind. I couldn't pay my rent so now we are homeless & I'm being told that I need a new social security card in order to get access to my money! The social security office in KY is still on lockdown so I can't get in to get one. I called & they can send me a number verification but PayPal won't accept that. I want my money. Now what. Do not get this card!!

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Reviewed Nov. 23, 2021

This was a gift and with PayPal wanting to register the card and trying to set it up is a disaster. This card has not been able to use for over a year. 300 sit on it!! This gift idea has turned into a pure nightmare. DO NOT BUY!!

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Reviewed Sept. 14, 2021

The company has blatantly lied to customers. For starters I purchased a prepaid PayPal card and they advise you can activate online, over the phone or on the app. Not true!!! I tried all methods and was advised I would need to speak with an agent and they are closed!! The faqs section even advises that any load under 500 would be limited!! I only loaded 140 and have to speak with an agent!!! I hope when they open I can just take my funds off and be done with this card already.

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2021

I just bought a prepaid PayPal MasterCard, tried to use it, and was locked out from logging in, because they say they texted me a passcode, which I never received. When I was completely locked out, I suddenly started receiving text messages with random numbers. I thought I was locked out!! Tried calling, and their service is closed. Very upsetting, as I have no doubt I’ve been swindled out of my balance, and all my personal information is on who-knows-what servers without security. Please, please just shut this criminal company down!

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Customer Service

Reviewed June 26, 2021

You have to file a dispute if eBay refunds your money to get it back. Before I knew this I lost $60. My airline refunded the money and once again I have to file a dispute but it says pending on the transaction so I have to wait until that is up. My other cards I get the refund right then (cash app etc...) As soon as my money is off the card I am done. Customer service can hardly speak English. Oh by the way I have had this card account for over 6 years so I can honestly say it's a crappie service and you are better off getting a real card from a real local bank.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed June 9, 2021

I recently filed a dispute with PayPal regarding a purchase made with my PayPal debit card. Quick summary. I stopped at a gas station while traveling and pumped some gas. I accidentally drove off with the nozzle still in my car. The attendant came outside and asked me to step inside. I was told I would have to pay $30 for the nozzle repair. I handed over my credit card and let them charge me. I never got a receipt or anything in writing regarding this transaction.

Fast forward a day or so later, I realize I was charged $300 instead of the $30 I was told I would be charged. So I filed a dispute with PayPal regarding an unauthorized charge. About a month later, my dispute was denied because I couldn't produce a receipt showing an incorrect charge. The gas station had to provide no proof. I emailed the Executive Office and got a rude employee named Catherine that was no help in finding a resolution. She talked down to me and I ended up hanging up the call. I have opened a BBB claim and sent a few emails and Catherine seems to be the only employee at PayPal answering me. Thought I would share my experience here.

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2021

I bought the card for the first time. The registration process is wearisome and very inconvenient, and they will charge you a lot of fees if you succeed. Can't register if you don't have a SSN, or are underage, or many other circumstances. The help as usual is some foreign guy, (kind, I will say) but they ask for the color of your socks to validate your info. Got sick of it, and asked for a refund. I hope it comes!... Next I buy a VISA prepaid card. I needed to make a purchase ASAP. Didn't work either, Needs to have 24 hours for the validation process... But I'll save that for the next review!!! Do not use any kind of services like this if you can avoid them.

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Reviewed Feb. 17, 2021

Order the PayPal card. Put money on it. Played games on the PayPal forum one money spent a month doing it and they don't show anything on my account. I enjoy the games but it is ridiculous. Call the card company. They explain to me that I did put money on it and they don't know why my accounts not being credited. I'd like to know too. You can give me a call **. Dave ** at your service. It's a real bummer I know that.

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2021

My debit card was locked because of suspected fraud but I really needed a part for my computer. So, I bought a Prepaid “PayPal” card with $60.00 cash plus the 4.95 charge, only to find that I was unable to activate the card because the address on my Drivers License I provided was classified as a business. The customer service lady said the only she could send me a check in the amount of $64.95 to that address. I did not receive the check and it has been over 90 days. Just more disgusting scum with nothing but excuses, failed promises, lip service, lies and no action. Lesson learned. NEVER USE PREPAID CARDS.

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2021

I have a existing PayPal account with a debit card. I love it and have not had issues however I purchased a prepaid PayPal MasterCard for my daughter for her birthday. When I called to activate the card I was told that I was not eligible to activate the card and that they would send me a refund check in 7-10 business days. Had I known what a disappointment this card was going to be then I would have spent a few extra bucks and purchased the visa prepaid card. This was my first and last time purchasing a prepaid PayPal card.

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Reviewed Jan. 17, 2021

On December 19th around 5 p.m. I went to a Kroger grocery store in Atlanta Georgia to buy a PayPal prepaid card to pay my registration for my car and also pay for my luggage because I was leaving the next day to go out of town. As I paid for the card I put $250 of my money onto the card to pay for my luggage and my car registration. Before I left town I was informed that I needed to call customer service to activate the card so when I call the customer service they said they could not activate the card because someone had opened an account in my name and it got closed so they would have to mail me a check. That was 5 weeks ago. I haven't received anything from them. I've called them several times. I posted online that they haven't they haven't sent me anything of emailed them. I've called them and I still keep getting so it's going to be 10 days so it's going to be 15 days so it's going to be 15 days.

Well your 15 days have been up as of 20 days ago. I want my $250 back completely and you owe that money ties. You you stole that money basically and I told you that I would make it a point to go online and show how disrespectful you guys are. Two people and your customers customer service sucks. They don't know how to treat people with respect and the fact that I've already contacted Channel 2 News Channel 5 news in regards to the situation and also the Better Business Bureau because something has to be done for customers like I think you guys are stealing money from customers and you're not giving it back and that's not a good situation. I ended up going into Christmas with no money to buy my daughter. Nothing for Christmas. Thanks a lot PayPal. I really appreciate all your service. Not....

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2021

Beware of the hidden fees! I bought this off a gift card rack in the store thinking it was a 20.00 gift card. After activating it and making a purchase I realized they charged me a 4.95 fee to activate the card and that there would be a 4.95 monthly fee every month. I called them to cancel the card, they told me I couldn’t until that purchase was no longer pending. After the purchase cleared I called again. After 30 minutes of trying I was unsuccessful at getting past being put on hold. I called again today, told them to cancel my account and refund my 4.50 balance. They told me that to refund my balance would cost me a 5.00 fee, and since that was more than was on my card I would have to pay them. I told them it was an expensive lesson for me, but just keep my money and cancel the card because I was not going to pay them a monthly fee. I just wanted a 20.00 gift card for my son, instead my son got a 9.55 gift and I was forced to give PayPal a 10.45 gift.

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2021

My account was closed last year after being a victim of identity theft. Before my account closed, I submitted a dispute for an online company I ordered from when the pandemic first happened and I needed N95 masks. I received several letters from PayPal saying the dispute was in my favor and that since my account closed they would mail me the check. I've called several times and in true PayPal Customer Service fashion, I have received NOTHING. I do not have to tell you how frustrating this is or how crazy that the only way I can get any help is to contact you here.

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2020

I just recently called Paypal MC Debit Card customer service and my experience trying to get my problems solved is one of the worst I have ever had with a customer service department. I was calling to try to get 2 problems addressed and after 1/2 hour (not even exaggerating) of phone prompts and alternate phone numbers, I got nowhere.

I am the type of person that only calls customer support as a last resort and usually for problems that cannot be resolved with their website's knowledge base or the myriad of phone prompts that leave you going in circles without addressing your issue. The issues that I am facing are: I am having issues linking my debit card to my Paypal account and somehow my Paypal Debit MC website account is now locked, even though I just logged in successfully last evening (they offer an alternative to use my Paypal account login info that also indicated I am locked out).

I was hoping to get the account set up as quickly as possible for a number of reasons, but I am left with only the alternatives of contacting them by email (which I did) or paper mail. If they do not have enough staff to answer phones, I am quite pessimistic about getting a response in any timely fashion. I am also the type of person who very rarely leaves a review, but in this situation, I hope this explanation will help others make a decision with opening a Paypal Debit MC account especially if they anticipate a need to have to contact customer support.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2020

I have been using my card because it’s the holidays and they have the nerve to stop my transactions after I’ve paid my money to put on their crappy card!!! I’m too pissed. They are continuing to act like someone else is trying to use my card even tho!!! I use my password and everything else this is starting to feel like fraud and mind you we pay 4.95 now to put money on the Card and we still being embarrassed as merchants. Ridiculous!

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2020

On August 3 2020 I purchased a product key from a merchant and the key didnt work. I filed a dispute and showed them screenshots of me telling the merchant he sold me a key that didnt work. For months they told me that they would let me know when there is an update. When I finally got an update 90 days later I was gifted with the response. "There was no error in the merchant's end." Today I recieved the paper work from PayPal showing me what evidence he sent them. He literally only said "He purchase a key for a game and I gave him working key." In the screenshots the merchant clarifies that he knows my key wasn't working so obviously the dispute department didnt even look through my screenshots and I was scammed out of my hard earned money.

I do not recommend this card as if you purchase something and have proof they will take the merchant's lies over the customer's proof. If anyone seeing this has any idea what I can do please let me know. This needs to be put to a stop before more people fall to the hierarchy of this card company and lose their hard earned money. I still have all my screenshots from the merchant where he even told me to message someone else and I did and this person straight up told me there is nothing I can do. I'm outta my money. See here: **. Here is the photo of me telling the other guy I was told to message about this. It's not a lot of money but I earned that money from working and as someone in the lower class that is a lot of money to me. This is a review and rant at the same time I guess.

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Reviewed Oct. 8, 2020

Outstanding in help from the person handling your needs to settle the problem or just answering questions. I had a problem with a purchase that was not my doing. The new purchase was quite a large amount. I was very upset and was concerned that I would be responsible for this because l was said to have signed for the product. How great lt was to hear that it was out of the norm for this kind of purchase. The man said, "Don’t worry, I will put under a fraudulent purchase and let us have it tracked." This Company is AAA in our business and they have all my business. Also I hope to tell others to use them all so. PayPal also has a great reward for all my purchases which is great reasons to use them. Dorothy **

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Reviewed Oct. 1, 2020

I was very happy with this card. I had no problems using it where I shop. Great company and they should be very proud of their products. Reloading this card was very simple. The only thing that I can say in a negative way is it took a little longer for the card to get to me.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2020

I've never encountered any issues or financial concerns using PayPal. I use it especially for online purchases as opposed to my regular credit cards to minimize potential scams like autoship that is buried in fine print on order forms.

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2020

First I purchase the card because my previous card with a different company expired and the store was out of those specific card. I looked through the options of different cards. Seeing PayPal Prepaid Mastercard I THOUGHT... with the trusted PayPal name it’d be the best choice they had. OH MAN WAS I WRONG! Choosing this card was in fact a HUGE mistake! Ok y’all story time. :) I purchased this card to put $55.00 on it for my kids to use for their online gaming purchases, ok here I am a Mom of 3 of the sweetest gamer girls. I’m swooping In to save the day. I’m about to have 3 very happy kids who deserve this reward for doing so well lately.

Not only did I purchase this card but I opened my mouth and inserted my dah gone foot. I told the pretty little mini mes I bought them a card and all I have to do is activate it. Oh MAN they was excited! I go in my bedroom to call and activate this card come to find out I have to email them so much personal info I’m really not ok with doing... but I did it anyway for my babies.... I email the info I was asked to and was told 6 business hours it’d be on. Well dang it was 8:30 pm when I made it home from work... It was past business hours so I tell them tomorrow sometime it will be good to go. They’ll have their money for the games...

Well about 10:45 am I get a email saying my SS card (last name) did not match my other stuff. Ok then asked to send a marriage license. I grab the marriage license, take a picture and email them my marriage license... Ok 4 hours pass and I receive yet another email saying the electric bill wasn’t a good form of proof of residency... because I took a pic of the bill still in the envelope. Mind you it has the electric company name on it, my name address and ALSO says utility bill enclosed... I mean I’m just some country girl with a high school education and some college and a few licenses from technical schools.

I’m not the brightest in the crayon box but I’m no idiot either but I think the BOLD Utility Bill Enclosed on the envelope with my name address etc. on it would be exactly what is needed! Ummm No Not at all... I get the email then I call the customer service rep boy that’s a joke too. I could barely make out what they was saying but after 45 min of trying to understand them they tell me the bill has to be opened and they need a picture of the bill itself.. I don’t know. Odd to me how they need so much personal info just to put money on a card... So now I’m told 6 more hours to wait.. I have a feeling we’ll be sending these kids off to college before we can actually use this dang card... So with all that said No DO NOT purchase this card believing it’s a trusted name because IT IS NOT!

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2020

Very easy to use and accepted everywhere. I give these to my granddaughters every year for Christmas. They love getting them, and don't have to worry about keeping up with cash. It also makes them feel very grown up to have a card!

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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2020

Paypal has given me the opportunity and freedom of having a prepaid card that I think of and use as a debit card. It's safe, fast and super convenient to have on hand when making online purchases! I don't feel the burden of extra costs or hidden fees from my local banks. Awesome prepaid card!

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Reviewed Sept. 24, 2020

PayPal is a great platform with excellent consumer protection and customer service is available 24/7. I have never had an issue with getting my money in or out of my account. It can be a great learning for money management.

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2020

The card is widely accepted because of PayPal. It is easy to utilize at vendors or online. I had a question about using it at the pump at a gas station and customer service answered quickly, were very courteous and answered my question the first time.

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