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    46 Allied Cash Advance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Oct. 5, 2012

    I had a written payoff with this company and now they are playing games and saying I owe more money, and refusing to give me my car title. They are very unprofessional and rude. According to them, it is the customer's fault that they can't get their job right. Now I have to go and pay them more money I don't have.

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    Rated with 1 star
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    Original review: July 10, 2012

    I have been a customer of the Prescott Valley Allied Cash, for years, back when the state allowed payday loans. I was never late and always paid on time. This is the 2nd registration loan I have with their company, since the new law was passed. I have fallen on bad times, like a lot of others, I'm sure (found out I have a terminal illness). I have been trying to pay my loan on time, but I have fallen delinquent, all the time, keeping in constant contact whether it be a message, or verbally talking with an associate.

    When I knew I was not going to be able to make my monthly payments (4 months ago), I immediately called to see if they would accept a partial payment (1/2) of what my monthly payment was. I was and still to this day repeatedly told no, because it was a breach of contract. I was told to call the corporate office in Florida. I didn't get an answer, so I left a message about my plight, and that I wasn't trying to get out of my loan, but was asking for help and was wondering why they wouldn't accept a partial payment. I explained that I was trying to make an effort, paying what I could. I wasn't trying to shriek my responsibilities (this was costing me more, by them not accepting anything but my full payment). I explained that this was the only vehicle I had to get my children to school, and me to the doctors, specialists, and hospital (my illness causes me to go to the ER almost once a week).

    The constant calls and threats have caused me severe stress, and after receiving another call, I was in the ER, on the verge of a stroke. Later that week, I received a message from a Jim (didn't provide a last name) and all I had on my caller I.D. was a ** number that said he didn't care if I lived or died, that’s what taxis and ambulances are for, or if my kids grew up ignorant because they had no way to school. I was in breach of contract, and if I didn't pay the total amount of the loan due, my car would be repossessed. I could be out there begging, or be dying and there was nothing I could do. Just to remind everyone reading this, I was not trying to get out of my loan, it was my responsibility. I was just looking for help, and maybe to be able to make partial payments.

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 22, 2012

    I took out a title loan and went to arbitration due to excessive interest payments after holding the loan for a year and a half. The arbitrator released the debt and car title. Allied sent a request to repossess my car after the arbitrator released the debt. In addition, I still received bills and notices of late payment after the arbitrator released the debt.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 23, 2012

    They called me on the due date of my loan payment. It was the exact date. I was not delinquent. They close at 6 pm, and I was planning on going to make my payment after getting off work at 4:30 pm. They called me while at work, and when they couldn't get a hold of me at work or on my cell while at work, they started calling my references. I was not even late! To resort to calling my references because they couldn't get a hold of me at work since I cannot take personal calls at work is completely unprofessional and a harassment!

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Original review: Feb. 27, 2012

    Constant phone harassment, rude unprofessional staff, threatening and constant turn around of different people working in the office. Come up to your job, and home to give back payments that were made. Constantly calling references and putting all your business matters to them.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Feb. 16, 2012

    I made my payments. Always. Went in to local office and was told that this branch was closing. They took an insurance check to mail to Florida along with my title to my car. Now, I receive a letter of threat to repossess my car. What! I have never been delinquent, no return number or anything. Please someone call me asap!

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Feb. 3, 2012

    I went to make a payment at the office I normally go to and saw them packing up furniture and office supplies. When I ask them, they said they were renovating the office. Then I go to make my payment two weeks later and letter on the door saying that they are not going to have business in Colorado. So for the last week, I have been calling both numbers that were on the door 1-877-716-1115 and 1-866-560-0678 and left message after message and no return call. Then today 02-03-12, I got a hold of Adam who gave me website that does not even exist **and now cannot get anyone on that number again. I sit here and wait to see what happens. I am so afraid they will take money out of my checking account. I will no longer do this again.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Jan. 26, 2012

    I have taken a loan at the Allied Cash Advance on Route 1 in Alexandria, VA. Has anyone checked this company location for the interest rates? I think this office is pulling a scam on people. It does not matter how much you pay this office, your loan amount never decreases. It would pay for someone to audit this office and put them out of business once and for all.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Dec. 12, 2011

    It’s been a terrible experience to the point of health issues occurring. They are crooks. They called me and said I qualified for a $1000 loan. I had paid off a previous loan ($300). I had paid off a year prior and they were persistent in calling me saying I qualified for the $1000. So I went there and took out the loan under the understanding that I would have a credit line $1000. So whenever I paid down my balance, I would have a line of credit of that amount. But that soon changed, my statement said I had approximately $300.00 in credit. When I requested it they said they don’t do that. So false advertisement is what I call it is.

    I pay them every 2 weeks and it varies from $99.00 to $115.00, depending who is taking the payment at a 21% or 24% interest.

    And, yes, I have been late a few times from day one up to 2 weeks and they have just harassed me on my cell phone. They even have called my references, whom they said they were only to be listed as people that knew me. They have called my job constantly after I requested for them not to. They even threaten to call my supervisor. And they may have, she just hasn’t mentioned it. They talk real unprofessional on the phone and in person when I’ve gone in to make payments. And at the time when I did take the loan it was a completely different situation then than what they’re doing now. This company is a big fraud in Aurora, Co (303-755-1112). I can’t make my payment that is due on 12-14-11, but I’m scared to call and try to make arrangements—they’re so rude and crude.

    I can’t rest or relax knowing about this company and what they might do. And on my job, I can’t have these kinds of calls, especially if they have contacted my supervisor. It is flat out embarrassing with my friends/family. They have called my reference (people I know) and threaten or possibly called my supervisor and they constantly call my job even when I’m not late. They supposedly call it 'reminders'.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Oct. 10, 2011

    I was in dire need of cash for a medical procedure. I went into Allied Cash Advance and found I qualified for a loan in the amount of $950.00. The loan was very fast and easy to obtain. The person that helped me was pleasant enough, but very hurriedly went through all the terms and interest rates and charges. I should have listened more closely and read the fine print front to back! I want to warn people out there that this business is the biggest rip off I have ever seen! They totally take advantage of people desperate or down on their luck. I am paying an annual fee of $135.00 every month, and $12.00 in interest every month. And that's not even paying on my loan! I can't believe I was so naive. I will never do business with them again. This is a lesson learned.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2011

    I was lied to by the manager of the Sierra Vista office, when I acquired this loan, by telling me my payments would be $140.00 per month. I went on with the loan because I needed the money. Now some years later, I paid the loan off in August 2011. Since then I have tried to get my title back. Again, they have repeatedly lied to myself and my wife about where the title is. I tried to tell them that my Tombstone, AZ address was not where I received mail any longer. Both myself and my wife have been lied to by your manager Samantha about sending my title to me.


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    13 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Sept. 9, 2011

    I took out a loan at Allied Cash Advance. Two days prior to my due date, I received a call on my cell phone, my home phone (had a message), and then my work, at which time I answered the phone. I excused the call and went outside. I called them on my cellphone. They wanted to remind me of my appointment in 2 days. They said this was policy and that they needed to make contact with a person. I told them to never call me at my job, that it would affect my employment. 3 days later, they called my job again. Courtney denied it was her. She said that they didn't contact me at work, that I had called them. Any payment arrangement I make, they begin calling me and all of my references two days before "in case I forget".

    On Friday, I was supposed to come in. I worked late, and I did speak to them. I told them I would be in the following morning. When I arrived, they told me they couldn't take any money. Until it "bounced" in my checking account again, they could not collect. So, I left with my money. On Monday, they began calling again. They called my references again. And when my reference said "she has taken care of this as far as I know", Courtney explained to her I did not take care of this and that I owed them money. Kayla is my son's girlfriend. And she argued with Courtney about offering my personal information. She further told Courtney it was not her business. Courtney has not stopped calling that number after being asked to stop.

    I called Courtney, having an absolute fit about them running down the list of references and continuing to call them, as well as myself. I pointed out that I have a job and cannot answer my cellphone when at my desk. She said, "We call until we reach a person, and that was the company policy." I asked her why when Kayla hung up on her, she called Kayla back and continued to tell her how bad I am for not taking care of the money I took from them. She denied it being her. She said there are lots of people that work there. I told her to take notes to stop the harassment. She said no. She said I owed them money, and she was gonna call me everyday whether I like it or not. She said they call references twice per week. They maxed that out in one day arguing with Kayla. But they did not stop calling her. I told her that this was harassment, and that I wanted it turned over to a collection agency. She said no.

    She has called us every day since. I have argued and even threatened to come deal with her at her office. And she responds very well, returning threats and calling me names due to me "stealing" from her and her company. She reminds me I gave my word and broke it. I remember going in to give them money and being turned away. This harassment is not ending. Is there some way I can get this to collections, so I can make payment to someone I am willing to speak to and send payment to?

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    4 people found this review helpful
    Original review: July 11, 2011

    On 4th of July and 2011, freedom was disgraced by transgression, tyranny and genocide against humanity. They came to me. They mongered fear by using fake/falsified paper. They took my car and tried to make it out of use by very inhumane towing trick which might have messed all it's parts. The guy/tow rruck driver who was driving the tow truck had disappeared probably driving 75 MPH effective the 1st second.

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    Original review: June 28, 2011

    Both my husband and myself have had a loan her on numerous occasions, we have paid it off and reopened when needed. I was due on a Friday and didn't make it in before they closed and they called my husband about my account and proceeded to tell him I was late and gave him all my information. He called me upset 'cause they were calling him about my account while he was at work. This lead up to a heated argument and now we're in the process of divorce! A lady by the name of Kianna has been calling now and leaving threatening messages that she "will" come out to my job or home and she "will" collect payment.

    I called the store and spoke with her and explained to her what was going on and she stated "that's what happens when you lend money to ignorant people." I asked that she not come to my house and my husband's place of employment and she then said, "I'm gonna do what I gotta do to get her money!" Really I borrowed money from you? She is very rude and very unprofessional and doesn't even speak correct English etiquette. I have called their home office number and all I get is a message to leave a message!

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    3 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Sept. 27, 2010

    An aggressive letter of repossession that was written on the 20th of September 2010 has arrived to my address (UPS Box) on the 27th of September 2010. The car was due to be repossessed on the 30th of September 2010. My payment was due on September 17, 2010 and there is rule and regulation in regards to late fee (15.00 US dollars fine) which was not my given right but evaded justice.

    Since there is a clear picture of capital punishment for no crime committed and more perpetration coupled with coordinated meddling, manipulation and very cold blooded deceptive practice of evasion and instigation by imposition of showmanship on targeted and vulnerable citizens, I am looking for help by a constitutional attorney to enforce the law and ask Barack Obama (President of The United States of America), Bob McDonnell (Governor of The Commonwealth State of Virginia), the two US Senators of the State of Virginia and Joan Foster (Mayor of The City of Lynchburg) to comment about it on and/or before September 30, 2010 and before the National Election Day.

    The official letter has a stamp which is presorted First Class Mail (U.S postage paid). Since there is no national telephone number provided by the national company, I went to straighten things up to the local office where I borrowed the money by 20 months agreement while struggling to get over the stunt and preconceived obstruction of justice by evasion and showmanship.

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    Original review: Oct. 21, 2009

    I was living in Virginia. I had lived up there for sometime I was in the military, meet a girl, had children and lots of financial problems. Anyways I had no choice but to seek cash by any means so I went to allied cash and gave them my car title for cash (loan).Well, I was having many problems at home. went back and forth virginia, then california, many times. Now that I live in California I was told by Allied that my interest rate was going from 120% to 185% which was outrageous before but now it's wow!!!...I don't know what to do. I keep asking for a copy of the paper work that states the increase in interest rate but they won't send me anything. I ask for some kind of a payment book. Nothing I can call and call and nothing. I did get a hold of a district manger once and told him I had a lawyer if he would please send me a copy of the increase rate and could he please not raise the interest since I never missed a payment but still nothing. Is there any help out there?

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