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Original review: June 10, 2010

I tried bundling services with Broadstripe for phone, cable and internet. The company installed used and inoperative cable equipment in our home, so the cable did not work. After four days of continuously calling for assistance, was informed that it would be at least another two weeks, before I would receive a functional cable box. At that point, January 11, 2010, I cancelled the entire package, and requested my account be closed, as I was not receiving services that I had paid for. When informed it would be at least six weeks before my money would be returned to me, I put a stop payment on my check.

Four months later, Broadstripe sent a partial refund check, with no explanation as to the amount. This is yet another demonstration of the company's ineptness, and further assured me that not being a customer of Broadstripe was a wise choice. Broadstripe has now been billing me monthly for a full month of service, that I never had, plus $25 returned check fee. I have given up trying to resolve this matter with the company. The customer service rep actually called me a thief for not returning the partial refund check. I said that was a matter for accounting to handle, and that it, like all material I receive from Broadstripe, is unsolicited, unwanted, and promptly discarded. Tech support lead Ben, reviewed my account again, and assures me that I owe the amount as billed, plus that I am liable for the cost to return his refund check, as well as a full month of service, and returned check fee. It's outrageous.

Broadstripe improperly installed faulty equipment in my home on January 7, 2010, drilling through my wall stud, and did not have to lay cable, since it was already there. I cancelled my service four days later, on Jan. 11, 2010. I was without a phone for two weeks, until I could get the old company back, and had to change my phone number of 14 years, since it now belonged to Broadstripe. That inconvenience alone was trying, but the countless hours spent trying to resolve this matter with Broadstripe has been maddening. I plan to sue for credit damage, should this proceed to collections, and it seems it will. Any aid you can offer would be gratefully appreciated.

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Original review: May 24, 2010

I have subscribed to cable service in this area since 1997. Broadstripe took over a few years ago and they don't deserve a penny of the over $4,000 I have spent for their (non) service! They have been overcharging me for several months. I have documented dates, times and names of customer service calls with no results. They made promises to call back that never happened. Because I moved in October 2009, when discussing my account, they thought I had only been a customer since that time. They never bother to go back in my history. They treated me like I was a short time unworthy customer! Had they checked they would have learned otherwise, however, it shouldn't matter.

They said my promotion ended, so pricing was adjusted. This was even from a "supervisor". There is an error because I signed up for a 13 month agreement in 2008. Then, I re-upped to another 13 month agreement in 2009, with the promise of no price increase during that agreement. Not! It's interesting that when I moved (three blocks away), my promotion stopped with an increase in price. If I had wanted to end my agreement, I would have been penalized with early termination fees! I will be discontinuing service with this ridiculous company, but they owe me money! This company owes me $ and they turned off telephone service when we added it, so that 83 year old grandma would have a phone. She does not do cellular. What if she needs to call 911!

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Original review: April 28, 2010

We, here at Broadstripe value our customers, and would like to help you all with any and all issues that you may have experienced. Unfortunately on this site, it is hard to determine your account information. If you can email us directly at We will be happy to help you to resolve any issue you may have.

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Original review: April 23, 2010

On April 28, 2008, I began service with Broadstripe. When I read the complaints 2 years later, I see they still are doing the same. Now, today, they called me to say they're increasing my charges another $5. Funny, but $99.99 forever as promised by the original salesman was a farce. It is $115 now, because they're charging for equipment that was marked free. The free equipment is a farce. They charge me every month for equipment. Then the "24 hours, 7 days a week" repair is a farce. Their answering machine says Monday through Friday. And then they don't call back. Today was another farce. I can barely afford the increase from $99.99 to $115. Now another $5 a month.

They are a sorry business that does not keep their word. Their saying we couldn't be charged for changing phone service cost us $120.00. Do not under any circumstances deal with these people. They could care less about broken promises and keep adding $5 until people on SSI fixed income cannot afford their services and have to go to satellite. They care less that fixed income seniors only have $65.00 left for gas, clothes, car maintenance, and house maintenance.

They can afford restaurant food; we can't. And now, they want to outprice Broadstripe, so we can't afford. Now cost of phone and internet will not be bundled and a pain to pay separately. Oh well, Dish and Vonage, here we come! Again do not get involved with Broadstripe. They are a ripoff! They lie! They do not service you!

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Original review: April 9, 2010

Broadstripe was supposed to install services on Monday April 5, 2010. The tech came out and unhooked my existing service (Satellite, DVR) and then was unable to hook up their services and left. The next day, I waited all day for the tech to come back and was told that they couldn't install our services after all because a line was cut on our block. They left and did not hook up my TV and restore my previous service. I will again have to wait all day today for the third time for them to come back.

Now my phone is not working because they're holding it hostage! I was told that my phone would not be changed over until the 19th of April and I did not talk to an outside party per FCC guidelines to approve them taking over my phone line. Since they can't give me their services because they can't install them, I was told my phone would not be affected, and yet here I am without a phone. It is shameful that a company can get away with this. Someone should start a class action suit against them. I will have to add more cell phone minutes to my cell phone. I have had to waste a weeks worth of time and hours on the phone to try and restore services that I'm paying for but do not have.

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Original review: March 13, 2010

I feel stuck in this monopoly where I'm forced to have Broadstripe provide my Internet and cable; it's the only provider I can get in my building in Seattle. I had their "high-speed" cable for over a year. The price got ridiculously high ($67 for one person). I decided to get digital cable with a DVR since I was already paying so much. I was quoted a monthly price that would only be $25 more than my current rate. It sounded pretty good so I set up a time to have the cable installed. On a Saturday, I waited all day. Nobody ever came. I called customer service. They said someone would call me back. No one ever called. After waiting around all day, I finally left my house. Then finally someone called, 5 hours after they were supposed to be there. I didn't want to return back home at that point, I was already across town. No one ever called back to reschedule the service installation.

Finally, I called and got the cable with DVR installed. This must be the cheapest, worst DVR box available. My first bill was way expensive. I called and they said to just pay it and they would credit my next bill. Okay, fine. But all my bills since have still have been higher than what I was originally quoted. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm paying for. They never mentioned the monthly cable box rental fee. That is $25 itself! How could you fail to mention that! My Internet service has become quite intermittent. I have to reboot my modem too much. My digital cable service is disappointing. There aren't even TV shows or movies in their On Demand! Why does this company exist and why am I forced to be their customer? Why do I send them so much money every month only to get terrible service? Somebody help!

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Original review: March 6, 2010

This is the sorriest excuse for a business providing a service I have ever encountered. I mean it, they are so bad at all aspects of everything. I believe they either have their staff trained to be complete jerks or they get so many bad phone calls everyday that they are just plain jaded. I have been stuck with this company for almost 2 years now because of where I live. I am actually thinking about moving because of my cable service. Imagine that moving out of your home because you hate your cable provider so much. I am serious about this.

First off, it took them one month to hook up my cable. After they hooked it up, almost half of my channels looked like they did back in 1984. When I called, they said that's because of the fiber optic network that is as good as it gets. My internet is so bad that I can barely stream a movie or do my work on the internet because it keeps going out. Even if it doesn't go out, it is so slow I feel like it is dial up. That is just one of the many, many problems I have with this company. I can't express my anger enough with them.

When you call, their hours are Monday through Friday and if there is a problem after hours, you have to wait till they are open. However, if there is a problem while they are open, you sure as hell will get no help with their mindless, poor excuses of employees that I believe were trained to make everything your fault and not theirs. I have been on hold for one hour many times to ask a simple question or to try to resolve an error on their part. The only time you are not on hold is when you pay your bill. They are very quick to take your money where that brings me to the final part of my rant --their billing! Don't trust it ever. They have taken so much of my money because my bill is always different.

Every month, it says something different for some reason plus you can't even read their bills (if you even get an updated one). I pay online every month. So one month, they decided to use my credit card and take $260.00 out of my account without my knowledge. I was pissed. When I finally got a hold of them, they said there has been a billing glitch and they have been undercharging me for months. I thought they were overcharging me! When I finally got this resolved after paying it, they then gave me a late fee on top of that. I hate this company. I want them to just go away for good so I may live in peace. I wish their bankruptcy last year killed the company, but it didn't. They are still making everyone's life a living hell.

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Original review: March 5, 2010

I have Broadstripe's bundle of phone, internet and cable TV. I got behind in my payments and Broadstripe discontinued the cable TV part of the bundle for a month. I do not dispute I owe for the phone and the internet part of the bundle. I don't think I should have to pay for the cable TV part of my bundle for the month Broadstripe chose to turn the cable TV part of my bundle off. Basically, Broadstripe's response is too bad, so sad. Broadstripe's explanation is that is what we do. It seems illegal to be able to charge for a service not provided. I'd like to hear from anyone else this has happened to.

The consequences are that I had to pay about $60 more on my Broadstripe cable bill than I feel I should have to. If Broadstripe has done this to a lot of people and I would think the odds high Broadstripe has charged for services not provide a lot. I doubt I am the only person in this situation. There is strength in numbers.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2010

Internet download service has been very slow, as low as 5 kb/s. In the last 5 months I have been billed for cable modem rental in spite of the fact that I have supplied my own modem for 5 years and they know it since this billing has only begun recently. I have tried repeatedly to telephone them to get at least the billing issue straightened out and have waited for nearly an hour on hold without ever getting any human pick-up. My time on hold is limited by battery charge life on my cell phone. Since my professional scientific collaborative work relies exclusively on internet communication, these download rates are intolerable. Even though the cost cannot readily be gauged in dollar terms, the cost in time can be.

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Original review: Feb. 20, 2010

I live in a small town located in Southern Michigan. Until just recently, other than satellite Broadstripe/Millenium was the only cable provided available in my area.

I have been a customer of B/M since 2/2006 using first their TV service, later their Internet service and latest their phone service. My customer experience with B/M has been a very frustrating journey-- numerous prolonged cable outages, dropped phone calls, continuously resetting of the modem, and very poor customer care. DSL came to my area three months ago and dropping B/M to the DSL service was like a breath of fresh air! I am yet to have an outage with my DSL provider and the speed is much faster.

On 11/23/2009 when making the change to DSL, I dropped the B/M internet and phone services, which required me to return the modem. I returned the modem to the nearest drop-off center and received a signed receipt of the modem drop-off. Now, three months later, I am being charged over $50 a month for Expanded Cable (no movie channels). I decided perhaps it was time to downgrade my B/M services to Basic Cable. So, last week I researched the price for Basic Cable and it was discovered that B/M has been charging me for the modem rental that I returned on 11/23/2009. The sales rep/agent informed me that the modem rental would be removed and the credit would be applied to my account.

Yesterday, I contacted B/M to put in an order to downgrade my service to Basic Cable. In doing so, I confirmed the price and inquired about the modem credit due me. I was then informed that there was no mention of the modem drop-off issue or a request for credit to my account. I was then giving detailed instructions on how to send an email including all the information necessary and a copy of the modem drop-off receipt to the billing department and I would receive a credit refund dating back to 11/23/2009, where as I followed the given directions.

Today, I received a reply to my email informing me that B/M will be happy to remove the modem rental charge retroactively to 11/23/2009. But due to me placing the order to downgrade my services on 02/23/2010, they would not be able to apply the credit until after that date and that order was processed. After receiving, digesting, and to my disappointment, receiving no apology for their errors in the email, I called customer care (was on hold forever waiting for a human) to complain. My complaint was that I should never have been billed for three months in the first place and then last week when noticing their billing error the credit should have been applied then, not two weeks later. I further mentioned to the sales rep/agent that due to the fact that holding my money over "what appears" to be an unintentional error on their behalf for what will be at least three months that I was requesting interest on my money that they had no right to hold/use.

The sales rep/agent said she was not sure on how to calculate the interest so I requested her to make a note of my complaint and to please forward the information to someone that could calculate the interest. She said she doubted that it would amount to over .20 cents. I then said that I wanted whatever the calculated amount would be. My thoughts are .20 cents is not a lot of money to one person. But if this situation or others like it were to happen to thousands of customers nationwide, think of how much money B/M is holding/using without the customers permission due to "what appears" to be unintentional errors. B/M has no right to that money and should be required to not only return that money but also any/all interest accumulated/due! If ever possible, I would be honored to partake in a class action lawsuit against B/M.

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Original review: Feb. 16, 2010

I have had the internet service for a year, the TV service since forever. I have all the same problems as expressed here and I want to say that they truly do not give a ** about customer service. I read their offer of help here from the Charlotte, MI Broadstripe, don't believe it. That's my service provider. Just more lies. My eBay business is shut down because I can't get or answer my eBay or other business email since Friday. Today is Tuesday evening. A total crap service.

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Original review: Feb. 6, 2010

I have had nothing but trouble with this company ever since the service contract began. First, you don't get the service they are supposed to provide, but they send you a bill for it. They schedule someone to come out to fix the problem, but they either never show or claim they can't find a problem. You spend at least one hour or greater waiting on the phone in order to speak to someone. They require you have a contract with them for a year and to have ACH payment, but their billing is so screwed up they can't charge you correctly.

They promise to credit your account the next month and turn it into a nightmare of charges. My parents are elderly and must have a reliable phone for emergency help. My mom could not get through to 911 or anyone when the phone did not work and my dad had an emergency. She had to run next door to get a neighbor to call for help and she is disabled herself. They are charging me for fees and services that are bogus and not IAW contract. They keep promising to correct problems, but never ever do and automatically take money that does not belong to them and not returning it and increasing the stolen amount each month.

They stole money that does not belong to them from my check account and causing me not to have enough money to pay other legitimate bills. They’re charging for a service not provided. It almost cost my dad his life. It’s cost me time and aggravation every month trying to get them to provide service, return stolen money and correct inaccurate bill, it never gets done. Please help!

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Original review: Feb. 4, 2010

I canceled my cable on February 2009 and at the time was told they would send a box to send back my cable box because I lived far away from any dropoff sites. I called on March 30 because I hadn't received the box and again on May 27th. I finally got the box in the middle of June and send it back via UPS on the 23rd of June. I still am being charged for the cable box even though I don't have the box. I have called several times only to get the runaround and false promises.

I last called two weeks ago and was told by the customer service person that he would have to call the warehouse to see if my cable box ever got there and so I gave him the UPS tracking number. He said he would call back and let me know and he would also try to get the charges taken off my bill. I did not hear from the customer service person and still have not resolved the issue. I had to pay from February to June for the cable box until they sent me a box to return it in. I then have been still being charged for it from July until the present date. I don't seem to be getting anywhere with this company. I am a single mother on a fixed budget and I can not afford the rental charge for the cable box. Help, what do I do?

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2010

We here at Broadstripe value our customers, and would like to help you all with any and all issues that you may have experienced. Unfortunately on this site, it is hard to determine your account information. If you can email us directly at **, we will be happy to help you to resolve any issue you may have.

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2010

By far, the worst company I have ever dealt with ever! I live in Pioneer Square Seattle and have BroadStripe as my only option for internet. I work from home and need my internet to be reliable. The TV and internet go in and out at will and have for the entire two years I have had the service. When I called to complain, they told me the service looks fine on their side and they can't credit me for any service interruptions they can't see.

When I tried to get a card for my new Tivo, they told me the techs were too busy but they would have someone call me in 24-48 hours. Nobody called. I called them again but still nobody was available but they promised someone would call me in 24 hours. Nobody called. I called back and was able to schedule a tech. He never showed up. I called to see where he was and the call center was very rude. They refused to give me a credit for my time and said they could not call the tech because he was on another call and not allowed to use his phone at customers' houses.

When the tech finally showed up 1.5 hours after his four hour window, he was on his phone the whole time. The call center refused to let me talk to a manager but promised they would have one call me. Nobody called me. I sent in a response card and checked the box to have someone call me. Nobody called me.

They have telemarketers call my cell phone constantly even though I have complained. They even called my cell at 7am on a Saturday to give me the same telemarketing pitch I had repeatedly complained about. I'm all for the little guy but this company is criminal and should be shut down.

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2010

Broadstripe! Can no one do anything to put this pitiful/criminal example of a business out of existence? I consider myself a reasonably peaceful and rational soul until I attempted to use my computer or my internet phone. At that point, I'm operating just below hysterical rage with an accompanying urge to kill. Broadstripe has the ** to send me a bill for what they call a service. Their service being equivalent to dropping the soap in the shower in prison. I live in Port Townsend, WA and have no alternative than BS (appropriate acronym). If I want anything beyond dial up and it doesn't appear, an alternative will occur in my lifetime. I am disabled and rely on the net for much of my needs and these ** are steeling my independence and then charging me for their effort. This company needs to be replaced or an alternative made available or both.

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2010

They installed used and defective equipment. They required one month's advance service fee as well as $40 installation fee and $40 connection fee. I paid for a service that I don't have. When I called to resolve, I was told that they did not have new DVR boxes to replace the used and non-functioning they had installed and charged me for.

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2010

I live in a remote area and am forced to use Broadstripe for internet service, as there are no alternatives. My problems with this company started when they were Millennium. When the name changed, I was so happy, thinking the horrible service from Millennium was in the past. I was sadly mistaken.

This internet connection is much like a strobe light, going on and off constantly, and has been like this since I started using it more than 3 years ago while it was still Millennium. It's difficult to upload large files at times (current upload speed is .38Mb/s). The service has been down for hours today in eastern Jefferson County and it seems to be somewhat related to when it rains (which is a lot in Western WA). We have small outages in our localized area regularly.

My speeds are very slow. Calling and waiting on hold is always a long process. There's about a 20 second lag between the automatic message saying the billing has changed this month (happened in Oct 09) and the first menu to get you somewhere. There's another 15+sec wait after that menu. Seems like you are encouraged to hang up. Customer service rep takes 10 min to pick up, often longer.

I paid $55/mo for years for this service and finally got into the habit of calling every time something goes wrong. Finally, someone offered me a promotional rate of $35/mo for the next year but no grand fee rebate for outages.

In short, I have never been so disgusted with a company I've had personal contact with in all my life. It is the least dependable service for any product I have ever subscribed, the most predictably dysfunctional and truly the worst value for the dollar.

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Original review: Jan. 6, 2010

I recently signed up for cable, internet access, and telephone from this company. I have had nothing but problems with them since the start. Initially, they did not bring the HD box I had ordered when they came to install the cable. They said I had not ordered it, but I know I did. Then, they did not get my phone number transferred from AT&T like they were supposed to. So I did not have a phone for several days.

We were able to go outside to the phone box and hook the phone back up with AT&T for now. I have been told on three occasions that they would have a tech to my house on a certain date, and no one ever showed. When I called the company, I was told that they never had a work order for anything. I have cancelled my day to volunteer in order to wait for these people, and they never came. To this day, I still don't have my HD box nor do I have the telephone service I was promised. I am so angry with these people that I am about to change back to DirecTV and HughesNet for my services.

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2009

Well, here I sit, disabled and alone on Dec. 30, 2009 at 10:22am, one day before I was to have my Broadstripe cable disconnected, as I am moving but I found myself to be among the lucky ones who were able to escape from under this mismanaged, useless, over-priced cable company. For the entire month of December, I have had intermittent service and I do mean intermittent. Due to Broadstripe's horrendous lack of concern for providing the service I'm paying for, I've decided to keep a running journal of the last 2 days, thus providing an insight of just what a customer has to deal with for $130 a month. Mind you, these dates and times reflect the last two days only.

Tuesday, 12-29: Today was quite a surprise, as the TV stayed on just about all day, that is until the cable went out three times from 7pm to 1am. When I called the first time it went out at 7:27, the cable went back on only to come out again twice that day. On Wednesday, 12-30, the cable was on and off that day. I called Broadstripe and spoke with Donna the first time and then with April the second time. On my third call, I called the corporate office at 636-534-7400 ext. ** and left a message. Well, this is all I have time for now, as I have help here to help me move! But I hope you get the idea of just what some customers have to put up with. I currently live in the downtown Seattle area and moving to the Queen Anne area. Comcast, here I come. Wish me luck!

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Original review: Dec. 18, 2009

I have Broadstripe's package internet, phone and cable. The internet and phone are constantly out of service, sometimes for more than a day. Broadstripe used to credit me for lost service, which was a pain in the neck calling them every time I lost service. Now they won't even credit me for lost service. I have had Broadstripe's techs to my home numerous times and they still haven't fixed the problem. I signed a one-year contract that Broadstripe will not let me out of. Broadstripe's cable is the worst service I have ever paid for.

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Original review: Dec. 15, 2009

I have had a ongoing dispute with this cable company since end of August. I have contacted them sometimes 3 or 4 times per week since this came about. I owed a back cable bill from another address, so I gave them a check for the back bill ($285.00) and the first month on my new account. The check was written for $392.00 and stated in the memo exactly that $285 for back bill and first month on a new bill. Well they said there is no record. They don't know what happened. I have sent a copy of the deposited check to them not once, but 4 times because they keep losing track of it.

This is so annoying. I pay my bills on time and no one will return my calls to solve this problem. It remains on my bill that I still owe $285.00 plus late fees now. I have internet and phone with them also. Yesterday I found out my phone number has changed back to a number I had previously before moving to current address. Mind you, I'm in a totally different town now. Different area code, different everything. I'm disabled and if I need to call 911, where will the ambulance go? Please help me with this unbearable situation. I can't get any where with these people.

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2009

Broadstripe strung our cable accross our road too low and the cable was snagged and pulled down by a large truck. When my husband called Broadstripe on a Friday to report the downed cable and our loss of phone service, loss of internet service and loss of tv service he was told that a repairman would not be available until the following Thursday - that's 7 days with no services, including phone. Isn't that against the law, aren't you supposed to have access to 911 24-7? No matter, Broadstripe was not concerned in the least. My husband has called every day since, they still have no one to send for repairs. When asked if we could speak to a supervisor, we were told that we could send an email and that "it wouldn't do any good anyway". We have no other options for cable or "fast speed" internet in our rural area. We're held hostage with these people and it's rediculous!

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2009

This is the worst high speed Internet ever! I am having to write this review on a mobile phone connected to a 3G network because it is orders of magnitude faster than the "high speed" Internet I am paying for ... When there is actually Internet service (which there is none yet again right now). My phone has wifi capabilities but I had to disconnect from my home wifi network because the 3G network is more than ten times faster than this crappy company.

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2009

I requested the cable tv be cancelled in June 2009 when the house was sold. I have since sent 2 faxes, made 4 phone calls, and sent a certified letter requesting a check for the $52.26 credit, that they all agree is owed to me. I have been given a check number and date it was sent to the printer. They said it took six weeks for the printer to send the check. Six weeks are up and I'm still waiting.

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2009

Have been unable to contact the support services, not by phone, chat line or email. The hold times are up to an hour while listening to a recording telling how good they are. They deserve to go out of business.

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Original review: Oct. 2, 2009

Broadstripe cable service is TERRIBLE. They charge me for download speeds "up to 15 mbps", and I never get actual download speeds of better than 0.5 mbps. In other words, I am getting 1/30th of the download speed I am paying for. Broadstripe download speeds are FAR below what can be considered 'broadband' - it is incapable of delivering streaming video or music.

I have reported this many times, and they do nothing about it. They give customers no way to report problems online, yet calls to "customer care" result in wait times of up to 30 minutes to even be answered, while you are forced to listen to ads about how wonderful Broadstripe is. Once they do answer, all they want to do is sell you phone service - who in their right mind would want phone service from a company that can't even deliver acceptable internet service? They have visited my home twice to confirm the pitiful download speeds I have, but all the technicians do is stand there and watch as I do a download speed test, say, 'yes you do have a problem,' promise to "escalate" the problem, and then NOTHING HAPPENS, so you start over wasting 10-15 minutes waiting for them to answer the phone so you can start all over again reporting the same problem. Seattle allows Broadstripe a monopoly in certain areas of the city, and yet Broadstripe is allowed to cheat customers by charging premium cable internet service prices while getting actual service that is far worse than DSL internet service. Something has to be done about this - it's outrageous. As I write this, I've been waiting for Broadstripe to answer my call FOR OVER 30 MINUTES, AND IT'S THE MIDDLE OF A WEEKDAY! They have NO after hours service, and virtually NO service even during business days. Someone needs to organize a class action lawsuit against Broadstripe to force them to either properly service their customers and stop cheating them by delivering unacceptable internet service while charging for premium download speeds, or to leave Seattle.
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Original review: Sept. 23, 2009

I was quoted 4 months ago that if I added telephone services it would lower my bill to 93 per month. Instead my bill went up. My automatic payments were not enough and suddenly I owed $200. The telephone service was NEVER USED and based on a false agreement - yet no refund was offered. To me this is SALES SCAM and I have been unjustly charged for services.

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Original review: Sept. 8, 2009

I unfortunately bought a condo in a building serviced exclusively by Broadstripe Cable. With a few exceptions, their Internet service has been fairly reliable (not as fast as I was accustomed to with Comcast and other carriers in the past, but I have not had too many outages). Their television service, on the other hand, has been extremely unreliable. Outages are frequent and last a long time (several hours to a few days). Calls to customer service (when they are open, which is not generally at times when I watch television) result in a scheduled service appointment several days in the future, by which time the issue has generally been resolved, leaving me to deal with the irritated service person who shows up anyway. The most common day for outages is Sunday and, of course, their customer service is not open on Sundays. Given that Broadstripe is, by contract, a monopoly, they should be required to offer 24-hour outage reporting and service equal to other carriers.

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2009

My internet service has been terrible for a month. I have called several times, and they keep telling me there are outages in my area. But I can use it sometimes, and sometimes, it cuts out. I was just holding for 25 minutes to talk to a service technician. I hung up and called back to their "start a new service," and the phone was answered immediately. It seems they can answer the damn phone when it's new service, just not when it's a current customer.

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