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About sells covers for road and recreational vehicles. The company’s services are available across the U.S. and Canada. The company offers free shipping and a wide selection of covers, which makes it a simple and convenient way to find a cover for your car.

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  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • Fits any vehicle
  • Online discounts
  • Warranties only on platinum covers
  • International shipping fees Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about
    • 4,461,376 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Sales & Marketing

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2023

    As so many others have said here. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! For the warranty process I copied and pasted the things on their website that specifically say "waterproof" Lifetime warranty, and returnable for ANYTHING, and their response? They denied everything and said, "Sorry you misunderstood." How do you misunderstand the exact wording and definitions of said advertising? They will not stand by their product they will turn it back on you and you will be out several hundred dollars. Even if I got lawyers involved it wouldn't matter because they are not made to last outdoors longer than a year if you are lucky too. So they send me a new one, I would be the same place in a year or two. False advertising and terrible products. Please find another company.


    Reviewed July 15, 2023

    I recently purchased two car covers from the Platinum version covers. Also ordering the "Extra strong Gust straps" for both covers. After receiving the covers I installed one on my truck. While attaching the "straps" one immediately broke (they have a very cheap plastic end that is suppose to grip the material), since I was not going to use the other cover right then I took the straps I ordered with it and used them, They do not grip the material as shown. They continuously fall off. I am picking them up off the ground almost daily, The simple fix for the company would be to just install grommet holes on each end of the cover as they have in the center. Short version the straps are a waste of your $18. They don't grip the cover, they don't stay on.

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed June 14, 2023

    February 25, 2023 I purchased a car cover from online. I first used it 2 weeks after purchase then used off and on over next months. After a solid week on the car I removed to use car and found damage to paint. I contacted the company and spoke with the GM named Isaac. As I started explaining he immediately started speaking over me. He said his cover doesn't cause damage. I explained I took the car to a paint and body shop as well as my detailer shop and both indicated the damage came from something laying on finish. So...I told them I had used a cover. Both have said the damage is from the cover laying on the finish. This Isaac guy who is very rude said if I think they will address it in any way then, "good luck".

    Along with the cover causing the damage and the extremely rude GM, this has been a horrible experience. I will have to repaint my entire car. I've had same detail guy for years on this same car. He can attest to the damage from the only thing that has changed in several years and that was using the cover. I HIGHLY WARN you to not use If your car is damaged you can bet the company won't help you at all and you can enjoy your horrible conversation with Isaac who has no business in the business world. Don't buy anything from! And warn your friends.


    Reviewed April 5, 2023

    I bought Platinum Shield Car Cover for my Porsche in 2020 which is parked outside. I also, ordered the "Gust Strap Wind Protector". I paid $207 for the whole kit. The clips for the straps only lasted 6 months, they are made out of cheap plastic that can't handle to cold weather. I got them replaced, but they keep on breaking (they only lasting 6 months (if that)). The Strap only lasted 14 months, both of them stretched out some much that it did hold the cover down. I went to Home depot and replaced them with much better quality ones. The lock and cable started to rust after one month. The lock stopped working after 6 months and cable is still putting rust marks all over the car cover.

    Now, the problem with the Platinum cover: 1) It's not water proof, it still lets water through. In the winter the cover will stick to the cold metal of the car. 2) After 12 months the cover started to deteriorate. The lining started to separate from the top cover. Which caused tears and holes in the cover. After just 24 months I have over 20 tears and holes in the cover. 3) The cover has green mold on it and I can't wash it because the cover will separate more. Warranty: They want me to pay to have the cover shipped to them. They will take up to 30 days to inspect it. Then if they replace the cover or not I have to pay to have it shipped to me. The worst part is that when they receive the cover, if I contact them about the cover they will delay my claim. Here's the quote from their email: " Emailing before the 30 business days have passed will cause the ticket to be pushed to the back of the queue.". PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM CARCOVERS.COM!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Feb. 27, 2023

    $329 investment in an RV cover resulted in the purchased cover dry rotting on the top and turning into dust. Company sent a replacement for an additional $105.00. Today is Feb. 22, 2023 and in less than 1 year the second cover has now turned to dust on the top. Company says only one replacement for an RV cover purchase, so I out $434, and have no cover. This was the gold level cover and a reasonable person would expect to get more than a year from such an investment. Very poor quality material used on the top part of the cover.


    Reviewed Dec. 22, 2022

    I purchased a Platinum Shield cover in February of 2022. Water penetrates the cover and soaks my car. In cold weather, the cover freezes on my car. I sent photos to the company and expected a 'lifetime warranty' exchange. After 5 e-mails containing explanations and excuses, they refused to honor their warranty. I contacted my attorney and a new cover was shipped within 4 days. AVOID this company.


    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2022

    Stay away from this company, they will ship the wrong item and you have to pay for returned shipping and 25% restocking fee? If you cancel an order, they will charge you for shipping an item they never shipped? Rip off company.

    Reviewed Dec. 2, 2022

    We ordered the 10' to 12' truck camper cover for our 11' truck camper and received a 20 plus feet long cover. We thought they should pay the shipping because they sent us the wrong one but they WOULD NOT! We had to pay $100 to ship it back UPS, less expensive than the PO. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 22, 2022

    I felt guilty about not buying Australian made products until my order was total went from 299 to 489. The website says free shipping on all covers. Even this website for Consumer Affairs says that also. I have screenshotted both this website and - I contacted BBB to leave a review but I have to be in US. But their information showed the carcoverstore is now called So I contacted them again asking where to leave review. The response was - you have us mixed up with another company. We are I screenshotted that too - and commented so the BBB got it wrong as well.


    Reviewed Aug. 19, 2022

    If you don't want wont to lost your money and make problem never contact or buy anything from this company. In the company page have perfect reviews but I think it's a wrong information. My order not delivered but no any support!!! Don't buy anything from this CAR COVER company!!!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2022

    I spent $175 on a cover for my truck. When I opened it, I noticed a tear on the sewed seam and immediately opened a warranty request. After several back and forth emails with them pretending not to see my attachments, they finally acknowledged the issue and said I had to pay more money to get a replacement sent out and that I had to call them to do this. They also tried hard to up-sell me on a more expensive and unnecessary cover. All I wanted is for them to ship an exact replacement to the same address as the original order. They stopped responding to my emails after I told them I would not give them more money in order to get a replacement sent since it was their quality issue and not mine.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Feb. 18, 2022

    I purchased a car cover from this company in December after reading many good reviews. I used the cover on the first winter storm of the season, which unfortunately for me was more than 30 days after the purchase. I was shocked to find in the morning that the car cover that was supposed to be protecting my car, was actually frozen to it. I had to pull the car cover off the driver's side door in order to get into the car and move it out of the driveway so I could use my other car to drive to work. During this process, there were minor marks on the door requiring buffing. When I spoke with customer service, they said I should have poured water on the car,,,, Seriously? They were blatantly rude, blamed me for their useless product and refused to issue a refund. Please don't make the mistake I did and buy from this company, unless you have money to throw away!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2021

    After I placed my order online, I came to realize that I was being grossly overcharged for the two covers that I ordered. Per the website, I had 24 hours to cancel the order without any issue or restocking fee. I sat on hold for approx 20 minutes before the phone system told me to leave a message. I did as such. I also sent a cancellation via email. The only communication that I received from them was an email which said they would give me a 10 percent discount to continue with the order. I replied, "no, please cancel as requested." I did initiate a dispute via my credit card as I felt that the lack of human responding to my call and numerous days passed without them crediting my funds back. 29 days after I ordered and cancelled the order, I called and a CSR Savannah said my order was "on hold". I said, "no, I am waiting for a credit." She again offered the 10% discount of which I informed her that I already declined that offer.

    I would be receiving the credit to my account within 48-96 hours of the conversation. However, I needed to terminate the dispute that I initiated before they can credit my account. I explained that if I cancel my dispute I would be in a vulnerable position. It hardly seems fair that I had to chase my money over the course of the past 29 days without any response from them other than a lame 10% discount after the fact. And, now refuses to credit me back without my termination of the dispute. Well, all I can do is wait for Citi to resolve my dispute. None of this should have carried on for so long without resolve. They are an overpriced company that is evidently hoping that I just forget the credit or grow weary of chasing my rightfully cancelled order and credit back to my card. They are a bad company with bad practices.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 26, 2021

    This cover only lasted a couple years. Fabric deteriorated and had multiple tears and holes. I have sent multiple pictures and all they keep doing is emailing me asking the same dumb questions. Will not use again. Way overpriced and their stuff doesn't last any longer than anybody else's.


    Reviewed May 4, 2021

    After "lifetime warrantied" car cover deteriorated on first seasonal use, we contacted them for a replacement. They wanted $95 to ship a new one. The car cover is not worth that much, and replacing twice a year at that rate would be expensive! At this point realized the reviews on their site are suspect, as they can only be left by 'invited' purchasers right after purchase; they cannot come back in after it falls apart and leave a review. Trustpilot and other review sites show many instances of customers whose products fall apart within the year.

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