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Arkansas Pet Lemon Laws for Dogs

Cat with vet

What to know about Arkansas' Pet Purchaser Protection Laws:

Arkansas’ pet lemon law is officially known as the Arkansas Retail Pet Store Consumer Protection Act of 1991. The text of the law specifically states that the legislature wishes to recognize dogs and cats as “companions rather than commodities.” The law offers some protections to both animals and buyers.

Rights: If a veterinarian declares a dog to be unfit within the given timeframe, consumers have the right to be reimbursed for reasonable costs associated with curing or attempting to cure the animal. Reimbursement is capped at the purchase price of the animal, and costs are deemed reasonable if they are similar to the rates charged by other local veterinarians for the same services.

Timeframe: Arkansas pet buyers must act within particular timeframes if they wish to receive reimbursement for the cost associated with treating a dog sold to them with a disease or congenital defect.

  • Consumers have 10 days to have the animal examined by a vet and declared unfit because of a disease or defect.
  • If a dog is declared unfit, consumers must present the seller with documentation from the veterinarian within three business days.
  • The seller must reimburse the buyer for the treatment of the animal within 10 business days of receiving the vet’s notice that the animal is unfit.