Trane warranty: cost, coverage and plans (2024)

What can you expect from your manufacturer’s warranty?

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Trane manufactures residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Trane guarantees the quality of its HVAC products by providing a limited warranty, which covers certain repair costs for parts that fail due to a manufacturing defect.

Key insights

  • The base warranty covers parts costs for five years.
  • Trane offers an extended warranty with product registration at no additional cost. To get this warranty coverage, you’ll need to register your Trane product within 60 days of installation.
  • The Trane warranty is transferable to subsequent owners. A one-time fee of $99 is required for transfer.

Trane warranty coverage

Trane products include a base limited warranty. The base warranty covers parts and the compressor for five years on air conditioner and heat pump models. On furnace models, it covers parts for five years and the heat exchanger for twenty years.

The warranty states that an authorized Trane service provider must complete repairs. The warranty certificate for all Trane products can be found on the company’s website.

The company offers an incentive to register your Trane product within 60 days of installation. You’ll get a free warranty extension, which prolongs the coverage period on parts and the compressor to ten years (some air conditioner model warranties may cover the compressor for up to twelve years).

Registered gas furnace models have ten years of coverage on parts and twenty years on heat exchangers (select models have lifetime coverage). The base warranty and the registered limited warranty do not include labor costs.

The Trane warranty is also transferable within 90 days of a home sale. There is a one-time transfer fee of $99.

For products manufactured after Oct. 1, 2022, the following warranties apply in residential settings.

Residential warranty coverage: air conditioning and heat pump

Residential warranty coverage: furnace

Trane coverage exclusions

Trane provides a full list of coverage limitations and exclusions in the warranty certificate. It’s important to read this document before installation so you are aware of the eligibility requirements. Certain actions detailed in that document may void the warranty altogether.

For example, the limited warranty does not cover:

  • Use of unapproved parts or refrigerants
  • Shipping, handling and installation costs
  • Damages caused by improper installation or maintenance and/or servicing by an unlicensed technician

In addition, the warranty document states that Trane may request written documentation proving that the appliance has been maintained properly before it may approve a warranty claim. Be sure to keep all invoices and receipts from HVAC maintenance.

Trane product registration

You can register your Trane product online by visiting the Warranty and Registration page on the company’s website. You’ll need the product’s serial number (printed on a label attached to the unit), installation date, installation address and dealer name to register.

Trane does not require registration to get base limited warranty coverage. However, you can get a free warranty extension if you register within 60 days of installation.

Trane warranty cost

The cost of the Trane warranty is included in the product's price. If you file a claim for in-warranty repairs, you’ll still be responsible for paying the labor costs associated with those repairs. Other expenses, like shipping costs, are not included in warranty coverage.

Trane extended warranty

Trane offers an extended warranty option that provides additional coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. The company does not disclose the costs of this program, but you can contact a Trane dealer for a quote.

Depending on the type of plan you purchase, the extended warranty may cover parts and labor costs.

Factors to consider when buying an extended appliance warranty

The optional extended warranty may be worth considering, especially if it includes a service plan with yearly maintenance. You’ll need to weigh the extended warranty cost against the average cost of an HVAC maintenance visit. Remember that your HVAC unit needs servicing at least once a year. However, servicing your appliance twice a year could help ensure optimal performance.

How to file a claim for your Trane appliance

To file a claim and request repairs for your Trane appliance, you’ll first contact an authorized dealer who can diagnose the problem and order parts. The dealer then submits the warranty claim to the parts supplier. You can look up authorized dealers in your area on the Trane website.

Keep in mind that you need to request service as soon as an issue with your appliance arises. The warranty states that all claims must be filed within 90 days of product failure.

Trane warranty vs. home warranty alternatives

The Trane warranty will be helpful if your appliance has a mechanical failure due to a defective part or component. However, there are certain circumstances that the warranty will not cover, like damages that occur due to normal wear and tear.

A home warranty could come in handy as your appliances age over time. These usually cover the HVAC system (air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, etc.) as part of basic coverage. Other appliances may be included in the plan as well (like ovens or refrigerators). The home warranty may cover not only repair costs but also replacement costs, depending on the plan.

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Pros and cons of Trane warranties

One benefit to the registered warranty is that it provides up to ten years of coverage on parts. The warranty is also fully transferable to a subsequent owner with a $99 fee.

Similar to other HVAC warranties, a drawback is that the warranty does not cover labor costs and shipping expenses. Also, the warranty certificate states that the company may request documentation proving proper maintenance before approving a warranty claim. Other companies may not require written documentation.


  • Provides up to 10 years coverage on parts with product registration
  • Transferable with a one-time fee


  • Labor costs and shipping expenses are not covered
  • Trane may request proof of proper maintenance before approving a warranty claim

Tips for maximizing warranty coverage

There are some ways to get the most out of your Trane warranty coverage:

  • Only use a Trane-authorized dealer or technician for installation and repairs.
  • Register your Trane product within 90 days of installation for extended warranty coverage at no additional cost.
  • Schedule regular maintenance for the unit (usually twice a year for air conditioners and heat pumps). Keep a copy of those receipts for your records.
  • Request in-warranty repairs within 60 days of the product failure.
  • Look into a home warranty if your manufacturer’s warranty is about to expire.
  • Consider purchasing extended warranty coverage, especially if it includes regular maintenance costs.


How do I file a warranty claim with Trane?

You’ll need to contact a Trane-authorized dealer to file a warranty claim. You can look up dealers in your area on the company’s website.

How long is my Trane appliance warranty?

The base warranty on air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces covers parts costs for five years. Other appliance components, like the compressor, are covered for five years.

How do I know if my Trane appliances are under warranty?

You can look up warranty coverage on the Trane website by entering the product’s serial number, or you can call a local Trane authorized dealer for warranty information.

Bottom line

Trane provides two types of warranties on its products: base and registered. Each warranty varies in coverage based on the type of product, but the registered warranty offers extended coverage periods for parts and certain unit components.

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