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Bathings Solutions is a U.K.-based manufacturer of walk-in tubs. It offers designs for consumers who need powered seating, lie-down options, compact tubs or bariatric tubs. Consumers can customize their tubs with optional massage jet systems, chromotherapy lights and Bluetooth speakers to create a relaxing experience. The company backs all of its walk-in tubs with a 15-year warranty.

    Pros & Cons


    • Compact models
    • Lie-down models
    • 15-year warranty


    • Limited massage features
    • Consultation required for pricing

    Bottom Line

    Bathing Solutions offers a wide variety of walk-in tub designs. Each tub is customizable and upgradable for added safety or therapeutic benefits.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 3, 2017

    The installation from Bathing Solutions was very satisfactory in 2011. I took out an extended warranty for peace of mind £124.95 annually in 2012 and was happy to have but later the name changed to Care in Bathing and not to worry as everything is still the same. Well I have just received a letter from another company with a leaflet inside advertising bathing solutions so I phoned the number on the leaflet and asked them to explain why they are now care in bathing and why they have stopped the extended warranty scheme from 30th June 2017.

    The said they would transfer me over to someone who could answer that for me but I gave up hanging on the phone. It seems strange because I thought bathing solutions had ceased trading but the lady on the phone said we have always been called care in bathing. It would be interesting to know if any new customers have been offered an extended warranty because it looks to me that once you items are a certain age you're dumped.

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    Reviewed April 18, 2017

    We had a shower unit fitted by this firm in 2016. Initially the surveyor measured up incorrectly but the fitters managed to rectify this to some extent although it didn't end up being exactly as we wanted it because part of the unit ended up blocking part of our window. Last week the shower bar became loose from the wall. We tried to contact Bathing Solutions but they were closed over the Easter weekend. We called them today (immediately after the Easter break) but the person who answered the phone curtly told my husband that the guarantee had run out a few days previously and if they came to repair this there would be a call out fee of £95. Customer service and satisfaction? Not from Bathing Solutions!!

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    Reviewed March 10, 2017

    Always wet floor and drainage pipe blocks up due to small diameter. THE SUCTION PUMP CANNOT HANDLE THE DRAINAGE. A gravity drainage system with adequate pipe bore would be better. I have had no problems with gravity drain showers in over 40 years. Bathing Solutions is overpriced rubbish that looks pretty but does not do the job for long. The same failure mode each time implies immature or poor design. They advertise safety and aid for the elderly, well I see them as aiding the elderly to empty their bank accounts.

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    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2016

    Had a bathroom installed by these people four years ago. Quite expensive but we thought it a good idea if my disabled mother could shower by herself. The work was completed in three days which was good. Since then a loose tap has leaked and ruined the downstairs kitchen ceiling. The toilet seat is coming apart. There's a horrible musty smell in the bathroom and the shower and pump have broken. It's difficult enough looking after an elderly person with dementia without having all this to deal with!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Nov. 22, 2016

    I had a new bathroom installed for my aging mother which comprised a walk-in bath/shower, wash hand basin, toilet & small hand basin (these were moved to an adjacent room to the bathroom as part of the whole job). Unfortunately my mother doesn't like the bath/shower so, in the 21 months since installation, it has only ever been used once which considering the whole job cost nearly £14,000.00 renders it quite a costly white elephant. The job itself was completed reasonably well, albeit not within the time frame originally quoted, although various final trim items and in particular the flooring were sub-standard. I was surprised that Bathing Solutions never sought any customer feedback upon completion of the job (or at any time since).

    Whilst visiting my mother recently and despite the fact that she does not use the bath/shower, I thought that I should check everything was working satisfactorily. Unfortunately I discovered that the raising/lowering of the electrically operated seat in the bath had stopped working on one side. Upon contacting Bathing Solutions I was promised a call back from their customer service department (their direct number is 01527 594218). After four working days of waiting for their call I telephoned them again and, after placing my call on-hold for 11 minutes, finally got to speak to customer service. They advised me that there would be a £95 call-out charge (which would include a whole 30 minutes of labour - BIG DEAL!) and should it proved to be a failure of the rechargeable batteries (as they suspected) a further charge of £57 per battery. I'm not overly impressed either by the overall job and their customer service.

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    Reviewed Nov. 14, 2016

    Just had John ** in for a quotation and he refused to even start without a husband in the house and said he doesn't believe I could make the decision without him! I told John I have the go-ahead to deal with this as am the only one that can for being available. John simply started walking out saying that he doesn't think I will decide without the man of the house. Clearly he wanted a decision there and then else not worth the effort, but mostly, this is discriminating and sexist behaviour as he wasn't prepared to listen at all. His loss, as reality is, I have full authority to make the decision as I am paying for it! Lol! Very unprofessional behaviour and out of date people.

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    Reviewed Oct. 31, 2016

    DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. My elderly parents ordered a disabled shower unit with seat and they had a new carpet fitted that's supposed to be water resistant. The bath was removed and the walls around the shower area was fitted with waterproof boarding. The salesman had pulled it up and described it as "it will look like a hotel bathroom when we have finished", it's a very small bathroom. Just like other posts on here he said they were lucky as the cost would be £8,800 but he would give them a £600 discount. He promised a top of the range shower and said he would arrange for a specially made toilet that the company would make for mum as their existing toilet was low. We have looked up the cost of the shower. It was £150, in all the whole thing costed up would have been approx £2,000 to £2,500 including labour.

    We were not aware any of this had been ordered, mum had been in hospital and dad arranged it. He suffers with dementia, these rogues seem to take advantage of old people, as others on here when you chase them up and ask them to break the costs down they say it's an all in one price. The toilet fitted was a standard toilet (still higher than the original one) but not specially made. I doubt we will get anywhere with them but will be pursuing through Trading Standards and reporting to Police.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2016

    Please do NOT ENTERTAIN THIS COMPANY. They sent a salesman to visit my elderly parents he advised about which shower to purchase which was priced at 10,000 pounds then said, "This must be your lucky day. We have a great reduction for 6,780." My parents were then told to put a deposit Down so they did as instructed. Shower unit took one month to arrive then a contracted Plumber was sent to carry out works which would be completed within five man working days. What a joke! He began saying, "You will need a new water tank and replace old pipes." He advised they needed a stopcock which is situated outside located at the back of the property.

    The Plumber said he would be interested in doing private work which gave my parents no options because they needed to complete as soon as possible. This so called Plumber kept going in between jobs living my parents for days then returning saying he has been very busy. Seven weeks later still not fully complete. Was not pleased at all with his workmanship. Just a boger. Telephoned bathing solutions to complain to say, "I would like same money back for unfinished work." They did not even say sorry. Just take a look at these photos.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed April 18, 2016

    I had a full bathroom fitted by Bathing Solutions in 2014 which I was very satisfied with. Since being installed the toilet seat has become very loose and I think quite dangerous. I telephoned Bathing Solutions to see if I could arrange to have an plumber from the company to come and repair the problem. We told there would be a £99.00 call out charge so it would be advisable to get a local plumber to do the job. If this is classed as customer care the company needs retraining.

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    Reviewed Jan. 20, 2016

    I felt it was important to write to your company and to thank your staff with whom my elderly father and I liaised with to refurbish his bungalow bathroom to a very high and acceptable standard. My father, I am sure, is not alone in being "very uncomfortable" with change, unknown people in his bungalow and the stress of possible building mess, peripheral damage and other "demons" that can occur.

    The gentleman and I believe his son in training, whom I did not have the pleasure to meet, dealt with all these issues with grace, patience and sensitivity. I would appreciate you thanking these gentlemen on my behalf. My father has very high and exacting standards and he is delighted! So I am too. I have yet to see the installation but you know if my father is delighted then it is a complete success! So, a big THANK YOU. As a result, my father at now 89 years of age can continue to live an independent and safe life in his bungalow in Ringmer, East Sussex. Your company and its products have significantly contributed to this very positive situation.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Dec. 16, 2015

    Firstly - I want to say this is the first time I have written a review on a company - apart from TripAdvisor! I only did it because everyone seems so quick to complain and slow to praise. My parents had a lovely experience- even if it was a little slow. I was really nervous when I heard that Mum had arranged for a company to quote on updating their bathroom and I couldn't be there when they were visiting as it was mid-morning.

    From what they said the sales person was pleasant and was more interested in them talking about their struggles than selling anything. They didn't place an order that day as they wanted to talk to me and he then visited on Friday afternoon when I was there. He was an older gentleman and very pleasant and calm. He talked me through the ideas and suggestions that Mum and Dad had decided on and apart from changing the colour of the tile boards to brighten the room- an order was placed. Everyone talks about price. It was fairly expensive but it seems to me that if one company is arranging everything and all the details including the delivery is scheduled that is worth something.

    They sent a technical person round to check everything and a date was made for installation - 4 weeks which to me seemed a long time but was ok. I wasn't there when the fitting took place (Wed and Thurs) but on my usual Friday visit it had all been done. They were both so pleased. It was lovely to see them looking so cheerful. They had both showered in their new 'solutions shower' as they called it. So hopefully many more experience the same service that Mum and Dad have. If I had seen this site before Bathing Solutions had visited my parents they might never have had the work done and that would have been a real shame. I am sure there are good and bad everywhere but as the salesman said - after 30 odd years with them he still enjoys helping people.

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    Reviewed Aug. 22, 2015

    The really EVIL thing about this company is that they sent their sales rep to my mother's home, then refused to leave until they had processed her debit card for a deposit of over £1,000 for an overpriced walk-in bath. That's right! The sales rep took my mother's card details and rang the payment through to Head Office immediately. The money was out of her account and into theirs within minutes.

    My mother, who is 80 and disable, was alone dealing with all this - getting hoodwinked by the sales spiel. When she described it to me, it bore all the hallmarks of the typical 'pressure sell', including befriending my mother and getting on first name terms with her and the worn out cliche of artificially inflating the product price in order to offer massive discount savings that are "only available if you sign up today" [NB: the original price was supposedly £14,000 for a bath, which was then reduced to just under £7000. Still massively overpriced when you can buy excellent quality walk-in baths online for around £1000].

    My mother immediately realised her mistake and asked me to ring to cancel the order the next day - well within the 14 day cooling off period. I rang and spoke to somebody in the Accounts Dept. called Tracy ** who wanted to know the ins and outs of why the order was being cancelled and also tried to push the finance packages that they have available. After declining all of the 'payment options' available, I was eventually told that my mother would have to complete a cancellation slip attached to the paperwork that the rep left behind and send it over to her in the Accounts Dept. I asked if this could be scanned and emailed and she said "yes". So, I had to go all the way over to my mum's to collect her completed cancellation slip and then scan and email it over.

    I rang Tracy ** and she confirmed that she had received it. This was just 6 days after the sales visit, so still well within the cooling off period. I stated in both the email and in my telephone conversations with Tracy ** that my mother had used an overdraft facility - on which she pays interest at a daily rate - to make this deposit payment and was keen to have the deposit refunded ASAP. Tracy ** informed me that it would be refunded in 3-5 days. 20 DAYS LATER, THERE IS STILL NO REFUND and Tracy ** does not accept my calls or respond to the numerous messages left for her. Instead it's down to Jess who answers the phone to make up excuse after excuse as to why Tracy hasn't rung back.

    My mother is so ill with this that she is now laid up in bed and her weekly District Nurse visits have become daily. She is saying that she will probably have to get bailiffs to collect the money, which in turn has my husband furious and he just wants to go down to the offices with a few of his mates and collect the money in person. The worry of him just up and doing that (which is highly likely) is then very stressful for me if it all gets out of hand once he gets down there. ALL IN ALL, AN ABSOLUTELY VILE EXPERIENCE WITH A VILE COMPANY. DO NOT TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE.

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    Reviewed Aug. 11, 2015

    Writing this review on behalf of my wife's parents who are in their 90's. Firstly the cost that they paid was in my view at least 2x what it should have been, the sales technique of offering massive discounts to make it sound like a good deal was used. The installation went reasonably ok and on time within reason. A pump was fitted to take away the water but the quality of the tray installation was poor as would leave a puddle of water. Shortly after it was installed they have had nothing but problems with the pump and although an engineer has been out it is an ongoing problem. Having looked at this myself I feel there was not a need to have a pump as the floor could have been excavated to tap into a waste pipe, thus alleviating any issues with getting water away. I would not encourage anyone to deal with this company.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Feb. 25, 2015

    Bathing Solutions are a terrible firm. Bathing Solutions they are not. Bathing disasters they are! They left my job in a terrible mess, unfinished, no apology and no reply to emails. I had to contact another firm to finish the tiling and the fitting of the shower screen as their contractors left bare plaster on the wall and brought the wrong size and wrong colour tiles. The bath arrived damaged and they never told me. They fitted it despite knowing it was damaged. They are now pestering me to pay the final installment of a job they didn't do. My advice is keep well away from this firm unless you want a load of stress from which I am still suffering now after over ten months.

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    Reviewed Feb. 7, 2015

    Bathing Solutions did not stick to agreed dates. Bathing Solutions carried out defective work which needed replacement. Bathing solutions did not respond to letters. Bathing Solutions would not consider compensation.

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    Reviewed Feb. 6, 2015

    My elderly parents ordered a shower unit from this company. They suffered weeks of the wrong parts being delivered, having to be returned and then the wrong parts being being delivered again. The fitter was told by his Manager over the telephone to 'bodge' the job rather than order a correct part. The end product is nowhere near worth the extortionate price they have had to pay. I have never seen my father so stressed and was worried about his health during the whole business.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 9, 2015

    After waiting weeks for surveyor to plan our bathroom a quote of over £8000 was agreed for shower, toilet and wash basin to replace bath, toilet and wash basin. Expensive! During fitting we noticed toilet was not the one we had ordered! We had ordered one to be flush to back wall! We were rudely told by Bathing Solutions Purchasing Manager that he could change any item and we would have to accept. He stated this was on terms and conditions? There is a term which states minor items may be changed without notice. We don't think the toilet is a minor item! After a lot of emails and telephone calls from us we finally got the toilet we had ordered about 3 weeks later without notice or apology. This was fitted but is not satisfactory as the seat is loose!

    The stress this company put us through took months to get over. This company never replied to our letters or emails and return telephone calls were never made by them. We would suggest that this company is never used if peace of mind is required! Totally disappointed with quality and attitude. Definitely not worth the price paid! This review is very limited in what happened but we would say that only the salesman talked civilly to us and tried to help the situations!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2014

    Had a shower fitted. They changed delivery date by 1 day then changed fitting date by 1 day. Said it will take 3 days to finish. We ended up having 2 shower trays delivered which were faulty. 3rd tray ok. They started work on the 2nd Sept. The 3rd tray was delivered on the 9th Sept. Fitter came back on the 11th Sept to finish job. Had no washing facilities for 10 days. They offered £100 discount for the inconvenience which is an insult - contract no **. Lever control is not like the one we asked for which was optional.

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    Reviewed July 10, 2014

    Don't do business with these people. They are worse than double glazing salesmen. They took thousands of pounds in deposit from my 80 year old parents following a 'no-obligation' quote. When my parents tried to cancel the arrangement no-one would take our call until the statutory period was over. They also didn't wait 5 minutes before charging my parents credit card - it was charged the same day. They have been promising about 300 of the original 1800 pound deposit back for months, and even that we haven't seen. Also the original quote to put a new shower in was over 11000 pounds! They gave a 'discount' to 7000 pounds - for a shower installation, which Wickes and B&Q both quoted at 1000 pounds.

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