American Home Shield vs. Liberty Home Guard

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    American Home Shield and Liberty Home Guard

    What is the difference between American Home Shield and Liberty Home Guard?

    Home warranties can help homeowners repair or replace home systems and appliances when they break down. To find the best home warranty for you, we looked at key comparable features for American Home Shield and Liberty Home Guard, including premiums, fees and the number of items covered. This guide compares the companies side by side to help make your choice an easy one.


    american home shield logoliberty home guard logo
    Monthly premium cost$29.99 to $69.99$49.99 to $69.99
    Average cost for combo plan$60 a month$69.99 (Total Home Guard)
    Annual premium cost$359.88 to $839.88$499.99 to $599.99
    Service call fee$100 or $125$65 to $125
    Discounts availableVariesOne month free for each year of contract if paid upfront (up to 5 months free for 5-year contract)
    american home shield logo$29.99 to $69.99$60 a month$359.88 to $839.88$100 or $125Varies
    liberty home guard logo$49.99 to $69.99$69.99 per month$499.99 to $599.99$65 to $125One month free for each year of contract if paid upfront (up to 5 months free for 5-year contract)


    american home shield logoliberty home guard logo
    Plans availableShieldSilver, ShieldGold, ShieldPlatinumAppliance Guard, Systems Guard, Total Home Guard
    Covered systems106
    Covered appliances99
    Combo plan covered items1815
    Service recall period30 days60-day workmanship warranty
    Availability49 states (not Alaska)50 states
    american home shield logoShieldSilver, ShieldGold, ShieldPlatinum1091830 days49 states (not Alaska)
    liberty home guard logoAppliance Guard, Systems Guard, Total Home Guard691560-day workmanship warranty50 states

    Appliances coverage

    american home shield logoliberty home guard logo
    Built-in food centers
    Built-in microwaves
    Clothes dryers
    Clothes washers
    Ice makerYes
    Instant hot/cold water dispensersYes
    Ranges, ovens and cooktops
    Trash compactorsYes
    Water sensors
    Whirlpool bathtub
    american home shield logo
    liberty home guard logoYesYesYes

    Systems coverage

    american home shield logoliberty home guard logo
    Air conditioning
    Ceiling fans
    Central vacuumsYes
    Garbage disposals
    Garage door openers
    Smoke detectors
    Water heaters
    american home shield logo
    liberty home guard logoYes

    Other coverage

    american home shield logoliberty home guard logo
    Guest unitAdd-on
    Roof leak repairsAdd-onAdd-on
    Second refrigeratorAdd-on
    Septic pumpAdd-onAdd-on
    Stand-alone freezerAdd-on
    Well pumpAdd-onAdd-on
    american home shield logoAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
    liberty home guard logoAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on

    Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

    american home shield logoliberty home guard logo
    Overall star rating4.23.3
    Verified customer reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
    american home shield logo4.2Read reviews
    liberty home guard logo3.3Read reviews

    All information accurate as of publishing date.

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      American Home Shield

      American Home Shield (AHS) is an established home warranty company. The company states that it has paid $2 billion in the last five years in claims to homeowners, and it has a network of 17,000 local, licensed contractors throughout the U.S.

      American Home Shield plans

      AHS’s home warranty plans cover an extensive list of items and protect both new and used appliances. Homeowners with duplicate systems and appliances, such as second air-conditioning units or refrigerators, are also covered under base plans. There are a variety of plan add-ons available for electronics and certain maintenance services.

      Its three plan choices are:

      • ShieldSilver ($29.99/month) includes coverage for 14 major systems, including:
        • Heating and cooling systems, including air conditioners, heating units and ductwork
        • Electrical systems and accessories, including built-in exhaust, vent and attic fans, main breaker and fuse panel boxes, doorbells and chimes, interior electrical lines, ceiling fans and garage door openers
        • Plumbing systems and accessories, including interior plumbing lines, toilets, faucets, valves, whirlpool tub motor and components and water heaters
      • ShieldGold ($39.99/month) includes all coverage under ShieldSilver, plus nine appliances (up to $3,000 per appliance per contract term):
        • Refrigerators
        • Ranges/Cooktops
        • Ovens
        • Dishwashers
        • Built-in microwaves
        • Garbage disposals
        • Instant hot/cold water dispensers
      • ShieldPlatinum ($54.99/month) includes all coverage under ShieldGold, a $6,000 appliance limit per contract term and:
        • Roof leak repairs (up to $1,500 per year)
        • Free HVAC tuneup
        • Unlimited air conditioner refrigerant
        • Coverage for code violations and permits (up to $1,000)

      These monthly rates are based on a quote for a 77009 (Houston) ZIP code with a $125 service call fee.

      What American Home Shield customers say

      American Home Shield receives mostly positive reviews on ConsumerAffairs, though some customers have expressed frustration with the quality of communication. Satisfied reviewers frequently mention the helpful contractors and easy claims process, and many say they are happy with the work. Customers say they like that the service helps cut down on the cost of repairs and saves them money.

      We were having trouble with our dishwasher, so we submitted a claim with AHS and it was a very simple process. The contractor they sent was prompt and called right before he came here … It worked, and it was a delightful transaction. AHS was quick, accurate and very timely - there was no argument or discussion. We have recommended them to friends and family members.”

      Tom of Plano, TX

      Liberty Home Guard

      Liberty Home Guard is a home warranty company that helps repair and maintain home appliances and systems. Service technicians within its network are vetted and must be considered “Liberty Home Guard-certified,” and you can keep track of your home warranty through the company’s online customer portal.

      Liberty Home Guard plans

      The company has three warranty packages, depending on if you want to protect appliances, home systems or both. Many items under a Liberty Home Guard plan have dollar limits of $1,600 per covered item per contract term for access, diagnosis, repair and replacement costs. Below are the available options under each plan.

      • Systems Guard ($44.99/month) includes systems coverage for:
        • Air conditioning, including central air conditioning and wall air conditioners
        • Heating, including mechanical components and parts necessary for operation, circulating pumps and reversing valves
        • Ductwork, including leaks or breaks in ducts, registers and grills
        • Plumbing, including mechanical components and parts necessary for operation, circulating pumps and reversing valves
        • Electrical, including mechanical components and parts and built-in bathroom exhaust fans
        • Water heaters, including mechanical components and parts and circulating pumps up to 75 gallons
      • Appliance Guard ($39.99/month) covers mechanical components and parts for eight home appliances:
        • Clothes washer and dryer
        • Kitchen refrigerator 
        • Built-in microwave
        • Dishwasher
        • Garbage disposal 
        • Garage door openers
        • Ranges, ovens and cooktops
        • Motors, switches, controls and bearings for ceiling and exhaust fans
      • Total Home Guard ($49.99/month) combines all coverage available under the Systems Guard and Appliance Guard plans.

      These rates are based on quotes for a 77009 (Houston) ZIP code. Liberty Home Guard’s plans include fewer items than some other home warranty providers, but the company lets you create a more tailored policy than most — it has an extensive list of add-ons so you can add only the items you want protected.

      What Liberty Home Guard customers say

      Happy Liberty Home Guard customers mention quick service and say the Liberty Home Guard team is nice to deal with. Negative reviews have expressed frustration with the warranty not covering the full cost of needed repairs.

      My claims experience - The technician diagnosed the problem, ordered the correct part, and installed it as soon as it came in which was around 5 days after he was by us. He was polite and very nice and so were the folks on the phone who scheduled him. Scheduling the appointment was fine, not much hassle. My fridge works now and that's all I care about.”

      Mason of White Plains, NY

      Bottom line: American Home Shield or Liberty Home Guard?

      It’s crucial to compare the differences between American Home Shield and Liberty Home Guard before making a decision between the two. AHS includes more items in its plans, and its three packages offer varying levels of protection.

      Although Liberty Home Guard also offers three packages, one is an appliance-only option, while one is for systems only and the last combines the other two. The company helps keep prices low by letting you customize your warranty, which prevents you from paying for coverage you don’t need.

      • American Home Shield is best for homeowners wanting all-inclusive plans and who need only a few add-ons.
      • Liberty Home Guard is best for homeowners looking for basic home warranty packages they can build to suit their needs.
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