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Reviewed Oct. 14, 2019

I was told that the anti reflective coating on my 5 month old glasses peeling away was “normal wear and tear” and the result of “cooking while wearing my glasses”. When Faith (the customer service rep) asked me if I wore my glasses while cooking I never figured it was a trick question! Of course I wear my glasses for cooking and every other activity of normal life... This reply to my concern was just too silly not to share but with my high prescription it was an expensive mistake to use this company. I can’t recommend Coastal for glasses.

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Reviewed May 20, 2019

Initially, Coastal sent the wrong Rx glasses. Of course you have to wait and wait for the correct lenses; I didn't like that so much. Took forever for them to credit my bank account the refund for the first (wrong) pair. The eyewear get what you pay for. The lenses are impossible to clean properly. I'm sure they're more plastic than glass in their lenses? They "clean" like experience with Coastal is not the best. Very cheap quality. I guess it's back to the local eyewear stores. But, yeah, you definitely get cheap quality here because it's so low priced.

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Reviewed April 25, 2019

I have purchased three pairs of different brand glasses from Coastal over the last couple years and EVERY SINGLE PAIR has broken. My last pair was purchased in February and now (April) the one arm has fallen off and is in need of repair. The lenses are poor quality and quickly get dirty/not easy to keep clean. The frames are cheap plastic. The screws often fall out and the arms break off. It is not as if any of the glasses I have purchased have been cheap, either. Spend the extra $30 and get a quality pair from your eye doctor or a quality retailer. Just not worth the headache or cost.

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Reviewed March 21, 2019

I was reviewing my transaction history on my bank account and noticed I was charged a $7.11 international transaction fee on my last Coastal purchase. I called my bank because surely this was a mistake, and although they happily refunded my fee (thank you Bank of America!) they told me that it was not a mistake and that Coastal had processed my payment in another country.

I called Coastal to ask why and they could give me no real explanation as to why, the customer service rep (who was very nice suggested maybe they had to ship from one of their facilities in Canada. Well that was not the case, I received the package later that day and origin was Washington State. Regardless, if this is an international transaction it should be STATED CLEARLY somewhere on their site, during the checkout process, or on the receipt. This transaction was in US dollars, and had Washington addresses on my receipt and packaging. I will never buy from Coastal again!

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Reviewed March 8, 2019

Sent frames 3 times without perception lens. Upon third time they would not give a refund claiming the system was updating. Now the refund window has expired. Go to America's Best, as they have the best deal w/ eye exam. DON'T RISK IT with Been without glasses for 3 months already. Don't even trust with your credit card info. Company is a snake oil salesmen.

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Reviewed Feb. 18, 2019

Low quality, keeps tearing easily. They used to hold up, but now after only 1 day they will tear in half. This has happened to me a dozen times and I thought maybe it was my handling but now things don't add up since I wear glasses 75% of the time and are very careful with them. I don't know what happened to the quality but they are very flimsy now. I will definitely be using Myeyedr from now on. Very disappointed.

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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2019

I paid for rush delivery. Nearly 20.00 more. It has been a month now and still no glasses. They ignore emails and reiterated the same thing over and over... That my order is processing. That's it. That's all they tell me. Blind for a month with no glasses!!! I have used all my vacation time this year. Now waiting to see. Such **.

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Reviewed Dec. 24, 2018

I live in Chico, CA, 15 minutes from Paradise, the town that burnt down on November 8th. I get my car fixed in Paradise and forgot my brand new pair of glasses at Precision Auto Werks the week before the fire; their business burnt to the ground prior to my picking up my glasses. I was not directly effected by this devastating fire; but our whole town has been impacted. I asked Coastal Glasses if they would give me a discount to replace my glasses... They surprised me by sending me the pair I lost for free. Wow... what a great way to treat your customers. I have been buying my glasses from Coastal for the past few years and I love the style options and the quality.

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Reviewed Nov. 22, 2018

After weeks of waiting for my order I e-mailed Coastal just to be told; "We're sorry about the delay in your order. We recently switched production facilities, and the glasses were not up to our high-quality standards. We didn't want to send you a low-quality product, so we are remaking the glasses for you." BUT wait, why did you switch? To save YOU money? At any rate how can you argue with that? After all they have my best interest in mind. Right?

More weeks go by so I email again only to be told; "Though your glasses were in the final stages of production, per your request we’ve now canceled your order **. Our accounting department will be refunding your PayPal account within the next 1-3 business days." I'm not buying that my order was nearly ready. Surely they would have promised to get them right out and not take the loss of nearly finished glasses. Another week passes and no promised refund. I had to file a complaint with PayPal and then "PayPal" refunded my money. STAY CLEAR.

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2018

Purchased a pair of glasses in February of this year. Metal frames, special lenses. My husband went to pick up his glasses from the coffee table and the frame literally came apart at the bridge of the nose... Clean break. When I sent the picture to the company they basically called me a liar saying that where the glasses were broken was the strongest part of the frame and it could not have happened! I'm furious. The glasses are not bent, no misuse at all and this company will not back up their product. Don't waste your money! I'm going back to Empire Vision! Their frames are warrantied for a full year!

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2018

After I ordered my contacts I looked at all the reviews and they were terrible. It made me very nervous. However I receive my contacts in 4 days and everything was correct. So maybe they're making a change for the good. I don't know. But I had a good experience. I will order again.

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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2018

I will not be a customer of this company ever again. They do not stand behind their products and refuse to do anything to help me out since they couldn't verify my prescription and still shipped my contacts. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense now does it? Have a little customer service and call my doctor maybe? Ship out another box just to keep a happy customer? Go to ** instead, I don't know why I strayed from them in the first place. Avoid Coastal and their condescending Customer service "Vision Ambassadors." Crap company with crap support.

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Reviewed June 1, 2018

I ordered contacts from this company on March 28, 2018. In their confirmation e-mail, it states that it takes 2-4 weeks for orders to be fulfilled and then another 7-10 days to receive. I was aware of that and ready for that, but figured it shouldn't take as long as stated. On April 28th, I still had not received my order or an e-mail saying it was shipped. I called customer service only to be told "due to my high prescription it's taking a little bit longer but rest assure, you will receive your order." I tried to cancel my order at that point, but was told I would not be able.

On May 26, 2018, I still had yet to receive my contacts, so decided to leave a Facebook review. Upon leaving my review, I was contacted and was "apologized" to and was told they were at fault and would be fulfilling my order at their expense. Two days later, I received a message saying "Unfortunately our manufacturer canceled your order and we will unable to fulfill your order on our end" and was told $100 credit would be put on my account if I decided to purchase from their website again. If the manufacturer actually canceled my order, why couldn't they place in another order to fulfill it like they said they would? And there is no $100 credit on my account.

This company is repulsive. Not only did they give me the run around for 2 months, they allowed my vision care suffer to this. I will NEVER order from this website again and urge you to think twice before you do. If I would have read the other reviews prior, I wouldn't have either because surprisingly I am not the first person to write a similar review. Instead, order from 1-800 Contacts because that company at least has integrity and genuinely cares about the vision health of their customers.

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Reviewed March 23, 2018

They take very long to fulfill an order, expect to wait at least 1.5-2 weeks for processing. Their customer service is terrible. Will NEVER use this company again, will be sticking to 1800contacts from now on.

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Reviewed March 13, 2018

After sending in my prescription neglected to ship my order and days later I get an email saying I have yet to send in my prescription. After verifying it was sent they didn't even offer an upgrade to get it faster than the usual 7 days and I already waited 7 days. This is a first and last time to use

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Reviewed Dec. 20, 2017

I recently bought a year's supply of contacts from for the first time. They cost me nearly $300. I placed this order on November 6th. It is now December 22nd and I yet to receive them. Around December 6th they "shipped" them after I had complained about how it had taken a month to receive them. They fake shipped my order and didn't provide me a tracking number. When I called again and asked, they admitted to having never actually shipped my order and they would ship them now. 16 days later here I am still waiting for any sort of shipping conformation. I would recommend no one ever purchase anything from this joke of a company. By far the worst online buying experience I have ever had. I have never written an online review before but I made an account to ensure other people never have to go through what I had to go through.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2017

I recently order my son two pair of glasses. I paid $8.95 for 3-5 day shipping, I purchased these glasses on the 8th of this month. Here it's the 19th and my order still hasn't arrived. I checked the website order history. My glasses won't come until the 27th. I called the customers service number and, the rep tried to give me a service fee instead of refund me for the shipping. He tried to tell me with glasses it 5-11 business days with shipping not, 6-7 like the website states. I asked to speak with his supervisor and he wanted to hang up the phone. I've never been treated so unfair by anyone. He couldn't even tell me the supervisor's name. I use to be proud of telling people about the site, when I got compliments on my glasses. Now I'm certain to tell them about the fine print of their actual shipping policy. This is my last time as a customer.

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Reviewed Aug. 31, 2017

I ordered glasses from this company, and they screwed the order up. They said that they could and would fix it. We're talking months now and I have told them to either send me the glasses or a refund. They have done neither! I am now going to involve the state attorney general's office of consumer fraud to try to get my money back. Whatever you do, do not do any business with this company. They are rip off artists! Try to find an address for them. They don't want to be found. They should be shut down!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2017

Quality eyeglasses, affordable. Took 2 Weeks. Ok with that. My backup glasses just became my primary glasses. Transition is the solution. Hardened lenses, not able to focus on the fly... I am 47, lenses not able to adjust. This is the solution.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2016

I didnt have any issue with the delivery service. I received my product in a perfect package. The process to choose the product was a little bit long, because of a huge variety of options! Got me crazy! But I can find something right for me. The price was fair. The shipping fee was crazy! It is unbelievable spend a lot of money just for shipping! And I suggest to create a kind of promotion or special prices for special items. Good quality. Probably my glasses will last for almost two or three more time than my first one. I will recommend for a friends in the future.

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2016

The delivery and shipping was incredibly fast. The shipping was actually faster than expected. I really liked the box that the sunglasses came in. It was a great keepsake box. I researched Coastal for a very long time to see which company would be the nicest and coastal was the one company that kept popping up. I really liked it. Of all the sunglasses that I researched and looked at and for these were the cheapest and they looked the nicest. They actually had the best warranty on the glasses too. The quality of these sunglasses are second to none. I have never had such nice sunglasses and the quality is incredible and the best Ive ever had.

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Reviewed Aug. 20, 2016

Not especially quick, but took a reasonable amount of time, similar to when I've ordered from the local Sears. I think it took around two weeks from the time I ordered until I received my order. Selection seemed rather limited. I was trying to find something similar to the rimless glasses I had previously in size and style, but there didn't seem to be very many options, and none was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered during a great introductory promo that only required me to pay for shipping. Shipping was a bit high compared to other glasses websites, but for a pair of glasses it was an excellent price. I ordered rimless frames, but they felt quite flimsy and bendable compared to my previous pair. But the prescription seemed right and they're good enough for a backup pair.

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Reviewed Aug. 14, 2016

They are shipped within 24 hours and you get an email letting you know, like everybody today you can track it so you know when it will be here. They have a nice selection of glasses to choose from at very reasonable prices, the Cole in all styles and colors and range from 20 to 40 dollars. The price does not reflect the quality, l would have paid twice that for those glasses at walmart. Durable, comfortable and the lenses don't pop out. They are good quality and last longer than my prescriptions do.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2016

Shipping for this product was fast and accurate allowing me to be able to track my order. The availability of faster shipping was appreciated but not necessary. Multiple colors and good prices gave me the option of buying more than one pair to match my mood or my style. I always like backup pairs, too, to have in different locations so that I'm never without. A lot of other places would easily charge twice as much as what I paid for mine. And what's more, that's compared to a local physical store. These are high quality durable goods that will last me a long time. Hinges are great and you don't get a sense that they are flimsy at all. Could easily put in a new prescription if needed.

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Reviewed Aug. 8, 2016

Quick, efficient, and in place. Everything was wonderful. Came beautifully packaged and free from scratches. It was a quick delivery process and very easy. I found there to be quite a bit of product to choose from. Stuff for almost everyone. I'm very picky when it comes to my eyewear so I was surprised to have such an easy time finding what I wanted. The price was out of this world. Just right. I mean for me product can always be cheaper, but I do have to say, for what it was I got, the price was pretty decent. There was something for everyone in my opinion. Quite a spectrum. Very happy with the quality. Very, very happy. They are absolutely beautiful. They are strong, easy on the eye (pardon the pun), and made well. You never know what you are going to get, but these were great. I was quite pleased with the product.

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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2012

I placed an order on 10/24/12. I received the incorrect prescription. The item was returned to be corrected. I contacted on 12/12/12 and I was told that the item was no longer in stock. I was not told this, yet these people had not refunded my money or contacted me to inform about the item being unavailable. They are thieves and they try to steal my money. Shame on you

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