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United Wholesale Mortgage (NMLS # 3038) is a wholesale lender that issues loans exclusively through its mortgage broker partners. UWM credits its market share and growth to strong relationships with its broker partners, to which it offers training and support. UWM has established itself as an industry leader among wholesale mortgage brokers.

    Pros & Cons

    • Fast approvals and turn times
    • Direct access to underwriters
    • Up to 365-day rate lock
    • Only issues loans through brokers

    United Wholesale Mortgage Reviews

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about United Wholesale Mortgage?
      • 4,481,129 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Customer ServiceStaffLoan Process

      Reviewed Oct. 3, 2023

      Unpleasant and rude appraiser, they need some training on customer relations. The appraiser was rude and unprofessional and the experience was very stressful when it could have been much easier. A real shame!

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      Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Sept. 25, 2023

      When you set up for auto pay, their system doesn't work. Then charge you a crazy amount as a late fee. When they realize that their system didn't work, they waive that payment, However, on the next auto pay after they assured you their system will work, it doesn't work again. Guess what! then you have to pay that amount because they will not waive it! total scam. Their auto pay is still not working. They don't have phone calls, emails or any reminder if you have a late payment. They automatically charge you an insane amount. Not only they don't give you notification, but they automatically want you to get e'bills so you won't even know that you're being charged. This is the worst company I've ever dealt with, their customer service is trash. I'm surprised nobody sued them yet!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Sept. 6, 2023

      I would call these guys "clowns in a circus" but this is an insult, as clowns tend to be good at their jobs and circuses tend to be somewhat organized. These guys are neither. They misapplied a mortgage payment to my principal, when I called them and was assured that "it would be resolved", well a week and a half later it has NOT been resolved. They assured me I would not be sent a collection notice to the misapplied payment, and I got a collection notice today. Absolute buffoons.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Aug. 8, 2023

      Worst mortgage company ever (and I've had 4 mortgage companies). Improperly applies partial payments, and charged late fees (that was fixed after I reached out to CFPB after months of promises to resolve with no action) and now they screwed up my escrow, resulting in a payment fluctuation of $3k each month (which the denied in a CFPB complaint). Poor customer service, untrained personnel, and I'm pretty sure whoever responds to their correspondence has only had elementary school math/english training. Spend the extra .25% interest rate. You'll be thankful down the road as I've spent countless hours going round and round with no solution. This company should be investigated under the consumer protection act. Class action lawsuit anyone?

      Reviewed May 24, 2023

      This company is a criminal organization. They are sitting on almost $200,000 from hurricane Ian proceeds from our insurance company and won’t cooperate with repairs. We’re pretty sure they’re sweeping people's insurance money. We had to take money out of our 401k and pay taxes on it while they were and still are sitting on our money.

      We need new windows, a new front door and a new screened pool cage among other things and we can’t get them to give us our money. It’s always in review for months! We will need to take more money out of our 401k to get repairs before the next storm comes since our roof leaked while waiting for them to reimburse us for money we paid out of pocket for a new roof. We’ve had to harass our insurance company to pay what they owe and then fight with UWM! We will be suing them and they can pay for our lawyer's fees and taxes on our 401k! Please find out who is buying your mortgage so you can avoid this criminal organization!

      Punctuality & Speed

      Reviewed May 4, 2023

      This was my first payoff experience and did not go very well. The instructions for payoff are very confusing, online & on-call customer support was also very poor. This resulted in my wire transfer failing. They told there is 16 days grace to pay off. It took few days for me to resend wire which finally went through fine. But still they charged late fees & with continuous follow-up also did not give good support and consideration even being a very good borrower. Not sure what they do to those really missing or delaying payment due to issues.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedLoan ProcessRatesTransparency

      Reviewed Jan. 27, 2023

      Everything went well at first. Closing went well and communication was always fine. Then my first tax bill came and I called UWM to see how that would work. I was told “if UWM ever misses a tax payment, we will pay the late fee.” I wrote down this quote when he told it to me. What he apparently meant to say was “any regular tax payment, the supplemental is a different case.” So when the supplemental tax bill came in, I didn’t call UWM only because of the conversation I had with the rep. Then we were delinquent and hit with a late fee. UWM wouldn’t pay the late fee and they wouldn’t meet me in the middle for a compromise, even after I said that I wouldn’t be able to recommend them to anyone if they didn’t.

      After all, I ignored the tax bill based on what UWM told me. UWM doesn’t care. Also our mortgage needed to be adjusted after taxes changed in our area. I had to do the online chat (there’s currently no way to talk to a human on the phone) five times and always received a different answer about the adjustment of our mortgage amount. I actually began taking screenshots if I needed to report them. Overall, yes they gave us a good rate. But I generally don’t give my money to companies who don’t care about their customers' happiness. I do not recommend them.

      Punctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Jan. 25, 2023

      The United Wholesale Mortgage escrow (UWM) calculated the wrong property tax amount. They collected double what they should collect, which led to my mortgage payment increased more than a thousand a month. On the hand, I found out UWM didn't pay my property tax because the County tax collector sent me a bill with a penalty. I had to pay using my own money, which led to short money in the bank. I contacted UWM and told them I had just paid the 9 thousand dollars in property tax and didn't have enough money to payment+increased escrow, and I asked them to use escrow money to pay my mortgage payment (extra 9 thousand in escrow).

      They denied it and charged a late fee, and report delinquency to the bureau. I don't trust UWM escrow anymore, and I asked UWM to terminate the escrow. They also denied it again due to a delinquency event which caused by UWM. Thanks to UWM, I had to pay the late fee, and it ruined my credit.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Dec. 3, 2022

      I have been making biweekly payments to them for months. All of a sudden, it says 3 of those payments were reversed. I checked my bank accounts and the payments were made. When I call, I get transferred around from rep to rep until finally someone says their manager will call me back in 24 hours. They NEVER call. This has been going on for over a month. It now says I am 3 months behind in payments and is affecting my credit score, but I can't even talk to anyone about it.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Nov. 12, 2022

      I have bought my house just 3 months ago. UWM has the worst service to collect money. They will delay collecting payment to an unreasonable time. When I'm talking about delays it can be over 3 weeks. Finally after 40 dollars fine for two failed transactions I cancelled auto payment and called UWM agent. She was awfully rude and stated, "Fine, fees cannot be refunded," or I shall mail some documents. I have two to 3 jobs daily and have luxury to invest time like that. I paid the fine and made payment on 7th of this month. I asked, "How long will it take the money to be transferred?" She said 72 hours. Today it's Sat the 12th and money still has not transferred from my bank.

      I did mention to the customer care lady that I'm not happy with their service but she did not care. She sounded unhappy whilst doing her job actually. I am happy with PHH Mortgage for my other house and I shall in near future get rid of UWM and switch with PHH. I have experienced enough frustration caused by this mortgage company.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Oct. 12, 2022

      United Wholesale Mortgage is completely unresponsive to the customer service needs. I have (2) mortgages with them that were completed in tandem and one has been an utter nightmare. Their customer service, like much of the world today, is completely outsourced to homeworkers that can only give stock answers and every time you call, you get a different person and it is a different answer for the same issue!! There is no supervisory control, training or a follow-up response team to provide much-needed service. You cannot get the person’s full name or return phone “in case you get disconnected” so when it DOES happen, or you are transferred or need to call back, you have to repeat the entire saga each time. They verify all your information so that they can call back and it never happens. I could go on about months and weeks of trying to sort out an issue and it just goes in circles.

      Escrow has also been a nightmare, apparently done incorrectly by their affiliate East Lake Mortgage Company. I have had to pay up deficiencies and lack of ANY escrow on one and I continue to get letters stating it is still deficient!?! UGH. God forbid you have to request something in writing – their responses in the document center are very snarky and if you have to FAX the research team or complaint department…NO RESPONSE. I now get anxiety whenever I need to speak with UWM and would do just about anything to remove my mortgages from their service.


      Reviewed Aug. 8, 2022

      We refinanced with United Wholesale Mortgage about about 9 months ago. Since then, we we needed to use our homeowners insurance due to a very large hailstorm that went through the area in May. We immediately contacted our homeowners insurance (USAA) and they explained that the insurance check must be signed by both mortgage and homeowners. We then contacted UWM and we discovered that United Wholesale Mortgage stipulates it will only release $40,000 to do repairs at a time, and the owner is responsible for funding inspections of work at 25% and 75% completion of all of the work. Each inspection costs roughly $300. Our total repairs are estimated at roughly $60,000. We were told during our initial conversation with a UWM rep to supply United Wholesale Mortgage with a letter and estimates explaining why additional funds above $40,000 was needed to be released for immediate funding of these repairs.

      We supplied United Wholesale Mortgage with estimates for fence paint and repair, a new roof, window repair, and solar panel removal and reinstallation. We crafted and included a letter. We have been denied full funding after being lead to believe that this information would be sufficient. It is difficult to speak with anyone associated with funding denial. Reps do not willingly pass clients along to supervisors. Needless to say, it's August, our work is due to begin and we do not have all the necessary funds. Use this as a cautionary tale to double check with your mortgage company on their policies of funding repairs to your home. We would be less bothered by this if several neighbors have not had similar repairs done recently without the hassle of getting funds released from their mortgage companies.


      Reviewed March 15, 2022

      We started our loan process two months ago. We have OUTSTANDING credit. It was an easy acceptance. It's when it came to their responsibilities that working with them became costly. We have had all the paperwork ready for closing. All but the appraisal. That was ordered two months ago as well. When the company failed to produce the appraisal on the due date, United Wholesale Mortgage waited THREE WEEKS to order another one. By this time our locked in rate ran out so we had to pay $1,500 to extend it.

      THEN when they couldn't find another appraiser within that time, we had to extend it yet again. This time costing us an additional $5,000. to extend it. By broker who was working with them just shrugged his shoulders and said it was out of his control and that the lender said I could just walk away and go with a higher interest rate. They just didn't care that it was their mistake to begin with that cost me all this extra money. This is what happens when you work with a big bank like this. They are making so much money they just don't care. I have had many other mortgages and always worked with small banks. You were a name and person to them. They had skin in the game and worked hard for you. United Wholesale Mortgage is the complete opposite. What do they care if they made a mistake and it cost you?

      Customer ServiceOnline & AppTransparency

      Reviewed July 28, 2021

      We refinanced at 1.99% with this company. I would highly recommend this mortgage lender for several reasons. Their website is clear and concise and runs very smoothly. I can find the information I need (I track my mortgage) in a hurry. The website shows detailed information regarding where your payment dollars go. You can pre-schedule payments which is also nice. Communication thru USPS is also concise and timely. Highly recommend.

      Online & AppEase of Use

      Reviewed March 8, 2021

      Recently refinanced and UWM is my new lender. I recently visited their website and was pleasantly surprised to find that it is both user friendly and informative. Very easy to navigate which is a real plus in my opinion. So far they seem to have the total package!

      Customer ServiceStaffTransparency

      Reviewed Feb. 21, 2021

      Homies Loan was a broker for UWM. During the process, we were to provide all our documents to UWM. Everything went well during the close. However, once the house was closed, we were not fully communicated how things would work for the UWM. We had to learn how to make an auto draft payment from our bank. Additionally, the website portal was not created to fit our name, which created a deny of service from my bank since the name did not match. I had to make several phone call to fix the problem. Also, I thought I did fix the problem to know later that I did not. The full payment was drafted from my account twice in the same month. The agent I worked with was great though.

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