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South Carolina Consumer Resources

If you are a South Carolina resident looking for state resources, you’ve come to the right page. We have put together a list of links that will help you on whatever search you may have. Whether you are looking for state agencies, legal resources, educational, financial, health, or employment, our informative links will help you get there.

Below is a summary of what each link has to offer. Any necessary contact information is also included.


Attorney General – The Attorney General is dedicated to protecting consumers and residents in South Carolina. Through this website you will be able to get news on current issues, visit the media center, or stay connected through subscribing to their social media links. You can also visit the criminal prosecution links to learn more about prosecution. Consumers can report an issue through phone at (803) 734-4200.

Department of Insurance – This department ensures that insurance companies are providing consumers with affordable services and operating within South Carolina law. Read about different agency services and get information on different types of insurance. You can sign up for email notifications from the department as well. Call (803) 737-6160 to reach the department directly.

Public Service Commission – This commission works to ensure that public utilities companies are providing consumers with affordable and safe services and operating within South Carolina law. You can file a letter of protest through the website. You can also learn more about services provided. The commission can be reached at (803) 896-5100.


Small Claims Court - If you are considering filing a small court claim in South Carolina, this is a good page to give you all the facts before you get started. Read our article on basic information found in South Carolina’s laws. Find out court cost limits, where to sue, and attorney requirements. Read about appeal processes and special provisions in South Carolina’s laws.

Lemon Law – Do you own a lemon? This page will help provide you with information to figure out if your car is a lemon, and what you can do. Get an overview of the law. Read an interview with Attorney General’s department of Consumer Affairs for a step by step process on where to go next.


State Department of Education – South Carolina’s education system can be navigated through this website. You can conduct a general search for programs implemented, or learn more about funds and assistance provided. Students can learn more about high school graduation requirements, and adult education. You can contact the department at (803) 734-8500.

Education Resources – Get information on different aspects of South Carolina’s educational system through this website. There are links to curriculum resources, a virtual library, and early childhood development. Students can search colleges and universities, as well as financial aid options available to them.


Board of Financial Institutions – This institution ensures that state banking and consumer financing laws are followed. You can read about links on consumer finance. Get information on board members. Learn more about banking in South Carolina. Contact the office at 803-734-2016.


Health & Human Services – Get all your South Carolina health information through this website. You can view different types of health coverage and plan options. Search providers or learn how you get Medicaid. You can also reach the office at 1-888-549-0820.


Identity Theft – Visit the Department of Consumer Affairs to read about South Carolina’s action on preventing identity theft. You can read about the new privacy laws in place. Get information on security breaches. Learn how to prevent identity theft online. You can contact the office at (803) 734-4200.


Department of Employment & Workforce – Looking for a job? This website can get you started on the right path. Job seekers can search for employment opportunities. Unemployed residents can view taxes and benefits. Employers even have job resources to help them provide their employees proper necessities. You can contact the division at 803-737-2400.

Contact South Carolina State & Local Consumer Agencies

State and local consumer protection offices mediate disputes, conduct investigations, prosecute offenders of consumer laws, license and regulate a variety of professionals, promote strong consumer protection legislation, provide educational materials and advocate in the consumer interest. To save time, call the office before sending in a written report. Ask if the office handles the type of problem you have and if forms are provided.

State Offices
Haviard Jones
Senior Assistant Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
P.O. Box 11549
Columbia, SC 29211
Fax: 803-734-3677
Web site: www.scattorneygeneral.org

Philip Porter
Administrator/Consumer Advocate
Department of Consumer Affairs
2801 Devine Street
P.O. Box 5757
Columbia, SC 29250-5757
Toll free in SC: 1-800-922-1594
Fax: 803-734-9365
E-mail: scdca@infoave.net
Web site: www.state.sc.us/consumer

W. Jefferson Bryson, Jr.
State Ombudsman
Office of Executive Policy and Program
1205 Pendleton Street, Room 308
Columbia, SC 29201
TDD: 803-734-1147
Fax: 803-734-0546

State Banking Regulators

The officials listed below regulate and supervise state-chartered banks. Many of them handle or refer problems about other types of financial institutions as well. Some also answer general questions about banking and consumer credit. If you are dealing with a federally chartered bank, check the listing of Selected Federal Agencies.

Louie Jacobs
Commissioner of Banking
1015 Sumter Street
Room 309
Columbia, SC 29201
Fax: 803-734-2013

State Insurance Regulators

Each state has its own laws and regulations for all types of insurance, including car, homeowner and health insurance. The officials listed below enforce these laws. Many of these offices can provide you with information to help you make informed insurance buying decisions.

Lee P. Jedziniak
Director, Department of Insurance
1612 Marion Street
P.O. Box 100105 (29202-3105)
Columbia, SC 29201
Toll free in SC: 1-800-768-3467
Fax: 803-737-6231
Web site: www.state.sc.us/doi/

Sources include the Consumer's Resource Handbook, U.S. General Services Administration. We welcome updates and corrections. Please address the Webmaster.