Does a home warranty cover electrical issues?

Check electrical coverage to avoid costly surprises later

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Home warranties often cover electrical issues as part of their comprehensive coverage. A plan can include repairs or replacements for electrical systems and circuit breakers. That’s good news, since something like a new electrical panel can cost $1,000 to $5,000. However, coverage may vary depending on your warranty contract's specific terms and conditions.

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Many home warranty companies cover electrical issues.

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Electrical coverage can extend beyond just outlets and switches.

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Your policy may not cover damage caused by something other than normal wear and tear.

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What electrical services does a home warranty cover?

When you think of electrical, you probably think of your home's outlets and light switches. While home warranty plans can cover problems with those, they can also cover much more, such as:

  • Electrical for heating and cooling units
  • Direct current (DC) wiring
  • Breaker boxes
  • Built-in attic, exhaust and vent fans
  • Electrical parts of the pumps and motors of your plumbing system
  • Light fixtures
  • Electrical connected to sump pumps
  • Circuit breakers
  • Electrical systems of whirlpools
  • Doorbells

When you sign up for a home warranty, check to see if the plan covers both the existing electrical and any you will add in the future. Some plans just cover the existing home's electrical.

Potential exclusions to electrical home warranty coverage

Even with the best home warranty companies, there will always be some stipulations in your contract that may get your claim denied. Here are a few things that your plan may not cover:

  • Damage that’s not from normal wear and tear
  • Circuit overloads
  • Damage from lightning strikes or other “acts of God”
  • Power boxes and wiring that’s not connected to your home’s foundation
  • Damage from power failure
  • Wiring in outbuildings, detached garages, barns, etc.
  • Damage from power surges

What to do if your home warranty doesn’t cover electrical issues

If your home warranty plan doesn’t cover electrical issues, be sure to check with the company. It may have a different package that does include electrical. There’s always the option of switching to a company that does offer comprehensive electrical coverage, like American Home Shield. If that isn’t an option and you’ve recently moved into a new home, check your builders insurance for electrical coverage.

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    What does a home typically warranty cover?

    Home warranties usually cover large appliances, built-in microwaves, water heaters and systems like HVACs, plumbing, ductwork, pool heaters and well pumps. Some plans also cover additional items, like pest control, septic systems, central vacuums, sump pumps and more.

    Is wiring covered under warranty?

    Many home warranty companies cover electrical. Be sure to check your contract to see what areas of electrical are covered.

    What is not covered by a home warranty?

    Typically, any damage caused by anything other than normal wear and tear isn’t covered. A home warranty company may also deny a claim for appliances and systems that aren’t properly maintained.

    Bottom line

    While many home warranty companies do cover electrical, you may not get your claim approved if the situation doesn’t meet certain conditions. Be sure to look over your contract and contact the company if you have any questions.

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