Stephanie Moore

Contributing Writer

Stephanie Moore's interest in consumer advocacy began in high school after a manager at a store where she worked tried to sexually assault her. She quit immediately and applied for unemployment, which was denied because she "voluntarily" quit. She appealed, forcefully argued her case, and won. That was in 1973 - long before the term "Sexual Harassment" was coined.

Stephanie has been a vocal advocate for employees, seniors, and even animals, ever since. She studies the law, arming herself with the knowledge she needs to protect her rights and help others. Employment law has been her most passionate pursuit, but as a consumer, she is acquainted with numerous areas of law that affect all consumers. From credit card errors, landlord/tenant issues, to escrow scams, she can easily identify a legal issue, research the law for answers, and write clear "Plain English" interpretations for her clients. Her Demand-for-Action letters have recouped thousands for clients in back pay, overtime pay, uniform reimbursements and defective products.

Her animal advocacy work takes the form of educating people on the numbers of animals put to death every year in overcrowded shelters that could be alleviated by neutering and spaying. She vocally advocates adopting from shelters instead of supporting breeders (25% of animals turned into shelters are pure bred), and worked as a Vet Technician while attending college. She puts aside 10% of her income to eventually create a home for pets that have lost their caretakers through death or infirmity. It will be named "Butchie's House," after her beloved tabby who passed away at age 21 from kidney disease. These pets will not be adopted out, but enjoy a stable, loving home for the rest of their days.

Supporting her advocacy work from 1974 to 1988, as an award-winning Art Director for such companies as Young & Rubicam and the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Stephanie is now retired from the hectic world of advertising to pursue her fine art and writing. During her time living in New Mexico, she decided a college education was in order and entered Eastern New Mexico University. She later moved back to her native California and completed her Bachelor of Arts in English, summa cum laude. She then entered the University of San Diego to obtain her Legal Studies degree. She honored in Legal Research, Contract Law and Civil Litigation. However, Stephanie discovered working in a law firm was not for her - she found bringing her personality and brain to work was frowned upon.

Throughout her life, Stephanie has enjoyed a wide variety of interests: she began swimming at age 6 to overcome a childhood handicap, and was a national champion in synchronized swimming by age 9. Her passion for horses led her to regional age group championships in Western Pleasure and Equitation (she trained her own horses). When keeping horses got too expensive, she turned to the gym and won the Southern California Bodybuilding Championship - at age 33. A car enthusiast since age 5, Stephanie has owned 3 Corvettes, a '59 Cadillac, and a 1962 TR3 - her Corvette, customized by her in 2000, was featured in Corvette Fever Magazine, and won numerous Best of Show awards. She also raced slalom at the San Diego stadium in her 1964 Corvette.

Injured on the job in 1997, and unable to pursue her athletics, she now divides her time between her editing, writing and art. A master rug maker and painter, Stephanie designs and handcrafts custom area rugs. Drawing upon her award-winning design career, she creates unique statements in textiles for discerning homeowners.

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