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July 17, 2024

Cucumbers sold at Walmart in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana recalled

Baxter International recalls Volara medical devices

July 16, 2024

Crooks exploit 'convenient' credit card feature, drain accounts even after cancellation

Couch covers making a comeback? Survey reveals furniture fails on epic scale.

Officials confirm a case of bubonic plague in Colorado

AW Farms recalls thousands of pounds of uninspected hot dogs

Interest rates will soon fall, Fed officials suggest

Dollar General settles OSHA complaint for $12 million

‘Bank jugging’ is the latest crime that targets consumers

Children’s sleepwear from two companies recalled for the same reason

July 15, 2024

New phishing scheme is built around legitimate-looking chatbots

Does your Truecaller app have its fingers on too much of your personal information?

Why the latest AT&T data breach is a pretty big deal

Researchers find tampons contain lead, arsenic, and other toxic chemicals

Here are the surprising cities where rent is growing fastest

Baxter International recalls Life2000 ventilators

July 12, 2024

Costco to raise membership fee for the first time in 7 years

Fifth Third Bank slapped with a $20 million fine

Beware of scams during Amazon Prime Day

Those recalled ‘microdosed’ treats have sickened at least 59 people

AT&T reports another huge data breach

Redbox is toast. Could Big Lots be next?

Atomi recalls 100,000 smart heaters because of fire and burn risks

July 11, 2024

Is Costco marking up its prices online? A new lawsuit claims it is.

In the wake Beryl, FEMA imposters are working the phones

Lithium-ion batteries may contribute to forever chemical pollution

Mortgage rates ticked lower this week and remain below 7%

Inflation cooled in June, helped by lower gas prices

FTC plans suit against pharmacy benefit managers, report says

Here’s an important symptom of early-stage dementia

Best Lights is recalling 760,000 light fixtures because of a fire hazard

BMW recalls nearly 400,000 cars because airbag may explode

July 10, 2024

Today's rental game is loaded with pitfalls, the FTC says

Can Mark Cuban’s CostPlus Drugs really bring down drug costs?

These restaurant chains rule in customer satisfaction

Inflation at the supermarket eased in June

Popular weight loss drugs could lower the risk of certain cancers, study finds

Watch out for this new Amazon imposter scam

Sam’s Club Plus members are losing their free shipping perk

Chrysler recalls 332,000 vehicles over airbag issue

July 9, 2024

Map shows 579 Safeway, Albertsons, other grocery stores to be sold to C&S

Feds scrutinize medical credit cards sold by dentists and doctors

Amazon plans discount store to compete with Temu and Shein

FTC report says pharmacy benefit managers keep drug prices high

Target's back-to-school sale features 20 items for under $20

Walmart faces lawsuit claiming deceptive pricing

Would you pay $2,700 for a purse that cost $57 to make?

Tideway hair dryers recalled due to electrocution or shock hazard

July 8, 2024

These are the biggest car recalls halfway into 2024

Airlines soaring to new heights: cancellations down, passenger rights up

Wells Fargo gets sued for not backing up scammed customers

New survey finds 25% of kids struggle with bedtime because of anxious thoughts

Al Safa ready-to-eat chicken recalled for possible contamination

Target will stop accepting checks in the checkout line

USDA tests confirm that pasteurization kills the bird flu virus in milk

Chase Bank warns CFPB rule would result in new fees