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Ways to celebrate World Kindness Day

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Written by Emma Simon
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Nov. 13 is World Kindness Day, a day dedicated to making the world a better place through random — and not-so-random — acts of kindness. Whether it’s sending an encouraging text to a friend or picking up trash on the side of the road, World Kindness Day gives you an opportunity to highlight good deeds in your community. Here are seven simple ways you can celebrate World Kindness Day.

7 simple ways to be kind

  1. Send someone flowers. Sending flowers doesn’t have to be a grand, romantic gesture. You can take a bouquet to your local nursing home or hospital, or you can send one to your best friend or grandparents with a kind note. You can order anything from a dozen roses to colorful tulips on Amazon with quick and easy delivery.
  2. Donate a copy of your favorite book to the library. Share a good read with your community by donating it to the library. Most libraries have a public donation policy, so check to make sure your donation meets all of the criteria.
  3. Leave a big tip. Even if the service isn’t great, you don’t know what kind of emotional load someone is carrying. Try tipping double the amount or more than usual. The extra funds could turn a person’s day around.
  4. Pay it forward. Ask the barista if you can pay for the person behind you when you're buying a coffee. This works best at drive-thrus or counters, but can be done at sit-down restaurants: Just pick a table and tell the waitress that you’ll cover their bill.
  5. Shop with AmazonSmile. Give back while getting a head start on your holiday shopping. AmazonSmile gives you the same service and selection as Amazon, but the company donates 0.5% of the cost of eligible purchases to the charity of your choice.
  6. Ship a care package. Show a faraway friend or relative you’re thinking of them by sending them a package filled with their favorite things. If you’re not up for sending a full package, keep it simple by sending a thoughtful letter telling them how much you appreciate them. Fun tip: Cold feet are the worst during winter months. Help your friend fight frosty toes by tossing a pair of fuzzy socks in your care package!
  7. Be kind to yourself. Take 30 minutes every day to do something you love. Wind down by reading a book, painting, writing in a journal or watching your favorite show on Netflix. Rent a movie, make popcorn and be kind to your skin by applying an amazing Dead Sea Mud Mask.

World Kindness Day is a great chance to bring joy to your community through small or large acts of kindness. Nov. 13 or not, remember that you have the power to brighten someone’s day through a simple and thoughtful gesture.

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