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Find the Best Wig Companies

by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

People wear wigs for a variety of reasons, including hair loss, religious mandate or aesthetic preference. Use our guide to research the best wig company for you. With so many options available, it is important to choose the type and style that fits your needs. We explain how to carefully select a wig to make sure it’s a great purchasing decision.

Compare Reviews for Top Wig Companies

Paula Young Wigs Read 313 Reviews

Founded in 1978, Paula Young Wigs is an Internet-based discount women’s wig retailer. It offers a wide selection of discount wigs in many lengths, styles and colors, as well as wig accessories and hair pieces.

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Ace Wigs Read 36 Reviews

Since 1996, Ace Wigs has sold wigs online, now offering over 4000 medical and fashion styles. They offer synthetic and genuine hair wigs in a variety of textures, colors, styles and lengths as well as accessories and supplies.

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Voguewigs Read 86 Reviews

Voguewigs is an Internet-based wig shop for women, men and children. It offers a large selection of medical, fashion and costume wigs; hair pieces; extensions; and more in modern styles, lengths and colors.

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Beautytrends Read Author Review

Beautytrends is an online wig retailer based in Saint Louis, Missouri. It offers women’s human hair and synthetic wigs, hair pieces, wiglets, extensions and accessories for medical and genetic hair loss and fashion wear.

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De Novo Hair Read Author Review

Based in New York, De Novo Hair is an online wig retailer specializing in women’s lace wigs, hair pieces and accessories. It offers a selection of styles and textures and also allows consumers to custom order a wig or hairpiece.

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Fortune Wigs Read Author Review

Fortune Wigs is a Brooklyn-based natural hair wig manufacturer and retailer specializing in European-style wigs for women. It offers kosher-certified uncut and unstyled wigs that can be custom cut to the customer’s specifications.

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Live agent Read Author Review is an online wig retailer based in China. It offers a broad selection of human hair and synthetic full lace and lace-front wigs for women, as well as extensions and accessories.

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Uniwigs Read Author Review

Uniwigs is an online retailer specializing in wigs, hair pieces and extensions for women. It operates as both Uniwigs, which features modern cuts and colors and as LaVivid, a classic wig brand.

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Live agent Read Author Review

Since 1995, has been a leading online retailer of wearable hair products. It offers wigs, hair pieces, extensions and more for people with medical or genetic hair loss or who wear wigs for fashion or religious reasons.

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Live agent Read Author Review

Founded in 2010, is a China-based international online retailer of discount wigs for women, men and children. It offers many styles, materials and colors of wigs along with hair extensions, accessories and more.

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    Questions to consider when choosing a wig

    What type of wig or hair piece do you need?

    When most people think of wigs, they probably think of a cap that stretches over the entire top and back of the head. But wigs and hair pieces come in several different types and cuts, all made for different purposes. You may not need or prefer to purchase a full wig.

    • Full wig: Full wigs provide the most coverage and will cover the entire top of your head or all of your natural hair. Anyone can wear a full wig, but they are usually recommended for those with substantial or total hair loss, or those who want to cover all of their natural hair to completely change their hair’s appearance. Wigs can clip to your existing hair or they can be worn with a wig cap or grip underneath to keep them securely in place. They are usually the most expensive wig option.
    • Three-quarter wigs: Three-quarter wigs are great for people who want to show their natural hairline or who want to avoid using wig glue or tape on their foreheads. Three-quarter wigs sit slightly away from the face and secure to the remaining hair with combs. They cover, as the name suggests, three-quarters of the hair or top of the head from about three or four inches away from the hairline to the nape of the neck.
    • Top pieces: A top piece, also called a topper or wiglet, is a partial wig designed to sit on top of your head and cover hair loss that is localized to one area. Many women lose hair along their part lines, while men tend to lose hair in a circle on the crown of their heads. Top pieces can clip to your remaining hair or glue or tape to your scalp, then blend with your remaining hair to give a natural appearance. Top pieces come with differently-sized bases depending on the severity of your hair loss. For light hair loss, choose one with a small base; for more extensive loss, choose one with a larger base.
    • Clip in volumizers: Hair extensions and volumizers are great for women who are experiencing all-over hair thinning or who simply want to add volume to their existing hair to make certain styles achievable.
    • Clip in bangs or fringe: For women who are losing hair at their hairline and want to mask the receding line, clip in bangs or fringe, sometimes called a lace frontal, might be a good solution. These attach to your natural hair, usually with small alligator clips. Choosing one in the same color and texture as your existing hair will help it to blend with your hair and look more natural. Bangs or fringe are also a good option for people who don’t have hair loss but want to add more versatility to their existing hairstyle and women who cover for religious reasons and prefer to wear a scarf or hat.

    What size should you buy?

    Most adult wigs come in standard sizes for men or for women based on average adult head sizes. If you have a smaller or larger head, you can purchase a smaller or larger wig for your needs. Children’s wigs are also available in the smallest sizes. To find your correct size, you should measure the circumference of your head. Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your hairline, behind your ears and around the nape of your neck, and record the measurement. Then check your measurement against the manufacturer sizing for the brand you are interested in.

    • Ultra petite and children’s sizes: Most wig manufacturers designate a head circumference of 18 ½ to 19 ½ inches for ultra petite and children's wigs.
    • Petite sizes: A woman’s head circumference of 20 ½ to 21 ½ inches will likely wear a petite sized wig.
    • Average size wigs: Between 90 and 95 percent of women wear average sized wigs. These are made for women with a head size between 21 ½ and 22 ½ inches.
    • Large wigs: Some women wear a large sized wig. While manufacturers might vary in sizes, a large wig usually fits a head circumference of 22 ½ to 23 ½ inches.
    • Adjustable sizes: Many average sized wigs can be adjusted a bit for a slightly more snug fit.

    Which material is best for you?

    The material that the wig hair is made from will affect the appearance and care of the wig. Different materials also come with different price points and longevity.

    • Human hair: Because they are made from real human hair, these wigs can be styled, washed and worn just like natural hair. This gives the most realistic appearance of any wig, but also means you’ll need to style it every time it gets wet and condition it regularly. You can also bleach or dye natural hair wigs for a different look. Look for natural hair wigs that are labeled “Remy,” which indicates that the hair on the wig runs the same direction (from root to tip) as natural hair growth, which preserves the cuticle and makes the hair lay smoothly on the head without tangling badly. These wigs can last up to a year when worn daily, but are the most expensive wigs. Because these wigs require a lot of upkeep, people looking for low-maintenance wigs should consider a different type.
    • Synthetic hair: Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic materials like nylon or the synthetic materials Toyakalon or Kanekalon. Even though they are not human hair, well-made synthetic wigs are often very similar to their natural counterparts. They also have the advantage of holding their style longer. However, synthetic hair wigs cannot be exposed to extreme heat or they will melt, which means no curling irons or straightening irons to achieve your desired style. Synthetic wigs often last up to six months when worn daily and are the most affordable wig option.
    • Heat friendly: Heat friendly synthetic wigs are made of synthetic fibers but can withstand high heats, usually up to 350-400 degrees. This allows you to style the wig using a curling or straightening iron. These wigs are a bit more difficult to style than human hair wigs and generally last three months when worn every day.
    • Natural blend: Also called human hair blends, these wigs combine human hair with a heat friendly synthetic fiber. These wigs can generally withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees, which means you can style them with a curling iron or straightener. They are more affordable than natural hair wigs.

    Which cap construction should you choose?

    Wig hair is attached to a cap, which sits on your head and may clip onto your hair. Wig caps are made of several different materials and come in a few different styles. The one you choose will depend on what you’re looking for in a wig style and what you can afford.

    • Monofilament: A monofilament cap uses a thin, transparent polyester mesh to hold the hairs, which are hand tied to the fabric. This type of wig cap lets you part your hair how you like.
    • Lace front: In a lace front wig, the wig’s hair is attached to a fine mesh lace cap. The wearer trims the lace to the hairline then positions the wig against their own natural hairline. The sheer lace blends with the wearer’s natural hair to make the wig appear more natural. It can be taped or glued in place for added security.
    • Hand-tied: Also called full-lace wigs, hand-tied wigs are generally the most expensive because unlike monofilament and lace front wigs, each strand of hair must be knotted by hand. They are considered to be the most comfortable and natural looking and the best option for people with complete hair loss.

    What style of wig do you prefer?

    Wigs are available in many different styles and colors to suit any look. Choose one that is flattering and makes you feel confident and attractive. For the most natural look, choose a wig in the texture and color of your natural hair or the hair of your close family members (like parents or siblings). For a more daring look or a look that is more individualized, choose whatever style you like the best. An experienced wig seller can help you choose a flattering, stylish wig.

    • Texture: Wigs and hair pieces are available in many textures to mimic the natural hair of people of different backgrounds. For example, you can purchase a wig with straight, wavy or curly hair types. The texture of natural hair wigs depends on their source, typically Indonesia, India, China and Europe. Hair from China has the thickest strands and is very straight and harder to curl. Hair from Indonesia is the most common and affordable and its texture varies from slightly wavy to curly. Hair from India is thinner than hair from China or Indonesia, but still has a bit of texture or wave. Hair from Europe or South America has the thinnest strands; because it is harder to find, it is quite expensive.
    • Haircut: The haircut and style of your wig is mostly personal preference, but there are a few general guidelines to keep in mind. Choose the style of wig before choosing the color, since most styles are available in specific colors that are unique to their particular brand. A wig will look most natural to people who know you if it is in a similar haircut and style to how you would normally wear your hair. If you’re not worried about that, you might choose a style based on what looks best with your face shape. Human hair wigs can be cut and styled just like natural hair. People with medical conditions that make them tire easily or those who don’t have much spare time might want a cut that requires little daily styling.
    • Color: You can choose a wig in nearly any natural hair color, including shades of black, brown, blonde, red and gray and also in several designer modern shades like lilac or blue-black. Natural hair wigs are most commonly made from black or dark brown hair that is stripped of its color and dyed, so there may be some color fading over time. Keep in mind that your wig will look most natural if you choose one in your natural shade and texture. If you have naturally curly, red hair, a curly, red wig will appear more natural than a straight, black one.
    • Baby hairs: Some wigs include shorter, fine hair along the hairline or all around the periphery of the wig. These hairs, known as “baby hairs,” are intended to mimic the growth of natural hair around the face and can be gelled or styled with the rest of the wig. Baby hairs around the wig’s periphery make it possible to wear the wig in a ponytail or bun with a more natural appearance. Most wigs do not have baby hairs, but some specialty wigs do, especially those made for women of color.

    How do you apply the wig?

    Wigs can be secured on your head, or “applied,” in several ways, depending on how the cap is designed and whether you are attaching it to a fully shaved or bald head or if you are using it to cover natural hair. Women with textured or curly hair often use different techniques than women with smooth hair.

    • Clips, combs and pins: If you have enough surrounding hair on your head, you can use small alligator clips, hair combs or wig pins to secure the wig to your hair. In fact, many wigs on the market come with attached clips or pins for convenience.
    • Adhesive glue or tape: Many people prefer to use double-sided tape or adhesive glue to keep their wig or hairpiece in place. Some adhesives are semi-permanent and can keep a wig in place for two to four weeks, for those who prefer to wear it day and night.
    • Sewing to tracks or cornrows: Many women who wear wigs, hairpieces or hair extensions have them professionally sewn into their natural hair or sew them in themselves. Often, women will braid their hair into cornrows or tracks, then have the wig sewn along the hairline to cover their natural hair. It can be left in place for a week or longer.
    • Wig caps, liners and bands: Another option to secure your wig is to first put a wig cap or band on your head (smoothing down or braiding any hair you have first). The caps and bands are made of a non-slip material that prevents the wig from slipping off. They also have the non-slip grips on the inside, preventing them from sliding off of a shaved or bald head. A wig liner has the added benefit of absorbing sweat.

    What type of retailer should you choose?

    Where you buy your wig can affect the price and whether or not you can return it if it doesn’t seem to be right for you. Look for a retailer with a generous return policy, a good reputation and responsive customer service.

    • Brick-and-mortar wig shops: Many people choose to purchase their wig from a physical store specializing in wigs. Wig sellers are experienced in finding the right wig or hairpiece for clients with different needs and desires and can often help you find one that fits right and looks good with your face shape and coloring. A small wig shop is unlikely to have a very large selection, but can often order other styles that you might like. A boutique shop is likely to charge higher prices than online stores or mass merchandisers, since they have higher overhead expenses.
    • Online wig shops: Wig stores on the Internet usually have the largest selection, but because you cannot handle or try on the wig prior to purchasing, it can be hard to find one that works best for you. Check the store’s return policy before purchasing; you’ll want to be sure you can return a wig that doesn’t fit or doesn’t look right. If you’ve never purchased a wig before, visit a retail wig store before buying online to get an idea of which brands, materials and styles you like best. When you buy online, keep in mind the colors might not be the same on your screen as they are in person. Many manufacturers offer a “color ring” with swatches of hair in various colors to let you sample the colors they offer, usually sold for between $20 and $40.
    • Beauty supply stores: Many large beauty supply stores offer a selection of wigs, but because these stores do not specialize in wigs they are unlikely to have a very broad selection. They may only carry synthetic wigs in a few standard styles, although they may have a catalog from which you can order other styles. A beauty supply store is a good place to buy a wig if you need it immediately and do not have any wig shops in your area, or if you want a wig for a costume or very temporary use, as they tend to be more affordable at these large stores.

    What types of wigs are there?

    Full wigs

    Full wigs cover the entire top of the head and the natural hairline. They come in a variety of styles, colors, textures, materials and price points. Full wigs are recommended for those with total hair loss or who want to cover all of their natural hair.

    Hair pieces

    Some wigs are designed to only cover a portion of the hair, such as three-quarter wigs or half-wigs. These are excellent choices for those who only have noticeable hair loss in very specific regions of the head, such as along the hairline or part. Men and women can both benefit from well-made hair pieces to conceal hair loss.


    There are several types of hair extensions, including clip-on bangs or fringe and clip-on volumizers and sew-in extensions designed to be sewn onto natural hair braids. Women and others with significant thinning toward the front of the hair often use extensions to mask a receding hairline.


    Sheitels are wigs specially designed for married Orthodox Jewish women in observance of their faith’s mandate to cover the head. Some sheitels are constructed as hats with synthetic or human hair attached in front or back to cover all of the woman’s natural hair. Some Jewish women choose to buy standard commercial wigs rather than those specially marketed as sheitels, but usually look for one with a cap construction that does not show the natural hair or scalp. Others purchase a sheitel with kosher certification to ensure they are produced in ways that cohere with Jewish law. There are mixed opinions on whether hair sourced from India can be used in a sheitel, since Indian hair is often obtained through religious ritual.

    Costume wigs

    A wig is a great way to dress up for Halloween, a theatrical performance or to achieve a more dramatic look than is typically available with a retail wig. Costume wigs tend to be made of synthetic materials and can come in a broad variety of colors and styles and are generally more affordable but less durable than other wigs and hair pieces.

    Who might purchase a wig or hair piece?

    People who want a new look

    While celebrities like Cher and Tina Turner have popularized wigs worn for fashion, this trend is not new; people around the world have worn wigs for fashion reasons for centuries. Both men and women can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of wigs. A wig is a quick and easy way to try out a new look or even dress up in a costume.

    Women who want styling convenience

    Many women wear wigs specifically because they are more convenient to style. A wig can often be “set” in a style that will last for days or even weeks. Some women keep several wigs and alternate which they wear on a given day, which makes getting ready in the morning much quicker.

    People with medical hair loss

    Men, women and children who have lost all or part of their hair due to chemotherapy, alopecia or other health related conditions often use wigs to provide natural-looking hair.

    Women and men with hair loss

    Men and women who experience hair thinning or baldness often use wigs to help restore a look they are more comfortable with.

    Religious people

    Many religious groups practice head covering as a part of their faith, but Orthodox Jewish women in particular often use wigs, called sheitels, to fulfill their religious mandate to cover. Sheitels come in full wig styles as well as half wigs attached to knit, beret or pillbox hats.

    Wigs FAQ

    How much is a really good wig?
    The price of a high-quality wig can be anywhere from $200 to $3,000 or more, depending on the type of wig.
    • Synthetic wigs, constructed with synthetic fibers, generally cost $200 to $500.
    • Human hair wigs, made with real human hair, cost $700 to $3,000 or more.
    What kind of wig looks most natural?
    Human hair wigs look the most natural because they’re made from real hair. However, they also require more maintenance to keep up their natural look. Human hair wigs require regular styling, just like you would style your own hair.
    What is the best density for a wig?
    Standard, medium-density wigs usually have about 120% density, which gives them a natural look. Depending on your individual profile and styling preferences, you may choose a lower or higher density for lighter or thicker hair.
    Do hairpieces cause hair loss?
    No, a hairpiece that fits correctly won’t cause hair loss as long as you continue to take good care of your natural hair.
    Can wigs look natural?
    Yes, although how natural your wig looks depends on its construction, coloring, placement and styling. The most natural-looking wigs have features like a lace front and monofilament top to create a real-looking hairline and make it appear like the hair is growing out of your scalp.
    How do I choose a wig?
    Choose a wig based on your desired hairstyle, coloring, length, texture, budget and cap size. Your lifestyle, including how much time you have for wig care and your activity level, are also factors to consider when choosing a wig.
    What is a capless wig?
    Capless wigs have caps, but the crown of the cap is constructed from open lace strips instead of closed lace. Capless wigs are more lightweight and have better ventilation than wigs with traditional caps, but hair growth from the scalp may not look as natural.
    What is a topper for hair loss?
    Toppers are hairpieces that are clipped on to cover hair loss on the sides, back or top of the head. Toppers can be made from synthetic or human hair and come in different shapes, lengths and colors.
    How long does a synthetic wig last?
    With proper care, synthetic wigs usually last four to six months. If you don’t wear your synthetic wig daily, it typically lasts longer.
    How much does a men's wig cost?
    Synthetic men’s wigs cost an average of $200 to $500, while human hair wigs for men cost an average of $700 to $3,000. Prices for men’s wigs are approximately the same as women’s wigs.
    Is it okay to wear a wig every day?
    Yes, and many people do! Just make sure you follow instructions for proper wig care, including cleaning it with the right shampoo and conditioner. You should also remove your wig before sleeping and safely store it when you’re not wearing it.

    Author reviews for wig companies

    Paula Young Wigs

    Headquartered in Massachusettes and founded in 1978, Paula Young Wigs is an online women’s discount wig shop. It offers a wide selection of synthetic and human hair wigs, hair pieces, wiglets, wig accessories and head coverings. Customers can purchase wigs online or by catalog.

    Read more about Paula Young Wigs

    Voguewigs is a California-based online wig retailer featuring wigs, hairpieces, extensions, costume wigs and accessories. It offers a broad selection for women, men and children in a variety of colors, textures, materials, styles and price points.

    Read more about Voguewigs
    Ace Wigs

    Based out of Bodega Bay, California, Ace Wigs is an online wig shop featuring classic wig designs for women, men and girls at discount prices. It has been in operation since 1996 and also offers partial wigs and wiglets, wig care products and mannequins for wig storage.

    Read more about Ace Wigs

    Based in Beijing, China, is an online wig retailer featuring a broad selection of deeply discounted wigs for women, men and children. It also offers hair extensions, accessories and tools. provides coupons and promotions to further discount its prices. has been in business since 2010.

    • Large selection of wigs: offers many types of wigs including human hair, synthetic and human hair blends; capless, lace front and monofilament caps; straight, wavy or curly and a broad selection of lengths, styles and colors.
    • Celebrity-inspired wigs: Many of the wigs on are advertised with photos of celebrities, so customers can find a wig that resembles the style of their favorite film actor, musician or television star.
    • Other hair pieces: offers a broad selection of other types of hair pieces in addition to its wig selection. Customers can purchase human or synthetic extensions including clip-in and flip-in styles, ponytail and braid extensions and men’s and women’s clip-in top pieces.
    • Affordable prices: is an affordable way to try out new styles, colors or materials of wigs or to purchase wigs for a costume. Its most expensive long human hair wigs are still less than $500 and many of its synthetic wigs cost less than $50.
    • Payment and shipping options: The company offers online payment by coupon, PayPal, PayPal Credit and most major credit cards. It also ships internationally via EMS, DHL, TNT and UPS. is a leading online retailer of synthetic and human hair wigs, hair pieces, extensions and accessories for women, men and kids. It has been in business since 1995, making it one of the first online wig stores. It offers wearable hair for medical and genetic hair loss, fashion, religious wear and costume wear.

    • Helpful information: makes sure its customers have all the information they need to choose wigs that work for them. The website offers a wig informational guide, a guide to hair loss, articles on how to choose colors and styles, guides to wig care and more. also produces its own high-quality educational video series called WigsTV.
    • Detailed images: Most wig retailers only offer one or two images of each wig, typically styled, in one color and on a model, which can make it difficult for the average consumer to picture what the wig would look like on them., however, provides several images of their wigs, including various angles, different available colors, the wig styled different ways and even the item straight out of the box and unstyled.
    • Most orders ship free: offers free ground shipping in the continental U.S. on wig orders over $50 and free air shipping on orders over $250. Check the website for current coupon codes to receive the free shipping offers. Customers can also opt to pay more for expedited or international shipping.
    • Price match guarantee: already prices its inventory competitively, but if you find the exact same brand and model at a different authorized retailer within 10 days of your original purchase, will match the price. This price match guarantee even applies to lower prices that result from coupons or promotions. Just email a copy of the competitor’s advertisement to’s customer service representatives to request a price match.
    • Simple exchanges and returns: takes some of the difficulty out of the wig-buying process by offering free exchanges on unworn, undamaged wigs within 14 days of receipt. The company even sends a wig hygiene guard for use when trying on the wig, so that you can still exchange it even if you’ve tried it on. Returns are also accepted, but are subject to a 25 percent restocking fee.

    Founded in 1988, Beautytrends is a women’s wearable hair retailer headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. It specializes in classically-styled wigs, hair pieces, extensions and accessories from leading brands.

    • Product selection: Beautytrends specializes in synthetic and human hair wigs and offers hand-tied, lace front and monofilament options in human hair, synthetic and heat-resistance materials. It offers many classic hair styles and a selection of modern styles. It also carries a selection of three-quarter wigs, ponytails and other hair pieces in addition to a complete line of wig-care products and hair loss accessories.
    • Free one-time exchange: To be sure you are satisfied with your purchase, Beautytrends offers a free, one-time exchange of unworn synthetic wigs and hairpieces. The item must be received within 10 business days or your original receipt. You can also return most items subject to a 20 percent restocking fee.
    • Rewards program: Beautytrends rewards repeat customers with its Customer Loyalty Points program. After you’ve created an account on their website, every purchase you make accrues points that can be redeemed for dollars off future purchases.
    • Beautytrends brand wigs: Unlike most online retailers, Beautytrends manufactures most of the wigs and hair pieces it offers. This allows it to offer lower prices on these items, as well as an exclusive product selection you won’t find elsewhere.
    • Price match guarantee: Although most of the brands offered at Beautytrends are exclusive, it also carries some name brands. These are eligible for Beautytrends’ price match guarantee: if you find the exact same item at another authorized online retailer within seven days of your purchase, you can email customer service representatives and request a price match to be refunded the difference.
    Fortune Wigs

    Established in 1998, Fortune Wigs is a human hair wig retailer in Brooklyn, New York with a retail website. A family owned and operated business founded by a woman who wears wigs herself, Fortune Wigs offers satisfaction guarantees and helpful resources to ensure customers find the wig, hairpiece or accessory that is right for them. Fortune Wigs offers kosher-certified sheitels in both European and Asian hair.

    • Product selection: Fortune Wigs offers a selection of European, South American and Asian human hair wigs, toppers, extensions and accessories such as hair care products, tape, glue and more. Its website also features used or slightly defective wigs and toppers at a steep discount. Most of the wigs offered are manufactured by Fortune, but it also offers a selection of private label brands.
    • Custom styling: Most wig retailers offer standard wigs in pre-cut styles. Fortune Wigs are stocked uncut and unstyled and customers can request for them to be left that way or custom cut and styled according to their own specifications. Additionally, customers can request a fully custom service with a cap made just for them and nearly-exact color and texture matching.
    • Money-back guarantee: Fortune Wigs offers a 10 day, money-back guarantee on all its products as long as they are in original purchase condition. Simply fill out a return form on the website to receive a Return Authorization. The company also offers a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects; wigs found to have a defect will be fixed or replaced for free.
    • Expert recommendations: Fortune Wigs offers many ways to get in touch with its customer service representatives for personalized recommendations, troubleshooting and more. Customers can fill out an inquiry form on the website, call a toll-free number or email for support.
    • Kosher certification: Because Fortune Wigs began as a wig retailer for Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community, it specializes in sheitels. All of Fortune’s human hair wigs are rabbinically certified to be both halachic compliant and kosher.

    Uniwigs is a wearable hair company that manufactures and sells human hair and synthetic wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces. It operates a design center in Los Angeles, California and manufacturing facilities in Asia. It offers both the Uniwigs fashion wig line and the LaVivid line of classically styled wigs.

    • Website organization: The Uniwigs website is divided into two main parts, the Uniwigs brand line and the LaVivid line. Customers who want a bold, modern wig in colors like plum or turquoise or in ombre designs will enjoy the Uniwigs side, while those who want a more traditional, classically styled wig should visit the LaVivid page.
    • Selection of extensions: Uniwigs offers a broad selection of extensions to use in your natural hair or to add to wigs for a unique look. The website also features styling guides and how-to instructional videos to help you apply the extensions at home using clips, tape or glue.
    • Toppers and frontals: Uniwigs offers a selection of lace closure and monofilament toppers and frontals to use for thinning hair or to give your style more volume. The helpful videos provide tips and guidance as you learn to use these in your own hair, including instructions on how to apply these hair pieces over cornrows.
    • Discounts and promotions: Uniwigs offers recurring and seasonal coupons and discounts. Customers can also obtain coupons by leaving reviews.
    • Custom styling guides: Many of Uniwigs’ customers customize their fashion wigs by dying, bleaching or cutting the hair into unique and modern styles. If you like to play with your wig look, Uniwigs’ website features how-to videos and photo idea boards to help you get started.
    De Novo Hair

    De Novo Hair is an online wig and hair piece retailer based in Cooperstown, New York. It specializes in custom-designed human hair wigs in full-lace and lace-front constructions. It also offers in-stock wigs, wefts, loose hair, adhesives and hair care accessories.

    • Actual wig photos: Many online wig retailers do not show the actual wig on their site, but instead use a photo of a celebrity to represent the type of wig you will receive when you order. De Novo Hair uses real images of its wigs that show you how it will be styled out of the box. This can take away some of the confusion and frustration in ordering online.
    • Generous return or exchange policy: De Novo Hair allows customers to return or exchange any unused, in stock hair products (but not accessories or adhesives) within seven days of order delivery. Be sure to contact a customer service representative to receive a return shipping label and complete an Exchange Form. You will be issued a store credit or refund to your original method of payment upon receipt of your return.
    • Custom ordering: If you’re not interested in buying a wig that another person might own, you can order a custom wig, frontal, weft or bulk hair to create your own look. To create a truly custom wig, upload a picture to the website and one of De Novo’s wig experts will design your wig the way you want it. You can submit information including detailed head measurements, the type of cap and lace you want, the color and length of your wig, whether or not you want knots or hair parting and more.
    • Baby hairs: Unlike most wig shops, all of De Novo’s wigs come with baby hairs along the hairline. Baby hairs can add to a realistic appearance and can be styled with the rest of your hair.
    • Payment and shipping options: Customers may pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or PayPal. Orders ship via FedEx or USPS and customers can expedite their order for an additional cost. is an online wig retailer. It is owned by IZIGET, a transnational corporation based out of Hong Kong with offices in India and Canada that also operates several other retail websites. specializes in full lace and lace front wigs for women and offers a broad selection of wigs and hair extensions particularly for women of color.

    • Free exchanges: offers free exchanges on eligible wigs and will pay the return shipping for the first returned wig. Simply contact customer service representatives first to authorize return, then ship the item back. Your original method of payment will be credited with the difference if you choose to exchange the item for a cheaper one.
    • Texture options: This company offers wigs in three major textures: kinky, Yaki and silky. If your natural hair type is textured like African American hair, offers wigs in kinky or Yaki texture. Kinky resembles unprocessed Black hair, while Yaki is intended to mimic Black hair that has been chemically relaxed. If your natural hair type has a smooth cuticle, the company offers wigs in a silky texture to mimic your natural texture.
    • Baby hair: Most wig companies do not offer wigs with baby hair along the hairline or perimeter, but most of the wigs at do have baby hair. The baby hair is intended to give a more natural appearance and can be left natural, gelled or slicked down when worn.
    • Broad selection for women of color: offers a broad selection of wigs, hair extensions and more. Although it carries wigs for all women, it has a particularly large selection of options for women of color who want natural human hair and who may have a hard time finding wigs or extensions that match their color and texture elsewhere.
    • Payment and shipping options: accepts Visa credit cards, PayPal and Western Union. Your order will ship via FedEx, DHL or UPS. If you are located in the United States it should arrive within one to four business days.
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