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This Company Midphase Services has done the following to me starting in January of 2014 when I bought a notebook computer on eBay that was infected with his malware: Fake Invoices, Identity Theft, Phishing, Spyware/Malware. Here is the information that I've managed to get from his identity theft on my Etsy account: https://www.midphase.com/ powered by UK2 Group. IP: They do the click & switch, fake overdraft emails from my bank, fake Etsy invoices to pay, rearranges my desktop and applications on my computers, and has infiltrated my computers so much I'm getting new computers to set up at a different location with new passwords, and new router address and password. They have cost my family thousands of dollars and I'm concerned we might lose our house if it continues. I'm out in the country and disabled and most of my income comes from my business online. I have turned them into the BBB and the FTC.


They sign up for JAVA webhosting and require that you pay for 1 year upfront because it is JAVA webhosting. They steal your domain name from you by actually registering it to their name and then start a bid on it when you cancel with the service starting at $200 much higher than the actual cost of registering it ($35/year). Then they sabotage your server and the software and say they are having hardware problems until the end of the 14-day money back guarantee period. Then you never hear from them. They do not answer your calls and completely ignore you. This is a scam. They are likely to be the Russian Mob operating out of state of IL. First, they ridicule you with trivial technical mishaps such as overwriting a very basic file on the system and then the rest is BS. They do whatever it takes to keep you publishing your site.


I chose MidPhase as my webhost because I had saw they offered good hosting with large amounts of bandwidth and webspace for a cheap amount per month. Their plan was for $7.95 a month paid annually plus a 30 dollar one time non-refundable setup fee that included free domain name registration. Upon signing up I received an email that stated I had signed up for Bi-Annual billing which was not what I chose on their website. No where on the website http://www.midphase.com is Bi-Annual billing an option, so I decided this was an error in billing and submitted a customer support ticket into their online support services. I received a reply that this had been forwarded to their billing department and someone got back to me that I would be charged more if I wanted to downgrade my plan into annual payment and that Bi-Annual payment was clearly visible as a selectable option. I had many other people try to find a Bi-Annual option and all failed.

Now it is march, about 3 weeks later and I still have no replies to my support ticket which was pre-maturely closed (support ticket number **). I asked for three options, either downgrade my plan to annual payment and refund one years worth of hosting which was billed to my credit card, full refund or a refund without the 30 dollar non-refundable fee. I asked for a full refund because it is three weeks later and my website is still non-operational when it was supposed to be running 3-5 days after payment. I feel cheated because I am paying for hosting on a non-operational website that has no services used. So in short I am very unhappy with the business conduct, misleading customer support, non operational website and false billing to my credit card for an option that isn't selectable.

Desired Settlement: Refund. Settlement Explanation: I would like either a refund of one year of hosting, full refund or refund of two years hosting minus the 30 dollar non refundable fee.

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MidPhase was originally created by three tech geeks in 1998 who wanted web designers to have the freedom to design sites the way they liked. Today, it has offices in various parts of the world dedicated to helping people and businesses get websites online and maintain them.

  • Comprehensive web-builder tool: MidPhase offers one of the most versatile web-builder tools on the market as part of its web hosting package, making it easy to design and post your website.
  • Comprehensive web-builder tool: MidPhase offers one of the most versatile web-builder tools on the market as part of its web hosting package, making it easy to design and post your website.
  • Web-based file manager: MidPhase’s web-based file manager allows you to access web files from any computer, making editing easier.
  • Full suite of e-commerce tools: MidPhase offers SSL security, PayPal, a full shopping cart, and other tools needed to run a web-based business.
  • Design tools are not easy to use: It can be difficult to figure out how to get your website to look and act the way you want, especially if you are a first-time designer.
  • Control panel: The control panel can also be difficult to navigate and the number of options can be overwhelming.
  • Customer service: While MidPhase offers 24-hour customer support both via chat and phone, the wait times on these options may take awhile.
  • Best for Small business owners and website hosting companies.

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