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Sometime in March of this year, I cooperated and gave access to my home so that the Water Board could read my meter and my neighbor's meter. The end result is that apparently the Water Board had reversed our account numbers and I had been billed for my neighbors usage and vice versa. I have written and called and I recently received a bill for 5 years retroactive water usage. The amount is nearly $1000 and I am being told that I need to pay this amount by August 13. I have always been a good paying customer. However, to ask me to pay this amount at this time in my life is truly a hardship as I have begun collecting Social Security and I am on a fixed income. I realize that I may have used the water, however, it is not my fault that the Water Board mixed up their bills and I believe they should give me some leniency. I do not have the money and at this point in my life I have no way of earning it. I would appreciate a response and some assistance. Do I really have to pay this bill? I look forward to your reply.

Called up to speak with customer service about getting calls, my water bill was due when it was paid, the customer service rep said to ignore it and then hung up the phone! Argg! These customer service reps are worst than India customer service. Called again, then got hung up on. Third time is the charm though, I got a Rep willing to help me. This behavior of the reps is unthinkable for a Government company. Tired of these lazy, rude government workers! They need to take a few customer service education courses and behavioral adjustment courses!

I bought a house in Woodside Queens, NY. Water bill was $400 every three months. It has been increasing each month and last month, I paid $1,500. It is a two-family house and the housing members remain the same. So what is the reason for increasing my bill and putting my life upside down when I am surviving to work hard by myself and my wife stays at home with two small kids?

Overcharged frontage water billing - I had an 83-unit apartment building. Since the property had been bought in the year 1980, DEP used to charge 86/87 units (shower/toilets, etc.). In 2012, I realized this and I disputed the bill. They have given me the credit for only 2012 (for now). I have submitted all history since 1994, and they are not issuing refund.

My mother passed away in February. Her house was sold in September. Prior to the house sale, I was paying her water bill with a direct debit. We closed the account on September 2nd but the Water Department debited $97.36 from the account and now will not issue us a refund. They say we have to get in touch with the current owners, which is not possible.

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Hi, this is Marianne. I am writing to you about the water bills that I receive for a small two family house. Bills come in every three months, and very exorbitant, for instance, $1,170.80, $997.64, $1,065.74, $655.71, $500.78, total $5,046.38. One Year Bill. In retrospect, can you help?

I purchased a one-way ticket MCI-PDX. Plans changed so I requested a refund 60 days in advance. It was denied. NWA tickets only with code 012 may be refundable. I had someone called refunds operator who would not pass me to a supervisor, instead it went to computer voice recognition in endless loop. I was charged to credit card $128.19. I can not retrieve my money.

I have a 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog who has been raised on Nutro's dog food (Large Breed Puppy, and now Large Breed). In May of 2008 he very suddenly got lethargic and bleeding from mouth and nose. I took him to the vet, they recommended a specialist and blood transfusions. The specialist recommended U.C. Davis where he stayed for about 12 days in their ICU and had many, many transfusions, IVIG and tests. There was no found cause. No toxins found. No Cancer. It appeared to be autoimmune brought on by "spontaneous". Nobody, not any of the vets thought he would make it, but eventually he did. The cost was approximately 15K. I still have my dog and I still feed him Nutro. I just found this article today. We will switch foods.

This appears to have been happening during the time Nutro's food was recalled. Which makes me very curious.

My dog came very close to death. I spent $15,000. in vet bills. I was terrified.

I made a terrible MISTAKE buying my car from Great Neck Nissan. I should have known from the moment I entered -- just by the looks on all the faces of the deeply unhappy salesmen --that I shouldn't have bought my car from here. But sadly, I did.

After buying my car, I paid in advance to have a lo jack installed and a spare key made. Paying in advance was a terrible mistake, as they told me later that they lost all my records of the "we owe." The original salesman who sold the car to me switched jobs and he had no follow up number, so I had to fend for myself. I promptly hand delivered the "we owe" slip to two different salesmen-- and they BOTH managed to lose both copies! Absurd! I later called, and called, and called to get hold of someone who could help me but absolutely no one working there was willing to be held accountable.

After spending $20,000 on a used car, I expected much better- - but at that point, I didn't even have common courtesy. What really set me off was that I faxed a copy of the "we owe" yesterday TWICE and then I called HORRIBLE Great Neck Nissan to confirm that they got my fax-- and the receptionist said she did get them both. Well first thing this morning I called again to ask when I would be reimbursed for my key and the sales manager told me i never sent the fax. There are only 5 salesmen and one receptionist! Disgusting service! Great Neck Nissan is terribly disorganized-- I have never seen such incompetent adults in my life. I would never recommend buying a car-- or even a candy bar-- from there.

Received bill of 4/4/08 amount of $193.58 meter reading: 374200; Received bill of 7/3/08 amount of $193.58 meter reading: 377900. Both of these amounts have been paid. By disputing these identical charges, a Meter reader, by appt. read meter again so that bill could be adjusted. Received new bill with new charges but no mention of meter reading from prior bills. It is no coincidence. It is impossible for the two (2) bills to have the exact amount that was billed.

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