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    25 Lakeland Electric Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Original review: May 22, 2018

    Sent in check, they refuse it and send it back. I write another then they shut off your power and I have a medical device. They trespass to remove power say it's too expensive to even alert you or leave a note. Their power goes on and off in a rainstorm. Not to mention the mail system delivers your bill to the wrong address. Their billing process does not afford you due process to pay a bill and they hold you responsible for their poor customer service. Their phone system rerouts you to a computer cost savings mess. I have never been late with a bill but they are late getting it to me and slow as a snail processing a bill. Horrible customer service typical of a Monopoly. Their practices are disgusting. If I could fire them I would. Should be illegal to cut off power to seniors due to their botched up billing process.

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    Original review: March 19, 2018

    I hope this helps some other people. Lakeland Electric is plain horrific. I'm 51 and all my elders have been Lakeland Electric customers, and even siblings, cousins, my children and as far as I've known not a 1 of them have ever had services turned off for non payment, that saying my family has paid in an astounding amount of money to this company. We had a death in our family and I'm sure you can relate to that if you have had family loved one losses, plus I was hospitalized myself. I pay my mother's electric payment but due to my health and all the arrangements I forgot to pay her electric bill, She was in her room on oxygen. I was just coming home from the hospital when I noticed an electric truck out front, that stirred my memory and I grabbed the phone and got a representative on the phone and was paying the bill.

    The electric guy was outside by the meter. I told him I'm on the phone right now paying the bill. I literally begged for them not to turn it off. I explained hastily I was in the hospital, and had a death in the family, my mother is on oxygen. I kept saying, “Look look I have a representative on phone now” He said it's my job I have to disconnect for non payment. Off went the lights, he walked away and I told the woman, “Listen. I have you on the phone. I'm paying my bill. Please have him come back.” He was still in my driveway. Bill was paid and all he had to do was turn it back on.

    My mother was hollering. My oxygen is off which she's on a high levels of oxygen. I ran to her put her on small emergency bottle which was the last one she had and I was in tears. My mother ended up with an ambulance ride to the hospital, and is having to stay the night due to low oxygen levels. It's unbelievable. What is wrong with this company? What has happened to human decency and care? I realize I did neglect paying the bill but doesn't being an outstanding customer, always paying the bill mean anything??? I wasn't trying to not pay the bill. It was a mistake. Well the lights were turned back on hours later, a long hard day but my mother is safe now but stuck in the hospital which it didn't have to be this way. I am very upset. I feel it was wrong...

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 3, 2017

    Lakeland Electric is the worst electric company that I have dealt with in my 56 years. I have lived in Maryland and Delaware and unfortunately I cannot give Lakeland Electric a minus 5. Our power outages are frequent, protracted and we cannot even use the website or telephone outage line to report as they are not functioning. The state and federal government should take this pretense of a company over and fire the entire management for a job not well done. As this is a safety issue for seniors, those who require electric and I am an RN of 35 years. The state should step in and provide immediate oversight.

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    Original review: July 25, 2017

    Lakeland Electric has had my approximately $600 deposit for about 30 Years. I pay my bill every month. My current bill for the last few year is about $120.00 So if they want to keep that much ok, but I want the rest of my money. It should be against the law for this to happen. They are using my money to invest for their own needs. What really upset me besides the deposit I had a true up of over $300.00 and I asked for a 2 day extension and I couldn't get it. Something is wrong with this. Someone needs to help the consumers with this company because we have no choice but to deal with them and what ever they do because there is no other electric company and they know we need power. I am going to complain until I get my deposit. Someone will listen. Someone got to be in charge of them and their actions.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 6, 2017

    Stolen deposit - My wife and I bought a brand new washing machine with a $100 rebate on our electric. When I mailed the rebate in to Lakeland Electric, they mailed me back a letter stating that they were raising my rates by $100, and they were not giving me my deposit back. They know they have your hands tied. What are you going to do? Calling the media is my next step!

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 19, 2015 My daughter move from Naples, Fl. to Lakeland on 10/16/15. She made a deposit of $150.00 10/13/15 and 30 days later her power was cut off due to having a previous balance. How can you have a previous balance if you only been there a month? Lakeland Electric says the previous tenant never paid his outstanding bill so they turn off the power. We called them and wanted to speak with a supervisor and said, "you'll have to make an appointment." All in all my daughter had to pay the previous tenant's bill to have the power restored. Lakeland Electric's customer service sucks and they need some serious training. I really feel bad for my

    daughter using your so called service.

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    Original review: June 16, 2015

    On 5/08/2015 I paid a deposit for $197.95 to start service on 5/29/2015 since I was moving to Lakeland, Fl, since I was getting a job transfer from Miami, Fl to Lakeland, Fl. The transfer was cancel so on on 5/11 I called and cancel the service. I was told a check would be cut on the 5/29. We are now 06/16/2015. I have been calling to inquiring on my refund and I get excuses and more excuses and no refund so far. The last one was last friday, that the check was mailed. The week before the rep told me that show the refund and the check wasn't done. I am getting tired of the situation.

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    Original review: April 7, 2015

    We called lakeland electric and asked for a 2 week extension to avoid interruption as my wife doesn't get paid for 2 weeks and we just paid rent. I am currently out of work and have children. I was told that since we have not been with them for 6 months that there would be no extensions. And now I am without power for two weeks plus I will have to pay all the reconnect fees to get back on. In the meantime my kids have to eat sandwiches as I can not cook them food because no power. 2 weeks, that's all I needed.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 18, 2014

    I called the end of July to schedule a turn off in my service for August 30th and was told I called "too far in advance", so I called back the second week of August and scheduled a turn off date for 9/2/14. In late September, I got a bill from Lakeland Electric for service in September, so I called and stated that I had moved out and the service was supposed to be turned off. They conveniently have no record of my call and threatened to send the amount due to collections if I didn't pay the amount. They continue to claim that I never scheduled the turn off date and they have no record of my call; I've now received official mail from collections despite the fact that they were to send the bill to my previous apartment complex for payment as they were the responsible party.

    I spoke with a Jimmy in customer service and he was incredibly rude; I have low expectations for Lakeland Electric customer service based upon previous interaction with them, but he was even worse than I expected. I was threatened and harassed. If I had had ANY other choice in the electric service while living in Lakeland, I would have taken it. If you plan on ending your service or switching residences, make sure you write down who you spoke with and a confirmation number if possible, because Lakeland Electric will claim you never called and try and fraudulently bill you. Worst utility company I have ever dealt with. Absolutely terrible customer service.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 26, 2014

    I have a child that has a deadly chromosome issue that could result in death that is on medical equipment so we need our electric. Sometimes we don't always have all of the money as well as other people that are in Lakeland dealing with medical conditions so it makes it hard for me to work and my husband works part time and we live off of SSI so we're on a budget. Our light bill sometimes $350 plus and we ask for a little bit of extension but they only allow their customers an extension every 3 months. Sometimes life hands you things that you're not prepared for. I'll recommend Lakeland electric should have to work with customers that are on a budget just a little bit more than they do especially people that require medical equipment to keep them alive, this would greatly be appreciated, for further looking into Electric is not a luxury it's a necessity to live.... thank you.

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    Original review: Nov. 22, 2014

    Make you pay 8.00 dollars a month to be a customer, and they make you pay for their mistakes in the form of a fuel charge. It's not anything new. It's like all companies that consumers have to use their services. The customer gets screwed always.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2014

    I just received my Lakeland Electric bill and it said that I used 70,000 gallons of water in a 30-day period June-July 2014. Prior to this bill, my water usage was anywhere from 21,000 to 35,000 gallons which was already outrageous. Each month, I called Lakeland Electric to insist that my meter is not working or the meter reading doesn't know how to read a meter. They ignored me until last week when they finally replaced the water meter as a "courtesy" as they called it.

    The average water usage per person in a household per month (according to Lakeland Electric) is 1000 gallons per person. I have 4 people in my home. Irrigation accounts for another 500 gallons. Even in the worst case scenario that each person in my home used 2000 gallons of water per month and irrigation used 1000 gallons per month, my water usage should never have exceeded 9000 gallons. I just had a licensed plumber come and check every item in and outside of the house for leaks and he found nothing. He went so far as to say that the meter has been faulty and Lakeland Electric knows this but won't do anything about it. He has encountered this type of abuse in their faulty water meters for years.

    So, I called Lakeland Electric today and informed them that there are no leaks anywhere and that I wanted the overage (to the tune of 100,000 gallons of water over the last 7 months) to be credited back. They said that they will not do this. I asked for a supervisor and am still waiting for a call back. So, I suggest that anyone that has outrageous water bills call Lakeland Electric and insist that they replace your meter.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 14, 2013

    Receive utility bill and pay bill via online EPay. Very frugal with electricity due to Lakeland being much higher that my previous utility company. Upon receiving bill noticed it was higher than it has ever been in the 3 yrs I have lived here. Viewed my bill statement which said I have an overdue amount of ~approx. 79.00. So, I went back and checked my last month bill and saw where I had electronically paid total amount to be paid on due date of 11/25. I checked my bank statement and the payment was posted on my account 11/26. But this month I have a past due amount? Never had a past due amount or extension. If my total bill for Nov was ~$135 and I online paid bill to be paid on due date of 11/25 on a Monday how in the heck do I have a past due amount? I have always paid total amount that I was billed.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 31, 2013

    Customer No Service, is what I received on 7-29-13 when my service was inadvertently turned off. Yes, inadvertently against my wishes and against the better judgment exhibited by your "professional" in the field: 1) We have an excellent pay record. 2) You are allowed to go into our bank account and draw out what we owe you each month. 3) We pay an extra $16.25 to avoid a smart meter. 4) We are not deadbeat people trying to deceive the electric company.

    With this set of credentials, I was given customer "no" service, and a flimsy, weak, hide behind mommy's skirt excuse. The turning off of my service was very unnecessary, and in this case the customer was right. Your professional acted in the most unprofessional, inappropriate manner, as he ignored my informing him, "my service was not to be turned off." The next day (7-30-13), I was inconvenienced by a trip downtown to speak with Supervisor Elizabeth **. She confirmed Lakeland Electric was in error after listening to the phone conversation recorded on July 12th.

    Mistake One... The man who showed up to turn off the service, did not give any warning he was on our property. That in itself is the first sign of an unprofessional and untrained employee...(no customer service). Mistake Two... My request to keep the service turned on was "completely ignored", as though I was nobody... Wrong, I am the customer...(again, no customer service). Mistake Three... This incident wasn't necessary at all, and it didn't matter who made the mistake (and again, no customer service).

    Your professional could have easily said..."In light of your credit history, payment record, and auto pay, I will allow you a 24-hour grace period to get this matter resolved." Instead, he chose to do battle with me, by telling me, "I Have My Orders" a phrase you would hear in an old World War II movie repeated by German Nazis, as though if he didn't carry out his orders to kill my service, he would be shot. Are you beginning to see how unnecessary all this was, how uncooperative and rude your employee was to me?

    I don't want an apology as it means nothing for you to apologize, and it won't change anything. As I see it, you must have to apologize customers at least one hundred (100) times a day. I will give Lakeland Electric the benefit of the doubt by acknowledging proper training was given to this employee, and he did not use it. What I do want is for that man to be fired. I see him being of negative value to your company, and he has a bad attitude about life to boot. It is painstakingly obvious he is working only to feed his face and collect a pay check. He is not working to render good customer relationships and excellent customer service your customers in good standing deserve, as your company doesn't have the best PR to begin with. His obvious attitude is, "to ** with the customer, they are crap under my shoe and deserve nothing from me or LE. He deserves to be let go of your employ.

    Please don't tell me he doesn't realize, if it weren't for the customer he wouldn't have a job. I do believe he sees it the other way around...if it weren't for LE, customers wouldn't have electricity. I know I can't be the only one he has treated in this manner. The only reason you may not hear it from other people is because other people believe Lakeland Electric has a monopoly (a lock) on the electric service. And really...where else can one go to get electricity in Lakeland?

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    Original review: May 29, 2013

    I am a professional that works as a consultant for the world's largest financial organization. My job is to advise on payments for companies in the billion and a half to 50 million in sales range. With this expertise, I rate Lakeland Electric as a -F for ease, security and cost. Based on this, I would strongly recommend a management change. Their DSO must be the worst in the industry. They gouge residents on merchant fees and residents of Lakeland will suffer a financial loss due to improper handling of client information. To add to it, if you dispute anything (anything), they will inform you that it is a City Ordinance. Imagine...

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    Original review: Aug. 8, 2012

    I moved to Lakeland back towards the end of November 2011 after commuting from Tampa. I should have known I would have problems with them from the start. After receiving my first month's bill, I called myself, being a responsible adult, and paying part of the bill a little early even though it wasn't due until January 3rd. Well, somehow when I entered my account info for my bank into the system, some numbers got crossed and the payment came back as no such account. Yep, that's right, no such acct not NSF or overdraft. It was a simple clerical error that could be fixed.

    I had gone to Texas for the holiday and, apparently while away, they sent me a letter saying I needed to either send a money order for the payment or go to Amscot to pay or my services would be disconnected on the 23rd of December. Of course, I had no way of knowing this since I wasn't in FL. So after receiving notice that the payment didn't go through via e-mail, I logged on to make a full payment. Well, the system wouldn't accept payment of any form: check, credit, nothing. So, I gave them a call to find out what was going on.

    I was informed by a rep that because of the returned draft that I couldn't make anymore payments online until what was returned was settled. Okay, fine and dandy, so I asked if she could take the bank account info over the phone. She said no but I could either pay with a credit card or go to Amscot and make a payment but that if I paid over the phone, it would cost me a hefty fee of $15. So I asked if I could get an extension because I didn't think I would be back in town by the due date and she told me on returned payments they couldn't do extensions, okay fine. I figured I would mail a payment in.

    I will take a brief pause to notate that this call was made on December 23rd. Not once did she share with me that my services were to be disconnected that day had I not made a payment. Had she shared with me this information, I would have called a family member in Florida who was near an Amscot to go make a payment for me and I would return their funds once I got back to FL. Instead, the rep allowed me to continue thinking I had until Jan 3rd at the latest to pay before disconnection even came into play.

    Imagine my surprise when I got home on New Year's morning at 5 am and I had no power. I called the emergency hotline and was told they couldn't even send someone out because of the returned payment. So you cut off my lights for $17.85 that was returned because the number was entered incorrectly when the bill wasn't due until Jan 3rd? Are you serious? I was forced to take my dogs and go to a hotel for 2 days until they reopened on January 3rd and could have someone reconnect my services. The worst part is that before I left for the holidays, I had purchased nearly $200 worth of food. All were spoiled due to not having any electricity for over a week. When I got my next bill, they had the nerve to charge me a $15 reconnect fee. I called to have it credited and the rep tried to tell me that the previous rep I spoke with on the 23rd had told me it would be disconnected that day if I didn't pay (liar!). I demanded a supervisor and was told that one would call me back. Later, I got a call back and the supervisor had listened to the recorded call, realized the rep never mentioned that and promptly credited my acct. Luckily, this is the worst experience.

    Since being with this company, my bill has been on a steady increase. When I lived in Tampa, my bill was never over $120 for a 2-story, 1450 sq. ft. townhome with 2 people living in it. My bill started at $130ish for just one person in a 1-story, 1400 sq. ft. townhome. I thought by joining the shift to save, it would help. Ha ha, big joke! My bill has steadily increased from $130 to $150 to $217 and this month, $269. This is ridiculous especially when I keep going days without air conditioning due to the faulty AC that the landlord won't just replace. $269 for one person who is hardly home is bogus and I am dying for the day when I can get Teco back or some other place.

    I called to get on the budget program where they average your bills and you pay one flat fee a month but they told me that wouldn't work for me and that I should stay on the shift to save for 6 months to see if I save anything. The rep had the nerve to tell me I was doing good because the last person who lived there averaged $270 a month during the summer. How is that good? I don't know how many people lived here before but I am one person. With that kind of bill, I expect that I am living with the shower constantly running and the air down to 60 degrees. Someone needs to regulate these people.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 6, 2012

    Renter moved out on a Saturday. The electricity was turned off the next Monday on a holiday. I had planned to call and get the two weeks set up the next day since I didn't realize they would be open on the holiday, but called when it was disconnected and had to pay a $10 reconnect fee plus a $25 emergency reconnect fee to get it turned back on the same day. The rep stated that I could turn it on for two weeks without paying the deposit if I thought I could get it rented that quickly. I said I thought it would rent by then, whereupon she replied that if it didn't, I would have to pay a $150 deposit.

    Two weeks later, it hadn't rented so I called after getting off work to pay the deposit. It turns out they had already disconnected me and so I had to pay another $10 connect fee plus this time a $30 emergency reconnect fee to get it back on same day. This rep said I should have called the previous Friday (after 11 days, not two weeks) to keep it from being disconnected. Even after reviewing the previous call and admitting the rep never said anything but two weeks, they indicated it was my fault for not getting the property rented in the two weeks like I thought I would.

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    12 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Sept. 9, 2010

    Is there going to be anything done to Lakeland Electric or just a bunch of complaining going on. This sucks. Bay News 9 won’t even get involved. It’s not right. Teco has much better pricing. How can it be so different? Help.

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    Original review: April 16, 2010

    I'm a 77 yrs old female. I always pay my bill on time. For about 5 months, Lakeland Electric was sending me a bill for $30.85 each. This week, I received a bill for $355.12. They claimed I had an undetected faulty meter. They are demanding I pay them in payments an extra $56.84 each month or they will shut my electric off. I told them I would send them $50.00 a month. That is all that I can afford to do. That is not enough they say. What can be done?

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    Original review: April 1, 2010

    To begin my complaint, I have never in my entire life had an electric bill in my name in the astronomical amount of $430. My monthly bill runs between $177 to $275 and I have not changed my routine in any way. I called customer service and was told that the reason for the large bill was because of the cold temps in January. I receive bills every month and pay them on time. I have been getting bills, it seems like every two weeks. We just paid the $430 bill on Monday, March 22nd and received the new bill today, March 31st that is due April 5th. Your good customers pay their bills on time and are still penalized by the every three-month extension provision.

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    Original review: Dec. 2, 2009 I reticently had an electrical audit done by Lakeland Electric, as my monthly bills we averaging $400-$500 a month. I of course found this odd as it's only a one story 1600 s/f home and it's just my fiancee and I that live here. However much to my chagrin everything checked out OK! There were no problems found in my home and everything was running just fine. I insisted, surely there must be something wrong, my good friend has a house two-stories 2400 s/f, who pins his A/C at 73 degrees, and his bill is only $200ish. OHh wait, that's right, he's with TECO! I went online to try and see if I had any choice, but there is no other way to get power but with Lakeland Electric. Seeing as I need power to live that means they could charge $2,000 a month and I'd have to pay it because there is no other option. I checked around and found it wasn't just me and my friends that were dissatisfied, but rather the majority of the city! I scratched my head, how could a city owned municipality be doing this to it's own citizens and nothings being done? Well that's the goal of this new Facebook page I made "Lakeland Electric On Notice". I want to get as many people together as I can who feel the same way I do. I figure with enough numbers and making enough noise we'll be heard and we'll find a solution. While I understand this page may be in it's infantile stages please get as many people as you can find to add it. Then post information that we all can use and let's see if we can in fact MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
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    Original review: May 13, 2009 I recently relocated to Lakeland,FL from Asheville,NC due to the job market slump. I found an apartment for me and my roomate and tried to have the electric turned on. I had to work that day so since he was on the lease I let him call to set things up. He said that he owed a large bill from living here previously before I even knew him so, he couldn't get the electric in his name. I never living in Lakeland,FL before decided to go set it up in my name well when I tried to they informed me that even though I am setting it up in only my name that his name was on the lease so, I am responsible for not only the $240 deposit but, also his outstanding bill of $720 past due that wuold be tied to my account should I try to get service.
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    Original review: May 2, 2009 This one you will find hard to believe,but I have the records to back this up.
    To start with I want to say that I am an ex-Iron worker. I'm 47 years old. And due to a near fatal fall off a 4 story building In 1990 My only Income Is a small disability check I get once a month. With this In mind here's my story about what Lakeland Electric did to me and got by with It. I had placed an ad for a roommate and this was when I meet my now roommate Teresa I didn't know her from the past. Something had came up and I was going to be out of town for a few months and thought It would be a good ideal to call L.E and give them permission to talk with my roommate with anything concerning my account.(Like If the power was out) So I called Customer Service and gave them her Name . This was about 3 weeks before we got warnings of the first of the three hurricane that came though Lakeland. The last storm left us without power for 28 days.So you can imagine my surprise when I got an Electric bill for $750.00 for the month I was without power for 28 day.I told myself that with all the stress from trying to restore the power lines and all the calls they must have been getting from customer wanting to know when they would have their power restored that this bill was simply a mistake.So I called L.E.customer service about the bill and reminded them that my area had not had any power that whole month I was told In a very bitter tone that someone would come and reread the meter.I got a notice In the mail stating that the bill would stand as Is.So I went to the downtown office to complain and was ask to leave the building or would be escorted out. Needless to say I was forced to pay this bill.But this wasn't even the story that I said you wouldn't believe,but I needed to tell you the whole story.So i held out on paying the bill and they shut my power off. feeling defect I payed the $750.00 bill and to add salt to the wound they made me pay an extra $150.00 on my deposit saying I was a high risk. ( NOW HERE'S THE REAL MIND BLOWER) After all of this about a week later I got a letter from L.E. telling me that the person who's name I added to my account ( MY ROOMMATE TERESA ) has an outstanding bill with them and because she was living In my home and using their service that I was now responsible for her bill of $900.00 and they would make payment arrangements In the amount of $225.00 to be added onto my monthly bill for 6 months stating that If a payment was missed my power would be turn off.I was really starting to think that maybe I was on candid camara.Again I protested and In doing so refused to pay yet more money to them that I did not owe. And again I was disconnected and I swear I was forced to pay this money. And all out of my little disability check. a bill that had been made 3 years before I even meet her. Please someone tell me this isn't legal
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    Original review: Feb. 18, 2009 My electric bills run anywhere from fourhundred to seven hundred dollars a month. That to me is insane. Just last month My 3 children and I had to go without electric for a week and a half because they will only give you a extension once every 3 months.I just called them and let them know I paid three hundred on my six hundred dollar bill that is due The rest is due on the 24th could i extend the other three hundred until the 27th. They told me no i can not get a extention until next month so now we will have no electric again for 3 days. That to me is so unfair. People now a days need help and they act like they are gonna go broke if thay give you a little time to pay your bill. Someone needs to step in they are treating us customers that crap because they knoe they can get away with it. I think it is a real shame.
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    Original review: Dec. 16, 2008 Lakeland Electric is owned by the city of Lakeland. It is unregulated by the state. It is mismanaged and I was told that they could charge us any price they wanted because they can. I pay $.14 per Kwh and they pay between .06-.08 in Tampa less than 15 miles away. Lakeland Electric is a monopoly and we are forced to pay for their mistakes. On top of that revenue from the power company is used to pay for city services and parks, etc. However, many of their customers live outside the city limits and don't benefit from Lakeland City serivces. This is taxation without representation. My bill in the summer is about $630. It is insane.
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