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I was a H John Davis Oil Turner for 12 years. Every year they call me and make an appointment to come out and service my heating system. If I have any problems with my heating system Or needed emergency oil they came right out no problems. Now when they became Suburban propane They don't come out and check my heating system any more. I pay my oil bill on time and then they try to charge you for maintenance which they never did. And then new customer service is horrible. When I try to explain that there was a mistake They just drop me as a customer And told me if I wanted to come back and I have to apply as a new customer And pay for my oil in advance.

My complaint with this company is that they have grown from benefiting from the small consumers who have been with them for years, only to charge us highway robbery prices and slow service when it is time to refuel. Somehow they think that because you do not order a bulk amount of propane, they can charge you a higher price. My question to them has always been how can you charge a higher rate on some of your customers when you buy propane and sell at a one price that makes a profit regardless? And why should I be charged $125 dollars for a delivery call when it has been almost one year since last delivery? You guys used to gladly service loyal customers, now you treat us like garbage, why?

I have been a long-standing customer of theirs for at least six years now. I contacted them today to see if they would be willing to give me an estimate for some service work on a relative's furnace. Initially, they said they don't do any service work unless that relative has an account with them. But they made an exception and sent someone out for which I was grateful because my intent was to ultimately open up a second account for my relative with H. John Davis.

After diagnosing the problem and pouring some cleaning powder on the oil tanks (a process that in total took no more than 15 minutes), the service tech went to his van to give me an estimate on what the repairs would cost. When he hands it to me, he also hands me a bill for $175.00! I was shocked that he gave this to me, because all I wanted was an estimate for future service that I could then give to my relative. He said by default they charge $125.00 just to come out and the additional costs were for the powdering he did.

He said there was nothing he could do and advised I call the office. So 10 minutes later, I did. And the lady I spoke with was absolutely no help. She said it wasn't her intent to mislead me, but that "no one does something for nothing". Now I started getting upset at the shear fact she would even make a comment like that. After trying to explain to her that my initial call was just for an estimate and that I would consider cancelling my account if they don't work with me, she had nothing to say except "this is what it is", and "there is nothing they can do".

I am so upset with them right now for leading me to believe they were going to do what I wanted (come out for an estimate) only to them get billed $175.00 for 15 minutes of time, a fee that was never disclosed to me when I made the initial call. I am even more upset that they did nothing to try and work with me, a long-time customer who has easily paid them more than $10,000 over the years.

My previous customer-service history with them has never been fantastic and this is just icing on the cake. I am now working to cancel my account with H. John Davis, as I am simply disgusted at how little they care about keeping a customer satisfied.

I have had repeated problems with them not showing up for delivery, not telling me about a problem with my tank and my propane running out. The office person I spoke to was very rude and arrogant. She insisted that I had just had a propane delivery, but I explained that my tank was empty. This was three weeks after the supposed delivery and I hadn't had the heat on even once. I couldn't have the heat on because the tank was empty. As it turns out, there was a problem with the tank -- information that was in my file if she had read it. Unfortunately, no one told me there was a problem with my tank. They just showed up, tried to fill the tank. When they couldn't, they just left.When I finally got my new tank and it was filled, I was charged $7.54 per gallon!! More than double any other rate I've seen for a leased tank.

This company keeps over-charging their customers. When you inquire as to why their prices are much higher than all others, they rudely hang up on you after saying that we don’t need to do business with them if we don’t like it. I changed my gas to a new company and my bills are 5 times less this year alone. I can’t wait to switch oil now. They’re not a professional outfit, no people skills and arrogant as hell. I hope everyone starts to open theirs eyes.

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I called H. John Davis on Saturday morning, that I was at less than 10% propane in my tank and I needed a delivery ASAP. I was told that I would get it Monday morning, first thing. At 10AM Monday, I called and the receptionist told me that I was on schedule for today. 3:45PM I called again, spoke with the receptionist Mercedez and asked her to check to see if my delivery was still coming because I was told it would be here early morning. She told me it would get here sometime today. She was very rude and told me "well, if you were told this morning that they would be delivering, then they'll deliver" and then hung up on me. I called back at 5:30PM and the answering service told me they were closed, that they would get in touch with the "on-call person" and that he would call me back.

We received a propane gas delivery on 12/8/10. The price of the gas is noted as being $6.2490 per gallon and I was completely taken aback by this $836.11 bill. I called the H John Davis office to speak with a manager concerning this and to find out why I was billed $6.2490 per gallon when my research showed other companies are getting $2.35 to $2.75 per gallon. Debbie told me the manager was out to lunch but would call me back, it is now 3 days later and I have still not received even a call. This is not the first time I have tried to contact this company manager and it is also not the first time I have not received any response.

In Dec, 2009, I received a bill for propane at my home in Lake Ariel. The cost was $5.69 per gallon. I called the company and they blamed "closure of facilities" in the area to high price. I called a competitor and found out that the going rate in the area was $2.76. I called H. John Davis to cancel my service with them. They agreed to take the tanks away but wanted $150 per tank to remove them. I was appalled at that price but they agreed not to charge that as there was gas in the tanks I had already paid for and they would use that as credit against the removal of the tank. That was early in January.

As of 2/27, 2010, the tanks are still there. I am still being billed for the gas even though the tanks have been separated from my house and are still sitting there. Tanks are still sitting in my yard and I am still being billed for the gas with late fees! I am letting anyone know who uses H John Davis that they are overcharging customers and still billing them after the customer has cancelled the service.

I had an oil furnace conversion done, from electric heat, back in 1997. The workmanship was so bad, they were forced to come back, and do it right all over again. Soon, afterward (plumbing), we bought a water conditioning system from them, that to this day, malfunctions periodically, dumping salt in our drinking water. Then in 2005, they replaced my hot water storage tank, and did it well (so I thought). After that, I bought a replacement central air unit from them, but believe to this day, that I paid for duct work that already existed, but they said they would stand by it. Then, they were taken over by a bigger company, who raised oil prices beyond the high price they already had, when compared to others.

We asked them (since we were very long term customers) for a break. They wouldn't budge, so we dropped them as our oil supplier. Five years to the day, the hot water tank that was installed, started leaking. As it turns out, once again, it was poor workmanship. On their receipt for it, they claimed it had a six year warranty, where in reality it's twelve from the manufacturer (Kinetic Energy). Why they lied, I do not know. They conveniently cut it in half. When I called, they told me that since we weren't oil customers anymore, they wouldn't honor any warranties on any of the products they sold us. We are on our own. Even though I was told that they (Davis) would double the warranty on my air conditioning unit, which I signed up for it as part of the deal. Great! That leaves me trying to get warranty work done by someone else, that has no financial interest in making it right. So, after almost $20,000 worth of product, I'm **. Do not deal with them. Their product prices are inflated, as much as their oil prices.

We ended up dealing with a leak that cost us $260 to fix. Their reply, "we don't warranty our plumbing at all". They said maybe your water was the reason. It may need treatment. I said, "you installed the treatment equipment to the tune of $3,000 or so". Unless you want to replumb your house after every five years, go elsewhere. Really, go elsewhere.

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