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On September 31st I submitted an online request for them to turn my gas on. I was never contacted by them. Several days later I called and they "needed to verify your social security number." Why didn't they call me to verify it? What was the point of that form? They said they couldn't make an appointment until Thursday, August 11th. I already have a gas meter. All they have to do is go into my apartment's basement and turn a valve.

I made a morning appointment for Thursday, August 11th. I was told 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM. I waited for them and they never came. I called them and rescheduled for Friday, August 12th. I was told over the phone that I would get "priority." I would be "the first customer serviced that day." I said, "Right at 7:30 AM?" The person on the phone said, "They will leave for your home at 7:30 AM... so... close to that."

I told my building maintenance guy they were coming at 7:45ish so he could let them into the basement (only he has the key). We waited around for two hours until I called and complained. I was told that I was the "next customer in line for that truck." They could not tell me what town that truck was in so I had no idea how long it would take. 11:41 AM a person came. It took him less than 4 minutes to turn the gas on and check that it was working.

E-Town gas are a bunch of liars and thieves. Like most people here have posted, I took a morning off from work only to be stood up by these liars. They said someone came - -but they didn't. The second time around - -when the tech finally showed up - -as I had suspected - -the morons had hooked up the meters incorrectly. I live in a 2-family house and they hooked up the 1st floor meter to the 2nd floor line and vice versa. The dude tried every which way he could to gloss over it, but there was no denying it -- follow the line and you could see that first floor and second floor meters and lines were mismatched. So, he had to switch the meters out. Before he left he asked me if I could settle it with the other tenant! Huh?

I immediately got on the phone with the morons in the office and they tried to tell me that there wasn't that big of a difference in the 2 bills. When I gave the exact billing information regarding both floors - -as I had obtained the other tenant's bills for comparison -- there was dead silence on the other end having being caught red-handed, like the rats that they are. Then the rep said, "It's not our fault, a contractor was hired to switch out the meters". Again, huh?! Then I was told the matter would be settled in a week. A week later I called back and was told it would take 30 days. About 90 days later I received reimbursement. The bill, however, makes no mention of the fact that they were at fault because they hooked up the wrong meters to the wrong apartments.

Meanwhile, the tenant downstairs, a senior citizen on a fixed income, receives a bill that is 3 times higher than normal to make up for the mistake that they made with no real explanation as to why. And, with the payment marked 'due immediately.' What an underhanded, inept, rude and duplicitous company. Aside from the incredibly careless mistake - -not once did any representative offer an apology for their negligence and stupidity. Technically, since the tenant on the first floor paid their monthly bills, as per the totals on the bills, why should they be liable to make up the difference for Goon Town's mistake? I would like to hear a legal opinion on this.

I've paid my utility bill online for 5 years. Elizabethtown Gas is now charging me a fee in order to do so because of some change they made with Western Union. I don't think this is right. The customer should not be punished for a change the company made. So now they force you pay your bill the old fashion instead of using modern technology like every other company in the world. Are all gas companies doing this?

Received a letter saying a representative tried to contact me through personal visits and left a door hanger and made phone calls. If they do not hear from me in 30 days, gas may be subject to turn off. Really nasty letter and all lies. No contacts from them at all. Consequences although not financial are disgust with company and no alternatives to go with someone else.

They came into my home, cut my gas off, after moving in only two days prior then refused to give me service. Unless I proved my identity and showed proof of where I lived for the past year. After I pleaded that my 6-year old son was home and hasn't showered or ate a hot meal in over 6 weeks, they had no sympathy for my situation and only made it harder by demanding leases, paperwork to prove I resided somewhere else. I lost my job because I took off of work because I had to run around town looking for paralegal services and fax machines to get them this information. To top it off my son got really sick. I called crying that I need gas. He caught food poison because of the fast food we were eating out due to no gas. Horrible people, horrible service, almost a monopoly if you ask me and should be illegal.

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Elizabethtown Gas sent me a letter that the house is due for a meter check/change and I need to have it scheduled or else they will shut the service off. Since they only do this check on a weekday, I had to take a day off and waited for their technician. From the scheduled time of noon to 4, no one came. I called a few minutes before 4pm and the representative said someone came and no one was home. My car was parked outside the house I was at the living room waiting the whole time, even peeking through the window from time to time wondering why they have not come.

I explained this to the rep on the phone and he said there's nothing he can do about it because the technicians were there, like I was lying and at fault. I asked if they can send them back because I cannot take another day off. The representative was laughing at me like I'm crazy. Needless to say, they were rude and liars for saying they came to my house and I would have to go on another day off. Elizabethtown gas treat us like this since we can't have any other service for gas except through them.

So this is what happened with this company - more like crooks. I lived in Rahway, NJ back in 2001 had Elizabethtown Gas as a service provider for my gas moved out of the apartment. A month later called Elizabethtown Gas to come and shut off the service and then I moved. Now this is the part where it gets good - twelve years later I move to Elizabeth NJ and again had Elizabethtown Gas as my service now for a year and a half. Everything was fine up until about 5 months ago where my wife and I moved to Winfield Park NJ, and within two month I got a bill for $501.00.

Rented residence at **, NJ, on March 1st, 2011. Moved in on March 21st, 2011. On March 22nd, received a bill from Elizabethtown Gas in the amount of 313.45. Called them to inform them that there had been an error in billing. Was informed that I owed from November 2010 to February 2011. Asked them how can I owe a bill for a place I had not resided at during that time frame. I told them that I had scheduled a meter reading with them on March 8th, 2011, before my moving in to the residence. I was informed that as far as they are concerned that the bill was mine until I proved otherwise with a notarized copy of my lease with landlord information, as well, as a copy of my I.D. I told them it was unlawful to bill me for a service I had not used.

I was informed that last tenants had cancelled their services in November and Elizabethtown Gas didn't shut off gas or transfer billing to owner/landlord and it was now my responsibility. I now have received a shut off notice. I told them this is illegal and Aurora told me that they are State regulated and with in their rights. I'm a bit confused how this form of extortion is legal. A bill is yours until you prove otherwise, even though I resided in another town, my name has never been associated with this residence until March of 2011. I filed with BBB and now the case is being closed due to Elizabethtown Gas non-response. The Case #** contact person was Desirea **. Everyone tells me just send in your lease and I.D., but what about people who are paying these bills that they don't owe?? This goes on my credit report as well. This is not the first time Elizabethtown Gas did this to me. It happened back in 2002 and I didn't realize that it would be on my credit report, even though I did prove to a collection agency I didn't owe the bill. Now I'm fighting back! Thank you for any assistance you can give me on this matter.

I am a landlord for a multifamily property located in Carteret. A tenant moved out a few months back and Elizabethtown Gas took it upon themselves to create a new account in my name instead of the new tenant. By the time I found out, the bill had reached $108. Each apartment has its own gas meter and the gas bills have only been in tenants name since my husband and I purchased the property almost 20 years ago. The gas service was never once in our names.

We faxed a copy of the lease and all the info Elizabethtown Gas had requested and when we followed up they claimed they lost the paperwork. They also claimed that the account was setup from a phone call someone made. We asked for proof of this and none could be provided.

I find it scary that someone could setup an account in my name without any personal proof or identification and there is no record of this at Elizabethtown Gas. The only excuse or reason they could provide for all this was that they have a special program to prevent interruption in service in between tenants. The gas service would be automatically put in the landlords name only if requested by the landlord. We never requested this and this never happened before in between tenants. We just received a letter from a collection agency in North Carolina. Please help me resolve this situation. I have excellent credit for years upon years and am very upset it might get affected.

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