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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Ended up with one trip, out $12000 - Rum Race 07 - La Mer never got built - Windjammer went belly up - prior to Rum Race, we did 5 other trips, good ones on Amazing Grace & Polynesia Bob Spong.

I bought a timeshare on windjammer. It was basically five cruises over a 10-year span. We were able to use one of the five cruises then they went out of business. We did not even know they were having troubles. Now, I have no idea or way of getting my money back. I have lost over $6000.

I paid into the Windjammer “Salt It Away” program for years, to prepay cruises for my husband and myself for our 25th Anniversary. When it was time to look at sailing dates, I learned they were out of business. I lost about $1,200.00 in prepayments. I have a lot of “paid” receipts.

We also bought a 10-cruse timeshare on the LaMer of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises and only was able to get one cruise before they went out of business. We were out $10,000. Sure, I would like to that back although, would have rather had the cruises.

I booked a cruise and paid for insurance, airfare and a cruise for Costa Rica. The total cost was over $3000. The cruise was canceled three days before it was to sail. I never received a refund from Windjammer or an apology.

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My husband (deceased Feb. 28, 2008) and I bought a 10-cruise time share for the ship, De Le Mer (Cabin **, week 6). We never took a cruise against the time share. On August 16, 2007, I requested a refund of the $18,135 that had been spent. A Ms. ** said that our request would be honored. Since then I have heard nothing. I could not even get in contact with anyone concerning probate of my husband's estate (the time share was in both our names). Is anyone doing anything about those of us who lost a lot of money? Are there any lawsuits pending? Can anyone help?

my wife and myself took our honeymoon on a windjammer cruise in '02, and it was the best trip i have ever taken. in feb. of 04 we recieved a message in the mail, from windjammer, about a special forum they were holding in richmond va. for previous "cruisers", that they thought we might be interested in. well, we said what the hey, lets go and check it out.

well what they were selling was time-shares on a ship that was being refurbished in trinindad called the le-mar. it was 5 cruises in 10 years for x price. that evening, some may have financed, and paid more, but i offered $8000.00 cash for the package, and with some phone calls to, i'm not sure whom, they accepted $8260.00. we took our first of five cruises in '05. again, it was a dream vacation of a life time.

there apparently is no more windjammers, so we are out of four cruises, or 80% of our money. what can we do to recoup either the trips, or the money?

You have received dozens of complaints about Windjammer, including one from my husband and me. We bought a timeshare on LaMer and have not heard one thing. Gary Pollack, Windjammer's lawyer, says that those who purchased timeshares on LaMer will receive their money back. What is the status of this? Is Windjammer still in business? The purchase of a timeshare was a 65th birthday present that has never been realized. We are in our 70's and can use the money. $6500 is too much to lose!

I purchased the timeshare program on the LeMer for 10 cruises for $9000. I went to book a cruise and all I got were answering machines. I have not been able to get answer from anyone to find out if I can get any money back. I wanted to give my daughter one of the cruises as a wedding present. So much for that. I am now disabled and the Windjammer Cruise is about the only way I wanted to go on vacation. I had taken 3 cruises in the past and loved them. That is why I went for the timeshare. I am so unhappy and wish there was a way to at least get some of my money back. It would help with medications. I know people have lost more money than I have and the decent thing for Windjammer to do, if they had any morals, would be to see that people got some of their money back. In these hard times, with our economy, we could use whatever could be returned.

Windjammer/La Mer timeshares (10 weeks). I bought Burk's Beth for $20,000.00 and used 4 weeks on one of the other ships. I tried to call and book a trip in 2007. I left messages, tried to call and never got any answers. I read on the internet about the bad news. I lost $12,000.00 to the scam! What happened? Did anyone take them to get any money back? Where are the ships? Did anyone go to jail for stealing money?

I never was refunded for two Sail 5's which is over 5,000 dollars. I was never told anything in reference they were having problems, and they were selling the Sail 5's when they knew the problems they were having. It set us back and we are very upset about the whole thing. I could not contact anyone, all numbers are disconnected. I do not know how to get my money back. I only make 10 dollars an hour.

This was indeed, one of the best vacations I've had in my life! Although I planned my trip solo in 1985, the people and crew were the best. However, I was paired with an older man named John to share a cabin. We sailed from Freeport to Nassau. On Thursday of the trip, John had a massive heart attack on the ship and died. We performed CPR on John for approximately 2.5 hours with no success. The regular captain was in a body cast and we had a substitute captain in command of our ship, the "Fantome". I met wonderful people that I still correspond with to this day. I feel badly about the financial hardships experienced by the Windjammer Barefoot Cruise company. It was a wonderful trip that I will never forget.

Paid for 5 cruises in advance0$2500. took one.

Lost $2000, but Citibank reimbursed me. I hope the others try this method for resolving their losses.

My girlfriend and I booked a cruise aboard the Polynesia in January of 2007 for a February 2007 cruise. (Spur of the moment urging). We had the most wonderful one week vacation we have ever taken! Everything was just as advertised. St. Barts, Anguila, Nevis, Statia, just the best time ever. Tried to book another cruise in Jan. of 2009. Then we found out about the bankruptcy etc. Way too bad about everything. We were very fortunate in our timing.

In late October 2004 I purchased a timeshare on the LaMer with Windjammer. The ship was never completed. I did receive a 3 page letter outlining the re-fittng delays signed by one of the Burkes. However, the letter was a lie. Result: Loss of $15,000.00 I was NEVER once contacted by anyone from Windjammer. And when I called to ask for information I was lied to or sent to voice mail.

Loss of $15,000.00

I lost $500.00 deposit for a Feb.08 cruise. Same stry as the rest.

I contributed $1300.00 to the Salt-It-Away program but never got a cruise.

loss of $1300.00 no cruise

I have sent over $500.00 for something called the salt it away club to prepay for a cruise. Apparently the co. is no longer sailing, and I would like to know how to get that money back.

money loss. No cruise provided.

In October 2003 we purchases a timeshare on the laMer with Windjammer for $7,495.00 plus $225.00 closing costs. This was for five trips for two every other year starting with the year 2005. We were told the ship would be ready to sail in 2004. We took one trip on the Polynesian to the ABC Islands in May of 2005 when we were told the laMer was still under construction. Our next time slot was in 2007. Due to health problems we asked for a deferral until 2009 which was granted. I now find out that Windjammer is no longer and we out the money for the remaining four unused trips.

We have lost approximately %5,300. Besides feeling betrayed we feel anger towards the people running this organization who allowed this to happen. We bought the timeshare with expectations of a sail on a luxury vessel to the Mediterranean or to Tahiti. We had been on Windjammers in the past and were happy mates prior to purchasing the timeshare. All this takes away those good times. What, if anything can we do to recover our loss?

In late August 2004 we purchased a timeshare on the laMer with Windjammer. The boat was supposed to be in the water November 2004. I have heard that it never will be. We are out $15,000+. We used one cruise on the Legacy in 2005.

After I had heard that Windjammer was in trouble, I contacted a lawyer. All he was able to do was to track the escrow company that was used in California to a new address in Pleasanton. They are not answering phones either. I tried to dispute the charges since I used my Visa but Bank of America only allows disputes within 60 days.

I bought a Le Mer $14,500 + $250 closing cost timeshare for cruises along with my brother and friend and we were suppossed to have 10 cruises for 2 people (ie: 10 cabins for 2 on cruises) I used one of my 4, Ronald had 3 and John had 2.

I have lost approx $4,500 of my investment which was not able to be used, Ronald and John both lost approx $4,500 also. Additionally My husband and I were booked on the Nov Windjammer cruise out of Costa Rica which was cancelled - we used one of our Le Mer cabins and had to also pay port charges and taxes of $360/couple plus $50 for fuyel surcharge which we lost, plus the charge of $200 (to reuse) for the two airline tickets we cancelled and had to later pay the fee of $100 each to reschedule and use.

trying to book our time share cruise we paid $17,000 for la mar time share no response from windjammer bare foot cruises

out $17,000, last time we sailed we were incouraged to not use our time share but to purchase 4 discount tickets and SAVE our time share for another time which we did.

Purchased a time share on S/V La Mer that ship in July 2004 sailed once. That ship has never sailed. We did sail on another Windjammer ship, so we used one of our trips, we our out 9 trips I now believe company is out of busniess. What can I do?

WE our out $15000.00

I purchased a La Mer timeshare and have not as of this date heard anything at all. Please help me file a complaint against this fraud. I tried several e-mail that were never answered.

No cruise, no refund, no settlement. I,m out of pocket $7,720.00

Bought a SAIL 5 package in September of 2006, used two, owed three sailings... Any legal recourse? Any lawsuits to recover owed monies? Appx 1500.

I purchase a timeshare on LA MER in may 23rd 2004. I have 6 cruises that are paid in full and yet to be used. I was not aware of the trouble the company was in.

the economic difficulty having to retrieve thousands of dollars spent. the psychological trauma is that white collar crime is not punished, especially when is knowing [cheating] people of their hard earned money.

My husband and I bought a Le Mer timeshare for $17,000 plus dollars. We were told to book a different boat since LeMer wasn't ready. We experienced the same frustrations as many have described when our cruise from Aruba was canceled. We rebooked onto legacy, paid extra change fees for our airfares, and were one of the last cruises to sail on Legacy. There was definitely a feeling of despair that week as crew had not been paid, services for excursions were compromised or canceled and despite the best efforts of the crew, it was a rather stressful week, with many feeling strong disappointment.

Since I had sailed with WJ in the past, I knew I was getting less than the best out of our cruise. Besides, when we bought in to Le Mer, we were buying with the expectation of sailing on a luxury vessel in the mediterranean. The fact that we settled for much less is small compared to the fact that we still owe on our timeshare and have to pay every month to a credit union in Florida that the WJ company had us finance through. Since we opted to finance (not having that much cash to buy up front) it is now a loan that we are obligated to pay. WJ got the money a long time ago, but we continue to pay and pay.

Mental/emotional stress & anxiety; close to $20,000 for our initial purchase plus the costs of airline change fees and extra hotel expenses. Dreams crushed as we cannot afford to sail on any of the alternative tall ship cruise lines, and the big hotel boats do not appeal to us.

I'm just writing to all of the people who complained about their Windjammer experience. I took my first Windjammer singles cruise in May of 1991 on the Polynesian. The crew and the captain were wonderful. The food was delicious and the decks were polished every morning. It was by far the best vacation I ever had. After I got married I showed pictures of the ship to my husband and told him about my experience. I couldn't wait to back.

I called Windjammer shortly before our trip to ask where our package of information was. They told me it had been sent. It took many calls until I finally asked me to e-mail the information to make sure I had it. (That should have been my first clue that there was a problem). The package that was mailed arrived after I left. When we arrived on the ship in March of 2007, 17 years later, I was in shock. The decks were never scrubbed, probably because the mops couldn't get past all of the grey duct tape that patched the numberous cracks on the decks.

One of the female crew members told us she hadn't washed her hair in 6 months. (no surpise from the looks of it). Some of the crew members would dirty dance in the middle of the lower deck every night. The food was awful and, one morning I got up to take a shower and didn't even have enough water to wash my hair. One of the places I wanted to visit when I returned was the widows net at the end of the ship. You couldn't even get close to it since there was junk piled up in that portion of the ship that wasn't even accessible.

So it was no surprise when I learned just 2 months later that passengers were being left stranded at various locations. What a surprise! I then thanked God that my husband and I weren't with them. I have been searching the net to see if they have filed for bankruptcy and I see nothing.

I like many others purchased a time share with Association de La Mer for 5 cruises over a 10 year span. Luckily we were able to use three of the cruises but since paid the time share off within a year we are out approximately $4000 for two more trips.

$4000 in unrealized and unavailable cruises

Bought timeshare and only used for 2 trips. Made arrangements for trip to Costa Rica and had airfare for Thanksgiving 2007 and the day before we left they cancelled. We went anyway and got to the west coast of Costa Rica and saw the ship. We met some of the crew in one of the resort casinos. Has anyone brought suit? Has anyone started a class action?

We lost a substantial amount based on the fact that only had 2 out 10 cruises and could not get the promised additional 10 cruises for substantiallly less

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Windjammer Barefoot Cruises are smaller cruises in traditional sailing vessels, with one tall clipper ship holding six guests and the other holding up to 24 guests.

  • Authentic sailing experience: Guests on Windjammer Barefoot Cruises can hear the waves against the ship's hull and can sometimes even feel them.
  • Freshly prepared family-style meals: Guests are served large portions of hand-prepared food, although special dietary needs are accommodated.
  • Peaceful mid-mornings and early afternoons: While on board, guests can relax or help man the boat when the ships sail, which is from mid-morning until mid-afternoon.
  • Island exploration: Adventure lovers can explore the islands with guides who have experience interacting with the locals; they can also go swimming when the ships have anchored for the day.
  • Kayaking: Guests are provided the opportunity to take kayak tours to explore the islands' shorelines and catch unique perspectives of the islands.
  • Best for The Windjammer Barefoot Cruises are best for adults looking for an authentic sailing experience.

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