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I booked a flight to London in July of 2009 and was unable to travel but gave sufficient notice of cancellation (according to the contract and United Airlines Policy). When I originally booked the flight with Dave (no longer working there), I wanted to get in writing what the refund/rebook/ cancellation penalties were so he emailed me a contract. When I read the contract and before giving him my credit card number, I called back and asked him about what I read; the contract allows them to charge anywhere from $200.00 to $2,000.00 dollars in cancellation/re-book fees. When I asked about this, he assured me saying that for a ticket of this value ($922.00), the airline charged around two hundred dollars.

Being satisfied with losing that amount of money in case I had to cancel, which I told him was a real possibility, I went ahead and gave him my credit card number. Strangely, when I called the airline to cancel, the United agent I spoke with agreed with the information he gave me. She said that I had a year to rebook and the cancellation penalty was $200.00. She also gave me the last date I could re-book which is July 13, 2010. At this point, I thought the airline was in charge of issuing refunds or re-booking the itinerary for new travel dates. In March of this year, I called United and got a different agent and a completely different story. They had my past dated record on file with ticket numbers but no dollar value on the transaction and no form of payment. She said I'd have to go back to the agency that sold it to me in order to re-book.

So, after phoning one of their illusive agents, I was told someone would call me back. A man named Josh returned my call the next day. I told him I wanted to re-book and asked if I could change the routing. There was no problem; I gave him the new itinerary/dates and told him I was very flexible and he told me he'd have to give this to his "consolidator" and call me back. A week went by and I got no call. I called, but there was no answer. I left a message, and got no call back. I called again, and finally, he answers and says his consolidator is having trouble getting the space/dates (in March 2011 - Europe?) Okay, whatever.

Meanwhile, time is beginning to run out and I need to re-book in 3 weeks or lose the value of the ticket altogether (he knows this). He continues to drag his feet. I call and call again, and finally, I get him, give him alternate dates and routing, and express my dismay at not being informed sooner that they were having problems booking me (yeah right, problems). Finally, he calls me back with an itinerary, but the additional charges were more than double the remaining value of the ticket, which he says is now $622.00. I tell him it's too much additional to pay for a bulk ticket for winter travel to Europe, and I can book a regular fare for nearly that amount and ask for a refund instead. I can't do that, he tells me and when I tell him that I have no other choice now but to seek litigation, that struck a nerve because now he starts yelling at me and I can't get a word in edgewise.

I try to get him to call his supervisor over and he becomes even more hostile agitated and loud. I hang up. I few minutes later, I get a call from a man who, although he sounds exactly like Josh, has identified himself as "Chris," the supervisor and apologizes for his agent's (more like his split personality) behavior due to a death in the family .I'm absolutely stunned by how stupid this guy must be to entertain the idea that I'd believe he's somebody else but I (to my own amazement) play along to see if I can recoup at least some of my $922.00.

He's calm now and changes his tune. Now, he has to see how much my refund will be (I thought it was $622.00?) and call me back. "It's going to be $340.00." By now, I'm so exasperated with his rude demeanor (I've yelled at him and I never yell at anybody, but this guy is something else). I say fine I'll give you my new address and you can cut me a check. "Well, that's not how it works," he tells me. He said I need to give him my credit card number in order to process a refund. Now, I'm beginning to understand that this is a sting operation as well as a (pardon the pun) fly by night travel agency.

I ask why my original transaction (with unused ticket numbers) is not enough to process the piddling refund he quoted me, and he tells me that they purge their files every few months (Gee, I wonder why?) and that the only way to process the refund is to put the original $922.00 charge back on my card so they can assess the penalty. Yes, he actually tried to double dip me. I tell him there is no way I'm giving him my the number again until he gives me something in writing, stating that he is not recharging my card and needs it only to credit my account. He starts yelling (again) at me when I tell him I have no other option but to file a class action suit against his company (him and his father are "it") and that it shouldn't be difficult to round up enough fellow litigants to make something happen. I hang up on him this time because he's not making much sense, yelling and wasting my time.

My phone rings constantly for the next 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, I answered to tell him to knock it off. We exchange a few more pertinent remarks and hung up. At some point, before things got ugly, I gave him my email address to process the ersatz refund. A couple of hours later, when I checked my email, there was a rebuttal from him saying, "Go ahead and try to sue, people have tried before (no doubt) and were unsuccessfully." He said he'll file a counter suit and I'll end up paying for his lawyer as well as my own, etc. I email him back telling him to knock that off and that he's crooked and nuts and I'll do whatever I can to prevent others from getting burned.

I think he probably is that unique combination of criminal and crazy, which unfortunately does not preclude people from obtaining a business license in the state of California. I'm $922.00 poorer and very, very angry.

I called Wholesale-fare.com yesterday and today to get more detail about the price that I quote online. But when the person told me that the price from JFK to KUL is not $667 but $1200 I keep asking about why the price different is so much since the date I placed appear with the price I quote have nothing to do with the price they told me. They just hang up on me not once but twice with two different sales people! They are so rude! And I called again 5 minutes later to place a complaint about the worst customer service I ever encountered and that person in return lectured me! What a horrible web fare site customer service I ever come across!

I placed many order with online web site before like Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline and etc., for our vacation but I can said from my experience this company is the worst! Do not ever call or order anything from them! Can you imagine if you received this kind of customer service from them, don't expect anything good come out from this company! They are scammers and whole bunch of jokers! I'm going to post my complaint with Consumer Affair and other review web to let other people beware of this scammer company! Don't waste your time and money with them! How dare they have the BBB logo on their website! And how dare their HQ are in the USA! Never expect a company located in the USA to have this kind of lousy inconsiderate service! It has caused headache, distress, anger and mistrust.

I also bought a ticket with them in January 2010, had similar experience as described in other posts where the advertised price is much lower than the quoted price when you do call them. Still, I foolishly bought the ticket from them, gave them my credit card number, faxed back the ticket release form with my signature, and one day later, received a confirmation phone call from the agent that they've received the ticket release form and have issued the ticket for me.

At the time, I thought, "Wow, what a nice company, they took the time to call me to confirm as opposed to just sending me an email confirmation".

3 weeks later, I happen to want to make a change to my departure day, so I called them. And they told me that they could not find my ticket and that I do not have a seat on the flight. I was completely shocked because I could have gone to the airport on my original departure date and then found out that I have no seat!

This was totally unacceptable, given that I have received an e-ticket from them and also a personal confirmation phone call. Then, they promised to fix this and finally quoted me a new ticket which was $400 over what I had paid for back in January. I asked that they must honor the original price but they refused and was absolutely rude over the entire episode. I ended up emailing them a formal letter saying that I do not give them permission to charge my credit for any reason. But I feel uneasy enough that they have my credit card information, so I ended up cancelling that credit card and have my credit card company issue me a new card with a new number.

Long story short, here is my advice to all of you regarding this company: 1) When you think that they are giving you extra personal attention because they would pick up the phone and call you several times regarding your flights and confirmation, it is because they do not want to send you emails which could serve as evidence and documentation if you ever want to pursue legal action.

2) If anything goes wrong with your flight ticket, you are basically screwed, because they are likely a semi-scam operation, so there is no amount of reasoning or logic that you can give them which will make them act in a honorable manner. I spoke to my agent Frank ** and his manager Josh, and both are complete **.

3) Your best bet is not to go with them. Whatever discount they can give you is not going to be worth the trouble of having to deal with them later on. Their discount is not significant if you are willing to do a bit more research online. And honestly, do not trust any of the positive comments about this company. Remember, that there is generally less incentive for happy customers to come to complaint sites like this one, so they are probably posted by their employees. Trust your fellow traveler who are reasonably upset about their experience with this company to take the time and write/post negative reviews.

I'll be posting the same comment in any complaint boards that I can find.

I booked a flight to Lima Peru March 1- June 1 for my infant son and myself. I spoke with the travel agent Tony, who gave me the total price of $766.10 (total of my ticket, my sons, plus tax) he had charged a total of $1532.20 onto my card. I called Tony back right away that day, left two voice mails, two emails, he would not respond to any. I also spoke to with a supervisor who would not help in any way. I am trying to get a full refund back onto my credit card or refund the extra $766.10 that Tony wrongfully charged. I was scammed $1532.20.

They did a classic bait and switch to me. I entered my travel details. I got current prices with 3 different airlines. I called the number with the reference code provided, to book flights. An unidentified male voice says $900.00, I say $715.00 is what's posted. He hung up on me. I called back, and was fortunate (not) to talk with Julie. I asked to speak with the last person who hung up on me. She wants my travel dates. I succumbed to her demands, in hopes of securing arrangements. She quotes $1,100.00. I stated, I would like the $900.00 offer made, before I was abruptly disconnected. She says I should have booked them when I had the chance. I did not bother to remind her that I was disconnected by the previous employee. I simply asked for her name, so I can report them to the BBB. Net result, I purchased tickets from Orbitz, at an increased cost of $400.00. They really should be closed down, due to their illegal predatory practices.

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I found these people on my Google search for cheap flts to Europe. I doubted the super cheap price shown on the website, but I decided to call and see just how much more it was and what the real price would be. My first red flag went up when their phone system put me on hold and said to call back when they are open between Monday to Friday, 9-7pm, PST.

Well, I was calling during those times (2pm, PST, on a Monday). I then guessed at an extension, punched it in, and left a message. But there's no phone number to call back at, as I was already thinking this business is shady. Not 5 minutes later, Gene called back (by obviously capturing my caller ID/number) and proceeded to high pressure sell me, even though I said I was just pricing tickets and this was only the 2nd site I checked. Of course, the prices were double what they had shown on their website.

I have since checked around various sites, including the BBB; and it seems there are quite a few complaints about these guys. They only just got on BBB in June 2009, and I will bet they will be off pretty soon. It seems they have changed names a number of times. Also, on FlyerTalk, one of the owners Victor Veinstein, gave a false glowing report of his company as if he is a customer. I am really glad I checked these guys out first. I advise everyone to read the complaints about them before doing business with them. And do listen to that little feeling you get that tells you things don't quite smell right.

On February 19th a Reservation was made with Wholesale flights from LAX to London for 27 May 2009 to London, and return on June 19 2009. Wholesale Flight made the departure date for 27 February 2009, which was a mistake, I did not really notice the mistake until about a week later, I immediately contacted Gene to inform him of the mistake,so to make the necessary changeds but he was unreasonable. So I asked them to cancel the ticket.

Prior to canceling the ticket I was toled that it would cost 15% to cancel. The ticket cost $849.00, 15% would have been approx. $128.00. They charged me $350.00 to cancel the ticket. I Believe they have over charged me. Please can you look into this matter. I may not be the only person taken by this company like this. Thank You,

I entered my travel dates and locations and hit the button search. Results of the search came up with a logo next to each fare syaing call for availability and I was provided a reference number and was asked to give this number to the phone operator. I called and the operator started by saying what are your travel dates and where from/to? I replied I have a reference number (I was hoping that the reference number will lock in the fares I saw on the website). The operator bluntly repeated his question exactly as the first time with no explanation on why he wouldn't take my reference number. I repeated that I had a reference number and was shocked to hear him yell at me STOP!...what are your flying dates?. I simply asked him why do you not want to take my reference number?, he then hung up on me.

Very rude and inconsiderate customer service. It appears that this website is simply luring customers in order to have them call their phone operators by providing false low fares as result to their search on the website.

I just called to get some prices on some tickets and the person who helped me was extremely rude I asked if he could hold one second so I could grab some paper and he said? one second not any longer? I said are you serious and I said never mind.

I called back hoping to get someone else and it was him so I asked him his name and he said no and I asked for a manager and he said no your not complaining on me and hung up on me. I called back again and he said im not talking to you and hung up again. I called back and got someone named Jeff and i told him the situation and he asked me to hold then i could hear him talking to some guy in the backgound which sounded like the first guy and they were just talking about me for like 5 minutes he was telling him oh shes on the phone what do you want me to do? i am so upset. It was the worst service EVER.

I called back and got Sam and he was rude too. He was talking to them as well he said theres no suporvisors here so i don't know what to tell you you can call back tuesday but i don't know who was helping you. Please look into this ompany they sound and act suspicious. They were repeating everything i was saying it was very unprofessional.

I couldn't get my tickets i needed.

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