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I live in Florida so I bought the 3 Day Pass for my children/grandbabies. I have always visited The Magic Kingdom and I myself with my husband (he's deceased now) would become children along with our own kids! These last 2 visits I have encountered nothing but "Rides being delayed constantly", restaurants that are dirty and high priced! I must say that our experience at the Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe was perfect. The food was hot and delicious, salad bar was clean and plenty of toppings. BUT we spent most of our time waiting on line to get on the rides and then waiting on the ride for it to continue! I am so disappointed with my Magic Kingdom. It was the best place in the world to enjoy your family on vacation. I spent plenty money yesterday and was very disappointed at the change in my MAGIC KINGDOM. I hope you guys find it in your heart to compensate me to make me believe again that this is the MAGIC KINGDOM that was...

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My suggestion to everyone visiting this shop (Plume et Palette) in Epcot is that go in, get your free samples and walk straight out. This place is a rip off!!! Not that it's a luxury shop selling the best products, they ripped me off by selling a $35 Givenchy men's fragrance for $94. That is cheating. I don't know how can someone sell something for almost thrice the price and I fell for it thinking it's a luxury product.

I checked the price online and noticed it was being sold for $30-$40 everywhere online. I went back to the store on the same day to make a return but they said they could not refund it since the bottle was personalized and had my initials on it (which costs less than a $1). I was so disappointed at being ripped off like this. Spoiled my mood for the rest of the day at Epcot. I felt cheated and could do nothing about it. It did not even seem like they cared about my complaint that I was charged almost thrice the price. I walked out so upset that I paid $94 for a third grade below-average non luxury product that costs $35. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from this store. Rest of Epcot was amazing but this store was a party spoiler and rip off. Stay away from Plume et Palette!!!

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I stumbled across this thread on line and read with fascination. If there is one thing I can tell ANYONE is that if you arrive at WDW without a plan you will plan to fail. It is that simple. I spend A LOT of time before a vacation researching it via the internet. Best park days, best ride order, what to fast pass, what time to show up, etc. As a result on the BUSIEST week of the year in April I waited no more than 10 minutes IN ANY LINE AT ANY PARK. This time we stayed at POR and while it was nice I was disappointed to be placed in the Alligator Bayou section of the park due to distance from lobby. However it was super close to the bus depot.

Had a few sluggish crowded buses and ended up taking UBER twice that week to a park. Other than that, awesome trip. But boy do I prepare ahead of time. It was my daughter's 20th trip, she is 18 and we live on the East Coast, and we had another magical time but you must, must, must put the time in planning before you leave.

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I have had a Walt Disney World Reservation for the past 2 weeks. I have been highly anticipating the announcement of this year's free dining plan. This morning it was announced. My excitement soon turned to shock and disbelief when I couldn't add the plan to my online reservation. The user traffic was so high that I kept getting an error that said to try back later. I called over 50 times trying to get a travel agent but all circuits were busy. I finally got through and was placed on hold for over 1 hour. (I am not exaggerating!) When I finally got to a travel agent I was told that the free dining offers for the value and moderate resorts, during my reservation dates, were no longer available. I guess there were limited spots available and even though I had pre-booked, they were gone! What LOUSY customer service, Disney!!! I think that all customers who have pre-booked should get first priority for your offers.

Satisfaction Rating

Costly & horrible experience. We visited in January 2017 & wanted a family boat ride to celebrate family reunion. Also recall memories of the prior family visits & make new ones. Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating the day we visited the Contemporary. It was windy and no pontoon rentals were allowed. We clearly understood Disney's policy & concern they had for safety reasons. BUT our son & fiance were only there for the day and wanted to tour the park resorts from a boat. They rented the smaller 2 seat boat & the rest of the family chose to stay on land & watch.

The cost of the boat was not cheap. They left the dock wearing the required life vests, observed the required speed exiting the dock area. No sooner had they gotten under way then they were constantly pursued by Disney employees on Disney patrol boats. The Disney boats would speed racing up to them & then either circle them or back off. This happened for the whole 1 hour they rented the boat. What was to be a pleasant, relaxed boat ride became a very frightening experience.

We were very distressed to hear of their experience. They both are very responsible 30 year olds. It is a shame their boat rental was ruined by Disney's over zealous employees. I was not going to write a review but hope by doing this others will think twice before renting a boat. Unfortunately this experience has left a bad lasting impression on all of us as it is suppose to be "The Happiest Place On Earth Where Memories are Made".

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We spent a couple of years planning the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, but sadly due to nobody's fault my son fell & broke his arm 4 days before our trip. It luckily never caused too many problems. But after spending 5 days at Universal, Disney did not stand up to its fantastic set up... All the staff at Universal were kind, caring & very helpful, there were many characters to be found in the streets around every corner. Parades in the streets and you can get free cups of ice water at every restaurant or stall that is in and around the Park area.

Their version of fast pass worked very well making the main queue a lot less, their queuing system was fab, videos in covered air blown areas... unlike Disney's massive queue's in the sun and only 3 fast passes a day... made that system really suck! We had a fast pass card which was as much use as ice. Food stalls in Disney sold rubbish selections of very overpriced food. Shops all overpriced. All selling much the same in every store. $25 - $35 for a t-shirt! No Disney pet stuff to be found. Rubbish!

Universal had themed stores for the individual areas and smaller mixed shop at end. Excellently run... Who wants to stand in a queue for an hour to meet a character. Universal had small queues of people who happened upon it. Disney had too many strollers parked in the way. Why people bring babies and small children who don't seem to be caring beats me as they won't remember anything. Best for age 7/8 up... Areas too busy spoiling the feel. Rides rubbish. As a mother of 4 children we won't be rushing back there. But will definitely go back to Universal. My family hated Disney World, thankfully we don't Universal & Kennedy Space Center of our holiday would have been a complete waste of a lot of money!

Satisfaction Rating

Disney World is not what is use to be, don't waste your time or money. It's grossly overrated nowadays. My husband and I have vacationed at Disney before enjoying ourselves thoroughly. We have always found the staff to be courteous and helpful. When we decided to take a spring break vacation the first place that came to our minds was Disney World. We have stayed at different Disney properties but our favorite is Fort Wilderness campground.

On February 19, 2017 I made the reservation and was only able to get the nights of April 2 through April 7, 2017. I told the reservation specialist I would like the night of April 1st. She informed me it was booked but cancellations occur all the time and it would be no problem to add on. She also mentioned that I should look on the website daily or call the reservation line. Knowing how popular the campground is I started looking online numerous times a day. Closer towards our pending vacation I started calling the reservationline with no luck. It wasn't until last Wednesday when I called the reservation line was I informed that it was industry standard to release rooms/sites in blocks and I should have been looking differently. I was also told cancellations happen up to the last day.

I then questioned what the campground policy was regarding walk in customers and early departures. I didn't receive a clear answer and I asked to speak with the campground manager. The reservation specialist transferred me to guest services, I again asked to speak with a campground manager and was transferred back to reservations. All I wanted was a answer to 2 simple questions which I never received.

My husband and I decided to still drive down arriving on Saturday April 1, 2017. On Saturday morning at 8:42 I called the reservation line to check for an available campsite, I was told there were none but Pop Century and Art of Animation had rooms available and to check back after 1:00 pm for campsite cancellations. After discussing it with my husband we decided to reserve a hotel room for the night. I then called back at 9:42 am (that call was 1 hour and 22 minutes) to reserve a hotel room. I was told that a campsite became available, I said I don't care what has to happen I want that campsite. The reservation specialist was trying different things to get it attached to our reservation. When she finally figured out what needed to be done the campsite was gone.

Needless to say I was beyond upset. I asked to speak with a manager, I was transferred to Niles. The first question I asked him was if he was a manager. His reply was, "We all are like managers and knows the system better than most." I explained what happen and asked to be compensated in some way. His response was he give us a percentage off a room not a free room. I was fine with that and asked what rooms were available after a couple of minutes. He said there were no rooms left for tonight. I was speechless and asked the question "There is not one room available at any Disney property." He said only at the deluxe resorts and he wasn't going to offer me that. My first thought was what are we not good enough for a deluxe resort. (As I'm writing this I'm still in disbelief. I honestly don't remember being so humiliated).

I then told Niles about the 2 resorts that had availability when I first made the call. His response was Art of Animation was overbooked and Pop Century was at zero. After the shock had worn off I asked if we could get a full refund, without hesitation he said yes. I was then thinking not only are we not good enough for a deluxe resorts they don't want any of our money. I then told Niles I would talk to my husband and call back. As soon as I hung up I got on Disney's website to check for available rooms sure enough Art of Animation was available. My husband immediately called reservations from his phone and booked the room at Art of Animation. After he was finished he called Niles back at 12:08. Niles response was room availability can change at any minute and gave my husband a $75.00 credit towards the room.

As the saying goes if you have a good experience you tell 1 person if you have a bad experience you tell 5 people. My husband and I were still very upset with situation on Saturday night, we went to guest services at Disney Springs they referred us to you. When we checked into the campground on Sunday we spoke to the manager on duty. She also referred us to you.

I did receive a response as we were leaving after receiving a couple of emails from different departments stating that they were forwarding my email to the appropriate department. When I receive the call the reservations specialist first question was, "How was your vacation?" My response was "Wonderful." She asked when she could book our next stay at Disneyworld. I asked her if she received my email. She said yes and when would we like to come back. I again asked if she read my email. Her response was, "You said you had a wonderful time." "Yes I did have a wonderful vacation spending time with my husband just not at Disneyworld." After talking with her I was more frustrated. I called Guest Relations and spoke with Betty. She was understating of our frustration but could only offer us a discount towards a future stay. As other reviews stated they only want your money and really don't care about your experience.

Our second day at Wilderness Campground the temperatures reached the high 80's and the forecast was going into the 90's. My husband and I decided to see if we could change to a resort with air conditioning. We went to guest relations at the campground office and spoke to Chad asking if we could possibly change to a hotel room. He called Port Orleans and they agreed to the change. I asked Chad what the price difference would be a couple of times. His response was "usually they just transfer the reservation and accept what we have paid". I should have known better we were charged over $500.00 more. The parks were overcrowded and honestly we only spent about 3 hours at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom because of the crowds. On another note I was surprised how dirty The Art of Animation hallways to guests rooms were. The carpet looked like it had never been cleaned.

Satisfaction Rating

My husband and I purchased two three day passes for ourselves and two for our adult grandchildren. The cost was around $1000 as they do not reside in Florida. We arrived at the park around noon time. It was very crowded as usual but the lines moved very slowly for some reason. The line for Buzz Lightyear sign said the wait would be 45 minutes. The standby line took over 90 minutes! We never would have waited that long for a two minute ride. The fast pass line was moving extremely fast.

I do not think it is fair that those of us without the ability to fast pass should be penalized. We pay the same money as the rest. I also want to complain about the cleanliness of the restaurant in which we had lunch. It was filthy and for the price of the sandwiches and drink $32 it was not quality. The roll was hard and the chicken rubbery and the fries were cold. We spent a lot of money for the park and did not leave until 9:30 pm but only had time to ride four rides. This is not the first time this has happened to us. We were considering purchasing yearly passes but have changed our minds. We are very disappointed and would appreciate being refunded at least a portion of our purchase. Thank you!

Satisfaction Rating

We have not even been on this vacation yet and Disney is showing us that the guests really are not that important. I booked online. I paid a deposit online and even used rewards points. I needed to change the dates. You cannot do that online. I was on hold for over twenty minutes. There is no excuse for that. I finally hung up... went online and decided to cancel and rebook with the new dates. SO now I have two deposits on my credit card and have no idea when or if I will get my rewards points back. There is no excuse for that long a wait. Disney is making billions of dollars. They can afford to add extra people. And the prices for the rooms have gone up and up and up. Seriously... the deluxe hotels are over 500.00 a night. And you get nothing for that money... no free breakfast... etc.

Satisfaction Rating

Me and my family planned a trip to Disney World in Orlando FL. It was a trip we were planning for 4 years. Our stay was March 13 through the 18. So after we had checked in I made a call to housekeeping for no-one to enter my room to clean because my son who is 2 has a severe lung problem and the cleaning chemicals smell can affected his health even. Put a do not disturb sign on the door. 2 day there we come back to. The resort where my son goes running in the room first to only see him slip on something that was spilled on the floor in our room. Looking around the room it was like a lotion bottle exploded but I mean it was everywhere. As I'm cleaning this stuff off my child I smell lemons. Now my son is screaming at this time me just thinking he scared till my husband go into the bathroom to find a open bottle of lemon bathroom cleaning solution... cover off and laying in the bathtub.

This point I call 911. I call the manager of the hotel while my husband is with my son while he's getting checks by EMS. I called over 17 times from my hotel room to only be told "wait 5 mins a manager on their way to your room." After about 2 hours of waiting and talking to housekeeping I took the about 40 min walk to check and with the cleaning bottle in hand and all. At that point I got told to relax. And wait on the bench while they cleaned the room. Me I was begging them to just move our rooms. Their answer yes but will cost me $300 more dollars. Whattttt. So because of this my son got a chemical rash all over his body. From the cleaning solution and which caused me to have to split up our family vacation that took 4 years of saving and planning. To me being in the hotel room the rest of the stay with my son while my husband took the kids out to meet Mickey and all the parks.

Satisfaction Rating

During the week of March 13th, 2017 we stayed at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Hotel. I was never so disappointed in all my life. When we checked in our room was not ready and the front desk clerk said. They will "text" you when your room is ready. Ok well I thought that was a little odd. But went with it, left our bags with bell services and got on the bus. Within 10 mins of leaving that front desk the room was ready. Why couldn't she just say, your room will be ready in a couple of mins.

Anyway went our way had a great day at Magic Kingdom. Came back and with the text msg and the information the desk clerk gave us off we go to our room. Well my wife, father in law and son were ahead of me. So they got to the room first. So when I got to the building number "95". It told us our room number was this way. BOY was that wrong, I walked that 2nd floor mansion (because the theme of the hotel is New Orleans). And kept walking and walking and walking. When I got to the room I thought I was going to die. Now here is the best part, we find out after we get checked in. That if we go left out of our room down the stairs turn right. The bridge that we just came over is right there.

Ok to the NOT so good stuff. And this is where it gets a little gross, funky, disgusting. Walt Disney World does NOT change their sheets for any guest on a 4 night stay. They only make the beds, and "straighten" your room. My son ate chocolate donuts in our bed on Wednesday morning, they were still there Wednesday night. That's not the half of it. I spilled coffee on the bed Thursday morning. We went to Magic Kingdom.

We had to rush back to get to dinner at Boatwrights. We at reservations for 7:00 they didn't seat us until 7:25. Also we were on the meal plan, and our son ordered mac and cheese. We asked the young lady that brought it for a spoon. Five minutes late still no spoon, so I go and ask for one, all he needed was a spoon how hard was that? When then my meal came and I ordered prime rib. Well they covered they "Fat" with the gravy and of course you take a bite thinking you are getting meat. Well of course you aren't then you don't want to eat anything else. So no dinner that night. So the moral of the story for me is, I will be asking to have MY SHEETS CHANGED on a 4 night stay at WDW.

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My first time staying at Disney's Art of Animation Resort (March 18th, 2017) and I had a horrible experience! The rooms have paper thin walls and you can hear everyone around you blow their nose and flush their toilets. The pool is a joke. It's supposed to be so "awesome" but in reality - it's a lousy pool. Nothing to do - no slides, nothing for kids to do. The kid's splash area was closed (when we asked why, we were told they were short on staff. REALLY?). The main pool was closed twice in a 1 hour time period. First time because of a "foreign object" in the pool... so everyone gets out and waits, and waits, and waits. Pool reopens. 30 minutes later they drag you out again.

NOW some kid threw up. Great! Wait, wait, wait. We finally got tired of waiting - no one was trying to entertain the kids while we sat around... nothing. So we left. BTW - the pool is NOT heated. IT WAS FREEZING! Time to go to bed. Try to get children to sleep with all the noise from all the other rooms; good luck. The bed in the master bedroom was HORRIBLE. Lumpy, poorly made and every time you rolled over or tried to get up... it squeaked to high heaven. Wakes up the other guests in your room! The carpet in front of the refrigerator was wet... have NO idea why. We checked out the next morning with about 2 hours of sleep and VERY unhappy. You try and get a comment card? Nope. Told to call Guest Relations. You send an email to GR and you get zip. Nada. Nothing.

For what you are paying... it's is NOT worth it. Stay at the French Quarter. A super resort, cheaper, better pools, better activities and just a better resort all the way around. Forget staying at Art of Animation unless you like tossing $500+ a night out the window. POOR excuse for a hotel. No one cares if you are happy or satisfied. As long as they get their $$$, that's all that counts. Never again.

Satisfaction Rating

Agree with most of the comments I have read so far. This is about my 10th visit to the Disney Parks bringing both my children and grandchildren with me on different occasions. We went to Magic Kingdom the other day for two of my young granddaughters to visit with the princesses and ride the rides. Well... how disappointing was that ~ rides we waited for on average of 1 to 2 hours. Have you ever tried to entertain and console young children who are tired of standing, hot and thirsty. We could barely see the parade because of all the people. To me way too many people which is scary should there be an emergency.

For what it costs us I feel we just gave Disney a donation and got absolutely nothing out of it. Don't care for myself but for the kids it was very disappointing for them. They didn't even see one princess other than on the floats. Won't be going again. Will be looking for a better use of our money for future trips with less crowding. For those thinking about going stay away from spring break and Christmas for sure. I now know how cows being loaded in transports must feel... better yet they would have a better experience.

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The motto of Walt Disney Resorts, "Where Dreams Comes True" was a fallacy in my family's recent vacation from 10-13 March 2017. We only are able to visit our grandkids but once a year, and this year was the worst. We always choose to come to Disney World Orlando as this is our 3rd visit in 5 years. It all started on our arrival on the 10th of March. After purchasing our Military Salute Park Hopper Tickets from Shades of Green, we proceeded to check into the Disney All Star Resort which we had our reservations, along with the magic bands, photo pass, and deluxe dining plan with the entire package. We check in and were told that our room was not ready and we will receive a text when it becomes available. The receptionist at the front desk linked our Salute Park Hopper tickets with our magic bands which was purchased a week prior and shipped to the All Star Sport Resort.

We went to the café to eat lunch to where we experienced our first instance where our magic bands didn't work. The cashier tried our magic bands and an error indicates “No valid settlement account”. My wife went to the concierge who came to the cashier to rectify the situation. The concierge in the blue suit informed my wife that there is a network outage to where the magic bands are not working for dining plans. He said that he would call back by 8:00 pm to the room when the bands would be working. My wife explained that we didn’t have a room yet and provided a cell phone number to contact when the outage was over as we planned to go to Hollywood Studios where we also had dinner reservations at 5:30 pm.

We proceeded to Disney Hollywood Studio and all but one band worked for ticket entry, as the error showed that the ticket was expired. A cast member who had a tablet fixed it and we entered and spent the afternoon there. We had a dinner reservations at the Hollywood and Vines. Upon completion of our meals we scan the bands and it showed the same instances of “No valid settlement account” which began to be very annoying. At this point, it was more of an embarrassment while being questioned and receiving the looks by the waiter at not believing if we had a meal plan at all. When the waiter kept questioning and trying to scan all bands and asked if we were certain we had checked into the hotel.

I called guest services for the resort while we waited for the waiter to get his manager, the cast member informed me again that this was a global issue and that the dining establishments should be aware of the problem, but that we could pay and provide receipts, which we had no other form of payment on us at the time. The server came on the phone to explain the error was showing that payment was deferred. Upon listening to the voice recording of the conversation between the server and the resort cast member from All Star Sports Kaitlyn she told the server that the guest had been told they need to carry a credit card with them from now on, from the voice recording attached (Recording #1 Kaitlyn… For our Quality Purposes, we have a call recording APP on our cell phones which recorded our calls into this matter).

You can clearly hear that this information was never relayed to us the guest but only to the server, this type of instance where information was not actually told to us was consistent throughout our stay, where we were made to look like fools and spend countless hours trying to fix the situation. Kaitlyn also explained that we should go through the security side when returning to the resort on the 10th rather than trying our bands due to the outage as if the system wasn’t up that we would be stuck at the gate, we went through the band side of the gate when we returned from Hollywood Studios and had no issues in getting into the resort area, leading us to believe that the system was back up.

Even though the concierge at the resort in the blue suit never did bother to call us back that evening at all. We left Hollywood and Vine after dinner without taking part in the Fantasmic show which was the only reason we went to Hollywood and Vine for dinner in the first place. But after having all the issues from time of check-in through dinner we were discouraged and ready to go back to the resort, in hopes that the following day would be a better day, well the 11th turned out to be even worse with little time spent enjoying the park.

The morning of the 11th we started our day with breakfast at 7:35 at Chef Mickey’s, where once again our Magic Bands came up with no settlement account. I contacted the resort again regarding the issues (Hear Call Recording #2 for Alicia Customer relations Parks and Resorts). We Sat for roughly 30 minutes while waiting for someone to fix the problem yet again as everyone around us was using their bands with no problems. The cast member told us that we should again try all the bands and even go as far as to try to use the band for stroller rental or another purchasing area to see if it was only dining plan that was not working. We told her that we tried all the bands, she then changed her story from saying that there was a system outage to saying that the bands may have been damaged.

She gave us a $100 credit on our account and then said that we should try going to guest services using the $100 credit to purchase at least one new magic band in the park as we must have gotten damaged bands. This made no sense considering our bands worked for everything except dining and purchasing at this time. She checked all of our bands again to ensure that the bands were the current bands not those from the prior year. We were told to charge back to the room rather than to our bands again and no place that we went to would allow us to charge back to the room as there was no settlement account on file and no charging abilities to the resort.

We later tried to get snacks which our bands still did not work and we were treated again as though we had no plan and being asked if we had checked into our resort yet. We made our way to guest services where our pin number was reset for the 4th time and we were told that should have fixed it. We proceeded to get coffee on our plan and were treated very rudely by a cast member in Adventureland where we were told the band didn’t work and that there was no way they could charge our plan, after explaining the situation the cast member told us “We Should Get This Fixed As It is a Big Problem” which we were aware of.

This resulted in frustration to the point of calling Disney multiple times between the two of us we both made calls resulted in hang ups after being on hold for 15 minutes or more. (Hear call recording #3 Pamela from Disney Dining.) My wife finally got a cast member who was willing to help as we just wanted to cancel our dining reservations for the evening and go to quick service to avoid paying extra costs for something we had already paid for, she was told as you can hear from the recording the cast member stated that she would cancel our reservation for dinner that evening at Crystal Palace with no issues, then transferred her to IT where she was on hold for close to 10 minutes before being hung up on.

The reservation at Crystal Palace was never cancelled either, as we stated on the recorded call. My wife called again directly to the IT department and got someone (Listen to call recording #4 from Seattle from IT and Magic Band Support) who did some additional research finding that this should have been a simple fix of relinking the reservation to the bands at the resort, which the resort acted as though they had no knowledge of this process. By this time it was close to 2 pm on Saturday March 11th and we had spent greater than 50% of our time on the phone and in line at guest relations trying to fix this.

After my wife got off the phone with IT, I called the resort again getting manager Adrian on the phone (Listen to recorded call #5 Adrian All Customer Relations Manager All Star Resorts) and explained to her what was relayed from IT about relinking, Adrian stated that we should have no problems at our lunch reservation at Be Our Guest as we should just be able to charge back to our room and when we returned to the resort that we could stop at the front desk and get everything fixed. Adrian said there would be no problem as she was adding another $50 to our account we could charge everything to our room and we would have no problems, and that we also had a credit card on file so there again should be no problem.

When we got to Be Our Guest we were again told that we could not charge back to the room as we had no charging privilege. The cast member had us fill out additional paperwork to have the meal charged to our room. After lunch we left the park getting to the front desk at All Star Sports at around 2:30 pm and not getting to our room till close to 4:30 pm as we stood at the front desk waiting for our bands to be relinked to our reservation and the system to update according to the front desk. After everything was fixed we went to the café to get snacks were our bands did work. At no point during the relinking which apparently turned into a rebooking of our reservation were we asked for a credit card again. After our bands worked at the café we thought everything was okay. Well again not the case.

Sunday the 12th we went to breakfast at Ohana’s and had no problems with our bands for dining. When we got into Magic Kingdom we went to get the girls faces painted where my wife was told for magic band purchases she would need to go to the Tomorrowland Gift Shop to pay. It took over an hour in the Tomorrowland gift shop as when my wife tried to pay with her band it came up that she was over credit limit. The cast member helped her called the resort and gave the phone to my wife where a lady from the resort told her “there is a note on your account that you were told to return to the front desk to put a credit card on file and you failed to do so that is why you cannot charge” my wife asked to speak to a manager who also said there was no way to pay for anything without the card on file and talked down to my wife to the point my wife finally hung up on the her.

The cast member in the gift shop explained to my wife that this is not how Disney works and it is sad to see people go through this, she was going to get her manager and also told my wife to go to the guest services yet again and explain the whole story. The cast member also went ahead and covered the cost of the face painting. We went straight to guest relations where we spent more time in line waiting to be helped where Nick finally was able to work with the resort to get a $500 credit limit on our account and provided additional fast passes to help us enjoy the park at least a little before we left. No amount of fast passes make up for the lack of consideration of the resort and the quality time lost during the 3 days of standing in lines, being on the phone, and waiting at the resort.

After lunch we went back to the front desk where we spoke with Courtney who from the short video clip you can see was condescending in explaining the reason for the credit card needing to be on file and reading the note from Adrian about returning to provide a credit card on the 11th after we left the park. My wife tried to explain that we did return and were never asked for a credit card at all and told everything was okay. Courtney kept repeating that she had no idea why we had rebooked our reservation and my wife explained that it is sad that as guests we had to call IT to find out how to fix our dining plan and relay that information to the resort when we were being told that the resort was in contact with IT the whole time and it was a system outage which it clearly was not.

Again we were thrown fast passes as if that would fix the fact that we paid $1300 for 3 days with a dining plan only to spend more than 75% of our time dealing with this issue losing our quality time with our grandkids. Another thing we noticed was that every time we were at the front desk the concierge in the blue suit was staring at us a whispering to other cast members, as well as the fact that each time we had to try to fix the problem we were treated with more disrespect and like an nuisance rather than guests, being given the run around.

In closing, this has been our worst experience with Disney. We hope that no other families endure the despair and disrespect that we experienced. As much as we would like to have this as our permanent vacation location with our grandkids, this experience has given second thought of seeking another theme park to have long lasting memories of entertainment. This complaint was sent to WDW Guest Services with attached call recordings.

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I had an just awful experience calling and making reservations for Pop Century, I was on the phone for over an hr the first time just trying to book my room and park tickets. The system isn't set-up for convenience for the guest. Anyways then I called to make a payment and they couldn't find make a payment in fact they made me wait an hr to guest services then they tried to cancel my reservations and start all over again in the high season with almost every room full. Then I was so upset the lady didn't even say nothing and put me through again back to guest services to wait another an hr. This was just to make a payment on my bill. Then the man I talked to didn't really care what I experienced and it was just an unpleasant experience. And he didn't offer any assistance or discounts.

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Totally unimpressed with Disney World food. You will pay a lot of money for not great food. Our plan was to buy groceries for breakfast and lunch and have a nice dinner meal at the resorts and parks. The food at the resorts and parks was nothing to brag about. If this food was served outside of Asian eh, the restaurants would probably be out of business.

$23 for a bowl of pasta in Epcot's Italy. Pasta was nothing special... tasted just about as good as I make at home with the $1.00 box of pasta from the grocery store. $15 kids pasta. Meatballs similar to frozen grocery store meatballs -- they did not taste homemade. $7 - $14 for 10oz beer everywhere. $3.00 bottle of water (I didn't buy it, I came prepared with my own). $5 for a scoop of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles (animal kingdom). $9 kids meal that included 2 small chicken tenders and a handful of tortilla chips and a cup of nacho cheese (Epcot Mexico). These chicken tenders were equivalent to Walmart a chicken tenders. The beef soft taco meal I got was decent, but still pricey for $13.

Food at Coronado Springs was nothing special either. Expect to pay $12 - 15 for a cafeteria equivalent food. Kids meal was around $8 for a quesadilla (2 tiny flour tortillas with melted cheese in the middle), a small bottle of milk and a tiny bag of carrots. The $18 refillable coffee cup is worth it if you drink a lot of coffee and will be staying several days. My wife and I shared one. $1.65 for 1 banana. $4 for a small muffin.

Do yourself a favor and find a way to get to a grocery store when you get to Orlando. Thankfully, we were able to grocery shop at Publix on our first day of vacation and purchased decent quality and fresh food for lunch, breakfast and snacks and saved a lot of money there. I spent around $50 for 5 days worth of breakfast, lunch and snack and dessert food (and a 12 pack of beer) for a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids aged 3 and 5). Don't forget to buy a small pack of plates, bowls, plastic utensils and plastics baggies, condiments for sandwiches too. Our Disney resort hotel had a mini fridge. I think we probably saved around $200 - $400 by not having to buy breakfast, lunch and snacks for our 4 days at the parks for a family of 4. Not having to pay $7 for a beer while hanging out at the resort pool made me enjoy the beer even more. Publix has a decent selection of beer.

Satisfaction Rating

I recently returned from a visit to Disney World and the experience was fantastic. This was one of several visits, and hopefully my family will visit again, as they are in possession of lifetime passes. Last trip for me, I'm getting too old for all of that walking. My complaint is to the State of Florida. Upon return, I received a citation for unpaid tolls ($3.50). Under no circumstances did I omit paying a toll, so I called them. It was then that I was told that I used a toll road that did not have a booth, nor did they have a way to pay cash (duh). I stupidly asked what they expected me to do. Of course they told me that I was on a Sun-Pass road (not sure what that was either) and I was suppose to pay.

Unfortunately for me, I never saw a sign and never knew that I was suppose to pay or even get off if I wasn't. But I do know this, I am mad as hell that they sent me this bill as if I tried to run away without paying them this $3.50 and as many of you already know, we spent a heck of a lot more than $3.50 on this vacation (I digress). My point is this... Disney should know how the State of Florida is treating their out-of-state visitors, especially since they are probably raking in lots of revenue for them. Although my driving record is more important than the amount, I will pay... but I did register my complaint with the FPOP and I want to register this complaint with Disney, as well.

Satisfaction Rating

Date of visit: January, 2017. Where: Magic Kingdom. This is not a rant, but an honest assessment that agrees with most all other negative ratings found here based on my own experience. If you don't believe me or the other negative reviews, then go and find out for yourself, but don't bitch afterwards! The place is a joke. Everything is overpriced, terrible food, tremendous amount of walking and waiting for rides. There is nothing to see other than streams of eateries and souvenir shops selling the SAME crap. Constant noise and music. Honestly, you spend about 90% of your time walking or waiting, 5% eating and 5% on rides.

RIDES: Rides haven't changed in at least 10 years that we have been going. Fastpass? What Fastpass? You still wait HOURS for rides! The new fastpass system is comical and defies all logic. Make an appointment for a ride, only to show with another 300 people with the same appointment time so you all can wait like buffoons for an hour to "experience" a 3 minute ride. No Disney Characters walking around anymore. Oh, you want to meet one? Make an appointment or wait like a stooge for an hour and hope they don't go on break before you get there. Better pony up $40 bucks too for a picture.

The most fun my 4 year old son had was playing in the small water fountain park - should have set up the sprinkler at home. Rides - What rides? Haunted Mansion? Space Mountain? Boring...Haunted Mansion takes you through a maze of halls festooned with flickering candles and ghoulish pictures on the wall while chamber music blares out of speakers. Space Mountain is completely dark. WOW! I had more fun on the Barnstormer and Dumbo's flying carts. Buzz Light Year - let's shoot targets using "ray guns" with the accuracy of a licorice stick.

CROWDS and WAITING: The CROWDS! Thousands of people, overcrowded nightmare. The place is unbelievably overcrowded to the point that you would like to pop someone in the jaw over frustration due to not being able to get anywhere and being stuck in an endless loop of walking and waiting. Regarding walking - where is everyone walking to? You walk around in the hot sun and buy food out of boredom and drink out of dehydration from being drenched with sunlight. After a while, without kidding, you don't even know where you are going or doing because you just keep "walking"...to NOWHERE.

FOOD: Horrendous to the point of insulting. All of these "fancy named" shops that lure you in only to find 2 or 3 things on the menu. One shop offered a "turkey leg" or "hot dog combo". Are you ** kidding me? THOSE are my choices? $8 for a "hot dog combo" comprised of a plain hotdog on a bun with a small bag of plain chips. Oh, you want a drink with that "combo"? Tack on another $3.50 plus TAX. Another place had hummus and crackers - the same crap you buy at the grocery store for 1/5th the price. And, you better like COKE because every damn place you go you has the same four choices of drink. Always the cheapest, easiest to prepare food items - popcorn, hotdogs, chicken nuggets...Oh, you could get a banana...for $4! PRICE. Everything insultingly priced. $6 for a sucker. $3.50 for a water. $29 for a shirt. $7 for an ice cream cone. $25 for parking. $1300 for park tickets - just to get in.

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My daughter told me she gave a cast member $1900 to book another stay at Disney. Disney confirmed that the member made the reservation but never paid for it. Disney will not make good on the reservation nor will they give my daughter her money back.

Satisfaction Rating

Just to get your excitement hopping through the roof, I have wanted to go to Disney World since I was about 6 years old (I am currently 23 years old)! Whenever I went to school, or spent time with friends, they would always tell me about their great experiences in Disney World, and I envied them! My family and I had amazing vacations together when I was younger, as we went to South Carolina, Dominican Republic, etc, but seeing that I had three other siblings, live with my mom and my grandparents, the prices for Disney are what made it impossible to go. So when I was younger, I made a promise to myself that someday, whenever I could, I would go.

I finally made that promise true this past May with my girlfriend of 3 years, and let me tell you, it was jaw-dropping. We went in the summer of 2016 from May 28th to June 6th, and I loved every second, minute, and day we had spent there! I had thought, since I was older, that I would not have enjoyed it as much, being that I am an adult man, and no longer a child. I could not have been more wrong! This was by far the BEST vacation I have ever been on! From the amazing atmosphere, to the extremely helpful Disney workers, the tasty food, and the spectacular, memory-making rides, this was an incredible experience. The moment we were there, and I was walking in Disney, it was a moment like no other! I simply was at ease with myself and completely overjoyed, and let me tell you, you make some incredible memories here!

Me and my girlfriend hit up some awesome rides, some even back to back if we were able to do it! We used and abused rockin' roller coaster, Dinosaur, Haunted mansion, and test track! Every single ride I went on gave me absolute happiness and joy, and could not contain my excitement. I felt like a kid again. Some of the rides I was really looking forward to, like 7 Dwarf Mine train, Tower of Terror, and even Its a Small World, you must be patient for! I only went on them a few times during my stay, and even with fast passes, the lines can be anywhere from an hour to two hours long.

The food was astronomical! Every single restaurant we went to was out of this world, and I have no complaints whatsoever. If I had to recommend one restaurant to go to, it would definitely, most certainly be, 1900 Park Fare. The food is delicious, the characters are extremely amusing and pleasant, and the atmosphere is fantastic. HIGHLY recommend! The workers were super helpful and caring the moment we arrived! I made sure I got my "First time" button, and every one of the workers made my trip so much easier. Our bags were delivered straight to our room, we were properly informed of the "where to's? ", etc, and they always had a smile on their face. Could not complain.

The only reason I could not give this a five star rating would be the price of the trip. If you are willing to go to Disney, you have to save, save, SAVE your money! It is extremely expensive, and although the vacation was breathtaking, the price of the trip is what really takes your breath away, because you have to save your money like there is no tomorrow. All in all, my girlfriend and I made a wonderful memory together! We enjoyed our very first Disney World vacation, and can't wait to go back (we are going back this June)! If you are looking for a place to make wonderful memories with the person you love, this is the spot to hit! You will cherish every single moment you spend together.

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We were having a fantastic time on our first ever trip to Magic Kingdom until our last day which was totally ruined by another family and the attitudes of cast members caused us to leave the park in tears. We were in line waiting to meet tweedle dee and dum when the family in front jumped the line and my brother who has severe autism made a comment as he did not feel this was fair. Then the women turned on him and thumped him and was about to slap me across the face but unfortunately I suffered an epileptic seizure and was left seriously humiliated as the family involved were allowed to stand and watch sniggering at me. As I came around the staff at the time did give us free pass for a ride to make up for it but later in the day the same family started telling cast members all about us and the cast members became extremely rude towards us.

In the end left the park in tears and still struggling to come to terms with what happened and how cast members who were not present at the time were allowed to speak to us the way that they did especially as now my brother is terrified to leave the house and now has anger management issues as a direct result of this incident and we would only ever come back to Universal Orlando or Animal Kingdom but unfortunately this experience has left us not willing to ever wish to return to Magic Kingdom.

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On 1/11/17 while at Epcot, my family was walking to Nemo ride from The Land. Halfway through the path my mother tripped and fell over a curb that was lining the grass. My family along with other witnesses helped my mother up after she laid 15 minutes on her side. People were commenting about the fact, that there were no lights in this vicinity. Unfortunately, we had stayed on grounds and took the bus. Praise God we rented a wheelchair earlier in the day for my elderly grandmother. We used that wheelchair to push her to guest relations. It's about 9pm at this time. I spoke to Brandon, explained the situation. Then asked "Could someone please help us get her back to the room?" In my mind I'm thinking getting her on the bus and walking to the room wasn't really a option. His response "Oh I'm so sorry ma'am, we don't provide services such as this".

My next question was "Can we please use this wheelchair or any other wheelchair on premises?" Brandon responds to me, "No, I am sorry. We are no longer allowed to take the wheelchairs out of the parks. You will have to rent one from an outside agency". Sure I thought at 9:30 at night!!!! We left guest relations feeling completely defeated. I'll spare you the boring details as to how we finally made it back to the room, without the use of a wheelchair, or the help of any Disney employee.

The next morning, Mom still couldn't bare weight, so we called first aid to bring her to the hospital. The best news ever, the hip wasn't broken. This was only our 3rd day of 6, so needless to say our vacation was destroyed. Did I mention the profits Walt Disney World made off my family for renting additional wheelchairs and scooters. I can tell you I am disgusted with the happiest place on earth. In fact, I'll tell this story over and over and over! To whoever the heck will listen! SHAME ON YOU WDW!! I'll never be back.

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My family visits Disney very often. I was very surprised to have had such an awful experience when we were at Disney Springs. After a weeklong trip to Disney we decided to end the night with dinner, shopping, and enjoying the kid rides that were offered. My daughter loves trains. We decided to take a ride on one. Well we tried to, the employee conducting the train ride, George, was absolutely rude! My husband and I asked basic questions. “How many tokens do we need? Am I allowed to accompany my daughter on the ride?” The employee wouldn't turn his body to face us, didn't e eye contact, sounds annoyed with our questions and when we asked if he could repeat himself since his voice was so low, his response was," I already answered you"...

I was completely livid and appalled. We refused to allow our daughter go on the train. We contacted the nearest manager who simply brushed off the matter. Disney is going in quality customer service. I will not visit Disney in Orlando again. My daughter was very upset, which made the situation even worse. That employee’s attitude made us feel uncomfortable!!! Thanks George for ruining my daughter’s last day at Disney. You're a real gem!!!

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I've been to Disney World before, and each time I came back with a fond memory of the experience. Not this time (January 1-5, 2017) however. The last time we visited WDW was on Christmas 2011 with our daughter. There were many people in 2011, but in 2017 we felt that there were way many more people. People were angry, and the accommodations were not so friendly. Maybe the Disney Parks are just not ready to handle this volume of people (foreign visitors like us and annual pass holders).

Rider switch pass was almost useless. For Animal Kingdom's Dinosaur ride, my wife and I both had a FastPass+. Because our son was too young, we needed to do the rider switch pass thing with our daughter. Unlike what I recalled in 2011, now one parent needed to wait outside the line while the other parent line up. The lineup for one parent took 30 minutes, and the other parent had to line up again for another 30 minutes. As a result of this, we missed the last show for Finding Nemo -- my son was quite disappointed.

The Finding Nemo show at Animal Kingdom refused entrance before the show even started. From our experience in 2011 and before, we were able to enter venues to watch shows as long as the show has not started (I remember the Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios was quite packed but we could still go in). Now they say you have to be at the show at least 30 minutes before show starts. How is this possible for a family with young children? My son of 2 years old will not be able to sit tight for 30 minutes doing nothing. (In 2011, they had pre-shows like singing in Beauty and the Beast. No pre-show now). Now more time is wasted waiting, which means less time for young children to enjoy the rides they wanted.

Nearly useless Wi-Fi connection. I had to make some FastPass+ and dining reservation changes with my cell phone. Wi-Fi was not reliable and not available everywhere in the park (e.g. some spots in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom). Even when I could connect, the app fails to retrieve my FastPass+ or my reservations. I ended up not being able to make the changes.

Ridiculous amount of restrictions to FastPass+. Only a maximum of 3 passes per person per day, until they are all used up. Only 1 experience per day so once you have booked one experience (like Frozen Ever After), you cannot book other experiences like Soaring or Test Track. As a result, we needed to line up on Standby -- ok if the whole family could line up together, but not so when you have a young child who's not tall enough.

In Indiana Jones' show in Hollywood Studios, we were not fast enough (because we have 2 kids) so we were told we had to stand. Ok, so I was holding my 32 pound boy in my arm while standing, trying to watch the show in the back. There were several empty seats on the benches in front of me. I kindly asked the usher whether I could sit down since I was holding a child. All I got was a unsympathetic "please stand behind the line". I really felt angry at the time and felt that this whole Disney experience was not worth it. Fortunately later some higher up manager came and offered us a seat in front, so I could finally rest my arms.

Back in 2011, we remembered that we were able to watch the Fantasmic show at Hollywood Studios without waiting at the gate at least 30 minutes before. We have a VIP pass this time so we were able to go the FastPass+ lane. But when I looked at the Standby lane: jam packed 30 minutes before the show -- and those people are not guaranteed entrance either. Something feels wrong at this picture. Perhaps WDW is having way more people than it can accept.

At Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland Speedway, perhaps because the cast members were overworked, one of them neglected to ask the size of our party (4). My wife + daughter were separated from me and my son in 2 groups. My 2-year old son started crying because he thought he was not going to with his mom, and started running towards my wife. The cast member yelled at me to ask us to get back, but it was very hard to explain that to a crying 2-year old that we had to wait for the next group of cars. My son who loved cars didn't have a good time, and I felt resentful that this was allowed to happen at the "Happiest" place on Earth.

The quality of food at the restaurants has also degraded. We both had fond memory of some dishes we picked in 2011 in Coral Reef and Kona Cafe. Now the same dishes were bland. The only reason why we didn't give 1 star is because the resort hotel staff and restaurant staff were generally friendly. We have spoken to several people and we all felt the experience was not as good as it used to be. It sucked especially for us because of the low Canadian dollar and the hassle to travel from so far. We really don't look forward to going back until we hear that significant improvements are made to the quality of service.

Satisfaction Rating

We were so excited for our visit to the Magic Kingdom today after planning our trip for a year. We live in South Africa and so looked forward to it. What a disappointment. After a few hours we decided enough was enough and left. The crowds were unbelievable. Just to enter the gates was a nightmare. The waiting in line for rides was ridiculous. To stand in line for 2 hours per ride, and then to try walk to another ride without getting trampled on was not fun. Trying get anything to eat or drink was another line of waiting. As per the cost of refreshments, $3 for a bottle of water! Nothing has changed as I was here 20 years ago and everything looked the same. We could not wait to get out of the Park. I do realize this is busy season but where is the value in spending so much money and not even being able to move. Surely the crowds should be controlled.

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I have a son/daughter that have yearly Disney passes. I've been twice and noticed this. The bathrooms are absolutely horrible! The smell of urine, paper on the floor, faucets are broken, floors, toilets and sinks are dirty, etc. The bathrooms in the airports are cleaner, so there's no excuse! Imagine sitting at one of the tables outside, to have a small expensive meal and running to the bathroom only to the smell of urine, etc. smacking you in the face. This shouldn't happen! I'm quite sure Disney has the funds to remodel all of the bathrooms, so that the guests do not feel that they are using a bathroom at a gas station!

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I'm a 79 yr old Florida resident who has going to Disney World every year since 1973. The past few years my wife and I have been purchasing Fl Resident's annual passes. This year my pass expired on Dec 14th 2016. Disney sent me a E-mail offer on 12/22 to renew my passes. I assumed it was the same deal I got last year. You pay monthly and you get your tickets at the park and your year starts at that time. When I called to verify this, I was informed that, no, they just use your old ticket's expiration date. When I told them that's not what I wanted, I was told that dept closed at 8 pm and call back in the morning. I called back first thing on 12/23 and it took 3 different people and 15 minutes to get a hold of someone who informed me there was nothing I could do.

I tried to cancel the contract and he said I couldn't do that. I informed him of Florida's 3 day law on canceling contracts done at the house but he said it did not apply. He said the best he could do was notify his Legal Dept which would take 7 to 14 days. Which of course would take me out of the 3 day cancel period. I told him I was going to notify the State Consumer bureau which I did. I was very surprised Disney would treat any customer, much less someone who has been to Disney World hundreds of times. Walt would turn over in his grave if he knew this was going on.

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It started May 2016 when I last visited Walt Disney World in Orlando. While my family and I were there, we truly had a magical experience. It was nothing outside of your standard offerings, we stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter, used our daily fast passes, had the Disney Dining Plan and utilized the services of the Disney Magical Express. However, while still on this trip, I could not wait to start planning our next vacation. While we could not buy into Disney Vacation Club at that time, we were definitely excited at the prospect of making a Disney vacation an annual experience, possibly a twice per year experience. We arrived back home May 6th, and by June 23 we had called and booked a new reservation for February 2017.

Unlike our trip in May, I was bound and determined to make all of our dining reservations as soon as possible this trip (180 days out) and all of our fast passes reservations as soon as possible (60 days out). I started booking our dining reservations on August 9th. One of the restaurants I treated as a priority was Cinderella's Royal Table, as our trip in May 2016 we did not make our dining reservations early enough to eat at this location and we had heard rave reviews from other Disney patrons.

On the night of December 5, 2016, we got together with the other family we are traveling with to coordinate a few dinner reservations and schedule our fast passes. Our 10 year old daughter and their 10 year old daughter are best friends, and we thought it would be nice for our dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table on February 4, 2017 to include our daughter's best friend also. Our original reservation was for 3 guests, and with most of our experiences in May 2016 we were seated at a table for 4. So we called the Disney Dining Reservation line and asked if our reservation for 3 guests could be changed to a table for 4. The Cast Member we spoke to said that this was not a problem to change.

Here is where the story takes a turn for the worse. First you need to understand that my husband who made the phone call on December 5th, is a disabled veteran with hearing loss - I was in the same room with him at the time of the call, but I only heard his end of the conversation. He clearly indicated to the cast member that he wanted the reservation changed in the party size only. He states that he heard the person recap the call by stating the reservation was updated to a party of 4 - 2 adults 2 children, and was offered a confirmation number, and was told we would receive an email with the confirmation number. He declined the confirmation number based on being told that there would be an email sent confirming the change in our reservation.

I was online using your My Disney Experience application at the time of the call, and I refreshed the computer after my husband disconnected from the Disney Dining Reservation line, and my original Cinderella's Royal Table reservation for 3 Guests on February 4, 2017 had disappeared entirely and been replaced with a reservation at a different restaurant. It was no longer at Cinderella's Royal Table - the reservation was now for Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort. In addition, we never received an email following this call.

My husband immediately got back on the phone and after a 35 minute wait on hold he reached a new Dining Reservation Cast Member. My husband asked to speak with a supervisor. He was redirected to Guest Relations and he could not understand the name of the supervisor he spoke to but states it sounded like Flo or Glo. He was told by this supervisor that they could not reinstate our reservation as the table was already booked by another guest, but that they could contact the restaurant and see if they would be willing to overbook due to the error. He was told this was still only a maybe for the resolution and that we would not have an answer until 3 pm the next day. Not wanting to snap at the supervisor on the other end of the line, my husband asked that they follow through with this offer and follow up with him. He also indicated due to the error that he expected some form of compensation from Disney.

Upon hearing this from my husband, I became extremely upset and placed a call of my own. It is my opinion that if our reservation made on August 9, 2016 could be erased in a matter of seconds without our consent that it should not be on us to wait on a resolution. Based on my experience in the customer service field, this was something that Disney should be able to fix - especially given the way Disney views guest relations and wanting each guest to have a magical experience. When I called I waited on hold for 45 minutes before reaching someone who then transferred me to someone in guest relations. This person, Gustavo, stated they were not a supervisor, but took supervisor calls.

I explained the situation to Gustavo, and I explained that I wanted an immediate resolution as the error was made by the Disney Dining Reservation line, and not by us. He stated he could not do this. He stated the best he could do is possibly reach out to the restaurant and possibly get us a new reservation if the restaurant would be willing to overbook and that would be up to the restaurant themselves. I advised this was the same song and dance we got from the last guest relations supervisor but that the turn around time of 3 pm the next day was unacceptable and I wanted an immediate resolution. He stated he couldn't do anything immediately and told me 3 pm the next day was unrealistic as it could take up to 72 hours to resolve.

So now, instead of it being resolved immediately like it should have been since it was Disney Dining Reservation line's error, and then it being a 3 pm the following day turnaround time, it changed to a 72 hour turnaround time. I asked him what kind of compensation we are going to be given since this is clearly causing distress and frustration and there was no error on our part whatsoever. He stated that there is no compensation, that there is only compensation if the reservation cannot be reinstated and even then we would cross that bridge if we got there. I told him this was unacceptable because at this point in our conversation we were at two plus hours on the phone trying to resolve a problem that Disney Dining created.

At that point in the conversation I advised him that I intended to file a presidential escalation in hopes that it would motivate a faster response. He seemed as if it did not bother him. I asked for the name of his supervisor to include in my complaint. He stated he had no one above him and had no accountability. When I advised him I was not asking to speak with the person above him, simply looking to get information for his chain of command, he still refused to acknowledge that he reported to anyone stating there was no one in any higher position above him in Guest Relations or at Disney.

When I told him that was untrue, as I know he is not the CEO of Disney, and asked him for who was between him and the CEO - he still refused to provide any type of reporting structure. Now my husband and I have both worked in call centers. I spent 10+ years in call centers and I know that even when you reach someone who says they take supervisor calls, they still have a boss. So him refusing to acknowledge that he reported to anyone at all and stating he was his own boss is unfathomable.

There was a point in the conversation where he even stated the level of service and the way he was talking to me would have made Walt himself proud. That made me take a step back because I have read books on Walt and I have been to Disney World 6 times in my life, and from what I know about Walt he would not have condoned the service we received from the Disney Dining Reservation line, Flo/Glo or Gustavo. I advised him of this and he seemed to be chuckling at the response.

My husband took over the call and spent some time drilling him for information which was fruitless. By this time we had spent 3 hours trying to resolve our issue with no avail. My husband reached his boiling point and started stating that Gustavo would be sorry for the way he handled this call. Gustavo in an attempt to get us off the phone asked if we were threatening him. I stepped in calmly and stated no, we were not threatening any physical harm or emotional harm. Merely what we were advising is that we would be following through with our plan to file a presidential complaint and that I planned to not only file a complaint about the person who deleted our original reservation, but also against Gustavo's service, and demand some form of corrective action up to and potentially including termination of employment.

I have never been so dissatisfied with the treatment I have received from a customer service center. I also had higher expectations for the service level to be provided by Disney Cast Members. We have since resolved our Cinderella's Royal Table reservation dilemma. However it was no thanks to Flo/Glo or Gustavo. We called back the next day and spoke to a new supervisor in guest relations who was able to resolve it while on the call with us. She stated it was as simple as emailing her coordinator and getting our reservation reinstated.

She stated the only problem with our original reservation is that the time we had initially booked was no longer being offered as a dining time in February 2017, and asked if they could make the reservation for us at a different time. The difference in scheduling was a matter of 20 minutes. Our original reservation was for 9:20 pm, and our new reservation would be at 9:00 pm. We gladly accepted this resolution. She connected us to her coordinator to complete the transaction and we were given a confirmation number. This took a matter of 35 minutes from the time we initially dialed the phone to the time we had the confirmation number for our corrected Cinderella's Royal Table reservation.

So what Flo/Glo and Gustavo could not resolve in 3 hours, and told us it could take until 3 pm the next day - oh wait, 72 hours to resolve - only took a new phone call and 35 minutes. I'd like to commend the guest relations representative and their coordinator that we spoke to on Tuesday December 6th that was able to resolve our issue so quickly. However even with this being resolved, it does not eliminate my frustration or anger over our initial reservation being cancelled in error and not being corrected when we reached the first guest relations supervisor on the evening of December 5th.

Due to a complaint I filed online, my husband received a phone call offering additional on the spot fast passes to be used at the park of our choice (having to pick the park ahead of time) as compensation for our frustration. Unfortunately this was not compensation that I felt truly reflected appropriate remediation for the frustration, anxiety, and anger we felt over the Disney Dining Reservation line having cancelled our reservation without our permission. When we were asked what we wanted.

I threw something arbitrary out there, because I'm not sure what could truly compensate us for the poor experience and lack of magical feeling I'm having going into my vacation which is less than 60 days from now. Since I knew the cost was high - I said an all-expense paid trip to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for my daughter including the princess costume of her choosing. Honestly I don't really want that. I wanted to see how much Guest Relations felt they needed to offer in remediation. Instead they countered with a $50 gift card. As I didn't really feel like arguing with them any further and at this point Disney has lost much of its sparkle for me, I accepted the gift card figuring my 10 year old can use it as spending money when she arrives.

I want to point out that prior to our calling to adjust our Cinderella's Royal Table reservation, we had just made the final payment on our vacation package which included the Pirate Ship room at the Caribbean Beach Resort and Deluxe Dining for 2 adults, and 1 child (10 years old). My husband is a military service member, so we use military salute tickets which were already purchased and linked to the reservation.

Our request for compensation was not about a financial credit to our vacation package or getting free stuff. I wanted to know that the guest experience still mattered to Disney, and feel like some of the magic could be put back. At this point going into the holiday season and then having a month to pack for my trip following the holidays, I'm feeling a bit put off and not sure how much enjoyment I will find in my next Disney trip. I hope that once I am down there I will recover some of the magic that this experience has caused me to lose. If we do not recover the Disney Magic on this vacation, we will not be joining the Disney Vacation club, and it is likely that our next family vacation will not be spent at Walt Disney World, but instead spent at Universal Studios Florida.

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December 13, 2016. As a Florida resident and year pass holder, I am disillusioned & disappointed with all Disney has to offer. The parks are old, rides have not changed since the 1970's, hotel accommodations are poor, and transportation within the Disney complex is horrible (45 minutes to reach our destination from Wilderness Lodge).

Last week, December 5th, my friend and I went to Magic Kingdom... we Sat in the monorail for 15 minutes before an announcement was made regarding technical difficulties. After taking the ferry and going through security, we finally reached the park entrance, an 1.5 hours after our arrival. *Food & beverages are poor and overpriced. With dinner reservations, I was looking forward to quality food, however, it wasn't any better than "fast food". *Christmas decorations were minimal. Not much of glitter, twinkling lights, and/or Christmas trees! *Gone is the Disney Parade that finalized the "Magical Experience" at the end of your visit.

It's sad that Disney is focused on making money and squeezing as much as possible from the consumer. Overpriced clothing, toys, gadgets, beverages, and food. Let's not forget parking... it's $25 and $35 for specialty parking! Farewell Disney... I am taking my hard worked money and valuable time to well deserved destinations.

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My husband, seven year old son, and I recently visited WDW (Nov 28-Dec1). This was my first visit in 25 years and my son's first ever. Of course we had fun and I'm glad we took this vacation, but there are several issues that occurred to keep it from being a great vacation.

1) My son (7) is Star Wars obsessed. For Halloween the last three years he has been Darth Vader, a storm trooper, and General Grievous. So naturally he was thrilled to encounter two storm troopers on patrol at Hollywood Studios (11/29/16). The storm troopers, however, turned out to be a grave disappointment. I understand staying in character (storm troopers are generally not friendly) but these two cast members completely ignored my son and a few other little boys who were trying desperately to get their attention.

The thing here is that the storm troopers were not simply stoically ignoring everyone. They were majorly flirting with two teenage girls while ignoring the poor little boys. After numerous attempts to get their attention, we finally gave up and moved on (gotta stay on a schedule at WDW!). Then, about an hour later, we encounter the same two storm troopers. How do we know it was the same two? Because they were still flirting with the same two teenage girls, still ignoring all the other DW guests. This kind of behavior by WDW cast members is inexcusable and should not be tolerated.

It ruined the experience for my son who for three years had been looking forward to meeting the characters at DHS. It burns my biscuits that I didn't complain about it at the time, but we had to get to another attraction so we didn't miss our Fastpass window (Don't get me started on the fiasco that is Fastpass - It made me spend my vacation glued to my smart phone).

2) Attraction closures. Our first day touring the parks was at Magic Kingdom. I had been looking forward to, after 25 years, experiencing the Haunted Mansion, one of my favorite attractions at WDW. I had described it in detail to my son, who was therefore also excitedly looking forward to it. Guess what? Haunted Mansion? Closed for refurbishing. Not just that day. For that day and the next three. Four days altogether. Which just happened to be THE four days that we were touring WDW (11/28/16-12/1/16). So even though we did have park hopper tix, we couldn't come back on one of our other touring days to experience the attraction because Haunted Mansion was closed the entire four days of our tour!!! Had to say it again because I'm still so incredibly POd.

I understand that attractions need to be maintained, but four days in a row? During the holiday season? I would think this type of downtime would better be scheduled perhaps during January or February, after the holidays. Also, the Seven Dwarves Mine Train - we did get to ride as we had a Fastpass, but my son loved it and wanted to ride again, but no, it was later closed down. I'm wondering what they did with everybody who waited in the crazy-long line and still didn't get on?

Closures Part II: Animal Kingdom. The first thing we discovered upon arriving at Animal Kingdom was that an attraction that we had reserved a Fastpass for 60 days ago, "Dinosaur", was not operating. The infuriating part of this situation is many-fold. My son looking forward to Dinosaur (sorry again, kid!) and not getting on. The fact that WDW wouldn't admit that it was closed for the day, so we had to constantly keep checking back to see if it had reopened during our Fastpass window or risk losing the Fastpass.

Also, since WDW led us to believe that the attraction had the potential to reopen, we kept the Fastpass through the Fastpass time slot window, instead of canceling and reserving a Fastpass for a different attraction - because of the way Fastpass works you can't get a new one until you've used your existing ones. Dinosaur never reopened, so WDW did give us a "Good anywhere, time" Fastpass. Which might have been great, except... three other major attractions that we would have wanted a Fastpass for were ALSO closed!

The Kali River Rapids was closed the entire day. Expedition Everest closed about Noon and the one ride that my son really loved, Primeval Whirl, was half closed down. One section was not operating. So that makes four major attractions that were either only partially operating or completely closed down. In a park that only has a very limited number of attractions to begin with, this created an extremely negative impact on our enjoyment of AK. Add to that the inevitable resulting massive lines at the remaining attractions, and our experience at AK really soured.

I expect the lines, the mediocre food at outrageous prices, rain in the afternoon. What I don't expect is that we as Disney guests are not given respect or attention by cast members and that after paying $$$ for a Disney vacation, we would not get to experience and enjoy a significant number of the attractions that Disney promised.

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Walt Disney World has welcomed guests to its amusement parks and hotels for 45 years. Today, the four theme parks, two water parks and 25 hotels attract more tourists each year than any other vacation resort in the world.

  • Variety: From tea with princesses to thrilling roller coasters, the four Disney amusement parks offer different activities for all types of travelers. Outside of the parks, guests can enjoy a visit to the spa, a day of golf or Disney Springs, a complex that stays open later than the amusement parks and offers shopping, live entertainment and world-class dining.
  • Personalized and convenient: Technology helps guests plan their vacation. The My Disney Experience website and app allows guests to coordinate itineraries and manage reservations. MagicBands, a wearable technology, serve as hotel room keys, park tickets, and a form of payment in the parks. MagicBands also keep track of guests’ FastPass reservations, which lets them skip lines by reserving specific times to visit rides, attractions and character interactions.
  • Resort options: Disney’s 25 onsite resorts offer options to accommodate any budget. While the value resorts have a lower price, they provide the same services as all the other resorts, and all five properties in this category receive high ratings from guests. All of the deluxe hotels are among the five percent of the 28,000 AAA reviewed hotels to receive a Four Diamond rating.
  • Free transportation: All resorts offer free transportation to and from all Disney attractions. Different hotels provide different types of transportation, including buses, boats and the monorail, but all drop guests off just steps from the parks’ entrances. Free transportation is also available to and from Orlando International Airport on Disney's Magical Express Service, which even picks up guests’ bags at baggage claim and delivers them directly to guests’ rooms.
  • Children’s activity centers: Four centers located on the Disney property offer secure and supervised activities for children between three and 12 years old. During the day, children can play games, watch Disney movies and complete craft projects, and in the evening, children enjoy science projects, cooking classes and visits from Captain Hook. These options allow parents to have a night out while kids have fun and make new friends.
  • Best for Disneyworld is best for all age groups. It caters to children and their families, young adults and couples.

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