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My husband and I checked into the Travelodge in Albuquerque NM. Our stay was for 3 nights. When we got there was told we needed to wait 40 mins to check in or we could pay $25 extra and could check in early. We agreed, got our room, walked in. It was filthy, on the window sill it had fingernails clippings, carpet nasty. Went to front desk. Requested another room. By then it was past check in time and we still didn't have a room. Got to the other room. We just drop our stuff and left to start our vacation. We return after 6 pm tired to find out that TV didn't work, coffee maker was not working, no towels. I started calling other hotel. Due to the balloon fest everyone was booked. Next day left for the day about 9 am. Return just to change. Outside doors didn't worked with the card. Got to the room. Bed's still not made, trash cans not empty.

Went to talk to the manager Ana **. After telling her everything wrong with the room all I got in a sarcastic tone was "Anything else?" Third day once more left for the day. When we got back no towels. Once more went to front desk and this time talked to Tara who instead of hearing us out all we got was her complaining on how she work 14 hrs shift and this (**) place didn't care for their employees (her own words). Never got our towels. Next day my husband had to once more go downstairs and get some towels.

My husband and I checked into the Travelodge in Colorado Springs. We were in town for the Annual Veterans Rally. The pictures on the internet of the hotel rooms is not what you receive. First room... Filthy sheets. The bed was made with the old sheets someone slept and... let your mind imagine. The security door lock broken. Manager takes us to a new room. Refrigerator does not work, screen hanging off window, carpet not vacuumed, coffee maker not working, toilet seat not tight. My husband lifted a refrigerator out of another room. The breakfast area over ripe fruit, fixtures broken. For the 3 day stay our room was never made. Had to ask for towels too. We would of went to another hotel but no availability anywhere because of the Veterans Event. Manager said he would adjust bill and nothing was done. Called our credit card company and now disputing this charge. Please... Do Not Stay Here!

My husband and I booked a room online with Travelodge in downtown Portland, Oregon for Aug. 1, 2016 and received an e-mail with a confirmation # quoting $79 per night. When we arrived it was obvious that the pictures of the rooms on the website are not pictures taken of the actual rooms in this hotel. The website pictures show much nicer rooms than what these rooms are really like.

Our room was a dive! Smelly, musty, dark and dreary. People had carved their initials on the window frames, the flooring was buckled around the tub in the bathroom from water damage. We had to wrap a towel around the fixture on the sink because when we turned the water on the water sprayed out around the sides of the fixture. There was drywall tape hanging from the ceiling over the bed. The floor squeaked so loudly that we heard it when people in the adjoining room walked around. Worst of all, after going to bed I felt something on my leg. When I pulled the covers back there was a bug crawling on my leg, which my husband quickly smashed!

When we got home and we're looking at our invoice. We saw we were overcharged for our room. We were charged $99 instead of the original quote of $79. My husband called and talked to the manager and even though he was the one who sent the quote to us, he said it was a mistake because that is their winter rate. He refused to refund us the $20 we were overcharged. The whole experience was a nightmare!

My nephew and his 18-months-old daughter was here and needed a place to stay so called the motel and made reservations. Asked if it was clean and bug-free and she said yes. My nephew pulled in around 9:30 or 10 there and the place was absolutely filthy, something growing by the walls, filthy towels and filthy rugs have pictures. He left not wanting to wake me, spent the night riding around with an 18-month-old child because he was by now short on cash. I had put the motel room on my charge account. The clerk told him she would reimburse me my money now the manager said they won't. Also looks like mold in corners. If you go on their site you can see the terrible reviews. Wish I had looked first. Here are some pics. Just want my money back.

I just recently sold my house so my new house that my family and I are moving into, is not ready for us to move into it yet, so my family and I needed to live somewhere until July 1, 2016. Anyway, on May 14, 2016 I went online to the Travelodge website and found that we could stay at the Travelodge on a weekly basis. I found one in Torrance, California (near where I am moving from and moving to) that stated that it had all of these wonderful amenities like 2 pools, a conference room, a gym and that is was "pet-friendly". I reserved the suite for 1 week. Well, once my family and I got there, it was NOTHING like it stated on its website, no pools at all, no conference room, no gym, NO NOTHING!!! A week later when it was time for me to pay again, we were told that they did not accept pets and that we must move. I was LIVID!!! First they lied about what they had, and now they lied about NO PETS!!!

Do you know the staff at the Travelodge made us move immediately, even though we did not have anywhere else to go? That Travelodge stated that "they have a no pet policy." I showed them the Pet Policy on their very own websites, but they did not care!!! I had to go online immediately and reserve a suite at Extended Stay for much more money. I called Extended Stay to confirm that they did in fact have all the amenities that their website stated they had, and that they DID IN FACT, ACCEPT PETS. They confirmed yes, to all. So, since May 22, 2016 we have been living at the Extended Stay without any problems and without the misrepresentation and lies that Travelodge advertises on their websites. I will never again stay at another Travelodge because they misrepresent and lie about their suites just to get your money!!!

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This place should be shut down! Our room had towels that have stains and holes in them, we went to the local Walmart for clean towels. Shower is dirty and needs to be replaced. Huge gross stain on the floor, we never removed our shoes because carpet is filthy. Pillow case has yellow stains all over it along with two skinny pillows shoved inside. Alarm clock needs to be thrown away along with a lamp that you either need to unplug or unscrew the bulb to turn off. The people who run this place either don't speak English or can barely speak English. Breakfast was a joke, 5 of us went down and asked the front desk to replenish the waffle mix, she brought 3... guess it meant we had to share. Hallways stink and are dirty.

The pictures on their website is false advertisement because the rooms look clean and nice in those pictures. We have a total of 5 rooms and they are all dirty, we met other people guests and they said their rooms were also very dirty and towel and showers were gross. They charge $10.50 for a cot and you have to pay cash... seems fishy to me. I hope that the state or whoever shuts this place down until it is cleaned up and managed correctly. I'd like my $ back but can't talk to the front desk because they don't speak English and can't understand them.

You have the WORST EMPLOYEE working in LA MESA California. His name is David. I called the Travelodge on 5/15/16 to see where was my refund and he hung up in my face for no reason. That is not how you do business. My reservation was canceled for no reason on 5/8/16 when I went into the office and asked if I can check in the man said, "No." I said, "What is the check in time? I just came from out of town." He said, "You need to leave the property" with no explanation. My son said, "Mom, what happen?" I said, "I don't know." The man said I had to leave so my son tried to talk to the man and he lock the door. This is mad ** crazy. Excuse my mouth but for real who does that.

I asked for my refund. He said they have refunded the money that same day. I'm still waiting on my refund and I will dispute this and thinking about putting a lawsuit on Travelodge. Maybe this will open their eyes on who they make their employee. Don't try calling the 1888 number because they put you on hold for over 20 min and don't pick up to respond to any of the issues! THIS IS HORRIBLE. DON'T STAY. I WILL DEFINITELY SPREAD THE WORD.

Their booking reservation department has very little understanding when you call. Requested somewhere locally, Queen Size bed and they booked and charged me for a farther location that I did not want. As for the one I wanted based on location, ended up being a full size bed available. Requested a refund for the hotel that I never booked, upon obtaining approval for the refund. I was told to wait 3 weeks for a check that never actually arrived. It's been 2 months and nothing! Called to complain and I still have to wait another month for a check to be reissued! This is ridiculous. I have to wait for my refund for something I never authorized in the first place!!!

We check in on April 8, 2016. The property was filthy. Trash was everywhere and the trash cans was running over with trash. Then we enter the room. The smell was horrible. We left to visit family members in Tallahassee but when we return it was late. In the room crawling on the stand where the tv and the wall was German roaches. My son is allergic to roaches. Immediately he started have reactions. His eyes started to swell. He couldn't hardly breath so I killed a roach and took it to the front office to show the manager. She moved us to another room. Well that room didn't have roaches but it wasn't cleaned. The floor hadn't been vacuumed. There was a sofa bed. When we pulled it out I found a cigarette lighter and a half of marijuana where it had been smoked.

The next morning when I talked with my mother she said she woke up through the night to get a drink of water. Roaches were everywhere so I reported that to the front office. Therefore I check her out of her room and she stay in the room with me and my son because there was no more rooms available. But with that being said I have never ever experience a situation at a hotel like that. It was a nightmare.

I spoke with one of the guests. He was not pleased with his stay as well. My family ask where we was staying. I said Travelodge. They replied the ** hotel. That's where prostitutes go to turn tricks. I witnessed firsthand. I was very displeased with the services and unhappy. Even though the rooms was cheap but that shouldn't have made a difference. You want your customers happy so they'll wanna come back and refer other family members and friends to stay there cause word of mouth is the best advertising. The staff was courteous but the hotel ain't fit for no human being to live there.

Stayed at South San Francisco Travelodge one night on our way to Maui. Disgusting substandard room. Curtains looked like an angry cat got a hold of them, couch was torn & filthy, carpet was dirty & oily, bathroom was scary dirty with many broken and stained titles. We were afraid to brush our teeth let alone take a shower. We checked the bed for bed bugs. Didn't see any but decided to sleep in our clothes anyway. We have traveled to many 3rd world countries and have never encountered this kind of filth. Save your $$$. I would have rather slept in my car @ a rest stop. Totally unacceptable to be this grossed out at a place to stay.

I'm so displeased with the service you provided me at your establishment. I'm in disbelief you're in the hospitality industry. Please get out of it, you have no idea how to be hospitable. My 2 request were for a working refrigerator and remote. Simple, right? No. You made it difficult because you suggested to me to "bring my food to the refrigerator at the front desk", when clearly there were empty rooms available you could've taken from or switched my room. No, I had to suggest to you to take a refrigerator from a unoccupied room. That was baffling to me and quite upsetting. A guest should never be in the position to tell you how to run your business. I didn't complain about the piping issue, the non running water at certain times of day and night because you told me and your employees told me that was being fixed.

Ok, I gave the benefit of the doubt with a smile. I didn't complain about the shower curtain, the stained towels, nor the stained blue tub. I just told your housekeeper to keep them and I will purchase my own. And, I just vigorously cleaned the tub because that's all it really needed and it was fine. I just wanted a warm place to lay my head as I complete my nursing travel assignment which wouldn't been for another 10 weeks at your establishment which comes to $2500, that would've help toward getting a working remote, money toward piping issues, and better cosmetic renovations done. I pray you didn't treat me like cow dung because I'm black because newsflash, you have melanin too and my money is green 100 dollar bills.

You've missed out on it. PLEASE, PLEASE GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD BECAUSE HOSPITALITY ISN'T YOUR CALLING. Your employees were great, housekeeper gave me a warm welcome and even a hug. Your employees tried their best but told me they just were hired within the week and didn't know policy of how to conduct their duties. You need a better plan. Happy to be checking out in the morning 2/6/2016. PS. A continental breakfast isn't cereal, milk, and coffee. That's not breakfast for a champion. UNHAPPY WITH STAY.

We arrived at the Travelodge in College Park Georgia with a confirmed reservation that was guaranteed. We also had called ahead of time and explained that we would be arriving late due to traveling 6 hours. When we arrived at the hotel, the Front Desk clerk informed us that the hotel was booked up and that our room was taken due to having an arrival of 100 guests. When the hotel was contacted, the manager stated that there were rooms available and that our room was cancelled on the following morning at 5 am. We feel this is very disappointing and was frustrated that we had to secure another room at such a late hour.

I booked a hotel room in Leeds for my son plus myself and partners. Wedding due to attend in December cancelled. Didn't book cancellation fee with TL & expected not to get refund. What I did expect was to amend booking. Five hours of calls emails to customer services? That NEVER reply. Call this and that number and not a peep in respect of customer service. One adviser said " oh that's not the worse- if you book a show and performer bails through illness you don't refund under the cancellation policy either"!!! I have called head office & since been told "sorry no refund" and "no can't move you even with 6 weeks notice".

So they are quids in with our money and customers are out of pocket through no fault of own. I have explained that I will seek legal advise albeit a small cost of booking but through sheer principle that they can simply ** on the customers that keep them in their jobs. Throughout this whole sham I have had hang ups, sighs, attitude and sheer can't be arsed attitude. Travelodge you are a disgusting excuse for a company and should be investigated. I will do all and I mean all I can to name and shame and bring you down until I receive a resolution to my request. Let's start a petition!!! And get our money back,

The hotel's general manager responded to a review that I submitted via TripAdvisor. I feel that not only was I treated unfairly, but the response from the general manager was very inappropriate. I was accused of "being off the deep end", to which I taken offense to. I have called their Customer Care department on numerous occasions requesting to speak with the owners, as I stated that I give permission for my contact information to be given to them. This has been going on now for almost a month, and with no resolution.

First off, I would like to say that I am a frequent guest at this hotel, and have been for over a year. I generally stay 2-3 days a month, on different occasions. I have never had a problem with any of the staff until tonight. Joy, who works night shift is an ANGEL! Very courteous and professional. Tonight, I called the hotel by accident, thinking that it was a hotel in Pigeon Forge that I have rooms reserved for. Upon speaking with the front desk clerk about my reservations, she did not know what I was talking about.

After realizing that I had called them by accident, I called back (she disconnected the line). When I called back, the General Manager (Tina) answered, and I began to explain that I was calling back to apologize to the front desk person because I had made a mistake and called their hotel by accident. Tina immediately began accusing me of being rude, and having the young lady in tears. I relayed to Tina that I was not rude, and that I have a recording of the conversation (I have an app on my phone specifically for reasons like this: verification). As I am trying to explain to Tina that it was not my intention to hurt the young lady's feelings, and reassured her that my tone was not in that manner.

Tina relayed to me that I would now be put on their "DO NOT RENT TO" list. Of course, this upset me and I relayed to Tina that I have NEVER caused a problem at the hotel, be it with the property or staff. I also relayed to her that if this is the kind of treatment that guests receive over a misunderstanding, then I have no desire to stay there, ever again! If a guest is accused of something and is not given a chance to explain the mistake, yet "banned" from property, then that hotel is definitely not the one to stay at. Until this incident, I held high regards for this property. The General Manager is not professional, and from the other reviews that I have read, this matter should be addressed with her.

Travelodge in Santa Maria, CA was so bad I did not stay the night and was still charged. The room linens were stained, the door did not lock, the alley it backed up to was trafficked by drunks, and the walls were so thin I could hear the neighbors next door getting intimate. Went to the front desk to inform them that it was unacceptable. They offered another room but in the same location which would not have solved the problem. I said I was not staying and wanted my money back. I was told I would have to call the manager the next day. The next day I called after staying somewhere else and spoke to the manager, David, who would not give me his last name, told me "too bad" when I asked for a refund and then told me to "** off." I have tried unsuccessfully to complain to Wyndham (the parent company) and Travelodge. I am calling my credit card company immediately to dispute the charge.

Travelodge Santa Clarita - The women who tends the front desk is extremely rude. I have stayed in this hotel before and the man who I have dealt with before has accommodated my request for early check in. I understand if this was not possible this time but the women I dealt with made such an ordeal and gave me attitude. She called me names and told me that I could cancel and after I called her on her behavior she refused to rent me the room or refund my money. I left totally disgusted. I have never dealt with anything like this before. She told me, "good luck getting your money back."

Orbitz was no help with the ordeal but my credit card company has refunded my money but the experience was simply truly unbelievable. Please do not rent a room from this establishment. The women I dealt with does not know the meaning of customer service. She told me there where rooms available but refused to give me one until after 3pm. After I question why, she became extremely rude and refused to refund me or give me a room. In addition, she refused to give me her name. Please beware... Don't know if this was an off day for her but it left me scrambling and looking for another place to stay. We were lucky we found somewhere quickly but the experience was truly sad. Beware!!!

This was the worst motel I have stayed in the last 10 years. Besides the smoke, both tobacco and weed, permeating the hallways the room was a complete disaster. Where do I start? The curtains were falling off, there were holes in the walls, there were stains everywhere, the bathroom had a shower head that was torn from the wall, the grout was brown, the walls were moldy, the door chain lock was falling off and didn't work. In other words, this was a nightmare. PS I have photos to back up my words.... I respectfully request some sort of recompense. This was a tragedy.

By FAR the worst place I have ever been in 30 yrs of work and pleasure traveling. Rug was suppose to be red and it was totally black. I book two nights only, stayed one and that was because I couldn't get another room that night. Found another room the next morning and got out. The water in the shower actually came out BROWN for about a minute. The bed on one corner actually fell to the floor when I sat on it! NEVER NEVER AGAIN!

4 of us stayed at the Travelodge, Lancaster, PA for two nights, in two rooms. I paid for the rooms with my AAA Travel Card. We stayed August 3rd thru 5th, 2015. On August 7th they put another hold on my card for two rooms for two nights. I have been trying to get these holds released from my card for 3 weeks now. The manager is rude and refuses to give the information to AAA Travel Card to release the extra holds. He has actually accused me of trying to rip him off of his funds. I just want the holds released so I have access to my funds. I have called them and faxed them and gone back and forth for 3 weeks. I have used AAA Travel Cards for several years and never had a problem anywhere else.

We traveled from northern Indiana to Los Angeles. And after finding out that it now takes over four hours each way, decided to stay in San Diego instead of taking our granddaughter back to Los Angeles with us. We researched a lot, not having been in San Diego for six years. We had to rely on what we found thru the internet. Someone was lying. We booked our room at the Travelodge Mission Valley at a rate of $169.00 per night, thinking it would be a nice place to stay. The mattresses were so hard we jokingly called them Flintstones beds. The carpet looked as if it had never been shampooed at all. The bathroom was a disgusting mess, with mold growing in the grout between the tiles. There was broken tiles, and dust at least an inch thick on the baseboards, towel holders, and even on the television set.

The kicker was, as we looked under the desk there were pieces of candy on the floor, covered with dust and lint, and we didn't have any candy with us. If we had any extra money we would have gone elsewhere, but we were just about tapped out. This was our first time out there in six years. We cannot afford to take many trips, and then having to deal with this was heartbreaking. I mistakenly assumed since Travelodge is now owned by Wyndham Group that it would at least be decent. Buyer beware!!

I booked a room here through for a friend as the website said it was 3 miles from where I was staying. The site advertised in big bold blue letters "free cancellation," "your card will not be charged," "pay when you stay" for that specific hotel and hotel room (I even have the screenshots did saying such). When my friend arrived it wasn't 3 miles away, it was 25 minutes away and that was too far. She booked a different hotel but her card was still charged. I called the hotel and advised them that she should not have been charged. They said they were not responsible for how the room was advertised. They also said that I should have gotten an email saying that if the room was cancelled within 24 hrs of scheduled stay, I would still have to pay.

I never received such email but even if I had, it would have done no good as I booked the hotel the same day as the scheduled stay. The room should have never been advertised as free cancellation if it didn't apply to the booking. Receiving an e-mail after it was booked to tell me that the way it was advertised was inaccurate is not acceptable. The hotel refused to give me back my money and told me to call I called them and they said it's the hotel that charged me so they have to refund it. Neither is willing to take responsibility for the incorrect advertisement and my friend was charged despite never staying in the hotel. I will NEVER use either those services again as they were not willing to make it right.

I put on internet about our experience with the Travelodge in AZ Hotel. Dirty dresser was pulled apart, wood hanging. Pool was green. One TV in hotel not working and bed bugs. I told you this I had a response saying they were going to refund my money I paid on the account. Still have not received it. It was suppose to be a member of the Wyndham hotel group. It was disgusting here. It is almost August, no refund. I will never stay at another Travelodge.

On July 15, 2015. my fiance drove to the Travelodge San Francisco to stay for 1 night. He inquired about the room. He was told the rate is $100 and they require a $100 deposit for the items in the room, which will be returned upon his departure. When he went in the room, the beds were "unmade." They looked like they were slept in, possibly just remade with same dirty sheets. Carpet had dirt trails. It didn't look like they vacuumed. There were bugs both dead and alive. The TV channels were static-y. The bathtub wouldn't drain well.

He checked out the morning of July 16, 2015. He asked for a statement and the total charge on the receipt was $200.65. He asked about the $100 deposit. The front desk clerk told him very rudely that the total cost for the room is $200.65 FLAT. There's NO deposit. Unfortunately, my fiance was still tired and in a rush to get out of there, because he needed to take his daughter home. He took off right away.

He called the 1-800 number for complaints and was informed that he would need to contact that specific hotel and speak to the manager, Nina. When he called the hotel, he requested to speak to the manager, Nina. He was told that Nina does not work there anymore (RUDELY). My fiance asked to speak to the manager on duty and was told the manager would tell him the same thing. He asked again if he could speak to the manager. The person told him the manager was not there and hung up on him. THIS IS NOT A CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY MOTEL AT ALL!!

We booked one night stay at the Travel Lodge Hotel at Airport Vancouver. After we checked in at noon time, we went out for sightseeing. When we wanted to shower at night time, we found out that there was no soap, shampoo and conditioner. It was ok for us, we did not call the front desk. We also found out that the blanket on our bed was a very old, thin and with holes on it. We thought that only one night, didn't want to bother anybody. The next morning before we went out for breakfast, we told the front desk agent about it. Because of our late night flight, we paid for one more night fee. But when we went into the room again at evening, after their housekeeping, the same blanket was still there. I needed it for a nap.

After we arrived home, we wrote a feedback about it. It was directed to Wyndham. Wyndham is just a title, they cannot offer any comment. Then it was directed to the hotel. Then the fun started. The person who handled the email concluded that my feedback was not correct and baseless because I did not call the front desk for any complaint. (As per him, I told that front desk that I was very happy with my room. Do any guest do it?) They just did a renovation, all mattresses are brand new. (I also talked about the mattress in my room was not comfortable.) No soap, shampoo and condition in the room is not a problem of services, I should call. But he never comment about the junky blanket. From my past hotel experience, the blanket in my room was those green or blue velvet look blanket from 15 years ago. After 7 back and forth email, he asked what was the problem with old and holes blanket.

The communication was very rude. He even accused that my email was attacking him and verbally upset the front desk agent. He never apologize. Another strange thing was that as a hotel manager, he used a lady's email to correspond for business purpose. Wyndham offer no help at all even they says that they make sure all hotels under them provide GOOD SERVICE AND QUALITY COMMUNICATION. They are unable to do it.

I stayed at South Fort Myers Travelodge for 2 days and they were suppose to refund my deposit when I check out... I wake up on Wed morning and check my account and $205 dollars was missing from my account due to them saying I took some blankets..... bol... I never took blankets or anything from a hotel... I called Travelodge to discuss this situation and the hotel manager was really rude to me.. She also hung the phone up telling I won't be getting my deposit back.... Then I asked for corporate number and she didn't give it to me.... I did call corporate and they are trying to resolve the issue hopefully..... I will keep you all updated.

Unless you have extreme good fortune, from the moment you enter your "room" you're subjected to the rudest, most inconsiderate sub-humans it'll ever be your displeasure to cover your ears against.

Pros: Free WiFi

Cons: No peace or quiet EVER. No Security. No Maintenance. No Manager. No Laundry. Nothing even approaching any modicum of guest service. Watch your possessions carefully - they WILL be stolen if you don't!

This despicable dump is not rated #28 out of 28 in a pathetic town for nothing (Source: Unless you're a crackhead or other scumbag, you'll want to stay elsewhere - anywhere!

We arrived at the Chilliwack Travelodge on Friday, May 29th around 5:30 pm. to stay overnight. There was no senior rate much to my surprise. They said we got the last room as well we may had as there were a lot of families there for a gathering. Our charge for a basic queen bed with kitchenette - which we didn't need - was a total of $152. There was also a surcharge of $100 for the room, refundable if no damage. Hello, we're 2 seniors! I asked if they had any special rates but the counter person said no.

When I connected to the internet, after registering, I saw that there was a king deluxe just down the road in Abbotsford at the Travelodge there for $92.00. What a fool we were to not check first. The room was lacking blankets, the air conditioner was very noisy but otherwise was passable. We ate at the connected IHOP and were short changed half our meal. It wasn't busy so not sure where our fries disappeared to. They took $2.99 off the bill but not happy with service there. I will not stay at a Travelodge again.

My son and I booked separate under separate accounts on Priceline for one night stay at this hotel for his birthday weekend. At 10:00 pm the night we are to check in, my son receives a call from ** manager at Travelodge asking if he was still coming. My son explained we were driving back from Busch Gardens and would be there shortly. I was expecting a call but didn't receive any. Upon arrival ** proceeds to tell me that my room has been canceled by my brother and the room has been booked by another person. I tell him how can he allow my brother to cancel my reservation paid in full by the way when it is in my name. He begins to tell me that my brother was going to check into my room but then decides he is going to stay somewhere else so he cancelled my reservation and gave the room to someone else and has already contacted Priceline. I'm like "How can you let my brother check into my room without my consent?"

He was unapologetic, never mind professional. He proceeds to yell at me, call me names all in front of my children. I have never felt so violated in my life. So here is the real story. My brother and his wife inquired if there were any available rooms. ** says no. Then my brother says, "Oh ok, I was just wondering because my sister (says my name) booked a room." ** proceeds to print my registration form and asks for a credit card. My brother says no, he is going to look around at other hotels with his wife, if worse comes to worst he would stay with me. So here I was left stranded without a room. Of course when I called Priceline they had no knowledge of the supposed cancellation. They are obviously double booking rooms and pocketing the money.

I don't know what kind of shady business they are running there. They don't call me for my consent to look up my name let alone if ok to let my brother check in. Call me about anything. Yet they call my son to see if he was still using his room because they obviously wanted to double book his room as well. I have not ever been treated so poorly by an establishment in my life. This is unacceptable way to do business.

Made a booking assuming it was for check in 24th May check out 25th. Got to the Travelodge Torquay after a long day of dancing with my daughter. Tried to check in and found out that it was actually booked for the 3rd May 2015 and paid for. But no one checked in. I had to pay a further 68 for a room. The help desk spoke to the manager but could not help.. Therefore paid twice for one night. But they couldn't tell me that that anyone had checked in on the 3rd. Quite happy to take my money..

I booked a 4 nights stay at the Travelodge Las Vegas North for my trip to the NAB convention. I thought they had shuttle a 24-hr service as advertised in their website. I found out that the shuttle works until 10 pm. I stayed in the hotel for one night. At the check-in time, I informed the front desk person that I will not stay for the 4 nights. I gave them notice that I will check out the next morning at 11 am which I did. I checked out at 10:35 am. I only stayed there for one night. I called Priceline to request refund for the other 3 nights. When Priceline contacted the hotel, they said that they will only refund me for two nights because I did not give them 24-hr cancellation notice. Try to explain that I did not cancel, I spent a night there and check out. I was given the manager name ** to talk to.

I called the hotel and talk to **. When asking questions about the charges, ** started yelling and screaming at me on the phone. I ask to talk to someone else, he did not want to transfer the call and told me that he was the owner and there were no one else over his head that I can talk to. He kept on screaming and don't want me to talk and hang up the phone. Call Priceline explain the situation, was told that they can't really do nothing about it, that I have to discuss it with the hotel. I am filling a complaint against these people. They are rude and no respect to customers. I would never stay at Travelodge ever.

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