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Last updated: March 6, 2016

10 Timeshare Adventures Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: March 6, 2016

I was once again made a fool by another company as I was trying to sell my timeshares. I found Timeshare Adventures via google search and I sent a query. I spoke with Robert ** who was so nice and a great scam artist. He assured me the company's legitimacy by claiming to work there for the past decade or so and to Google his name as he was getting stuff patented, all to fulfill the scam of him being legit. He claimed the company is like family, etc and of course he sensed my desperation and I signed on September 25, 2015. I never ever heard from them again, instead I called and reduced my ad price twice but never got a reply.

I even called Robert on the extension he happily shared but of course it was just the same ad and of course he didn't have a voicemail or anything. I EMAILED HIM 2X and never heard from him (10/25 and 1/19)!!! I never heard from him. Last week I sent him a rude email, demanding to get out of this scam, a refund, and for his lack of professionalism, to which this is his reply:

"Hi **. There is no need to keep insulting our company. We are not a scam and I'm corresponding with you because we do care about our customers. You're making assumptions based upon me not responding to one email you sent during a week I was on vacation. You called us 30 days after you initiated our services saying the same thing...we're a scam. You're basing this upon unjustified reasons, you have yet to say how we've scammed you. We've been providing uninterrupted marketing/advertising services since the day you initiated them. We have always been just a phone call away if you ever have concerns about your advertisement with us.

We'll respond accordingly to the complaint you filed. We don't issue refunds unless it falls within the terms of our agreement with you. If you need another copy of the "Florida Disclosure Agreement" you filled out, I will forward one to you. Our terms and conditions were fully disclosed to you prior to doing business with us. You're acting like you've been misled or hoodwinked into using our company. You found our company and made a conscious decision to use our company based upon facts of how we can assist you. I apologized for not responding to your email out of sincerity. It's not like you tried calling me a 100 times without any response. I missed one email while out of the office, that's it. That doesn't constitute any kind of refund or complaints about our company. Best regards, Robert **, Timeshare Adventures Inc."

I AM SPEECHLESS BY HIS EMAIL, and more lies, Luckily I have the emails and documents which say that I will get some money back, but overall it's more about the scam. Please don't fall for it like I did. Honestly I don't know if there is any true company out there to help sell timeshares, but PLEASE DON'T TRUST THIS ONE. Save yourself the trouble.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: July 21, 2015

My mother has Parkinson's and dementia and my father is in poor health and suffers from PTSD from the Korean War! Mr. ** Timeshare Specialist Timeshare Adventures, Inc. Timeshare Adventures.com, promised my father that he could sell his timeshare in Orlando for up to $9,000+. He promised along with another man. I took over because they have been calling over and over for the past 9 months while my parents have been really sick and also so I could check into them. They continue to ask for $795 dollars constantly, still bothering my father!! Now they are asking for a payment plan from him! I know they are trying to scam my parents! I have done my research and want them to leave us alone!! I don't like that they prey on the sick and disabled! Can anyone help to stop them? Please do your research before you talk to this company!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2015

I paid $795 to list my timeshare for sale. Three months later I decided to donate my timeshare and was told then that you can't sell them (why did I list it?). The donation cost was $2500 plus a transfer fee (from the resort) of typically $50-$250. I got a contract from the estoppel company asking for another $1000 and also found out my transfer fee was over $2500. I sent Timeshare Adventures an email saying that I wanted my money back per Florida law. They refunded $1800 but offered me another way to get rid of my timeshare for $700.

I got a contract from another company wanting $300 and wanting me to do all of the paper work. I asked Timeshare Adventures that I did not want that deal and to refund my $700. ** said that they were an "ethical" company and that they would refund my money. Two weeks later I called and she said that they would not refund my money. Total waste of money dealing with Timeshare Adventures.

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Original review: Sept. 16, 2014

We sold both timeshares and would Highly recommend this company if you want to sell, rent or get rid of your timeshare. They are very upfront about what they have and done and it is nothing short but a great breath of fresh air in this crazy world of timeshares. Don't look past this business.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2014

Listed my fully paid Maui week for sale. Aggressive marketing come on, but site & stat due diligence seemed veritable. Since, not one reply to 2 brief emails. I'm careful with scams. Alas, this seems a 'quick collect' flat fee, zero follow up.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2014

We listed our timeshare after they talked about how quick they are at selling them and the money we paid would be all that we would have to pay but in reading some of the reviews that doesn't seem to be the case. We not only had the listing with them but also they were trying to rent while we waited to sell. We have had two offers regarding renting but other than that we have had not heard a word from them.

I did email Rebecca ** whom we gave the listing to and all we got back from her was she would have us contacted but that was three months ago and we have not heard anything. Take my advice and others who have written a review and don't waste your money. For what we paid them, I could have pay another year of my fees. Expensive lesson to learn and hopefully this review will keep someone else from making this mistake.

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Original review: Nov. 1, 2013

We spent a lot of our hard earned money with this company because they say they have a high success rate in selling timeshares. WE have a great property in Maui, Hawaii which we have now listed for over two years. Not one offer and we even tried to rent it. Got a few people interested in renting it, but the times weren't available. WE were told when we paid the money nothing else would have to be paid. What they failed to tell us is that we would have to pay fees to the timeshare property to record and a percentage of the purchase price.

WE now found a buyer ourselves, and they want to have us pay that on top of the fees we already paid to do what? Yes they advertise, but if you see how many properties are on their site, your profile gets completely lost unless you know the listing number. Who is going to search for that number unless you give it to someone to check it out and then why bother using them? I wish we had never wasted our money with this company and RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE OUT THERE TO NOT USE THEM. IT’S A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY. Guess it’s my fault for not looking more closely into them and how they are just taking advantage of people and their money.

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Original review: July 10, 2013

I paid several hundred dollars for Timeshare Adventures to rent my timeshare because they said they have a high success rate with renting the timeshare I own. In more than 2 years, I have not had one offer to rent, only to buy it when I specifically told Timeshare Adventures that my timeshare is not for sale. I continue to get offers to buy it though I've called them several times to tell them it's not for sale, but they say they can't help it. I asked them why they can't fix it after all since it's their company and my ad was for rent only, but they are stupid and don't listen, so I don't even respond to their dumb purchase offers because they are lame.

Original review: May 23, 2012

I recently started looking into selling my timeshare. On the Timeshare Adventures website, there is an "instant cash offer" that is advertised that I assumed was bogus, but figured it was worth a phone call. I didn't speak with anyone until about a month later after my initial call. And when I did, Mr. ** literally yelled at me accusing me of speaking to 3 different representatives, and informing me that "if you want us to sell your timeshare, you have to pay us $795." These people are crazy. They offer a terrible service and have even worse customer service.

Original review: Jan. 7, 2010

Sheryl called me after I answered a survey, noting we had a Timeshare we wanted to sell. Timeshare Depot called first but we didn't have the upfront fees. Sheryl called the next day, saying that they were the best in the country for selling Timeshares. We let Timeshare Adventures draw $400 from our debit card in November and they withdrew $395 from the bank within an hour of my finding out they were fraught with problems, their website was misleading, there was no mortgage broker in-house as advertised, and I was hung up on twice, with Sheryl saying, I'm not letting this ruin my holidays (12/30). They've not called since.

I went right to our local bank and pleaded with them not to process the $395. I filled out a form of what happened, the name and phone number of the third party that alerted us and, in fact, made a 3-way call to expose their claws.

I'm 54 and on disability with a brain injury. My husband is 71 and not computer, e-commerce literate. I did a check online and found 20 pages of complaints, states, settlements, email addresses of government agencies that had been involved. The next site I checked for complaints against them led to this sight. We make $2200 per month.

Wyndham in Las Vegas strongly armed us with four different sales representatives, on their premises, driven there by their driver. We were in a room and couldn't leave short of asking for a phone book to call a cab to the airport. Finally, we signed. On the 34th day, I called to cancel and was told, "tough luck - you must cancel in 30 days." Letters to Wyndham's VP's resulted in one phone call that said we were released from our contract and our credit would not be affected. We'd have the letter in a week. It's been six weeks and I didn't think fast enough to ask her name, address, position, and phone number. We've lost Dave's entire retirement ($30k) and are going through debt retirement because of companies that promise to help start a business I can handle with my frontal lobe injury and they will coach me. But when our credit cards were maxed out, they stopped calling.

Can you help us, please? We're running out of propane (in NW, PA) and my husband has six stents in his heart and is cold all the time. The propane company said they would deliver 100 worth when they had a load in this area. For ten years, Dave has paid the entire tank bill on the same day, but now, our tank is down to 12% with no estimate of when it will have some propane in it. We're doing a reverse mortgage to try and pay everyone while we just survive, with nowhere to turn.

Our 30K is gone. We are 18K in debt, and have a timeshare with a company that won't sell it, no heat, no groceries, no travel, no credit. Dave's credit rating was 750 two months ago; it's 510 now. We don't know what's going to happen to us. If Dave doesn't die of the stress, he won't be able to be warm enough either. Emotionally, it's been awful. I cry, he stresses. Our minds are racing for solutions but those available want money upfront to help us! I've been homeless and relocated after storms. I'm afraid of our future.

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