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Tauck charged top dollars ($1000 per night) promising top hotels, but delivered horrible low quality dump and food in El Calafate, Argentina. The so-called hotel will not even qualify to be called a motel. The food, ESP breakfast was horrible. It was a total rip-off and a great disappointment. Tauck never bothered to inform us about the switch or opportunity to cancel. Emails to Tauck remain unanswered so far.

Satisfaction Rating

My friend and I paid for a very expensive tour of Southern France that was taunted as an experience of gourmet food and wine of France. The food was not fresh, not local, and basically very dismal. Here we were in the best part of France for fantastic, fresh food and wine and we got stale food, frozen fish, and veg/fruits that not only were not local but were not ripe. Do not waste your money thinking that you are going to taste the best of what France has to offer. You are better off going on Viking for half the price and much better food.

Satisfaction Rating

I was on a luxury river cruise and while boarding their tour bus had an accident because no one was there to assist the boarding. I had a severe injury to my leg and when we returned to the boat found that they didn't have any first aid equipment. They gave me a plastic bag with ice cubes. A passenger the next day went to a pharmacy and bought disinfectants but it was too late. Infection had set in. I went to the Emergency Room in Monaco and they did the best they could. That was in April and now it is July, and I am still seeing a wound doctor. Tauck offered me $1000 voucher for another trip. I have sent them most of the bills I incurred and want to be reimbursed. I had accident insurance with Berkley and they will not pay either. I am out of pocket about $1000 plus all the pain and suffering.

Expert Review

Michelle BaranRiver Cruises Contributing Editor

Michelle Baran is a senior editor at Travel Weekly, where she has been reporting on the travel and river cruise industries since 2007. Baran has also written about river cruising for Travel + Leisure, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia and Budget Travel, and co-authored Frommer’s "EasyGuide to River Cruising.” She received her Masters in Journalism from Northwestern University.    More about Michelle→

Headquartered in Connecticut, Tauck was first founded as an escorted tour operator in 1925. The company launched river cruising in 2006, and now this family run and operated company consists of a fleet of nine vessels in Europe.

  • Family-friendly: A scavenger hunt in the Louvre museum, a guided cycling trip in Austria and interactive cooking demonstrations are among the many family-focused offerings Tauck provides on its family river cruises.
  • Inclusions: Tauck includes just about every aspect of the river cruise in its prices, even gratuities, unique onshore dining outings, and most alcoholic beverages onboard, save for top shelf and premium drinks.
  • Behind the scenes: Tauck provides its cruisers access to many popular spots after-hours. During regular hours, it also offers VIP entrance to popular landmarks and museums that ordinary tourists would not be able to get.
  • Solo travelers: Tauck makes a point not to charge solo supplements on many cruises, and cruise directors make every effort to include single travelers in activities. The company also has solo cabins (smaller cabins designed for single travelers with no supplement) on several of its vessels.
  • Best for Tauck Cruises pays special attention to families, large groups, younger adults and solo travelers.

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Tauck Cruises
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10 Norden Place
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United States