Missy, who says she is an associate in vacation sales, writes (8/6/03):

Hey we told you what you would get for the money. It is a good deal, no doubt about it. I think it is unfair to us to speak so critically of us because you are scared you made a mistake. If the package did not arrive, you must have been unclear on your address. Many of the customers that call are difficult to understand.

Call customer service or email us, we will correct the problem. We are a legit company, been in business for 10 years with the same name. And yes, we do advertise on the net with pop-ups, so you think we are a scam. Tell us a better way to reach people all over the world, ok?

Nobody at Special-T is trying to scam anybody, I guarantee that, that would be a great way to wind up in jail. Everyone that works there is genuinely nice, with families and troubles of our own, I just don't appreciate the negative image you people are portraying of us without giving us a chance.

After all, we did tell you exactly what you would receive for your money, that is no lie, and you chose to give us your card number. If it is difficult for you to cancel, good! We cannot continue to absorb the cost of people changing their minds. I bet my comment won't be posted next to all these trashtalkers huh? I dont see any positive comments at all as a matter of fact. What kind of biased website is this I wonder? Take it easy everyone.

There aren't any positive comments because we haven't received any.